Instructions for Searching Projects with Media at Digital Library Website

Key Terminology on the Search Media Page:

Project ID: Is the ID representing the Projects belonging to a particular Partnership. This is represented by an Abbreviation for the Partnership followed by the Project number and the year in which it has taken place.

Media Type: This consists of three categories Publications, Movies and Photos. You can select any of these to get projects with Media or Select All to get every kind of media that project has.

Years From, To: Year range to get Project within that range.

Classification: This can be Acquisition, Habitat, Outreach, Research, Resource Economics, Support or Vision Planning. Projects can belong to any or combination of these Classification types.

Partnership: There are 41 partnerships under the Conservation 2000 (C2000) program and the projects are taken up by these Partnerships in the respective region.

Input Keywords field : Users are able to add or change keyword(s) and keywords’ relationship (All Words, Any Words, and Exact Phrase).

Select from the Following Selection Box has different fields by which you can search for the Projects.

Sort By: This has three options, you can get the result sorted by Project ID or Title or Year.

Help To Search Projects with Media

To Search for the Project if you know the Project ID

Select the Project ID that you want from the Project ID selection Box and select the Media Type if any specific one you want or Select All to get every Media Associated with that Project. Click on Search to get the Project ID

To Search for Projects if you don’t which project you want and to Search projects depending on the fields you have selected.

Select the Year range for Projects and Select your interested fields from Classification, Partnership, and Media Type and input your key words for the search or Select the key words provided in the Select from the Following selection Box. Click on Search to get projects satisfying the search criteria you have given.