From The Changing Illinois Environment: Critical Trends , Summary Report of the Critical Trends Assessment Project

This summary report is an integrated synopsis of the seven-volume technical report prepared for the Critical Trends Assessment Project. CTAP investigators drew heavily upon the work of many different agencies, chief among them the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. To save space, data and documents drawn from outside sources were credited in this synopsis to the ENR divisions that authored the respective volumes of the CTAP technical report; original sources are credited in full in the volumes listed below.

From Volume 1: Air Resources, Illinois State Water Survey, 1994

Climate Trends in Illinois

Air Quality Trends in Illinois

Atmospheric Deposition Trends in Illinois

From Volume 2: Water Resources, Illinois State Water Survey, 1994

Chemical Surface Water Quality

Statewide Ground-Water Quality

Erosion and Sedimentation

Ground-Water Mining

Drought Impacts on Water Resources

Water Supply and Use

Streamflow Conditions, Flooding, and Low Flows

Instream Flow Uses, Needs, and Protection

From Volume 3: Ecological Resources, Illinois Natural History Survey, 1994



Agricultural Lands


Lakes and Impoundments

Flowing Waters

From Volume 4: Earth Resources, Illinois State Geological Survey, 1994

A Geologic Perspective on Ecosystems, Earth Resources, and Land Use

Trends in Energy Consumption in Illinois

Quantity and Quality of Coal Consumption

Trends in Coal Production

Trends in Oil Production and Consumption

CO2 Injection for Improved Oil Recovery

Trends in Natural Gas Production and Consumption Underground Storage of Natural Gas

Stone, Sand and Gravel Industry

Other Minerals Produced in Illinois

Reclamation of Abandoned Mined Land

From Volume 5: Waste Generation and Management, Hazardous Waste

Research and Information Center, 1994

Part I. Introduction and Trends


Overview of Waste Management Issues and Trends

Part II. Waste Generation

Waste Generation Introduction

Municipal Solid Waste

Hazardous Waste

Industrial Waste

Medical Waste

Low Level Radioactive Waste

Mineral Extraction Waste

Toxic Release Inventory

Part III. Waste Management Methods

Introduction to Waste Management Issues



Surface Impoundments

Land Application of Municipal Sewage Sludge

Underground Injection Wells

Treatment, Storage and Recycling of Hazardous and Industrial Wastes

Pollution Prevention


From Volume 6: Sources of Environmental Stress, Office of Research and Planning, Department of Energy and Natural Resources, 1994



Electricity Generation

Urban Dynamics

Indoor Radon Exposure

Wastewater Discharges

Accidental Releases

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Human Exposure to Air Pollutants

Human Exposure to Water Pollutants

Volume 7: Bibliography is an extensive listing of journal articles, abstracts, conference proceedings, government documents, and other material such as references to relevant methodologies and modeling (including their application to the analysis of environmental conditions in Illinois) and references to similar reports by municipalities, other U.S. states, and foreign governments. Volume 7 also lists reports on public perception of and participation in environmental policies.

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