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  Critical Trends Report  

The Critical Trends Report comes in several versions, a short Executive Summary, a 100-page Summary Report, and a seven-volume technical report.
Volume 1: Air Resources ,includes climate trends, air quality trends, and atmospheric deposition trends.
Volume 2 : Water Resources, includes discussion of groundwater and surface water quality,water supply and use, and streamflow conditions, among other topics.

Volume 3 : Ecological Resources discusses about prairies,forests, agricultural lands, wetlands, lakes and streams.
Volume 4 : Earth Resources includes topics such as trends in energy consumption, oil and coal consumption and production,and other minerals produced in Illinois.
Volume 5 : Waste Generation and Management includes an overview of waste management and issues, and information on various classifications of waste and waste management methods.

Volume 6 : Sources of Environmental Stress analyzes trends in emissions from manufacturing, transportation, electricity generation,and urban activities.
Volume 7 : Bibliography contains references for relevant methodologies, modeling, and statistical analysis, and examples of similar reports by municipalities, other states and foreign countries, in addition to other references.   Return to CTAP


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