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  Contaminant Assessment Section  

Contaminant Assessment Section

The Contaminant Assessment Section roles and responsibilities are twofold: 1) to serve the public's interest in protecting natural resources and the services they provide; and, 2) addressing contaminant issues that impact properties owned by the Department. Related work activities include the evaluation of ecological and environmental injuries resulting from releases of oil and hazardous substances that impact Illinois natural resources as well as the remediation of contaminants found to be located on Department lands.

Natural Resources Damage Assessment (NRDA)

Environmental contamination affecting Illinois land and water often results in the loss of valuable natural resources such as clean water, wildlife habitat, natural areas, and the services natural resources provide for Illinois residents, wildlife, and visitors. Federal law requires the designation of federal and state officials to act as trustees to protect public interest in natural resources and the services they provide. The Department was designated as a natural resource trustee and has the regulatory authority to assess damages to natural resources and to undertake restoration of those injured natural resources and/or associated service losses.

Contaminant Assessments on Department-owned Lands
The Department represents the second largest property owner in Illinois. The Contaminant Assessment Section addresses the myriad state and federal environmental regulations associated with property and aquisition. For sites with environmental contaminant concerns, the Contaminant Assessment Section is responsible for coordinating remediation and restoration in a timely and cost effective manner. Environmental contaminants on Department lands can range anywhere from underground storage tanks to 'Superfund' caliber sites. The Contaminant Assessment Section is the lead for the Department in managing activities associated with environmental compliance.

The Division, through CAS, also provides ecological support to the Illinois EPA through its staff biologists and toxicologists.

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