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Urban and Community Forestry Program
Financial Assistance to Communities

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Urban and Community Forestry Assistance Grant is to provide financial assistance to local units of government for the development of local urban and community forestry programs. These activities must help to establish, manage, conserve and preserve the urban and community forests from inner city to associated public lands.


1) Local unit of government or a co-application between a local unit of government and a not-for-profit defined by the General Not-For-Profit Corporation Act of 1986.

2) The applicant must have an approved tree care ordinance or equivalent or must use Application A to ask for funding to create a tree care ordinance. The ordinance must accomplish the following:

a) establishes tree authority,
b) specifies duties and responsibilities of Tree Authority,
c) specifies the number of members and their qualifications,
d) identifies the need and importance of local urban forestry programs,
e) identifies tree planting and tree care standards, and
f) contains the provisions for hazard and diseased trees from private property.

3) By law, the program is set up as a 50/50 cost share reimbursement, with no more than 5% of the total funds available to one unit of government.

4) Eligible Core Local Urban Forestry Program Projects include: tree care ordinances, tree board establishment, tree inventories, tree preservation ordinances, comprehensive urban forestry management plans, forest insect and disease mitigation plans, residual wood utilization, public education on urban forestry, training of city staff on tree care, tree planting/beatification, tree care demonstrations beyond routine maintenance, Tree and Utility Conflict Resolution, and Tree preservation/tree protection demonstration sites.


DEADLINE: close of business on JULY 30, 2012

The SFY13 grant application consists of three segments:

  1. General Program Description, Instructions, and Definitions
  2. A Tree Care Ordinance Application
  3. A General Urban and Community Forestry Grant Application

Everyone should read #1, the General Program Description, Instructions, and Definitions segment. All non-Tree City USA communities that do not already have a tree care ordinance implemented within their municipal code are only eligible to use #2, A Tree Care Ordinance Application and are required to first apply for or implement a local tree care ordinance. This requirement is per the Urban and Community Forestry Assistance Act law which states that a municipality canít be reimbursed unless they have a local tree care ordinance in place.

All communities with a tree care ordinance in place are eligible to use #3, the General Urban and Community Forestry Grant Application and select projects that will help their local unit of government develop a sustainable urban/community forestry program.

If you have questions, please contact Reinee Hildebrandt.

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