Bruce Rauner, Governor

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OMM Staff

Office of Mines and Minerals,
Director's Office
(217) 782-6791

Jim Hafliger,
Director of Mines & Minerals
Neda Banach,
Assistant to the Director

Office Divisions:
Abandoned Land Mine, Land Reclamation,
Mine Safety and Training/Blasting and Explosives Division, Oil and Gas

Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Division offices

Springfield 217/782-0588
Edwardsville 618/650-3197
Benton 618/439-9111

Employee Email Address
Greg Pinto, Interim Supervisor greg.pinto@illinois.gov
Olga Aranzubia olga.aranzubia@illinois.gov
Mary Lou Flowers marylou.flowers@illinois.gov
Bob Gibson rgibson@siue.edu
Jim Gregg jim.gregg@illinois.gov
William Hawk william.hawk@illinois.gov
Tressa Hoffman tressa.hoffman@illinois.gov
Bryan Johnsrud bryan.johnsrud@illinois.gov
Ron Kiser ron.kiser@illinois.gov
Nancy Lay nancy.lay@illinois.gov
Thor Lindquist thor.lindquist@illinois.gov
Todd Maddox todd.maddox@illinois.gov
Tom Nelson tom.nelson@illinois.gov
Vinod Patel vinod.patel@illinois.gov
Joe Pelc joe.pelc@illinois.gov
Bruce Schottel bschott@siue.edu
Darlene Selwood darlene.selwood@illinois.gov
Phil Smith phil.smith@illinois.gov
Greg Tanner greg.tanner@illinois.gov
Mike Tarlton mike.tarlton@illinois.gov
Steve Thies steve.thies@illinois.gov
Janet Uglum janet.uglum@illinois.gov
Allen White allen.white@illinois.gov

Land Reclamation Division offices

Benton Office 618/439-9111
Springfield Office 217/782-4970
Email Address
Scott Fowler, Division Supervisor scott.fowler@illinois.gov
Dan Barkley dan.barkley@illinois.gov
James Bowling james.bowling@illinois.gov
Vickie Broomhead vickie.broomhead@illinois.gov
Gerald Deering gerald.deering@illinois.gov
Tim DeVardo tim.devardo@illinois.gov
Gary Downen gary.downen@illinois.gov
Ray Druhot ray.druhot@illinois.gov
Glenn Hamilton glenn.hamilton@illinois.gov
Cliff Johnson clifton.johnson@illinois.gov
Clay Kolar clay.kolar@illinois.gov
Brad Murphy brad.murphy@illinois.gov
Mike Parrish michael.parrish@illinois.gov
Donald Pflederer don.pflederer@illinois.gov
Glenda Rotramel glenda.rotramel@illinois.gov
Jim Schafer james.schafer@illinois.gov
Dean Spindler dean.spindler@illinois.gov
Steve Thompson steve.L.thompson@illinois.gov

Mine Safety and Training Division

Jim Hafliger, Acting Supervisor
Mine Safety Education and Operations


Mine Safety and Training offices

Benton Mine Rescue Station 618/439-9111
Lively Grove Mine Rescue Station 618/824-6677
Harrisburg Mine Rescue Station 618/253-2003
Springfield Mine Rescue Station 217/782-4831

Email Address
Chad Parker chad.parker@illinois.gov
Randall Bush randall.bush@illinois.gov
Bill Chubb bill.chubb@illinois.gov
Bob Eggerman bob.eggerman@illinois.gov
Doug Eggers doug.eggers@illinois.gov
Terry Etling terry.etling@illinois.gov
John Gabby john.gabby@illinois.gov
Larry Jenkel larry.jenkel@illinois.gov
Wendy Koehler wendy.koehler@illinois.gov
Dolly Monte dolly.monte@illinois.gov
Krystal Pankey krystal.pankey@illinois.gov
Bill Patterson bill.patterson@illinois.gov
Art Rice art.rice@illinois.gov
Gary Roberts gary.roberts@illinois.gov
Mike Simpson mike.simpson@illinois.gov
John Smith john.smith2@illinois.gov
Roger Spresser roger.spresser@illinois.gov

Blasting, Explosives and Aggregate Reclamation offices


Office of Mines and Minerals

Mines and Minerals Publications
Educational Materials
ArcGIS Coal Mine Viewer
OMM Initiatives
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