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Mining Applications

Surface Coal Mining Application scmp
Underground Coal Mining Application ucmp
Minor Underground Facility Application muf-1
County Clerk Application Filing Form scml-1a
Engineering Certification Form Eng-Cert
Road Construction Certification Form Cert-Rd
Incidental Boundary Revision (IBR) Application ibr-1
Shadow Area Incidental Boundary Revision (SIBR) Application sibr-1
Incidental Extraction Application Incexp
Refuse/Piles/Impoundments Certification cert-ref

Coal Mining Operator Memoranda

Operator Memoranda 1982 - Current Index
Ash: Coal Combustion Waste 92-11
Ash: Beneficial Use of Coal Combustion By-Product,
Disposal of Coal Combustion Waste
Ash: Beneficial Use of Coal Combustion By-Product,
Disposal of Coal Combustion Waste Correction

Exploration Applications

Exploration (greater than 250 tons Application apcoex
Exploration (less than 250 tons) Application
(Notice of Intent to Explore)

Bonding Applications/Forms

Surety Bond Form scml-2
Surety Company Liability Acknowledgment Letter bdrplfrm
Irrevocable Letter of Credit Bonding Form c-ilc
Irrevocable Letter of Credit Bank Certification Form certloc
Certificate of Deposit Bond Assignment Form cdassign
Certificate of Deposit Bond Waiver Form cdwaiver
Certificate of Deposit Bond FDIC Guarantee cdamount
Bond Release Application scml-6

Miscellaneous Permittee/Operator Forms

Affected Acreage Form scml-3
Groundwater Monitoring Data Sheets grndwtr-2
Borehole and Plugging Affidavit PlugAfdvt
Request for Statistical Sampling (Tree and Shrub Stocking) scml-5
Yearly Revegetation Report scml-4
Test Hole Permit Application og-7
Blast Design Approval Form (bed) bda-1000
Blasting Seismograph Request Form (bed) seisreq
Reclamation Award Application lrdaward

Citizen Forms

Request for Confidentiality Form rqstconf
Citizen Request for Inspection Form insprqst

Office of Mines and Minerals Home

Land Reclamation Division

Administrative Rulings:
- Permit Appeals
Pending Applications/ Decisions
Coal Maps
Frequently Asked Questions
Request Inspection/Citizen Complaint
Operator Forms & Applications
Operator Memoranda
Mines and Minerals Publications
Educational Materials
ArcGIS Coal Mine Viewer
OMM Initiatives
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