Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Office of Mines and Minerals
Pat Quinn, Governor

The Mineral and Rock Box Test

Part I: Rocks, Minerals and their Uses
Fill in the blanks below with the following word terms.

Terms for Section A.
Plastics, Barrel, Ash, Aspirin, Electric Generation, Silica, Lead, Pyrite, Sun, Crinoid, Underground Mining, Fluorspar, Geode, Limestone, Trilobite, Ancient Swamps, Illinois, Refinery, Power Plant, Reclamation, Fuller's earth, Sulfur, Bituminous, Southeastern, Gasoline, Tully Monster

  1. Illinois State Mineral
  2. Primary End Use of Coal
  3. Mineral used for Kitty Litter
  4. Non-fuel Refined Product from Oil
  5. By Product from the Combustion of Coal
  6. Highly Pure Sandstone Used for Glass
  7. Unit of Measure for Oil
  8. The State Fossil
  9. Hollow Rock with Crystals inside
  10. Primary Element in Galena
  11. A Fossil Animal that looks like a flower
  12. A Fossil Animal that looks like a large pill bug
  13. A circular mineral formation made of fool's gold
  14. Term for Restoration of Mined Land
  15. Type of Coal Found in Illinois
  16. Element Removed by Scrubbers
  17. Type of Mining under the earth
  18. Site where coal is burned to make electricity
  19. State with the most bituminous Coal Reserves
  20. Where Coal Originated
  21. Place where Oil is Processed
  22. Type of Rock Where Oil is Found
  23. Part of the State Producing Most of the Oil
  24. Medicine Product from Oil
  25. Fuel Product from Oil

Part II: Illinois Minerals used in your home.
Fill in the blanks below using the terms list.

Terms for Section B
Sand and Gravel, Lumber, Limestone, Coal, Silica, Oil, Clay

  1. Mineral Source of the Windows
  2. Mineral Source of the Brick
  3. Mineral Source of the Vinyl Siding
  4. Mineral Sources for the concrete foundation
  5. Mineral Source for the cement used to harden the concrete
  6. Mineral Source used to make the electricity in the house
  7. Not from a mineral source

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