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Abandoned Mined Lands Problems (Definitions)

Abandoned Mined Lands Problems (Definitions)

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Clogged Stream - Any filling of a stream bed, with AML-originated silt and debris carried downstream by surface runoff.

Clogged Stream Lands - Any AML-related mining spoil pile and bank, mine waste or earth material disturbed by mining activity which could be eroded and carried downstream by surface runoff, and deposited in a stream bed, resulting in property damage and a human health, safety and general welfare threat.

Dangerous Pile or Embankment (ex. 2) - Any AML-related waste pile or bank located within close distance to a populated area, public road or other area of intense visitation, and posing a threat by adverse effect resulting from an unstable steep slope or wind-blown particulate matter.

Dangerous Highwall - Any AML-related unprotected highwall located in close proximity to a populated area, public road or other area of intense visitation.

Dangerous Impoundment - Any AML-related large volume impoundment which poses a threat of flooding and catastrophic destruction to downstream property and human health, safety and general welfare in the event of rupture or breach of the water retention structure.

Gob(ex. 2) - The refuse or waste removed from a mine. This includes mine waste, rock, pyrites, slate or other unmarketable materials which are separated during the cleaning process.

Haul Road- A road built to caryy loaded trucks from the mine heads. A road from pit to loading dock, tipple ramp or preparation plant, used for transporting mined material by truck.

Hazardous or Explosive Gasses - AML-related venting of hazardous or explosive gases.

Hazardous Equipment or Facilities- Any AML-related dilapidated hazardous equipment or facilities.

Hazardous Water Body- Any impounded AML-Related water, regardless of depth or surface area, that is consideed an attractive nuisance and is located within close proximity to a populated area, public road , or area of intense visitation. The hazard must result from a feature such as steep or unstable banks, hidden underwater ledges, or rocks or debris on the bottom.

Industrial or Residential Waste - Unauthorized use of AML-impacted area for residential or industrial waste disposal.

Pit - The last uncovered cut adjacent to the highwall. In surface mining the working area may also be known as a strip pit. Mine workings or excavations open to the surface are also termed pits.

Portal (ex. 2)(ex. 3) - Any AML-related surface entrance to a drift, tunnel, adit or entry which is not sealed or barricaded.

Polluted Water: Agricultural/Industrial - Any surface or subsurface water used for agricultural or industrial purposes which does not meet standards because of AML-related impacts.

Polluted Water: Human Consumption - Any surface or subsurface water used for human consumption or recreational purposes which does not meet standards because of AML-related impacts.

Slurry - Fine particle-size material from coal or mineral processing stored in a pond. Solid must be separated from the water in order to have clear effluent for reuse or discharge.

Spoil - The overburden material removed in gaining access to a coal seam or mineral deposit.

Subsidence Prone Area (ex. 2)- Any surface expression of AML-related subsidence such as tension cracks, troughs, shearing faults, or caving caused by AML-related underground mine voids which damages property and poses danger to human safety, health and general welfare.

Surface Burning - Any AML-related continuous combustion of mine waste material resulting in smoke, haze, heat, or venting of hazardous gases located within close distance to a populated area, public road or public use area.

Underground Mine Fire - Any AML-related continuous smoke, haze, heat or venting of hazardous gases from underground mine coal combustion posing a danger to public health, safety and general welfare.

Vertical Opening (ex. 2)(ex. 3)- Any AML-related vertical or steeply-inclined shaft or opening which is not sealed or barricaded, or a subsidence-caused opening that has become a hazard, regardless of proximity to populated areas, public road or other area of intense visitation.

Water (ex. 2) (ex. 3)- Water leaving the AML problem area and causing environmental impacts because of its pH, sediments load, or other pollutants or because of its effect on other lands due to poor drainage conditions.

Other - An AML area causing an environmental impact that does not fit into one of the above definitions.

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