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 Licensed Hunting Preserve Records 


Forms for Download (this form is a .pdf = Portable Document Format) What is a .pdf file?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view .pdf files.

  • ON-LINE - Monthly Game Breeding And Hunting Preserve Area Summary Form - Complete form on-line then click on "Submit Report" button. Please use the on-line method (on-line version) for submitting monthly reports. The on-line method saves you time, saves us time and saves each of us paper.

  • Monthly Game Breeding And Hunting Preserve Area Summary Form (.pdf) - Print and complete form then mail or fax ONLY IF YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN'T FIND A WAY TO USE THE ON-LINE FORM.

  • INSTRUCTIONS: Hunting preserve records must be maintained properly and forwarded to the Department in a timely manner to renew the hunting preserve license in subsequent years. Information and complete instructions follow:

Monthly Game Breeding And Hunting Preserve Area Summary - List the total hunter trips as well as release and harvest numbers for each species for the month. Note: the number of hunter trips is derived by tracking the number of hunters that hunt during the month. If the same hunter hunts several days during the month, each day that hunter is afield hunting is a hunter trip. Each member of a group that hunts on a day or part of day is a hunter trip.

For hunting preserves releasing captive-reared mallard ducks (i.e., mallards with the right hind toe-clipped), report the number of ducks in the hunting preserve's flock only at the end of the first month the ducks are released for hunting. In subsequent months do not report mallard duck releases unless additional ducks are added to the hunting preserve's flock from another source. If additional mallard ducks are added to the preserve's flock, only report the additional ducks on that month's report. Once the preserve's mallard ducks are reported, subsequent monthly reports should only reflect mallards harvested unless ducks are added to the flock.

  • If there is no hunting on the hunting preserve during a month, send the Monthly Game Breeding And Hunting Preserve Summary with the "No Activity" checkbox on the on-line form checked.

  • The hunting preserve season is Sept. 1st - April 15th for Class A hunting preserves or May 1st - April 30th for Class B hunting preserves. For Class A preserves, if the season on your hunting preserve is closed early, send the remaining on-line monthly reports for the season with the "No Activity" checkbox on the on-line form checked.

  • The Wildlife Code requires records to be submitted to the Department not later than 10 days following the end of each month during the season. A separate record for each month must be developed. Remember to keep copies of the records for the hunting preserve available at the hunting preserve headquarters - a Conservation Officer may want to review the records on site.

    If you have questions or need assistance with the on-line monthly report form, please contact:

    IL Department of Natural Resources
    Division of Parks and Recreation
    Terry L. Musser
    Office Phone: 217/785-2262
    Cell Phone: 217/836-1728
    E-mail: Terry.Musser@illinois.gov
    Barb Foster
    Office Phones: 217/785-8129 or 217/782-6752
    Fax: (217) 524-5612
    E-mail: Barbara.L.Foster@illinois.gov


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