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Photographs of Illinois Mussels

Photos of Illinois Mussels
These photos are copyright protected. No photographs included within this information may be used on the Internet, in publications or in any other form of media without the written permission of the photographer. All rights reserved. All mussel photos shown, except number 24, belong to Kevin Cummings of the Illinois Natural History Survey. Photo 24 is the property of Bob Warren of the Illinois State Museum.


1. Amblema plicata, threeridge

2. Fusconaia flava, Wabash pigtoe

3. Megalonaias nervosa, washboard

4. Quadrula quadrula, mapleleaf


5. Lampsilis cardium, plain pocketbook

6. Obliquaria reflexa, threehorn wartyback

7. Quadrula pustulosa, pimpleback

8. Truncilla donaciformis, fawnsfoot

9. Truncilla truncata, deertoe

10. Utterbackia imbecillis, paper pondshell


11. Alasmidonta margianat, elktoe

12. Cyclonaias tuberculata, purple wartyback

13. Lampsilis teres, yellow sandshell

14. Quadrula metanerva, monkeyface

15. Tritogonia verrucosa, pistolgrip

16. Venustaconcha ellipsiformis, ellipse


17. Cyprogenia stegaria, fanshell

18. Ellipsaria lineolata, butterfly

19. Elliptio dilatata, spike

20. Epioblasma triquetra, snuffbox

21. Lampsilis fasciola, wavy-rayed lampmussel

22. Pleurobema clava, clubshell

23. Plethobasus cyphyus, sheepnose

24. Ptychobranchus fasciolaris, kidneyshell

25. Quadrula cylindrica, rabbitsfoot

26. Villosa iris, rainbow


27. Epioblasma flexuosa, leafshell

28. Epioblasma personata, round combshell

29. Epioblasma propinqua, Tennessee riffleshell

30. Epioblasma torulosa, tubercled blossom


31. Dreissena polymorpha, zebra mussels (attached to Potamilus alatus, pink heelsplitter)

32. Corbicula fluminea, Asian clam

*see glossary

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