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  Vocabulary: Wild About Fishes   

Vocabulary: Wild About Fishes

adipose fin--fin located between the dorsal and caudal fins; present on some fishes
anal fin--fin located on the undersurface usually behind the anus
caudal fin--tail fin
ctenoid scale--scale with a toothed rear edge
cycloid scale--scale with a smooth rear edge
dorsal fin--fin located in the middle of the back; it may be notched or divided
exotic species--a species that is not native to an area
extirpated species--one that has been eliminated from a portion of its range, in this case, Illinois
federally endangered species--any species which is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range
nonnative--exotic species
pectoral fin--one of a pair of fins that are attached just behind the head
pelvic fin--one of a pair of fins on the lower part of the body
spawning--depositing eggs in the water
state endangered species--any species which is in danger of extinction as a breeding species in Illinois
state threatened species--any breeding species which is likely to become a state endangered species within the foreseeable future in Illinois
thoracic--on the breast of the fish

Fish or Fishes? The term "fish" is used when referring to one species of fish, no matter how many individuals are present. The term "fishes" is used when more than one species of fish is referred to.

Fish Fact: Fishes have been found in farm fields and streets after heavy rains, but it does not rain fishes! These fishes swam there from nearby water bodies during high water after the storm and became stranded.

Take the VOCABULARY QUIZ to test your knowledge!

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