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  Family Ictaluridae   

Family Ictaluridae--Bullhead Catfish Family

These fishes have 4 pairs of barbels around the mouth, no scales, an adipose fin, strong spines in the dorsal and pectoral fins and abdominal pelvic fins. The catfishes are active mainly at night.

    white catfish--Ameiurus catus [nonnative]
    black bullhead--Ameiurus melas
    yellow bullhead--Ameiurus natalis
    brown bullhead--Ameiurus nebulosus
    blue catfish--Ictalurus furcatus
    channel catfish--Ictalurus punctatus
    mountain madtom--Noturus eleutherus
    slender madtom--Noturus exilis
    stonecat--Noturus flavus
    tadpole madtom--Noturus gyrinus
    brindled madtom--Noturus miurus
    freckled madtom--Noturus nocturnus
    northern madtom--Noturus stigmosus [state endangered, possibly extirpated]

    flathead catfish -- Pylodictis olivaris
    The flathead catfish has a broadly flattened head and a lower jaw that sticks out beyond the upper jaw. The rear margin of the tail fin is notched but not deeply forked, and the upper lobe of this fin has a white tip. The flathead may reach five feet in length and live in a variety of stream types, lakes and impoundments, often near drifts, submerged logs or in pools. This fish is solitary in habits. It feeds at night, mainly on fish and crayfish. Spawning occurs in late June and July. The yellow egg mass is placed in a depression created by the adults. The adults stay with the eggs until hatching, fanning them with their fins to increase oxygen flow and remove silt. The average life span is 12-15 years.

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