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Illinois Birds List

Illinois Birds Video


Unit 1 (all lessons in the unit)

     What Makes a Bird a Bird?
     Home Tweet Home
     Birds of a Feather
     Natural Tools

Unit 2 (all lessons in the unit)

     House Plans
     Bird Banter
     Hello, Mate

Unit 3 (all lessons in the unit)

     Moving Day
     Right or Wrong - You Decide
     Here Today...Gone Tomorrow
     Be a Birder

Unit 4 Educated Action


A Closer Look

     One Bird Short of a Flock
     3-D Eagle and Prey
     Migration Mural

One Bird Two Habitats (1.5mgb)
A supplemental curriculum unit about Neotropical migratory birds


Gems of Blue - Bluebird Information

Wood Projects

For Additional Information

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