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Some past students of the Union School

class of 1912

FRONT ROW: Mabel Matthews, Marguerite Smith Jett, Iva Clary, Hazel Martin Behrends, Paul Randolph, Ethyl Smith Cox, Zella Matthews; SECOND ROW: Wilbuer Smith, Harry Clary, Edwin Bahlow, Lyle Martin, Carl Mathews, Lewis Bahlow, Marie Smith Remington; THIRD ROW: Wayne Downey, Virgil Downey, Mabel Walters Clary, Edward Martin, Gladys Matthews, Nellie Owen (teacher); FOURTH ROW: William Randolph, Blanche Thornton, Elmer Walters, Lydia Bahlow.

class of 1914

Our photo of the class of 1914 isn't very clear any more, but its a very important one to us because we can identify everyone in it. A number of well known residents of Beason and Lincoln are included. The picture shows, from left to right: Top row--Mrs. Hannah Dowdle Welch, Lincoln, teacher; Mrs. Marguerite Smith Jett, Beason; Darwin Stoll, Florida; Harry Clary, Dewey Walters, Decatur, and Edward Martin. Second row--Mrs. Marie Smith Stoll, Beason; Mrs. Ira Clary, Peoria; and Mrs. Mabel Walters Clary, Clinton. Third row--Paul Randolph, Chicago; Miss Ethel Smith, Beason; Mrs. Mabel Carlson, Kenney; John Carlson, Chicago; Fred Stoll, Florida; and Lyle Martin, Lincoln. Lower row--Mrs. Mary Peddicord Rose, Lincoln; Everett Thompson, Paul Carlson, Henry Peddicord, Lincoln; Mrs. Ferne Carlson, Lincoln; Mrs. Hazel Martin Behrens; Mrs. Mildred Smith Randolph, Beason.  class of 1944

We don't know who is who in this picture, but the class list for 1944 included the following students: Carol Clements (grade 2), Martha Rose Gardner (grade 2), Hallie Baldwin (grade 1), George Baldwin (grade 2), Larry Clements (grade 3), Louise Pharis (grade 3), Dick Baldwin (grade 3), Dorothy Pharis (grade 6), Betty Baldwin (grade 5). Which is which? We'd love to hear from you if you can help.

class of 194?

Can you help us identify the year of this group? We think we know some of the students pictured: Back row-- (first name unknown) ?Crowell?. Middle row--Jack Baldwin, Betty Baldwin, (unknown), (unknown). Front row--Larry Clements, (unknown), (unknown), Martha Rose Gardner, Carol Clements, Hallie Baldwin.

Here's another photo from probably 1945, with many of those same students in the pictures before. Here's who we know: Standing--Esther Rawlings, teacher (from 1941-42 through the school's closing in 1945). Back row--(unknown), Jack Baldwin, Virgil Lowery. Middle row-- (unknown), (unknown), Patty Powers, Martha Rose Gardner, Carol Clements. Front row--(unknown), (unknown), Bill Gardner. Can you help us sort this picture out?

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