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Illinois Biodiversity Basics


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About  Illinois Biodiversity Basics

Section I: What is Biodiversity? Video
Activity 1-1 What's Your Biodiversity IQ?
Activity 1-2 Sizing Up Species
Activity 1-3 Backyard BioBlitz
Activity 1-4 The Gene Scene

Section 2: Why is Biodiversity Important? Video
Activity 2-1 The Nature of Poetry
Activity 2-2 The Spice of Life
Activity 2-3 Secret Services

Section 3: What's the Status of Biodiversity? Video
Activity 3-1 Endangered Species Gallery Walk
Illinois Threatened/ Endangered Species 2001: For the most current Illinois endangered and threatened species list, click here.
Activity 3-2  The Case of the Greater Prairie-Chicken:
lesson demonstration podcast; greater prairie-chicken podcast
Activity 3-3 Space for Species

Section 4: How Can We Protect Biodiversity? Video
Activity 4-1 Future Worlds
Activity 4-2 Career Moves


Supplemental Activities