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Urban and Community Forestry Program
Illinois Tree City

Currently serving 7.2 million Illinois citizens or 65% of the state’s population through the TREE CITY USA PROGRAM

Welcome to the IDNR TREE CITY USA website. ILLINOIS is #2 in the NATION for the number of TREE CITY USA participants for over 12 years.  ILLINOIS GROWTH AWARD PARTICIPATION  is currently #1 in the NATION!



GROWTH award recognizes communities for going beyond the basic TREE CITY USA standards for a local forestry program. Municipalities are required to complete special community tree initiatives to be eligible.  QUINCY , IL holds the record for the most TREE CITY USA Growth Award points in the nation (received for 2008 accomplishments)

Eligibility Standards for the Tree City USA Growth Award require a community to have: 

1) been a Tree City USA community the previous year

2) spent the same or more on their tree budget as the previous year

3)  earned up to 10 points in the categories designated in the application

Categories are:
*Education and Public Relations
*Planning and Management
*Tree Planting and Maintenance

Municipalities are encouraged to do projects that will demonstrate improvement and growth of the local tree care program.

Please visit the Arbor Day Foundation Growth Award website for a description and criteria additional information.

Click here for the application.  

Sterling Tree City USA Award Sterling Award.  A community wins this award after participating in the Growth Award program for 10 years.  ILLINOIS Leads the nation with 26 municipalities that have received the Sterling Award.

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