Office of Law Enforcement
March 5, 2014


A CPO cited four subjects for not having fishing licenses. One subject was wanted for failure to appear on a domestic violence warrant out of Tazewell County, he was incarcerated at the Tazewell County jail.

CPOs were called to respond to a bank robbery in Albany. The white male in his 20's displayed a hand gun and took thousands of dollars. Multiple police agencies responded but were unable to locate the suspect. A dog tracked the suspect to a point where it appeared the suspect got in a car and drove away. Officers had very little to go on. ISP is handling the investigation

A District 1 CPO conducted multiple deer harvest/license investigations. Three citations were issued for unlawful take of a deer without a valid habitat stamp. Three written warnings also were issued.

A District 6 officer found three vehicles while he was checking parking lots after posted closing time at Starved Rock State Park. The officer waited for the vehicle owners to return. After a 30 minute wait the officer saw flashlights and seven ice climbers come off the trails. They told the officer they had climbed one canyon close to the parking lot then decided to climb another canyon farther away. They did not realize how far the second canyon was from the parking lot. Enforcement action was taken.

Conducting reviews of the harvested deer in Rock Island County, a CPO located a couple of subjects of interest. The following investigations led to the arrest of eight subjects for illegally taking deer. The parts of six deer (including five deer racks) were seized during the course of the investigations.

A District 1 CPO concluded a personal injury snowmobile accident that occurred in Whiteside County. Citations and written warnings were issued to both operators involved for failing to report a Personal Injury accident, failure to transfer certificate of number, and proof of insurance.

Two District 1 CPOs assisted in a search for an armed suspect that was involved in a bank robbery in Albany. Utilizing their 4x4 squads and knowledge of the rural terrain surrounding Albany, they patrolled the area checking all vehicles that matched the suspect’s get away pickup truck.

Two District 6 CPOs observed two subjects smoking cannabis in Matthiessen State Park. Approximately 30 minutes after processing the subjects for possession of cannabis under 2.5 grs and possession of drug paraphernalia, the two officers observed three more subjects smoking cannabis in the shelter at Matthiessen State Park. Two of the subjects were arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis under 2.5 grs. The third subject was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis over 2.5 grs but not more than 10 grs

A District 6 CPO conducted a pedestrian stop in downtown Rockford. The suspect had dropped a candy wrapper in the middle of a street and started to walk away. The CPO stopped him and asked him to pick up the litter. The man picked up the litter and threw it away. The CPO then explained the penalty for littering and issued the man a warning.

CPOs from Boone, Winnebago, DeKalb, LaSalle, Bureau and Putnam Counties attended an annual First Responder/CPR training recertification held at Starved Rock State Park. The day long training block covered first aid and first medical response techniques ranging from cuts, punctures, and burns to choking, heat stroke, and hypothermia. Officers also had to demonstrate correct CPR administering techniques for adult, youth, & infants.

CPOs were in marked uniform patrol in Winnebago County looking for recreational snowmobilers to inspect when they observed a motor vehicle ahead of them with a registration that was expired more than a year. A subsequent traffic stop resulted in the CPOs smelling the odor of burnt cannabis emanating from within the passenger area of the car. A
consent search and subsequent interview of the driver revealed the unlawful possession of < 2.5 grams of cannabis and an admission that she illegally smokes cannabis only at home. No visible impairment was detected by the driver and they were released after an arrest summons was issued for the cannabis possession.

While in marked uniform patrol working a complaint from the Village of Roscoe in Winnebago County, a CPO observed two snowmobilers operating against traffic flow and then proceeds across an elementary school ground. The CPO stopped the two snowmobiles, informed the operators of the violations he had observed and then completed a snowmobile safety inspection to each machine. The safety inspections revealed neither snowmobile was registered or insured as required. The CPO provided each operator an application for registration and addressed the eight violations through the issuance of citations and written warnings.

A District 7 CPO investigated a fatal boat accident in Bernadotte, Illinois. A man was displaced from his row boat in Spoon River flood waters near his home. Rescue attempts made by neighbors and first responders were unsuccessful that night and the next day. Two days later the CPO located the aluminum boat under 6 inches of ice utilizing a metal detector. Copperas Creek Fire Department Dive team recovered the boat. The search for the missing man is ongoing.

A District 7 officer responded to a complaint of coyote hunting from the roadway. Five trucks were located on a rural road. No violations were detected and the original complainant was unwilling to sign a complaint.


No activity reported.


Two District 11 CPOs on patrol arrested two Mattoon men at Lake Paradise both for possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia Coles County.


No activity reported.


A Jefferson County boater was cited on Rend Lake for not having a life jacket on his kayak.

District 14 conducted class training for CPR/AED & First Aid. Several Officers and the Sergeant completed LEADS and Haz-Mat web-based training.

Two CPOs and a Sergeant attended Plan of Work Meetings at Department sites.

A CPO assisted in a search for a missing 6 year old girl in White County. The girl was found and reunited with her family.

The same CPO assisted White County with two domestic disturbances during the recent winter storm and investigated illegal dumping within the County.

A CPO is completing an investigation into a man engaging in trapping during a period of suspension.

A CPO concluded an investigation of a watercraft title issue involving two owners of the same watercraft. In the end, the watercraft is being titled in the correct and lawful manner. No citations were issued.

A CPO responded to a complaint of a landowner setting a live trap and catching a skunk. The skunk was dealt with and the land owner was issued a written warning for failure to tag the trap with name and address. She was also issued a permit by the district wildlife biologist.

A CPO assisted Herrin City with a property out of the city limits that has had extensive damage due to four wheelers and off road trucks. The CPO is currently patrolling the property in an attempt to stop the activity.

A CPO responded to a deer complaint in southern Williamson County. The deer carcass was examined and found to have been shot twice with a small caliber rifle. No other leads exist at this time.

A CPO taught at a Hunter Safety Course in Olmsted, Pulaski County.

A CPO finished a case involving the dumping of deer carcasses on public property. The subject was tracked down and lives in northern Illinois. The information has been relayed to a CPO in the area to follow up with the subject.

A CPO patrolled Perry County during the recent winter storm and assisted motorists where needed.

A CPO is investigating a non-resident hunter for potential permit violations.

A CPO assisted ISP with a revoked driver and medical emergency in Union County.

District 16 CPOs attended first aid training at Mines and Minerals.

Office of Law Enforcement
March 12, 2014


A District 6 CPO investigated a trash dumping complaint at two locations on the I & M Canal. The CPO was able to locate receipts which led to a surveillance camera photo and a suspect’s name. The suspect’s work location was discovered and enforcement action will be conducted this week.

A District 7 CPO conducted a ground search in an attempt to locate the missing victim from a boat accident in Bernadotte IL. A nearby creek was searched on both banks. After examining the topography, and determining water flow direction across an open field, the victim was found mostly covered by ice approximately 30 yards from where his boat was recovered the previous week under six inches of ice. The Fulton County Sheriff’s Department was notified and the man was recovered by deputies, the CPO, and the Coroner.

CPOs in Winnebago County attended the 2014 Polar Plunge fundraiser for Special Olympics held at Olson Lake Beach within Rock Cut State Park.

While in marked uniform patrol working a complaint from the Village of Roscoe in Winnebago County, a CPO stopped several recreational snowmobiles and completed safety inspections to each which revealed violations including: unlawful operation of an uninsured snowmobile, unlawful operation of an unnumbered snowmobile, and unlawful operation of a snowmobile without certificate of number.

A District 6 CPO conducted a snowmobile enforcement detail. The detail uncovered numerous violations. The detail concluded with 3 citations and 12 written warnings.

A District 1 CPO gave a presentation to the Quad City In-Fisherman group at the QCCA center in Rock Island IL. The CPO then answered many questions on Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) laws pertaining to boaters and fisherman. Page 67 of the Illinois Fishing Digest addresses these laws. The IDNR web site can be used to access Administrative Rule 875 for in depth information on VHS. Laws regarding VHS that affect boaters and recreational anglers include:

Eliminating natural water from all equipment.
Emptying and draining all bait buckets, live wells, bait wells, bilges etc. or any other compartment capable of
holding natural waters when leaving a body of water.
Do not remove live VHS susceptible species (listed in the fishing digest) from any waters. Anglers may catch
and keep VHS susceptible species, but may not transport those fish live from waters where caught.
Use of trapped fish from within the state as bait will be restricted to the waters where legally captured.

CPOs responded to an injured goose call in the Oregon area. The CPO was able to capture the goose so it could be taken to a licensed rehabilitator.

A District 1 CPO stopped two snowmobiles for a compliance check in Ogle County. During the check it was discovered both operators were revoked and neither of the sleds had insurance. In addition, one of the sleds had expired registration and the operator had not transferred the registration from the previous owner. Both operators received citations and warnings for their violations.

A District 1 CPO investigated a personal injury snowmobile accident which occurred in Lee County. The operator put his foot down while trying to cross a snow pile and broke his leg. Further investigation into the event led to the discovery the operator was revoked, had no insurance, no current registration on the snowmobile, a failure to transfer registration, and OUI as his BAC was .094. The subject was charged with OUI and received several citations and warnings for the other violations.

While checking anglers at a local ice fishing location, two CPOs received a complaint that a dead deer was hanging from a nearby swing-set behind a home. The CPOs were informed the deer had been there for several months. A search of the area revealed the deer was visible by the CPOs from the roadway. The CPOs spoke to a resident at the home who was identified as the hunter who killed the deer. The hunter stated the deer had been frozen from the cold weather and he hadn’t been able to process the meat. The CPOs also learned the deer had been killed during second firearm deer season in early December and had not been gutted. During the course of the investigation, the CPOs identified several violations associated with the harvest of the deer in question. The CPO issued the hunter one citation and one warning for the violations.

A CPO received a call reference a pair of legs which could be seen on the ice at the I & M Canal, Lock 14, just south of LaSalle, IL. The Officer entered the ice and found the body of a 46 year old female. Conservation Police are handling the death investigation with the assistance of the Illinois State Police Crime Scene services, LaSalle County Coroner and LaSalle Police Department.

A District 6 CPO responded to a pick-up truck on the I&M Canal. The officer found the abandoned truck stuck in the snow about 120 yards down the tow path. The driver of the truck had failed to negotiate a curve and broken through a gate. After breaking through the gate the driver continued on approximately 175 yards down the tow path. Once the driver realized he couldn’t get any farther down the tow path due to the snow he tried to back up. While backing down the tow path the truck got stuck. The driver abandoned the truck and walked away from the scene. The truck’s owner was contacted; the owner claims the truck was stolen from his property. An investigation is on-going.

A District 6 CPO received a call from the Mendota Police Department that an injured red-tail hawk was on the ground near a residence. The officer, with assistance from two Mendota police officers, was able to capture the hawk. The hawk was taken to a licensed rehabilitator.


No activity reported..


No activity reported.


Jersey County CPO conducted an investigation into the illegal use of deer permits in Macoupin County. The investigation revealed a non-hunter was obtaining archery and firearm deer permits and giving them to a Missouri resident. Upon identifying the Missouri resident, the CPO determined he has been falsifying residency to obtain resident deer and turkey permits for several years. Additionally, the subject had tagged an archery buck harvest for his grandson and a firearm buck harvest for his Missouri friend using the non-hunter's permits. The investigation revealed the grandson harvested three antlered deer in 2013.

An Adams County CPO conducted an investigation into a trapper falsifying his residency. The trapper was buying a resident Missouri license and a resident Illinois license.

Two subjects were found guilty in Brown County for multiple hunting violations that occurred during the firearm deer season. They paid a total fine of $450.

A Brown County CPO attended a Hunter Safety class in Schuyler County. There were approximately 50 students in attendance.


A Crawford County man has been charged a second time in regards to a deer he unlawfully possessed in December. The subject stated he killed the deer with archery equipment. The deer's skull was x-rayed and bullet fragments were found. The gun used to kill the deer was seized. A check with ISP revealed the gun was reported stolen out of Saline County.

An Effingham County CPO is investigating a timber complaint in which the timber cutter crossed over onto the neighbor’s property and cut several trees.

Three Michigan hunters have been charged in Wayne County for unlawfully killing two bucks and tagging them with a landowner's permits. Game Wardens in Michigan assisted with interviewing the subjects and locating the two trophy deer heads.

District 15 CPOs are investigating a large out of season duck killing case at Carlyle Lake WMA. Over 30 ducks were killed including mallards and pintails.

A CPO cited a subject at Newton Lake for possessing four crappies under the minimum size limit of 10".

A CPO cited a subject for fishing the restricted Flume area of Newton Lake.

A subject arrested in Fayette County for possessing a weapon as a felon and unlawful take of deer pleaded guilty and paid fines over $7,000.00 and spent six days in jail.

A CPO attended a Hunter Safety class at Eldorado High School. Approximately 100 students participated in the class.

A CPO completed an investigation on a revoked hunter/trapper in Pope County. The Massac County trapper was revoked in January of 2014 under the wildlife code for hunting violations from the previous two hunting seasons. The trapper was cited for attempting to take wildlife while revoked and trapping with an invalid trapping license.

March 19, 2014


Two officers conducted a detail at a local cooling lake. Two over limit arrests were made as well as numerous written warnings.

A District 1 CPO conducted multiple deer harvest/license investigations. Citations and written warnings were issued. The violations documented were: unlawfully take a deer without a valid hunting license and unlawfully take a deer without a valid habitat stamp.

A District 1 CPO conducted a deer harvest investigation. The investigation revealed a Chicago man harvested a deer during the final firearm season and tagged it with his son’s landowner permit. Citations and written warnings were issued. The violations documented were: unlawful possession of a white-tailed deer, use in the field of a deer permit issued to another person, falsifying a deer harvest record and possession in the field of a deer permit issued to another person.

A District 1 CPO conducted a deer harvest investigation that revealed a subject had taken a deer with an expired crossbow permit and had checked his harvest in late. The violations were addressed.

Conducting reviews of the harvested deer in Mercer County, a CPO located a couple of subjects of interest. The following investigations led to the arrest of three subjects for illegally taking deer. The parts of two deer were seized during the course of the investigations.

A CPO worked a joint investigation (into a local license and title business) with the Illinois Secretary of State Police. The investigation spanned over several weeks and involved the failure to register over 80 watercraft and hundreds of motor vehicles. At the conclusion of the investigation, reports were submitted to the Rock Island County State’s Attorney’s office for review. A class three felony theft charge was filed against the employee of the business. The owner of the business was charged with forgery (also a class three felony). Warrants have been issued for the arrest of both subjects.

A District 6 officer closed a case where a father illegally placed bait for his son to archery hunt deer. He was fined $500. In another case a fisherman that failed to pay his fine or show up in court for snagging fish was arrested on a warrant. He was found guilty and paid a $151 fine.

A CPO responded to a report of a suspected DUI. The driver was followed to a gas station. The CPO arrived and assisted the local police in arresting the driver who had gone into the restroom to inject the heroine.

CPOs in Boone and Winnebago County completed random commercial inspections as assigned by the Springfield Office to wildlife furbearing animal breeders, wildlife animal rehabilitators, and taxidermists.

A CPO responded to assist a Boone County resident with the registration and title transfer of a boat left abandoned in the back yard of a residence they had purchased on foreclosure. The investigation revealed the boat had been stolen in 2011 in McHenry County. The boat was seized as evidence in this case and the investigation is ongoing.
The long cold winter has several homes and buildings infested with wild animals. Before trapping, contact your local wildlife biologist for a permit and some helpful advice on eliminating wildlife from your home.

Two district 6 CPOs were working LaSalle Lake. The CPOs observed three white males and one Hispanic male sitting along the lake. The CPOs approached the men and detected the odor of cannabis. The CPOs also discovered multiple alcoholic beverages near the men. Six citations were issued and the men were evicted from the grounds. Later that day we observed the Hispanic male climbing into a pickup truck. The CPOs noticed that this man had slurred speech, a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage and glassy, bloodshot eyes from the previous encounter. The CPOs conducted a traffic stop and the man was arrested for DUI.

A CPO from District 7 worked a spoonbill fishing detail with the Iowa DNR on the Mississippi river in Henderson County. The detail was well received by local sportsmen who want to protect the local fishery. The detail was somewhat limited due to officers having to evade huge sheets of ice flowing through the dam.

A District 1 CPO conducted an investigation into the use of a crossbow to harvest a deer prior to the time when it was legal to do so. It was determined the subject who used the crossbow previously had a crossbow permit due to medical conditions. The subject was unaware his permit had expired in March of 2013. The officer used some discretion and issued the subject a written warning for the violation.


A District 2 CPO responded to a snowmobile accident on the Fox River at the Algonquin Dam. The accident occurred the night before at approximately 11:30 pm. A snowmobile was traveling south on the Fox River at a speed of approximately 100 mph when he struck a steel safety cable which was strung across the river just above the dam. The cable is used as a safety cable to keep boats from going over the dam. The snowmobile was stopped by the cable and sunk. The operator was ejected and slid 30 yards across the ice, and then he went over the dam. The operator was going fast enough to throw him over the boil. He then swam to shore and called his girlfriend. In addition to a $900 bill to recover the snowmobile, he was charged with operating without valid registration, no insurance, careless operation of a snowmobile, and pollution of the waterway. The operator was 20 years old and admitted to being somewhat impaired and said he drank five beers before the accident. A District 2 CPO was driving in Algonquin when a subject began to tailgate. The officer stopped the vehicle. The driver was suspended and had eight prior driving while license suspended arrests and he also had three prior DUI arrests. The vehicle was towed and the operator was arrested for his 9th driving while license suspended.

A District 2 CPO followed up on a TIPS complaint on Diamond Lake in Lake County. When the CPO arrived in the parking lot at the lake, he observed the two vehicles described in the complaint. The two subjects were several hundred yards out on the ice. After looking through the binoculars, the CPO observed eight devices on the ice (a site specific of two in effect). The CPO watched as the subjects separated numerous fish into different plastic bags. As the CPO approached, the subjects started pulling out the devices. When the first subject was asked how many fish he caught, he didn't answer. The CPO found him in possession of 13 catfish and 2 largemouth bass. There is a daily limit of 6 catfish on Diamond Lake. The second subject was in possession of 10 catfish. The two subjects had a total of 15 violations. Both subjects received four citations each.


While patrolling Clinton Lake a CPO discovered six individuals fishing in the restricted areas of Clinton Lake.

A CPO assisted Clinton Lake State Park by taking a report of items that have been stolen at the park.

A CPO conducted a traffic stop on a Macon subject after observing him driving along the shoulder of the road. Further investigation found the driver did not have a valid driver’s license and no valid insurance. Citations were issued.

A District 19 Officer observed a vehicle speeding inside Spitler Woods State Park and conducted a traffic stop. Further investigation found the Mt. Zion driver and passenger had the smell of burnt cannabis inside the vehicle. The passenger took blame and showed a pipe that still had burnt residue inside. The driver received a traffic citation and the passenger was given a notice to appear for cannabis charges.

CPOs continued a two year long case involving unlawful fleeing and eluding after illegally discharging a firearm after hours and from a roadway. The case has evolved and charges are expected to be filed on two subjects in the coming weeks.

Two District 11 CPOs helped a citizen who lives near Lake Shelbyville get his game camera back. The man said that his game camera had been stolen off of Lake Shelbyville Corps ground in the previous hour because he had just pulled the SD card. The CPOs began investigating and located a contractor in the area who admitted to taking the camera and stated he was planning on turning it in to the Visitor Center. The game camera was returned to the owner.

A District 11 CPO was contacted by an Indiana DNR Conservation Officer and reported a possible Illinois violation committed by an Indianapolis man. The CPO conducted an investigation which revealed the Indiana man hunted and harvested deer in Shelby County without all of the necessary licenses on multiple years. The man was issued a citation for hunting without a habitat stamp. The man was also cited for deer hunting violations in Indiana.

REGION IV (District 13 report is for three months)

A St. Clair County CPO conducted several archery deer investigations from the 2013 archery deer season. Several citations and written warnings were issued due to permit and tagging violations.

Two District 13 officers received information of a deer that had potentially been poached. The carcass of the deer was located near the World Shooting and Recreation Complex. When the officers arrived at the location they observed a large buck with the head removed and no other parts of the deer had been removed. The deer was located near the roadway. The investigation of the deer continues.

A District 13 officer responded to a request for assistance from ISP for traffic control on I-64. A car had caught fire and was fully engulfed in flames on the left lane of I-64. The occupant was able to get out of the vehicle unharmed. The officer assisted by closing the left lane of the Interstate while fire and other responders cleared the vehicle from the interstate.

A CPO in Montgomery County responded to a cell phone complaint from a fisherman at Coffeen Lake. The fisherman advised the CPO that he had observed a boater operating his watercraft in violation the lakes 25 horsepower regulation. Upon arrival to the lake the CPO located the violator and issued a citation for operating the 150 horsepower Mercury outboard and several written warnings to the boat operator.

A CPO in Montgomery County issued a citation for a life jacket violation and several written warnings to a boater at Coffeen Lake.

District 13 CPOs spent last Sunday and Monday assisting ISP with weather related accidents. Several sections of highways and interstates were impassible to all but those with four wheel drives. CPOs assisted with minor accidents, traffic control, and with pulling stranded motorists out of ditches and medians.

While investigating deer permit investigations that were assigned by the Springfield Office, a District 13 CPO addressed issues such as failure to properly report road kill deer, hunting without valid hunting license, hunting without valid deer permit, and failure to immediately tag deer upon harvest.

A District 13 CPO continued working on deer permit investigations. A Macoupin County hunter was found to have killed a doe without having a valid archery deer permit. The hunter also falsified departmental records by registering found dead deer as firearm kills. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A District 13 CPO conducted a boat registration investigation in Madison County.

A District 13 CPO attended a training seminar about violence in the schools. Approximately 250 law enforcement officers and educators from IL and MO attended.

A District 13 CPO completed a deer permit investigation in Madison County. A hunter confessed to shooting a buck while not having an either sex permit. The hunter had already killed one buck and was back out looking to shoot a doe for meat. When another large buck came by the hunter could not resist shooting it. After recovering the buck, the hunter went to a local store and bought another over the counter archery combination permit. The hunter was cited for failure to have an either sex tag when taking an antlered deer and written warnings for unlawful take of a deer and failing to tag deer immediately upon kill. The hunter’s 10 point buck was seized from the taxidermist where it had just been finished being mounted.

A District 13 CPO conducted a boat registration investigation in Madison County.

During the first Firearm Deer Season a District 13 officer was patrolling Randolph County. While walking through the woods, the CPO observed a man walking towards the field’s edge. The officer noticed three untagged deer and a muzzleloader. The officer heard an ATV start up and found concealment in a tree top. The CPO watched the hunter field dress the three deer and then tag two of them. While the hunter was loading his deer onto his trailer the CPO approached. The hunter was issued a citation for unlawfully taking a deer and the deer was seized. The deer was donated to the Illinois Sportsmen Against Hunger. The violations were documented with written warnings.

During the second Firearm Deer Season a District 13 officer was patrolling Randolph County. The officer observed a hunter walking along the field’s edge and then entering into the woods. The CPO parked along the road and walked to the woods. The CPO observed the hunter covering up his blaze orange and then began hunting. During the check, the hunter handed the CPO an envelope from the Missouri Department of Conservation. The envelope contained the hunter’s Missouri resident muzzleloader deer permit. The hunter then provided the CPO his Illinois resident driver’s license, FOID card, resident hunting license and resident deer permit. The CPO contacted the Missouri Department of Conservation and was informed that Missouri does not allow dual residency and they wanted the permit. The CPO seized the hunter’s Missouri permit and his daughter’s permit. While talking to the hunter, the hunter denied killing any deer. The CPO issued the hunter a citation for not wearing his blaze orange and a warning for having his daughter’s deer permit in his possession. The CPO drove about two miles down the road and observed a buck hanging next to a cabin. A plastic bag was tied to the deer’s hind leg. A closer inspection revealed the plastic bag contained a hunter’s deer permit. The permit belonged to the hunter who he had just checked. The CPO properly attached the leg tag to the deer and went back to the hunter and issued him another citation for not properly attaching a leg tag to his deer before moving it.

The District 13 Sgt and CPO were patrolling the Randolph County and Jackson County line. About one mile into Jackson County they observed a truck parked along the road. A hunter walked onto the roadway from a field road. The hunter had blood on his hands and a bloody knife. The hunter had killed two deer and tagged them. After field dressing them he dragged them to the field road. The hunter had tagged the two deer with Randolph County deer tags. The hunter was issued a citation for the unlawful take of deer and the deer were seized. The deer were donated to the Illinois Sportsmen Against Hunger.

A District 13 CPO received a complaint about a deer carcass dumped along the railroad tracks near Chester. The carcass had the hunter’s leg tag attached. The CPO located the hunter and issued him a citation for the unlawful dumping of a deer carcass.

A District 13 CPO received a complaint about hunting without permission. During the investigation, the CPO arrested the suspect for criminal trespass because the subject did not have any weapons while he was scouting for turkeys. The complainant’s property was clearly posted as no trespassing.

A District 13 CPO completed an outfitter inspection in Randolph County. The outfitter had not been recording his turkey hunters because he only allowed friends and family to turkey hunt for free. The outfitter’s records were not completed as required but he had recorded all of his deer hunters, paid and free. Appropriate enforcement was taken.

A District 13 CPO received information from a Missouri Conservation Officer that a Chester resident was attempting to sell deer. Further investigation revealed that the hunter was also attempting to sell squirrel. Three CPOs worked the complaint on the day that the hunter was approached. The hunter had unlawfully used someone else’s deer permit for the buck that he had killed and he had not checked in the road kill deer which he had collected. The hunter hunts deer with a compound bow and squirrels with a high powered air rifle because of his criminal history. The hunter cannot legally possess the air rifle because he cannot obtain a FOID Card. The subject was arrested for unlawfully attempting to sell deer meat and for failure to take a deer. Multiple written warnings were issued. The deer meat, deer head, and air rifle were seized.

A District 13 CPO received a complaint that a swan had been shot. The CPO responded to the location about two miles south of Baldwin. For the prior ten days a group of twelve swans had visited the complainant’s field during daylight hours. The swans were seen roosting in the strip cuts north of County Road 18 near the World Shooting and Recreational Complex. On this day the flock had been reduced to eleven swans. One of the remaining swans had what appears to be blood covering its breast feathers. As the CPO attempted to recover the injured swan, it flew away with some of the others and then returned. The investigation is continuing. If anybody has information please contact the TIPs Hotline at (877) 236-7529.

Two District 13’s CPOs responded to a poached deer complaint at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex. The young buck was in the 3-D archery range area and was about 15 yards off of the roadway. The only item removed from the deer was the head. The investigation is continuing. If anybody has information please contact the TIPS Hotline at (877) 236-7529...

A District 13 CPO conducted an investigation of a hunter who had illegally shot a buck without a permit. The hunter lives out of state and the appropriate conservation officer in his area has been notified to assist in the case.

A District 13 CPO was on patrol looking for coyote hunters around 7:15 a.m. when he came across a vehicle parked in the middle of an intersection in an area known for coyote hunting. When he approached the driver of the car, it was obvious the driver was intoxicated. The driver failed field sobriety tests and was arrested. His passenger, who was underage, was also found to be under the influence of alcohol and was arrested. The driver later gave a breath sample that registered .180 BAC. Both were left in the custody of the county jail.

A District 13 CPO began an investigation of a 10 point buck that had illegally been taken from Bond County in 2009. Due to the deer being possessed by the hunter who lives out of state, a Missouri Conservation Agent was contacted. The agent interviewed the suspect and learned the hunter had shot the deer in Illinois and did not have a permit for it when he shot it. He then tagged the deer with another hunter’s permit. The deer was seized and he was charged in Missouri for possession of an illegally taken deer.

A District 13 CPO attended a Hunter Safety Course in which approximately 35 students were in attendance.

A District 13 Officer was on patrol in Washington County and observed a vehicle driving slowly along the edge of a field in an area where coyote hunting usually occurs. The Officer talked to the individual and determined he was coyote hunting. The hunter did not have his weapon properly cased at the time. The hunter was cited for his violations.

A District 13 Officer received complaints of unlawful hunting activity at a conservation area. After a detailed investigation five subjects have been identified as improperly reporting their deer harvest or other hunting violations. The subjects were cited for their violations.

A District 13 Officer assisted ISP District 13 and Washington County during the hazardous road conditions on March 2. The Officer was able to assist the agencies by helping stranded motorists and ensuring their safety.

The Monroe County CPO finished a waterfowl baiting and over-limit case. A subject was arrested for taking an over-limit of geese and hiding a goose in a nearby culvert. Upon inspecting the cornfield, the CPO observed an unusually large amount of corn near the hunting pit and among the decoys. Interviews were conducted on all the subjects who had hunted the field previously. In addition, three CPOs conducted an extensive examination of the baited field. There was more than four times as much corn in the suspected baiting area than in any other location of the field. Three of the subjects were charged with hunting/taking waterfowl with the aid of bait.

A Monroe County CPO finished a lengthy investigation into an illegally taken bobcat. Three subjects, including a taxidermist, were involved in an attempt to conceal the illegal kill and possession of a bobcat. After considerable digging, the CPO was able to determine the bobcat was killed illegally by one subject while bow hunting deer in Illinois. The second subject assisted the first subject by falsifying paperwork to make it appear that he had killed it in Missouri. The taxidermist who mounted the bobcat also falsified records and unlawfully provided a Missouri CITES tag for them to tag it with. The CITES tag was essentially stolen from a previous legal customer (without his knowledge) and was used to conceal the illegal take of the Illinois bobcat. The three subjects were deceptive and untruthful for the entire investigation. Multiple citations were issued to all three violators and required their mandatory appearances in court.

A Monroe County CPO completed the court disposition on a commercial fishing case which involved two brothers. Both subjects were found guilty on all six charges consisting of:
1. Unlawfully using a gill net in waters closed to commercial fishing.
2. Unlawfully taking turtles with commercial devices, (nets and traps).
3. Unlawfully commercial fishing without a commercial fishing license.
4. Unlawfully use nets with no gear tags attached.
5. Unlawfully possess commercial gear with dead fish due to failure to check nets.
6. Unlawfully littering beer cans on waterway bank.
The first brother served nine days in jail and the second brother served thirty days in jail. Both subjects lost their fishing privileges for 22 months.

Two District 13 Officers were beginning a spotlighting detail when a boater assistance call was received. A commercial fishing boat with two commercial fishermen was stranded on the Mississippi River south of the Chester boat launch. The CPOs responded with a Jon boat and recovered the commercial fishermen and their boat. The CPOs then returned to their spotlighting detail.

A District 13 Officer investigated an archery deer hunter for not properly tagging his deer after harvest and not recording his harvest. The archery hunter killed two fawns and transported them back to his residence without tagging them. The hunter then used his antlerless only archery permit to record the harvest of one doe and then purchased a single antlerless only permit. He used his newly purchased antlerless only permit to record the harvest of the second fawn. Approximately one month later the hunter killed another fawn and did not record the harvest. The appropriate enforcement actions were taken.

A District 13 officer completed a timber truck stop in Randolph County. The truck driver’s commercial driver’s license was only valid for Missouri, the timber proof of ownership was not signed buy the timber seller and the daily haul log was not completed. The appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A District 13 officer completed a timber truck stop in St. Clair County. The truck driver’s commercial driver’s license was revoked and the driver did not have the proof of ownership for the timber which he was hauling. A second timber company employee arrived on scene with information for the logs in question. The CPO called the timber seller to validate the timber cutting and transportation. The logs were released to the timber company and the driver was transported to the St. Clair County Jail. The appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A District 13 Officer participated at the Eagle Day coordinated with Kaskaskia Lock and Dam and the Kaskaskia River Fish and Wildlife Area. The CPO displayed the Conservation Police Lodge Trailer and answered the public’s questions.

A District 13 CPO gave a talk to a sportsman’s group in Madison County. Approximately 40 hunters were there asking questions about the duties of a CPO and questions concerning the deer herd in IL.

District 13 CPOs manned a booth at the St. Louis Boat Show.

A District 13 CPO responded to a complaint of illegal cutting in Madison County. The incident involved the cutting of two walnut trees near the property line. An incident report was taken and the owners were advised to get a survey for that property line.

A District 13 CPO conducted a boat registration inspection in Madison County.

A District 13 CPO received a complaint from a site tech at Horseshoe Lake State Park. The tech observed a truck coming from one of the shelter areas with mud all over it. The tech went to the area the truck came from and saw fresh tires tracks in the grass by the shelter. Due to the current rain storm, a vehicle had “spun out” and left ruts in the grass. The tech was able to get a license plate of the truck seen leaving the area with mud on it. The CPO went to the registered owners address in Caseyville to interview the driver. A confession was obtained and enforcement action was taken.

While patrolling Horseshoe Lake State Park, a District 13 CPO observed a vehicle speeding through the park. A traffic stop was conducted and when the CPO approached the vehicle a strong smell of burnt cannabis was detected. A rear passenger in the vehicle admitted to having cannabis. The driver was cited for speed and the passenger was arrested for possession of cannabis.

A District 13 CPO conducted a boat inspection in Madison County.

A District 13 CPO patrolled the area around the new Veterans Memorial Bridge in Madison County during the grand opening of the bridge. No ma jor incidents occurred.

A District 13 CPO investigated a complaint of a person keeping a live squirrel in his house. The resident admitted to picking up the baby squirrel a few months earlier after seeing the mother squirrel get killed by a car. The man contacted a wildlife rehabilitator several times but they never came out. The squirrel was now adult sized and had the run of the house. The man was told it was illegal to retain wildlife alive. Since the squirrel was now chewing up all his electrical cords and the temperatures were now warmer he was intending on releasing the squirrel. The man released the squirrel and appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A District 13 CPO assisted a District 9 CPO with a deer investigation. The District 9 officer found out about a man who shot an 11 point buck and tagged it with his mom’s permit. During an interview, the man admitted to using his mom’s permit to tag the buck which was the second one he had killed that year. It was also determined that the man did not purchase a hunting license or habitat stamp until after both deer were killed. Due to him being a tenant farmer, on family land, he did not believe he needed them. In all, nine written warnings and citations were issued for no hunting license, no habitat stamp, unlawful take of (2) whitetail deer, unlawful use of another’s permit, and falsifying departmental records. The 11 point buck was seized as evidence.

A District 13 CPO presented at a hunter safety class at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex.

A Sergeant assisted District 18 State Police on I-55 during the major snow storm. He assisted numerous stranded motorists and helped with transfers to warming centers. He also assisted local EMS with accident victims and traffic control after a two tractor trailer multiple car crash had occurred north of Litchfield.

A Jersey County CPO was patrolling Pere Marquette State Park when the CPO observed an unoccupied vehicle with the door open with no one in the immediate area. After running the vehicle registration, it revealed the registered owner had an active warrant for marijuana possession. A short time later a group of individuals were observed walking towards the vehicle. While speaking to them and identifying one of the subjects as the registered owner or the car, the CPO smelled the odor of burnt cannabis. One subject was found to be in possession less than 2.5 grams of cannabis and was arrested.


Two District 14 CPOs attended a Border Conference in Missouri. The conference was attended by Conservation Law Enforcement Officers from six states.

A Pope County CPO cited a subject in 2011 for hunting before legal hours and unlawful take of a wood duck during the teal season. In 2012 the subject was cited for unlawful take of 12 wood ducks. The subject pleaded guilty and his wildlife privileges were revoked starting the end of January 2014. In February 2014 a CPO received a call about a subject trapping without permission. A Saline County CPO responded and discovered it was the same subject trapping while revoked. The subject was cited and could lose his wildlife privileges for 5 years.

A CPO from outside Region 5 contacted the Hamilton County Officer with information from a man he met at the Deer and Turkey Expo in Springfield. The local CPO was provided with trail cam pictures of someone possibly illegally harvesting a deer in Hamilton County. McLeansboro police officers helped identify the subject. The subject had tags and licenses, but failed to tag the deer. A citation was issued for failure to tag a deer after harvest.

Several boaters were checked on Rend and Doan Lakes. Many written warnings and two citations were issued for no personal flotation devices on board watercraft.

A CPO taught the law portion of a hunter safety class in Hamilton County.

Region 5 CPOs attended Defensive Tactics training.

CPOs and the District Sergeant investigated a theft at the Mt. Vernon Game Farm. Two buildings were damaged during the break-in. A Stihl chainsaw, Stihl backpack blower, a box of explosive rockets used for launching nets to trap wood ducks and a Kubota RTV900 with a winch among other items were stolen. The orange RTV has a damaged tailgate and at the time of the theft had Illinois DNR decals on each side. Recovered evidence from the theft has been submitted to the ISP crime lab.

The District 14 Sergeant assisted District 16 CPOs in the investigation of a fatal boat accident on Du Quoin City Lake.

A CPO attended DT training and completed first responder/CPR/AED training in Benton.

A CPO assisted the Jackson County Sheriff's Office with a violent domestic dispute between grown siblings. One male subject was jailed and the other male subject at the house had to be restrained as his brother was arrested.

A CPO (BAT) assisted another CPO with a fatal boat accident at Du Quoin Lake. Two paddlers in a canoe overturned, throwing them into the frigid waters. One was able to swim to shore; sadly, the other could not make it.

A CPO met with a landowner in regard to fishing without permission and ATV’s being operated without permission. The property will be patrolled for the absent landowner.

A CPO completed inspection for title and registration on five watercraft.

A CPO received a complaint of illegal dumping and wanton waste of snow geese in Williamson County. No one witnessed the dumping. The case is being investigated.

A CPO responded to Giant City Park in reference to an ATV being discovered behind one of the bathrooms. The owner soon arrived to retrieve the ATV which had broken down on the young man. He was issued a citation for operating an ATV on a public roadway in the park. The grandmother came to remove the ATV and her grandson.

District 16 CPOs responded to a fatal boat accident which occurred on Du Quoin City Lake in Perry County. A canoe with two occupants capsized in the lake. One of the occupants was able to swim to shore and did not suffer any injuries. The second occupant was not able to make it to shore and drowned. The accident remains under investigation.

District 16 CPOs attended the annual Border Conference in Missouri.

A District Sergeant attended the Mississippi Flyway Council - Law Enforcement Advisory Meeting in Memphis.

District 16 CPOs attended DT refresher training at Mines and Minerals.

March 26, 2014


A District 7 CPO patrolled Henderson County including the Mississippi River boat ramps, Gladstone Lake, and Delabar State Park. A fisherman was checked in his Jon boat at the Lock and Dam 18 boat ramp. He had several minor violations on his maiden 2014 crappie fishing trip. He was issued written warnings for no throwable type 4 PFD (personal flotation device), failure to display his current registration expiration decal, and improper display of registration numbers. He was advised to correct the violations prior to his next trip.

A District 7 CPO observed a winter fish kill at Citizens Lake in Monmouth. Hundreds of bluegill, largemouth bass, and channel catfish were found along the shoreline as the ice was coming off the lake. The district fisheries biologist was contacted with the information.

A District 6 CPO worked a cold and windy opening day at LaSalle Lake. Attendance was down because of the weather and announced closure of the icy boat ramps. Enforcement action was taken on one subject for failure to have fishing license in possession.

A District 6 officer closed a case where an individual illegally harvested ginseng on property without permission. The individual was found guilty and paid a $500 fine.

A District 6 officer closed a case where he cited a driver of a vehicle for passing a semi in a no passing zone. The driver was stopped and was subsequently cited for operating a vehicle without insurance. The driver failed to show up for court and a warrant was issued for his arrest. The driver was picked up on the warrant and found guilty of both violations. He was fined $390.

A District 6 officer closed a case where an individual camped in a State Park for three days, but failed to pay for the campsite. The individual was given a week to pay the $95 that he owed the State Park. The male failed to pay and a warrant was issued for his arrest. The individual was picked up on the warrant and was found guilty of theft of services. He was fined $300 and ordered to additionally pay $95 restitution to the IDNR.

A District 1 CPO responded to an environmental crime complaint whereas a toilet was placed on the ice of the Rock River. The CPO interviewed the suspect and he admitted to throwing the toilet on the ice because he thought it would make a good fish habitat or help stabilize the eroding riverbank in front of his cabin. The suspect was issued a citation for the unlawful pollution of a waterway.

A Savanna woman was stopped in Mississippi Palisades State Park for an obstructed windshield by a District 1 CPO. As a result of the stop, the woman was arrested for driving while license suspended.

CPOs in Boone and Winnebago County completed random commercial inspections as assigned by the Springfield Office to wildlife furbearing animal breeders, wildlife animal rehabilitators, and taxidermists.

A CPO in Boone County is working a stolen boat investigation that originated in McHenry County. The investigation is ongoing with multiple interviews being conducted.

A CPO arrested a subject for multiple wildlife violations and seized 14 deer racks and four turkey tail fans. The subject pleaded guilty to one count and was fined $4224.00 ($3500.00 of which was restitution to the IDNR).

A District 6 officer handled a complaint of several snow geese along a county highway. In a two mile stretch of the road, 20-25 snow geese and several beer cans had been thrown along the road. The officer talked to several landowners in the area. The investigation is on-going.

A District 6 officer checked several fishermen during the opening week at LaSalle Lake. Several written warnings were issued for failure to have fishing license in possession.

A District 1 CPO conducted multiple deer harvest/license investigations. Citations and written warnings were issued. The violations documented were: unlawful take of deer without a valid hunting license and unlawful take of deer without a valid habitat stamp.

A District 1 CPO conducted a deer/turkey harvest investigation. The investigation revealed a Leland man harvested two turkeys and two deer over the past two years using his cousin’s landowner permits. Citations and written warnings were issued to both the hunter and the landowner. The violations documented were: unlawful possession of a wild turkey, unlawful possession of a deer, use in the field of a turkey permit issued to another person, use in the field of a deer permit issued to another person, falsifying a turkey harvest record, falsifying a deer harvest record, possession in the field of a turkey permit issued to another person, possession in the field of a deer permit issued to another person, unlawful loan to another person of a wild turkey permit and unlawful loan of another person’s a deer permit. It appears the hunter unlawfully took four turkey and five deer over the past seven years using the landowner’s permit. Both the hunter and landowner are required to appear in court.

A District 1 CPO spoke to the members of the inaugural Galena High School Bass Fishing Team at the request of the team’s coaches. Boat safety was the main topic.

A District 1 CPO finished a timber buyer investigation. An Iowa based timber buyer was not reporting the amount of timber they were cutting nor where they forwarding the timber tax they were subtracting from the landowner’s payment as required. In all, the timber buyer had withheld $10,246.16 and failed to submit timber harvest reports for nine timber cuts. The timber buyer was required to pay an additional $4,193.61 in penalties.

A District 1 CPO spoke at a hunter safety course. Approximately 100 people were in attendance.

A District 6 CPO conducted random commercial inspections of six IDNR wildlife rehabilitation permit holders in Winnebago and Boone counties. These commercial inspections were assigned by IDNR Springfield Headquarters in an effort to assure compliance with the Scientific Permits-Wildlife Rehab provisions. Upon completion of the inspections, no violations were documented.

Officers continue to investigate the unlawful take of whitetail deer using a crossbow during closed season

A District 1 CPO was on patrol heading north on Rt. 84 north of Albany IL. The CPO was advised by ISP District 1 that a possible abduction had occurred on I-88 westbound at the 22 mile marker involving a blue Buick car. The closest ISP squad was in Sterling and Whiteside County Sheriff’s Department was in the middle of shift change and didn’t have a car close. The CPO made an emergency response from north of Albany IL cutting through the country and getting on I-88 at Hillsdale IL. The CPO spotted the blue Buick in question within a few minutes and followed the car until an ISP Trooper caught up for back up before a welfare traffic stop was conducted. The four teenagers in the car were identified and questioned. It was clear no one in the car had been abducted or was in distress. It was determined the concerned caller was being overly cautious about what they had observed. The subjects were released without incident.


No activity reported


No activity reported


A District Sgt. and the Jersey County CPO responded to a grass fire bordering Pere Marquette State Park. The District Sgt. was the first on the scene and closed the road as flames crossed the road into Pere Marquette State Park. The upper part of Pere Marquette State Park was closed. Several fire departments arrived and contained the fire. A tree service
had to be called in to take down a tree on park property near two power lines. The tree was burning from the inside and could have reignited the fire in the park.

A Jersey County CPO stopped a vehicle at Pere Marquette State Park for speeding and improper license display. The driver was suspended. It was determined the subject was arrested the previous day for the same offense. A Jersey County CPO conducted an assist on three pedestrians walking down Route 100 in Madison County. After identifying the three subjects and returning to his squad, one of the subjects fled into the woods on foot. Upon running his name, the CPO determined the subject was wanted on two active warrants. Later that day, the CPO attempted to locate the subject at his residence. Speaking to the subject’s mother, the CPO suggested her son turn himself in. Two days later, while patrolling Jersey County, the CPO located the subject fishing on a private lake with some friends. The CPO determined the subject who had previously fled was no longer wanted on warrants. When asked, the subject advised he knew the CPO was looking for him so he turned himself in. After identifying the other subjects, the CPO determined one of them to be wanted on a warrant for marijuana possession. Enforcement action was taken for fishing without a license and the wanted subject was transported to the Jersey County jail. A Jersey County CPO went to Walmart to purchase supplies. As he walked past a car, the CPO smelled the strong odor of burnt cannabis coming from the car. After interviewing the driver, a search of the car revealed a container with cannabis. The driver was arrested for the violation. A Jersey County CPO stopped a vehicle at Pere Marquette State Park for improper lane usage and an improper turn signal. The driver was found to be in possession of two drug paraphernalia items and 29.6 grams of cannabis. A passenger was found to be in possession of a drug pipe and less than 2.5 grams of cannabis. A second passenger was found to be wanted on a warrant for malicious mischief. All three subjects were arrested and transported to the Jersey County jail.

A Jersey County CPO attended a hunter safety class.

An Adams County CPO attended a hunter safety class.

An Adams County CPO attended a hunter safety class in Hancock County.

A Calhoun County CPO attended a Safety Day for Brussels and Hardin Grade Schools. The CPO talked about water safety.


Two CPOs addressed ATV complaints in Hamilton County about ATV's causing damage to the roadway and operating on private property without the owner’s consent. Four people were cited for violations. Unfortunately a rider, who was previously cited that day, later struck an oncoming vehicle while traveling on a gravel road. The subject was airlifted to a trauma center with two broken femurs and a compound fracture of one leg.

A CPO investigated the sale of a bobcat from an ad posted on Facebook in White County. The investigation determined the bobcat had been lawfully obtained in Missouri and the seller had the corresponding U.S. CITES Tag.

A subject was arrested on a warrant from a complaint and report filed with the White County State's Attorney. The subject has been charged with trespass and theft of a tree stand. During the initial investigation the tree stand was recovered and returned to the owner.

A CPO travelled to the DNR Academy to instruct with the firearms program. The firearms program members spent the week instructing 14 CPO trainees on officer safety and qualified them on pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

A CPO investigated a TIPS complaint in Perry County. A caller reported seeing an untagged buck head hanging from a swing set in Willisville. The complaint was unfounded.

A CPO cited a subject who was observed fishing from a distance. Once contacted, he denied fishing. After a brief conversation he admitted to fishing and was cited.

A CPO cited a subject in Pulaski County for unlawfully taking a deer in December of 2013.

A CPO located three unlawfully set leg hold traps in rural Union County. These traps were on two different landowners without consent. They were set during closed season and not checked. A coyote was located in one of the traps. This coyote was emaciated and had been in the trap for several days and was dispatched. I located the owner of the traps who stated they were not his sets, but he had loaned four traps to a friend who lives in the area of the trapping violations. This subject did have three freshly killed raccoons in the bed of his truck which he'd killed two nights before. The trapper was called over and interviewed and stated he had set the traps and not checked them. Multiple hunting and trapping violations were documented and the two men were charged.

A CPO conducted boat and fish enforcement on Lake of Egypt. Despite strong winds, some violations were found and warnings were issued.

A CPO conducted boat enforcement and fish enforcement on Crab Orchard Lake. Wind speeds were high and boat traffic was minimal even though temperatures were nice.

A CPO conducted boat and fish enforcement on Little Grassy Lake during a fishing tournament. Violations were found and warnings were issued.

CPOs conducted fish and boat enforcement on Marion City Lake where a fishing club tournament was taking place. Violations found were handled with appropriate enforcement action. One of the fishing teams was disqualified for a violation of one team member being issued a citation for fishing without a valid fishing license.

A CPO taught at a Hunter Safety Course in Metropolis with over 100 students in attendance.

A CPO taught at a Hunter Safety Course in New Burnside with over 50 students in attendance.

A CPO charged a fisherman with possession of two largemouth bass under the legal length limit in Johnson County.

A Sergeant and CPO were subpoenaed for a court hearing in Union County for a DUI case on a subject that was arrested in Dec 2013. The subject pleaded guilty.

A CPO attended a Hunter Safety class in Jackson County. Approximately 50 students participated in the class.

CPOs worked fish enforcement from a boat at Marion City Lake. Several warnings were issued for minor boating violations. A CPO cited one subject for no fishing license.

A CPO is working on several POS (Point of Sale) investigations from the 2013 deer season. All cases are pending at this time.

A CPO, after consulting with the Jackson County State’s Attorney's Office, filed seven wildlife charges against a Jackson County subject. The subject admitted to using his grandma's and aunt's landowner deer permits to harvest ten deer going back to 2009. A trophy eight point deer mount was seized and the subject stated he knew he had made a mistake when he put grandma's tag on that one.

A CPO was given information from a hiking group of numerous tree stands still remaining up on the Kinkaid Lake Fish and Wildlife Area. In this area tree stands must be removed by February 1st. An effort to locate and seize these stands will be forthcoming.