Office of Law Enforcement
January 9, 2014

A CPO in Henderson County responded to a complaint about subjects taking over-limits of walleye at Lock and Dam 18 in Gladstone.  Multiple subjects were given compliance checks.  No violations were detected.

While conducting ice fishing enforcement, a Region 1 CPO encountered two anglers fishing with three ice fishing devices on a lake designated as a two pole and line lake. During the course of the investigation, the CPO discovered that one of the anglers, a Beloit, Wisconsin man, had purchased an Illinois resident fishing license while being a resident of the state of Wisconsin. The CPO issued the Wisconsin man a citation for falsification/misrepresentation in obtaining an Illinois fishing license and a written warning for unlawfully ice fishing with three devices on a two pole and line lake. The second angler was issued a written warning for unlawfully ice fishing with three devices on a two pole and line lake.

A District 1 CPO is investigating a complaint of hunting without permission where a neighbor crossed the property lines without permission to retrieve a deer during the late winter firearm season. 

A District 1 CPO is investigating a complaint of trapping without permission in which untagged traps were found in an area where only he had permission to trap. 

A CPO and a Sgt. checked four goose hunters at Double T State Fish and Wildlife Area.  Upon inspecting the area, two freshly husked ears of corn were observed near the goose pit.  Interviews of the hunters found they had placed their decoys near the two ears but claimed they were there that morning when they began hunting.  It was explained that the bright yellow color of the ears should have alerted them to the baited situation.  Each was issued written warnings for waterfowl hunting by use or aid of bait.  The ears were removed and site staff was alerted to removal of the ears from material which was used to camouflage the pits.  It will be recommended that ears be removed from this material in future years.  The pits are a new addition to the site this hunting season.

A CPO investigated a deer poaching complaint in southwestern McDonough County.  The landlord of a rental property had observed a deer hanging in the garage which he believed to be taken illegally.  Attempts to locate the renter were unsuccessful but a slow moving vehicle was observed during one of the trips to the address.  By utilizing information gathered by computer, the suspect was identified as the driver of the borrowed slow moving car.  Follow-up visits to family members of the car owner, eventually led to the suspect contacting the CPO.  An interview of the subject at his residence found he had illegally taken the button buck whitetail deer from a field south of his residence.  He was issued citations for unlawful taking of whitetail deer with a firearm, no valid hunting license, and no valid habitat stamp.  The shotgun used and the remains of the deer carcass were seized as evidence.

A CPO cited two subjects for hunting too close to a residence during the late winter deer season.

A CPO interviewed a deer hunter relating to the deer permit administrative assignments.  The Knox County bow hunter admitted to harvesting a doe on opening day of season, prior to purchasing a hunting license, habitat stamp, and an archery deer permit.  He was issued a citation for the deer permit violation and a written warning for the license/stamp violation.

While conducting patrol of Knox County, a CPO observed a trapper setting a trap in a culvert under a Victoria township road.  He was also utilizing an off-highway vehicle on the road to run his trap line.  His traps lacked proper tagging.  He was issued a citation for trapping on a highway right of way.  He was issued written warnings for failure to tag traps and for the UTV operation on a right of way.

A CPO conducted an enforcement detail at the annual Prairie Drifters Snowmobile Club Radar Run held at Lake Storey in Galesburg.  Little snow cover and slick ice kept participant numbers down compared to previous years.  No enforcement action was taken on minor equipment violations on the forty-five participating snowmobiles.  Top speed was 126 miles per hour on a modified local resident’s racing sled.  Unlike previous events, no accidents occurred.

CPOs arrested three subjects from Rockford for hunting private property and the railroad tracks.  The subjects stated they had been hunting there for several years.

CPOs arrested a man from Streator for operating a snowmobile along the Wisconsin Illinois state line.  The man had purchased his Wisconsin registration but failed to make an Illinois purchase.

No activity reported.

No activity reported.

No activity reported.

A CPO cited three Murphysboro waterfowl hunters for entering a freelance area before legal entry hours.  One hunter was also issued a written warning for driving his vehicle off road to unload decoys.

A CPO cited a Pinckneyville coyote hunter for a loaded and uncased firearm in a motor vehicle.  He was also issued a written warning for hunting with the use/aid of motor vehicle.

A Sgt. assisted the ISP 13 with traffic control on Highway 13 with multiple traffic crashes due to the snow and ice storm.

A CPO is currently investigating a deer that was harvested by a hunter that was stolen. The case is pending investigation.

A CPO assisted ISP with traffic control during the ice storm.

A CPO is investigating a mountain lion complaint in Union County.   As of now, the complaint is unfounded however it is still under investigation.


Office of Law Enforcement
 January 15, 2014

District 6 CPOs conducted a snowmobile enforcement detail in DeKalb County.  Seven citations and four written warnings were issued for violations of the Snowmobile Registration and Safety Act. Over half of the citations issued were for operation without proof of insurance.

District 1 CPOs attended the Bald Eagle Days event at the QCCA Expo Center.  Several hundred school children attended this three day event focused on educating children about the natural resources, as well as a celebration of the Bald Eagles observed in the area.   

A District 1 CPO assisted Carroll County Sheriff’s Department with traffic control for stranded motorists during the ice storm.

A District 1 CPO conducted ice fishing compliance checks on public and private bodies of water. No violations were discovered.

Two District 7 CPOs responded to ATV complaints on private and public lands in Peoria County.  The CPOs worked together and contacted four trespassing ATV operators on public lands.  Enforcement action was taken.

A District 1 CPO completed a deer permit investigation where a subject had purchased an over the counter antlerless only permit and checked a deer in using the permit in 30 minutes.  After interviewing the subject it was determined the subject had discovered a wounded doe laying on his property while feeding cattle. The subject returned to his house grabbed a shotgun and killed the deer. The subject then went to town, bought a permit and checked it in.  Appropriate enforcement was taken.

District 1 CPOs assisted stuck motorists and assisted outside agencies with traffic accidents, traffic control and shutting down roads when the roads turned to ice after receiving rain in Ogle County.

District 1 CPOs completed a snowmobile detail in Ogle County.  A CPO patrolled on snowmobiles in the Oregon to Polo area and issued one citation and two warnings before the detail ended and CPOs began assisting outside agencies with traffic accidents and stranded motorists due to freezing rain and icy roads.

Conducting business inspections, a CPO located several deer that appeared to have been harvested under suspicious circumstances.  Investigating one of the cases, two subjects were cited for the illegal possession of protected species.  They also received a few written warnings.  In a second case, a subject was found to have taken three deer on two deer tags.  The subject was cited for taking deer without a valid permit (over-limit).  He also received several written warnings.   The parts of two deer were seized during the investigations.

Investigating a trapping complaint, a CPO cited a subject for failure to check his traps daily.  Four traps and two dead raccoons were seized.  
 CPOs assisted county, city, and state police with a winter storm. The storm caused a thick layer of ice on the roadway. The ice caused multiple accidents and left motorist stranded, unable to navigate the icy roads.

CPOs assisted in transporting motorists from their vehicles to their residence with the use of snowmobile, all terrain vehicles, and pickup trucks.  Without the aid of the DNR many of the motorists would have been stranded and forced to spend the night in their vehicles.

Two District 6 CPOs responded to a fall in the Starved Rock Nature Preserve.  The subject dislocated his shoulder and was treated and released on the scene.

While working a late night patrol in Winnebago County, a CPO observed two snowmobiles traveling against traffic flow in South Beloit. The snowmobile safety inspection on the two sleds revealed one operator was riding his snowmobile while his Illinois driver’s license was suspended and he also failed to insure his snowmobile as required.  The second snowmobile operator had yet to register his snowmobile which he had purchased the year prior and was still running on the previous owner’s Wisconsin registration.  Like the first operator, the second operator was also riding an uninsured snowmobile.  The first operator contacted a friend with a valid driver’s license who arrived to legally operate his snowmobile from the scene.  Mandatory court appearances were issued to the snowmobile operators as authorized by statute.

No activity reported.

A CPO worked a hunting complaint in Lexington, McLean County, in October/November of 2013.  A landowner complained of a neighbor allowing his dogs to run loose and disrupt hunters on his property (for both archery and firearm deer seasons).  After interviews and certified letters sent to the neighbor explaining the violations that could accompany these actions, the CPO received more complaints, along with submitted written statements, of the same thing.  The CPO received an e-mail on the morning of November 22nd from a hunter in the field stating the dogs were chasing the deer on the other landowner’s property.  The CPO went to the suspect’s residence, where in plain view the dogs were running loose, and issued the suspect citations for allowing his dogs to pursue/harass white-tailed deer.

A CPO worked a complaint in November, 2013 from the University of Illinois (Phillips Tract Property) about tree stands placed in restricted areas.  The CPO assisted in removing the stands but noticed how the stands were placed using bolts and screws going straight into the trees.  While leaving the area, the CPO observed some other tree stands, in a legal area to bow hunt, and observed some tree stands were fashioned together the same way, with bolts and screws.  One of the university employees stated he could find the documents on who was allowed to hunt that area.  A few days later the CPO was called and given the name of the subject allowed to bow hunt on that property.  The suspect initially lied to the CPO, but after a lengthy interview confessed to placing and hunting out of his stands on the restricted sites.  The suspect was cited for hunting without permission.

A CPO worked a complaint in November, 2013 from a reliable source of subjects riding on their ATV’s near his property and possibly chasing deer as well as shooting the deer from the ATV’s.  The area was in Iroquois County near the Indiana border.  CPOs went to the area of the complaint to see what they could find.  After a short time, they heard the sound of an ATV in the distance and then immediately heard a single gunshot.  After walking towards the sound of the shot and the ATV, they spotted an individual on an ATV (wearing blaze orange) so they confronted him.  As they walked to the suspect they could see a 12 gauge shotgun resting alongside the suspect’s leg, uncased and loaded.  Both CPOs spotted other hunters on foot in the immediate area.  Further interviews found the suspect was driving deer for his friends with an uncased, unplugged, loaded shotgun on an ATV.  He was giving citations for hunting by the aid of a motor vehicle; unlawful transportation of an uncased and loaded shotgun; and unlawful use of an unplugged shotgun during deer hunting.

A CPO worked an incident in October, 2013 in McLean County near Hudson about an individual not tagging deer properly and using/teaching his children to do the same thing.  The subject assisted his son in shooting a small, spiked buck during youth firearm season and it was observed hanging without a tag attached.  Deer parts, along with other trash, were later found in a business’ dumpster that was later found to belong to this suspect.  The CPO worked long hours, and with the assistance of another CPO, went through all the trash to connect it with his suspect.  Further interviews and investigation found another deer that had not been tagged by the suspect on his own property.  Again, deer parts were located and photographed for evidence.  The suspect lied to the CPO during the beginning of the investigation, however after a successful interview/interrogation with evidence in hand; the suspect confessed to lying to the CPO but made up excuses on the other violations.  The suspect was cited for:  unlawful possession of a white-tailed deer; obstructing a police officer; failure to report harvest of a white-tailed deer during youth firearm season (supervising his son); failure to tag a white-tailed deer during youth firearm season (supervising his son); unlawful take of a white-tailed deer during youth firearm season (supervising his son); and for unlawful transportation of an illegally taken white-tailed deer.

A CPO worked a TIPS complaint in November, 2013 about a subject who had possibly killed a white-tailed deer by firearm during the bow only season.  The CPO was able to find the subject, who stated he had attempted to shoot a deer he believed to be injured possibly from a motor vehicle, but that he missed and the deer fled from the area.  The CPO cited the subject for attempting to take a white-tailed deer without a valid permit.

A CPO worked a complaint with another CPO in October, 2013 on a subject who was illegally hunting over numerous baited areas.  The bait was found earlier in the season next to the tree stands, where there also numerous trail cameras set up.  The CPOs arrived early morning of the beginning of the bow season and found the subject in his tree stand hunting.  The subject initially denied knowing about the bait and that the landowner must have put some out, but after a good interview, he confessed to the bait around his stands.  The CPO cited the subject for unlawfully hunting over bait and for unlawfully making food available to white-tailed deer (reference CWD).

A CPO worked a complaint in October, 2013 about a subject bow hunting on a landowner’s property without permission.  The CPO went to the location and found the tree stand, along with salt blocks and corn, which were illegal.  The CPO photographed the area and checked the tree stand on later dates in hopes of finding the violator.  The CPO checked it a few weeks later and observed the tree stand and the salt block and corn were gone.  A passerby in the area told the CPO about a white truck spotted in the area of the tree stand and thought he worked at a nearby business.  The CPO had to take the investigation further due to the subject no longer working at the business but he was able to locate enough information to conduct an interview.  The suspect stated he thought he had permission to hunt on the supposed property.  The suspect stated someone had told him the CPO was in the area and had removed the stand and feed.  He also stated he removed his stand and feed because he thought the property had been sold.  He confessed to hunting in that stand and did not know that having bait was illegal.  The CPO cited the subject for:  hunting without permission from landowner, unlawfully hunting over bait, and for the unlawful making food available to white-tailed deer (reference CWD).

After receiving a complaint of subject dumping deer carcasses in Douglas County, a District 11 CPO observed two carcasses and one hen pheasant dumped on railroad property.  After interviewing the subject, a Douglas County male admitted to dumping the deer and shooting a hen pheasant.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A Douglas County male was cited for possession an over-limit of bluegill over 8” at Walnut Point State Park.

Region 3 Conservation Police Officers assisted and rescued numerous motorists during a severe winter storm. 

No activity reported.

A CPO responded to a complaint of hunting without permission in Hamilton County.  The landowner had observed two out of state hunters cross their land to reach a hunting lease and contacted Conservation Police through ISP Dispatch. Upon the CPO’s arrival the landowner showed the CPO a picture of the hunters crossing his field and footprints in the mud where located.  The hunters were contacted as they left their lease after dark.  Citations were issued.

A CPO heard shots in Saline County near Peabody Coal property.  The CPO waited at the edge of the property for the hunters to return.  While waiting, the CPO heard shots fired after legal hunting hours.  The CPO met the hunters leaving Peabody Coal property and conducted a check.  The hunters were hunting geese with OO Bock shot.  The CPO issued nine citations to the hunters for hunting without permission (x2), shooting after legal hunting hours (x2), hunting with lead shot (x2), unlawful possession of shot size larger than BB while waterfowl hunting (x2) and one hunter was cited for transportation of an uncased firearm in a vehicle. 

A CPO in Pope County investigated a tip from a concerned Florida resident that poaching had occurred in Illinois.  The violations took place in Pope County during the 2013 deer season.  Florida Fish & Game Commission Officers assisted the CPO by confiscating four large antlered deer and conducting the initial interviews.  The deer were taken with bows and rifles.  Eighteen charges were filed in Illinois for four counts of unlawful possession of an antlered deer, four counts of unlawful take of antlered deer, no valid deer permit, failure to report deer harvest, failure to tag deer, possession of a firearm killed deer during the closed season, unlawful use of a rifle, unlawful take of more than two antlered deer during a season and felony resource theft (over $300.00).  In addition, civil penalties were charged for fourth illegally possessed deer.  The case is still under investigation with more charges pending. 

A CPO conducted surveillance of roe fishermen on the Ohio River.

A CPO is investigating a non resident hunter who is falsifying his Illinois residency. 

A CPO cited a waterfowl hunter in Alexander County for transportation of a loaded shotgun on ATV.

A CPO located two separate pits hunting waterfowl in Alexander County on the same property.  The CPO documented both pits unlawfully using electronic callers (I-pods with amplifiers attached to 100 watt speakers).  Upon contact he documented that an over limit of white fronted geese was harvested as well as many snow geese.  A crippled white fronted goose was also walking around near the pit that the hunters had retained alive.  The case is being referred to the USFWS for prosecution.

A CPO interviewed a subject about reporting deer harvest less than an hour after purchase of deer permit.  The subject was very adamant that he did buy his tag before hunting and killing the doe.  However, when the CPO continued and asked about a buck that he killed, the subject admitted to not tagging or reporting the buck.  The subject was issued a citation and two written warnings.

A case in Perry County where a New Jersey hunter shot two bucks with a rifle during archery season and falsified his residency to obtain resident archery deer permits has been resolved.  The hunter pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful taking of a whitetail deer.  He was ordered to pay $560 in fines and costs and assessed a civil penalty of $910 which will be paid to the Illinois Conservation Police Operations Assistance Fund.  In addition to the fines and civil penalty, the hunter's rifle and scope were forfeited to the Illinois Conservation Police.

A CPO discovered a meth lab while patrolling in rural Williamson County.  The Southern Illinois Meth Response Team responded to the scene.  Residents in the area have noticed a few strange vehicles roaming around and will try to gather license plate numbers if they are observed in the area again.

CPOs checked hunters in an area that once was a commercial waterfowl club.  Information was previously received that the hunters were leasing this area and did not have the required commercial permit.  After the check and interviews it was determined they were not leasing this ground so no permit is required. 

While working waterfowl hunters in Williamson County a CPO found a subject in violation of a federal waterfowl stamp. 

A CPO was conducting compliance checks on a commercial goose club in Williamson County.  A CPO found violations of failure to tag transferred geese, FOID violations and over five persons hunting a goose pit is being investigated.  


Office of Law Enforcement
January 22, 2014

Conducting business inspections, a CPO located several deer that appeared to have been harvested under suspicious circumstances.  Investigating one of the cases, a husband was found to have filled his wife’s deer tags (for several years).  The husband was cited for the violation and both subjects received several written warnings.   On another case stemming from the same inspection, another subject was cited for licensing violations. 

While patrolling in Mercer County, a CPO located two hunters who had completed a deer drive.  Conducting interviews on the hunters, a CPO found the subjects had illegally taken several deer in the last few months.  During the following investigation, the CPO seized 13 deer racks, meat from three deer, parts of four turkeys, a shotgun and several deer tags.  Six citations and ten written warnings were issued to the hunters. 
 A District 6 CPO received numerous complaints during the last CWD season. The complaints started two ongoing investigations. The investigation revealed numerous violations. These violations include hunting without permission, hunting within 300 yards of a residence, criminal trespass, unlawful take of whitetail deer, and failure to check in deer by 10:00PM on date of harvest.

A District 1 CPO conducted deer permit investigations in Whiteside and Lee Counties resulting in multiple written warnings.

A District 1 CPO discovered and seized illegal traps set in Whiteside County.  Charges on suspect are pending.

A District 7 officer conducted numerous snowmobile safety checks.  Violations observed included no valid proof of insurance, unnumbered snowmobiles, and improper display of registration.  Appropriate enforcement was taken resulting in three citations and three written warnings.

A District 1 CPO checked two archery deer hunters at Mississippi Palisades State Park.  The CPO observed the hunter walking out of the timber dressed in all camouflage dragging a doe on a sled.  The doe was untagged.  The CPO inquired who harvested the deer and completed a compliance check.  The CPO explained the Late-Winter Antlerless Deer Season was in progress, so they needed to be wearing their blaze orange.  The CPO addressed the untagged deer and the no blaze orange clothing requirement.

After getting gas at a gas station, a District 1 CPO pulled behind a car waiting for a stoplight to turn green.  While waiting for the light to turn green, the CPO observed the driver raise their hands in the air and speed off through the red light.  The CPO activated the emergency lights and siren to conduct a traffic stop.  The car continued to drive for more than a mile.  The car finally stopped in a parking lot where the CPO was able to make contact.  The driver was cited for running the red light and no proof of valid insurance.

A District 6 officer handled a personal injury traffic crash on I-80 during a heavy snowstorm; all Illinois State Police cars were handling other crashes. A semi was slowing down for a traffic crash ahead of him when a passenger car rear ended it.  The semi-trailer sustained minor damage.  The driver of the passenger car suffered a broken leg and head injury.  The passenger car received heavy front end damage. 

Two District 6 officers and a District 7 officer checked over 20 snowmobiles on the I & M Canal.  Five citations and one written warning were issued for insurance and registration violations.

A District 1 CPO attended a fishing derby at the Isaak Walton Park in Geneseo on the Hennepin Canal.  Nearly 100 ice fishermen attended the event.  A Dixon man was issued a citation for failure to release a short bass (12 inch bass - 14 inch minimum).  Two other fishermen were issued written warning for no fishing license. 

A District 6 CPO was called to a hunting without permission case in which the landowner had gone with the subject who had shot the deer.  The landowner assisted the hunter in tracking the deer.  Once the track reached a deep swift running creek with no tracks coming out of the creek, the landowner concerned for everyone’s safety, ended the track.  The hunter became upset and yelled at the landowner and told him he would get a CPO to get the deer.  The landowner told the hunter he was not to come back on the property.  The hunter left and then brought his uncle back onto the property that night and the next morning without permission.  The hunter called to get a CPO involved.  It was then that the landowner found the footprints of the subject in the snow.  The landowner advised the CPO and wanted to press charges.  The hunter was interviewed.  The hunter denied going back onto the property.  The hunter’s uncle was interviewed and advised of the two trips on the property.  The hunter was arrested for criminal trespass and hunting without permission.  As the hunter was being transported to jail he asked the CPO, “So do you think I will be able to go and look for that deer later?”  The CPO told him, “ Not a chance.”

A District 1 CPO cited a snowmobile operator for no insurance while patrolling on a snowmobile in Ogle County.

A District 7 CPO assisted in the completion of a fatal snowmobile accident investigation which occurred in Bushnell, McDonough County.

A District 7 CPO checked an elderly hunter during Late Winter Deer Season hunting with a muzzleloader permit.  Unfortunately, he was hunting with a 20 gauge shotgun.  He was observed riding his ATV with a loaded/uncased firearm in a gun rack.  He had harvested a deer and failed to immediately tag it upon kill.  He also did not possess a valid Habitat Stamp.  He was issued a citation for transporting an uncased firearm.  He was issued written warnings for the other violations and instructed to purchase his Habitat Stamp.

A CPO in Henderson County cited an individual for multiple deer permit violations.  The subject unlawfully purchased deer permits for a family member who had failed to check in a deer.  The individual attempted to take the animal to a taxidermist for mounting.  The taxidermist correctly did not accept the animal so the violator purchased an additional permit to obtain a confirmation number

Several motorists were assisted in Northern Illinois winter weather as county, local and state officials requested assistance from Illinois Conservation Police using 4 x 4 trucks, UTV’s and snowmobiles.

An elderly man was discovered riding his bicycle down I-88 near Hillsdale.  The man left his apartment at 11 a.m. that day and misjudged how long it would take to return home.  The temperatures were getting dangerously cold.  Conservation Police assisted ISP in safely returning the man and his bike to his residence in East Moline, IL.  No enforcement action was taken in this case. 

A District 2 CPO responded to a complaint on Pistakee Lake regarding individuals snagging large flathead catfish.  There is reportedly a sunken boat in the middle of the lake that is stocked with numerous large catfish.  The CPO and his partner went to the location and observed three fishermen near the area in question, one of whom had what appeared to be a very large fish on his small ice fishing pole.  However, as the CPOs approached, the subject reached down and quickly cut his line.  Five bloody flathead catfish were piled into a sled, the largest of which was approximately 30-35 pounds.  Unfortunately, all three suspects spoke only broken English and made communication difficult with their European accent.  They had drilled several holes through the ice and then used a spud bar to make the holes approximately 16" in diameter (can only be 12").  They were dropping a lure with multiple hooks on a small ice fishing pole with massive test line to the bottom and then jerking until making contact.  All the fish had hook marks in the body and not the mouth.  The fish were released and the subjects cited for snagging and fishing through too large a diameter hole.

The following day, two CPOs and three Fisheries biologists went to the location with an underwater camera to see if the rumors were true about massive catfish hanging around this supposed boat.  To their amazement the boat did exist and was stacked with huge flatheads and crappies.  Sounds like a good place to perhaps fish in the very near future!!!!

A District 2 CPO received a hunting without permission and with use of bait complaint in December.  After monitoring the area one evening it was discovered that the stand was removed after the CPO visit.  The CPO tracked the foot prints to an adjacent property and interviewed the renter.  He reluctantly gave up one name of a subject who lived in Carol Stream.  The CPO paid a visit to the subject, along with the ISP, Dupage County MEG, who offered to assist the next day.  The subject admitted to hunting the spot in question and gave consent to search his apartment.  He admitted to harvesting an 8 point buck in October.  During the interview, it was discovered that the subject's girlfriend purchased an AR-15 for this subject who had a denied FOID.  It was agreed that the CPO would handle the hunting violations and the Dupage MEG would address the straw purchasing issue.  The CPO seized the bow and the MEG seized the AR-15.  This is an ongoing investigation as it was discovered there is one more subject hunting the same property without permission. 

A District 2 CPO cited a subject for unlawful feeding of wild deer in Highland Park. 

A District 2 CPO cited two subjects from Florida and Georgia after finding their ground blinds located on City of Elgin Property.  Each blind was freshly baited with corn. The subjects were also in possession of three loaded rifles along with their compound bows. The men were charged accordingly and all archery equipment and rifles were confiscated.

While conducting snowmobile enforcement at the McHenry Dam in Moraine Hills State Park along the Fox River, a District 2 CPO observed a snowmobile traveling at a high rate of speed towards an open area of water in the Fox River.  The snowmobile crossed the open water and had to brake hard to avoid the base of the McHenry Dam once he crossed the open water.  The dam was only 100 yards away from the open water.  The snowmobile operator then drove to the shore where a stop was conducted.  The operator was charged with careless operation and no proof of insurance.

A District 2 CPO issued five citations and 6 written warnings while enforcing the snowmobile code. 
No activity reported.

A CPO from Adams County in District 9 investigated a fatal snowmobile accident in McDonough County.  The operator was operating without a light and operating too fast for conditions when he hit a fence. Another snowmobile was with him and went for help.  Paramedics arrived but they were unsuccessful.  The operator was pronounced dead at the scene.

A CPO in Jersey County obtained information and began investigating the potential unlawful take of multiple deer. During the investigation, it was determined non-resident hunters were purchasing “antlerless only” deer permits and using another individual's free resident landowner permits. It was determined a total of six bucks and several does were unlawfully taken by the non-residents since 2008. The subjects were cited in 2008 for permit violations at Copperhead Hollow.  While returning to Illinois for court for the violations, one of the subjects went hunting and harvested his third buck of the season. Enforcement action is pending.

A  CPO in Jersey County obtained information and began investigating the potential unlawful take of a deer. The investigation revealed a subject harvested an 8 point buck with an “antlerless only” deer permit and using another hunter's permit to tag the deer. The subject was cited and the deer was seized.

A CPO in Jersey County obtained information and began investigating the potential unlawful take of multiple deer. It was
later determined a woman and her two sons obtained resident landowner permits but were no longer Illinois residents. A background investigation revealed the woman had recently remarried a Missouri resident. The investigation revealed one of the son's harvested a buck without a hunting license or habitat stamp and used his invalid landowner permit to tag the buck. He additionally tagged an archery buck harvest for his step father who did not have permits. The other son harvested two does without a hunting license or habitat stamp using his invalid landowner permits and failed to report the harvests. He did, however, report an archery doe harvest taken by his step father. The woman, after tagging in an archery buck for her new husband, harvested a buck with her firearm without a hunting license or habitat stamp but she wanted to continue hunting.  Therefore, she tagged the buck with her other son's Missouri permit. Multiple deer were seized pending enforcement action.

While checking waterfowl hunters in Franklin County, a CPO found a hunter with a fourth shell in the carrier while hunting.  The shotgun was an older H & K version capable of holding four shells without modification.  The hunter was cited for the violation. 

A CPO investigated a poaching complaint in Gallatin County.  The officer located a buck that had been shot.  Through contacts he found a suspect with a matching vehicle.  A fresh 10 point deer head was found in the suspect’s open garage.  The CPO tracked down the suspect and cited him for hunting without permission and unlawful possession of deer.  The deer head was taken as evidence.  The case is still under investigation.  The same CPO investigated a driving off the road complaint at Ten Mile Creek Fish & Wildlife Area.

A CPO patrolling Wayne County during the last firearm deer season encountered two hunters in the field who claimed they had not killed any deer.  The CPO noticed blood on their hands.  After a short interview the hunters admitted to killing a buck during the “doe only” season. 

A CPO responded to a call in Crawford County about dogs chasing deer.  When the CPO arrived he learned the four dogs had killed a deer and the hunter killed the four dogs on his property.  It appears the four dogs were strays and were not claimed by any of the neighboring landowners.

Office of Law Enforcement
January 29, 2014

While conducting a safety compliance check on a snowmobile in Ottawa, a District 6 Officer smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from the operator’s breath. The officer conduct field sobriety tests on the operator, which he failed. The operator was charged with operating a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Conducting business inspections, a CPO located several deer that appeared to have been harvested under suspicious circumstances.  Investigating one of the cases, a father allowed his son to fill one of his deer tags.   The son did not have deer tags or a hunting license/habitat stamp.  The father was cited for one of the violations and received several written warnings.   Parts of one deer were seized.
District 6 CPOs and Winnebago County Deputies focused on snowmobile enforcement around the Rockford area. The joint task force uncovered multiple snowmobile safety violations. The detail was a success and over twenty five snowmobiles were inspected. The detail resulted in four citations, six written warnings, and an OUI arrest.  

NWTF Mississippi Valley Gobblers North (Northern Rock Island County) chapter held its first annual “Predator Hunt”.  Sixty-seven people were signed up.  The check-in was at Riley’s Roadhouse bar in Cordova IL.  Due to tough hunting conditions only six coyotes were checked in.  Several categories of prizes were awarded that paid out $200.00 each.  A local gun dealer donated a $400.00 gift certificate which was won by one person who registered for the hunt.  Hunt organizers insisted on hunters acting within the scope of hunting regulations.  IDNR CPOs worked several counties checking hunters detecting no violations and received no complaints about hunters.   

A District 1 CPO followed up on a complaint of a hunter taking a deer during a closed season.  The hunter had shot two deer in Henry County during the late antlerless season, however Henry County was closed.  Enforcement action was taken and the deer was donated to the local food pantry.

A District 1 CPO issued multiple citations and written warnings to a Rock Falls man for setting illegal land set traps on the Hennepin Feeder Canal in Whiteside County.  One of the untagged traps sprung on a black Lab’s head that was being walked along the canal by its owner. 
A District 1 CPO cited a Whiteside County woman for taking a wild turkey with a rifle without a permit.  Her husband was cited for taking the turkey into possession. 

While conducting snowmobile enforcement, a District 6 CPO stopped a snowmobiler and conducted an inspection. During the stop, the CPO detected the odor of alcohol emanating from the operator’s breath. Subsequent standardized field sobriety tests were administered and probable cause was determined to exist for the charge of OUI. The operator was arrested and lodged at the Winnebago County jail.

A District 7 CPO checked ice fishermen for compliance at Snakeden Hollow State Fish and Wildlife Area, Victoria Pheasant Habitat Area, Buffalo Pheasant Habitat Area, and Forever Fields.  All fishermen were properly licensed and obeyed posted catch limits.

A District 6 CPO observed ice climbers climbing a restricted canyon in Starved Rock.  A citation and warning were issued. 

A District 6 CPO checked snowmobiles on the I & M Canal, two citations were issued for no insurance.

A CPO in Henderson County cited an individual for multiple deer permit violations.  The subject was in possession of an “either sex” deer permit when he shot a doe.  The violator did not want to use the “either sex” tag on a doe, therefore, he purchased an additional antlerless only tag after the fact.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A District 1 CPO conducted ice fishing compliance checks on the Mississippi River. No violations were discovered.

A District 1 CPO reviewed deer harvest records from the most recent hunting season. A citation was issued to an Elizabeth man for unlawful take of a deer without a valid hunting license.

A District 1 CPO investigated a snowmobile accident on private property. A landowner was riding on his property when he hit a snow drift and was thrown from his snowmobile. The snowmobile rolled and sustained damage to the windshield and cowling. The operator sought medical treatment the following day. He was treated and released.

A CPO handled a personal injury snowmobile accident in Will County.  The operator ran into a street light pole and broke his arm.

A CPO handled a fatal snowmobile accident in Will County.  A person was riding on the ice of the I & M canal frozen surface and struck a tree limb sticking out of the ice.

Two District 11 CPOs stopped two Cumberland County men for use or aid of a motor vehicle and loaded/uncased firearms in a motor vehicle in Cumberland County.  The men were participating in a Coyote Hunting Contest for prizes.  Both men were issued citations.

A District 11 CPO cited a Charleston man for speeding in Clark County.

A District 11 CPO cited a Douglas County man for over-limit of bluegills at Walnut Point State Park.

A District 11 CPO cited a Charleston man for driving around a barricade and becoming stuck in the snow in Fox Ridge State Park in Coles County.

A CPO spent the week at the ISP Academy teaching defensive tactics to the new recruit class.

A CPO and District Sergeant were checking fishermen at the Clinton Lake Spillway.  While observing them from a distance they observed the fishermen attempting to snag fish.  Upon approaching the fishermen they observed one male with a snagged fish and the other male attempted to set his pole down as though he had a baited hook.  They were in possession of four snagged fish and were cited appropriately.

A Brown County CPO received a complaint of a red-tailed hawk caught in a trap.  The CPO released the hawk from the trap and took it to a rehabilitator.  The hawk was caught in an illegally set trap.  The trap had exposed bait placed near it.  The illegally set trap did not have the required metal tag attached to the trap. The CPO was able to locate the trapper.

A Jersey County CPO observed a truck driving slowly on the wrong side of a rural road in Jersey County.  After stopping in the roadway twice, the CPO initiated a traffic stop on the truck.  The driver was found to be in possession of a loaded, uncased rifle and a loaded, uncased 40 caliber pistol.  When questioned, the subject admitted he was coyote hunting. 

A Greene County CPO conducted an investigation and obtained a confession from a hunter for archery deer hunting by aid of bait.

A Greene County CPO attended a hunter safety class in Macoupin County.  Fifty-nine people attended the class. 

A CPO in Pope County is working with the Missouri Fish and Game Department on an investigation involving a subject who unlawfully took two bucks in Illinois.  A large 9 and 14 point were discovered after the subject’s phone was seized during another wildlife investigation.  Several charges are pending.  The same CPO cited a subject for hunting deer without a valid permit during the last weekend of the archery season in Pope County.

A CPO investigated a road hunting complaint called in by a motorist traveling in Saline County.  The hunter allegedly shot at a flock of turkeys with a pistol from the passenger compartment of his truck.  The hunter/driver was a security guard on his way to work.  The caller gave a detailed description of the incident, vehicle, plate and driver.  The hunter claims to have been trying to scare off poachers who were stalking the turkeys in the woods.  The hunter was cited for shooting from a road way, transporting an uncased loaded firearm and attempt to take turkey out of season.  Several written warnings issued as well.  

A CPO was notified of two motorboats - one runabout and one houseboat - which sank while docked at Kinkaid Marina.  The runabout is completely sunk with just the tip of the bow sticking through the ice, while the houseboat partially sunk and was able to be pumped out and righted.  In each instance it appears the severe cold weather Southern Illinois has experienced has caused such severe icing that the hulls on these vessels failed, causing the sinking. 

A CPO instructed at the DNR Academy all week teaching Defensive Tactics to the Recruit Class.

A CPO assisted SIU police on a waterfowl case.  SIU Police Department contacted the CPO about two students who had caught a mallard drake at the campus lake and had killed it in front of a bunch of other students.  The CPO assisted in retrieving the duck carcass and breast meat from the students.  Although the students did not have hunting licenses or waterfowl stamps, SIU Police Department decided to charge the two students with animal cruelty and student conduct charges due to the nature of the offense.  They were issued written warnings for the no license or stamps due to the other charges being brought against them. 

A CPO responded to a complaint of goose hunter's shot peppering a residence. The goose pit has been hunted for over a decade and was over 300 yards from the residence.  The shots into a strong wind resulted in the peppering of the residence.  The owner was advised of the situation and to not shoot into the direction of the home at the request of the complainant.  No other violations were noted.

A CPO checked numerous waterfowl hunters.  Assistance was given to one group that had engine trouble with their boat motor while breaking through an iced over lake. One hunter was issued a written warning for no hunting license in his possession.

A CPO responded to a report of hunters peppering an Air Evac parking lot.  The caller just wanted the hunters to be made aware that the shot carried to the facility.  The hunters were advised.  No other violations were noted. 

A CPO was assisted by ISP K9 and Vienna City officers in a search of a missing juvenile and companion from Minnesota.  Their vehicle was found near the Tunnel Hill State Trail, unlocked, with some camping equipment in the car.  They were not located that night but found a couple of days later.  The juvenile was returned to her parents.

A CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint in Johnson County.  He located the coon hunters and followed them before making contact.  They had been warned by the landowner to stay off his property, but returned.  Citations and written warnings were issued.

A CPO is investigating a complaint about goose hunters shooting after hours in Perry County.

A CPO is investigating a hunter for falsification of records violation.

A CPO located multiple illegal traps in a creek. The traps are under observation for activity.

A CPO closed a case in Union County where several Georgia hunters were falsifying records, permits and licenses, plus other violations including over-limits, seizures in which an ATV and several rifles were seized. The non residence hunters paid in excess of $15,000 in fines and cost.