Office of Law Enforcement
September 4, 2013


A District 6 CPO observed an individual fishing in the dark along the Illinois River. The individual dropped the pole when the CPO turned on his flashlight. The individual stated that he was not fishing and that it was his friend’s pole that was lying on the ground in front of him. The individual was cited for fishing without a license. The individual realized he was caught, paid the $120 fine on scene, and signed a guilty plea.

A District 1 CPO conducted boat safety checks on the Pecatonica River. No violations were discovered.

CPOs responded to an ATV accident. The ATV struck a metal mile marker (cemented into the ground) on the I & M Canal, ½ mile west of Boyce Memorial in Ottawa. Two people were on the ATV. Ottawa police reported that the ATV and an occupant had left the scene before the ambulance/police arrived. The victim was transported to OSF Hospital in Ottawa for head injury and rib fractures. She sustained serious injuries and was transferred to OSF Medical Center in Peoria. The case is being referred to the LaSalle County State’s Attorney for charges.
While conducting boat safety inspections a District 1 CPO observed a red ATV traveling on the road against traffic. As the CPO watched the ATV, it came to a stop and would not start back up. The CPO went and spoke to the female rider and asked what she was doing. The woman explained she was riding to a friend’s house, but had run out of gas. The CPO explained it was illegal for her to ride her ATV on the road and she was on the wrong side of the road. The woman explained she was having bad luck, the reason she was riding the ATV was because her husband had totaled her car. The CPO smiled and said and then you run out of gas in front of a CPO. The CPO issued the woman a written warning and the woman’s husband brought her gas and followed her back to their residence.
A Chicago man was cited for keeping under sized walleye at the Oregon Dam. Several fish were in his bucket all mixed together. On the bottom was a 10 inch walleye.
A CPO cited a subject for hunting with an unplugged shot gun and his partner was cited for not having a hunting license.
Two District 6 officers conducted a boat patrol on the Illinois River over the Labor Day weekend. Numerous boat safety checks were conducted. Several written warnings were issued for equipment violations. One boat was issued a citation for no observer while pulling a tuber. An operation of a watercraft under the influence of alcohol (OUI) arrest was also made on another boat operator. The operator submitted a breath sample of .215 BAC.
A CPO arrested a Hancock County hunter for unlawfully taking a wild turkey. The man had harvested a wild turkey on opening day of the Spring 2013 first season. He did not have a hunting license, habitat stamp, or a Hancock County turkey permit. He did have a fourth season McDonough County permit. His violations were discovered by the investigating officer on Facebook. Three citations and three written warnings were issued and the tail and beard were seized.

A CPO observed a dove hunter shoot across a road near the Victoria Pheasant Habitat Area in Knox County. He then watched him carry his gun onto the roadway and shoot the crippled bird in the ditch. The hunter was issued a citation for hunting on a public right of way and a written warning for shooting on the roadway.

A CPO worked two days at Argyle Lake State Park during the Labor Day weekend annual swap meet. Several written warnings were issued for speeding, no insurance, and parking in prohibited areas. Attendance was very low due to the high temperatures.

A CPO in Henderson County cited a subject for multiple fishing violations at the Henderson County conservation area. The lake was closed to fishing in October of 2012 for a rehabilitation project. An individual was observed fishing in the closed waters. The offender was confronted and the officer observed 13 bass, bluegill, and catfish in a bucket. The subject was cited for an over-limit of bass and no valid fishing license. Multiple warnings were also issued.

While patrolling on the Mississippi River in Keithsburg, CPOs arrested a subject for operating under the influence of alcohol.

A CPO and USCG’s Officer finished the boating season much like they started it this year, onboard a marked patrol boat doing multiple boat safety inspections. After the deadly 2012 boating season, these officers took it upon themselves to increase boat patrols substantially in the Quad Cities area on the Mississippi River (Pools 14-16). These patrols appeared to be effective at dramatically reducing the number of boat accidents and fatalities. One boating accident fatality occurred on the Rock River at the Steel Dam (Milan IL) and one fatality occurred when a subject dove into shallow water on the Rock River this year in the Illinois QCA.

Over the Labor Day weekend approximately 32 boats were stopped for safety inspections resulting in one citation for a child less than 13 years of age not wearing a PFD (lifejacket), 14 miscellaneous boating written warnings, approximately 15 formal boarding inspection reports being completed by USCG citing multiple infractions. Everybody observed appeared to be having a safe and fun boating weekend.

A CPO was completing watercraft safety inspections at area boat ramps along the Rock River in Winnebago County. Violations addressed included: insufficient number of wearable PFD’s, no Type IV throwable PFD, fire extinguisher not in serviceable condition, failure to secure batteries to hull and cover terminals, and violation of NO WAKE ZONE.
While checking shore fishermen during a midnight shift along the Rock River in Winnebago County, a CPO caught five separate individuals fishing without fishing licenses at the Fordam Dam.

While on a night time watercraft patrol on the Rock River in Winnebago County, a CPO addressed violations to include: unlawful operation of PWC after sunset, insufficient navigation lighting on a motorboat, and insufficient PFD’s on a motorboat.


A Lake County CPO cited a hunter for failure to have a Federal waterfowl stamp in possession on opening day of early goose season. A Lake County CPO cited a subject for pollution of waterway at "beer can bridge" on Nippersink Lake. The subject was observed placing an empty beer bottle on a ledge as the boat passed under the bridge, followed by a series of "high fives" and cheers from other occupants in the boat. The celebrating stopped when they noticed the red and blue lights. The boat had a designated driver, as did many others stopped over the weekend.

Two District 2 CPOs cited several individuals for littering at the Route 12 bridge on Nippersink Lake

Two District 2 CPOs cited individuals for not having their Federal waterfowl stamps in possession on the opening of nuisance goose season.

A District 2 CPO arrested a subject at the boat ramp of the Chain O’ Lakes State Park for OUI. The subject blew .147 on RBT-IV. A 19 year old subject was arrested at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park for speeding 67 miles per hour in a posted 20 mile per hour zone. Even though the area was hit with multiple thunderstorms, Region 2, District 2 issued 56 citations and 46 written warnings.

A District 3 CPO checking fishermen along the Kankakee River found two subjects fishing without a license and one of the subjects also had a smallmouth bass that was in the protected slot limit.

A District 3 CPO working with the K9 at Kankakee River State Park checked seven fishermen in a group, six of whom did not have fishing licenses.

A District 3 CPO seized a 14 foot Jon boat that had the HIN removed, investigation pending.

A District 3 CPO working a boat registration investigation found a boat with the HIN removed. The CPO was able to locate the hidden HIN, contact the original owner, and return the boat to the original owner.

District 3 CPOs responded to a complaint of a missing 6 year old child at Kankakee River State Park. A search was conducted and the child was found quickly by a family member.

District 3 CPOs responded to a boater in distress call on the DesPlaines River near the Dresden lock and dam. The boater had lost power and was drifting dangerously close to the dam portion of the structure. The boater was assisted by another recreational boater and towed to safety.

A District 3 CPO and the supervisor investigated a complaint of a 59 year old man approaching juvenile girls and kissing them without their permission at Stratton Park. Battery charges are pending and a 90 day eviction was served on the violator.

Severe storms, including tornado-like weather, were experienced over the Labor Day weekend in District 3 limiting activity. Nonetheless the district conducted boating patrols all four 4 days, including a patrol of the Kankakee River Boat Races. Officers experienced routine violations.


A CPO while on boat patrol on Clinton Lake arrested a Peoria man for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol with a .174 BAC.

A CPO pulled up behind a Windsor man who lost the load from the back of his pick-up truck on the highway in Shelby County. The man was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) with a .177 BAC.

A Sgt and CPO, while on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville in Moultrie County, stopped a boat that was overloaded. The Wheatfield, IN man was arrested for operating watercraft under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and overload of capacity on watercraft.

A CPO, while on boat patrol on Lake Mattoon in Cumberland County, arrested a Mattoon man for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol (OUI) with a .103 BAC.

A CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint in Vermillion County. As the CPO approached the three hunters, one hunter ran and hid his firearm. The CPO located the Rankin man and his firearm. The Rankin man was a convicted felon and prohibited from possessing a firearm. The subject was transported to jail and charged with unlawful possession of firearm by a felon and obstructing justice along with several wildlife violations.

CPOs assisted a Sgt with the use of ATVs in an attempt to locate an escaped prisoner from the Robinson Correctional Facility in Crawford County. The search was conducted by local, state and federal law enforcement.
CPO Moody cited a man in Eagle Creek SP in Shelby Co. for Illegal Transportation of Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle.

CPO Moody cited a man for Hunting Doves without Permission of Landowner.


A CPO observed a pontoon boat entering Piasa Creek in Jersey County at no wake speed. The operator got up, walked behind the seat, and started urinating over the side. The operator was not wearing his lanyard, the pontoon boat was still in gear, and headed up the creek. The pontoon boat was stopped and an inspection was performed. During the inspection, there were several empty beer cans in the boat, and the operator had a moderate odor of alcohol on his breath. The subject submitted to a horizontal gaze nystagmus test, which he failed. He refused to do anymore tests. His BAC was .122.

A CPO observed a Jon boat violate the no wake zone in Piasa Creek in Jersey County earlier in the day. A few hours later he observed the same operator and Jon boat dock at Piasa Harbor. The CPO performed an inspection and confronted the operator about the earlier violation. The operator admitted it was him. During the inspection, the CPO observed several empty beer cans in the boat. The CPO requested the operator to do field sobriety test. The operator failed field sobriety test. The operator had a BAC of .238. The operator had been arrested on Norfolk Lake in Arkansas for operating a boat under the influence during the past 4th of July.

A CPO assisted Grafton Police Department with a domestic battery at a local business. A man hit his girlfriend in the head with his hand.

A CPO assisted Schuyler County Sheriff's Department in looking for a man with Alzheimer’s. The man returned to his residence, knocking on his door, wearing his boots, and boxers. He had no idea where he had been or what he had been doing.

A CPO attended a hunter safety course in Brown County.

A CPO assisted the drug task force by taking them by boat to walk islands on the Mississippi River in Calhoun County. Sixty cannabis plants were located and removed. A subject has been interviewed and charges are pending.

A CPO obtained charges against several subjects as a result of a fatal boat accident on the Lamoine River on the Brown/Schuyler County line. Subjects were charged with unlawful consumption of alcohol by a minor. One subject was charged with the unlawful gift or sale of alcohol to a minor.

A CPO took a report regarding vandalism of construction equipment and a stolen '75 work Jon boat at Sangchris Lake State Park near the west boat launch construction site.
A CPO was checking ramps and fishermen when he encountered a man with three boys. The man stated the boys were only 14 and didn't need fishing license. The CPO, having a hunch, asked the man who drove to the area. The man stated one of the boys drove. When asked again about licenses, the man stated he drove and did not have a license. A routine check revealed the man was also wanted. No insurance was found for the vehicle. The man was lodged in Sangamon County jail and vehicle towed after arrangements were made for the children.

CPOs responded to a complaint of a truck stuck in the Sangamon River. No one was present when the CPOs located the truck. A routine check of license plates with ISP showed no driver information. The CPO used information found on POS to develop suspect. The suspect was found to be wanted on several warrants. The CPO decided to "swing by" one more time and found the operator trying to dig out the truck. The suspect was the one with warrants. The driver was arrested on two warrants and issued a river bed protection ticket. The truck was removed from the river bed.

A CPO conducted a routine check on dove hunters on a private field in Cass County. One of the nonresident dove hunters was in possession of an unplugged shot gun loaded to the max. The non‐resident was cited accordingly.

As a result of CPOs pre-season scouting, several baited fields were discovered. A CPO in Menard County checked a hunter on one of these baited fields. The subject admitted to placing a salt substance around his field. The subject was referred to U.S. Fish and Wildlife for prosecution.

A CPO and a USFW agent took down another baited field near Chandlerville in Cass County. The owner admitted to placing the wheat in order to enhance the dove hunting. Four subjects were referred to USFW for prosecution.

A CPO conducted a routine check of dove hunters on a private field in Mason County. One of the subjects was found hunting with an unplugged shotgun. The subject was cited accordingly.

District 10 CPOs assisted Fulton County with the search of a missing elderly male. It was reported a male subject fitting the description of the missing man was given a ride to the Chandlerville area. Law Enforcement and volunteers searched the Jim Edgar Panther Creek area. The report was unfounded, but CPOs continued to search during dove enforcement activities.

Region V

A District 14 CPO checked two individuals dove hunting a private field. The CPO observed the hunters were nervous and acting strange. The CPO walked the sunflower field and observed milo spread throughout the field. The hunters admitted to baiting the field and illegally shooting a crow. Later the same day, a CPO saw three individuals hunting doves. The officer checked the shotguns and found they did not have plugs in the magazine tubes as required. Citations were issued with one written warning for the offenses.
A CPO cited two Harrisburg fishermen for fishing without permission on SILCO property in Saline County. Enforcement action was also taken for no fishing license and numerous vehicle code violations.

A reckless driving complaint was acted on by a CPO in Saline County. The driver was stopped and cited for a vehicle violation in view of the officer.

CPOs stopped a boat in Marcum Cove on Rend Lake during a boat patrol. The operator was arrested for OUI. His alcohol content was .16%. During ramp checks at Sailboat Harbor a separate CPO arrested an intoxicated operator on Rend Lake for OUI. His BAC was registered at .15%.

A CPO arrested a Benton driver for no valid license, no insurance and operation of a motor vehicle with registration suspended for non-insurance near Rend Lake.

A theft report of five signs from the Wayne Fitzgerrell State park was taken and is currently under investigation.

A random taxidermy inspection was completed in Jefferson County by a CPO.

A CPO issued citations and warnings to dove hunters on opening day in Hamilton County. The violations were for unplugged shotgun and possession of nontoxic shot at Ten Mile Creek. The same CPO issued a boating citation for failure to transfer a certificate of number.

District 14 and 16 CPOs and Sergeants assisted Franklin County in the search and recovery effort on Rend Lake for a missing swimmer believed drowned near Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park, north of the Route 154 Bridge on Labor Day.

Conservation Police utilized four watercraft in the search including boats equipped with side-scan and tow-fish sonar.

A Sgt assisted State Police and Crawford County police in the search for an escaped prisoner from the Robinson prison. At this time the prisoner has not been captured.

A Sgt worked dove hunters at Sam Parr State park in Jasper County. The area has been restricted to using steel shot only for the last 5 years. Six individuals were cited for using lead.

CPOs worked a boating detail at Forbes Lake. Three citations were issued for PFD violations and violating a no wake area.

A CPO responded to Sam Dale Lake in Wayne County and rescued an injured Bald Eagle. The Eagle was transported to a rehab facility.

A CPO cited six hunters from the Chicago area hunting in Lawrence County without permission from the landowner.

A CPO worked a boating detail on Vandalia Lake. He cited one subject for OUI and the subject registered a BAC of 0.12.

A CPO observed a vehicle that was driving without lights after dark. Upon stopping the vehicle the driver was found to have a suspended driver’s license. Appropriate enforcement action was taken and the driver was taken to jail.

CPOs observed several subjects with alcohol at the Kinkaid Lake Spillway, in the no alcohol restricted area. Enforcement action was taken.

CPOs stopped a PWC for operating after sunset, no lights. The subject was also going above the stated speed limit mandated for the lake of 25 mph after sunset. The subject was cited for the violations.

CPOs inspected a boat at Lake of Egypt and discovered the operator had been drinking. He failed all the Field Sobriety Tests and was arrested for OUI. He was taken to Williamson County jail where he was processed and bonded.
A Sgt. and CPOs used sonar to locate a drowning victim at Rend Lake. The 18 year old girl was swimming to the bank when she just disappeared under the water. The sonar was hampered by massive stumps and an unusual amount of bottom debris on the bottom of the lake. The hummingbird units would not work properly in the 88 degree water so the Marine sonic unit was brought in. She was recovered within 20 hours of the accident.


Office of Law Enforcement



A CPO taught Illinois Conservation law to five separate classes at the Rock Island Conservation Club. The club puts on two large hunter safety classes every year (Spring and Fall). Approximately 150 students went through the multiple station training.

A District 1 CPO received a complaint from a state park saying a woman was running around her camper naked and her husband was intoxicated. The CPO arrived and the female subject was sleeping in the camper and the man was drinking beer at the next campsite. As the CPO was speaking to a camper, the intoxicated man walked up to the CPO drinking a beer. The CPO checked on the woman and addressed the alcohol violation in a restricted area. When the CPO asked where the rest of the beer was, the man said he got the beer from the other campsite. The CPO saw a garbage bag under the camper with multiple beer cans that were the same lot as the beer the subject was drinking. The intoxicated man showed the CPO the cooler and the refrigerator and there wasn’t any more alcohol on the site. While the CPO explained that a citation would be issued the man said the CPO was like the Gestapo and he would not be coming back to the park.

District 6 Officers arrested three individuals for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis.

Officers also cited an individual for unlawfully snagging fish. The same individual was found guilty in a bench trial by a judge last month for unlawfully snagging fish.

Officers cited three individuals for entering/camping and starting a fire in a nature preserve that has the endangered species Indiana Bat.

Officers stopped three ATV/OHV’s for unlawfully operating on a railroad right of way.

Officers responded to an individual who fell at Starved Rock and severely injured her elbow. The ambulance was called and transported her to a local hospital.

Officers were called to the Starved Rock Lodge where a woman attempted to sell marijuana to a bride on her wedding day. The woman’s vehicle was searched and no marijuana was found.

An Officer handled a crash where a small child was run over by a vehicle attempting to hook up to a camper. The child only sustained minor injuries as the wheels narrowly missed him. The driver’s foot reportedly slipped off of the brake pedal and hit the gas pedal. The camper was subsequently pushed into the electric hookup. Power had to be shut off in order to safely remove the camper.


A District 3 CPO arrested three fishermen for possessing undersized smallmouth/largemouth bass while fishing in Will County.

A District 3 Sgt and two District 3 CPOs assisted ISP, District 5, in a manhunt for a subject that had fled from a Trooper on a traffic stop on I-80. The subject was wanted for drug traffic/distribution violations. He was caught a half mile away, fleeing through a neighborhood.

Two District 3 CPOs caught several juveniles gathered at Stratton Park after hours drinking and using cannabis. Charges are pending the State’s Attorney’s review.

A District 3 CPO and Sgt responded to a call of a lost 12 year old boy at Kankakee River State Park. The boy was found shortly after being reported being lost by the family.

Two District 3 CPOs conducted surveillance of a group of public waterfowl blinds on the DesPlaines River. While observing their hunting activities, a TIP complaint was filed about one of the blinds shooting ducks out of season. That violation was not observed, but one subject was cited for no federal waterfowl stamp.

A motorboat being operated on Grass Lake was stopped for improper stern light display. The operator showed signs of impairment and field sobriety testing was done. The subject failed the tests and was arrested for OUI. His BAC was tested at .097%.

District 2 CPOs issued several boating citations and warnings on Deep Lake in Lake County for lack of wearable PFDs.

A District 2 CPO cited a Chicago man for fishing without a license at the Grass Lake Bridge in Fox Lake.
CPOs found a bait store in Lake County which had been selling live bait for several years without an aquatic life dealer's license. Appropriate enforcement action was taken and the business was brought into compliance. A Lake County CPO cited a subject for no federal waterfowl stamp on Grass Lake (morning of Teal opener). The subject was in a boat blind that was cited for insufficient PFD's last week on the morning of the early goose opener. District 2 CPOs ran two sound-meter details. Six boats were found in violation and appropriate action was taken.

A District 19 Officer responded to a truck and trailer in the water at a boat ramp at Clinton Lake. After further investigation the driver was found to be DUI and blew a .094%. This was 1.5 hours after the incident occurred.

Three District 19 Officers assisted with a homicide in Farmer City. The Conservation Officers provided scene security and transported witnesses.

A District 19 Officer responded to an injured elderly man near a boat ramp off Clinton Lake. The man was assisted and an ambulance transported him for injuries to a local hospital.

A District 19 Officer arrested a subject wanted on a warrant out of Effingham County. The man was fishing along Clinton Lake and was transported to the DeWitt County Jail.

A District 19 Officer has continued a boat registration and titling investigation in McLean County on a dealer with up to 30 violations discovered. A number of Class A misdemeanors and felonies have been discovered and filed with the court.

Three District 19 Officers attended boat training down on Lake Kinkaid for a new Region 3 work skiff boat.

A CPO arrested a Mountain View, Arkansas, man for possession of drug paraphernalia and less than 2.5 grams of cannabis in Hidden Springs State Forest.

A District 11 CPO assisted with Wounded Warrior Bass Tournament on Lake Shelbyville at Eagle Creek State Park.

CPOs responded to a call for assistance from Illinois State Police in Effingham County with the search for a missing 7 year old Watson girl. CPOs conducted search by foot and use of ATV.

A CPO assisted Douglas County Sheriff’s office in the search of a trailer where an active Meth. Lab was located.

Two District 11 CPOs attended sonar boat training on Lake Kinkaid for the new Region 3 Workskiff boat.


A Christian County CPO took a report regarding the recovery of a missing\stolen boat from the west boat launch at Sangchris Lake State Park.

A Christian County CPO checked dove hunters at the Sangchris Lake State Park dove fields issuing several citations and warnings for toxic shot and license violations.

A Christian County CPO attended the Outdoors Expo at Scheels and answered ten questions (five dealing with concealed carry permits).

A Christian County CPO patrolled eastern Christian County for dove hunters issuing a citation for ATV on roadway.

A CPO was doing traffic enforcement at Pere Marquette State Park. The CPO stopped a vehicle because the rear license plate was obstructed. The driver of the vehicle was suspended, wanted on a warrant for failure to appear, in possession of cannabis and a drug pipe.

A CPO observed a subject drive on the grass at Piasa Harbor in Jersey County. The driver was revoked and wanted on a warrant.

A CPO interviewed a subject in Calhoun County in reference to digging ginseng before season. The subject admitted to digging ginseng before season and his dried ginseng was seized.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Hancock County.


A CPO worked Jake’s Event in Clay County. A CPO issued five warnings for equipment violations and one citation for no fishing license in Richland and Wayne Counties.

CPOs cited an Effingham County subject for digging ginseng out of season, trespassing, and no license.
A Sgt and CPO worked teal hunters at Carlyle and four warnings were issued for failure to sign in and not maintaining separate bags. One subject was taken to Fayette County jail for possessing a firearm with a revoked FOID and he was also wanted on an Alexander County warrant.

A Pope County CPO was checking teal hunters at a fish and wildlife area. The CPO heard one group repeatedly shooting while none of the other groups fired a shot. The officer thought this was strange and moved to that location. The CPO got within 10 feet of the two hunters and observed their activity. The shooters would shoot then retrieve the duck but say nothing about the species. It wasn't until one of the hunters hit a duck and it sailed over the CPO that the CPO got a sick feeling and realized the ducks they were shooting could all be wood ducks which are not allowed during teal season. The hunter walked out to retrieve the wood duck and the CPO asked how many they had. The hunter was caught by surprise and said too many. The CPO walked the hunter back to the hunting spot and discovered another hunter with eight wood ducks. The CPO then discovered three more hidden in a decoy bag. The CPO counted a total of twelve wood ducks; five of the ducks were banded. The CPO asked why and the hunters said they wanted to kill something. They were issued multiple citations and given a mandatory court appearance.

A CPO took a report of harassing phone calls to the Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park Office.

While out in the morning hours on the opening day of teal season, two men were found fishing in a local sand pit near the Wabash River in White County. One fisherman was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, cannabis less than 2.5 grams, fishing without a license and operating a watercraft without life jackets. The second fisherman was arrested for a Posey County, Indiana, warrant and fishing without a license. He was delivered to the White County Jail to await extradition.

Two CPOs worked a teal hunter detail on the northern end of Rend Lake. They wrote seven citations to hunters shooting prior to sunrise; two hunters were cited for being in possession of lead shot. Other enforcement action was taken on boat equipment and stamp/license violations.

A Hamilton County CPO is investigating two incidents at the Hamilton County Conservation area over the Labor Day weekend. A camper dumped human waste from his camper on a roadway in the park and on State Route 14. The second involves a felony theft. The CPO is working with the local police agencies on the theft.
Region 5 was instructed and trained in quarterly Defensive Tactics.


Office of Law Enforcement
September 18, 2013

While checking waterfowl hunters a District 1 CPO checked a man who was not in possession of a federal waterfowl stamp.  The hunter explained he purchased the stamp online.  The CPO explained there should have been a printout of the purchase for the hunter to use as proof until he received the stamp in the mail.  The hunter wasn’t able to provide any documentation or the stamp, so he was issued a citation.

While conducting boat ramp inspection along the Rock River, a CPO noticed a vessel with two children under the age of 13 who weren’t wearing a personal flotation device as required by law. The CPO hailed the boat to shore to discuss the violation and to complete a boat safety inspection.  After the completion of the inspection, the CPO and his district sergeant, who was assisting at the scene, learned that the boat operator was wanted on warrant.  The boat operator was arrested on the outstanding warrant and received an additional charge for the PFD violations.

A District 1 CPO scouted public and private hunting properties for illegal baiting activities.

A District 1 CPO investigated a complaint of an individual depositing trees in a small river to block boat access.

A District 1 CPO checked teal hunters on the Mississippi River.  No hunting violations were observed, minor boat violations were discovered.

A District 6 officer was contacted by the local EMS.  They had responded to a call of an individual with a hand injury.  The man had been fishing on the Illinois River when he decided to light a small explosive device.  His injuries occurred when he was unable to throw the device before it blew up.  His right hand was badly injured.  He was transported to a local hospital and then transferred to a Peoria hospital.  When interviewed by the officer, the man stated he was not going to throw the explosive into the river but onto the shore.  The officer went to the location where the accident occurred and located a blood trail in the sand near the water’s edge.  Due to the premature detonation the device never made it into the water so no enforcement was taken for fishing by illegal methods.  But the man was issued a citation for possession and use of fireworks under the Pyrotechnic Use Act.

A District 6 officer was contacted by the Starved Rock staff about individuals camping in a restricted area. The officer located four individuals with a large amount of alcohol in the restricted area. They told the officer they were getting ready to have a birthday party and had been told by “someone” they could camp in the area, but they could not remember the “someone’s” name.  Luckily the party had not started, because stone cold sober it took them 1 ½ hours to remove all the camping gear from the area.  Enforcement action was taken.  

A District 6 officer was driving near the I & M Canal when he heard motorcycle engines.  He met with an individual who was walking on the towpath. The walker told him four motorcycles had passed him and were heading out of town. The officer drove down the towpath and heard the motorcycles off the canal in a neighboring property. The officer knew the motorcycles would use the canal to return to their residence so he parked along the towpath.  After approximately 30 minutes the motorcycles returned and it was two fathers with their 10 year old sons. The fathers were issued the citations and all had to push their motorcycles home.

While observing bank fishermen at the Oregon Dam, a District 1 CPO observed a subject catch an undersized smallmouth bass and put it on his stringer.  As the CPO walked down to conduct compliance checks, he observed the subject run to his stringer and attempt to remove the small bass. The CPO was able to get to the subject before he was able to remove it.  The subject was issued a citation for the short bass and the fish was released back to the water.

A District 1 CPO was checking bank fishermen along the Rock River in Ogle County when he observed one of the fishermen drop his pole and walk to the porta-potty to hide from the CPO.  When the subject thought it was safe to come out, the CPO was waiting there to issue the fisherman a citation for fishing without a license.

Area CPOs conducted a watercraft patrol on Pierce Lake at Rock Cut State Park in Winnebago County.   Fifteen watercraft were inspected by the CPO who discovered and addressed fourteen violations to include: insufficient number of wearable PFDs, no type IV throwable PFD, expired registration, fire extinguisher(s) not in serviceable condition, failure to cover and secure batteries, no sounding device, PFD age requirement – children < age 13 not wearing PFD and unlawful fishing without a fishing license.

Along the banks of the Rock River officers discovered a dead buck in Ogle County.  Preliminary results indicate the deer had perished from EHD.  Other deer have been reported..

“I’m not fishing” said a Chicago man when asked for his fishing license at the Oregon Dam.  The officer displayed a pair of binoculars and advised the man he was observed fishing from across the river.  The offender hung his head and said “This is my first time”.  The officer pointed to his well seasoned fishing gear and full tackle box and said honesty is the best policy, and then issued a citation.

While patrolling along the Mississippi River, a CPO located three subjects in/or next to a parked vehicle.   After the subjects looked at the CPO, they began to make quick suspicious movements.  One of the subjects was noted to be in possession of a plastic bottle.   Parking his squad, the CPO approached the subjects and found them to be manufacturing methamphetamine.  After securing the scene, the CPO contacted the Quad Cities MEG unit.  All three subjects were arraigned on felony charges.     

A CPO stopped two off highway vehicles after observing them being operated on a township roadway in Knox County.  The two operators were travelling to a friend’s property several miles from their residence.  They were both issued written warnings for unlawful operation on a highway

A CPO completed a boat accident investigation and report.  A personal watercraft operator was accelerating, just coming on plane, with his 1995 Yamaha Wave Raider 700 when he hit a large wave at Spoon Lake, Oak Run Development, Dahinda, IL.  The impact with the wave caused him to lose control of his PWC and be tossed overboard on the port side.  Wave action as he entered the water caused the PWC to impact his left leg fracturing his femur.  He was transported by family members to a nearby beach.  Oak Run First Responders transferred his care to Galesburg Hospitals Ambulance Service who transported him to OSF St. Mary's Medical Center.  He was interviewed at the Emergency Room approximately four hours after his accident.  No equipment, registration, or operation violations were found.  His wife was provided a BAR (Boat Accident Report) form in his presence, to be completed at a later date. 

A CPO assisted Knox County Sheriff’s Department, Knoxville Fire Department and the Coroner with the recovery of a Knox County man’s body.  The man was killed when a 30 ft. tree trunk fell on him trapping him on his tractor.  The CPO provided transport for fire personnel and equipment to a remote location more than a mile off the road, assistance in carrying equipment to/from the accident scene, and computer based information for investigators and the coroner.

Two District 7 CPOs responded to a hunting w/out permission complaint on the Illinois River south of the Peoria Lock and Dam.  The suspect shot five Canada geese on property he did not have permission to be on.  Enforcement action was taken.  

Area CPOs conducted a watercraft patrol on the Rock River in Winnebago County where multiple boats were stopped for violating the posted NO WAKE area at Martin Park.  In addition, two individuals were taken into custody off their boat; one for OUI–Watercraft and unlawful possession of cannabis, and a second occupant for unlawful possession of cannabis and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.  Other boaters inspected were found to be in violation for insufficient number of PFDs and failure to have a competent observer while pulling skiers.             

A District 1 CPO assisted Wisconsin DNR officials with multiple ginseng investigations.

A District 1 CPO scouted public and private hunting properties for illegal baiting activities.

While checking fishermen along the Fox River, from the Algonquin Dam and into Kane County, two District 2 CPOs issued 11 fishing license citations (including 2 subjects snagging fish) and several written warnings (no fishing license and no wake violations).  Upon finishing up for the evening they went back to the Algonquin Dam to see if anyone was netting fish.  There were no netters, but as they were walking back to their squad, two subjects in a Chevrolet Impala came racing down the street past them.  A subsequent stop of the vehicle yielded both subjects being wanted on outstanding warrants, neither wearing seatbelts, the driver with a revoked driver's license, no insurance, in addition to being DUI.  The driver refused all field sobriety tests and chemical testing.  While en route to jail the passenger stated that each of them had drank over a case of beer each, since 9:00 am, and that the driver is a frequent user of cocaine.   

A CPO arrested a Mattoon man at Lake Paradise for possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis.

A CPO arrested a Neoga man near Lake Mattoon for underage consumption of alcohol.  The man was on probation for underage consumption of alcohol.
A District 11 CPO assisted Douglas County and Newman Police Department in securing a meth lab. The lab was located in a closet in a trailer in Newman.  A local Newman officer detected a strong odor of chemical smell to prompt the investigation while responding to a complaint.  All subjects had previous meth charges. The three subjects were taken into custody on charges of manufacturing meth.  While responding to the lab, a domestic also occurred two blocks away.  A subject barricaded himself in his house with a gun and knife.  The subject stated that he was going to kill himself.

A District 11 CPO located a baited dove field in Douglas County.  The field was under surveillance for five days.  The subjects showed up on the 5th day.  There was approximately 300 lbs of cracked corn and bird seed broadcasted over the dove field. The landowner stated he last spread the seed on August 28th.  Four subjects were charged with hunting dove over bait.

A District 19 CPO assisted an Illinois State Police Trooper with an ISPERN call of shots being fired on the Interstate at a vehicle that was pursuing the shooters.  The CPO and Trooper attempted to make a stop on the vehicle and the subjects responsible for the shooting.  The vehicle tried to flee but struck a power pole and the two subjects fled on foot.  Both subjects were taken into custody a short distance from the accident.  A large amount of cannabis was recovered at the scene and a firearm was recovered on the Interstate.  The two subjects were charged with armed violence among several other charges.

A District 13 officer was on patrol at the Washington County Conservation Area and observed a subject fishing.  After checking the fishermen for fishing law compliance it was determined that he was in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  The subject was cited for both violations.    

A Monroe County CPO was patrolling a local state park on a bright, sunny weekend when he observed two elderly individuals carrying fishing tackle and other items to a popular fishing dock.  The subjects began fishing, but they quickly changed their activity to kissing, groping and open nudity.  As the CPO approached them it was clear their activity was developing even farther, however they quickly came to their senses when the CPO made his presence known to them. Both subjects were cited for nudity in a state park. 

A District 13 CPO along with nine other officers operated and tested the modified Workskiff homeland security boat for functionality.

A District 13 CPO attended a hunter safety class at Maeystown in Monroe County.

District 13 officers, along with Region 1 officers, water tested the modifications made to one of the Homeland Security boats.  More water testing is scheduled in the near future.

District 13 Sgt and officers conducted an OUI patrol on Carlyle Lake.  Numerous boats were inspected with several minor violations being addressed.  One boat had to be towed in after breaking down.  One Madison County man was arrested for OUI.

A District 13 officer spoke at a hunter safety class in Bethalto.  Approximately 75 students were in the class.

A District 13 officer was checking for dove hunters when he observed three men and a boy walking down the road.  Only the three men were carrying shotguns.  When the men saw the CPO, they quickly walked to the edge of the road and unloaded their shotguns.  All three men were hunting doves in a state area closed to dove hunting.  Two of the men did not have HIP numbers and none of the
men had their hunter safety cards with them.  One of the men also had a shotgun capable of holding more than three shells.  Several citations and numerous warnings were issued.

A District 13 CPO issued citations to three men below the dam of Carlyle for snagging fish. 

Two District 13 CPOs were on a boat patrol on Carlyle Lake.  They observed two male subjects urinating off of the boat and were not shy about their actions.  The boat was stopped for a safety inspection and to speak with them about urinating where other boaters could possible see them.  The operator of the boat was found to be intoxicated.  He failed all field sobriety tests and was arrested.  He later gave a breath sample that registered .128 BAC.  He was held in the county jail in lieu of cash bond. 

Two District 13 CPOs were on patrol when they came across a vehicle parked at a city lake.  The two CPOs approached the vehicle on foot and could see a female inside lighting something several times.   When the CPOs made contact with the female driver, a glass smoking device used to smoke illegal drugs was sitting in the female’s lap.  The female was arrested and her vehicle was searched where the CPOs found methamphetamine.  The female was taken to the county jail where she was held.

A CPO cited a subject for suspended driving and open alcohol at Forbes State Park.

A CPO cited two subjects for early shooting at CWMA.

A CPO taught a hunter safety class in Edwards County.

A CPO investigated the theft of trail cameras in Fayette County.  Two subjects were arrested

A CPO attended trapper college in Indiana.

A CPO taught a hunter safety class in Wabash County.

A CPO completed an investigation from a waste dumping incident at Dolan Lake on Labor Day weekend.  An upset individual called ISP about a camper that he believed dumped his human waste on the roadway from the Dolan Lake entrance onto Route 14.  The waste ended up on the complainant’s truck.  The type of vehicle and trailer were given to the CPO but no plate information.  The CPO tracked down the man at his residence and issued a citation for dumping on the roadway. 

A Franklin County man riding an ATV in Jefferson County was cited for operating an ATV on a roadway.  Interesting thing about this guy, he was stopped approximately 15 miles from home. 

A CPO investigated an arson to a site sign at Union County State Fish and Wildlife area.  A large wooden sign was burned at the site entrance.  No suspects have been located as of this time.

A Sgt. and a CPO instructed at the Waterfowl School held in Springfield.  The school was a week long and 14 students completed the course.

A CPO conducted park patrols at Giant City State Park and several alcohol violations were noted.

A CPO assisted the Wisconsin DNR with the interview of a subject from Southern Illinois who has been selling large amounts of ginseng in Wisconsin.  During the interview the subject admitted to the investigators numerous violations.  Charges are pending.
 A CPO was inspecting dove hunters and found one hunter whose gun could hold more than three shells.   The gun had a plug but was set up to hold 3 1/2" shells from late winter goose season not the 2 3/4" shells he was shooting for dove. Three of the 2 3/4" shells could fit in the magazine tube with the plug.  He and his friend also had failed to register with HIP.  A citation and written warning were issued for the offense.


Office of Law Enforcement
September 25, 2013

A District 7 Sergeant recovered two Bald Eagles last week.  The first was recovered near Dickson Mounds Museum.  After a short trip to Wildlife Prairie Park, it was determined that the eagle was emaciated for some unknown reason.  After a few good meals, the Eagle spirits and attitude were much improved.  The staff at Wildlife Prairie Park described it as having the "nastiest attitude" they had ever seen.   It was transferred to the Illinois Raptor Center in Decatur and will be released in a few weeks.  The second eagle was hit by a semi near the Spoon River Bridge on U.S. Route 24.  It is in the process of being shipped to the Bald Eagle Repository in Colorado.  This is the legal source for Native Americans to obtain eagle parts for religious ceremonies.

A CPO cited two individuals at Illini State Park in Marseilles for camping in an unauthorized area and unlawful introduction of alcohol in the campgrounds.

A CPO cited an individual for destroying trees at Mautino State Fish and Wildlife Area to build a fort in which to camp. 

A District 6 CPO conducted compliance checks of dove hunters at state hunting sites in Dekalb and Lasalle Counties. Citations for possession of lead shot and use of an unplugged shotgun were issued, as well as several written warnings for other violations.

While investigating a fishing complaint in the Rockford area, a CPO encountered a Rockford man who emerged from a wooded area along the Rock River. The subject denied fishing and stated he was just “hanging out.”  The CPO accompanied the man down to the river bank and discovered four fishing lines, which had been cast into the water and tied to sticks along the bank.  Upon questioning the man further, the subject admitted fishing.  The man stated he didn’t have a fishing license because he wasn’t using a fishing pole and was only fishing for fun.  The CPO explained to the man the necessity to purchase a fishing license.  A check of the man’s name and date of birth revealed the subject was wanted on warrant for failure to appear for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, a no bond warrant.  The CPO arrested the man and charged him with fishing without a fishing license.
A CPO conducted a watercraft patrol on Pierce Lake at Rock Cut State Park in Winnebago County.   Fourteen watercraft were inspected.  Ten violations were discovered and addressed to include:  no type IV throwable PFD, failure to cover and secure batteries, no sounding device, unlawful fishing without a fishing license in possession, and fishing with too many devices on a (2) pole and line only body of water.

Cocaine and Keystone Lite were being enjoyed until two CPOS took enforcement action at Mississippi Palisades State Park.  A female from Savanna and a male friend from Mt. Carroll were just relaxing in a parking lot on a beautiful Fall day.  Both were jailed for controlled substance and the female for DUI drugs.

A party of four college kids was smoking cannabis on the trails and decided to drive out of the park after hours.  That is when officers arrested the Clinton Iowa students for DUI, paraphernalia, and drug possession.

A District 1 CPO received a complaint from a Joslin man of repeated dumping taking place at the entrance to a rural property he took care of.  The man stated he read in the Outdoor Illinois publication that IDNR sometimes handle these types of complaints.  The CPO ran down multiple leads and developed a suspect.  The suspect was a drifter who was known to scrap metal.  The suspect was located and interviewed.  The suspect first denied dumping the materials.  After the suspects lies were disproven during the interview, he admitted to dumping the materials.  The suspect was arrested for dumping the materials and has a mandatory court date in Rock Island County Court in October.  The investigation continues on the rest of the dumped material.

Two District 6 Officers citied seven individuals for being in a restricted area of Starved Rock State Park.

A District 6 Officer was about a mile downstream of the Starved Rock Lock checking fishermen.  From a distance he watched an individual snagging for about 10 minutes.  As the officer was approaching to confront the man, his partner picked up a fishing pole.  The officer decided to stand back to see what his partner was going to do.  In no time the partner started snagging as well.  Both were issued citations.

On Tuesday, a District 2 CPO heard a dispatch of a stop and hold call for a subject who intentionally rammed a Lake In The Hills police car.  The CPO arrived on scene with three other Algonquin Police cars.  As the subject was confronted in the Walmart parking lot, he stated he was not going to talk with the police.  When he was advised he was under arrest, he stated he was going to kill the police.  Algonquin police deployed the taser as the subject ran at the CPO.  The taser did not stop the aggression and a foot chase ensued.  The CPO gave chase and caught the subject where a struggle ensued.  Upon arrival of the other Algonquin Police, the taser was deployed again, this time with success.  The subject fell to the ground and was taken into custody.  The subject was charged with criminal damage to property, aggravated battery to a police officer, and resisting arrest.  His bond was set at $35,000.  While at jail, the subject tried to escape and now faces additional charges of attempting to escape.

Three District 2 CPOs attended boat operator training on Lake Michigan.

Three District 2 CPOs investigated a fatal boating accident on Lake Marie, part of the Chain O Lakes.  The 47 year old male subject was boating with his 13 year old daughter when he fell from the boat.  It is believed he had engine problems and was attempting to fix the boat.  After a 5 minute struggle in the water, the subject went under water.  The fire department spent 3 hours diving for a recovery.  Sonar units were deployed and the subject was located and recovered about 4.5 hours after he went under.  The investigation is still pending.

No activity reported.

A CPO received information that a subject was digging ginseng early in Calhoun County.  The CPO located the subject who admitted to digging ginseng early.  He had ginseng drying on window screen that was in various stages of drying.  In a paper bag, he had 1.02 pounds of very dry ginseng that he had dug early.  He claimed he started digging the third week of the month, he was referring to the month of August.

A CPO received information that a subject was digging ginseng early in Macoupin County.  The CPO located the subject, who admitted to digging ginseng early and without a license. The subject could not get a license due to child support issues.  

A CPO received information that a subject was digging ginseng early in Macoupin County.  The CPO located the subject, who admitted to digging ginseng early and without a license.

A CPO received a complaint from a landowner of a timber buyer not paying the full amount on a timber sale in Adams County.  The CPO began an investigation which has lead to several subjects buying timber without a license and a timber buyer not paying 4 % fees.  This week the CPO arrested two subjects in the case.  One subject was issued three citations for buying timber without a license.  The second subject was issued ten citations for failure to report and failure to pay 4 % fees.

A CPO was dispatched to Lock and Dam 21 in reference to a kidnapping incident.  The CPO was informed that a woman had been kidnapped approximately two to three weeks ago in Minnesota, and the woman was being held on-board a
boat on the Mississippi River, specifically at Lock and Dam #21.  The woman managed to obtain a knife and cell phone.  The victim was resisting her captor and was attempting to call for help.  Illinois State Police, Adams County Sheriff’s Department, and the FBI responded to the scene as well.  Adams County was the first on the scene and secured the subject and watercraft. 

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Adams County.

Working with a fellow CPO checking dove hunters in Jefferson County, the officers cited two hunters for taking doves over a baited area.  The hunters gathered corn from an adjacent standing corn field then threw the corn cobs and bits in the decoys of the grass field they were hunting.

A CPO cited a waterfowl hunter at Ten Mile Creek in Jefferson County for hunting with lead shot and taking a goose out of season. 

CPOs taught the law portion at four hunter safety classes and one boat safety class in District 14.

A CPO taught a hunter safety class in Fayette county.

A CPO taught a hunter safety class in Marion county.

A CPO is investigating a TIPS complaint of a subject placing bait and tree stands on a landowner’s property without permission.

A CPO and a Sgt investigated a subject who was placing poison around his property.  The complaint was confirmed by the CPO when he discovered four pans around the subject's property containing a blue liquid.  The Sgt and CPO questioned the subject.  The subject stated he was having problems with raccoons.  The subject was using a substance called Golden Marlin which is intended to kill insects when used correctly.  The subject was mixing the poison with soda pop.  The poison is very lethal as one dead raccoon was found within just a few feet of one of the pans.  The subject was cited for using poison to take wildlife and advised how to legally deal with the raccoon problem.

A CPO patrolled Fort Massac State Park making multiple vehicle stops for IVC violations after receiving a complaint from the site superintendent.

A CPO conducted surveillance of bow fisherman on the Ohio River who is suspected of illegally dumping fish in the river as well as the public boat ramp at Fort Massac State Park.

A CPO is investigating a Kentucky timber buyer after receiving information of illegal timber cutting.

A CPO attended and gave a presentation on trapping laws at a trapper education class held in Carbondale.  The class was around 50 students as it appears high fur prices are fueling a renewed interest in trapping.

Region 5 CPOs attended firearms training at 10 Mile Conservation Area.

A Sgt. and a CPO gave a sonar presentation at Calumet Coast Guard Station and attended boat training on Lake Michigan.

A CPO spoke to youth hunters at the National Wild Turkey Federation Jakes Day event at Trail of Tears State Forest.  60-70 youths in attended the event.

A CPO located two subjects on Snake Road (Shawnee National Forest) with tools to collect snakes and pillow cases to transport them with in their possession.  It is unlawful to possess those articles on that site.  The case was referred to U.S. Forest Service Officer for investigation.