Office of Law Enforcement
October 2, 2013

A CPO gave nine presentations on Water Safety at the Henderson/Warren Counties Farm Safety Day held at the Henderson County Fairgrounds.  Approximately 250 5th grade students were instructed on the proper use of Personal Flotation Devices and on how to remain safe during water emergencies.

A CPO in Henderson County received a complaint about illegal deer hunting in McDonough County.  The officer has initiated an investigation into the alleged violations.

A District 1 CPO is investigating a report from a hunter of eight dead deer that were found.  While doing some preseason scouting a hunter came across eight dead deer in varying stages of decomposition.  It appears the deer died of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD).  A report was completed and the district biologist was notified.

A District 1 CPO is investigating an abandoned boat that was dumped in the Rock River near Dixon.

A District 6 CPO received a complaint regarding the baiting of deer.  Upon investigation, the CPO located the bait as well as a nearby tree stand.  When the 2013 Illinois archery deer season begins October 1st, the CPO will be pleased to make the hunter’s acquaintance.

A District 6 officer cited a fisherman for possession of a short largemouth bass on the Illinois River.

A District 6 officer was checking fishermen along the Illinois River when he noticed a car parked in the middle of the road.  The driver was talking to a fisherman.  As a grain truck approached the car, the truck honked his horn to get the car to move out of the way.  The driver of the car proceeded to give the truck driver a finger gesture. The truck was able to get around the car without incident. The officer then conducted a traffic stop on the car.  The driver said he didn’t know he was on a county road and was just trying to find out how good was the fishing in the area.  He was cited for parking on a roadway.

While running traffic in Mississippi Palisades State Park a District 1 CPO stopped a vehicle for failure to signal and the passenger wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.  Upon making contact with the subjects and furthering the investigation, two Chicago men were arrested for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  The driver was arrested for DUI, failure to signal turn, and possessing two driver’s licenses. The passenger was cited for no seatbelt.

A CPO patrolled Knox County area DNR sites checking fishermen and boaters.  Two subjects were observed in a small jon boat on a lake at the Buffalo Pheasant Habitat Area.  A check of the boat found it had no registration, only Type 4 PFDs, battery unsecured/terminals not shielded, and no sounding device. The owner had purchased it recently and did not know he needed registration.  The boat owner was issued written warnings for his violations.  A Boat Registration Inspection form was completed and a registration application was provided.

A District 6 officer arrested five individuals for unlawful snagging in waters closed to snagging.

A District 6 officer arrested eight individuals for unlawfully fishing with no valid fishing license.

A District 6 officer arrested two individuals for entering a restricted area.

A CPO responded to a pre-season deer hunting complaint.  After investigating the complaint, one subject was cited for feeding deer.   

A District 2 CPO cited a motorcyclist for failure to have at least one hand on the handlebars of his motorcycle as he was driving.  Instead of giving the customary "Harley wave" as when another motorcycle passes by, the subject proceeded to take both hands off of the handlebars and give a prolonged double finger to the CPO as he drove past.  The subject was quite surprised when he was subsequently stopped and given a citation.  He at first stated that he thought that it was someone else, but then also questioned why he was being stopped and ticketed since he was outside the boundaries of the state park.

A District 2 CPO cited a man for a short Largemouth Bass on the Fox River (9"- min 14").

Two District 11 CPOs arrested two men and one woman, all from Toledo, for trespassing while digging ginseng in rural Cumberland County.  The two males were also cited for digging with no ginseng license.  The two men have been arrested in the past for the same violations.  The CPOs seized the entire ginseng that was dug illegally.

While on patrol in Walnut Point State Park in Douglas County, a District 11 CPO observed two subjects fishing.  The male subject was found to be a registered child sex offender.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

Three Region 3 CPOs attended Boat Operation Training on Lake Michigan with new Region 3 27’ Sonar Boat.

Three Region 3 CPOs attended ITTF Conference in Peoria with new Region 3 27’ Sonar Boat giving demo to attendees of its capabilities.

A CPO in Adams County received a complaint from a landowner of a subject harvesting ginseng without permission.  The CPO interviewed and arrested a subject for harvesting ginseng without permission.  The subject had been arrested years ago for removing artifacts (arrowheads) from Buckhorn.

A CPO was patrolling Jersey County when three motorcycles passed him at a high rate of speed.  He was able to catch up to the three motorcycles and issued citations for speeding more than 30 mph over the speed limit.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Macoupin County.

A District Sergeant and CPO attended the ITTF conference in Peoria.

Region 5, District 16 CPO's attended firearms training at 10 Mile Range SP.

CPOs are investigating a complaint from Wyoming Game and Fish where an Illinois man possibly took a Moose, and Elk without a tag. The case is under investigation pending interviews and statements.

A CPO assisted Johnson Co. Sheriff on an escapee inmate that fled on foot wanted on criminal charges. An extensive search was conducted on a wooded area; the suspect was not located and is still at large. Night vision and FLIR gear was used to aid in the apprehension.

A CPO is investigating 2 Missouri men for fraudulent deer permit applications. The case is pending interviews and statements.

A boat dealer is under investigation for not submitting registration applications on new and used boat purchases.

District 16 CPOs attended the Border Conference in Indiana.

A Sgt and CPO investigated a complaint of a Missouri vehicle with seven passengers trespassing to harvest ginseng.  The complainant obtained the plate number.  With this information the officers were able to locate a relative in Jasper County.  The suspect vehicle was in the driveway.  After speaking to one of the subjects who denied trespassing, he was checked thru ISP and an active warrant was found for him out of Effingham County.  The subject was transported to Jasper County jail.

A CPO attended two hunter safety classes, one in Effingham County and one in Clay County.

CPOs transported the District 15 airboat to the ITTF Conference in Peoria.

A CPO was leaving a Rend Lake access area when a truck rounding the corner threw out an empty beer can in front of the CPO.  The driver was cited for the violation. 

A CPO and Sgt. investigated a battery at Cave in Rock State Park originating from a person in the park past the posted closing hours.  The case will be sent to the local State’s Attorney for review.

ATV riders at the Rend Lake Wildlife Management Area were cited for operating off-road by a CPO and SGT.  The CPO also cited boaters at Rend Lake for life jacket and registration violations. 

A CPO assisted the McLeansboro Police and Hamilton County Sheriff's Office with a search and recovery of a missing woman.  The woman was missing for four days.  She was found deceased.  Hamilton County authorities are investigating the death.  During the search the CPO located many marijuana plants.  That case has been referred to another police agency. 

A Pope County CPO cited two individuals who were baiting doves with large amounts of milo added to a sunflower crop.  The individuals sunflower crop was poor and they wanted to attract more doves.  Large amounts of doves were present in the baited area. 

Office of Law Enforcement
October 9, 2013

A CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint and cited a subject for feeding deer and issued warnings for trespassing. 

An area CPO in Winnebago County received a complaint of an unknown individual(s) who drove a motor vehicle through a gate at the Rockton Bog public hunting area outside of the city of South Beloit.  An investigation to locate those responsible is ongoing.

A District 6 officer citied four individuals for snagging on the Illinois River.

A District 6 officer was returning from a boat patrol when he saw a couple fishing next to the Starved Rock boat ramp. When the officer asked for their fishing licenses neither had one. The man claimed he wasn’t fishing, he was just reeling in the line for his girlfriend.  Enforcement action was taken.

A District 6 officer arrested five individuals for unlawful snagging in waters closed to snagging.

A District 6 officer arrested four individuals for entering a restricted area, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and less than 2.5gr of cannabis.  One of the individuals was a juvenile.

A District 6 CPO cited an individual for unlawfully leaving the scene of a property damage accident.  The individual backed into another vehicle legally parked in a handicapped spot at Starved Rock State Park.  Occupants got out and looked at the damaged vehicle before leaving the scene.  The individual’s vehicle was located in another parking lot. 

A CPO located two very baited deer stands.  The areas were baited with five salt blocks, whole corn, and apples.  Samples of the bait were taken for evidence.

A District 1 CPO is investigating a report from a cattle farmer of five dead deer being found.  While tending to his cattle the farmer came across five dead deer in varying stages of decomposition.  It appears the deer died of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD).  A report was completed and the district biologist was notified.

A District 1 CPO checked known baited deer hunting areas during the opening days of archery season.  No hunters were found.  Attempts to locate hunters in the areas will continue throughout the fall.

A District 6 CPO conducted an investigation of a male subject making comments on Facebook about baiting deer on the property he intended to hunt.  On opening day of the archery deer season the CPO found the subject's truck parked along a roadway in rural Dekalb County.  The CPO located the bow hunter in a ladder stand overlooking a small section of timber and a mineral block. The hunter was instructed to remove the remaining bait from the area and not to hunt the site for ten days.  Citations were issued for unlawfully feeding/baiting deer and unlawfully hunting deer over bait.  An area is considered as baited during the presence of and for ten consecutive days following the removal of the bait.

A CPO checked hunters at DNR sites including Argyle Lake SP, Snakeden Hollow SFWA, and Spoon River SF. Several hunters were issued written warnings for failure to display dashboard sign in sheets in their vehicles while hunting on a state site.

A District 1 CPO cited a Savanna man for selling his boat without a title.

A Sabula man was educated about the laws regarding digging ginseng on state land. A District 1 CPO saw the man dressed in full camouflage with a camouflage rut sack walking out of the woods. The man was walking up to a car that
had stopped in the middle of the road. The CPO confronted the man and asked what was in the bag. The man said just food and stuff.  The CPO asked the man to open the other compartments.  In the bag, was a metal digging tool, knee pads, and gloves.  When confronted about the tools the man said he had been digging on land days prior and had not dug at all that day.  The dirt on the tools was consistent with the story. The CPO did not find any ginseng.  

A CPO in Henderson County responded to a deer hunting complaint in McDonough County.  Charges are pending with a California resident.

A CPO in Henderson County worked a commercial fishing complaint in Hancock County on the Mississippi River.  The complaint revolved around unlawful commercial fishing.  A district supervisor and two officers conducted an all night surveillance detail.

Responding to complaint of baiting in early September, a District 6 CPO located the tree stand.  After documenting the bait, the CPO awaited the opening of the Illinois archery season. On October 1, two District 6 CPOs located a hunter in the tree stand, which was now supplemented with even more bait than originally documented.  The hunter was cited for attempting to take deer by the aid of bait.

A District 7 CPO responded to a father who took his son youth firearm deer hunting a week early and killed a button buck.  The father reported what he had unintentionally done to law enforcement.  The 12 year old son said he learned two things from this incident: double check the dates on the deer permit before going hunting and always tell the truth even if you know you did something wrong.   Appropriate enforcement action was taken.  

A District 2 CPO and a District 4 CPO were working a plain clothes snagging detail at Waukegan Harbor when they observed a suspicious vehicle pull into the parking lot.  When the two male occupants opened the doors the CPOs smelled an odor of cannabis.  The CPOs followed the two subjects onto the pier where they lit a glass pipe and passed it back and forth.  The CPOs arrested both subjects for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. 

Later in the evening while working the same detail, the same CPOs were returning to their patrol vehicle parked at the Waukegan Metra station when they smelled an odor of cannabis in the air.  They observed two male subjects standing next to a vehicle smoking what appeared to be a cannabis cigarette.  As they approached the subjects, they encountered a woman urinating on the wall of the train station.  They attempted to question her about this activity but discovered she was deaf.  They approached the males who had been smoking and one of them threw a cannabis cigarette to the ground.  The CPOs attempted to talk to the subjects but discovered they were also deaf.  One CPO noticed there was a woman sitting in the car holding an infant so he tried to talk to her but discovered she was also deaf.  The CPO noticed a strong odor of cannabis coming from inside the vehicle and observed a 2 year old child sitting in the back seat with her head slumped forward.  The CPO tried to wake the child to determine if she was ok but could not wake her up.  The CPO called dispatch for an ambulance and backup units.  When the ambulance arrived on scene EMS personnel took the child into the ambulance but were unable to wake the child for several minutes.  When the child finally woke up her vital signs appeared normal and EMS released her back to the mother.  The CPOs conducted a search of the vehicle and discovered more cannabis.  Both male subjects were arrested for possession of cannabis.  A report was made with DCFS the following morning and they have an investigation pending regarding this incident.

A District 2 CPO had finished his shift and was at home when he received a call from a local landowner.  The landowner said he observed two men loading up a deer at the edge of his property.  The landowner provided a license plate number and vehicle description.  The CPO ran the license plate number and determined the identity of the vehicle owner.  The CPO responded to a residence near the location and spoke to a man there about the incident.  He said his friend had killed a deer on the complainant's property but had already left to go home.  The CPO then called a District 3 CPO to go to the vehicle owner's house in Bolingbrook.  The District 3 CPO spoke with a woman at the house who
informed him her husband was staying at a farm in Round Lake.  She provided a phone number and the CPO contacted him and arranged to meet.  When the CPO arrived he found the hunter with a freshly killed doe.  When the CPO spoke with the hunter he said he had received permission to hunt the property indirectly through friends approximately 10 years ago but had never confirmed his permission.  Upon further investigation, it was determined the hunter had illegally killed a 10 point buck on the property in 2011.  The CPO seized the hunter's bow, doe, and buck mount as evidence.  He was cited for hunting without permission and two counts of unlawful take of a whitetail deer.

A CPO responded to a personal injury horse accident at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park.  Two women had been thrown from their horses and one had possibly broken her ribs.  Fox Lake Fire and Rescue responded to the scene and transported the injured woman to the hospital.

A CPO received a phone call about two men hunting geese out of season on private property near Chain O’ Lakes State Park.  The CPO responded to the location and found two men in layout blinds surrounded by goose decoys.  The men said they were hunting geese.  The CPO informed them goose season does not open for another two weeks and they were hunting out of season.  One hunter did not have a hunting license or a federal waterfowl stamp.  Both hunters were cited for hunting geese out of season and one hunter was also cited for hunting without a hunting license and hunting waterfowl without a federal waterfowl stamp.

CPOs cited a subject for illegally hunting white-tailed deer over bait and for unlawfully feeding of wildlife during the early morning hours of October 1st in Macon County.  The male subject was from Lebanon, Illinois.  The CPOs had scouted this area prior to the beginning of bow season.

A CPO checked on a vehicle on October 5th at 1 a.m. due to a female passenger getting sick along the side of the road.  The male driver, the husband, was checked and it was discovered he was revoked due to numerous DUI's in the past.  The driver was cited.

A CPO responded to a complaint of subjects illegally camping and cutting down firewood in a restricted hunting area around Clinton Lake.  After a thorough interview, the subjects were cited for their offenses.

A CPO responded to complaints of subjects illegally hunting over bait.  The incidents are still under investigation. 

A CPO worked with the McLean County Sheriff’s Department on Evergreen Lake near Bloomington on October 6th, focusing on sport fishing regulations and boat safety inspections.  Violations were found and subjects cited.

A CPO worked the state dove fields at Sangchris Lake State Park issuing written warnings for site hunting regulations.

A CPO located four subjects who had entered a restricted area at CWLP to fish.  The area is off limits for security and safety issues if the lake gates were to open.  The four subjects were cited

A CPO followed up on a CCSD complaint involving a pet wild raccoon, which had been destroyed after biting a 2 yr old.  The raccoon's owner was charged with unlawfully possessing a wild raccoon

A CPO checked a male subject at Sandridge State Forest camping area who was in possession of alcohol.  The subject was later identified as a sexual predator and transported to Mason County jail.

Several fishermen were located fishing in a restricted area below the CWLP spillway.  None had fishing licenses.   Enforcement action was taken.

Off Road "muddin" continues to be a problem at Sangamon County Conservation area.  Three trucks were found stuck on state supported property.  The vehicles were removed and enforcement action was taken. 

CPOs taught 150 students Hunter Safety at the Springfield Headquarters building

A CPO attended a hunter safety class with 65 students in Taylorville at the U of I Extension building.

A CPO attended the Pana Jr High hunter safety class consisting of 77 students

A CPO completed hunter safety classes in Taylorville and Pana

A CPO attended the Illinois Wildlife annual meeting in Springfield, speaking to a total of 13 members about IDNR law changes

A CPO received a tip about The Outdoor Bow Shop in Taylorville selling minnows without a license and failing to maintain record of purchases and sales.  It was determined the store was selling minnows without a retail minnow dealer license and the wholesaler (Pana Wholesale Bait Co.) failed to maintain the proper records (the proper licenses numbers) of the minnow sale to the bow shop. The proper citations and warnings were issued to both the retail and wholesale minnow dealers for the license and records violations. 

A CPO issued citations and warnings to kayakers fishing a Lake Taylorville contributory for boating violations and charged three bow hunters for hunting deer by the aid of bait and CWD bait placement on Lake Taylorville property. 

CPOs provided support for the first annual Abe’s Canoe/Kayak River Race on the Sangamon River.  No significant incidents other than the threat of rain.

A CPO located a trophy rock by a deer stand before archery deer season in Brown County. This past week a CPO found a hunter hunting deer over the trophy rock.

A CPO stopped a vehicle on private property for trespassing in Jersey County.  During the stop, the CPO smelled the odor of burnt cannabis.  The subject admitted to having cannabis and a pipe. 

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Schuyler County.

A CPO attended Emergency Services Day in Hancock County.  Fifty-eight high school seniors attended. 

A CPO cited a hunter on the opening day of archery deer season for unlawfully feeding deer. He had a mineral block placed at one end of his food plot on the property he was headed to hunt.  He also investigated
a Facebook complaint where a suspect posted a picture of 13 squirrels online.  The subject was bragging about limits when advised he was over limit.  The case is still under investigation.  

A CPO assisted White County deputies and the Illinois State Police with a manhunt resulting in an Indiana Police pursuit in which the two subjects drove their vehicle into the Wabash River at New Harmony.  The subjects then swam the river and fled into Illinois.  They were wanted on suspected Meth related charges.

A CPO assisted Gallatin County, Saline County, and ISP with an attempt to locate a suicidal subject who stated they were fishing at a pond near Equality.  He also issued multiple illegal transportation of alcohol tickets to motorists while conducting road hunting/night hunting patrols in complaint areas of White County.

A CPO investigated a Child Sex Offender who was tent camping inside Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park.  The case was sent to the Jefferson County State’s Attorney’s office for filing of charges, subject was ejected from the park.  He also taught at two hunter safety classes. 

A CPO while conducting sport fishing checks at Harrisburg City Lake checked a Missouri fisherman and noted a fishing license violation.  The fisherman thought because of the Government shutdown, game wardens wouldn't be working.  The fisherman also had a warrant from Jefferson County for theft.  He was arrested and held on $35,000.00 bond.

A CPO stopped two Missouri hunters on a side by side who were both carrying their uncased/unlocked bows on their laps.  In addition to the transportation violations, the hunters were cited for open alcohol and operation of an ATV on a public roadway.

A CPO cited a Harrisburg man for failing to carry his permits in the field while bow hunting.  He was also cited with not having a hunting license on his person and transporting a bow without a case or lock.

CPOs investigated a hunting accident at the Hamilton County Conservation Area on the first day of the deer hunting season.  The victim suffered four broken ribs, was treated and released, then went back hunting!  

A CPO observed a truck parked along a section of Shawnee Forest in Hardin County.  The CPO observed several dead copperheads on the road, but entered the woods and found an individual with a pouch.  The CPO asked if he had any Ginseng and the subject showed the officer 29 roots.  The officer explained that Ginseng hunting in the forest is illegal.  The subject was cited and the roots were seized.
A CPO discovered a stand baited with acorn rage.  The CPO also located a trail camera and left the area.  The next day the CPO returned and cited a subject from Arkansas for hunting the baited area.  Another individual from Louisiana was found in violation for failure to tag his deer. 

CPOs investigated a hunting complaint in Crawford County.  They encountered a subject from Virginia deer hunting with no permits and no hunting license.  A second subject was archery deer hunting and was in possession of a handgun.  Multiple citations were issued.

A CPO investigated a tree stand accident in Richland County.  A subject fell while exiting his tree stand when the strap holding his climbing stick broke.  The subject admitted he had not replaced the strap for two years.  Upon the fall the subject broke his femur.

A Sgt cited a Teutopolis resident for deer hunting by the use or aid of bait in Jasper County.

A CPO arrested a subject at Forbes State Park wanted on a warrant.

A CPO issued a written warning to a Louisiana resident for transporting an uncased pellet rifle.  The subject was squirrel hunting at Crawford County Conservation Area.

A CPO taught a hunter safety class in Olney that had 82 students.

A CPO cited a subject in Fayette County for tagging a deer with his wife's permit.

A CPO inspected log truck driver who had incomplete information on transportation papers and he was cited for the offense.

A CPO stopped a vehicle on a state highway for improper lane usage.  He had observed vehicle weaving for several miles on dangerous hilly road and crossing double yellow lines on blind hills.  The driver was stopped and asked about the weaving.  The driver stated they were fine - just texting the whole time.   The driver also had an expired registration.  He was cited for texting while driving and issued a written warning for registration.

District 16 CPOs took dozens of calls in reference to the federal government shutdown and which lands it affects e.g.  USFWS, US Forest Service etc.

A CPO located a baited deer stand on a complaint from a landowner in Alexander County.  The area is under surveillance.

A District 16 CPO working on IDNR Lands during the week issued several written warnings for vehicle violations.  He also charged a subject with operating an off road vehicle on park roads.

 A CPO responded to a complaint of ATV's on department lands harassing deer hunters.  All were gone on his arrival and no description was given by the hunters.  A search of the area did not reveal the ATV.

A CPO and Sgt. attended defensive tactics training class held at Lake Murphysboro State Park.

A CPO responded to a complaint of ATV's unlawfully operating on the Kinkaid Lake Fish and Wildlife area.  Upon arriving in the area the ATV's were already gone.  A nearby deer camp is where the ATV's likely came from and will be monitored closely this fall.

A CPO completed four ginseng certifications for the week. 

A CPO assisted the Jackson County Sheriff's Office with the search of a subject who fled from an active meth lab.  The subject fled into a remote area of the Shawnee National Forest. A search of the area by vehicle and K-9 did not locate the subject.  Enough information and evidence was obtained for the issuance of an arrest warrant.  As of this writing the subject has yet to be located.

In other meth related cases it was learned that evidence obtained from old meth lab trash he discovered at Campbell Pond state wildlife area last winter by district 16 CPO's was instrumental in the federal indictments of six individuals on conspiracy to produce meth charges.

A CPO spoke to several area schools about boating safety at Conservation Days at the Du Quoin State Fairgrounds.

A CPO was patrolling Pyramid State Park when he located two subjects fishing without a license at Mallard Lake.  Both were issued citations for the offense.

A CPO warned two archery deer hunters at Pyramid State Park for not having the required windshield cards.

A CPO conducted surveillance on multiple baited tree stands in Massac County.

A Sgt. and CPO attended a planning meeting for the Encampment at Ft. Massac at the site.

An elk poaching case was referred to us by the Wyoming Game and Fish. The case was opened and is currently under investigation, allegedly two Illinois men were suspected of unlawfully taking elk and moose.

District 16 conducted night patrols of areas reported to have spotlighting activity in Massac, Pulaski and Union Counties.  

Office of Law Enforcement
October 16, 2013

A CPO investigated a complaint relating to a boat dealer in Knox County.  Upon the sale of a boat last spring, the dealer failed to provide a title for the used boat to his customer.  Upon speaking to the owner of the business and inspecting his records, several violations were found.  He had been purchasing numerous older used boats and had the prior owners sign the titles, leaving an open title.  After some repairs and/or boat modifications, he would attempt to sell the watercraft.  Of the thirty boats he had on his property, he only possessed titles for about half of them.  The CPO explained the proper process for operating as a boat dealer.  Upon his request, the titles he possessed were compared to the boats he had in his lot.  He was issued a citation for failure to make application for title and registration to the IL DNR within 15 days, for the boat he sold last spring without a title in hand.  With the assistance of Iowa DNR, the prior owner was contacted and the dealer would obtain the proper paperwork to obtain an Illinois title.  He was issued written warnings for failure to maintain accurate boat dealer records and failure to transfer title upon sale of a watercraft.  After checking hull identification numbers through LEADS and NCIC, watercraft registration applications were provided to apply for title searches on the boats he did not possess paperwork.  He was provided a copy of the used boat dealer laws and numerous power of attorney forms to assist him in obtaining titles after the searches were completed.

A CPO patrolled Lake McMaster at Snakeden Hollow State Fish and Wildlife Area.  Eight boats were checked and four written warnings were issued for minor equipment violations.  The officer’s work boat outboard motor broke while at the west end of the lake.  Luckily, a west wind was blowing in the general direction of the ramp approximately a mile away.  While completing paperwork and with some occasional rowing, the CPO enjoyed the fall day as he drifted.  Two offers for tows were made by passing fishing boats, one of which was warned for operating a motor larger than 10hp and travelling faster than NO WAKE.  After loading the work boat onto the trailer, another boater was assisted in loading his pontoon boat onto the trailer with a heavy crosswind. 

A District 1 CPO cited four Elgin men squirrel hunting in a state area open to youth firearm deer hunters.  The squirrel hunters were not wearing any blaze orange and were in a restricted area.  One of the men was also cited for being over his limit of squirrels.

A Thomson man was cited by a District 1 CPO for not having an 11 year old passenger wearing his lifejacket as they were coming back from waterfowl hunting.  He was verbally warned for his fire extinguisher being expired and the 11 year old not having his hunting license in possession.

A CPO in Henderson County received a complaint about the unlawful taking of a whitetail deer in Henderson County.  A suspect has been identified and the investigation is ongoing.  The same subject was cited for multiple deer violations in 2011.

A District 6 officer was patrolling the trails at Starved Rock when he located two individuals in a restricted area.  As he observed them he noticed they were holding beer cans, alcohol is not allowed on the trails. The officer located two more beers and a bottle of rum in their backpack.  The officer then found out one of them was wanted on a warrant. Both individuals were issued citations for the alcohol, written warnings for being in a restricted area, and the one individual was transported to jail for the outstanding warrant.

A CPO issued citations at Johnson Sauk Trail State Park and Big Bend State Fish & Wildlife Area (SFWA) for illegal tree stands.  Tree stands either were not marked with the owners name, phone number and address as required by law or had been left up after the last hunting season and were not removed from the state area when they were supposed to be.

A District 1 CPO checked known baited deer hunting areas.  No hunters were found.  Attempts to locate hunters in the areas will continue throughout the Fall.

No activity reported.

A CPO received a complaint from a fisherman who had a boat run over his lines and break one of his fishing poles on Clinton Lake.  He stated the passengers and the operator knew his pole was there but drove over it anyway.  After finding the operator of the boat it was found that the operator did know the lines were there but ran over the lines anyway.  A citation for carless operation was issued to the operator.

A CPO received a complaint in Hallsville of deer parts strewn all over neighbor’s lawns from an adjacent house.  Two officers found the carcasses and interviewed the resident of the house.  He stated that the deer were reported road kill deer by him and his friend.  The officers did not find any reports of the road kill deer.  Enforcement action is pending.

A CPO issued one citation to a father who allowed his son to youth shotgun hunt within 300 yds of approximately six houses without permission.

A CPO issued three written warnings to bow hunters for not wearing blaze orange and one written warning to a subject with no fishing license.

A CPO investigated a Decatur man in a tree stand over a baited area.  The area was baited with corn, salt, mineral blocks and a half of a bushel of apples. The Decatur man was issued a citation for unlawfully feeding deer CWD. 

A CPO issued a Decatur man a citation for possession of 12 crappie under the 10 inch limit.  He was putting fish in a bucket back at his truck in a Wildlife area parking lot just off the Okaw River.

A CPO issued one written warning for a habitat stamp violation and two written warnings for speed and registration violations.

A CPO issued a Douglas County male a citation for failure to immediately tag a whitetail deer.

A CPO also issued an Edgar County male a citation for transporting an uncased bow and arrow.

A CPO arrested a Hammond man in rural Moultrie County for hunting deer over bait.  The man had placed a large pile of apples under his tree.

A CPO arrested a Sullivan man in rural Shelby County for hunting deer over bait.  The man was also given written warnings for hunting with no license or habitat stamp.

A CPO checked two Shelbyville men in rural Shelby County on Corps of Engineer land who were archery hunting during the youth firearm season with no blaze orange.  Upon speaking with the men, he noticed some inconsistencies in their hunting stories from earlier in the season.  After speaking with the men it was learned that one had shot a small fork horn buck earlier in the year and his friend had tagged it due to the shooter already harvesting a prior buck and not wanting to be "bucked out" for the year.  Additionally, the second man never reported the deer, removed the tag and tried to use it again.  The men then dumped the remains of the deer in a plastic bag at a Corps of Engineer parking area.  Both men were issued citations and multiple warnings.  The CPO had arrested one of the men two years prior for a similar violation.

A CPO observed two bow hunters coming out of the woods.  Neither of the hunters had their blaze orange requirements on.  He checked their permits and tags, and when they got back to their truck he saw three mineral blocks, a jug of liquid attractant, and a bag of c’mere-deer.  Citations for the blaze orange violations were issued.

Officers from both districts completed investigations into commercial taxidermy businesses as well.

A CPO was checking several fishermen at Stump Lake in Jersey County.  When he checked a fisherman with four poles he found the fisherman did not have his name and address on two poles.  A check revealed the fisherman was wanted on three warrants for failure to appear.  One warrant was for assault. 

A CPO conducted timber truck stops and investigated various complaints of deer hunting violations. 

Region 5 CPOs received defensive tactics and weapons training during scenario firearms training with simunition pistols.

A CPO cited a deer hunter for hunting over bait (acorn rage) in Jefferson County.  He also cited an out of state deer hunter for parental responsibility in Jefferson County for taking his daughter deer hunting without permits or license.

While checking a man fishing without a license, a CPO discovered the man was wanted on a warrant for failure to appear on a previous DUI from Effingham County.  The man was taken to jail.

A Sgt and CPOs worked a detail with Indiana Conservation Officers on the Wabash River enforcing roe fishing regulations.  Fourteen illegally set nets, fifteen sturgeon and six pounds of caviar were seized.  The investigation is ongoing.

A CPO stopped a log truck in Fayette County.  Suspecting it was grossly overweight he called the assistance of ISP and the truck was sent to the scales.  The truck was 11, 180 pounds overweight and was assessed a fine of $4,400.00.

A CPO worked Sam Dale Lake Conservation Area in Wayne County.  He encountered a subject wanted on a warrant who was also sentenced to home confinement with an ankle bracelet.

A CPO responded to a hunting without permission call in Fayette County.  A hunter was located not wearing blaze orange during the youth firearm season.  Citations were issued.

A Sgt. and CPOs responded to a missing person report at Forbes State Park.  A lady advised the site superintendent that her husband went fishing in the boat at 3:00 p.m. the previous day and has not returned.  She reported this at 4:00 p.m.  A CPO located the boat tied to the shoreline with some minor damage to the prop and rear of the boat.  Suspecting the subject left the boat on foot, the CPO began walking the wooded area near the boat and calling out the subject's name.  Another CPO was standing by at the couple’s campsite when the missing subject walked out of the woods.  Apparently the couple was in an argument and the husband slept in the boat over night.  He was basically hiding from his wife.  The couple was asked to pack up camp and leave the park.

Two CPOs arrested two subjects at Heron Pond Nature Preserve for unlawful disturbance of fauna and flora, no fishing license while taking amphibians, as well as possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams.  Both were charged and bonded.

Two CPOs are currently investigating a Wyoming Elk case involving a group of Illinois men that unlawfully took elk and possibly moose.

Two CPOs were called to a hunting accident in Williamson County.  A hunter was injured when the straps holding his stand to the tree broke.  He fell approximately 16-18 feet to the ground.  He sustained an open compound fracture to one of his legs.  He was transported to a local hospital where he was waiting to undergo surgery.

District 16 CPOs attended scenario training at Rend Lake State Park.

A CPO responded to an alleged sexual assault in a Southern Illinois State Park. The woman stated she was taken at gun point to a park and assaulted.  ISP is currently investigating the allegation, no arrest has been made and the case is still being investigated.

A CPO arrested a Perry County man for driving while license suspended.  He was processed and bonded.

Two Johnson County men were cited for throwing empty beer cans into a drainage canal.

A Johnson County man was cited for possession of an inoperable bow while in transportation.

A Sgt. attended multiple meetings in preparation for Ft. Massac Encampment.

A CPO instructed a safety class in Jackson County.

A CPO certified seven ginseng certifications.

A CPO apprehended three subjects unlawfully operating ATV's on the Kinkaid Fish and Wildlife Area.  The subjects were observed in an area where prior off-road complaints have been received.

A CPO attended Glock Armorer training.

Office of Law Enforcement
October 23, 2013

A District 7 CPO cited two subjects for fishing in the restricted area at Powerton Lake.

A District 1 CPO issued a North Aurora man a citation for hunting waterfowl with an unplugged shot gun.

A District 1 CPO issued a St. Charles man a citation for a twelve year old not wearing a life jacket on the Mississippi River.  He was issued written warnings for two of his passengers riding on the bow with their feet in the water and not having his lanyard attached to his motor.

After 2 weeks of watching heavily baited deer stands (salt, mineral, corn and apples), Conservation Police Officers finally found the individual that was hunting the stand.  The hunter was 14 years old.  The young hunter knew the bait was out there and stated that his dad had placed it there.  The hunter had successfully completed a hunter’s safety course.  The father is facing charges for unlawfully baiting wildlife and for allowing his child to hunt over a baited area.  The officer informed the 14 year old that the area could not be hunted for 10 days after the bait was completely removed.  The officer explained to the youth that the soil underneath of the salt blocks still contained salt/mineral and that some of the soil will need be removed if he wants to hunt the area.

A District 7 CPO patrolled Snakeden Hollow State Fish and Wildlife Area.  Five fishermen were observed at the site which is closed to fishing prior to the Central Zone Waterfowl Hunting Season.  Two of the fishermen did not possess valid fishing licenses.  Each was issued written warnings for fishing on a state site closed to fishing activity.  Two citations were issued for fishing without a valid fishing license.  The group, which was together, was escorted to a nearby state site which was open for fishing. 

A District 7 CPO checked fishermen at Citizen’s Lake in Monmouth on the opening day of the Fall Trout season.  A fisherman was observed laying his pole down upon the arrival of the officer.  He was found to have no valid fishing license and an active warrant for failure to pay in Knox County.  He was taken into custody and transported to the Warren County Jail.  He was issued a citation for fishing without a valid fishing license.

A District 7 CPO patrolled Argyle Lake State Park.  The opening of the Fall Trout Season was not as busy as previous years, possibly due to the cooler weather and slower fish bite.  Several archery deer hunters were checked.  Two were issued written warnings for failure to display a windshield dash permit while hunting on the site.

While working waterfowl hunters, a CPO located a subject hunting with turkey loads.  The subject was cited for hunting with lead shot and received warnings for some licensing violations. 

A Forreston man was arrested for hunting over bait and not wearing blaze orange while attempting to take white tail deer.  The man was hunting his 40 acres and placed several bait piles next to his ladder stand.  Two piles of corn, a large bait mineral block, and a smaller brick type mineral block all within the shooting range of his crossbow.  This violator failed to possess his deer permits, hunting license, and habitat stamps.  When asked about his violations he said he was “embarrassed”.  A mandatory court date is set in Ogle County

An Oregon man was hunting without permission over bait, trespassing, and damaging property.  His bow and arrows were seized pending forfeiture.  He had been hunting the area for several years and when the property changed owners he decided to hunt on a nearby property without asking for permission.  A mandatory court date is set in Ogle County

Duck hunters from Gurnee could not remember how many ducks were shot or where they were during opening weekend.  This memory loss resulted in a citation and several warnings.

A District 6 officer did surveillance on two baited deer stands, investigation is still active.

A District 6 officer arrested an individual for unlawful possession of a short sauger on the Illinois River.

A District 1 CPO checked archery deer hunters on state property.  A Wisconsin man was cited for hunting without a valid non-resident hunting license.  A written warning was issued for failure to display the required site specific windshield permit.

After a lengthy investigation a District 1 CPO cited a Chicago man for unlawful possession of white tailed deer. The CPO has been investigating firearm deer hunters in CWD counties who checked their deer in via the phone-in system instead of taking them to the firearm deer check station as required. The investigation revealed the hunter used his son’s free land owner deer permit to tag his deer. Various written warnings were also issued.

A District 1 CPO cited a River Forest man for unlawful possession of white tailed deer. The man’s friend was the subject of an investigation initiated by the Springfield DNR office.  During interviews it was discovered the River Forest man had also violated.

A CPO in Boone and Winnebago Counties completed commercial inspections on taxidermy and timber buyers.  Violations detected included operating on an expired license, failure to properly tag specimens and failure to maintain complete records.

A CPO in Boone County checked area timbers looking for illegally baited deer stands.

A District 1 CPO discovered lead shot on a hunter while he was waterfowl hunting in the sloughs of the Rock River in Whiteside County.  He and his hunting party also failed to maintain separate bag limits.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken. 

A District 3 CPO, while working the opening of fall Trout season, cited an individual for fishing without permission on Lake Strini. A District 3 CPO, while working waterfowl hunters on the Des Plaines River, cited two individuals; one for unlawful take of a Grebe and a Canada goose out of season. A District 3 CPO, while working Whitetail deer hunters, caught three individuals hunting in the Abraham Lincoln Cemetery without permission and enforcement action was taken.

Two District 2 CPOs cited a subject for archery hunting with the aid of bait. 

A District 2 CPO cited a subject for hunting without permission, hunting with the aid of bait, and a CWD violation. 

While conducting compliance checks on waterfowl hunters on the Fox River in Kane County, the local CPO found a combination of twelve ducks and geese hidden in the live well of a boat parked inside a blind occupied by three hunters. The hunters stated they were keeping the waterfowl away from their retriever who was housed in separate portion of the blind. Each hunter was cited for failure to maintain separate bag limits.

Prior to opening day, while on patrol in Kane County, the local CPO observed a small bean field adjacent to a sweet corn field that was attracting large amounts of waterfowl.  Upon further investigation the CPO determined the sweet corn had not been harvested and a portion of the field was mowed.  During opening weekend the CPO cited a waterfowl hunter for hunting over the mowed sweet corn field.

A CPO cited an archery deer hunter for hunting over bait in West Dundee.  A mineral block was found less than 10 yards from the subject’s tree stand.

No activity reported.

Several CPOs from District 9 conducted interviews in reference to an incident involving a subject convicted of several state and federal wildlife violations.  This subject is still on federal probation.  The subject was threatening a person who worked for him and was going to be a witness against him.  The subject and several individuals were not only threatening him but his girlfriend and his son. The Pike County State’s Attorney issued a summons to the subject for disorderly conduct.  Federal probation is moving to revoke his probation.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Macoupin County.

A CPO attended an event at the McCully Heritage Project in Calhoun County.  Sixth graders from four schools attended the event.

A CPO attended an event at Brighton Crossroads Church in Jersey County.  They hosted an Outdoor Life Event.

A CPO cited several ATV riders for operation of an ATV on the roadway in Hamilton County.

A Pope County CPO was contacted by a landowner whose trail camera had photographed a subject hunting on their land without permission.  The CPO asked various neighbors and identified the subject in the photo.  The neighbor stated the subject was hunting and would return shortly.  The CPO located the subject, hunting in the morning, and discovered he was hunting deer without a valid deer permit.  The subject was cited.  Another investigation allowed the CPO to ticket two subjects for unlawful use of an ATV on private property. 

A CPO cited an archery hunter in Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park for hunting without a license.  Enforcement action was also taken on other archery hunters within the park for hunting without a habitat stamp and having uncased bows in a vehicle. 

A CPO is investigating a spotlighting complaint in Massac County.  The investigation is ongoing.

District 16 CPOs, two District 14 CPOs and two District 15 CPOs worked the Ft. Massac Encampment in Massac County. This was the 40th anniversary for the event and record crowds were in attendance in excess of 190,000.  An ICS plan was initiated for the event. The Massac County Sheriff, Massac County Fire Department, Metropolis Police Department, Metropolis Fire Department, IDNR Lands, and Office of Law Enforcement, IMERTS, and the National Weather Service operated under the NIMS system. The event was without any significant events or incidents.  Rain on Saturday hampered activity and the number of participants at the event; however Sunday was a record crowd. A fireworks display was held on Saturday commemorating the 40th anniversary for the event. Two lost children were reunited with their parents by CPOs, a retail theft of -$300 was reported, and a citation was issued for unlawfully cutting firewood from a state park.  A disaster drill was conducted on Friday with all participating agencies, District 16 CPOs participated in the exercise and one CPO was an evaluator for the disaster trial.

A CPO charged a subject with unlawfully taking three largemouth bass that were under the legal limit. The bass were photographed and released.

A CPO located a subject in Alexander County returning to his truck after harvesting a white tail buck and not tagging it.  The hunter had Missouri registration on his truck but resident license and deer tags.  When queried about his state of residency the hunter stated he lived on and off in both states.  After a brief field interview the subject admitted to
retaining an Illinois driver’s license for the purpose of purchasing resident hunting licenses, fishing licenses, firearm deer permits, and archery deer permits.  The subject had been falsifying his residence for over four years and had harvested six deer unlawfully in that time.  Multiple Class A and B citations were issued and the deer and archery equipment were seized.

A CPO is investigating a deer spotlight complaint in Union County.

A CPO conducted two ginseng certifications at Lake Murphysboro State Park.

A CPO opened two investigations in Williamson County for unlawfully taking deer by use or aid of bait.

A CPO assisted Williamson County Sheriff with a roll over traffic accident on Grassy Road around Crab Orchard refuge. The young woman was treated at a local hospital.

A CPO is investigating a hunter that failed to report a deer harvest that occurred in Perry County.

A CPO is investigating multiple baited deer stands in Perry County.

Office of Law Enforcement
October 30, 2013

A District 1 CPO checked archery deer hunters on state property.  The following violations were discovered: failure to display the required site specific windshield permit, squirrel hunt without a habitat stamp and allowing a minor to hunt without a valid hunting license.

A prominent business man from Dixon was hunting during the youth deer season with his juvenile son.  The son was gifted a new ladder stand for his birthday a few weeks before season.  The father placed several apples under the stand as bait.  A few deer came close to the stand on the neighboring property and the son shot illegally onto the neighbor’s property without permission.  One deer was hit so the father and son trespassed to look for blood.  Citations and warnings were issued.

CPOs in Winnebago County worked evening water patrols on area rivers investigating complaints of late waterfowl hunting/shooting. 

CPOs in Stephenson and Winnebago Counties worked evening patrols with the start of rut searching for illegal night hunting of whitetail deer by aid or use of motor vehicle while shining.

A District 6 officer attended a career day at a local high school.  He gave three presentations to 100 students, 90% of the students had no idea of the duties and responsibilities of a Conservation Police Officer.

A CPO wrapped up an investigation.  A Moline man was arrested on multiple wildlife code charges.  The subject was arrested on two counts of using another subject’s deer permits in the field (520 ILCS 5/2.38 Class A misdemeanor charges) and another deer permit violation.  Several written warnings were issued as well.

A CPO responded to a TIPS complaint in Henry County.  The complainant had spent many hours doing forestry improvement work in exchange for exclusive hunting rights to a property near Colona IL.  The complainant got to his tree stand for the much anticipated first archery deer hunt of the season to discover the ladder to his tree stand had been stolen.  The subject just happened to have screw in climbing steps with him and was able to get into his tree stand.  Once in the tree stand the complainant noticed a pile of something bright yellow a short distance away.  The subject became enraged when he discovered it was a pile of corn, and then a trail camera was discovered pointing at the corn.  The complainant then became aware of an elevated platform with a hunting blind on it.  The CPO made contact with the landowner and determined the subject did in fact have exclusive hunting rights to the area.  The owner of the illegal blind, platform, camera and bait pile was located and identified.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.  The stolen ladder was found being used by the illegal subject to get into his elevated platform.  

A CPO arrested a subject who was hunting over a salt block in a county bordering a CWD county.  The subject was also mentoring a 14 year old who had landowner permits and was not hunting on his land.  The subject was cited for hunting over the salt blocks and issued written warnings for the permit issues of the youth.

Two District 6 CPOs were on patrol and noticed a truck parked in a field entrance.  The officers had received a tip that there was a baited tree stand at this location and one of the CPOs had documented a baited tree stand at this location the previous year. The CPOs approached the tree stand and encountered a hunter, who when noticing the officers approaching, hurried down the tree stand to meet them.  A field interview revealed that the hunter had harvested one deer from the baited stand and shot a second deer which was wounded and unrecovered.  A search of the area surrounding the tree stand revealed a large pile of apples.  The hunter was issued a citation for archery deer hunting by the aid of bait, a second citation for unlawfully taking of a deer and a written warning for unlawfully attempting to take a deer (for the wounded deer).

A District 7 CPO patrolled northeast Knox County checking waterfowl hunters on the opening day of the Central Zone.  After observing a truck a half mile off the road, two young waterfowl hunters were located on a strip mine lake.  One did not possess a federal waterfowl stamp, while the other had no HIP registration.  Each was issued a written warning and advised where and how to get into compliance.

A District 7 CPO issued numerous citations to a Peoria County resident for buying 58 turtles at $72 apiece from a breeder in Las Vegas without an aquaculture permit.  The Peoria man raised, bred and sold the turtles without a retail fish dealer’s license in Illinois.  The remaining turtles were seized and charges are pending at the state’s attorney’s office.  

District 3 CPOs cited a hunter for archery hunting deer over bait in Will County.

District 3 CPOs cited a hunter for waterfowl hunting while using toxic shells.

Two District 2 CPOs were checking waterfowl hunters on the Chain O’ Lakes.  During the course of the inspection, one hunter stated "you can look as hard as you want, we are all legal".   That same hunter presented a FOID card that was 14 months expired.  A FOID card check showed that the hunter's FOID card was expired and that he was also wanted on a warrant for contempt of court.  He was taken into custody for the warrant and, in addition, he was charged with possession of a firearm without a valid FOID card.

On the second Saturday of the waterfowl season, two District 2 CPOs were checking hunters on the Fox River between the McHenry dam and Algonquin dam.  As they pulled up to their third blind of the morning (7:53 am), they smelled the strong odor of cannabis on the breath of both hunters.  The operator was subsequently charged with operation of a watercraft while under the influence of drugs, possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams, and littering (as he threw his pot pipe over the side of the boat). The passenger was also charged with possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams. Both shotguns were seized and the subjects were towed back to their residence

Two CPOs were checking hunters at the COLSP boat ramp when one boat was found with multiple boat violations and failure to maintain separate bag limits.  Appropriate actions were taken.

A CPO charged two subjects, one a juvenile, with possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia in Spittler Woods State Park after investigating suspicious activity inside the vehicle.  The subjects were from Mt. Zion in Macon County.

A CPO charged one subject with possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  The subject had taken his girlfriend on property where he thought was a remote location to smoke “weed”.   The driver and girlfriend were from Argenta in Macon County.

While checking a bow hunter on the Wildlife Management Area in Moultrie County a CPO encountered a Mt. Zion man with no hunting license or habitat stamp.  The man was cited for no hunting license and given a warning for no habitat stamp. 

A CPO arrested a Pesotum man for hunting waterfowl without a federal waterfowl stamp in Moultrie County on Lake Shelbyville.  Four ducks were seized.

A CPO arrested a Tennessee man for hunting without a valid deer permit, falsification/misrepresentation to obtain an archery deer permit, and falsification/misrepresentation to obtain a firearm deer permit in Coles County.

A CPO arrested an Urbana man at Lake Shelbyville, whose fishing privileges were suspended for unpaid child support, for fishing with no fishing license.  Upon seeing the CPO, the man quickly walked away down the bank and threw his fishing pole and tackle box into the weeds.  The CPO walked with the man back to the location and helped him retrieve both.  The man also was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis.

A CPO arrested two Sullivan women on the Lake Shelbyville Wildlife Management Area for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis.

A CPO cited a Bloomington man for unlawful use of spotlight from a motor vehicle to shine wildlife in McLean County.

A CPO cited a Bloomington man for archery hunting deer by use or aid of bait.

A CPO arrested a Marshall man for digging ginseng with a ginseng harvest license.

Two District 13 Officers, along with officers from around the state, participated in two days of boat training on Lake Michigan.

A District 13 Officer was patrolling Randolph County on a weekday nightshift.  He observed small lights moving along the Kaskaskia Island’s Mississippi River bank as he was watching from the opposite river bank.  Due to the remote area, the CPO requested a Randolph County Deputy to assist in checking on the lights.  The CPO and Deputy located four people at the river’s edge.  Three of the four subjects were fishing.  Three subjects would also meet back up at the campfire and were passing around an item which they were smoking from.  One subject began making fun of the fourth subject who had refused to smoke.  Their conversation then turned to comparing the high of cocaine versus meth.  The CPO approached the subjects and located cannabis and a can which had been turned into a pipe.  Two subjects did not have fishing licenses and the subject who had been drinking beer had thrown his cans into the river.  The subjects were issued multiple citations. 

A District 13 CPO encountered two men below the dam of Carlyle Lake.   Both men were snagging fish.  When approached, it was found they had thrown the dead fish and other trash on the shoreline.  Neither of the men had a valid fishing license either.  They were both issued a citation and two written warnings.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Clinton County.

A District 13 officer completed an inspection of a deer and turkey outfitter.  During the inspection numerous violations were discovered.  Violations included improper harvest reporting, unlogged hunters and other various violations.  The outfitter was cited for the violations.      

A District 13 CPO assisted a local sheriff’s department with a report of a truck in a ditch.  The CPO was told two men were seen leaving the scene on foot.  The CPO located the two men and returned them to the deputy.  The two men were joy riding through a corn field, damaging the farmer’s crops.  No arrests were made, but the deputy may file charges after speaking with the farmer.

A District 13 CPO received a call about an intoxicated female subject at Eldon Hazlet State Park.  The woman was reported to having been yelling at other people at her campsite and was throwing beer cans at them.  The female was found, and after speaking with other witnesses, was arrested.  She was held in lieu of bond at the county jail

A District 13 CPO patrolled a state park two nights due to a haunted trail being held there. The event was a fund raiser for a local fireworks committee. There were no major incidents related to the event.

A District 13 officer was on patrol at Peabody River King conducting fishing and hunting law compliance.  During the patrol, the officer discovered multiple violations including over horsepower restriction and multiple other boating equipment violation.        

A District 13 Officer completed an outfitter inspection in Randolph County.  The inspection revealed that the outfitter had not purchased an outfitter license for five years and that the records were not complete.

A District 13 Officer investigated a traffic crash at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex.  The District 13 Sergeant contacted the officer about skid marks left on the road near the east entrance and vehicle tracks and debris were in the creek.  Further inspection of the scene indicated that a white dually truck had been removed from the ditch and nobody had reported the accident to the local police.  The Officer went to a local auto body shop and located a white dually truck.  The debris found at the crash site matched this truck.  The Officer contacted the truck owner.  The truck owner stated that he was pulling a fifth wheel livestock trailer with cattle and fell asleep at the wheel.  Friends of his pulled him out of the ditch and he drove away from the scene.  A traffic crash report was completed and the driver was cited for leaving the scene of an accident.

A District 13 Officer completed an investigation of missing scrap metals from a State site.  The investigation indicates that a Conservation Worker had been taking the metals but not enough evidence was found to file criminal charges.  Administrative procedures will be pursued.

A District 13 CPO was conducting routine hunter checks when he observed a vehicle parked at a State hunting site.  The vehicle did have a hunter windshield card, but a check of the name on it showed no habitat stamp and no archery deer permits, only a hunting license.  After waiting for the hunter to come out, it was determined that the hunter was squirrel hunting and not deer hunting.  When the 18 year old hunter was asked about the habitat stamp, he admitted he was not aware he didn’t have it.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A District 13 CPO was watching fishermen on the bank of the Mississippi River by Wood River Creek.  After a few minutes, the CPO observed one of the men start snagging in an area where snagging is not allowed.  The fisherman was cited for unlawful snagging.

Two District 13 CPOs, along with three other CPOs, attended Advanced Boat Accident and Reconstruction training in Phoenix, AZ. 

A District 13 CPO is investigating a complaint of IDOT workers illegally spraying along a nature preserve.  IDOT maintains the bike trails going north out of Alton, IL.  The complainant states that IDOT workers sprayed beyond nature preserve signs in the area.  The investigation is ongoing.

Two cases were made in Gallatin County.  The first involved two unlawfully taken deer.  A CPO cited a man for unlawful possession of two untagged deer, failure to tag deer on two occasions and hunting deer over bait (ears of corn).  Warnings were issued for failure to report harvest, unlawful transportation of an uncased gun and bows and a FOID violation.  A seven point buck and hunting permits were seized.  The second complaint involved hunting deer without permission of the landowner.  A CPO cited the hunter for hunting coyote without the landowners consent, hunting without a hunting license and hunting without a habitat stamp.

Two CPOs worked a spotlight detail in Saline County.  Citations were issued to an out of state man for an uncased bow in a vehicle and the driver was cited for illegal transportation of alcohol in a vehicle.

A CPO cited a Franklin County driver in the Rend Lake area for driving while license suspended.

 Another investigation in Franklin County revealed three separate deer hunting violations on three separate deer archery kills.  The female hunter involved was cited for failure to register the harvest of a deer and unlawful take of a deer without a permit.      

Two CPOs responded to a complaint in the city limits of Mt. Vernon for a man shooting at wildlife with a firearm.  The CPOs cited the Jefferson County resident for unlawful take of a game bird (turkey) with a rifle and hunting without a hunting license.  The turkey was seized as evidence.

A CPO cited a Mt. Vernon man for unlawfully hunting deer with a crossbow. 

A CPO responded to a poached deer complaint in Franklin County.  The CPO sat on the dead deer for 10 minutes and when the violators returned to pick up the deer they were stopped and interviewed.  One of the men admitted killing the deer (doe) with a .308 rifle out of the truck window.  Citations were issued to the man who shot from the vehicle for unlawfully killing a deer by the aid/use of a conveyance, unlawful take of deer, shooting a gun upon a highway and possession of a loaded and uncased rifle in a vehicle.  The driver of the truck was also cited for possession of a loaded and uncased gun in a vehicle.  A Savage .308 caliber rifle was seized.

A CPO issued three written warnings to deer hunters for license not in possession (two) and no habitat stamp.

A CPO issued two written warnings for no habitat stamps and located multiple baited tree stands.

A CPO assisted Crawford County with a domestic violence.  One subject was taken into custody.

A CPO taught a hunter safety class in Wabash County. 

A CPO and Sergeant met with two defendants on commercial fishing sturgeon detail.  They issued six citations, four for unlawful use of gill net, one failure to tag net, and one for failure to register watercraft.

A CPO is conducting surveillance on a commercial fisherman on the Ohio River who is suspected of unlawfully taking of illegal fish by commercial methods.

A CPO responded to an incident at Fern Clyffe State Park involving a site worker and a reckless driver.  The incident is under investigation.

A CPO responded to two mountain lion sightings in Union County.

District 16 CPOs completed winterizing boats and all of the summer equipment and all were placed in storage for the winter.

A District 16 Sergeant attended the debriefing at Ft. Massac State Park for the encampment.

A CPO assisted site workers at Union County in relocating blinds based on GPS data.

District 16 CPOs stopped approximately six vehicles this week for illegally shining deer.  None were found to have weapons in the vehicle.  Written warnings were issued.

A CPO concluded a felony drug case where the defendant was fined $1450.00, forfeited his vehicle and was ordered to complete 30 hours of public service work.

A District 16 CPO attended Glock armorer training at Carbondale.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Jackson County held in Giant City State Park.

A District 16 CPO patrolling in Burning Star-5 wildlife management area located an unoccupied ground blind.  On this state management area all ground blinds must be removed when not in use.  The blind was seized and a seizure tag was left displayed nearby. 

A CPO responded to a complaint by a landowner of a poached deer being dumped on his property.  A necropsy was performed on the deer and it was determined the deer most likely died from its injuries from a collision with a vehicle.  The dumping violation is under investigation. 

A CPO did a vessel inspection on a watercraft at Pyramid State Park.  The operator was using his boat to access a remote area of the park to bow hunt.  The inspection revealed the operator had none of the required safety equipment on the vessel.  He was cited for operating a watercraft with no wearable PFDs and written warnings for the additional violations. 

A successful deer hunter pulled up to a CPO in Perry County to show off his harvest.  During the contact the CPO noticed he failed to put his bow in a case.  The hunter was issued a written warning for the violation. 

A CPO completed an interview with Channel 3 News on the illegal practice of baiting deer. 

A CPO arrested a Herrin man for driving while his driver’s license was suspended.  The CPO had stopped to help the man as he had run out of gas. He was taken to the Williamson County Jail. 

A CPO continued an investigation of several baited deer stands in Williamson County.  No arrests were made as the stands remained un-hunted this week. 

A CPO issued a written warning to a 15 year old for riding an ATV on a county road.