Office of Law Enforcement
November 6, 2013

A District 6 officer did surveillance on a baited deer stand, case still active.

A District 6 officer arrested five individuals for unlawful snagging in waters closed to snagging.

A District 6 officer conducted numerous deer compliance checks.

A District 6 officer conducted an Outfitter and a Taxidermy administrative investigation. 

A CPO in Winnebago County responded to a complaint of a group of men in wetsuits taking fish by hand on the Rock River near the base of the Rockton Dam.  Although no illegal game fish were being taken, it was discovered the men were cleaning and depositing the entrails of the fish in the river.  One of the men was also found to be fishing without a license in his possession. 

While checking fall fisherman on the Pecatonica River in Winnebago County, a CPO discovered lanyard, PFD and battery shielding violations.

Two men from Dakota were hunting along Richland Creek in Stephenson County and had harvested an illegal deer over bait.  There were several tree stands with bait and after field dressing the deer they dumped the guts into Richland Creek.  Citations and warnings were issued.

A District 6 CPO issued a father a citation for allowing his 14 year old son to hunt over a baited area.  The father was issued a second citation for unlawfully placing bait for ingestion by wild deer.  The father has a mandatory court appearance. 

A District 6 CPO stopped a vehicle that crossed the center line numerous times.  The two passengers were extremely intoxicated and there was vomit all down the exterior passenger side of the vehicle.  The driver admitted that he was drunk and subsequently failed field sobriety tests.  The driver was arrested and had a B.A.C. of .146. 

Checking waterfowl hunters in Pool 16, a CPO arrested a subject for hunting waterfowl with lead shot in possession and not having proper licenses. 

Receiving a complaint in reference to a subject selling deer meat, a CPO was able to confirm the kill and processing.  Interviewing the subject, he admitted to the sale and advised he just did not want the “extra meat”.  The subject was cited for the sale. 

Receiving a complaint about a deer carcass (dumped in a box), a CPO interviewed the owner of the box.  The interview led to the ex-boyfriend.  The ex-boyfriend admitted to dumping the deer and failing to check in a road kill deer.  The interview of the ex-boyfriend also led to his hunting partner who had killed a buck in 2012 that was tagged with an antlerless only deer tag.  Parts of two deer were seized and citations issued to both violators. 

A District 6 CPO received a call from the daughter of a Boone County landowner.  The woman stated that she had located an illegal tree stand on their land.  She was wondering if it was okay to take the tree stand down and stated in the past year(s), she had located other tree stands on their property as well.  The woman said that on a previous occasion, she called a neighbor whom she believed was responsible for the placing the tree stand on their land and asked them to remove the tree stand which they did.  The CPO asked the complainant if she was open to a different approach?  She said yes and the CPO explained that rather than taking the tree stand down, the CPO could check the stand and if the hunter was located a citation would be issued for hunting without permission. The complainant agreed
and the CPO began checking the stand.  The CPO eventually located a hunter in the tree stand.  A citation was issued to the hunter and the hunter was given the task of removing his tree stand from the complainant’s land.

A District 1 Sergeant received a complaint advising someone was trapping prior to season on the Rock River.  The Sergeant responded by Jon boat, located and pulled illegally set traps on the Rock River in Rock Island and Henry Counties.  The trapper was cited for his violation later that evening. 

A District 1 Officer issued multiple citations and written warnings to a Savanna man for beginning his raccoon hunting season a few weeks early.

A District 1 Officer issued a Savanna man a citation and written warnings for starting to trap and take raccoons during the closed season.     
A District 7 CPO investigated a complaint of a hunter whose privileges had been suspended who was harvesting deer during this season.  With the assistance of his supervisor, he was dropped off in a possible hunting location in an attempt to catch the unlicensed hunter in the act.  To date the subject has not been observed in the field.  The investigation is ongoing.

A District 6 officer attended the visitation and funeral for the fallen Pontiac police officer and his K-9 partner.

A District 6 officer located a vehicle in Buffalo Rock State Park after closing time. The officer was able to get a hold of the registered owner. The owner said her 16 year old daughter had the vehicle and was with her boyfriend.  As the officer started to search the area, the girl and her boyfriend came off the trails into the parking lot. The girl admitted it was her idea to walk the trails and she knew they had stayed out on the trails after hours. The parents arrived at the park. The officer informed the parents due to the age of the couple they would not be receiving citations. The parents assured the officer this would be a night the young couple would not forget.

A District 1 CPO conducted an archery deer hunter compliance check at the Salem unit of Apple River Canyon State Park. The check revealed the hunter was deer hunting without a habitat stamp and that he had driven his truck to the property with a license plate which had expired 7 months prior. He was also in possession of a detached/invalid antlerless archery tag which had dried blood on it and no confirmation number.  An interview revealed he had claimed an archery killed deer that he had found three weeks earlier.  He stated he tagged the deer, transported it home and butchered it.  He then removed the tag and put it back in his wallet. The deer harvest was never reported. The hunter was issued citations for unlawful possession of a deer and attempting to take a deer without a valid habitat stamp. A written warning was issued for the expired license plate.

A District 1 CPO conducted an archery deer hunter compliance check at the Witkowsky Wildlife Area. The check revealed the hunter was hunting without his license and deer permit in possession. The hunter had also field dressed a doe he had harvested and had yet to tag the deer. The hunter received a citation for failing to tag a deer immediately upon kill and warnings for not having his license and permit in possession while hunting.

A District 2 CPO encountered two pheasant hunters walking at Chain O' Lakes State Park.  One hunter was walking on the roadway.  When the CPO stopped to make sure the hunter in the roadway had an unloaded firearm, he found that the hunter had a loaded and unplugged shotgun.  The hunter was cited for the unplugged shotgun and issued a written warning for hunting from the highway.

A CPO was checking crappie fisherman on Clinton Lake when he encountered two fishermen from Decatur with five crappie in their possession.  The fishermen stated they were all 9 inches.  After checking the shortest crappie was less than 8 inches.  Enforcement action was taken.

During the opening of upland season CPOs checked hunters in DeWitt, McLean, and Livingston Counties.  While in Livingston County they found three hunters with no hunting licenses.  Enforcement action was taken.

CPOs attended the funeral of a Pontiac officer and his K9 that were killed in the line of duty by a drunk driver on I55.  Hundreds of officers from multiple states were in attendance.

A CPO wrote a Vermilion County resident a citation for unlawfully hunting on railroad property.

A CPO, during the opening of upland game, wrote Vermilion County residents four written warnings for various conservation violations.

CPOs made an arrest of a Decatur subject in Macon County while on a spotlighting detail.  The male subject had battered a female and forced her to stay in his vehicle while driving her to a remote location near where the spotlighting detail was being conducted.  The subject was arrested for domestic battery and unlawful restraint.

While on patrol in Edgar County, a compliance check was conducted on a male subject from Edgar County. It was observed the subject did not have a hunting license or habitat stamp. The subject stated he had told the clerk at Walmart that he wanted everything to hunt deer. The clerk gave him everything except the license and stamp.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

While on patrol in Edgar County, a District 11 CPO was notified of hunters parked on the adjoining property. The hunters had leased the ground adjacent to the property. The hunters were advised of the parking on others property.  

CPOs participated in a joint drug interdiction detail running through multiple counties.  After a traffic stop and a positive hit by the Shelby County K9, the officers arrested a Pana man, on Route 51 in Pana, for possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia.  The officers found the cannabis pipe inside the air conditioning vent where the man had hid it upon being pulled over. The subject was also cited for not wearing his seatbelt.

A CPO cited a Sullivan man for operation of an ATV on Department lands. The citation was generated from a TIPS complaint from the hunters whom he had driven under their tree stands and ruined their hunt.  A field report was then written by the officer. 

A CPO found and arrested a Pana man in Shelby County who was hunting deer on Pana City property without permission.  The man was cited for hunting without a hunting license, deer permit and hunting without permission.  A written warning was issued for no habitat stamp and an uncased bow.

CPOs in Jersey County were checking hunters as they left their blinds at Stump Lake. The CPOs stopped a boat and conducted an inspection. The hunters had all the ducks in a pile. Four hunters had a total of 12 wood ducks. The CPOs located three wood ducks hidden under the operator’s seat. The operator claimed the three wood ducks, which put him three over the limit. The operator did not have any PFD's in his boat.
A CPO in Jersey County received a call of duck hunting without permission.  A subject, who had permission to archery deer hunt, was hunting from a tree stand when he was peppered by the duck hunters. The deer hunter confronted the
duck hunters. He obtained the last name of one of the hunters and called the landowner.  When the CPO arrived, the duck hunters were gone. Using Facebook and Point of Sale, the CPO located a possible suspect. The suspect admitted to hunting without permission and gave the CPO three other subjects who were hunting. The four subjects were 16-17 years old. None of them had a valid firearm owner’s card. Two of the subjects did not have state waterfowl stamps.

A CPO in Greene County located a mineral and salt block under a deer stand prior to archery deer season. After checking the stand several times, the CPO found a hunter in the stand. He admitted to placing the bait out.

A CPO in Greene County located apples and salt chips under a deer stand prior to archery deer season. After checking the stand several times, the CPO found a hunter in the stand. He admitted to placing the bait out.

A CPO in Greene County received information that a deer at a local deer processor may be illegal. The deer was tagged with a resident archery tag. The CPO found a small hole in the hide and severe trauma to the body not consistent with an archery kill. The subject did not have a hunting license or habitat stamp. The subject has a Wyoming driver's license and falsified information to obtain a resident permit.

A CPO was patrolling Reds Landing in Calhoun County when he received a complaint from a landowner of someone hunting his property without his permission. The property is an island on the Mississippi River. The CPO responded by boat and found two Missouri hunters.

A CPO in Brown County located salt blocks under a deer stand prior to archery deer season. After checking the stand several times, the CPO found a hunter in the stand. He admitted to placing the bait out.

A CPO in Adams County located salt blocks under a deer stand prior to archery deer season. After checking the stand several times, the CPO found a hunter in the stand. He admitted to placing the bait out. Two other nonresident hunters were hunting the property, but they were not hunting over bait. The two hunters did not have a hunting license or habitat stamp.

A CPO in Adams County received a complaint of a baited deer stand. After checking the stand several times, the CPO found a hunter in the stand. The stand and several other locations were baited with salt and mineral blocks, corn, and deer nutz. The nonresident hunter falsified information to obtain a resident permit. The hunter did not have a hunting license or habitat stamp. The CPO seized the hunters bow, stands, and cameras.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Calhoun County. Approximately 100 students attended.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Macoupin County. Approximately 50 students attended.

A CPO attended a trapper safety class in Pike County. Approximately 27 students attended.

A CPO attended an after school program in Adams County. Approximately 30 students attended.

A CPO issued one citation for unlawful transport of an uncased loaded pistol in White County.  The same CPO issued a citation to a Florida man for hunting deer without a hunting license and two citations to Alabama residents for hunting on department land without a site permit.

Another CPO cited a Louisiana bow hunter for failure to report harvest and failure to tag a deer upon kill.  He also cited a Harrisburg bow hunter for hunting without permission and failure to possess tags in the field and issued warnings for transporting a bow without a case hunting and for license not in possession.

A CPO is currently working a large deer poaching case involving out of state hunters.  The same CPO also cited a group of out of state hunters who had harvested deer at the Sahara Woods State Park.  The CPO discovered a truck parked that had signs indicating the hunters had recently killed a deer.   The CPO located one of the hunters and he admitted to killing a small spiked buck the day prior.  The CPO confirmed the individual did not report the harvest.  The CPO met with the other hunters in the group and discovered two other deer harvests had not been reported.

A CPO recovered an abandoned ATV from Rend Lake Sub impoundments.  The case is still under investigation.

Region 5 recertified as breath alcohol operators and had training for the upcoming waterfowl season.

A CPO was working in Pyramid State Park when he came across a deer hunter leaving the woods for the night.  An investigation revealed the hunter had left his stand and bow in the tree for the night as he was planning on returning the next morning.  The hunter was cited for leaving the tree stand at the end of the day.

Two District 16 CPOs are investigating an illegal elk harvest from Wyoming. The investigation involves two Southern Illinois men who are believed to have taken elk and moose illegally and returned the poached animals to their residence.

District 16 CPOs attended BAO refresher training at Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park.

District 16 CPOs attended Floating Fourth Shell training at Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park.

A CPO is investigating several baited deer stands in Union County.

A CPO responded to a complaint of two persons fishing in a USF&W Crab Orchard pond that was closed to fishing. The CPO found two 14 year old boys from Herrin who had been dropped off by a parent. The boys were stopped as a step father of one of the boys was picking them up at the Visitor Center parking lot. One of the boys was carrying a coat in front of him like he had something wrapped up in it.  The CPO asked him if he had fish in the coat and he said "yes".  The boy set the coat down and opened it.  In a plastic 13 gallon trash bag were eleven largemouth bass that were between 14 inches and 17.5 inches. The boys and the CPO returned to the pond and released all the bass. The boys were explained the law, shown the signs, supplied with fishing digests and advised to read them. They were issued two written warnings each and released to the stepfather.

A CPO stopped a vehicle in Pulaski County after observing the driver of the vehicle with a rifle in his hands and the muzzle of the rifle pointed out the driver's side window.  The driver was in possession of a loaded .22-250 rifle.  He stated he was coyote hunting. He was issued a citation bonded and released.

A CPO conducted park enforcement at Lake Murphysboro State Park. Traffic enforcement yielded written warnings for speeding and expired registration. 

A CPO patrolling at Burning Star #5, issued written warnings for not having hunting license and permits in possession while in the field.   

A CPO patrolling at Burning Star #5 issued a written warning for having expired registration on his vehicle.
A CPO assisted Jackson County Sheriff's Department on a call of ATV's on private property.  He observed an ATV operating on a public road way.  The subject was issued a citation.  The subject was also informed of the of highway vehicle sticker.  The subject was under the impression that when he bought the sticker they would be able to operate on IDNR property.  The sticker and its use were explained to the subject.

A CPO responded to a call of possible ginseng digging on private and federal property in a well known place for illegal ginseng harvesting.  A CPO found the subjects.  They were found to be new land owners who were digging around to find their property stakes. 

A CPO conducted three ginseng certifications this week on approximately $92,800.00 worth of ginseng root.

A District 16 CPO seized an unlawful ladder tree stand from the Kinkaid Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area.  The stand was not marked with a name and address and was set-up for a couple years.  A subject who wanted to lawfully hunt this spot told the CPO about this stand.  A few days after taking the stand down the CPO talked with the reporting subject.  The subject told the CPO he knew the stand had been removed because he had pictures of the CPO on his trail camera.

Two district 16 CPOs responded to a disturbance at Pyramid State Park on the first morning of the south central youth duck season.  Two adults with two juvenile hunters threatened and intimidated a subject with two juvenile hunters out of a duck hunting area they wanted.  Information was taken and a report will be forwarded to the Perry County State’s Attorney's office for possible charges.

A CPO was checking an area for deer bait and discovered a recently harvested marijuana growing operation.  This area will be monitored in the future.


Office of Law Enforcement
November 13, 2013

A District 1 Officer arrested a Whiteside County man and woman after a traffic stop was conducted on their vehicle on opening night of the Illinois furbearer hunting season.  The occupants were observed using their vehicle to hunt out of a vehicle along a public roadway, shining spotlights from both the driver and passenger side windows.  Inside the vehicle, two loaded, uncased rifles and three raccoons were discovered.  There was also a 13 year old boy in the back seat.  The driver advised the officer that her dad was a hunter safety instructor.  Several citations and written warnings were issued and the rifles were seized.       

A District 7 officer cited a subject for failure to register deer on same day taken

A District 1 CPO conducted archery deer hunter compliance checks on DNR hunting properties. The following violations were discovered: hunting without a valid hunting license, hunting without a valid habitat stamp, failure to display site specific windshield permit while hunting.

A District 6 officer patrolled the Starved Rock trails after dark. The officer found three different groups trying to find their way off the trails. All three groups were using their “Starved Rock flashlights”, otherwise known as cell phones, and none of them had a trail map. Enforcement action was taken for being in an area after posted closing time.

A District 1 CPO arrested a Preston man for DUI, illegal transportation of alcohol, improper signal, and improper lane usage.
A CPO in Winnebago County responded to a complaint of hunting without permission.  The landowner caught an archery deer hunter who shot across the border and harvested a 10 pt. whitetail buck.  The hunter then entered the neighboring property without permission; field dressed the deer and then drug it back to his own property before tagging the deer.

A CPO in Stephenson County responded to a complaint of hunting without permission outside of the town of Freeport.  The investigation revealed the two archery deer hunters were given permission to deer hunt the farm by the renter of the house who was not the landowner and who did not have authority to grant access to the farm for hunting.

Two male subjects were observed walking through a parking lot at Chain O’ Lakes State Park during the pheasant season.  Each had a loaded shotgun.  A District 2 CPO approached and completed a check of the individuals.  During the check, one of the subjects was wanted on a warrant for failure to appear on a traffic case.  The subject was taken into custody and transported to the McHenry County Jail.  His bond was $3,000.

A Lake County CPO received a call from Wauconda Police regarding a subject who was stopped for speeding that had an untagged deer on the back of the car.  The subject presented a 2012 license/tag to the officer.  The CPOs went to the subject’s house and found him processing the deer in his back yard.  Also in his back yard was a ground blind with corn, C'mere deer, and salt/mineral blocks.  The subject admitted to killing the deer two days prior over the bait.  He also didn't have a habitat stamp.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken. 

A Lake County CPO cited a subject for waterfowl hunting without a federal stamp.

A District 2 CPO was contacted by a District 3 CPO to assist in interviewing a subject who was believed to have stolen an archery harvested deer in a state park. Two District 2 CPOs traveled to the suspect's residence where they observed a freshly rinsed driveway but remnants of the processing of the deer.  The suspect claimed to have shot the deer after he left the District 3 state park even after seeing the matching picture sent up from District 3.  He ultimately confessed to stealing the deer and tagging it with his own archery tag.  In a follow-up interview with the victim, it was ascertained
that he actually picked up the deer that was a road kill and tagged it with an archery tag so people would recognize his hunting abilities.  Charges are pending.

A District 2 CPO responded to reports of hunters shooting from the roadway.  Upon arrival he observed two hunters walking with loaded shotguns through the parking lot.  Upon inspection, one subject's shotgun did not possess a plug.  Appropriate action was taken.

CPOs investigated a case where a 10 pt buck was shot with a firearm prior to the firearm deer season.  Investigation is still ongoing.

CPOs and a Sgt investigated a deer poaching case where it was discovered that two men had taken three deer with archery equipment and failed to tag the deer and failed to report their harvest.  One of the men falsified two harvest records as the officers were on the phone speaking with him.  The other man was found hunting over bait.  Appropriate charges are forthcoming.

A CPO investigated a case where an alligator snapping turtle was being sold on the Internet.  The suspect tried to sell the turtle to the officer.  Appropriate charges are forthcoming.

A CPO and District 2 CPOs combined their efforts in a deer theft case.  A subject reported that he had taken a deer at Silver Springs State Park in the morning and that it was stolen out of the back of his truck when he returned to the field to hunt.  A suspect was identified that lived in District 2, so District 2 officers went to his house, interviewed him and obtained a confession that he indeed did steal the small 3 pt buck out of the back of the victims truck.  Further investigation revealed that the "victim" didn’t harvest the deer either, but rather, found it dead as a road kill.  He falsified the harvest of the deer as it would have been his "1st" deer ever and he wanted the notoriety of taking a deer with archery equipment.   Appropriate charges are forthcoming.

District 3 CPOs continue to investigate multiple cases of unlawfully baiting whitetail deer

A CPO cited a New York hunter for deer hunting in Shelby County without a hunting license.

A CPO cited a Pennsylvania hunter for deer hunting in Clark County for:  hunting without a hunting license, hunting deer without a deer permit, hunting without a habitat stamp and hunting deer after hours.

A CPO cited an Indiana man in Clark County for transporting an uncased bow.

A CPO cited a Clark County man for placement of deer food.

A CPO cited an Edgar County man for illegal transportation of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

A CPO cited a Clark County man for placement of deer food.

A CPO cited an Utah man for hunting in Edgar County without a habitat stamp. 

A CPO received a complaint of fishermen in the restricted area of Clinton Lake.  The CPO found two fishermen and two illegal ground fires.  Enforcement action was taken.

While a CPO was working a baited tree stand, a 20 year old girl was found hunting the stand.  After interviewing her it was found that she knew nothing of the bait.  After interviewing her father it was found that he placed the bait before season and thought it was gone.  After seeing the bait he admitted it was his.  Enforcement action was taken.


A CPO assisted Jersey County in the search of a boyfriend and girlfriend who had violated an order of protection. After deputies located the male subject on foot, the CPO searched and located the female subject, who was reportedly intoxicated, driving down the roadway searching for her boyfriend.  After stopping the vehicle, the CPO turned the case over to the Sheriff’s Deputies who were leading the investigation.

A CPO in Jersey County was getting fuel at a gas station in Grafton when he observed the driver of a vehicle parked at the gas station laughing and repeatedly honking the horn.  As two males and one female subject exited the gas station and walked towards the vehicle, the female driver continued laughing and honking the horn.  Prior to leaving the parking lot, the driver opened the door and dumped out the remainder of a Bud Light beer. The CPO approached the vehicle as it began leaving the gas station and directed the driver to stop. Upon approaching the driver, two open Bud Light beer cans were observed in the center console.  Additionally, the CPO smelled the odor of burnt cannabis in the vehicle.  A search revealed a drug pipe, a container with cannabis, and three occupants to have open alcohol.  She was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cannabis, and illegal transportation of alcohol.  Two passengers were cited for illegal transportation of alcohol.

A CPO in Pike County received a trespassing complaint.  During the course of the investigation, he found the stand had been placed over a recently dug hole and salt pellets were present.  After checking the stand several times, he
discovered a mineral rock had been placed in the hole also. The CPO discovered a hunter in a stand who admitted to putting the stand up and putting out all bait.  The hunter was a family member of the property owner and was not trespassing.  The subject was a past violator, but not dealing with wildlife.  He was into meth and was previously caught by CPOs with a sawed off shotgun, a mask, and a long trench coat.

A CPO in Macoupin County received a complaint of hunting without permission on property north of Chesterfield.  The CPO responded to the location and caught the suspect. 

Three CPOs conducted a waterfowl detail in Calhoun County at Diamond Island.  Ten blinds were checked.  Three citations were issued for possession of alcohol in public hunting area.  Five written warnings were issued for wildlife violations.  Eight written warnings were issued for boating violations.

Three CPOs and the District Sergeant worked the opening of the South Central duck opener at Rend Lake.  The violations documented were:  seven hunters hunting within 200 yards of another hunting group, four weapon violations in a watercraft, three hunters failed to maintain separate bags, one group shooting early, three license/stamp violations, four boat violations and one person left his truck parked on the highway while hunting.     

A Pope county CPO was working at night and observed a truck moving slowly down a dead end forest road.  The vehicle crested a hill and the CPO began slowly following.  The CPO crested the hill and observed the passenger shining a large spot light out the passenger window.  The CPO found a good position and waited for the truck to return.  As the truck slowly returned, the CPO observed more spotlighting.  The truck was then stopped and the Georgia subjects had a loaded 22 magnum rifle behind the seat.  The subjects were cited for spotlighting and loaded uncased gun.  The CPO has also issued citations for failure to report a deer harvest. 

A CPO conducted an investigation at the request of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service to locate suspects in Franklin County suspected of bringing a Burmese Python into Illinois illegally.  The CPO conducted interviews and the snake was
voluntarily turned over to an IDNR Heritage Biologist.  The same CPO completed an investigation into an abandoned ATV on state property and cited an archery hunter in Jefferson County for deer hunting without a habitat stamp. 

District 15 officers are investigating a TIPS complaint on a subject in Lawrence County.  So far 16 deer racks/mounts have been seized.  The investigation has spread into the state of Tennessee and assistance has been received from Tennessee conservation officers. 

District 15 officers worked a waterfowl enforcement detail at Carlyle Lake Wildlife Management Area during the opener of the south central zone.  Thirty-two citations and multiple warnings were issued during the two day detail.  Violations included:  unlawful entry prior to 4:30 am, shooting before legal hours, unplugged shotgun, lead shot, no hunting license, and no federal stamp.

CPOs worked at Carlyle Lake and removed permanent blinds built on the islands.

A CPO cited a Pennsylvania subject at Wildcat Hollow in Effingham County for having a loaded uncased gun in a vehicle.

A CPO recovered a stolen vehicle in Richland County.

A CPO cited a bow hunter in Massac County for hunting by the aid of bait; additionally he was wanted on a Pope County warrant, considered armed and dangerous, for failure to appear on a reckless driving charge. He was jailed and processed.

A CPO cited two Union County men for hunting without permission.  The hunters stated they did not think the sign was legitimate.

A CPO directed a lost non-resident hunter from the woods at Horseshoe Lake Conservation Area in Alexander County via cell phone.

District 16 CPOs attended Severe Weather Training and Reporting at the National Weather Service in Paducah Ky. Each CPO is now a certified. The training was followed by a tour of the facility and its operations.

A CPO located two hunters without hunting licenses and habitat stamps, citations and warnings were issued to the hunters.

A CPO responded to a call from Giant City State Park regarding a vehicle that was stuck on one of the hiking trails.  The CPO found a vehicle that had driven past a gated trail and had become stuck approximately 150 yards down the trail causing damage to the trail. After contacting the owner, and many untruthful statements later, it was discovered the owner was exploring and had become stuck.  He was cited for driving off roadway and damaging park property.

A CPO attended National Weather Service training to determine what to look for in severe weather that would be reported by emergency personnel.

A CPO issued a non-resident hunter warnings for failure to sign up for hunter site permits, for leaving their tree stands in the field after hours and transporting operable bows in a vehicle.

2 CPOs attended a makeup shoot for the fall firearms qualification.

A CPO was patrolling Perry County when he came across a bow hunter walking along the side of the road.  A compliance check revealed the hunter had failed to purchase a hunting license or habitat stamp.  He was cited for hunting without a license and issued a written warning for no habitat stamp.

An investigation led to the arrest of a New Jersey resident for taking an eight point buck and nine point buck with a rifle in Perry County.  The subject was also charged with falsification of a DNR record after it was discovered he used a false Illinois address to purchase resident deer permits.  The deer heads, meat, and the hunter's 25/06 rifle were seized as evidence. 

A CPO responded to a TIPs complaint in Perry County.  The caller stated he was hunting on Elkville City Reservoir when he was peppered with shot.  Upon arrival, the hunters were no longer present and the complaint was unfounded.

A CPO is investigating a hunter harassment complaint in Perry County that was called in to the TIPs hotline.

A CPO investigated a hunting without permission complaint in Perry County.  The complainant was upset because the neighboring landowner had shot a deer which ran onto his property.  The hunter then field dressed the deer and didn't remove the gut pile.  After a long discussion with the CPO, the complainant decided the hunter should be issued a written warning for the violation under the condition he removed the pile. 


Office of Law Enforcement
November 20, 2013

While on ATV patrol a CPO located a deer camp.  Approaching the camp, a subject pulled in with a pick-up truck.  In the bed of the truck, the CPO could see an untagged deer.  Standing back, the CPO watched the subject field dress the deer and prepare to hang it in a tree.  Approaching the subject, he advised his tag was in the camp.  A second hunter walked into camp as the CPO was completing the check of the first hunter.  The second hunter was found to be in possession of a handgun while archery deer hunting.  Both subjects were cited and the deer was seized. 
Receiving a complaint of dumped deer parts, a CPO responded to the location.  Dumped with the deer was other rubbish which included a box with an address label.  Checking the address, the CPO found that he had arrested one of the subjects at that residence (in 2010) for dumping deer.  After six hours of investigation (and seven interviews), two subjects were cited for dumping the deer carcass and a third subject was cited for the illegal possession of the deer.  How the deer died is still under investigation.   

A District 1 CPO arrested a Chicago man for hunting deer in a baited area. Earlier this fall the CPO found three tree stands on a property near Galena baited with mineral/salt rocks. During a recent patrol, a man was found hunting in one of the baited areas. During an interview the man admitted to putting the bait out and knowingly hunting over it. It was also discovered the man had shot a doe a week earlier and failed to report the harvest. The hunter was issued citations for attempting to take deer by use of bait, unlawfully making available food/salt/mineral blocks for ingestion by deer and failure to report deer harvest by 10 pm on the day the deer was taken. The hunter’s compound bow was seized.

A District 1 CPO closed a case originally started in late 2012 involving the theft of trapping equipment.  In January 2013 an Orangeville man was charged with unlawful possession of a river otter during the closed season, hunting without permission, removing fur bearing mammals from the traps of another, criminal trespass (two counts), disturbing the traps of another (two counts) and theft less than $500 (two counts).  The man was fined a total of $3,120.70, sentenced to four days jail and will be on probation for 24 months. And his hunting and trapping privileges will be suspended for 36 months.

A CPO responded to the tornado which occurred in Washington, Illinois.  The officer was given the assignment of removing and securing firearms located in a damaged apartment complex.  Approximately 40 guns were removed and taken to the Washington city police department.

A District 6 officer arrested five individuals for hunting over a baited waterfowl blind. Once the investigation is completed the case will be forwarded to Federal Fish and Wildlife Department.

A District 6 officer arrested an individual for hunting without a hunting license.

A District 6 officer arrested an individual for moving a deer without immediate attachment of the deer tag and failure to report harvest by 10 pm.

Two District 1 CPOs were working together when they received a report of an injured deer struck by a car.  Upon arrival the doe deer had a broken leg and appeared to be in pain.  The deer was dispatched to prevent further suffering.

A District 1 CPO has been working on multiple cases reported from our TIPs hotline.

A District 7 CPO investigated a complaint from a Warren County Deer Outfitter.  The outfitter suspected a customer had harvested a whitetail buck without a permit and had abandoned the animal after cutting off the antlers.  With the assistance of the outfitting guides, inspection of the hunting area, and interviews of the hunter, evidence was obtained.  A written confession was later obtained detailing the harvest of two bucks within a few minutes by the hunter.  He did
not possess a valid permit for the second.  After removing the antlers, the deer was dumped into a nearby ravine.  He was issued citations for unlawful possession of whitetail deer, unlawful taking of whitetail deer, and for wanton waste.  The two 9 point deer antlers were seized.

A CPO in Winnebago County responded to a complaint of unlawful hunting whitetail deer by aid or use of bait.  Investigation is pending.

Two District 2 CPOs observed three hunters on the roadway at COLSP.  Appropriate action was taken. 

Two District 2 CPOs cited the father of two young archery deer hunters (ages 13 and 16) for failure to obtain archery deer tags, hunting license, and a habitat stamp for the older child before attempting to take deer on State property.  The father stated that he spent 45 minutes at the local retail store and was unable to obtain the necessary licenses before getting mad and leaving.  He indicated that he must have forgotten to go back at a later date to obtain them.

No activity reported

A CPO received a tip about The Outdoor Bow Shop in Taylorville selling minnows without a license and failing to maintain record of purchases and sales.  It was determined the store was selling minnows without a retail minnow dealer license and the wholesaler (Pana Wholesale Bait Co.) failed to maintain the proper records (the proper licenses numbers) of the minnow sale to the bow shop. The proper citations and warnings were issued to both the retail and wholesale minnow dealers for the license and records violations.

A CPO issued citations and warnings to kayakers fishing at Lake Taylorville contributory for boating violations and charged three (3) bow hunters for hunting deer by the aid of bait and CWD bait placement on Lake Taylorville property.  

CPOs provided support for the first annual Abe’s Canoe/Kayak River Race on the Sangamon River.  No significant incidents other than the threat of rain.

Two District 10 CPOs investigated a complaint of a 13 pt. buck taken illegally by a subject in Scott County.  During an interview the violator admitted to buying his license, permit, and habitat stamp after having shot the deer and another subject unlawfully disposed of the carcass the next day.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

Two District 10 CPOs investigated a complaint of a 10 pt. buck taken illegally by an out-of-state hunter using an outfitter in Logan County.   During an interview the violators admitted to buying the appropriate license and permit after having shot the deer and checking the deer in the next day. Enforcement action was taken.

A Mason County hunter was arrested for hunting deer with the aid of bait.  The hunter had salt and cracked corn in different areas of a 1/4 acre food plot.  The hunter claimed he did not know it was there. 

A waterfowl detail was conducted at Sanganois which resulted in one PFD (personal flotation device) ticket and a written warning for boating violations, and an arrest for unlawful take of waterfowl. 

A CPO conducted an Outfitter inspection in Menard County.  Minor records violations were addressed by written warnings.

A CPO conducted an Outfitter inspection in Morgan County.  Minor records violations were addressed by written warnings.

A CPO responded to possible fish kill at a Logan County Sportsmen Club pond.  Two fish were found floating.  Operator advised earlier in the day numerous fish were near the bank sucking air. 

Two CPOs, while on patrol in Massac County, observed a vehicle stop in the roadway and shine a light into an adjacent field.  The subject then shot from the vehicle and roadway into the field and drove away.  During the subsequent stop a loaded AR-15 rifle with weapon light was discovered in the extended cab.  The subject stated he had shot at a coyote from the roadway.  Five empty .223 shell casings were located in the cab of the vehicle including two on the dashboard.  The rifle was seized and the subject cited for multiple wildlife code violations.

A CPO cited two Alabama bow hunters in Massac County for unlawful possession of two untagged bucks and failure to report harvest. 

A CPO conducted surveillance of two Missouri hunters believed to be firearm hunting in Illinois during closed season. 

A CPO continued surveillance of two Massac County men under investigation for multiple violations in Wyoming and Illinois.   

A CPO is investigating a Louisiana man who is falsifying his residence in order to obtain resident licenses and permits. 

A CPO is investigating a Massac County man for unlawful take of a deer with a firearm and falsification of records.  

A CPO located two subjects bow hunting in the waterfowl rest area at Pyramid State Park.  Both hunters were cited for the offense. 

A CPO conducted three ginseng certifications at Lake Murphysboro State Park. Dried ginseng root is currently being bought for $800.00 a pound. 

A CPO patrolled Cedar Lake by boat on the holiday.  One resident was cited for unlawfully fishing without a fishing license.  One resident was issued a written warning for expired registration.  One resident was issued a written warning for not have a water usage stamp on his kayak.   

Two CPOs attended two days of meetings with the Defense Tactics committee and the Firearms committee in Springfield.  The agenda covered curriculum for the upcoming year, academy training and policy review. 

A CPO received a complaint of hunting without permission.  A landowner called in about two tree stands and a trail camera that were found on his property where no one is allowed to hunt.  Surveillance is being conducted on the area to determine who the subjects are.   

A CPO received information of non-resident hunters hunting without possible licenses and permits.  An investigation is ongoing into the matter.  

District 16 CPOs responded to Brookport in Massac County after a tornado struck the town killing three persons.  Wide spread damage occurred and the city was destroyed.  CPOs established the District 16 command post trailer with the ISP 22 and secured the town.  ICS was established and CPOs were running two 12 hour shifts. Massac County was declared a disaster area.  CPOs are conducting patrolling in town and manning traffic checkpoints at the perimeter of the town.

A CPO in Pope County observed a group of out of state hunters from Texas.  The CPO discovered that most of the individuals only purchased antlerless deer permits.  One night the CPO observed a truck, with Texas plates, go by his location with a small buck hanging off the tailgate.  The hunters drove to a cabin and began processing the deer.  The CPO approached a small shed and overheard the subjects’ conversation.  One hunter mentioned killing another buck on a previous day.  The CPO also observed that the deer they were processing was not tagged.  The CPO identified himself and spoke with the subjects.  One subject admitted to killing the small buck but didn't tag because he only purchased the $25 antlerless permit. The CPO discovered the other buck and observed it wasn't tagged correctly.  The only subject with a buck permit admitted to killing the deer and saving his tag for a bigger buck.  He also showed the officer a doe he tagged with another hunter’s permit and another deer that wasn't tagged with any permit.  The officer issued multiple citations and a mandatory court date in Pope County. 

A CPO in Pope County discovered an area heavily baited with corn.  The officer went out early the next morning and found a hunter in the blind.  The hunter admitted to knowing about the bait and they walked back to the hunter’s truck.  The officer discovered fresh blood in the subject’s truck  The subject admitted to killing a doe the day prior and not tagging or reporting the harvest. The officer issued multiple citations and a mandatory court date. 

A CPO in Pope County received a call from a landowner who had an out of state subject hunting his property. The landowner stated that the hunter left a corn based substance on the ground.  The CPO took a sample of the bait and contacted the hunter.  The hunter admitted to hunting and killing a large buck over the bait.  The subject was cited for the violation.

A CPO cited a person for unlawful operation of ATV on the roadway.  Three district 14 CPOs assisted with the tornado response that hit the region on Sunday.

Several boating citations were issued at Rend Lake during waterfowl checks.  The same CPO cited a Benton landowner for feeding deer.  The CPO also investigated a complaint in Franklin County of the theft of tree stand, placing/baiting deer, and operation of an ATV on private property without permission.  The tree stand is to be returned and charges for baiting and operation of the ATV are pending.

Office of Law Enforcement
November 27, 2013

A District 1 CPO responded to a call of a lost hunter in Lowden Miller State Forest.  The CPO located the hunter on the neighboring property and gave him a ride back to his vehicle a couple miles away.

A District 1 CPO issued multiple citations and written warnings to two Sterling men after receiving a complaint of an un- field dressed, headless deer, lying in a driveway in the middle of town for a few days.  It was discovered through investigation that one of the subjects had been deer hunting with no deer permit, hunting license, or habitat stamp during the 2013 archery deer season.  It was also discovered that the other subject was transporting an uncased compound bow in his truck and had improperly taken possession of, and incorrectly checked in, a salvage deer as a road kill deer.

A District 1 CPO arrested an Amboy man in Whiteside County for possession of 10 grams of cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia, and transporting an uncased compound bow in his vehicle during opening weekend of Illinois Firearm Deer Season.  Subject was transported to the Whiteside County Jail.

A District 6 officer arrested an individual for hunting from a baited deer stand.

A District 6 officer arrested an individual for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of less than 2.5g of cannabis.

A District 6 officer responded to a house being struck by a bullet on the second day of firearm deer season. The officer was able to locate the hunter who was in a ground blind. The hunter said he had shot at a deer and missed. The officer was able to determine the bullet ricocheted off of a tree and struck the house.  Luckily the bullet only caused minor damage to the house because the homeowner was standing outside approximately 20 feet from where the bullet struck. No enforcement action was taken, but the officer and hunter had a long conversation about the need to hunt the area from an elevated position due to the terrain.

A complaint came in of three subjects camping in a large motor home at Miller Anderson Wood Hunting Area.  The next morning the subjects were found and it was also found they had put the sign in sheet in their motor home so no one else could sign in.  The subjects were issued citations.

A District 1 Sergeant, two District 1 CPOs and a District 7 CPO responded to a request for assistance involving a missing suicidal subject in Mercer County.  The District 1 Sergeant located the subject’s vehicle at the base of a ravine in the middle of a field.  A Mercer County Deputy, ISP Trooper, and the District Sergeant approached the vehicle and determined the subject was inside.  Cell phone contact was made.  The subject surrendered to police and was taken into protective custody without incident.  A search of his vehicle determined he was in possession of three firearms.  One of the firearms was a loaded shotgun which had fortunately jammed. 

A District 1 CPO was contacted by the park superintendant of Johnson Sauk Trail State Recreation Area.  He advised the Ranger located a suspicious male subject with a possible mobile meth lab.  The truck was backed in across the parking spot and a man in full camouflage was standing next to a single propane burner.  On the burner was a metal pot with aluminum wrapped around it.  The Ranger asked the man if he was hunting and he said, "No I was just going to sleep in my truck".  When the Ranger asked what was in his pot, the man jumped into this truck and refused to talk any further to the Ranger.  This behavior was odd and alarmed the Ranger so he requested the assistance of the Conservation Police. 

Two CPOs responded along with two Henry County Deputies and a state trooper.  The man told the CPO he was traveling from Missouri with no specific destination.  He pulled into the park to relax and sleep for a while.  He was making coffee when the Park Ranger rudely interrupted him.  The bed of the truck was full of tubs with anti-government sayings written on them.  He denied any association with specific anti-government groups and refused to allow officers
to search his vehicle.  When asked if he was in possession of any illegal drugs he got upset and said "Do what you need to do but you're not going in my truck".  The Henry County K9 officer responded but no indicator was given by the K9.  The CPO issued him a citation for camping in a restricted area and a written warning for improper parking.  The man was asked to leave the park and not return for 30 days. 

A District 1 CPO cited a deer hunter for the use of an unplugged shotgun.  The hunter thought it contained a plug from the factory.  

A District 1 CPO was checking a property for the upcoming firearm deer season when two bow hunters arrived in the area.  The hunters admitted to the placement of bait in the form of corn gathered from the field and placed in a pile along with acorns picked up from the farm yard and put into a pile.  The hunters had just put it there that morning after setting up another stand and thought since it was already natural products from the area they didn't think it was an issue.  A mineral block had been put near the residence so the elderly handicapped resident could watch the deer since he was no longer able to hunt.  The CPO talked to the hunters about the deer management and concerns of both CWD and EHD.  All bait was removed immediately and appropriate enforcement action was taken. 

A CPO in Henderson County cited four subjects for having loaded uncased firearms in their vehicles. 

A CPO in Henderson County continues to investigate a wrongful tree cutting complaint

In October, a CPO received information about a subject processing deer at his residence.  Checking on the subject (the final day of the first firearm deer season), the CPO was told they stored their harvested deer at a friend’s residence until “butchering day”.  Going to the friend’s residence, the CPO located three untagged deer.  Both of the subjects at the residence admitted to taking deer and failing to tag them.  They advised they had called them in.  The CPO received three unused deer tags with confirmation numbers.  Two of the tags were not issued to the subject that killed the deer.   Three deer and two guns were seized.  Four citations and eleven written warnings were issued.       

A District 7 CPO patrolled Spoon River State Forest during the firearm deer season.  A pair of hunters were checked and found not to have the required site specific deer permits.  One had harvested an 8 point buck.  The “successful” hunter was issued a citation for deer hunting a state site without a site specific deer permit.  His companion was issued a written warning.  Several warnings were also issued to additional hunter for not displaying site permit on the vehicle dashboard.

A District 1 CPO conducted a firearm deer hunting compliance check. The check revealed a Hanover man was entering the field for an afternoon deer hunt without his firearm deer permit in possession. A warning was issued and the man was instructed to retrieve his permit from his vehicle before continuing his hunt.

A District 1 CPO observed two hunters driving out of the field in a side by side ATV.  A compliance checked revealed one was wearing camouflage blaze orange, did not have his hunting license or habitat stamp in possession and had a deer head in a black garbage back in the back of the ATV untagged.  The Romeoville man was cited for failure to tag deer upon kill and warned for his other violations.

While investigating a TIPS complaint from October of illegal baiting, a District 6 CPO checked the baited area during firearm deer season. The CPO located a hunter, who was hunting from the baited tree stand, and discovered there was a second hunter, a friend, hunting the area with the illegal hunter. Upon locating the second hunter, the CPO discovered he too was hunting illegally over bait.

A District 3 CPO arrested two subjects for hunting deer over bait.

A District 3 CPO arrested a subject for archery coyote hunting during the firearm deer season.

A District 3 CPO arrested a subject for firearm hunting deer without a firearm permit.

A District 3 CPO arrested a subject for firearm hunting deer in a county without a valid permit for that county.

District 3 CPOs have handled three personal injury hunting accidents in the month of November.  Two of the accidents were at DesPlaines CA.  In all instances, the victim was shot with birdshot when the shooter was swinging to shoot at game.  Investigation continues in all three cases.

A District 3 CPO arrested a subject hunting at Kankakee River SP with an unplugged shotgun, with illegal size shot shells, and without required blaze orange clothing.

CPOs and DeWitt County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a report of a house being shot by a deer hunter in rural Clinton, DeWitt County.  The home was occupied at the time of the incident.  No one was injured.  Two firearm deer hunters were located on a neighboring property.  On-scene interviews were conducted, the scene was processed, and evidence was collected.  The investigation is on-going. 

A CPO issued a Hudson man four citations stemming from deer hunting violations that occurred in McLean County: (1) Failure to tag a whitetail deer, (2) Failure to report the harvest of a WTD, (3) Unlawful possession of an illegally taken WTD, and (4) Obstructing a CPO. 

A CPO arrested a man in Iroquois County for hunting by aid or use of a motor vehicle, transportation of an uncased and loaded firearm and hunting with an unplugged shotgun. 

A CPO responded to a call from Springfield DNR about a subject shooting too close to a house.  Two juvenile hunters, from the Argenta-Oreana area, were interviewed.  One of the juveniles had shot a deer earlier but had tracked the deer within 150 yards from the complainant’s resident.  He shot the wounded to deer to complete the kill.  The juvenile who shot the deer was issued a written warning for shooting within 300 yards of the house and the other juvenile was issued a written warning for not having his hunting license on his person.

A CPO witnessed a deer in the back of the trailer that was not tagged in the Argenta area.  Upon further inspection, the hunter (a Michigan resident), who had shot the deer did not have a plug in his shotgun.  The hunter explained that he was on the phone with DNR checking in the deer when I was pulling up.  I explained to him that he had to place the tag on the deer immediately upon killing it.  The hunter was issued one citation and one WW. 

A CPO checked a Coal City man who did not have a plug in his shotgun and was carrying four shells in the shotgun when checked.  The hunter was also using buck shot and did not have a habitat stamp.  The hunter was issued one citation and two written warnings for those offenses.  An untagged buck in the back of the subject’s truck was found and a story was given about a friend who had killed the deer in Montana and he was just transporting it to a taxidermist friend in Illinois.  Further investigation with the Montana IDNR has found inconsistent stories and is currently under investigation in both Montana and Illinois. 

CPOs responded to a complaint of a subject shooting from a truck at night off Interstate 72 near the Macon/ Piatt County lines.  A buck killed by a high powered rifle was found in the area and the case is under investigation. 

A CPO issued a citation to a Potomac resident for unlawfully transporting an uncased and loaded firearm on an ATV while he was going to his deer hunting site. 

A CPO issued a citation to a Chicago resident for hunting without blaze orange in Iroquois County on private property. 

A CPO issued a citation to a Westville resident for unlawfully hunting white tailed deer over bait.  

A CPO cited a Tuscola man for hunting without permission in Douglas County.

A CPO cited a Missouri subject hunting in Shelby County with resident permit and license instead of the proper non-resident deer permit and license.

A CPO cited a Missouri subject in Shelby County for a blaze orange violation during the firearm deer season.

A CPO arrested a Sugar Grove man in Coles County for hunting with an unplugged shotgun and hunting over a baited area.

A CPO arrested a Chicago man in Coles County for hunting with an unplugged shotgun.

A CPO arrested a Waterman man in Coles County for hunting with an unplugged shotgun.

A CPO arrested a Charleston man in Coles County for hunting over a baited area.

A CPO arrested a Romeoville man in Coles County for unlawful placement of products for ingestion by wild deer.

A CPO arrested a Shelbyville man in Coles County for unlawful taking of deer by use or aid of bait.

A CPO arrested an Ashmore man in Coles County for failure to attach temporary harvest tag to deer immediately upon kill.

A CPO arrested a Clark County male for failure to immediately tag deer.

A CPO arrested a Clark County male for failure to report harvest.

A CPO arrested an Indiana resident for hunting after hours. The subject was also wanted on an Edgar County warrant.

A CPO arrested an Edgar County male for transporting an uncased firearm.

A CPO arrested a Douglas County male for hunting without blaze orange.

A CPO arrested a Douglas County male for hunting deer over bait.

A CPO arrested a Clark County female for hunting in the wrong county and failure to wear blaze orange.

A CPO arrested an Edgar County male for transporting a loaded and uncased firearm.

A CPO arrested a Clark County male for hunter interference.

A CPO arrested two Edgar County males for hunting without permission.

A CPO arrested an Edgar County male for hunting without deer tags, no hunting license, no habitat stamp and failure to wear orange.

A CPO cited an Arthur man for illegal feeding of deer and a warning for hunting deer over bait.

A CPO cited a group of four Chicago area men in Moultrie County for hunting with no valid firearms deer permit. 

A CPO cited multiple other subjects from various parts of the state for hunting on the wildlife management area in Moultrie County for hunting with no valid firearms deer permit.

During firearm deer season, a CPO in Greene County located a subject hunting over a salt block. The CPO had located the salt block by preseason scouting.

During firearm deer season, a CPO in Greene County located subject hunting over a salt block. The CPO had located the salt block after receiving a complaint.

During firearm deer season in Greene County, a subject fell from a tree stand when the strap broke as he was climbing into stand.  The subject was taken to hospital.  X-rays showed no injuries, just contusions.

During firearm deer season in Macoupin County, a subject fell as he was climbing to his stand. The subject had a four climbing sticks put together. The top rung broke on the 4th climbing stick which held the strap.  The subject was taken to hospital.  X-rays showed no injuries just contusions.

During firearm deer season in Macoupin County, a subject fell from a tree stand as he was climbing into stand. The stand was homemade.  The stand had been there for several years. The boards were rotten.  The subject was taken to hospital.  X-rays showed a broken leg.

During firearm deer season, two CPOs issued multiple citations to hunters in a camp located in Brown County. The hunters were hunting with the aid of bait. The hunters had several feeders and mineral licks located throughout the property. 

During firearm deer season, two CPOs checked a hunting camp in Brown County and located an untagged deer hanging in a barn. The Brown County officer knew the area to be baited with salt blocks and a feeder. Two hunters were located. The landowner admitted to shooting the deer and placing bait. He did not have a hunting license or a habitat stamp. The second hunter admitted to placing bait and was hunting without a license. 

A CPO in Jersey County assisted a Grafton Police Department officer on a traffic stop.  A passenger was found to be wanted on a warrant.  After taking him into custody, the CPO smelled the distinct odor of burnt cannabis on his person. After a short interview, the suspect admitted to having a drug pipe in the vehicle.  A search revealed a drug pipe and a baggy with cannabis, which were handed over to the Grafton officer for enforcement action.  

A CPO in Jersey County investigated an archery hunting without permission complaint. The landowner had trail camera photos of a hunter walking on his property which borders the Pere Marquette State Park.  After reviewing site records, the CPO was able to identify the hunter.  Upon making contact with him, the suspect claimed he had gotten turned around and did not see a fence or any signs indicating he was leaving state and entering private property.  The CPO relayed the information to the landowner who advised no portion of the property line was unfenced or unposted. The CPO arranged to meet with the suspect the following day to confirm he had made an honest mistake. Prior to their scheduled meeting, the suspect called the CPO and explained he had already visited the site earlier in the morning and could not find any place the property was unposted.  Because the suspect's special permit had enabled him to only hunt the site the week before, enforcement action was taken for hunting on property without permission from the landowner and the unauthorized entrance into the special permit area.  

A CPO in Jersey County investigated the unlawful take of a deer without a permit.  The subject turned himself in after he shot an 8 point buck. He had taken a 4 point buck two days earlier and had not purchased another either sex permit.  

A CPO in Calhoun County investigated the unlawful take of a deer with a shotgun prior to the firearm deer season.  An interview resulted in the seizure of a deer and charges for the unlawful take of a deer. 

A CPO in Brown County issued four citations to archery hunters for hunting deer with the aid of bait.  All of the baited areas were located before the archery season.  All of the subjects admitted to placing the bait. 

A CPO in Pike County responded to a complaint of baiting deer.  An investigation showed corn had been added to a mowed cornfield by the use of tractor and a hopper.  The subject denied any wrong doing, but a camera placed by the subject to film deer at the site showed the tractor and hopper being used two days prior to add corn. 

A CPO in Pike County was en route to a complaint when he discovered a male and female parked on a dead end road. Upon approach, the CPO observed a squatting female.  She stood up and move quickly toward the truck. When asked what was going on, the male stated they were about to have sex. The male gave consent to search his vehicle. During the search, a small piece of foil was found at the spot the female was squatting.  It appeared to have been used to smoke meth. The CPO found a sheet of foil inside the truck.  Both pieces fit together. 

A CPO in Hancock County issued a warning for operating a UTV on the roadway.  The CPO ran a POS check of  the 2 non-residents. The driver was not in the system. The other was and had all licenses and permits to hunt.  I returned the next evening to the area and located the two non-resident subjects. One was archery deer hunting, the 2nd was scouting.
The CPO had observed him walking the woods with binoculars and no weapons.  When the subjects returned to their truck, the CPO performed a compliance check. The CPO asked permission to check the coolers in the back of the truck and found an empty bucket of C'meer Deer and two full containers of C'meer Deer products. They both denied putting any of it out. They told me a third subject was hunting the property.  I followed them to where this subject was leaving the woods.  He admitted to placing out the C'meer deer in an area he was going to firearm hunt in a week. He was issued a citation for feeding deer.

A CPO was en route to the Brookport tornado detail and left a little early to travel through a complaint area where landowners have been seeing spot lighters between 3:00am and daylight.  At about 5:15am he followed a vehicle into the area where the complaint initiated.  A vehicle turned sideways and shined its headlights at deer in a field.  The vehicle was stopped and an uncased/loaded 30-30 rifle, an uncased/loaded 9 mm handgun, an uncased bow and a plugged in spotlight were found in the vehicle.  The Texas subject was issued citations for unlawful use of a conveyance, uncased loaded gun, uncased handgun, and hunting without a habitat stamp.  Two days later, the subject pleaded guilty to two citations and paid $2000.00 in fines.  The rifle was returned per court order.

The next day a CPO observed another vehicle in the same location using its headlights to look at wildlife.  The vehicle was stopped and an uncased loaded Glock pistol, an uncased crossbow, and an uncased bow were found in the vehicle.  Three citations for the uncased firearm and bows were issued.

The same day the CPO investigated a Facebook post of an unlicensed subject claiming he shot a deer with a 357 mag.  The case is still under investigation but the subject was in possession of deer parts.  A citation for unlawful possession of deer was issued to the subject.

During the firearm deer season a CPO investigated a vehicle stopped on the side of the road with two uncased firearms.  Citations were issued to the hunter and a separate hunter was also cited for an uncased firearm.

A CPO investigated an outfitter in Gallatin County.  It was determined the outfitter operated illegally in prior years and advertised in the current year without a valid outfitting permit.  A citation was issued for the outfitting violation.  Another CPO assisted in the investigation and during the investigation, wrote a family member of the outfitter for hunting with an unplugged shotgun and another hunter for failure to report his deer harvest by 10 p.m.

A CPO encountered a hunting guide of an outfitter in the field on November 2nd.  During a vehicle stop of the guide this deer firearm weekend, the CPO found the guide in possession of an uncased loaded handgun.  The subject confirmed he was working for a specific outfitter.  The guide said the outfitter had hunts scheduled.  The outfitter has an active website and was campaigning for clients at the Hunting and Fishing Days at John A Logan College in September.  The outfitter did not apply for an outfitter license within the guidelines required by IDNR.  The outfitter eventually was issued an outfitter permit, however, the outfitter was in violation of advertising for outfitting services without a valid outfitter permit from July until near the end of October.  A citation was issued with a $1,500.00 civil penalty for the violation.

A SGT issued a person on a UTV a citation for possession of a loaded and uncased rifle while trapping.  The person was not wearing orange during the firearm season.  He also cited a Mt. Vernon hunter for shooting at a deer from the roadway and possession of a loaded and uncased shotgun in a vehicle. 

A CPO was working a spotlight detail and stopped a Saline County resident for "shining."  The passenger in the car was wanted on a warrant for violation of supervision. 

Two CPOs worked the Big Muddy sub-impoundments on a complaint of hunters shooting at them closer than 200 yards away.  The CPOs took a break from checking deer hunters to check on the violation.  Both CPOs issued citations for hunting within 200 yards of another hunting party.  While in the area two other groups were cited for park violations related to launching watercraft off of Highway 148 and parking in a restricted area while duck hunting.

A CPO responded to a complaint in Jefferson County on Baseline Road.  A button buck was shot in a field on the Marion County side of the road.  A hunter in a tree stand saw a vehicle pull up to his field and shoot a deer from the driver’s side window.  When the CPO arrived, the hunter said he kept the man in the vehicle from attempting to retrieve the deer.  The hunter gave a description of the truck and said the man was sitting in the backseat of the suspect’s truck when he shot the deer.  The CPO found the vehicle some time later and conducted a traffic stop.  The man admitted shooting the deer out the driver's window.  He was issued five citations.  It was discovered through interviews that three of the people in the truck hunted earlier that morning and two men did not have deer permits, a hunting license or habitat stamps.  Another five citations were issued for the violations.

A CPO arrested a convicted felon in White County for possession of a firearm, transporting a loaded gun (12 gauge shotgun), and for not having any rear taillights on his vehicle after a traffic stop in the Wabash River Bottoms.  The CPO also tracked down and arrested two individuals hunting on private property without permission in Gallatin County.

Two CPOs were at the Cave in Rock Ferry on Rt. 1 and the Ohio River when they observed an Illinois truck loaded with hunting gear and a dead deer attempting to cross into Kentucky.  After a brief inspection of the individual’s license and deer permits, it was determined that two residents from Tennessee had illegally harvested deer using Illinois resident permits and hunting licenses. Both admitted they had used false information on their licenses to obtain resident permits. Citations were issued for the violations and a civil penalty assessed for both of the deer.  

A CPO investigated a Hardin County TIPS complaint on a South Carolina hunter illegally taking deer.  Upon completion of the investigation a father and son were cited two violations each for taking deer without a valid permit and citations for hunting without a valid hunting license. Both hunters pleaded guilty in Hardin County court two days after the
investigation.  Each hunter was fined $300.00 and a $250.00 civil penalty for the deer killed.  The same CPO cited a hunter from Joliet in Hamilton County for unlawful transportation of a bow without a case.

Two CPOs issued 42 citations and several more written warnings in Pope and Hardin Counties over the first firearm weekend.  Some highlights include the following cases.  In Pope County after dark the CPOs observed a slow moving vehicle using headlights to scan the field.  When stopped, a husband and wife were apprehended with a loaded .22 magnum rifle in the truck and admitted hunting from the truck.  They located two subjects on the Pope County line hunting over large piles of corn and mineral blocks.  The subjects were cited for hunting over bait.  After leaving they crossed into Hardin county and observed two subjects walking down the road with no blaze orange vests.  Upon further investigation, the CPOs discovered five untagged and field dressed deer including two bucks.  None of the Alabama hunters possessed a valid buck tag.  Between the bait and the Alabama hunters, 15 citations were issued.  Several subjects were cited in Pope County for being out of state hunters using resident landowner permits.  Four of the eight illegally taken deer were bucks. 

District 14 CPOs responded and assisted the residents of Brookport for several days after the tornado swept through the area on November 16th.

Two  District 15 officers assisted Clay County Sheriff and Illinois Drug Task Force officers on a search warrant in Clay County.  In addition to the multiple drug charges and weapons possession by a felon, two subjects will be charged with multiple wildlife violations.  The officers discovered eight freshly killed bucks, many shot in the head with a rifle.  Several more fresh antler/skulls were recovered.  A .17 caliber rifle was seized and a 2013 Can Am ATV.  The investigation is continuing.

A District 15 and District 14 officer caught two subjects shining deer in Wayne County.  The subjects had a loaded Taurus pistol.

Two District 15 officers caught a subject with a loaded .243 rifle attempting to take deer in Edwards County.  Three bucks have been poached in this area during the week.  A rifle slug was pulled from one of the deer.  The rifle and slug will be analyzed to determine if they match.

A District 15 Sgt and CPO responded to a call from Indiana Conservation Officers in Crawford County.  They arrived at the subject's house to issue him a citation for a commercial fishing violation.  The subject walked out of a shed with blood on his hands.  The subject was in the process of cleaning an unlawfully killed buck.  The buck was seized and donated to Sportsmen Against Hunger and multiple citations were issued.

During the first firearm deer season District 15 officers issued 75 citations for game related offenses including:  hunting over bait, failure to tag, swapping permits, uncased guns, unplugged shotguns, no blaze orange.  In addition, two subjects were arrested on warrants, and three subjects were arrested with revoked FOIDs.  Three firearms were seized, two deer seized and donated to Sportsmen Against Hunger.

A Sgt and District 16 CPOs responded to the F 3 tornado that destroyed the town of Brookport.  The DNR command trailer was set up as a command post with ISP 22 & 13. The town was barricaded and 24 hour security patrols were established for the city. CPOs participated in the security roving patrols and manned checkpoints through the town.  A curfew was established from 6p - 6a by ordinance and ISP and CPOs enforced it.  The command and patrol structure was established within five hours of the tornado and state assets were up and running.  The detail ran 24/7 with CPOs patrolling 12 hour shifts day and night. There was one reported case where a man was caught stealing copper, he was not charged for theft.  The landowner told him if he would clean up his property for him he would not have him arrested.  He agreed and the mayor supported the arrangement.  CPOs were pulled on Thursday at 7a due to deer season, ISP scaled back the detail and it, as of today, is still up and running.  

A CPO interviewed a husband and wife in Williamson County in reference to a call that the husband had made.  He called the IDNR to report he had accidently put a 2012 land owner archery deer tag on his wife’s kill and reported it on that permit.  The CPO found the woman had killed the deer legally with a crossbow and her husband had tagged it for her. She told the CPO that she only pulls the trigger and the rest is up to her husband. The deer was not located until later that night as she shot it on their own property. Her husband handled the tagging and didn't record the kill until the next day. It was found that the wife did have a 2013 landowner tag, but, she did not have a habitat stamp. She was issued one citation. She blamed her husband for the violations. 

A CPO inspected a boat rental business located at Crab Orchard Lake in Williamson County.  No violations were found. 

A CPO found a Williamson County subject hunting by use or aid of bait during the firearm deer season.  This stand had been checked numerous times by the CPO during the archery season and was checked the morning of the first day of gun season. The stand was not hunted in the morning, but the CPO did watch a nice 10 point buck and four does standing under the subjects tree stand.  The subject hunted the stand in the afternoon and was cited for the baiting violation.  

A CPO cited subjects during the firearm season for violations of un-plugged shotguns, hunting by use or aid of bait, un-tagged deer, no blaze orange, failure to report harvest, permit violations and possession of unauthorized firearm. 

A CPO cited a northern Illinois man for unlawful transport of a Russian, 12 gauge shotgun, equipped with an eight round magazine, on an ATV.  He was also found to not have a hunting license or habitat stamp and he did not have his firearm deer permit in possession while in the field.  Four citations and two written warnings were issued. 

A CPO cited a non-resident hunter for unlawful transportation of a shotgun on an ATV and for firearm deer hunting without a permit.  The hunter had harvested a doe the day prior on property he did not have permission.  He stated he was attempting to fill the permit of a hunter in the same deer camp.  Two citations and two written warnings were issued.   

A CPO cited a man for firearm deer hunting without a permit after he had filled both his permits and was attempting to  fill the permit of another hunter in camp.  He was issued one citation and one written warning. 

A CPO responded to a trespass complaint where a subject sitting in another subject’s deer stand on National Forest ground.  There is no law to address this and the subjects were advised to get along and show a little courtesy to each other. 

A CPO responded to a trespass complaint involving hunters unknowingly walking onto private property from National Forest lands.  The one parcel of private ground had no signs or other indicators showing it was private.  The landowner has been advised to buy some purple paint. 

A CPO issued a deer hunter a citation for possession of his son's deer permits and a written warning for transporting an uncased gun on an ATV. 

A CPO issued a deer hunter a citation for transporting an uncased, loaded gun on an ATV, and a written warning for an unsigned permit/license. 

A CPO issued a citation to a deer hunter for transporting an uncased, loaded gun on an ATV and a written warning for an expired FOID card. 

A CPO issued a citation to a deer hunter for failure to report deer harvest. 

A CPO was patrolling Perry County when he observed two subjects deer hunting on the Illinois Central Railroad Property.  The hunters were cited for hunting without permission. |

A CPO was patrolling Perry County when he observed an ATV and a pickup truck operating on an active railroad.  The subjects were driving on the railroad right of way to retrieve some deer they had harvested.  The investigation led to their deer camp where multiple violations were discovered.  Citations were issued for trespassing on railroad property, no hunting license, and failure to report deer harvest.  Multiple warnings were also issued. 

A CPO cited a hunter in Perry County for possessing a loaded shotgun 40 minutes after the legal shooting hours.  The hunter was also issued a written warning for using an unplugged shotgun. 
A CPO investigated multiple hunting without permission complaints in Perry County. 

A Sgt. responded to a hunting without permission complaint in rural Jackson County.  Upon arrival the landowner did not want the hunters arrested but warned.  Both hunters were issued written warnings.  

A Sgt. observed a hunter on an ATV with a loaded uncased gun. The hunter was issued a citation for the offense.  

A CPO was given information of a reckless driver on Interstate 57.   The vehicle was observed swerving from lane to lane.  The out of state vehicle was stopped.  The driver stated he was running late to a job and was trying to read an email.  Driver was issued written warnings for lane usage and using an electronic device while driving.  

A CPO received a compliant that a boat on Kinkaid Lake was seen with several deer carcasses that had possibly been shot with a rifle.  After the caller confronted the boater, the boater was seen dumping the deer in the lake.  The Jackson County Sheriff and Ava Police assisted in getting the boater stopped when he was leaving the boat ramp at the Johnson Creek access.  Upon interviewing the boater and his companion, the subject only had three deer in the boat which had all been legally taken with archery permits.  The allegations of dumping were found to be false as well.  The subject was cited for having expired registration on his boat and his companion was arrested for having two warrants.  

A CPO observed a vehicle parked on the county line.  Upon checking the hunter he was found to be hunting approximately 100 yards into the wrong county.  He was also found to not have his deer permit and hunting license in his possession.  He was cited for not having his permit in possession while hunting and issued written warnings for hunting license not in possession, being in the wrong county, and transporting an uncased gun. 

A CPO observed a hunter in the field who didn't appear to have all of his blaze orange on.  Upon checking the hunter he was found to be hunting with a shotgun with no plug.  He was cited for possessing an unplugged shotgun while deer hunting.  

A CPO observed two non-resident hunters in the field tearing down a hunting blind.  Upon inspecting the hunters, they did not have their permits or licenses in possession.  They were in the truck back at the residence.  The CPO observed that they had a bag of trash in their possession as well, in the bag was an empty bottle of C'mere deer.  Upon asking about the bottle the hunter stated that he had picked it up near their property line.  He stated that the neighbor had a blind right on the line.  I told the hunters that I would meet them at the house after I had checked out the neighbor.  I found the neighbors blind but no bait.  Upon returning to the house, I found two stands on the hunter’s property with the bait out in front of them. Upon arriving at the house, the hunters produced three landowner tags with different names.  When asked about them the hunter explained that he was on his uncle’s property.  His uncle told him he could use his permits and since they were landowner tags they didn't need licenses.  I explained to him that was not the case.  I then asked about the bait.  He said that they had put it out that morning when they were returning from hunting planning to hunt over it that afternoon.  I explained that they could not put out bait at anytime. The two non-residents were each cited for hunting without hunting license and no deer permits. They were also warned for not having habitat stamps and for putting out bait for wildlife.  

A CPO observed a vehicle driving out of a field with deer legs sticking up out of the bed of the truck.  The resident hunter had properly tagged the deer and showed me his other two unused permits.  I asked about his hunting license which he did not produce.  After checking POS, he was found to not have a hunting license or habitat stamp.  He didn't think he needed one since he was hunting on his father’s property.  He was cited for hunting without a hunting license and  issued a written warning for no habitat stamp.

A CPO observed a Tennessee subject hunting the Cache River on Pulaski/ Alexander line by boat.  The subject had a loaded firearm in possession while operating the boat with bright headlamp.  He was issued a citation. 

A CPO charged three subjects from New Jersey for hunting without permission, and unlawfully taking a deer on that property and transporting it untagged to nearby roadway. 

A CPO charged a subject who harvested a white buck with POH tag he possessed unlawfully in Jackson County. 

A CPO charged a Louisiana subject with transportation of untagged deer: Alexander County 

A CPO arrested two subjects spotlighting from a vehicle on road which passes through Horseshoe Lake SFWA in Alexander County.  The subjects had three uncased loaded rifles in possession.  The driver had a revoked FOID card, possessed cannabis and drug paraphernalia, open alcohol, and stated he had shot from the roadway.  All subjects were jailed and the driver was issued a $15,000 bond for Class 3 Felony for possession of firearms/ ammunition while FOID revoked.  Subsequent interview based on previous information on two subjects led to further charges of unlawful take of white tailed deer for each subject.  An 8 point rack of unlawfully taken deer was seized as evidence for that portion of the case.