Office of Law Enforcement
May 1, 2013

A CPO was patrolling Starved Rock State Park and observed four Individuals in a restricted area.  One individual was arrested for less than 2.5gr of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia, four written warnings were issued for being off the trails.

A CPO assisted in search and rescue efforts for a missing lady on Rte 351.  Issued eight citations for individual’s disobeying a traffic control device.

A CPO was patrolling Starved Rock State Park; the trails were closed due to flooding, issued four citations for entering a restricted area.  The CPO issued a citation for an individual speeding through Starved Rock State Park. 

District 6 officers patrolled the Starved Rock trails over the weekend.  They patrolled an area that was closed to the public due to dangerous trail conditions.  Despite the trailheads being clearly marked “closed” several citations were written for being in a posted restricted area.

A District 1 Sgt. attended Hennipen Canal Clean Up Days with the Educational Trailer.  Approximately 80-100 people were in attendance.

A District 1 Sgt. attended the annual Sherrard Elementary Career Days and spoke to three classes about wildlife and the duties of a Conservation Police Officer.

While checking turkey hunters in Ogle County, a District 1 CPO discovered a subject who did not have a habitat stamp or his permit signed.  Appropriate enforcement was taken.

A District 1 CPO reported the disposition of a deer hunting case in Ogle County where a subject unlawfully took a 9 point buck without a permit.  He then purchased a permit for the deer the following morning and checked it in.  The subject was found guilty and received 4 months court supervision and was fined $346.00.

A District 1 CPO conducted turkey hunting compliance checks on state owned hunting properties.  No violations were discovered.

A District 1 CPO conducted boat safety and sport fishing compliance checks on a private lake. The following violations were discovered:  fishing without a valid sport fishing license, improper display of watercraft registration, operation of a motorboat without a horn or whistle, operation of a motorboat without the storage batteries secured against shifting and the terminals covered with non-conductive shielding, operation of a motorboat without an engine cut-off switch, and failure to display valid watercraft registration decal.

At the request of the IHSA, a District 1 CPO conducted boat safety checks on the boats participating in the IHSA sectional bass tournament on Pool 13 of the Mississippi River.  All participating boats had the required boat safety equipment.

A CPO in Winnebago County clocked a motor vehicle speeding and failing to display a front license plate in Rock Cut State Park.  The traffic stop revealed the driver had a suspended Illinois driver’s license.

A CPO in Winnebago County clocked a motor vehicle speeding and disobeying a stop sign while traveling in Rock Cut State Park.  The traffic stop revealed the driver had a suspended Illinois driver’s license.

While checking shore fisherman along the upper Rock River in South Beloit, a CPO came upon a man near the state line who was fishing without a fishing license.  After convincing the man he was fishing in Illinois and not in Wisconsin, it was discovered the man did not have a fishing license for either state. 
A CPO in Henderson County patrolled approximately 3000 acres of IDNR property in Henderson County that was impacted by the Mississippi River flood of 2013.

A District 1 officer is investigating a Springfield, Illinois man for hunting without permission during the second week of turkey season.

No activity reported.

No activity reported

A Monroe County CPO received court dispositions and closed out multiple cases from 2012.

 A turkey case involving a subject killing a turkey without a permit and hunting without permission resulted in the poacher receiving a fine and civil penalty of $650.

Another case involved a waterfowl hunter smoking/possessing cannabis while duck hunting which resulted in a $673 fine and 12 months supervision.

A fishing case involving a fisherman falsely using/displaying another persons’ fishing license resulted in a $250 fine and 12 months supervision for no valid fishing license and an additional $227 in fines on other charges.

A recreational boating case involving a subject operating his boat while under the influence of alcohol (OUI) resulted in a $1000 fine to the boat operator and a $500 fine to his passenger for disorderly conduct.

A Monroe County CPO trained for the entire week on tactical boat operations related to Homeland Security.

A Monroe Co CPO arrested a subject turkey hunting after hours with the aid of bait and turkey hunting without a turkey permit, hunting license or habitat stamp. The subject also turkey hunted illegally earlier that week as well.

A District 13 Sgt, four CPO’s and a Missouri Conservation Officer conducted a covert detail on a commercial fur buyer in Chester.  The fur buyer was picking up furs from trappers/hunters and other fur buyers.  These furs are intended to be sold at the North American Fur Auction in Canada.   Raccoon green hides were seized and a citation issued for the illegal holding of furs past the 20 days of the closed season.  The review of the fur buyer’s records caused additional investigations which have led to enforcement action.  There are violations currently being investigated.

A CPO attended a Boat Safety Class at Southwest Illinois College Campus in Red Bud.

District 13 officers are conducting daily surface checks on the Mississippi River near Alton in an attempt to locate the missing boaters.

A Montgomery County CPO worked several days at Coffeen Lake State Fish & Wildlife Area. Two citations were issued to boaters for violating the lakes 25 hp motor restriction and three anglers were cited for not possessing a fishing license.

While closing out 2012 cases, a Montgomery County CPO discovered the following:

On 12-18-12 in Montgomery County Court a firearm deer hunter pleaded guilty to the following charges:
unlawfully hunting  whitetail deer over a baited area and unlawfully taking whitetail deer over a baited area.
The hunter was ordered to pay a fine of $170 including court costs on each charge.

On 01-08-13 in Montgomery County Court a Fillmore hunter was ordered to pay $120 including court costs on each of the following charges:

A Montgomery County CPO assisted district wildlife biologist with spot light survey in Montgomery County.

A Montgomery County CPO responded to a boat accident call on the Mississippi River near Hartford in Madison County.

A Montgomery County officer issued one citation to a turkey hunter for hunting during the wrong season.

A Montgomery County officer issued a citation to a fisherman for using more than two poles at Lake Lou Yaeger.

A CPO caught a man hunting turkey after legal hours on Rend Lake COE land.

A CPO investigated a turkey complaint in Jefferson County which resulted in charges of a man for hunting turkey without permission from the landowner, and hunting turkey without a valid permit.  The incident is still under investigation with more charges possible.

A CPO and a Sergeant seized an alligator from a residence in Ledford.  The owner was cited for possession of a threatened species. 

A CPO is investigating criminal damage to state supported property and an attempted theft from Sahara Woods in Saline County.     

CPOs assisted Region 4 with flood duties on the Mississippi River near Grafton.

CPOs conducted flood duties, hauling sand bags by boat to shore up levees, near the town of West Port in Lawrence County.

A CPO assisted Johnson County Sheriff's Department when asked to respond to a 911 call regarding an explosion near Ferne Clyffe State Park.  While en route, he was told a man had been blown up from the explosion and that it was meth related.  The CPO arrived with deputies and a man was found severely burned, unable to hear and having difficulty breathing.  An ambulance crew arrived and tended to the man.  There was a large hole about 5 feet in diameter and 3 feet deep caused by the explosion.  A tractor tire rim that had been used as the fire ring and had been blown about 15
feet away from the fire pit.  The man was eventually air lifted to St. Louis burn unit.  It was later learned that the man was trying to get rid of old explosives. 

A CPO issued citations to three Franklin County subjects for fishing without permission on private property.

A CPO taught a Boat Safety Education Class to the Lake of Egypt fire department personnel.

A CPO assisted a USFW officer at Crab Orchard refuge with a subject turkey hunting with no valid turkey permit.  The subject owns property that borders the refuge.  He was charged with two hunting offenses.
A CPO cited a Massac County subject for harvesting a 7 pt buck prior to purchasing an archery permit.  The man later purchased the permit and checked the deer in.

The Union County Sheriff relayed to a CPO information that a subject located what he believed was a portion of an archaic human skull in Shawnee National Forest.  The information was relayed to ISP investigations.

A CPO and Sergeant assisted Jackson County Sheriff's Dept in locating a possible missing boater.  An upside down canoe was found on the Big Muddy River, CPOs launched a boat and retrieved the canoe.  The canoe was found to belong to a local resident.  After the Sheriff's Department made contact with the owner it was discovered that he and a buddy had been canoeing the day before and had tipped the canoe over in the flooded river.  They were able to make it to shore but the canoe got swept down river. The canoe was returned to the grateful owner.

A CPO was assigned to Grafton for flood detail.  He assisted in security patrols, taking and returning residents to flooded homes, and assisting IDOC in getting to an Illinois youth camp that was surrounded by water.  All residents of the camp had already been removed but security guards were taken back and forth to maintain the facility.

A Sergeant and CPO performed boat maintenance to prepare boats for possible deployment to flooded areas.
A CPO assisted the Jackson County Sheriff's Office with a domestic dispute between a landlord and renter.  The CPO heard the call as he was leaving his house to begin his shift and realized the rental property was about a half mile from his house.  The CPO calmed both parties down until deputies arrived and a complaint for battery was taken against the landlord.

A CPO and Sergeant assisted the Cape Girardeau Police department in Missouri in determining the identification of a body found in the Mississippi River.  It was determined that the body was indeed a black male victim of the Alton boat accident that occurred two weeks ago.  The information was relayed to the Sgt. in Region 4 in charge of the investigation.

 A CPO received and is investigating a complaint from a Perry County landowner regarding the illegal clearing and damage of timber by his neighbor. 

A CPO assisted the Perry County Sheriff’s Office in the investigation of theft of decoys by a group of Pinckneyville teenagers.


Office of Law Enforcement
May 8, 2011

A CPO finished up a month’s long investigation on an animal torture case.  The field report was finalized and sent to the Rock Island County State’s Attorney’s Office.  Recommended charges include:  animal torture (5 counts/Class 3 felonies), aggravated animal abuse (5 counts/Class 4 felonies), obstruction of justice (2 counts/Class 4 felonies), and criminal trespass (misdemeanor).  The case involved five tame pen-raised deer being viscously attacked by several domestic Husky dogs.  A “trophy buck” and a breeding doe were killed, one deer is missing and two deer were severely stressed but survived.    

A CPO in Henderson County conducted two enforcement details at Lake Argyle State Park in Colchester.  Heavy rains slowed activity in the park.

A District 1 CPO cited a Waterman man for unlawfully taking a hen turkey during the North Zone 4th spring turkey season.  This occurred after a field check was conducted on the Carroll County hunter at French Bluff Wildlife Management Area.  The investigation and interview revealed that the hunter had hidden a hen turkey he had killed in the bottom of his ruck sack.  The man explained that it was the only turkey he had seen in three days of hunting and that he did not want to have to burn anymore vacation time.  Citation issued, hen turkey seized.

A District 1 CPO issued a citation to a Thomson man for unlawfully transferring a deer permit to another for them to use.  This is part of an ongoing deer permit investigation.      

A District 6 officer cited three individuals for driving around road closed barricades into Starved Rock State Park.   Recent flooding caused heavy damage to trails and some roads.  Cleanup operations are still underway and certain areas and roads are hazardous.

A District 6 CPO cited an individual for travelling 80 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone.

While checking fishermen at the Oregon Dam, a District 1 CPO discovered two fishermen to be in possession of small-mouth bass during the closed season.  Both fishermen received a citation and the fish were released back to the water.

Two District 6 officers and a District 3 officer located the body of a missing Peru woman. The woman had driven past road closed barricades and got her vehicle stuck when the Illinois River was several feet above flood stage. The twelve day search included local fire departments, water rescue units, and Conservation Police.  

Following up on leads generated from an on-going investigation, a CPO located a subject engaged in the business of taxidermy without a license.  The subject was cited and an illegal deer head was seized. 

While checking fishermen, a CPO located two subjects taking game fish and rough fish with a casting net.  One subject was cited and the fish were released. 

The District 7 Sergeant received a call in the early morning hours of a vehicle being driven into the Illinois River in downtown Peoria.  Peoria police had located vehicle tracks and other evidence that a vehicle had entered the river.  A witness stated that they saw headlights in the river until they sank.  The Sgt. and a CPO responded to the scene and located what they believed to be the vehicle with side imaging sonar.  Divers from the Peoria Fire Department stated that water conditions were too swift and dangerous in the area to do a vehicle recovery.  At last check, no missing persons with a vehicle matching that description have been reported.  Also no vehicles matching the description have been reported stolen in the area.

While approaching three men fishing along the Kishwaukee River in Winnebago County, a CPO observed a glass paraphernalia pipe, smoldering with embers, on the picnic table adjacent to the anglers.  Upon turning around and
noticing the CPO the oldest fisherman volunteered the fact that the pipe belonged to him.  Along with the pipe, an aluminum grinder box containing suspected cannabis was also seized from the same individual.     

While patrolling Rock Cut State Park, a CPO inspected recreational watercraft at Pierce Lake Boat Ramp.  Various equipment violations were detected.
A District 6 CPO assisted with the search for a missing distraught woman.  The CPO found the woman's vehicle in a county forest preserve parking lot and was able to locate her on the park trails.  EMS arrived at the scene to transport the female to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

No activity reported.

A CPO saw two men trespassing on private property in Moultrie County.  As the CPO approached, a Lovington man threw an object.  The CPO located drug paraphernalia and cannabis which the man threw as he approached.  The CPO arrested the man for possession of drug paraphernalia and less than 2.5g cannabis.  Both subjects were issued written warnings for criminal trespass to land.

While patrolling Walnut Point, a CPO was conducting boat safety inspections.  The CPO encountered a boat owner who was a registered sexual predator.  The subject was taken into custody and transported to the Douglas County jail.   Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

No activity reported.

A CPO started a turkey investigation from a minor infraction at Sahara Woods.  A follow up on information gained from an interview revealed a man who killed a turkey during the 1st turkey season in Sahara Woods.  Several violations were uncovered in addition to the original violation including harvesting a turkey in 2011 without a tag, during the 2012 spring season he did not tag or report a turkey harvest, during the fall 2012 deer season he did not tag or report a harvested deer and during the 1st turkey season this spring he failed to tag or confirm the harvest.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.  The investigation is continuing with new information on violations in Saline County.

A CPO also cited a person for driving off the roadway in a state park.

A CPO instructed the 8 hr transition course for the OUI/DUI battery of field sobriety tests at the Region 4 office for several CPO's who had not been able to make the course last week.

A CPO inspected a fish dealer noting some violations; written warnings were issued for the offense.

A CPO fielded ATV complaints on saturated levees near East Cape Girardeau from the levee commissioners.

A CPO responded to an accident in Ferne Clyffe State Park in which a 16 year old male fell approximately 45 feet off a cliff face and was seriously injured.  He sustained a broken leg, arm, ribs, and possibly internal injuries.  He was transported by helicopter to a St. Louis hospital.

A District Sgt. and CPO began installation of sonar gear on the Region 3 sonar boat.

CPOs received a report from fishermen that an abandoned Jon boat was floating in the back of a cove on Kinkaid Lake.  No reports of any missing boaters had been received nor had anyone reported losing a boat on the lake.  The CPO's recovered the boat out on the lake and quickly determined that it belonged to a local construction company which was working on the bridge over at the west end of the lake.  The construction company was called and happily met the officers at a nearby boat ramp to take possession of their boat which had been missing for two weeks.

A CPO issued a Williamson County man a written warning for operating a ATV on property without permission.


Office of Law Enforcement
May 15, 2013

A CPO completed 16 hours of watercraft patrol over two days on Pierce Lake in Winnebago County.  Violation(s) documented include:  fishing without a fishing license(s), unnumbered watercraft, insufficient number of P.F.D.’s, violation of posted No Wake Zone, operation of motorboat without a fire extinguisher, no horn whistle or sounding device on motorboat, and unlawful possession of alcohol in a state park where posted prohibited. 
A District 6 CPO was called by the Illinois State Police regarding a domestic violence incident at Rock Cut State Park which had occurred earlier that day. The investigation revealed that the victim, a local man, had become involved in a verbal argument with his ex-wife during the transfer of their 4 year old daughter.  During the verbal argument and at some point during the altercation, a brief physical struggle over the child resulted, at which time the male subject was slapped by the ex-wife.  On the advice of the Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office, the CPO forwarded the police report to the State’s Attorney’s office for review of possible charges rather than making an arrest at the time.  After reviewing the incident by the State’s Attorney’s office, charges were declined. The CPO provided both parties involved copies of the domestic violence notification of rights and the incident was reported to the DCFS.  This case remains under investigation by DCFS.

While on patrol at Rock Cut State Park, a District 6 CPO stopped a car for speeding. During the course of the traffic stop, the CPO discovered the driver was driving with a suspended license and was wanted on warrant for failure to appear on a previous driving while suspended charge.  The woman was arrested and lodged at the Winnebago County jail.

While checking fishermen, a CPO located four subjects taking game fish and rough fish from the Rock River with a casting net.  Ten catfish, four walleyes, five white bass, a paddlefish and numerous rough fish were seized.  Several citations were issued.

Two CPOs assisted Peoria police with locating a submerged vehicle in the Illinois River.  The CPOs used a sonar boat to mark the location of the submerged vehicle; however, the dive team could not dive due to the flooded swift water.  Two days later the vehicle and its occupant were pulled from the river. 

A District 7 CPO arrested a Woodford County resident for unlawfully destroying a turkey nest and removing 10 eggs during the 2012 turkey season.  The subject took the eggs home and hatched four of the turkeys in a pen.

After receiving a tip of illegal take of small mouth bass, a District 6 CPO focused his efforts on sport fishing. His efforts uncovered numerous violations including multiple individuals with no fishing licenses.  Later that week the CPO spent his nights on traffic enforcement at Rock Cut State Park.  His efforts uncovered multiple moving violations as well as equipment violations.

A District 6 officer issued seven citations for individuals being in a restricted area at Starved Rock State Park.  On foot patrol In Illinois Canyon, an individual was arrested for unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and >2.5g of cannabis. On another foot patrol in Mathiessen State Park, an individual was arrested for unlawful possession of >2.5g of cannabis. While checking fisherman at the Starved Rock State Park, three separate individuals were arrested for unlawful possession of alcohol in a posted no alcohol area, and two individuals were issued written warnings for fishing inside of a nature preserve.  While conducting traffic enforcement inside of Starved Rock State Park, five individuals were issued citations for traveling over the posted speed limit.

A District 6 officer handled a hunting without permission in Bureau County.  Two hunters harvested a turkey on their neighbor’s property. Two citations were issued.

A District 6 officer responded to two ambulance calls at the Starved Rock Lodge in a 30 minute period.  The first was a 23 year old male having a seizure.  He had been hiking with his brothers and his mom.  They had been resting in the cabin for 1 1/2 hrs when they got up to go to dinner.  At that point his brother noticed him having a seizure.  He was transported to a local hospital. The second was a 32 year old male who suffered a dislocated knee.  He, the groom, was celebrating his wedding.  While dancing with his elderly grandmother he felt his knee pop.  He was transported to a local hospital.

Four District 6 officers responded to two lost children on the Starved Rock trails.  After an hour of searching by the officers and park staff, the children were found approximately 1 mile from where their parents had last seen them.

Three District 6 officers responded to a 32 year old female being struck on the head by a falling tree branch on the Starved Rock trails.  A fellow hiker, a registered nurse, was treating the female when officers arrived.  Utica EMS arrived on scene and transported her to a local hospital.

A CPO in Henderson County conducted an enforcement detail at Lake Argyle State Park in response to graduation at Western Illinois University.

A CPO in Henderson County responded to a complaint of an individual who was causing problems at the horse camp at Big River State Forest in Keithsburg.  The subject was located at his residence and appropriate enforcement action was taken.

While checking fishermen along the Rock River in Dixon, a District 1 CPO discovered a subject to be in possession of three smallmouth bass in a cooler in the trunk of his car. The fish were released back to the river and the subject was issued a citation for failure to immediately release smallmouth bass during closed season.

While checking fishermen on Pines Creek in White Pines State Park, a District 1 CPO encountered a male and female subject fishing.  While checking the female’s license, the CPO asked if they had caught any fish.  The female informed the CPO that the male subject caught a bass.  When asked where the bass was located, she responded “What’s the regulation on Bass?”  The CPO asked to see the fish.  She led him to a cooler in their vehicle and revealed a smallmouth bass.  The CPO was able to release the fish back to the water and the male subject was issued a citation for failure to immediately release smallmouth bass during closed season.

A District 1 CPO investigated a call of a dead eagle in Lee County.

No activity reported.

CPOs arrested a Marshall man in Lincoln Trail State Park in Clark County for being a registered sexual predator present in a State Park.

A CPO arrested a Charleston man fishing in Camp Canfield on Lake Shelbyville in Moultrie County wanted on a Coles County warrant and for possession of drug paraphernalia and not more than 2.5 grams of cannabis.

A CPO cited a Springfield man and a Schaumburg man for turkey permit violations on Hidden Springs State Forrest.

A CPO arrested a Mattoon man at Lake Paradise for no fishing license, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and not more than 2.5 grams of cannabis.

A CPO arrested a Mattoon Man at Lake Paradise for DUI, illegal transportation, no valid registration driving a Polaris RZR on the roadway.  Passenger, an O'Fallon man was issued a citation for Illegal transportation of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

A District 10 Officer investigated a dumping case at Sangchris Lake State Park.  A pickup truck load of soggy dry wall was dumped near a boat launch.  An interview was conducted at a business in Springfield.  The business admitted to hiring the lawn care person to clean out the dry wall and paid extra to ensure the refuse was disposed of properly.  The clean-up crew was contacted. The dry wall got cleaned up and enforcement action was taken. 

A District 10 CPO is investigating a boating incident which occurred on Lake Sangchris.  The initial report was three missing after their watercraft was capsized.  All occupants were located and reported safe.

District 10 CPOs issued multiple citations in an ongoing investigation into the illegal use of snares in Logan County.  Two Logan County subjects were arrested and received multiple charges including the unlawful take of white-tailed deer, unlawful use of snares on property without permission, and trapping during closed season.  Additional charges may be forthcoming.

A District 10 CPO investigated a complaint of ongoing hunter interference in Menard County.  No charges were filed but the situation will continue to be monitored.

A District 10 CPO investigated a complaint of unlawful burning and use of ATV on a DNR Natural Area in Mason County.  No charges filed at this time.

Several fishermen were checked for compliance with fishing regulations in Sangamon County, six were found to be fishing without required license.  Enforcement action was taken.

A District 10 Officer made a presentation about PFD safety to The Land of Lincoln Power Squadron to kick off their National Safe Boating Week.   The National Safe Boating Campaign brings together boating safety partners across the U.S. and Canada to promote safe and responsible boating, including voluntary wear of life jackets.  "Ready, Set, Wear It" Campaign is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of wearing a life jacket.  

District 10 officer presented the Wildlife trailer at a Safety Day in Spaulding.  Several high school students from three schools visited the trailer along with displays from other law enforcement agencies. 

District 10 Officer taught 30 students at a Boat Safety Class held in Springfield. 

A CPO arrested a revoked driver in Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park.

District 14 participated in the Paralyzed Veterans tournament at Rend Lake.

CPOs were called out during a flash flood event in Fayette County where a motorist and passenger attempted to drive through high water and became stranded.  They were able to wade the rising water to a bridge.  A traditional prop boat could not reach the stranded motorists due to low water areas adjacent to the high waters.  The CPOs launched the airboat and were able to get to the two subjects and transport them to safety.

A CPO was patrolling Wayne County when he observed a vehicle stop and pick up a box turtle from the road.  The CPO stopped the vehicle and found four subjects in the vehicle with two loaded shotguns.  One of the subjects had killed a turkey earlier in the season and did not report it.  Appropriate citations were issued.

CPOs were patrolling on Kinkaid Lake when three subjects operating all terrain vehicles were observed on Forest Service property adjoining the lake.  The subjects had crossed onto a point on the lake and had to come back out the way they had been observed going in.  The subjects were stopped coming back out and explained to the CPOs that a passing fisherman warned them the officers were coming so they thought they would come back out and face the consequences.  The subjects were each cited for unlawfully operating an ATV on public property.

A CPO arrested a Perry County man for possession of a crappie over limit at Pyramid State Park.

Region 5 District 16 CPOs attended firearms qualification at 10 Mile Range.  CPOs instructed at the range.

A CPO worked at Cache River Fest at Barkhausen Wetland Center on Cache River with the education trailer.  2000-3000 people attended the event

A CPO cited a subject for taking deer without a permit during the 2012 season.


Office of Law Enforcement
May 22, 2013

A CPO completed 12 hours of watercraft enforcement over four days on Pierce Lake in Winnebago County.  Violation(s) documented include:  fishing w/o fishing license(s), unnumbered watercraft, insufficient number of P.F.D.’s, violation of posted No Wake Zone, operation of motorboat w/o a fire extinguisher, no sounding device on motorboat, and unlawful possession of alcohol in a state park where posted prohibited. 

While patrolling in Rock Cut State Park, a CPO observed a vehicle travel past without a front license plate displayed.  The stop for this offense revealed the driver did not have proof of insurance for her auto.

While checking shore fishermen along the Kishwaukee River in Winnebago County, a CPO came upon three Chicago suburb men fishing; one of whom was arrested for unlawful possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.

An investigation regarding the abandoning of a 22’ fiberglass boat on a farmer’s field in Winnebago County resulted in the CPO locating the offender in Iowa and charging that man under the Litter Control Act which also resulted in the man removing the vessel from the property where he had dumped it.

A complaint of littering from a motor vehicle from a bicyclist in Rock Cut State Park resulted in a traffic stop by a CPO of the suspect vehicle.  Violations addressed and documented by the CPO included:  depositing injurious material upon highway, operation of an uninsured motor vehicle, failure to wear seat belt – driver and front seat passenger, improper display-no front license plate, driver’s license not on person.

An investigation involving a Craigslist sale of a watercraft in McHenry County by a Winnebago County resident ended in the CPO arresting the seller for failure to provide certificate of title of boat upon sale.  An additional violation of failure to transfer certificate of title/number w/in 15 days of acquiring was also addressed with the seller. 
While conducting turkey hunting compliance checks a District 1 CPO issued a Galena man a ticket (entering a closed area) and two written warnings (dog off leash).  During a compliance check a turkey hunter stated a man with two dogs stumbled upon his hunting location. The two dogs proceeded to disturb the hunter’s decoy, essentially ending the hunt. Winston Tunnel is closed to non-hunters until 1 p.m. daily during the spring turkey hunting season.  An interview revealed the man knew the area was used for turkey hunting and he had observed the hunter’s vehicle prior to entering the woods.  He stated he was looking for morel mushrooms.

Two District 6 CPOs attended the Rockford Police Memorial Week Prayer Breakfast which commemorated those police officers killed in the line of duty.

While on patrol at Rock Cut State Park, a District 6 CPO stopped a vehicle for speeding.  During the course of the traffic stop the CPO learned the driver was suspended.  The CPO arrested the Rockford man and lodged him at the Winnebago County Jail for the above listed offenses.

While arriving at Rock Cut State Park after a boat patrol on the Pecatonica River, two District 6 CPOs received several complaints of a boat creating a wake on Pierce Lake.  The reports were that the boat was racing up and down the lake, almost capsizing other vessels.  Pierce Lake has a no wake provision for watercraft with motors of 10 hp or more.  Once on-scene, the CPOs located the boat making the wake. The vessel was a two seat, pleasure boat with an inboard jet motor of approximately 230 hp.  An inspection of the vessel resulted in the following violations:  no wearable PFD’s (X2), no fire extinguisher, uncovered battery terminals and a no wake violation. Appropriate enforcement action was taken against the two separate boat operators involved in this incident.

A CPO received a complaint of a recreational boat with 7 occupants appearing intoxicated shooting a rifle at plastic targets on a sand beach with other people in the area on the Illinois River near Pekin.  Two CPOs contacted the boat on the water towing a tube.  After conducting a boat inspection, numerous boat equipment violations were found like having only one lifejacket for seven occupants and an unloaded rifle was found near a passenger.  The operator was arrested for OUI and had a BAC of .198, which is twice the legal limit.  Eleven citations were issued and everyone got off the water safely. 

While checking fishermen at Hennepin Canal State Park, a CPO located four subjects fishing along the Rock River.  Approaching the subjects, the CPO could smell burning cannabis.  Reaching the subjects, one subject was arrested for the illegal possession of cannabis.  The subjects also had fishing and park violations.  

A District 1 CPO assisted during the recent POWER test given to new CPO applicants.  The nearly 100 applicants who scored an A grade on the written test were invited to participate in the POWER test.  The following day, the SWIM test was administered to those passing the POWER test.  An interview, psychological exam, and medical physical are to follow in the testing procedures to be considered a candidate for the IDNR Conservation Police who anticipate hiring a class of 15 in the fall of 2013.     

A District 1 CPO took the education trailer to a fishing derby in Monmouth, IL at Citizen Lake.  The derby is sponsored by the Monmouth Police Department and the Fraternal Order of Police.  An IDNR Fisheries Biologist was also present with a great live fish display.  Approximately 200 kids fished in the derby and were given various prizes for their efforts. 

A District 1 CPO took the education trailer to a fishing derby in Galesburg, IL at the Lincoln Park Lagoon where there were over 1,000 kids registered to fish.  An IDNR Fisheries Biologist was also present with a great live fish display.  Each child under the age of 15 was awarded a prize if they caught a fish and two kids were awarded bicycles as part of the NWTF casting event. 

A District 1 CPO responded to a horse riding accident at Morrison Rockwood State Park.  A turkey spooked a horse on the trail causing the horse to throw the rider to the ground.  The rider suffered a broken leg and was airlifted to a hospital in the Quad Cities.

While conducting a boat safety inspection, a District 1 CPO observed young children in a boat without life jackets.  The CPO asked how old the children were and the parents explained they were four and five years old.  The driver of the boat was cited for the children not wearing lifejackets.  Other written warnings were issued for various equipment violations.

A District 1 CPO observed a man and women fishing off a wing dam north of Savanna.  As the CPO approached, the male subject sat down on the ground placing the fishing rod on the ground by him. The CPO asked for licenses and the male subject said he wasn’t fishing.  The CPO explained she had been watching him fish for a while and maybe they should start the conversation over again giving him a chance to be honest.  The male subject explained he did not have a license because he thought he was revoked for child support.  An inquiry made by the CPO showed the man was not revoked and a citation for fishing without a valid sport fishing license was issued. 

A CPO patrolled DNR District 7 area waters checking fishermen and boats for compliance.  Areas covered included Snakeden Hollow, Spoon River State Forest, Victoria PHA, Buffalo PHA, T-Lake PHA, Pheasants Forever Fields, Lake Storey, Lake Rice, Lake Bracken, Spoon Lake, Spoon River.  Some minor property damage was discovered on a recently opened Pheasants Forever property.  Forever Fields has been made available to the public for fishing and other activities through the IRAP program administered through the DNR.  Someone had pulled two cattle gates off the posts near the parking lot.  Pheasants Forever was advised of the damage. 

Three District 6 officers were first on the scene of a tractor versus motorcycle accident. The accident occurred when the tractor was turning left into a field, at the same time the motorcycle attempted to pass. The officers gave the injured
rider first aid until Utica EMS arrived. The rider was flown to a Peoria hospital where he died of his injuries.  Illinois State Police is investigating the accident.

District 6 officers, Utica EMS, and Ottawa River Rescue responded to an injured hiker at Starved Rock State Park. The hiker fell approximately 6 - 8 feet and injured her ankle. Due to her location in the park, she had to be taken by boat to the ambulance.

While checking fishermen on the Rock River in Ogle County, a District 1 CPO discovered two subjects to be in possession of five smallmouth bass during the closed season.  The bass were released back to the water and the subjects were each issued a citation and a warning.

While conducting boat safety inspections at the Castle Rock State Park boat ramp, a District 1 CPO discovered a boat operator to have an active warrant for his arrest.  The subject was arrested and transported to the Ogle County Jail.

Two District 1 CPOs conducted a boat patrol on the Rock River in Ogle County. During the patrol, three citations were issued for PFD violations and nine warnings were issued for various other safety equipment and fishing violations. 

A District 6 officer arrested an individual for DUI at the Starved Rock Boat Launch. The individual was parked half way on the roadway asleep over the steering wheel of the vehicle with the keys in the ignition. The individual blew a .161% BAC.

No activity reported.

No activity reported.

No activity reported.

A CPO taught the OUI/DUI refresher course to Region 4 Officers at the Alton Office.

A CPO was patrolling Ferne Clyffe State Park when he stopped a vehicle for speeding and cracked windshield; it was later discovered the driver did not have proof of insurance, had not updated his current address with the SOS and his driving privileges were revoked.  The I.D. card he offered to the CPO had also been expired for over a year.   
A CPO conducted sport fishing and boat inspections at Pyramid State Park and surrounding lakes.  Several violations were noted as a result of the inspections.  The violations included PFD violations, and fishing without permission. 

Region 5 CPOs concluded firearms qualifications including retired officers at the 10 Mile Conservation Area.  CP0s instructed at the range.

A District Sergeant and CPO held a sonar demo at Springfield Lake for a police supervisor class.

A District Sergeant assisted the training section in the administration of the swim test for the new class of recruits.

A CPO inspected several boats on the small bodies of water in District 16 noting multiple fishing and boating violations.

Office of Law Enforcement
May 29, 2013

Region I Firearms Instructors instructed Region I CPOs and Supervisors in their Spring Firearms Training and qualification.

A District 1 Officer cited an Addison man for being in possession of a short smallmouth bass on the Rock River in Whiteside County during the catch and release only season.  Bass were released back to the waters.

A District 1 Officer issued citations and written warnings to two Chicago men for being in possession of short smallmouth bass during the catch and release only season on the Rock River in Whiteside County.  Bass were released back to the waters.

As the result of a TIPS complaint and three days of surveillance and investigations, a District 1 Officer issued multiple citations to three Chicago men for being in possession of short Smallmouth Bass during the catch and release only season on the Rock River in Whiteside County.  All but a few of the bass were released back to the waters of the Rock.

Appropriate enforcement action was taken on a Rock Falls youth for taking bluegills with a cast net and no fishing license at the mouth of the Hennepin Feeder Canal.  All fish were released back to the waters.

A CPO completed watercraft safety inspections on the Rock River in Winnebago County during the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend.  Violations detected included:  four fishing without fishing license(s), registration display violation, and battery terminal violation.

While conducting fishing compliance checks on the Apple River in Jo Daviess County a District 1 CPO found three individuals possessing smallmouth bass during the closed season.  Citations were issued.

While conducting fishing compliance checks on an Association lake in Jo Daviess County a District 1 CPO found a Chicago fisherman to be fishing without a valid sport fishing license. A citation was issued.

A District 1 CPO closed out a case in which a Stockton man was charged with shooting a deer from the roadway while using a spotlight from a vehicle. The man pleaded guilty to unlawfully discharging a gun from a public right of way. He paid a total of $902 and was placed on two year court supervision.

A District 1 CPO handled several phone calls this week for reported abandoned wildlife babies.  These babies were most likely not truly abandoned and if we remove them from the area, we are more likely "kidnapping" them from the mothers.  Typically the mother's left the area in search of food or as a way to keep them safe.  Unlike humans, wildlife mothers only stay around a few minutes to nurse/feed and then leave the area so predators are not attracted to their scents.  If you locate baby wildlife, Rule #1 is LEAVE THEM ALONE.  If pets are of concern, keep your pets indoors or make a little barrier to keep pets away.  For more information on wildlife babies, go to the IDNR website and click on Living with Wildlife.  This website gives detailed information on wildlife species, their habitat, and their behavior.  A listing of Wildlife Rehabilitators can also be found on the Living with Wildlife website at   

Two District 1 CPOs went on a boat patrol this week on the Mississippi River in Pool 13.  Five boat inspections were completed. During one stop the CPOs observed a boat towing a large green object.  Upon closer observation it was determined the boat was towing a green navigational can.  When confronted about the navigational can the operator of the boat explained he found it and thought it would look nice in his driveway.  The CPOs explained why the operator could not keep the can and conducted a safety inspection.  One equipment violation was discovered and addressed.  During the patrol two other equipment violations were addressed with another boater.

Two District 1 CPOs went on foot patrol in the Mississippi Palisades campground this weekend.  They encountered a large group after quiet hours and alcohol violations were addressed.  Toward the end of the foot patrol the CPOs observed a man with a Corona bottle drinking.  When the man saw the CPOs he tried to put the bottle in his pocket.  The CPOs approached and addressed the violation.

A CPO in Henderson County responded to a request for assistance from the Henderson County Sheriff’s office.  Heavy rainfall led to numerous road closures in the county.  The CPO was able to utilize his four wheel drive truck to gain access to several remote areas the county wanted patrolled.

A District 1 Officer arrested a Fox River Grove man for his third DUI, unlawful possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia, open alcohol and traffic violations.  The vehicle was towed and impounded pending a court seizure.
A CPO conducted boat patrols on the Mississippi River Pools 14 & 16 on Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  This was the first time the USCG Quad Cities Detachment did a joint patrol with IDNR onboard an IDNR boat.  A media TV interview was conducted on Saturday showcasing the event.  Three citations and 17 written warnings were issued.  Heavy rain, high water and cool temperatures kept boating traffic to a minimum over the Holiday weekend.

Two District 6 CPOs were checking anglers in western Winnebago County when they approached three men along the river bank.  During the inspection of their fishing licenses and driver’s licenses, the CPOs discovered two men were 21 years of age and the third man was 19 years old.  Alcoholic beverages were discovered at the scene.  During the investigation, the CPOs established the 19 year old had consumed alcohol and determined that a 21 year old man had allowed the underage man to consume the alcohol.  The 19 year old was charged with possession/consumption of alcohol by a minor.  The 21 year old was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

A CPO patrolled Argyle Lake State Park.  A subject was issued a written warning for parking in a prohibited area.  A fisherman was issued a written warning for failure to possess a valid fishing license.  Campground attendance rose approximately 50% from last year Memorial Day weekend due to park reconstruction and the opening of the back half of the park after a five year closure. 

A CPO arrested a subject while fishing on Nippersink Lake for failure to immediately release a 13 ½” walleye.
A CPO arrested two subjects for possession of cannabis/drug paraphernalia and illegal consumption of alcohol by minors at Illinois Beach State Park.

A CPO issued four citations including failure to immediately release a 7” Largemouth Bass and child under 13 not wearing a PFD. 

A CPO charged three individuals for fishing without permission at a gravel pit.

A CPO charged a subject with failure to immediately release a 9” Largemouth Bass.

On Sunday, May 26, a female subject was arrested at the Chain O’ Lakes camp ground for possession of cannabis under 2.5 grams, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of alcohol in a restricted area.

On Monday, May 27, a male subject was charged with speeding 18 mph over the limit and for driving without a valid driver's license.  This occurred at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park.

Even though there were very cool temperatures and extensive rain, District 2 issued 27 citations and 39 written warnings over the weekend.

A Charleston juvenile who was on probation was arrested by CPOs at the Lake Mattoon Spillway in Shelby County for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis under 2.5 grams.

An Effingham man was cited for keeping a short walleye by a CPO on the Kaskaskia River at the Lake Shelbyville Dam. 

A CPO arrested a Charleston man for two short striped bass, written warning  for no fishing license at Lake Charleston. 

A CPO arrested a Mattoon man for cannabis and paraphernalia at Lake Paradise in Coles County.

A CPO assisted Douglas County with a subject with a gun. The subject had taken an enormous amount of anti-depressant medication.  Upon arrival, the subject was standing in the woods shooting a .22 rifle randomly.  The subject was armed with 500 rounds of .22 ammunition.  The subject had threatened to kill his father.  While SWAT was being dispatched, the subject had given up and come out.  The subject was taken into custody without further incident.

CPOs responded to a boat accident at Lithia Springs Marina gas dock.  A COE patrol boat moored at gas dock was struck by an approaching houseboat.  The operator of the houseboat said one of his motors did not function correctly, causing the houseboat to strike the COE boat and dock.  There was minor damage to the boat dock and motor/transom area of the COE boat.   No injuries reported.  The investigation is ongoing.

A CPO arrested a Mattoon man on the Kaskaskia River on a failure to appear arrest warrant out of Moultrie County.

A CPO made an arrest of a male subject in Decatur that was wanted on a Vermilion County felony warrant. 

A CPO arrested a Mattoon man for operating watercraft under the influence of alcohol, careless operation of a watercraft and consumption of alcohol by a minor on Lake Shelbyville after responding to an early morning boat accident where the operator ran into the Eagle Creek State Park break water totaling the watercraft.

A CPO arrested a Decatur man wanted on a Sangamon County arrest warrant and issued him a citation for snagging fish on the Sangamon River in Macon County.

A CPO arrested a Decatur subject wanted on three warrants while fishing without a license on Lake Decatur.

A CPO arrested a Decatur subject cited for using a chemical (anti-freeze) to take a raccoon.

 While checking fisherman at the Weldon Access area of Clinton Lake, a CPO and Intern checked a fisherman that was wanted out of Macon County.  The man was wanted on a $5,000 warrant for harassment.  He was taken to the DeWitt County Jail where he was awaiting bond.

CPOs and an Intern participated in a detail at the Clinton Lake Spillway.  A CPO observed fishermen for two hours and observed five fishermen littering.  All subjects were cited for littering.  This detail was to address the many complaint calls that we have received for over-limits and littering at the spillway.

A CPO and an Intern were checking fishermen at the Clinton Lake Spillway when one fisherman attempted to walk past them with a bucket of fish.  As the CPO was checking another fisherman the fisherman in question stated "I'm good,
Right?" and attempted to walk by.  The CPO stopped him and found that he had four Stripers in his bucket (one Striper over the limit).  The fisherman was cited for his over-limit.

CPOs and a Sergeant worked a fatal boat accident on the LaMoine River on the Brown/Schuyler County line.  Five subjects were floating down the LaMoine River when their 12 foot boat hit a log jam and capsized.  The boat was overloaded and only had two wearable lifejackets. Four subjects made it to shore, one subject drowned.  He was recovered several days later.

A CPO wrapped up a lengthy timber investigation.  The investigation started with a landowner complaining about not being paid all the money by contract.  The investigation has concluded with several charges:  failure to pay the landowner the agreed amount, failure to maintain records, failure to account to the landowner for timber cut, failure to file harvest fees, and failure to pay harvest fees.

A CPO was checking fishing licenses on the Mississippi River when one subject he checked did not have a fishing license. The subject was wanted on a failure to appear warrant.

A CPO was patrolling Pere Marquette State Park when he stopped a subject for speeding.  During the stop, it appeared the subject was under the influence.  The CPO performed field sobriety tests on the subject.  The subject failed field sobriety test and had a BAC of .098.

A CPO was patrolling the Grafton area when a Grafton officer called for assistance.  The Grafton officer stopped a subject and thought the subject was under the influence.  The Grafton officer was not comfortable performing the field sobriety test and asked the CPO to take over which he did.  The subject failed the field sobriety test and had a BAC of .259.

A CPO was checking fishing licenses on the Illinois River at Grafton.  Two of the subjects he checked were wanted on warrants.  One had failed to appear for fishing without a license and the other had failed to pay his fine for fishing without a license.

A CPO was patrolling Pere Marquette State Park when he ran a registration plate.  The owner of the vehicle was wanted on a warrant for failure to appear.  The CPO stopped the vehicle.  The owner of the vehicle was identified and the subject was taken into custody.

A CPO was patrolling Pere Marquette State Park when he observed a vehicle being driven on the wrong side of the road. After stopping the vehicle, he found a small child was not in the proper child restraint.  The driver was driving on a suspended license.

A Sergeant stopped a timber truck in Greene County.  The driver was wanted on a warrant for failure to appear for buying timber without a license in Macoupin County.

A Sergeant stopped a truck towing a boat.  The trailer had no lights and no registration.  During the stop, the Sergeant observed an open can of beer in the console which belonged to the passenger.  A second open beer was located with a rear seat passenger.  The driver of the vehicle was under 21 and appeared to have consumed alcohol.  The driver was issued a zero tolerance and had a BAC of .057.

CPOs were on boat patrol on the Ohio River entering the Golconda Marina when they saw a boater violate the no wake zone.  A CPO arrested the operator for OUI.  He registered an alcohol concentration of .13 over the .08 legal limit.

A CPO arrested a suspended driver in Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park and caught a man with a short bass on Dolan Lake.
A CPO investigated a TIPS complaint of dogs killing geese at the Norris City Reservoir.  The dog owner was cited.

A CPO cited a man at Sahara Woods for possession of a short bass.

CPOs and a Sergeant responded to a boat accident on Vandalia Lake.  A subject was standing at the bow of a pontoon boat when the operator powered down quickly and the standing passenger was thrown over the bow as the boat continued forward striking the overboard victim twice with the propeller, once in the chest and once in the leg.  The victim was airlifted to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis and is expected to recover.  The operator was arrested for OUI and a BAC showed a .17.

A CPO and a Sergeant responded to a complaint of a subject possessing an alligator in Fairfield.  On arrival, the subject advised he found out it was unlawful to possess and donated to a Zoo in St. Louis.

A CPO patrolled Newton Lake and issued two citations for insufficient life jackets and one for no fishing license.

A CPO cited two subjects at East Fork Lake for possessing a 12" walleye and insufficient # of lifejackets.

CPOs assisted two separate boats that were broken down on Lake Egypt.  One boat had five passengers and the other had ten.   All made it back to their dock safely. 

A CPO stopped and inspected a pontoon boat that was listing to port side and appeared to be overloaded.  During
the inspection, it was noted that two children under the age of 13 were not wearing lifejackets; there were 14 people on board and they only had nine lifejackets; they did not have a Type IV throwable device; and the boat was overloaded by four passengers.  A citation and written warnings were issued and they were escorted back to their dock to remedy the deficiencies.

A CPO came upon a subject at Lake Egypt just in time to observe the subject throw a bottle in the water.  He was issued a citation for littering.

A CPO observed a subject fishing.  When the subject saw the CPO, he put his fishing pole down and turned around, ignoring the CPO.  After approaching the subject and making sure he had his attention, it was revealed the man did not have a fishing license.  A citation was issued.

CPOs averted what may have been a terrible boat crash.  They were cruising at idle speed on Lake Egypt while a pleasure boater was also cruising at idle speed in the opposite direction about 25 yards away on their starboard side.   A fishing boat was heading towards them at just under plane speed.  Instead of passing to their starboard side, they headed right between the patrol boat and the pleasure boat.  The CPO activated the emergency lights and moved the patrol boat to intercept and slow the fishing boat. The fishing boat stopped and was inspected.  When asked, the operator stated he had not even seen the pleasure boat.   

CPOs assisted the U. S. Forest Service and Jackson County ambulance service with the evacuation of a subject who fell off a cliff at the Little Grand Canyon.  The CPOs were able to boat into the bottom of the canyon because of high water on the Big Muddy River and transport the subject to a nearby ambulance at a boat access.  This saved the first responders an approximate 200 foot vertical climb out of the canyon with the 220 pound subject in a stokes basket.  The first responders were happy about the high water!

CPOs while patrolling Kinkaid Lake near the jumping cliffs recognized a subject that a CPO had recently warned about staying off IDNR ground with his four wheeler.  Upon seeing the CPOs in the patrol boat, this subject and two others decided to walk briskly back into the woods.  The CPO was dropped off on shore and was able to apprehend the recognized subject and his two buddies as they attempted to flee on their four wheelers.  The subject given the warning just two days prior said he forgot about that and did not think he was doing anything wrong.  Each subject was cited for operating an ATV on IDNR property. 

CPOs conducted OUI patrols on Kinkaid Lake, the cold waters and temperatures hampered boating on District 16 waterways.

A CPO is investigating an illegal net on the Ohio River at the Smithland Lock and Dam.

A CPO cited four subjects for possession of alcohol in a restricted area.

A CPO assisted a stranded boater on Cedar Lake.  The boat was towed in and the two fishermen were warmed up from being cold for several hours.  
District 16 CPO's attended DT update and OUI refresher at Rend Lake.