Office of Law Enforcement
August 7, 2013

REGION I  (2 Weeks)
A Rockford man and a Byron female woman were smoking cannabis on the trails of Lowden State Park.  The couple exited the park in his vehicle and failed to signal and wear a seat belt.  A subsequent traffic stop resulted in the arrest for cannabis possession, drug paraphernalia, and driving under the influence.

Boating recreationalist passenger from Leaf River was consuming alcohol on the Rock River when he attempted to assist by trailering the vehicle to the launch for removal.  His intoxicated state resulted in his arrest for DUI.

Page Park in Dixon was the location of an arrest of a Dixon man for operating under the influence of alcohol.  A male driver drinking with his fiancé and their two children was cited for his intoxicated state.

A District 6 officer responded to a battery that occurred in Illini State Park.  It was a case of road rage that started in Marseilles and ended in Illini.  A 73 year old male driver had gotten confused in a construction zone and had cut off a white panel van.  The van followed the elderly driver into Illini State Park.  Once in the park, the van pulled in front of the elderly driver, the driver got out of the van and walked back to the elderly driver’s car.  The elderly driver got out of his car to talk to the other driver.  The driver came up to the elderly man, pushed him to the ground, got back in his vehicle and left the park.  The elderly driver did not see the license plate of the van.  The officer has spent two days talking to people near the construction zone and has been unable to identify the driver of the white van.

Two District 6 Officers responded to a missing 56 year old fisherman on the Illinois River near Hennepin.  The fisherman had been fishing the day before and failed to return home.  The next day his wife contacted the local police department who contacted the officers.  The officers and a Putnam County deputy found the fisherman deceased in his boat.  An autopsy is being conducted to determine the cause of death.

A CPO received a complaint of subjects taking illegal fish at a dam in Whiteside County. The CPO responded and began checks of the numerous fishermen.  The CPO located a subject who was in possession of an undersized walleye and had an over limit of smallmouth bass all of which were undersized.  The subject was issued three citations and his fish were seized. The CPO continued checking fishermen and soon located two other subjects in violation.  One subject was in possession of two undersized smallmouth bass and the other had an undersized walleye.  The subjects were issued citations and their fish were seized.

A District 1 CPO conducted boat safety checks on the Mississippi River. The following violations were discovered: expired watercraft registration, unsecured storage battery and failure to wear engine cut off lanyard.

A District 1 CPO conducted fishing compliance checks on Lake Galena.  A Galena man was issued a citation for fishing without a valid sport fishing license.

A CPO stopped a motor vehicle in Rock Cut State Park which had a child under age ten hanging out of the open back seat passenger window.  It was discovered that there were three children under age ten not in seat belts or child restraint systems in this SUV.  Neither the adult male driver nor his adult male passenger was wearing their seat belts as required either.  The driver contended the children did not have to wear seatbelts or restraints under Illinois Law if they were driving in State Parks under 10 mph.  Once the CPO re-educated the driver on Illinois’ seat belt law, the violations were addressed.

A CPO completed watercraft safety inspections in Candlewick Association Lake in Boone County.  Thirteen motorboats were inspected in a four hour span and nine violations were addressed.


CPOs worked a security detail at Lowden State Park in Ogle County.  The Hell’s Angels Annual Rally was based out of Rockford this year.  Multiple law enforcement agencies worked together to ensure the safety of the general public throughout northern Illinois.   

A District 6 CPO responded to a complaint of a disorderly camper at Shabbona Lake State Park.  While investigating the complaint the CPO could smell a strong odor of alcohol on the disorderly subject’s breath.  Eight bottles of beer were removed from the campsite and the subject was issued a citation for possession of alcohol in a prohibited area.

A second complaint was received approximately one hour later on the same male subject.  The female caller stated that the male subject was driving recklessly around the campsite and almost hit a group of children walking through the camping area.  The CPO located the subject near the south entrance of the park and observed him do an illegal u-turn in the roadway at a high rate of speed.  A traffic stop was conducted and the subject was issued three citations and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

A District 1 CPO conducted vessel safety inspections on the Mississippi River Pool 13.  Equipment violations such as: failure to wear engine cut-off lanyard, battery terminals not being covered, not having a sounding device, PFD not being accessible, and improper display of valid registration number were addressed. 

A District 1 CPO responded to a phone call of an abandoned boat on the Rock River at a public boat launch.  The caller stated he "found" the boat when, in fact, the boat had already been pulled from the water by someone else and tied to a tree away from the edge of the water.  The caller demanded to know the information from the expired registration since he found it, but was told the information was not available to the public.  Furthermore, he wanted to call the last registered owner and purchase the aluminum.  He was told to leave the boat alone and it would be investigated as an open case for an abandoned boat.  The caller got irate with the CPO on the phone and said he would just load it up anyway.  The CPO advised he could be charged with obstructing the investigation and possibly theft.  The local police department responded as the CPO was en route and secured the scene.  The caller was no longer on the scene and the boat was secured away from the area.  The investigation continues into the ownership of the abandoned boat.      

Officers from District 7, with assistance from CPOs from Region 3 and 4, conducted a detail during the White Trash Bash on “ParaDice Beach” in East Peoria. Two arrests for operating watercraft under the influence were made.  Assistance was also provided by FonDuLac Park Police and the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Department.

A District 1 CPO conducted a fishing compliance check on the Apple River in rural Jo Daviess County.  When asked for his fishing license, the Illinois resident provided a Wisconsin fishing license.  When asked if he had an Illinois fishing license, the man said “No.”  When asked why he didn’t have an Illinois fishing license the man stated he thought the Wisconsin license was good for the entire United States, except for Lake Michigan, which would cost $10 more. The man was educated on Illinois’ license requirements and given a citation for fishing without a valid sport fishing license.

A District 1 CPO conducted fishing compliance checks on the Mississippi River in East Dubuque.  Two Iowa residents were issued citations for fishing without valid non-resident sport fishing licenses.

A District 6 officer arrested two individuals for unlawful possession of >2.5g of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia at Illinois Canyon in Starved Rock.

A District 6 officer arrested one individual for unlawful possession of >2.5g of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia at Matthiessen State Park.

A District 6 officer arrested two individuals for unlawful possession of >2.5g of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia at Hennepin Canyon in Starved Rock.

A District 6 officer arrested one individual for unlawful possession of >2.5g of cannabis at Hennepin Canyon in Starved Rock.

A District 6 officer arrested three individuals for unlawful possession of alcohol in a posted restricted area.

A District 6 officer arrested three individuals for unlawful snagging in waters closed to snagging.

A District 6 officer arrested two individuals for unlawful entry to a posted restricted area.

While on boat patrol on the Rock River in Lee County, a District 1 CPO arrested a subject for OUI-Drugs and Alcohol.  The subject had been consuming alcohol along with several prescription medications and informed the officer he regularly smoked cannabis.

A District 1 CPO used a boat to assist Lee County Sheriff’s Department locate a pipe bomb which had been found floating in the Rock River.  The PVC pipe bomb was located by boat and secured on shore.  Rockford Bomb Squad was called for proper disposal of the bomb.

A District 1 CPO was driving in Lee County when he was informed by another motorist about a vehicle driving all over the roadway.  The CPO was able to locate the vehicle and observed it swerving all over the road.  The CPO activated his emergency lights and sirens to stop the vehicle but the vehicle continued driving.  The vehicle failed to stop for several miles before the CPO was assisted by Dixon Police Department and the vehicle was stopped in the city of Dixon.  Contact was made with the driver who was extremely intoxicated. The driver of the vehicle did not know where he was and had urinated on himself.  The driver failed field sobriety tests terribly and submitted to a PBT which showed his BAC to be 0.39.  The subject was arrested by Dixon Police Department for DUI and taken to the hospital due to the extremely high BAC.

A District 7 officer arrested a Danvers, IL resident for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol. 

A CPO stopped a motor vehicle speeding 15 mph over the posted limit in Rock Cut State Park in Winnebago County.  Additional violations discovered during the course of the stop included the vehicles registration being expired, no proof of insurance for the automobile, the windshield was obstructed and the driver failed to notify Secretary of State of address change.

A CPO stopped a motor vehicle for improper display, no front license plate, in Rock Cut State Park in Winnebago County.  Additional violations discovered during the course of the stop included that the driver had an expired driver’s license and was operating his motor vehicle with a defective windshield (severely cracked in multiple directions).

A District 6 officer conducted an inspection of a mews (raptor facility) for an individual going through the process to get his falconry license. The mews must meet federal and state standards prior to a falconry license being issued.

A District 6 officer completed an investigation involving reality TV show hunters during the 2012 deer season. The officer had been contacted by a retired Conservation Police Sergeant who had watched an episode of their show.  During the episode two of the three individuals were hunting with crossbows.  From the foliage, the retired sergeant believed the hunt had taken place during the first part of the archery season and a crossbow permit would be required.  With the assistance from the Springfield staff, the officer was able to determine that all individuals hunting with a crossbow had the required crossbow and deer permits, but none of them had purchased a hunting license or habitat stamp.  The officer made contact with the hunters. They stated they normally have an individual ensure they had all the required permits and licenses because they hunt in so many different states. However, admitted as hunters, they have to know what is required to hunt in each state.  Enforcement action was taken.

A CPO in Henderson County investigated the unlawful taking of whitetail deer and turkeys in Hancock and McDonough Counties.  Multiple citations are pending.

A CPO cited two subjects for illegal take of over the limit of crappie.  Two subjects had a total of 108 crappie with 15 being the legal limit.
A Lake County CPO on foot patrol stopped a vehicle going the wrong way in a campground at Chain O' Lakes State Park.  The driver was found to be suspended and issued two citations. 

CPOs arrested two subjects at the DPCA boat launch, one for DUI and the other for OUI.  One subject was backing in the trailer for the boat and the other was the operator of the boat.  Both subjects refused to submit a breath sample.  The subject arrested for DUI has a pending aggravated DUI case in Will County.
CPOs recovered a stolen boat today while on patrol at DPCA.  The victim thought that the boat was still up on Lake Michigan.

No activity reported.

A CPO responded to a boat accident in the Bath chute. The operator fell asleep and collided with debris in
the water.  Both subjects were ejected and suffered only minor injuries.  The operator was cited for careless
operation of a watercraft.

A CPO responded to a Target Illinois Poachers (TIPS) complaint in Morgan County. The TIPS complaint advised
that an illegal commercial net was catching migratory waterfowl, turtles, etc.  The CPO located the net, and after an
investigation, found the owner of the net.  The commercial fisherman was issued citations.

CPOs responded to the Sangamon River near Petersburg for emergency assistance.  A boat operator along with his
children were missing and had not returned home. The operator and children were located and in safe
condition.  The operator spun his prop off and was unable to return home.

Received a raccoon complaint at Lake Petersburg.

While conducting boat patrol on the Illinois River, District 9 & 10 CPOs conducted a boat stop.  It was
discovered that two occupants were wanted on a warrant.  Both subjects were arrested and transported to
Mason County jail.

A CPO assisted Sangamon County with a traffic accident.

While conducting boat patrol on Lake Springfield, CPOs checked a fisherman for a sport fishing license.
The fisherman did not possess a fishing license and was also wanted on a warrant for failure to appear
on an aggravated DUI.  Subject was taken into custody and transported to the Sangamon County jail.

District 10 CPOs were accompanied on boat patrol of Lake Taylorville by News Channel 20. CPOs
explained our mission and objectives of the duties of CPOs.  CPOs conducted numerous boat stops and
issued appropriate citations for safety violations.

District 10 CPOs were assigned to Sanganois and Sandridge State Forest blind drawings.  CPOs answered
numerous questions and assisted park staff with the performance of their duties.  The blind drawings
occurred with no incidents.

District 10 CPOs with the assistance of District 9 and Region 1 conducted another detail during the
annual Redneck fishing tournament.  During the course of the two day detail, approximately 100 boats
were inspected.  Numerous written warning and citations were issued for boating violations.


A CPO cited a Crappie Guide working on Rend Lake for not having a 2013 Passenger for Hire License.  Corrective action was also taken for operation of a watercraft without required equipment.

CPOs arrested two operators for OUI while on Rend Lake boat patrols.  A CPO arrested an out of state operator on Saturday for OUI.  He was operating a personal watercraft creating a wake in a no wake zone.  He registered over the legal limit at .14%.  A CPO arrested a man operating in Gun Creek on Sunday for OUI-Drugs.  While on a stop for a no wake violation, three and a half cannabis joints were found.  In addition to OUI and no wake the man was cited for possession of cannabis and a personal flotation violation.    

A CPO reports the disposition on a Crawford County case involving the serving of a search warrant last February.  When the search warrant was served two subjects were arrested for cooking meth.  Multiple wildlife mounts were seized and as well as a crossbow.  All items seized were forfeited to DNR.  In a negotiated plea, one subject agreed to testify against the other and received a $450.00 fine with multiple wildlife convictions.  The second subject received a 7 year sentence in DOC.

CPOs worked an Asian Carp fishing tournament on the Wabash River.  Several carp were taken and multiple boats were inspected.  Two citations were issued for equipment violations.

A CPO investigated a subject possessing a raccoon.  While there a check thru ISP revealed the subject had an active Order of Protection and the protected party was present.  The subject was cited for possessing the raccoon and transported to the Fayette County jail.

A CPO arrested a subject at Forbes State Park for possessing alcohol in a restricted area, possessing an uncased loaded firearm in a vehicle, drug paraphernalia.

A CPO arrested a subject at Centralia Lake for OUI .  After failing the FSTs the subject refused to provide a breath sample.

A CPO arrested a subject for OUI on Kinkaid Lake.
A CPO arrested a subject on Lake of Egypt for OUI.  (Subject blew .114)

Office of Law Enforcement
August 14, 2013

A CPO completed background investigations of three CPOT candidates for the upcoming academy class.

A CPO patrolled Knox County area DNR sites, including Buffalo PHA, Victoria PHA, T-Lake PHA, Pheasants Forever Fields, Snakeden Hollow, and Spoon River State Forest.

A CPO began an investigation concerning a complaint of a fisherman waving around a handgun in Henderson County.  Two fishermen were questioned at Putney’s Landing about where they had placed their bank poles in the backwaters of the Mississippi River by an armed fisherman at the boat ramp.  A suspect has been identified and local CPOs will be working with area law enforcement to establish a case against the suspect who has a lengthy criminal history and a revoked FOID status.

Two District 7 officers worked the Peoria area over the weekend of August 10th and 11th.  Officers focused primarily on recreational boat enforcement and patrolling department lands.  17 citations and 12 written warnings were issued.

A District 1 CPO issued a citation to an Albany man for being in possession of a walleye that was in the protected slot limit for pool 14 of the Mississippi River.

A District 1 CPO issued citations to a Chicago woman for being in possession of two illegal undersized smallmouth bass on the Rock River in Whiteside County.  This was after the complainant advised her that the fish were too short and that she should release them.  She instead buried them in ice underneath her catch of Fresh Water Drum.

Two District 1 CPOs conducted a sport fishing detail from their boat on the lower Rock River near the Sterling/Rock Falls Dam.  They were concentrating their efforts in an area where complaints have been filed for fishermen keeping short smallmouth bass, short walleye, and taking over limits of both.  The CPOs ended up issuing 15 citations, a written warning, and civil penalties to multiple fishermen for the above violations.  Enforcement action was also taken on a few fishermen for not having sport fishing licenses.       

A sunken boat was removed from the Rock River after months of being submerged after a serious accident at the Oregon Dam.

An area CPO was completing watercraft safety inspections at area boat ramps along the Rock River in Winnebago County when a personal watercraft was observed traveling through the posted NO WAKE area on plane.  The operator’s attention was caught by the officer’s initial hail but ignored and the operator continued on up river.  The subsequent stop and safety inspection revealed the operator to be under the influence and was arrested for OUI – Watercraft.
A District 6 officer was patrolling Starved Rock State Park at night when he saw headlights.  The lights were moving in different directions in a grassy area.  The officer approached the vehicle and made a traffic stop.  The 18 year old female driver had decided to do some off road driving in her Jeep in the park.  Enforcement action was taken.

Two District 6 officers conducted a boat patrol on the Illinois River.  Several boat safety checks were conducted and many equipment violations were found.  One boat had two children under 13 years old not wearing PFDs, the boat also did not have any PFD’s for the 3 adults on board.  Enforcement action was taken.

No activity reported


A CPO arrested a Monticello man, acting as a guide on Lake Shelbyville for two clients, for over limit of crappie < 1O" in length.  The guide and clients possessed eight crappie in excess of the legal the limit.

A CPO arrested a Tuscola man for failure to release three short large mouth bass, and for over-limit of crappie < 10".  Subject possessed 18 crappie over the <10" length limit and 13 crappie over the overall limit for Lake Shelbyville.  Subject was issued multiple citations with a must appear court date in Shelby County.

A CPO stopped two Marshall men in Clark County.  The driver was cited for driving while his driver’s license was suspended.   Both men were cited for illegal transportation of open alcohol in a vehicle.

A CPO and Sgt, while on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville in Moultrie County, stopped a Dewey man for operating a boat with expired registration sticker and improper display of registration.  The man was found to be OUI (Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol) with a .203 BAC.  The man was issued citations for: OUI Alcohol, OUI with a BAC greater than .08, Operation of an Un-numbered watercraft, improper passenger location while underway and failure to transfer certificate of number.  The man was also issued four written warnings for boat equipment violations.

A CPO handled a minor boat accident at the Mill Creek Lake boat ramp in Clark County.

A CPO continued conducting background investigation on a Conservation Police Officer Trainee applicant.

A CPO worked at Conservation World in the Illinois State Fair.

A CPO arrested a Neoga youth and an Effingham youth for careless operation of a watercraft and youthful operator/no safety certificate.

No activity reported.

A Sgt and a CPO worked the Grand American Shoot at Sparta. 

A CPO cited a subject at Forbes State Park after a verbal altercation near the beach broke out.  One of the subjects was seen driving out of the area and was found to be a suspended driver.

A CPO arrested a subject at Raccoon Lake in Centralia wanted on a warrant. 

A CPO arrested a subject at Forbes State Park for possession of cannabis.

A CPO patrolled the Wabash River and came upon two elderly fishermen stranded after their boat broke down.  He towed them back to shore.

A CPO assisted Fayette County Sheriff with a subject who was mauled by his 800 pound black bear.  The subject suffered a broken hip, broken femur, and multiple lacerations but is expected to recover.  The bear was shot by a family member before officers arrived.

A District 16 CPO discovered a fresh pile of trash dumped along a creek at the Kinkaid Spillway.  While looking for clues in the pile he overheard the Jackson County Sheriff's Office talking about another trash pile elsewhere in the county. 
Having found some addresses in the pile of trash the CPO proceeded to that location.  At the location a subject was observed cleaning out a building.  When interviewed by the CPO the subject admitted to dumping trash at the Spillway and three other areas in the county.  The subject was cited for pollution of waterways by the CPO and immediately cleaned up the mess.  The Jackson County Sheriff's Office referred their case to the Jackson County health department where the subject faces fines up to $1500.00 on each dump site.  The subject informed the CPO that he was going to lose a lot of money on this job. 

CPOs cited two subjects who were in possession of 4 short largemouth bass.  Three of the four bass were documented as short illegal, the fish were released. 
A CPO cited a subject at Kinkaid Lake spillway fishing without a license. 
A CPO assisted Union County and ISP attempting to locate a female who had pulled a pistol on a subject in rural Union County and fled in a vehicle.   
A CPO arrested a boat operator on Rend Lake for operating under the influence.  His BAC was .11%.  Another CPO arrested another operator for OUI at South Marcum on Rend Lake while waiting for the first CPO to return from the jail.  His BAC was .13%.

District 14 patrolled the area and rivers around the Insane Clown Posse's gathering at Hog Rock.  Enforcement action was taken for issues at Cave-In-Rock State Park and on the Ohio River.     

Office of Law Enforcement
August 21, 2013

While on boat patrol on the Rock River in Ogle County, a District 1 CPO stopped a boat for an improper passenger location.  The CPO conducted a safety inspection and observed the operator to be consuming alcohol. The CPO gave the operator some field sobriety tests and determined the operator was safe to be operating.  The CPO issued the operator two written warnings for the passenger location and battery terminals and released them.  About three hours later, the CPO was checking boats at the boat ramp and observed a subject operating up to the dock, drinking a beer.  As the CPO approached, the operator put his beer down. The CPO recognized the operator as the same person he had stopped earlier for the passenger location and determined he had continued drinking beer throughout the afternoon.   This time the operator was found to be under the influence of alcohol and arrested for OUI.

A District 6 Officer had a busy afternoon at Starved Rock State Park.  Early in the afternoon he responded to a fall, a 9 year old female fell 5 feet and struck her head on a rock. The officer located her and her mother on the trails.  Her mother said the girl had some memory loss.  The officer kept the girl talking until EMS arrived.  She was transported to the hospital; doctors determined she had suffered a minor concussion. The officer was returning from the hospital when he got a call of a missing suicidal person in the park.  After about a two hour search involving several police agencies the individual was located alive and off of state park property. The individual checked herself into a mental health facility. 

While patrolling Mississippi River Pool 16, a District Sergeant and CPO observed a boat come “whipping” out of a small chute.  Conducting an inspection on the watercraft, the operator was arrested for operating a watercraft under the influence of drugs and for possession of cannabis/drug paraphernalia.   

While patrolling along the Hennepin Canal, a CPO observed a vehicle that was not properly displaying valid registration.  Conducting a traffic stop on the vehicle, the driver was arrested for DUI. 

While checking fishermen along the Hennepin Canal, a CPO arrested two subjects for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. 

A District 7 officer responded to a fish kill along the West branch of Panther Creek in Woodford County.  An estimated total of 29,258 fish were killed over a 4.5 mile stretch of creek.  Twenty-one different species were killed after an unknown amount of swine waste was discharged into the creek. 

CPOs worked a boat patrol for the 4th annual “Floatzilla” event in the Quad Cities. Floatzilla is an attempt to set a world record of the most canoes and kayaks all holding on to one another at the same time.  The event starts early in the morning with different launching points for the boats.  They all converge at Sunset Marina in Rock Island at 2:00 p.m.  It appears another attempt will have to be made, but fun was had by all.  Boater assists were made by various agencies when a canoe or kayak would tip over but no serious injuries were reported.

A Dist 6 CPO given a call in reference to a hawk that was struck by a semi and was still alive stuck to the semi.  The CPO was going to meet the semi driver at a rest area on I 80.  When the CPO entered the parking lot of the rest area a subject flagged the CPO down.  A male subject was on the ground unconscious.  EMS was notified.  A Navy corpsman on leave was attending to the victim.  The subject appeared to have committed suicide by taking a large amount of prescription drugs.  The subject was transported to a nearby hospital.  ISP has taken over the investigation.

Two District 7 CPOs conducted boat patrols on the Illinois River and checked watercraft for safety equipment compliance.  Various violations were found ranging from personal floatation device violations to no competent observer while towing.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.   


District 6 officers arrested a male for illegally harvesting ginseng.  The male illegally dug up 61 ginseng plants from a nature preserve three weeks prior to season.  The male additionally failed to plant the plant’s berries and did not have a ginseng harvest license.  He was issued five citations, fingerprinted, and evicted from the state park for 90 days.

A District 6 CPO cited three individuals camping at Staved Rock State Park.  Two individuals were arrested for possession of <2.5 g of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia.  The third individual was arrested for possession of alcohol against posted regulations.  The three adults were camping at Starved Rock State Park with their children.

A District 6 CPO observed a camper telling an 18 year old male how to smoke out of a bowl (pipe commonly used to smoke marijuana).  Upon confronting the two individuals they tried to hide the pipe.  The CPO seized the pipe and a container of Scooby Snax (synthetic marijuana).  An individual from the site was cited for possession of alcohol against posted regulations.  Additional charges are pending lab results.

A CPO in Henderson County investigated a complaint of illegal commercial fishing on the Mississippi River in Henderson County.  Six illegal hoop nets were seized during the investigation.  Multiple citations are pending.

A CPO in Henderson County responded to a complaint at Big River State Forest.  A truck was observed driving around a series of barricades to access a closed portion of the park.  The driver was cited for being in a restricted area and failure to display proof of insurance.

A District 1 CPO received a phone call from a local animal shelter in reference to an animal brought to their shelter.  The person who brought the animal to the shelter thought it was a "wild ferret" since it was running across her front porch eating the cat food.  In order to catch the animal, she put the cat food in a cat carrier and waited for the animal to go inside.  She then shut the door and took it to the shelter.  The staff at the shelter immediately recognized the animal as a mink and told the lady to take it back to where it came from.  She refused and immediately left the animal with the cage at the shelter.  The staff tried to get her license plate number but it was too late.  The staff contacted a CPO and permission was granted to relocate the mink to a nearby wooded area.     

A District 6 officer issued citations to three individuals for climbing the canyons at starved rock.

A CPO cited one individual for possessing a walleye in the protected slot at Wilmington Dam. The walleye was 22" and the slot is between 18" to 26".

A CPO responded to ongoing dumping complaint on private property.  An off-duty Will County Forest Preserve officer witnessed two individuals dumping yard waste on a property notorious for dumping.  The officer was able to get a description of the vehicle and it occupants.  The CPO arrived at the suspect’s house as they were doing yard work.  The individuals insisted they had permission from a construction company to dump on the property.  However, they were unable to provide the name of the construction company and stated it was nearly three years ago they got permission to dump. The CPO informed them that he had an open complaint letter from the company that no one was allowed to dump on the property.  The suspects were cited and given a mandatory court appearance.

A CPO handling a boat inspection investigation discovered that the boat was actually stolen out of Wisconsin but due to an error had not been entered into LEADS.  The actual owner corrected the reporting issue and arrangements are being made to return the boat to its owner.

A CPO was called by park staff regarding an abandoned boat at DesPlaines CA.  It appeared the boat had been partially stripped and abandoned.  Initial investigation revealed that the boat had been stolen and dumped at DPCA.  Further investigation revealed that a different family member had taken the boat to DPCA, experienced vehicle problems and
couldn’t tow it back to Chicago, so he stripped what he could off of the boat fearing that those items could be stolen when the boat was left.  The boat was returned to the rightful owners.

A CPO handled a single vehicle accident involving an antique car on department property.  No significant injuries were reported but the vehicle was deemed a total loss.

A CPO conducted several K9 demonstrations with other agency’s K9s present.  Notably our K9 is the most popular to the public at these events because he can be approached by the public and petted, as he is not a trained "bite" dog and is not aggressive to others.

Two District 3 CPOs were assigned to the State Fair.

Two District 2 CPOs arrested a subject for violation of no wake and OUI on Grass Lake.  The subject submitted a breath sample showing a .086% concentration. 

A District 2 CPO arrested a subject while fishing on the Fox River in McHenry County for no fishing license and obstructing identification after the individual provided a false name and date of birth.

A District 2 CPO arrested a subject for passing on the shoulder and failure to provide valid proof of automobile insurance.

A District 2 CPO cited a subject on the Fox River, Kane County, for not wearing a PFD while operating a personal watercraft.

A District 2 CPO cited a subject on the Fox River, Kane County, for not securing a child under the age of 13 in a PFD.  The child, an 8 month old female, was sitting on the lap of its mother on the back of a paddleboat as they paddled around the river.  All 4 adults had their lifejackets on but stated that the young infant was fussing too much to wear one.

A District 19 CPO made an arrest of a subject from Normal on Clinton Lake for OUI.  Subject had a BAC of .15%

A District 19 CPO made an arrest of a subject from Colfax on Clinton Lake for OUI.  Subject had a BAC of .14%

A District 19 CPO is investigating a boat accident that occurred on the Vermilion River in Livingston County where a jet ski operator ran into a rocky shoreline, causing the jet ski to take on water.  The investigation is pending.

Numerous boat and park citations were made by the District 19 CPOs over the weekend.

A District 10 CPO, patrolling the Sangamon County Conservation Area, observed several people fishing and Off Road vehicles being ridden on state property.  Upon contact with the fishermen, none had the required fishing licenses. The fishermen and off road vehicle operators were cited.

A District 10 CPO cited an outfitter for insufficient records during a commercial inspection.

A District 10 CPO patrolled Sangchris Lake State Park and Christian County issuing citations and warnings for violations of the Illinois fish code

A District 10 CPO patrolled Christian County conducting inspections on sport-fishermen and enforcing Illinois ATV laws by issuing written warnings for park and fishing.

A District 10 CPO and Sgt observed 4 subjects drinking alcohol at a picnic table along Lake Springfield. One subject left the table and exhaled a puff of bluish smoke. The CPO and Sgt made their way to the table. A check of licenses for age compliance revealed an active warrant. Search subsequent to arrest led the officers to cannabis and paraphernalia. Two subjects were arrested and taken to jail. One subject was cited and released.

A District 10 CPO responded to a Meredosia refuge area to assist in locating a lost motorist.  Four subjects drove in on property posted no trespassing and subsequently got locked in by the property owner.  The subjects attempted to find another way out and became lost.  During the course of attempting to find their way out, they drove around a locked gate at the refuge.  The incident was referred to Cass County Sheriff’s Department and US Fish and Wildlife.

A Christian County CPO patrolled Sangchris Lake State Park and Taylorville Lake issuing citations and warnings for boating, fishing, and outfitting violations.

A Christian County CPO patrolled the district issuing warnings for fishing and ATV violations.

A CPO patrolled Lake Springfield and Sangchris Lake State Park.  The CPO responded to a call from the camp site
host.  Uncooperative campers had set up in the equestrian only camping area and refused to move.  The Officer arrived and was able to quell the situation and assist with the campers finding a new site.

A CPO patrolled the Salt Creek area and Sangamon River.  The water level was perfect for canoeists.  Several vessels were inspected with only one fishing violation detected.

A boat patrol was conducted on Lake Jacksonville.  Most boaters were in compliance and only written warnings
were issued.

CPOs patrolled the Illinois River around Meredosia.  Several fishermen were found without the required licenses. Citations were issued.

A Monroe County CPO handled a complaint of squirrel hunting out of season. The elderly violator lived in a rural town and was illegally trapping and shooting squirrels in his backyard.  He openly admitted killing and eating about 15 squirrels although he was well aware that squirrel season did not open until August 1.  The violator (who appeared to be a lifelong outdoorsman) stated he thought he could do so because a county board member told him (incorrectly) that he could shoot and trap them because they were a “nuisance”.   Written warnings were issued and the county board member was contacted regarding wrongfully authorizing the taking of squirrels out of season.          

A District 13 CPO arrested a subject for damaging a sign at Horseshoe Lake State Park. The subject ran over the sign and then became stuck on the sign. The CPO had to call a tow to remove the subject's car from the sign and then was cited for damage to IDNR Property.

While on boat patrol on the Kaskaskia River, two District 13 CPOs stopped a boat that had four passengers. The
operator had no life jackets on the boat and he was cited for failure to have PFD's.  He was also issued three written warnings for various other boat infractions.

A District 13 officer finished background investigations for applicants of the new recruit class.

A District 13 officer conducted a boat registration investigation in Godfrey on a homemade sailboat.

A District 13 officer responded to the Grand Marias Golf Course in Frank Holten State Park in reference to a burglary.  Around midnight the Pro Shop was broken into by two individuals who threw a large rock through a window to gain entry.  The individuals fled on foot with a 19 inch flat screen TV.  IDNR is working with ISP on the case.

A District 13 officer is investigating a fatal boat accident that occurred on the Mississippi River.  Early Friday morning a call was received that a tug pushing 15 barges had a fishing boat lodged in front of its barges.  A passing tug noticed the vessel and radioed to inform the other tug of its presence.  The fishing vessel was unoccupied when it was dislodged.  Investigation pointed to the registered owner of the vessel being the only person on board.  Search and rescue efforts were started.  On Saturday, the District 13 Sgt. and a CPO located the missing fishermen in the Mississippi River.  IDNR and U.S. Coast Guard are working together on the investigation of the accident.

A St. Clair County CPO assisted in the recovery of a man found by fishermen floating in Horseshoe Lake State Park.  The Illinois State Police are investigating the incident as a possible homicide.

A District 13 CPO was assigned to work at the World Shooting and Recreation Complex in Sparta for the ATA shoot.  The CPO received two complaints about two men riding horses through the complex.  One complainant said several people had stepped in horse feces.  The two men were found and it was also learned that a Sergeant had warned the two men a couple days prior for riding the horses on the complex.  When asked about the conversation with the Sergeant, one of the men lied and said the Sergeant didn’t tell him he couldn’t be there and then changed his story and said he thought he was kidding.  The two men were issued citations and released.

A District 13 CPO finished up background investigations on two men who have applied for jobs with the Illinois Conservation Police. 

A District 13 CPO was off duty and at home when he received information about a TIPS complaint concerning two men snagging below the spillway at Carlyle Lake.  The CPO went to the area and observed two young men actively snagging fish.  They were both spoken with and both admitted to snagging and knew it was illegal.  Both were issued citations. 

A District 13 CPO was on foot patrol for illegal ATV usage on the Kaskaskia River Fish and Wildlife Area.  The CPO observed two subjects standing and drinking beer at their truck’s tailgate while parked in front of the park’s gate. The female subject started smoking a substance from a can.  The CPO approached the couple and the female subject stated that she was smoking cannabis.  The female subject handed over a small baggie of cannabis and she was issued a citation.

A District 13 CPO was patrolling Randolph County Conservation Area.  While in Rolling Hills Campground, a camper stopped him to report an unlawful attempted entering into their pop-up camper.  At approximately 4:00 am, the couple and their young children were awakened by a noise caused by someone attempting to open their camper door.  As they looked through the screen of their camper they observed a male subject with a mask over his face standing outside.  The subject ran off.  Nobody was harmed and nothing had been stolen.   A report was completed and the CPO notified the Site Superintendent and the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department.

A Monroe County CPO was checking fishermen at a local Fish and Wildlife Area when he encountered a fisherman returning from the lake in his Jon boat.  The CPO assisted the man with loading his boat onto his trailer and then performed a boat safety inspection and checked his fish. The man had caught and kept three obviously undersized bass. An identification check revealed the subject also had a suspended driver’s license and had driven his truck and boat trailer from out-of-state to fish in Illinois.  Further checking also revealed the subject did not have insurance on his truck. The truck and boat and trailer were towed and citations were issued for the fish and traffic violations.

A Monroe County CPO was foot patrolling a rural timbered creek bottom for squirrel hunters and possible fish and game violations when he observed two men walking in a creek. The CPO identified himself and discovered one of the men possessed a loaded 9 mm handgun in his back pocket. (They claimed it was for protection from mountain lions.) It was further discovered both men possessed drug paraphernalia and cannabis. The drug items were seized and appropriate enforcement action was taken.  

Two CPOs made drug and paraphernalia arrests while checking fishermen at Rend Lake.  Several groups of fishermen were cited for a variety of violations including snagging.  A one hitter box with cannabis, two pipes and a bag of cannabis were seized during the checks. 

Office of Law Enforcement
August 28, 2013

A District 1 CPO conducted boat safety checks on the Mississippi River. The following violations were discovered: Type IV throw-able device in unserviceable condition, wearable PFD’s not readily accessible, unsecured storage battery, fire extinguisher in unserviceable condition, operation of a motorboat without a sounding device.

A District 1 CPO conducted a commercial inspection on a rental boat business. The owner of the business was issued citations for failure to properly register rental boats and failure to obtain rental stickers for rental boats.  Multiple written warnings were also issued.

A CPO was completing watercraft safety inspections at area boat ramps along the Rock River in Winnebago County.  Violations addressed included:  insufficient number of wearable PFD’s, no type IV throwable PFD, fire extinguisher not in serviceable condition, failure to secure batteries to hull and cover terminals, and violation of NO WAKE ZONE.

While patrolling Hennepin Canal State Park, a CPO located three subjects tending to a fire in a restricted area.  After watching the subjects smoke cannabis, one subject was arrested for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. 
While patrolling along the Mississippi River, a CPO located two subjects sitting on concrete piers.  Both subjects were arrested for possession of cannabis and/or drug paraphernalia. 
A CPO was on patrol in Johnson Sauk Trail State Park.  The CPO observed three young men fishing at the site lake.  As the men left the area they left trash at the site and one of them threw a bottle into the lake.  The CPO made contact with these men and determined none of them had a fishing license.  Each person was issued two citations (6 citations total/ no fishing license/littering) and they have a mandatory court appearance in Henry County Court in September.

A District 1 CPO was checking bank fishermen at the Castle Rock State Park overlook when he discovered one subject to be in possession of an undersized smallmouth bass. The subject was issued a citation and the dead fish was seized.

A District 1 CPO and District Sgt were on boat patrol on the Rock River in Lee County when they stopped a boat for a safety inspection.  During the inspection it was discovered there was not enough wearable PFDs on board.  The operator was issued a citation for the violation.

A CPO investigated a baiting complaint in District 7.  A tip from a concerned citizen prompted the officer to check on a potentially baited dove field.  The complaint was unfounded as it related to dove hunting.

A District 1 CPO and the Whiteside County Sheriff’s Department took the appropriate enforcement action on a Rock Falls man for unlawfully dumping his trash at a Hennepin Feeder Canal parking area.  He was also ordered to clean the trash up.

District 1 CPOs assisted a Carroll County pleasure boater in navigating back to their house boat in the dark on Pool 13 of the Mississippi River.  This was after enforcement action was taken for the watercraft operating with no running lights when required.

While on boat patrol, District 1 CPOs arrested a Byron man for operating his watercraft under the influence of alcohol on Pool 13 of the Mississippi River in Savanna.  The boat operator had a .098% BAC.

A District 1 CPO and Sergeant attended the Sterling Park District’s Great Outdoor Days at the Sterling YMCA.  The Conservation Police Lodge Trailer was set up and nearly 1,000 kids and adults enjoyed various outdoor activities including a fishing derby in the indoor swimming pool, live Illinois fish exhibits with IDNR Fisheries Biologists, 3D Archery shooting, a rock climbing wall, and many others.     

A CPO began reviewing 8,000+ documents received from the ISP Computer Evidence Recovery Unit relating to a felony fraud investigation of a boat dealer/manufacturer in McDonough County.  The joint agency investigation is ongoing and the principal offender is scheduled for release from federal custody relating to a prior fraud conviction of similar activities.

Two District 7 CPOs conducted a boat patrol of the Mississippi River Pool 18 from the Lock and Dam to Keithsburg.  Of the boats checked, only written warnings were issued for minor equipment violations.

A male subject on a PWC approached the boat ramp in St. Charles on the Fox River.  Field sobriety testing was conducted and the subject was arrested.  The subject was asked if there was any cannabis on the boat and he replied yes.  A search of the PWC was conducted and a bag of cannabis and a pipe were located.  The subject blew a .048% and submitted to a urine test.    The subject stated he smokes cannabis daily and has done so for the past 15 years.  The results of the urine test are pending.

Two District 2 CPOs were on boat patrol on the Fox River when they observed two passengers on a boat riding on the gunwales.  They stopped the boat and conducted a safety inspection.  During the inspection, the operator showed signs of impairment and admitted to drinking a large amount of alcoholic beverages so he was brought aboard for field sobriety testing.  The operator failed field sobriety and was arrested for OUI.  He blew a .127 BAC.  After processing this subject for OUI, the same CPOs went back on boat patrol and observed another boat operating without navigation lights after sunset.  They stopped the boat and the operator of this boat also showed signs of impairment when he almost fell while retrieving safety equipment.  He was brought aboard for field sobriety testing, which he failed.  He was arrested for OUI and blew a .133 BAC.

CPOs wrote several citations during a netting detail in Kane County.  Citations were issued for cannabis, netting sport fish and fishing without a license. 
CPOs caught an individual smoking cannabis at Chain O' Lakes State Park.  The man was also found to be fishing without a license.  

Two District 2 CPOs stopped a wave runner for operation after hours and no waterway sticker. After detecting an odor of alcoholic beverage and the admission of drinking five beers, field sobriety testing was administered.  The operator failed and was arrested for OUI (.104).

A CPO and the Department K9 assisted ISP with a search of a vehicle used in an attempted kidnapping.

A CPO and the Department K9 spoke to a group of Cub Scouts and their parents about our agency and how the K9 is utilized.

A CPO cited four subjects for fishing in a restricted area.

A CPO cited two subjects for illegal possession of undersized bass.

A CPO arrested a subject for illegally dumping household garbage in a rural area of Kankakee County.

A CPO arrested a subject boating on the Illinois River for OUI.  The subject blew a .247.

A CPO is investigating a property damage boat accident involving a boat pulling a tuber and striking an anchored boat.  Investigation and charges are pending.

A CPO cited a boat operator for allowing three children under the age of 13 to boat without wearing required PFDs.

A CPO observed a vehicle enter the Fishhook area occupied by two adults and a juvenile.  While talking to the subjects the CPO observed two large drink cups sitting on the driver and passenger floorboard.  The CPO smelled the odor of an
alcoholic beverage while talking to the subjects.  The CPO asked the adults if there was alcohol in the cups.  Both adults admitted to having some "Captain" in the cups.  Citations were issued for unlawful transport of open alcohol by driver and passenger.   

A CPO observed a vehicle stopped in the roadway.  A subject came out of a ditch and got into the passenger area.  The CPO observed several subjects in the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.  The subject in the passenger seat had been picking clover blossoms.  The CPO observed fishing equipment and asked if the group had been fishing.  They told the CPO they had been fishing in one of the Corps of Engineer ponds and had five large-mouth bass that they kept.  The driver told the CPO all the bass were over the 14 inch legal limit and then showed the CPO the bass. The largest bass measured 13 inches and the smallest measured just over 9 inches.  The CPO issued a citation for under legal size bass taken from a Corps of Engineers pond.

The Region 3 Sgt and a CPO worked at World Recreation Shooting Complex in Sparta for ATA World Trap Shooting Championship.

Two Region 3 CPOs worked at Illinois State Fair.

A CPO stopped a Douglas County man and woman operating ATVs on the roadway with open alcohol in Douglas County.  Enforcement action was taken.

A CPO stopped a Sullivan man for operating a vehicle with a lighting violation in Wolf Creek State Park.  The CPO discovered open alcohol and issued a citation for illegal transportation of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

CPOs while on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville in Moultrie County arrested a Bethany man for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol with a .156% BAC and transported the man to jail.

A District 19 CPO made an arrest of a male subject in Macon County.  The subject had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and was lodged at the Macon County Jail in lieu of bond.

A District 19 CPO made an arrest of a male subject in Dewitt County.  The subject was cited for driving while license suspended.

A District 19 CPO made an arrest of a two male subjects from Champaign on Clinton Lake.  The two were cited for possession of cannabis less than 2.5g and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A District 19 Officer was working Clinton Lake State Park when he was stopped by a park visitor who informed him of a theft that had taken place at the restaurant.  After speaking with the restaurant operator, it was found that four boys had been there and taken an antique flour sifter.  After they were confronted, the sifter was returned.  The officers OLE found them at their campsite with six other boys.  They were found to have been drinking.  After talking to the other boys it was discovered that they all had been drinking.  All of them were 18 years old.  Citations were issued.

While patrolling Clinton Lake two District 19 Officers observed a boat with a passenger riding on the gunnel.  During the stop one officer smelled burnt cannabis.  After questioning, it was found that there were two bags of cannabis on the boat and two pipes.  The operator admitted to drinking and smoking cannabis earlier in the day.  The operator was arrested for OUI, and two of the passengers received citations for the possession of cannabis and for possession of drug paraphernalia.

While checking fishermen at the Clinton Lake Spillway a District 19 Officer observed a fisherman move from his location as the officer approached.  When the officer got to the location that the fisherman left he observed a green medicine vile on the ground.  When he asked the fisherman about the vial the fisherman stated that it was there when he got there.  There was a green leafy substance in the vile.  When taken off to the side and asked about the vile the fisherman admitted that it was his and that it was cannabis.  When the officer asked where his pipe was the fisherman retrieved a glass pipe out of his pocket and gave it to the officer.  Citations were issued.

Other District 19 Officers wrote ten written warnings on fish and boating violations; and four citations for park/alcohol and littering violations.  Two hunter safety courses were conducted in Vermilion County.
District 10 Officers worked preseason migratory game birds including flight inspections.

A CPO investigated an illegal dumping of deer case in Menard County.  The dead deer was dumped from a local deer farm.  The CPO obtained a confession and charges are pending.

CPOs assisted Menard County Sheriff’s Department with the apprehension of a suspended driver who attempted to flee and elude a Deputy.

District 10 CPOs conducted enforcement on subjects illegally fishing in Menard and Sangamon Counties.  Charges ranged from written warnings for no fishing licenses to arrests for fishing in restricted areas.

A Sangamon County subject was arrested on a warrant after being checked for a fishing license.  The subject was transported to the Sangamon County jail where he later posted bond.

District 10 CPOs conducted a detail around the Sangamon County Conservation area.  Many complaints have arisen from the area.  CPOs issued several citations and arrested one subject for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

A CPO completed a records inspection on a deer and turkey outfitter in District 10.  The Outfitter was cited for numerous violations and was instructed on how to correct them.

A CPO was checking sport fishermen along the Mississippi River. Two fishermen did not have sport fishing licenses. During the check, the CPO smelled the odor of cannabis and observed a pipe in the arm of the chair. During a search, he found a second pipe and two containers of cannabis. The two fishermen were arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis.  A third subject who was not fishing was also arrested for the same.

A CPO was patrolling Pere Marquette State Park when he received a call of a domestic battery in the campground. The CPO responded to the area and met three witnesses.  They observed a man punch a woman in the face and strangle her.  Upon making contact with the victim, he noticed a mark on her face and marks around her neck. The man was arrested for domestic battery. The man had a prior arrest and an expired order of protection for the same thing.

A CPO was called to assist the Missouri Water Patrol at an Illinois Marina with two subjects who were messing with someone else's trot lines. During the assist, they smelled the odor of cannabis. The subject admitted to smoking cannabis and gave them permission to search his vehicle. They found a pipe and some cannabis in the glove compartment.

A CPO was on patrol in Pike County when he observed an ATV driving on the highway.  The driver was revoked and was in possession of cannabis.

A CPO interviewed a subject reference to taking two deer with resident deer permits when the subject was a nonresident.  The subject admitted to shooting a ten point buck and a doe. The subject was issued citations for unlawful taking of deer and the ten point buck was seized.

CPOs investigated a property damage only boat accident on the Mississippi River at Quincy.  A houseboat was entering Quincy Bay when it struck a submerged object.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Adams County. 

CPOs were on a boat stop at Rend Lake in Marcum Cove.  The operator of the watercraft was OUI.  He registered a BAC of .015%.  While on the boat stop another boat swerved around them creating a large wake to the stopped watercraft.  The Officers left the first stopped boat and stopped the second boat that caused a wake.  That operator was also operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol.  His BAC was .011%.  A CPO towed the first boat to the dock and both arrested operators were taken to the Franklin County jail.

A CPO conducted a taxidermy inspection in Hardin County.   

CPOs worked Forbes State Park.  Citations were issued for possessing alcohol in a restricted area and no lifejackets.

A CPO worked the Canoe Regatta at Red Hills State Park.

A CPO stopped a vehicle after it pulled out in front of him causing him to slam on his brakes.  He learned the driver was suspended and the passenger was wanted on a warrant.

A CPO worked the DuQuoin State Fair.

A CPO stopped a vehicle for expired registration while working at the Kinkaid Lake complex.  During the stop, the vehicle’s owner was found not to have insurance on the vehicle. The driver was cited for the violation. 

A CPO received a call from the Lake Murphysboro State Park Site Superintendent that someone had destroyed park property.  Upon arrival, the CPO was shown where someone had taken a corner too fast and ran over a sign made out of 6 x 6 posts and then ran into a tree.  Park personnel had found an envelope and letter at the scene.  No accident report had been made with local or county law enforcement.  The CPO took the initial report and is conducting an investigation into the owner of the letter that was found at the scene of the accident. 

CPOs arrested a boat operator on Kinkaid Lake for operating under the influence. His BAC was .156%.

CPOs arrested a subject on a warrant at the Kinkaid Spillway.  He was wanted for failure to appear on domestic battery charges.

A CPO, while conducting a boat safety inspection, detected an operator had been drinking and administered FST's.  The subject failed FST's and submitted to chemical testing resulting in a BAC of 0.089. 

District 16 CPOs attended the CPOA trailer at the DuQuoin State Fair.

The District 16 Sgt. and two CPOs arrested six subjects for possession of alcohol inside a restricted area. They were processed and bonded.

District 16 CPOs attended two hunter safety classes.