October 2011

Office of Law Enforcement
March 7, 2012

A CPO conducted several deer permit investigations. Two individuals were both issued citations for failure to tag deer immediately upon kill in Knox and Fulton Counties.  The father of one subject was issued a written warning for being an accessory to the violation.

A CPO responded to a trespassing complaint in Knox County.  A landowner had received a call from a neighbor after observing a subject in camouflage who was observed riding an ATV into a wooded area.   Upon arriving, a foot patrol of the 200 plus acre property was conducted.  A subject was located on an ATV on adjacent property shed antler hunting.  After a brief interview, the man admitted to driving on several properties adjacent to his while looking for deer antlers.  Two of the landowners were contacted after the interview.  Neither knew the man and their properties were not adequately posted for trespassing.  They were advised of the posting requirements and/or giving notice to this subject for any future incidents to be prosecuted.

District 6 CPOs assisted the Illinois State Police with weather related traffic patrols on March 2, 2012. Due to a significant winter storm in the Rockford area, these two CPOs decided to assist ISP with numerous calls of cars in Illinois roadway ditches and motorists assists.  Following the CPOs’ assistance to ISP, they received thanks from ISP command for assisting them with the traffic patrols.

A District 7 CPO got a disposition on a suspended driver in Fulton County this past week. The driver who was arrested in September of 2011 was recently sentenced to 40 days in the Fulton County Jail and ordered to pay fines and costs totaling $579.

A CPO in Henderson County arrested a subject for criminal trespass to real property.  The case was initiated by a TIPS complaint to the Springfield office.

A CPO arrested a Henderson County subject for no valid hunting license.  The case originated with a permit investigation. 

An individual that attempted to run on foot from a CPO pleaded guilty to resisting a police officer.  He was sentenced to 14 days in the county jail.  He also pleaded guilty to trespassing and consumption of alcohol by a minor. 

An individual that a CPO had stopped and arrested for felony driving while revoked and DUI, pleaded guilty to both charges. He was sentenced to five years in the Department of Corrections.  A passenger in the car pleaded guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia and cannabis.  He was sentenced to 30 days in the county jail.

A judge awarded a seized shotgun, bow and arrow, knife deboning kit and camouflage clothing to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

A CPO found a deceased individual in a vehicle at Matthiessen State Park.  The deceased individual is believed to have died from a single gunshot wound to the head.  At this time there is no suspected foul play. 

A CPO is working on a detail at Big Bend State Fish and Wildlife area.  Multiple complaints were received about tree stands being left at the park year after year and not being removed by February 1st yearly as required by administrative rule 670.60C.  In the month of February, 27 tree stands and 1 ground blind were seized.  Multiple citations have been issued so far and will continue to be issued.

A District 7 CPO received a citizen complaint of trespass on private property.   The suspect was arrested and given a Peoria County court date. 

A District 6 CPO handled a snow related traffic crash for a Sheriff's Department.  The driver lost control of her vehicle and ran off the road striking a tree and a fence. No injuries were reported.

A District 3 CPO closed out several reports. The dispositions were as follows:

A District 3 CPO observed a vehicle run off the roadway before accelerating to more than 30 mph in excess of the posted speed limit.  Upon stopping the vehicle, the driver and passenger were determined to be in possession of open alcohol.  The driver was arrested for illegal transportation of alcohol, speeding and improper lane usage.

A District 3 CPO along with a Conservation Police Intern observed a vehicle in the state park after hours.  Upon approaching the vehicle they observed a driver asleep behind the wheel.  When contact was made with the driver, the CPO observed the odor of burnt cannabis coming from inside the vehicle.  After refusing to provide identification to the CPO, the subject was taken into custody.  When the subject eventually provided the officer with his identity it was determined he had a suspended driver’s license and was wanted on a warrant for resisting a police officer.  A vehicle search revealed several smoked marijuana blunts in the ashtray.  The subject was arrested on the warrant and charged with DUI drugs, driving while license suspended and entering state property during closed hours.  Charges for possession of cannabis are pending.

A District 3 CPO along with a Conservation Police Intern conducted an investigation into the suspected illegal take of deer during the archery deer season.  During an interview with the suspected violator it was determined that another hunter had harvested one of the deer, a 5 point buck.  It was later determined the other hunter had harvested a total of 3 bucks during the 2011-2012 deer season.  Enforcement action was taken for falsification of IDNR harvest records, unlawful tagging of whitetail deer, failure to properly report deer harvest and the unlawful take of more than 2 antlered deer during a single season.

Two District 3 CPOs along with a Conservation Police Intern were patrolling private property after receiving a complaint of individuals riding ATVs, dirt bikes and off road vehicles on the property without permission.  One of the CPOs was able to make contact with 5 subjects riding dirt bikes and an ATV on the property without permission when they stopped for a short break.  As the CPO obtained the subjects’ information, the second CPO arrived on scene to assist.  On arrival, the second CPO recognized one of the individuals to be a subject he and a Will County Forest Preserve Officer had arrested 2 weeks prior for riding through the Forest Preserve adjacent to the private property.  During the previous encounter, it was determined the subject had been warned the previous year for riding his ATV through the same property.  The CPO questioned the subject as to why he continued to trespass on the property and would have fled as the officer approached if he had been given the chance.  The violator was arrested for criminal trespass to property and operating an ATV on private property without permission from the landowner.  His ATV was seized and forfeiture is pending.  The other four subjects were cited for operating on private property without permission from the landowner.

A District Sergeant and CPO investigated a report of a man shooting too close to a trailer park near Shelbyville.  The subject was also observed carrying an animal.  Empty deer slug shotgun shell hulls were recovered from a nearby field approximately 200 yards from several inhabited dwellings.  The Shelbyville man was located and it was discovered he shot a coyote with a shotgun loaded with deer slugs.  The CPO issued a citation for hunting with deer slugs outside of deer season and a written warning for shooting deer slugs within 300 yards of an inhabited dwelling.

A CPO stopped and inspected a log truck driven by a Marshall, IL man for compliance with forestry laws in Moultrie County.  The CPO discovered and issued citations for incomplete daily hauling manifest, failure to record number of logs and incomplete seller information.  The CPO also issued a written warning for failure to show proof of ownership.  The CPO contacted an ISP truck inspector who completed a truck inspection of the log truck. There were four commercial vehicle violations discovered and the truck was out of service.

A CPO worked with a Georgia Conservation Officer on a case involving a Georgia subject. The subject was caught hunting without a hunting license, habitat stamp, deer permit, and illegally harvesting a deer in Pike County.  The subject also harvested a deer in 2010 without a hunting license and habitat stamp.

A CPO caught a subject harvesting a deer without a permit in Jersey County.  The subject was also using another hunter’s deer permits to harvest a second deer.

A CPO caught a subject harvesting a deer without a permit in Jersey County.

A CPO caught a subject harvesting a deer without a permit in Greene County.

A CPO caught a subject who shot a buck and two does. He used his step-son’s permits to check in all three deer.  He then allowed his step-son to use his permit to harvest a deer after school.

A District Sergeant checked a subject’s commercial fishing license and boat.  During the check, the subject did not have a sufficient number of personal flotation devices. The subject produced an Alaska driver’s license.  The subject said he did not have any resident Alaska commercial fishing licenses, however after checking with Alaska it was determined he did have a resident Alaska license. The subject was arrested for falsifying his Illinois Commercial Fishing License.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Pike County.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Adams County.

A CPO attended two hunter safety classes in Macoupin County.

On February 29, devastating tornadoes struck several communities in District 14.  CPOs were involved in assisting with recovery and disaster response in those communities hardest hit.

A CPO received a court disposition in White County from a man convicted of illegally providing outfitting services without a valid outfitter license.  He was ordered to pay $1,820 in fines and restitution to IDNR.

A CPO was conducting monthly operation of an ATV at the Game Farm in Jefferson County when another man rode up to him on an ATV and asked if he wanted to ride the trails. The man was cited for operation of an ATV on Department lands.

A CPO is continuing his investigation of a Bald Eagle being shot in Richland County.  The eagle was x-rayed and had a projectile in the chest cavity.  The eagle has been turned over to the USFWS at this time.

A CPO attended the Effingham County Boat Show with the Air Boat.

CPOs investigated a TIPS complaint in which a deer was ran over multiple times in Effingham County.

A CPO cited two subjects for transferring deer permits as a result of an administrative investigation.

A CPO arrested a female subject at Raccoon Lake on two no-bond warrants.

A CPO reported the disposition of a deer case in Wayne County.  The subject paid fines and costs of $2,226.

A District Sergeant and CPO investigated a complaint of a subject chasing deer with a side by side ATV in Jasper County.  The subject's ATV broke down as it was being pursued by the complainant.  The violators fled on foot.  The ATV was towed and appropriate citations were issued.

A CPO was notified of subjects driving 4-wheelers on the George Rogers Clark Bike Trail at Ft. Massac State Park.  He was able to locate one of the subjects and cited him and is currently attempting to locate the others. 

A CPO investigated a traffic crash at Mermet Lake where a car left the levee roadway, rolled over and landed upside down in the lake.  As a result, three passengers drowned and two survived.  One of the victims was a 6 year old.  The parents were indicted by a Grand Jury for child endangerment, one has been sentenced to 7 years in prison and the other is currently on the lamb with an arrest warrant.

A CPO arrested a Kentucky subject for unlawful taking/possession of deer without permits, license or habitat stamp and hunting without permission of landowner.  He paid $1,074 in fines and costs. 

A CPO was contacted by the DuQuoin City Police Department regarding a carcass of a skinned bobcat.  Upon retrieving the carcass, it appears to have been poached and skinned for taxidermy purposes.  The incident is being investigated.

District 16 CPOs are concluding administrative investigations and 2011 report closures.


Office of Law Enforcement
March 14, 2012

A District 6 CPO, along with a McHenry County CPO, concluded an investigation into hunting violations committed by a Boone County man during the last two days of the Illinois CWD firearm season. As a result of this investigation the Boone County man was charged in Boone County with the following offenses:

  1. Unlawful taking of a six point buck without a firearm deer permit.
  2. Attempting to take a six point buck without a firearm deer permit.
  3. Unlawfully participating in a deer hunting party, with a gun, after taking the legal limit of deer.
  4. Failure to tag a whitetail “button buck” immediately upon kill.
  5. Hunting deer without a 2011 Illinois hunting license.
  6. Hunting deer without a 2011 Illinois habitat stamp.
  7. Unlawfully leaving a harvested deer in the field without attaching a temporary harvest tag in the prescribed manner (two counts).

The Boone County man was charged in McHenry County with the following offenses:

  1. Hunting deer without a 2011 Illinois hunting license.
  2. Hunting deer without a 2011 Illinois habitat stamp.
  3. Failure to tag deer immediately upon kill.
  4. Failure to report firearm deer harvest on date of kill.
  5. Falsification of Illinois harvest records.

A CPO discovered a fire burning on the east side of Snakeden Hollow.  The brush/grass fire extended from the entrance of Lake McMaster to hunter Parking Lot E Entrance (approximately 1/2 mile in length by 50 yards wide).  Approximately 40-45 large round hay bales south of Parking Lot E were also on fire.  A nearby residence was downwind of the fire.  Victoria Fire Dept. was alerted through the Knox County 911 dispatch center.  Fire departments from Victoria, Wataga/Oneida, and Williamsfield all responded over the next several hours.  City water was nearly depleted from Victoria and then water was drawn from Lake McMaster at Snakeden Hollow to fight the fire.  The fire was extinguished by sunset and no other property damage beyond the hay bales sustained on the site.  The bales had been left on site by the tenant farmer from the prior year.  The fire appeared to be intentionally set near Parking Lot F, just inside the entrance to Lake McMaster off Knox Hwy 28.  No suspects at this time.

A CPO conducted boat and fishing enforcement at Lake McMaster in Snakeden Hollow State Fish and Wildife Area.  A written warning was issued to a boat operator that did not have a sufficient number of proper sized wearable personal flotation devices on board.  A written warning was issued for operation of an outboard motor larger than the 10 hp restriction.  A citation was issued for no valid boat trailer registration.

Two District 7 CPOs were checking fishermen at Powerton Lake in Tazewell County by Jon boat.  A bank fisherman was fishing without a valid sport fishing license.  After running the subject, dispatch advised he was wanted for an outstanding traffic warrant out of Kankakee County.  The subject was taken into custody, transported to Tazewell County Jail, and enforcement action was taken for the no fishing license. 

A CPO arrested a Winnebago County man for unlawfully feeding wild deer in violation of the state administrative rule to combat Chronic Wasting Disease.

A CPO investigated a complaint of criminal damage to state’s supported property in Boone County.

A CPO investigated a complaint of disorderly conduct in Winnebago County.

A CPO cited a subject for illegally dumping multiple deer carcasses near the Mackinaw River

A CPO continued working on a detail at Big Bend State Fish and Wildlife area issuing citations to hunters who did not remove their tree stands by February 1, 2012.

A CPO interviewed a Moline man reference an over the counter firearm deer hunting permit.  The Moline subject admitted he purchased the permit for another person who didn’t want to use his either sex permit on a doe he harvested.  The investigation is ongoing with charges pending.

 A District 1 and District 6 CPO investigated a subject who was in possession of untagged deer heads with antlers.  The subject had found the carcasses and took possession of the heads before receiving permission to remove them or receiving a salvage tag.  The subject was educated on salvage deer tagging procedures and appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A District 1 and District 6 CPO investigated a complaint of a subject unlawfully feeding deer.  The subject was found to be placing hay bales in the woods.  The subject was educated on the laws regarding the feeding of deer and instructed to remove the food sources.

A CPO has started an investigation into illegal dumping along the Illinois River.  A resident near the dump site in the Ottawa area has dealt with Conservation before on this same issue at the same location. No arrests have been made yet but the investigation is still pending.

CPOs arrested a subject who was fishing from a boat on the Fox River for possession of cannabis more than 2.5 grams but less than 10 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia.  The subject had just smoked prior to the officers stop and reeked of burnt cannabis.

A CPO is investigating the siphoning of gasoline from the holding tanks at Illinois Beach State Park.  A park employee went to fill up his State vehicle Saturday night at the gas pumps when he noticed two five gallon gas tanks and gasoline running onto the ground from a siphon hose.  He left the area to call 911 and after returning 15 minutes later, the hose and portable gas tanks were gone.  He encountered a suspicious vehicle and person in another area of the park and reported the information to the CPO.  No arrests have been made at this time.  

Nothing reported.

A CPO closed out his case in Bond County involving deer poaching.  The subject was found guilty on 3 charges and was ordered to pay a total fine of $1500.  He was also ordered to forfeit his .22 rifle to IDNR.

A CPO investigated a deer hunting complaint in Washington County involving a subject living in Randolph County.  The CPO found the subject harvested a deer during the late winter season in a county that was closed to hunting.  He also learned the subject had been denied a FOID card due to his criminal history.  The subject was in possession of three firearms.  The firearms were seized and charges are pending review by the Randolph County State’s Attorney’s Office. 

A CPO investigated a deer hunting complaint in Randolph County involving a subject harvesting a buck during the late winter season.  The CPO seized an 8 point buck rack from the subject and also found his FOID card was cancelled due to his delinquent child support.  The CPO found the subject had two firearms in his possession.  The subject was charged with the unlawful take of the buck deer and further charges are pending following review by the Randolph Co State’s Attorney.

A CPO was on routine patrol in St Clair County at Baldwin Lake.  He observed two subjects in a boat approaching the boat ramp.  As he pulled up to the dock, the CPO made contact with them.  One subject quickly became nervous and stated he was not fishing.  He was holding two fishing poles, a tacklebox, and a stringer with a 17” hybrid striper when he made this comment.  After some interviews, the subject admitted to fishing and he did not have a valid license.  The subject owed child support and could not purchase a license.

A CPO responded to a call from a Monroe County Deputy regarding illegal netters he had been trying to catch in Monroe County.  The CPO had scheduled a compensatory day off but answered the call anyway.  He was able to observe the subjects while with the Monroe County Deputy as they were using a covert vehicle.  He observed three subjects using a 200 ft seine net on a landlocked slough along the Mississippi River.  The subjects were apprehended with a total of 564 pounds of fish consisting of Channel, Flathead, and Blue Catfish, Pike, Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Paddlefish, Buffalo, Grasscarp, and a single Bullfrog.  Multiple charges have been filed along with a request for civil penalties.

A CPO made a subsequent arrest from his investigation pertaining to the illegal sale of venomous snakes.  This arrest involved the same subject and involved the purchase and failure to pay for a venomous snake from a subject in Oregon.  The subject has an additional appearance in St Clair County court.

A CPO was on routine patrol at Peabody River King near New Athens, IL.  He observed a vehicle parked in a back parking lot with some fishing equipment inside.  He checked the registration on the vehicle and found the registered owner owed child support and was not able to purchase a fishing license.  The CPO began searching the area on foot and found the subjects, both carrying fishing poles.  A check of their fishing licenses revealed one subject did not have any and the owner of the vehicle had falsified his information to purchase a license.  Both subjects were arrested and the one subject has a court date in St Clair County.

A CPO appeared at a Hunter Safety Course in Marion and taught the 70 participants about hunting/law enforcement issues.

A CPO completed a taxidermy inspection in Johnson County.  A few minor record keeping violations were noted.

A CPO seized two live traps that were set to catch raccoons.  The traps were set on a pond on Ferne Clyffe State Park property and were in a no hunting/trapping restricted area.

A CPO arrested a Williamson County subject last summer on Lake Egypt for unlawful PWC (personal watercraft) operation, with several violations.  The subject pleaded guilty and paid $400 in fines and costs.

A CPO arrested a Saline County subject last April during the floods who had driven his car around barricades into a closed area of Ft Massac State Park.  He then drove into the water and the car stalled.  The car had to be towed out.  Citations were issued for entering a closed area and for littering.  Trash had been thrown out of the car into the water.  The subject pleaded guilty and paid $430 in fines and costs.

A CPO participated in a manhunt for three escaped prisoners from the Bond County jail. The men were believed to be headed for Carbondale in two stolen vehicles. The men were all caught and the vehicles recovered.

A CPO participated in a search for a missing person in the Mississippi River using sonar and dragging.  The man is still missing.

A CPO and officers with USFWS responded to a capsized boat call on Crab Orchard Lake. The man was in his 14 foot Jon boat running his trot lines.  He was finished running the lines and ready to head in when his prop got into his own trot line.  It pulled the stern of the boat down and filled with water and then capsized.  The man had his life jacket on and swam to shore.  He then phoned the incident in.  The CPO and the USFWS officer cut the trot line out of the prop, towed the boat to shore and uprighted the boat.  There was no damage (except loss of a battery and one anchor) and no injury.

A CPO investigated a permit violation by a deer hunter in the Johnston City area.  The man quickly told the CPO that he had purchased a bow permit in his daughter’s name and then reported the 10 point buck as her kill.  He thought a hunter could only kill one buck.  This hunter had his own archery deer permit at the time he killed the deer.  He was issued 2 citations and a written warning.
A CPO came across 3 male subjects fishing at Crab Orchard Lake.  Two of the subjects were from China visiting their uncle.  The CPO allowed them to go to WalMart and purchase non-resident fishing licenses and then he issued them written warnings for the offense.

A CPO investigated the shooting of a Trumpeter swan at Grassy Lake Hunt Club in Union County. The Hunt Club called the IDNR to report the incident.  The Hunt Club was holding a wounded warrior snow goose hunt for 6 soldiers of the 101st Airborne.  These men have all been wounded while serving their country and are in a wounded warrior transition unit at Fort Campbell.  They had got a flock of snow geese in and shot several birds.  The guide left the pit to retrieve 3 crippled birds.  He left the electronic call running while he was going to be gone.  The guide had chased one of the cripples all the way out of the field.  The soldiers had the sun in their faces and saw four white birds coming toward them.  As they got close one of the soldiers yelled, "Don't shoot...they’re not snows".   One of the hunters that was sitting with the speaker of the electronic call right by his left ear thought he heard,"shoot...they’re snows".  This soldier stood and shot and killed one of the Trumpeter swans.  The guide was in a vehicle getting driven back out to the pit when he saw the swan fall from the sky.  He had all the soldiers leave their equipment and return to the club house to call the IDNR.  The soldier that shot the swan was injured by a roadside bomb and had received brain damage and loss of hearing.  He also is being treated for Post-Traumatic Stress.  USFWS was advised and they did not wish to pursue charges.  The soldier was issued a written warning.

A CPO is conducting administrative investigations.

A District Sergeant and CPOs assisted Region IV with sonar.  A man allegedly jumped from the Chester Bridge, his car was found parked on the bridge and he was not found.  A thorough search was conducted of the river in swift current.  No targets were located that might indicate a missing person. The Marine Sonic units were used in the deeper water.

District 14 CPOs continued to assist in tornado damaged areas.

CPOs issued a citation to a Jefferson County man who was driving off-road on the Ten Mile Creek Eads Unit. 


Office of Law Enforcement
March 21, 2012

A District 1 Officer checked watercraft and fishermen on a private lake.  A written warning for not having a watercraft battery covered with non-conductive material was issued.

A District 1 Officer followed up on information from last firearm deer season.  A subject was issued a ticket for failing to tag a deer immediately upon kill.  An 11 point deer rack was seized.

District 6 responded to White Pines State Park to complete a significant incident report of a death investigation which was being handled by the Ogle County Sheriff’s Police.  Press releases and media inquiries have been directed to the Ogle County Sheriff’s Office.

A CPO witnessed a traffic accident while driving to CPR/First Aid Training.  A tractor/trailer rear ended a small passenger vehicle at low speed at the intersection of Knox Hwy 10 and Knox Hwy 9.  After checking on the condition of both drivers, Knox County Sheriff’s Department and Knoxville Police Department were advised of the accident.  The driver of the car was complaining of neck pain and the local ambulance service was dispatched.  Knoxville Police handled the crash report and Knox County provided traffic direction. 

 A final disposition was reached on a Knox County poaching complaint investigation that began in 2011.  One subject was arrested for transporting an uncased weapon.  He pleaded guilty and paid $120 fine/costs.  A second subject was issued a citation for failure to tag deer immediately upon kill in Fulton County.  He paid $120 fine/costs.  He was also issued a citation for failure to tag deer immediately upon kill in Knox County.  He paid $120 fine/costs.  His hunting privileges should be suspended for 18 months.  A third subject was arrested on multiple charges for several dates of offenses which included road hunting, hunting without permission, and unlawful taking of whitetail deer.  In a plea agreement, he pleaded guilty to hunting along a highway, unlawful taking of whitetail deer, and deer hunting without a valid deer permit.  In total he was ordered to pay $875 fines/costs.  A .22 caliber rifle and a compound bow were forfeited to the DNR.  His hunting privileges should be suspended for 27 months.  A 9 point and 6 point deer head which were both seized as evidence will be relayed to Springfield for final disposition along with the weapons.

A CPO patrolled Lake McMaster at Snakeden Hollow Fish and Wildlife Area checking boats for safety equipment and checking fishermen.  Several written warnings were issued for minor equipment violations.  Upon leaving the site headed for Galesburg, a passenger in a vehicle was observed throwing a “Monster Energy Drink” can onto the shoulder of IL Rt 167.  A vehicle stop resulted in the issuance of a littering citation.

A CPO completed a watercraft registration and title investigation where a storage facility owner sold a customer’s boat after the customer stopped paying storage fees.  The facility owner, however, failed to follow state statute to obtain a storage lien and new watercraft title prior to selling said craft to a third party.  A civil action between the customer and storage owner is forthcoming.

A CPO assisted Winnebago County Animal Services investigating a complaint of unlawful trapping during the closed season and failure to check trap every calendar day.  A malnourished raccoon was left in the live trap so long that it began feeding on its own front leg. 

A CPO responded to a medical call in Rock Cut State Park where a participant in a 12.4 mile cross country race being held within the park collapsed and went unconscious.  The man was taken by ambulance to a local hospital where he was treated and released for severe heat exhaustion. 

A CPO navigated Pierce Lake in Winnebago County and documented the following fishing and boating violations:  fishing without a fishing license, insufficient number of wearable P.F.D.’s (personal flotation devices) for the number of OLE passengers in a boat, unlawful operation of a watercraft without a sounding device, and unlawful operation of a motorboat without batteries covered and secured to the hull.

Due to the unseasonable warm weather, the public was out recreating in Illinois State Parks and using the waterways of Illinois.  A District 1 CPO checked several fishermen with the most common violation being No Valid Sport Fishing license in possession.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

CPOs worked a detail at LaSalle Lake the night before it opened checking subjects that were lined up on the property waiting to get in on opening day.  Eleven subjects were arrested for possession of alcohol.  One subject was arrested for possession of alcohol by a minor.

A District 6 CPO arrested three subjects that were on LaSalle Lake more than an hour late.  The CPO had to go along the shoreline and use his lights and sirens to get the subjects to come in.  Each subject was issued citations for being in an area after closing.

District 1 CPO worked Morrison Rockwood State Park.  The weather was very nice for this time of the year and the park was busy.  Four teenagers were in a Jon boat on the park lake.  A safety check was conducted.  Multiple violations were found.  Only one PFD (personal flotation device) was onboard the boat.  The young man was issued several written warnings and the CPO went over the boating safety brochure in depth.

On his way to assist the wildlife biologists with the CWD program, an Officer drove through Moraine Hills State Park.  At approximately 1:00 pm he observed a subject who had traveled off the main park road and was stuck.  Upon assisting the subject, the Officer observed that the subject had extremely glassy and bloodshot eyes and that his speech was quite slurred.  The subject was subsequently arrested for DUI and blew a 0.095% at 1:30 pm after a heavy night of drinking JimBeam and cokes.  The subject was upset because he just got his driver's license back from a previous DUI and was tired of blowing into the breathalyzer machine hooked up to his vehicle.

While on patrol in Charleston, a CPO observed the passenger in a vehicle directly in front of her pour a cup full of cigarette butts out onto the roadway.  After initiating a traffic stop on the vehicle, the passenger claimed he was sick of looking at the cigarette butts and decided to get rid of them.  He also admitted to just being released from the Coles County Jail.  The passenger was issued a citation for dumping of trash/littering.

While on patrol at Lake Paradise in Coles County, a District Sergeant came upon two subjects fishing.  One of the subjects quickly reeled her pole in and set it down on the bank when she saw the Sergeant.  While conducting a check for fishing licenses, the Sergeant noticed drug paraphernalia and cannabis on a glass plate in between both subjects.  They admitted to smoking cannabis and also admitted to having additional drug paraphernalia in their vehicle.  The District Sergeant issued a notice to appear to both subjects for possession of drug paraphernalia and cannabis.  Additionally, the female subject was issued written warnings for no fishing license and other violations of the vehicle code.

A CPO responded to Champaign County to investigate the destruction/damage to an endangered species.  A contractor had been doing some excavation work on a stream containing endangered muscles without proper permits and permission from the DNR.  The contractor was ordered to stop work until further notice.  A report was completed.

A CPO arrested a Livingston County subject for falsification and the unlawful taking of a whitetail deer.  The CPO received an anonymous complaint on this subject taking a big buck during the antlerless season in Vermilion County.  The CPO followed up on the complaint and was able to make case on the subject. 

A CPO arrested two Mclean County subjects for unlawful possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.  CPO Heusner found the drugs when he checked the two fishermen at Clinton Lake.  The subjects stated they had just submitted applications at Moraine View State Park for summer help jobs prior to their arrest. 

A CPO arrested a Dewitt County woman for DUI in Mclean County.  The CPO heard a local dispatch regarding a possible DUI heading northbound on 51 from Dewitt County.  The vehicle passed his location and was all over both northbound lanes of traffic.  The CPO attempted to stop the vehicle but it would not pull over, it was travelling 45-50 mph.  The CPO followed the vehicle until it eventually pulled over at its destination in Bloomington.  When asked if the operator saw the emergency lights behind her, she replied "Yes, but I didn't think they were for me".  The operator had a BAC of .304%.

A CPO handled a personal injury boat accident at Clinton Lake.  He responded to a reported fall overboard of a 75 year old man.  The man was trying to exit his boat at the Westside boat access when he miss-stepped and fell between the boat and the dock.   Fire and rescue were able to retrieve the man from the water and transported him for treatment to a Bloomington Hospital. 

With the nice weather District 19 officers have been busy with fish enforcement throughout the district. 

Nothing reported.

A District Sergeant and CPO responded to lost kayakers on the Big Muddy River in rural Jackson County.  The four college students spent a spring break day attempting a long kayak trip down the river.  Strong south winds and lack of current prevented the subjects from making it to their vehicle before nightfall.  Two of the subjects had fallen in the water and were cold once the sun went down.  The subjects wisely pulled on shore, started a fire and called for assistance.  The Sergeant and CPO located the subjects by boat approximately two miles upriver from their vehicle which was parked at Rattlesnake Ferry.  All the subjects, their belongings and the four kayaks were loaded up and transported to their vehicle.  The subjects were all happy to be off the river and think they will try a shorter trip next time.

A CPO assisted a U.S. Fish and Wildlife officer with a report of two men in one of the closed areas of Crab Orchard refuge shooting a gun.  The officers searched the refuge, locating two Naperville men who had camped illegally in the closed area the night before.  The two men were in possession of an air rifle and had caught and eaten several largemouth bass from a refuge pond.  The two subjects were charged by USFWS and were removed from refuge property.

A CPO responded to a timber dispute in Williamson County between two landowners.  The matter remains under investigation.

CPOs located a stolen car utilizing side scan sonar which was driven into the Big Muddy River near Murphysboro, IL.   An additional vehicle appears to have also been found and plans are underway with the Murphysboro Police Department to recover them both. The vehicles are submerged in 20 and 13 feet of water and presently are not a navigation hazard.

A CPO arrested a subject wanted on a Union County warrant for assaulting two people with a hammer.  The subject and two others were scrapping metal culverts along road right of way near the Trail of Tears State Forest.  An identification check revealed the subject's warrant to the CPO and he was transported to the Union County jail.

A CPO was first on scene to a motorcycle accident near the Union County Refuge.  The CPO rendered first aid to the victim until medical personnel arrived.

A CPO located a schizophrenic homeless man who moved into Trail of Tears State Forest.  The subject who had an extensive criminal history had all his possessions spread out and had set-up a camp in an area camping is not allowed in.  When informed he could not do this the subject decided to leave, but not before the CPO gave him a few dollars, a MRE (Meal Ready to Eat), and directions to the Pine Hills Campground.

A CPO attended a Hunter Safety Course in Metropolis, teaching the 47 participants about hunting/law enforcement issues.

A CPO arrested a subject for possession of a firearm by a felon on the Tunnel Hill Trail.  The subject later said he wanted to kill himself.  The subject was sentenced to 2 years in DOC prison plus ordered to pay $600 in fines and costs.

CPOs attended the Firearms and Defensive Tactics committee meetings in Springfield.  The meetings were held to discuss use of force issues and develop training curriculum for the year.

District 16 CPOs attended regional Defensive Tactics Training in Benton. 

While patrolling Franklin County, a CPO saw a man fishing from a bridge with the fisherman's vehicle blocking a lane of traffic.  The man could not produce a fishing or drivers license.  The fisherman could not move the vehicle out of the traffic lane because listening to the vehicle's radio ran the battery down.  A records check revealed the man had a fishing license but also a suspended drivers license.  The man was issued a citation for driving with a suspended license.

A CPO received a disposition of a Wayne County case.  The men pleaded guilty to violations of hunting without permission and unlawful take of deer and fined a total of $4,256.00.

A CPO attended court in Pope County.  The out of state subjects pleaded guilty to unlawfully shooting deer at night and without a permit.  The subjects were fined over $2,000 and lost their hunting privileges.  

A District Sergeant received a disposition for a man charged in Franklin County for driving in Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park on a revoked license.  The man was charged $629.00, spent 10 days in jail, and given 12 months conditional discharge.       


Office of Law Enforcement
March 28, 2012

District 7 CPOs worked the Field and Stream Deer and Turkey Classic in Peoria.  The four officers answered hundreds of questions, explained statutes, handed out literature, and assisted sportsmen over the three day event.  DNR Special Events staff sold licenses, pins, and photos for FOID cards.  Information was also shared with the event promoter for possible follow-up investigations.

While working along the Rock River, a CPO located a subject fishing without a valid license in possession.  The subject was found to be wanted on two warrants and was taken into custody.  The subject was transported to Rock Island County Jail.

A District 1 officer checked fishermen on pool 13 of the Mississippi River.  A Chicago area man was issued a ticket for possession of a Largemouth Bass less than 14 inches and written warnings for too many untagged sport fishing devices.

A District 1 officer issued a ticket to a Savanna man for unlawful possession of a rifle while dog training.

While conducting traffic enforcement at Rock Cut State Park, a District 6 CPO conducted a traffic stop on a Ford (SUV) for speeding and failure to signal.  During the traffic stop, the CPO was informed by the Illinois State Police that the registered owner was wanted on warrant for failure to appear in Boone County and bond was $297 cash for the original charge of improper passing of an emergency vehicle. The registered owner of the vehicle was the driver, who was arrested and lodged at the Winnebago County jail.

A CPO assisted a District Sergeant and another CPO on a fall in Owl Canyon of Starved Rock State Park. The subject fell from a cliff about 40 feet and sustained serious injuries.  She was flown to Peoria by helicopter.

A District 6 officer has been working LaSalle Lake during the opening week.  The lake is closing at 12:30pm due to staffing issues.  Despite the closing times being posted at the front gate, the boat ramp and a news release, there has been at least one boat per day still on the water at 12:30pm. Three times the officer had to go out on the dikes with lights and sirens to signal for the boats to get off the water. The appropriate enforcement has been taken in each case.

A District 1 CPO issued citations to two Ogle County men for fishing with no fishing licenses in the Elk Horn Creek in Whiteside County.

A District 1 CPO issued multiple written warnings to boat operators on the Mississippi River in Carroll County for various boating violations.

A District 1 CPO investigated a boat accident on the Rock River in Whiteside County.  A Sterling man’s motor stalled as he exited the bay of the Arduini Boat Ramp and entered the main channel.  He went over the dam in his boat and was ejected.  Fortunately, he was able to don a personal flotation device and swim close to shore where he was plucked out of the water by the Rock Falls and Sterling Fire Departments.  The boat operator refused medical treatment and his boat was recovered from the river.         

A CPO stopped a car traveling 32 mph in the posted 20 mph zone within Rock Cut State Park.  During the stop, the CPO observed the out of state license plates had expired registration decals displayed.  The license plates were displayed on an Acura sedan but after running the plates, the CPO learned they belonged on a Jeep Wrangler.  After running the out-of-state driver’s license, the CPO discovered the driver was suspended for failure to pay previous tickets in their home state.  

A CPO stopped a car in Rock Cut State Park for speeding.  After identifying the driver, it was discovered they had a suspended Illinois driver’s license for failure to appear in court. 

A CPO was parked near a stop intersection running radar while typing a field report within Rock Cut State Park.  The CPO observed a Jeep Cherokee approach the intersection without a front license plate displayed and a large quantity of objects hanging from the center mirror obstructing the view from the front windshield of the SUV.  Then the CPO watched as the Jeep slowed then drove through the intersection without stopping at the stop sign.  The CPO then watched as the driver of the Jeep accelerated away from the intersection while speeding over the posted limit. 

The CPO stopped a vehicle traveling 15 mph over the speed limit within Rock Cut State Park.  The female driver argued with the CPO because she didn’t see a speed limit sign.  After the CPO pointed one out to her positioned a few car lengths behind, the driver didn’t believe that park roads were considered state highways.  After that argument, the driver demanded to see the radar device which the officer provided.  Then the driver demanded another police agency be called because she did not believe the CPO was a “real” police officer who had the power to issue her a citation and retain her driver’s license.  After both a Winnebago County and Loves Park City police officer arrived and convinced her of the CPO’s authority, she argued to the officers that the only reason the CPO stopped and fined her was because that’s how the CPOs get paid.          
A Chillicothe man appeared in Peoria County Court for an OUI arrest in the summer of 2011.  He accepted a plea agreement for unlawful operation of unnumbered watercraft (OUI and resisting charges dismissed) and was fined $1,000 total.

A Bettendorf, IA man pleaded guilty to OUI charges from the summer of 2011 and was fined $1202.00 total.  Since he submitted a breath sample, his boating privileges will not be affected. 

A Rock Falls man pleaded guilty to OUI charges from the summer of 2011 and was fined $2625.00 total. 

While on patrol in Lowden State Park, a District 1 CPO stopped a vehicle with expired registration.  During the stop, the driver was unable to provide the CPO with proof of valid insurance.  The driver was issued a citation for the insurance violation and a warning for the registration.

A District 6 CPO and the Region Captain worked the Illinois River during the MWC Walleye Tournament.   Several non-tournament fishermen were checked resulting in one fishing license citation.   Several watercraft were inspected, one of which had 8 occupants and only 4 PFD’s.  The operator also had no Type IV throwable, no fire extinguisher, and no valid registration.  The operator was issued one citation and three written warnings.  PFD’s were given to the other four occupants until they made it safely to shore. 

A complaint was received that a Cedar Point, IL man was operating a shooting preserve with a dog training permit instead of shooting preserve license.  After some investigation the subject was confronted.  The subject admitted he had been running the unlicensed shooting preserve for two years.  When asked why he did not get a shooting preserve license, he stated he did not have enough acres to meet the license requirement.  The subject was issued a citation.

A District 1 CPO checked multiple fishermen along the Hennepin Canal Parkway – Milan Section as well as other areas in Rock Island County.  A citation and multiple written warnings were issued.

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported

Nothing reported

A CPO cited a man for catching 17 crappie with a cast net at Rend Lake.  While patrolling Ten Mile Creek SFWA, the CPO arrested a man on a Missouri warrant.  The warrant was for a larceny charge. 

A CPO assisted Saline County with a person who fell at Garden of the Gods recreation area.  The CPO is also investigating a couple of burned areas at Sahara Woods on Wednesday evening.

A CPO conducted a commercial fishing detail on the Wabash River in District 15.  Several roe fishermen were checked.  Most of the fishermen had sturgeon in possession.  No violations were detected.

A CPO reported the following dispositions
-2 subjects pleaded to unlawful take whitetail deer-paid fines totaling $1,320.00
-1 subject pleaded to deer hunting w/no permit paid a fine of $600.00
-4 subjects caught on camera by a landowner fishing w/permission paid fines of $400.00 ea.
-1 subject pleaded guilty to OUI and paid a fine of $1,820.00
-1 subject pleaded guilty to DUI and paid a fine of $2.377.00
-2 subjects pleaded guilty to operation of snowmobiles on highway last winter and paid fines of $120.00 ea.