October 2011

Office of Law Enforcement
January 11, 2012

A CPO investigated the theft of a deer stand at Spoon River State Forest.  Hunters were interviewed at the site and the check station sheets were used to generate possible suspects.  Upon interviewing a hunter that was on site the day of the complaint, he advised of a possible conflict between the theft victim hunter and another unidentified hunter.  The interviewed hunter was found to have expired vehicle registration.  He was issued a written warning for the violation.  He advised that his brother and a friend were also on site.  These two hunters were also interviewed.  One verified the prior complaints of the victim hunter.  The victim claimed someone had been using his deer stand, had killed a deer near it, and had also defecated beneath it.  A several sentence note had been found in the check station box warning another hunter of the unauthorized use of his deer stand.  Of these two witness hunters, one was found to not have his license/stamp/permits in possession.  His unattended deer stand was not tagged as required with his name and address.  He was issued written warnings for the violation.  The investigation is ongoing.

A CPO checked three young goose hunters near a gravel quarry.  The cornfield they were hunting had been picked, and had anhydrous ammonia applied recently.  Several ears of corn were found mashed into the dirt throughout the field.  This was not a problem, but the nearly dozen clean ears of corn at the feet of the layout blinds amongst their decoys did cause for additional questions.  An interview of the teenagers found that all had placed the ears in the decoys.  They had been picked up in field and relocated to the spot near their blinds.  All were issued citations for hunting geese over a baited area.

A CPO was notified by a Rockford man that his fifteen year old son had just caught what he believed to be a new Illinois State Record walleye while fishing on the Pecatonica River in Winnebago County.  The CPO met with the man and his son after they pulled off the river at a local area meat processor where the fish was measured, weighed on a certified scale, and photographed by the CPO for verification.  The current Illinois State Record walleye caught in 1961 was taken on the Kankakee River and weighed 14 lbs. 0 oz.  This Pecatonica River walleye weighed 14 lbs.75 oz. on a certified scale making it the current new “Unofficial” Illinois State Record walleye.  This fish will still need to be confirmed and verified by IDNR, Division of Fisheries to make the catch official.

A grand jury was convened in Galena regarding a fatal hunting incident that took place during the first firearm deer season.  A District 1 officer testified in front of that grand jury. The grand jury issued a two count indictment for the offenses of Involuntary manslaughter, a Class 3 felony (punishable 2-5 years in jail and or up to $25,000 in fines), and Reckless Conduct, a Class A misdemeanor (six months to a year in jail and or up to $2,500 in fines). The officer also issued the subject citations for hunting prior to legal hunting hours, a Class A misdemeanor, and unlawful possession of a loaded shotgun prior to legal deer hunting hours, a Class B misdemeanor (one to six months in jail and or up to $1,500 in fines).

A District 7 CPO was notified by a retired CPO of a diesel spill in Marshall County that occurred 6 days earlier.  A Marshall County Sheriff's Office Deputy had responded to a landowner complaint of a pollutant on his private pond.  During the investigation, a neighboring resident had recently refueled his basement fuel oil tank and some of the #2 diesel had spilled into an overflow drain that was connected to a tile field drain.  No dead aquatic life was found and the case has been forwarded to the Illinois EPA for cleanup operation.

A CPO in Henderson County responded to a request for assistance from a local book club.  The officer provided personal photos from the great flood of 2008.  The club is set to release the first 200 copies of the book later this week.  A party is planned to honor those who assisted with the project.

A District 1 CPO is investigating the possible poisoning of wildlife and a domesticated dog.  The incident remains under investigation. 

While attending the Bald Eagle Days show at the QCCA Expo Center, a CPO provided medical assistance to a woman in the bathroom.  The woman believed she had food poisoning and was transported to the hospital by ambulance.  The CPO and Intern answered questions and provided information to the public about wildlife in the Education Trailer. 

During a routine patrol a District 1 CPO and Intern observed a vehicle travelling very slowly and the driver appeared to be holding his chest as he turned off the highway into the next small rural town.  He stopped his car near the grain bins and the CPO pulled in to check the health of the elderly man.  The driver was found to have a cold open beer can next to him.  Field sobriety tests were completed and he showed no signs of intoxication.  The CPO contacted his wife by phone and she came to pick him up after he was cited for illegal transportation of alcohol by driver.   

A CPO assisted Princeton Police Department with a securing the scene of a bomb threat until Secretary of State arrived with a bomb dog and found the threat was unfounded.  A subject was arrested for a bomb threat called in two weeks prior and was the suspect of this threat also.

A CPO continued doing interviews on persons who checked in a deer on a firearm deer permit on other than a legal day to harvest a deer with a firearm.  Subjects must check in their deer by 10 p.m. on the same calendar day it was taken and put the confirmation number on the permit or another piece of paper if the tag is in bad condition.  On 1-8-2012 an interview with an 18 year old Rock Island County subject was conducted.  The subject checked in a large buck on the night of Dec. 5th 2011 (second season ended Dec. 4th 2011).  The subject stated he took his buck to a big buck contest instead of getting his deer checked in properly.  The subject was issued a citation.  On 1-8-2012 a second subject was interviewed.  The subject admitted he harvested a deer the first day of first season.  The problem was the deer was not checked in till the day after the second firearm deer season closed on 12-5-2011.  The subject stated “I suppose I’m going to be paying a fine”.  The subject was issued a citation for checking his deer in 17 days late. 

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported

Nothing reported

A CPO stopped a vehicle that was “shining” the fields in Gallatin County. Both driver and passenger had open alcohol. The driver had a revoked driver’s license and the passenger was wanted on a warrant out of Iroquois County. Appropriate enforcement was taken.

CPOs responded to a hunting without permission complaint in Saline County. When they arrived at the location the hunters were gone but there was an abandoned ATV.   The CPOs discovered it had been stolen from a local construction company and they were able to return it.

A CPO and District Sergeant made 3 federal arrests for federal charges for possessing over the limit of waterfowl and possessing waterfowl without species ID.  Working off of a tip that some hunters were taking over the limit of waterfowl, the officers set up surveillance and waited for the hunters to return to a boat ramp.  After the subjects pulled their boat out of the water, we began our inspection.  All three hunters had their limits of mallard ducks.  While checking their hunting bags, two sets of duck breast were found in a plastic container.  After repeated interviews, one subject stated that he had shot the two extra mallards trying to help his buddy fill his limit not realizing his buddy had already filled his limit.  All three subjects knowingly kept the birds due to not wanting to waste them.

A CPO cited a resident hunter for not wearing blaze orange while archery hunting in a county open for the late winter firearm season.

A CPO arrested two men for trespassing in an area that is restricted for hunting.

A CPO responded to a complaint in Massac County.   A Sheriff’s Deputy located and apprehended two young men that had shot a deer with a rifle while coyote hunting. The CPO seized the two firearms and issued both citations for the offense.

A CPO investigated a falsification of application to obtain deer permits on a Tamaroa man.  The complaint generated from the Permits Section out of Springfield.  The man applied for landowner permits for property belonging to his father.  After speaking with the applicant, he was issued a written warning for the violation.  The man was told by his father that he was to inherit the property after his father passed and thought he was already named on the deed.  He was advised that he would be eligible for the permits when he inherited the land. 
CPOs patrolled by boat and observed from shore crews of "egg fishermen" on the Mississippi river.  Some compliance checks of the fishing crews were conducted.  Other crews were kept under covert observation to watch for violations such as dead setting or taking the wrong species of egg bearing fish.  No violations were found and the officers were thanked by one crew for "being around to keep everyone honest".

A CPO observed a pick-up truck being driven through the closed area on the Union County refuge.  The CPO stopped the truck and the driver was found to be wanted on a Union County warrant and was in possession of an open can of beer.  The CPO assisted with securing the suspect and arrangements were made for the individual's dad to retrieve the vehicle.  When asked why he was driving in the restricted area, the subject said he was looking for big bucks and a place to fish.  He now said he will scratch this route off his list.

A CPO is currently interviewing subjects involved in wetland impact case near Mermet Lake WMA.  The Corps of Engineers and DNR Legal are taking the lead in what appears to be turning into a civil case after adjacent landowners were affected by high water levels due to the damning of a stream without proper permits. 

A CPO is continuing an investigation into trespassers and hunting without permission. The subjects were caught on trail cameras.

A CPO is investigating a report of wrongful timber cutting in Massac County.

A CPO assisted Union County Sheriff on an an attempt to locate a burglary suspect in SE Union Co.

A CPO is investigating a poached deer in Union County.  The deer was still alive but paralyzed when he located it.  Deer was dispatched and donated. 

A CPO attempted to locate a mountain lion based on a credible tip in Union County.  No tracks or cats documented.

A District Sergeant assisted the Jackson County Sheriff with a warrant suspect.  He was located and jailed pending bond.

A CPO gave a TV interview to Channel 12 on road killed deer.


Office of Law Enforcement
January 18, 2012

A District 1 officer investigated a hunting accident in Lee County during the December late antlerless firearm deer season.   An Addison man was hunting in the Lost Nation area when he shot at and missed a whitetail doe from his tree stand.  After firing his .44 magnum revolver, he hung it from the bow hook that was in his tree.  Unfortunately, he hung the revolver by the trigger, causing it to discharge.  The round entered and exited his right arm and then entered and exited the right side of his upper chest area.  Luckily, nothing vital was struck.  He underwent minor surgery to have the wound channels cleaned.   A hunting accident report was completed.

A District 1 officer is investigating a wildlife case in Sterling that has evolved into an obstructing justice case.  Investigation is pending.

The suspected wolf that was killed in Jo Daviess County this past firearm deer season tested positive to that of a Gray Wolf from the Western Great Lakes Region of the United States.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.
A District 1 Officer took the appropriate enforcement action on two young Whiteside County hunters for hunting rabbits at Big Bend Fish and Wildlife Area the day after Illinois’ North Zone Upland Game Season had closed.

District 1 Officers were called by angry Carroll County landowners and deer hunters because coyote hunters were allowing their dogs to run through property that they were not given permission to be on during the last weekend of deer season.  The coyote hunters advised the dogs were released on property they had permission to be on.  No complaints have been signed at this time, though the matter is being looked into as this has been an ongoing complaint.           

A District 6 Officer met with an operator of a hydro-electric facility.  The operator had found a kayak during the summer at the facility’s canoe portage area. The operator had put it in a storage building thinking that the owner would claim it before the summer was over.  While cleaning out the storage building in January the operator saw the kayak, so he decided to contact the officer. The officer determined the kayak had been stolen from a town upstream of the facility back in July. The officer contacted the local police agency and arrangements are being made to return the kayak.

A District 6 Officer responded to a hunting complaint made through the TIPS hot-line during the CWD firearm deer season.  Per the caller, an archery hunter had gone into the field not wearing the required blaze orange.  The officer located the archery hunter not wearing any blaze orange. The hunter did have an orange vest in his backpack but did not have an orange hat.  The hunter also did not have a Habitat Stamp which is required for deer hunting.  The appropriate enforcement action was taken.

After weeks of surveillance, District 6 officers observed a convicted felon from Ottawa in possession of a firearm while goose hunting.  The man was observed shouldering the firearm as geese began to work the hunter’s decoys.  Officers became suspicious after a routine compliance check weeks earlier in which the man claimed that he was not hunting but only present in the blind to video tape the other hunters.  At the time of this check there were five men in the blind and five twelve gauge shotguns.  An ISP check of the man revealed that he was a felon, had no FOID card and therefore could not legally possess a firearm.   The man was cited for hunting waterfowl without a state and federal waterfowl stamp as well as not registering with the Harvest Information Program.  Charges for possession of a firearm by a felon are pending upon review of the case by the LaSalle County State’s Attorney.  A review of the SD memory card in the video recorder revealed only Christmas videos.  The firearm was seized.

A CPO reported that a subject involved in a boat wreck on the Mississippi River last summer was charged with a class 4 felony for his involvement in the accident.  A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

A District 1 CPO worked with an Intern during the recent snowfall and they patrolled the closed Hennepin Canal snowmobile trail for illegal use by snowmobiles and/or ATVs.  The Hennepin Canal snowmobile trail requires a minimum of 6 inches of frost and 4 inches of snow.  Two snowmobiles were observed on the trail and immediately after the operators were stopped by the CPO, the owner said “I don’t know anything about snowmobiling”.  He was not aware of the mandatory insurance and the Colona men were issued citations for operating a snowmobile on the closed trail.  The CPO provided the trail hotline phone number and gave them information about snowmobile safety education courses.   

A CPO is investigating a fatal snowmobile accident that occurred on Friday evening near Hebron in McHenry County.  A 57 year old male died from his injuries on scene after hitting an obstruction on the trail causing him to be ejected off the snowmobile and the snowmobile to crash.

CPOs completed an investigation on a deer unlawfully shot with a rifle.  The subject was charged with unlawful possession of illegally taken deer, tagging of deer taken by illegal methods with an archery tag, and falsifying the deer harvest record. 

A CPO is investigating three burglary to motor vehicles at Moraine Hills State Park.  The windows were broken out of the vehicles and several credits cards were stolen.

A CPO arrested a subject at Moraine Hills State Park for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. 

A CPO arrested a Registered Child Sex Offender for knowingly being present in Illinois Beach State Park - North Unit.  

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported.

A CPO issued citations to a Wayne County subject for unlawful transfer of deer permits.  The subject harvested a 12 point buck and a doe tagging them with his father's permits.  The subject was in possession of his brother's permits when the CPO made contact with him in the field.

A CPO apprehended two deer hunters in Fayette County hunting with Shelby County permits. 

CPOs each handled hunting accidents during the late firearm deer season.  The Clay County hunter was rabbit hunting when he stumbled and shot himself in the foot.  The Lawrence County hunter shot himself in the toe while untying his gun from his hoist rope.

A CPO issued citations to a group of coyote hunters for no hunting license and loaded guns in vehicles.

CPOs issued citations to three Alabama hunters hunting with muzzleloaders in Crawford County.  Two of the subjects only had antlerless only archery permits and none of them had their permits in possession.

A CPO responded to a hunting without permission call on a duck club adjoining the Union County Refuge.  The club owner discovered a layout blind with three dozen decoys set-up around it, but no hunter.  Believing this may be a hunter who mistook the property as public hunting area an investigation was initiated.  The CPO made contact with another duck club in the area and it was soon discovered that one of their members had mistakenly crossed over the property line onto the complainant’s.  Being neighborly the complainant pressed no charges and all hunting gear was returned to the owner. 

A CPO responded to a report of a subject hanging from a tree in Giant City State Park.  The deceased subject was found by hikers on a trail near Shelter #1 on top of Makanda Bluff.  The subject left suicide notes in his vehicle parked at the trail head and no foul play is suspected.  The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is investigating and the Jackson County Rope Rescue Team recovered the body.  
A CPO received a complaint of a deer carcass that was dumped during the first firearm deer season. The caller had removed the tag from the deer and had it at her residence.  The CPO asked her to hold on to it until he would be able to pick it up from her. The CPO interviewed the Carterville man and found the permit holder had been ill from a surgery and did not hunt. The subject also admitted to giving the permit to one of his sons. His two sons were interviewed and one of the sons admitted to shooting the deer and using his dad’s permit.  He planned to hunt again second season on his own permit, but was busy with work and did not go again.  He stated that two of his employees had helped him butcher the deer.  When asked what happened to the deer carcass, the subject stated, "I don't know, my two employees took care of that".  He quickly got with these two employees and found that another friend of the employees had offered to dispose of the carcass on his dad’s property in the country.  They gave the CPO the friend’s name.  The CPO interviewed this subject and soon obtained that he had dumped the carcass along the roadway and drainage ditch.  He stated that it was late that night and it was easier to dump it as to drag it out in his dad’s woods with an ATV.  Three subjects were issued citations in this investigation, the permit holder for transfer of his permit to his son, his son for possession and use of another's permit, the third subject for dumping the deer carcass.

A CPO assisted Lake County officers on a deer case and interviewed a Carbondale subject.  The subject was found not to be guilty of the suspected offense, but was found to be guilty of unlawful possession of a deer skull.  The Lake County case was found to be unlawful possession and use of another deer permit and that subject is being dealt with in Antioch.

A District Sergeant and CPOs attended the Wounded Warrior Project Hunt at Grassy Lake Hunt Club.  The Command Association donated 15 gun locks and 15 Avery Waterfowl hunting backpacks to the injured soldiers.

A CPO arrested a Union County man for unlawful possession of ginseng without a license.

A CPO closed a case where a Missouri man paid a $1500 fine and forfeiture of his firearm a 300 Win mag in Alexander County.


Office of Law Enforcement
January 25, 2012

A District 7 CPO responded to a complaint of six vehicles and numerous ATVs trespassing on private property in Peoria County.  The trespassers had cut the chain to a locked gate to gain entry to the property and were driving all over.  Peoria County Deputies and Chillicothe Police Department assisted with stopping numerous vehicles and ATVs.  Charges have been filed with the States Attorney’s Office.

A District 1 officer investigated a snowmobile accident in Lee County where a Dixon boy sustained injuries to his leg after his snowmobile slid off the trail and down a steep embankment.  The snowmobile then struck a guide wire to a telephone pole causing the machine to flip over.  The boy was transported to KSB Hospital Emergency Room and a snowmobile accident investigation report was completed.

A District 1 officer conducted patrols in Whiteside County enforcing the provisions of the Snowmobile Registration and Safety Act.  Various citations and written warnings were issued both on Department Lands and club trails.

A District 1 officer assisted ISP District 1 in Whiteside County with motorist assists during the weekend snow storm.         

Two District 6 officers investigated a car that had been parked overnight at one of Starved Rock’s trailheads.  While the officers were trying to determine the whereabouts of the owner, two individuals approached.  They said it was their car and had been walking the trails.  When asked why the car had been there overnight their story was suspicious.  One of the officers walked in the direction the two individuals had approached from.  The officer found camping items at the edge of the parking lot.  The individuals admitted to camping in a restricted area.  It turned out they were fans of the TV show “Survivorman” and were trying to recreate a camp they had seen in an episode.  Both received citations for camping in a restricted area.

A District 7 CPO cited a McDonough County subject for falsifying a snowmobile registration application.  The subject claimed to have purchased a snowmobile at a swap meet in Wisconsin.  The 2010 snow machine had no paperwork or information from the previous owner.  An investigation revealed the applicant had purchased the sled from an Illinois dealer in 2009.
A CPO completed reports relating to a fatal Knox County hunting accident.  Further evidence was located and collected from the scene as weather permitted. 

A District 7 CPO responded to a trapping complaint in Woodford County of a raccoon in a dog-proof leg hold trap for over 24 hours.  Upon further investigation, the licensed trapper had checked the trap on each calendar day and no enforcement action was taken. 

A District 1 CPO patrolled the Hennepin Canal snowmobile trail during a recent snowfall.  However the forecasted snow was less than predicted and very few snowmobiles were using the trail.  The CPO

stopped three ATVs on the trail and the 16 year old operators were all issued written warnings for operating an unauthorized vehicle on the trail.       

A District 7 CPO cited two subjects for having 29 catfish over the legal limit at Powerton Lake.

A CPO did a multitude of snowmobile safety checks.  Multiple written warnings were issued.  The majority of the warnings were for not having insurance or proof of insurance on snowmobiles.

A CPO encountered three subjects operating snowmobiles upon the roadway, all of their driver's licenses were suspended, and none of the snowmobiles were registered or had insurance.  Appropriate citations were issued and one subject was transported to the Lake County jail on a failure to appear warrant.  The operator was wanted by Lake County Sheriff's office for driving while license is suspended. 

CPOs assisted Lake County Forest Preserve Police with a fatal snowmobile accident which occurred on Forest Preserve property off the marked/approved trail system.  The operator traveled under a cable/gate, which struck him in the neck, ejected him from the snowmobile, and caused severe/fatal injuries.  The snowmobile came to final rest in the middle of a main road. 

A CPO is following up on a snowmobile accident on Lake Catherine in which the operator had to be rescued from the water.  No one was on scene upon arrival.  The subject was transported to a Kenosha hospital for hypothermia. 

In 2011 a CPO arrested a subject on three counts of predatory criminal sexual assault and two counts of Criminal Sexual Assault that occurred in the Illinois Beach State Park campground.  The two victims were 9 years old and 13 years old at the time.  Both victims were the offender’s grand-children.   On January 10, 2012 the subject pleaded guilty to predatory criminal sexual assault and was sentenced to 23 years in the Department of Corrections.        

Nothing Reported

Nothing Reported

A CPO investigated a wetlands impact by a property owner building a levee, effectively damning three streams that flow into Mermet Lake.  He met with Corps of Engineers, Office of Water Resource and the subject responsible for building the levee, currently legal, is discussing the next step(s) to be taken.

A CPO observed two subjects using spotlights from a pickup truck to shine for wildlife.  After stopping the truck, he found a .22 cal rifle and a .243 cal rifle in the back seat.  The hunters said a friend wanted some raccoons so they went out to find some.  When asked, they said they knew it was against the law to shine for wildlife.  Both were cited for shining, processed and posted cash bond. 

A CPO found three subjects duck hunting on Nature Conservancy property that is closed to hunting.  The area is well marked and the subjects parked within 30 yards of one of the signs.  All were cited for hunting in restricted area.
While conducting waterfowl enforcement duties, a CPO came across a traffic accident.  The CPO Boston was first on the scene of a semi and a compact car vehicle crash in Williamson County.  Both the semi and the car were blocking all of the north bound lanes and part of the south bound lane of Route 37. The two subjects in the car were seriously injured.  The accident happened on the north side of a bridge and the CPO observed several other vehicles almost crash into the vehicles involved.  The CPO called the accident in and placed his squad up-hill on the bridge to slow down north bound traffic and then assisted in medical assistance. Two ambulances arrived and the CPO the conducted traffic control on the bridge for an hour and a half.  The CPO was advised one subject in the compact car died of his injuries, but this is not confirmed at this time.

A CPO contacted a waterfowl hunter on a private pond attempting to pick up decoys in a windy situation from a canoe.  The CPO issued the subject a written warning for no life jacket on board and no registration on the canoe.

While working waterfowl enforcement, a CPO assisted the ISP in closing north bound traffic on Route 37 just south of Johnston City because of a fire at a motel.  All guests were safely removed from the motel which was engulfed in burning flames.

A CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint in rural Williamson County. The subjects were gone upon the CPO's arrival.  The violation is under investigation.

A CPO completed a career day interview at Carterville High School.

A CPO concluded a Jackson County case which resulted in a $500.00 fine for unlawfully hunting raccoons.

A timber case a CPO has been working on resulted in the filing of two felony timber charges in Jackson County against the subject responsible for the timber cut.  A felony charge of buying timber without a license (the subject was convicted in 2010 of the same offense), and a felony charge of unlawfully cutting timber without the consent of the timber grower has been filed. The Murphysboro subject's first court appearance is set for February 9th. 

While patrolling in Burning Star Mine #5, a CPO observed two male subjects in full camouflage unlawfully fishing.  Unfortunately the subjects observed the CPO at about the same time and quickly ran into heavy cover.  The wooded area and briars the subjects ran into were so thick they could not carry their fishing rods and tackle boxes so they left them along the shoreline of the strip cut lake.   Another CPO and US Fish and Wildlife Refuge Officer assisted the CPO with a further search for these subjects but they were not located. 

A CPO cited two Randolph County men for hunting ducks during closed season in Perry County at Pyramid State Park.