Office of Law Enforcement
December 7, 2012

A District 1 CPO assisted a USFWS officer with an illegal trapping case on the Upper Mississippi Wildlife Refuge.

A District 1 CPO is investigating a trapping without permission complaint.

A CPO investigated a Byron man while hunting and after a lengthy investigation discovered violations of hunting without permission, trespassing, and criminal damage to property.

A District 6 CPO is working an ongoing investigation regarding hunters unlawfully hunting deer by aid or use of bait in Boone County.

A CPO in Henderson County completed an investigation with the Iowa DNR.  An Illinois resident purchased a resident Iowa hunting license and deer permits.  A review of license and harvest data revealed the subject was also hunting in Illinois this fall on a resident license.  The subject is facing multiple charges in Iowa.

A District 7 CPO responded to a deer hunting complaint at Jubilee College State Park.  Three archery hunters were deer hunting during the muzzleloader only season.  All three hunters did not sign in and one of the hunters was not wearing blaze orange.  Enforcement action was taken. 

A Region 1, District 6 CPO began an investigation initiated by the Stephenson County Sheriff’s Department regarding the illegal dumping of several deer carcasses along the public roadway.  The investigation revealed that two hunters had illegally deposited remains of their hunter harvested deer along a county road.  Citations will be issued to the hunters found to be responsible for littering on the roadways.

A CPO was on patrol in Boone County when he observed a hunter not wearing the appropriate orange clothing. The hunter was checked for license compliance and the hunter was found to not have hunting license and habitat stamp. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

While patrolling McHenry County, a CPO located a fisherman with a short walleye.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

After locating two rabbit hunters hunting without permission on railroad tracks east of Rankin IL, a CPO was advised by one of them about a newer looking soft sided cooler near a field edge that obviously seemed out place due to our location.  Upon further investigation the CPO located the cooler that contained unopened Meth precursors that after speaking with an area farmer may be part or an ongoing investigation regarding the theft of anhydrous and a car chase that involved Iroquois County and Vermilion County Sheriff's Department.  The CPO seized and transferred these items to the local drug task force who had the above suspects in custody.  The rabbit hunters were cited accordingly.

A CPO arrested a Decatur man in Shelby County for archery hunting without blaze orange during the muzzleloader season, possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.

CPOs arrested a Marshall man for felony unlawful taking of deer.  Acting on a complaint of rifle fire, they located the Marshall man with a freshly muzzleloader killed untagged deer, during the archery only season.  The man had no licenses or deer permits.  Investigation revealed he had unlawfully killed or possessed three deer.  The man was issued eleven citations and was transported to the Clark County Jail. Two firearms and two deer heads were seized.

A CPO cited a Charleston man with an over-limit of crappie on Lake Shelbyville in Moultrie County.  The man stated he did not think he would be checked at lunch time on Thanksgiving Day.  He was wrong and was issued a citation.

A CPO cited a Florida man in Coles County for hunting with invalid resident deer permits.

A CPO cited a Jewett man for transportation of an uncased firearm in a motor vehicle in Cumberland County.

A CPO cited a Jewett man for hunting without a valid deer permit in Cumberland County.

While checking firearm deer hunters on the LSWMA, a CPO observed a truck with dog boxes and ran the plates.  The owner came back as a sex offender out of Decatur.  The CPO then located the two men approximately 1/4 mile away along a tree line both holding shotguns.  Upon seeing the CPO one man headed towards me and the other man headed straight into the woods.  After checking the first man the CPO went to find the other man.  After a few minutes the CPO was able to find the man hiding behind a tree (still wearing blaze orange).  The man's shotgun was nowhere around.  After a brief conversation the man led the CPO about 25 yards into the woods where the shotgun was hidden behind a tree.  The man was arrested and taken to the Moultrie County Jail and charged with a felon in possession of a firearm, hunting with no valid license, and hunting with no habitat stamp.  He was given warnings for sex offender present in a state park and hunting with no site permit. 
A CPO cited a Lovington man for improper tagging of a deer on the LSWMA.  The man did not want to record as having shot two bucks and not be able to shoot any additional bucks this season. 
A CPO cited a Decatur and a Mt. Zion man for hunting on the LSWMA in Moultrie County without a valid deer permit. 
A District Sergeant cited a Schaumburg man in Moultrie County for deer hunting without permission. 
A CPO cited two Martinsville men in Clark County for hunting over bait. 
A CPO cited two Alabama hunters for transporting a loaded and uncased firearms on a side by side ATV in Clark County.
A CPO cited a DeWitt County man for bowhunting on Clinton Lake without wearing blaze orange during the Firearms Deer Season.
No activity reported.

A CPO caught two fishermen with an over-limit of crappie at Rend Lake.

While enforcing the provisions of the Illinois Wildlife Code with the primary focus of waterfowl and muzzleloader deer hunters, a CPO came across two Williamson County trapper's that were not wearing the required blaze orange clothing. The two men were on their first day of ever trapping. Both subjects were given a copy of the Illinois Hunting and Trapping digest and a written warning for the offense. 

A CPO is investigating an unlawful take of deer in Alexander County.  A deer was shot with a rifle, within 50 yards of a subject in a tree-stand, bow hunting. 
An officer is investigating reports of mountain lion sightings in South Union County. 
A CPO located two muzzleloader hunters in Pulaski County without required blaze orange while hunting. Appropriate enforcement action was taken with the individuals. 

A CPO reported the disposition of two Tennessee subjects who were arrested spotlighting in Pulaski County in early November.  Both subjects paid $2000.00 in fines (2 class A convictions) and were ordered to make a $500.00 contribution to CPO Operations Fund.  Forfeiture of Ruger .270 wsm rifle and Hoyt compound bow, spotlights.  One subject bragged on the way to jail that he spotlights every night in Tennessee and the game wardens could never catch him.  He was caught the first night he arrived in Illinois.

Office of Law Enforcement
December 14 thru December 28, 2012

A CPO took a theft report from a Cordova IL man.  The man went to go hunting the morning of Sunday, December 9th, with his son.  When they got to their hunting location east of Cordova IL, they realized everything was gone.  Stolen items include a Yukon (camo patterned) portable hunting blind, a Bushnell trail camera, two small chairs and a ground tarp.  A field report was completed.  

A CPO received a call directly from a Cordova IL man whose recreational property along the Mississippi River with tall CRP type grasses was set on fire.  The Cordova man was very upset and stated “the quicker you get here, the better”.  The CPO responded and found the land fully engulfed in flames.  The CPO had Cordova Fire Department dispatched to the location; they then had to be backed up by Albany Fire Department.  The fire was heading toward the complainant’s expensive duck blind and the village’s water treatment plant site.  A canvas of the neighborhood was done, witnesses were interviewed and a suspect was determined.  The suspect shot multiple flairs from a flair gun onto the property.  Due to the suspect’s age, he was not taken into custody.  A field report was turned into the Rock Island County State’s Attorney’s office recommending Arson (Class 2 Felony) charges be brought against the individual responsible for the fire.   

A Region 1, District 6 CPO responded to a call from a Chicago/Rockford International Airport official stating that there were hunters on the Kishwaukee River, which is not a public stream, who were believed to be hunting without permission on the non-public stream surrounding the airport property. The CPO arrived on-scene and after documenting the license plates of the hunter’s vehicles, the CPO began searching the river for the hunters.  A short time later, the CPO located one waterfowl hunter, hunting from property owned by the airport.  After locating the hunter visually, the CPO approached the location where the hunter was previously observed from the opposite side of the river bank.  Upon approaching the hunter’s location, the CPO discovered two waterfowl hunters sitting on the river bank, on airport property.  After completing a field inspection, including hunting license inspection, FOID card check, etc. the CPO addressed the issue of hunting without permission. The CPO issued the hunters one citation each for hunting without permission.

Responding to a complaint of 50-60 deer carcasses dumped on private property a Region 1, District 6, CPO conducted an investigation of illegal dumping.  Along with the deer carcass remains was a box containing a label from a northern Illinois meat processor.  The CPO and the District Sergeant conducted an interview of the owner of the meat processing business and discovered that an employee at the business had taken the carcasses for the purpose of trapping/hunting.  An interview of the employee confirmed the carcasses were used to bait raccoons for trapping purposes.  This case remains under investigation.

A CPO in Boone and Winnebago Counties continues investigating ongoing wildlife complaints, investigating four unlawfully baited deer stands.  Baiting for deer and turkey is illegal in Illinois as well as hunting by aid or use of bait.


A CPO in Henderson County investigated a complaint about a subject receiving illegal deer permits in District 7.  The investigation revealed the complaint to be valid.  Multiple charges are pending.

A CPO received information that a group of hunters had been illegally tagging deer.  Conducting an investigation on the hunting party, the CPO located numerous tagging and reporting violations.  The hunting party received six citations and eleven written warnings.  Several tags and parts of two deer were seized during the investigation.   

A District 1 CPO responded to a complaint for a dead bald eagle. The CPO met with the complainant and the bird believed to be the bald eagle was identified as a turkey vulture.  Although the head was missing, the bird was identified by the grey (almost black) legs and feet where as a bald eagle would have yellow legs and feet.

A District 1 CPO received a complaint of a dog killed in an illegal conibear trap. The untagged trap was set less than 100 yards from an inhabited dwelling and on grounds without permission from the landowner.  The incident is under investigation.

Several CPOs and the Acting Captain presented an award of appreciation to the Guns and Ammo Editor, for his assistance and input with updating the Department’s duty rifles.  This upgrade involved new forends and pistol grips to field issued rifles.

A District 1 CPO concluded an illegal trapping investigation.  A Stockton man was charged with failing to visit and remove the animals from his traps each day.  The man was also issued written warning for failing to tag all traps with his name and address.

A District 1 CPO concluded an illegal trapping investigation.  A Stockton man was charged with unlawfully setting a body gripping trap with a jaw spread greater than 7” on land and failing to check his traps each day.  The man was also issued a written warning for failing to tag all traps with his name and address.

A District 1 CPO conducted hunter compliance checks at state owned hunting sites.  A man was issued a written warning for entering a closed area.

The assistance of a District 1 CPO was requested by the Illinois State Police. The CPO used a department issued snowmobile to assist stranded motorists on Route 20 during the recent Jo Daviess County blizzard.

A District 1 CPO issued a citation to a Whiteside County man for continually allowing his dogs to run wild and chase deer.  Several complaints had been received from disgruntled land owners and hunters that had observed the same two dogs on their trail cameras and from their tree stands.  Previous warnings had been given.

A District 1 CPO arrested a Rock Falls man on a Whiteside County obstructing court order warrant.  This was after it was discovered that the man did not sign in to a state hunting site, nor was he wearing the required blaze orange clothing/cap while squirrel hunting during the late firearm deer season.  A citation and written warning were also issued.

A District 1 CPO was called by a Whiteside County trapper to come to his set location and observe an animal that he had caught in one of his coyote sets.  It was clear that the animal was not a coyote as the officer approached via quad runner, even from a distance of 200-300 yards.  The quite alive animal that was in the foothold appeared to be a wolf.  This was confirmed through photographs that were taken at the site and sent to USFW and IDNR biologists.  Wolves are federally protected south of I80 and remain listed on the Illinois Threatened Species act throughout the state.  The trapper and CPO, aided by a catch pole, some good gloves and a little adrenaline, safely released the young female wolf back into the wilds of Northwest Illinois. 

A Cordova IL man’s recreational property along the Mississippi River was set on fire.  The CPO did a full investigation and turned in a field report to the Rock Island County State’s Attorney’s Office on December 19, 2012.  After the State’s Attorney reviewed the report, class 2 felony arson and a class 4 felony criminal damage to property charges were filed against a Cordova IL subject.  On Friday December 21st the subject surrendered himself to the Rock Island County Jail.  The subject was taken before a judge and released on a $100,000 recognizance bond.  The subject will appear in court in January.

A CPO was requested by Illinois State Police District 7 to report to Annawan IL with a snowmobile.  A winter storm had shut down Rt. 78 from Annawan heading south for several miles.  Multiple semis were jack-knifed and many motorists were stranded all night.  ISP was unable to check on these motorists by conventional means.  The CPO loaded a backpack with warm clothes and food in the event he needed to transport subjects out via snowmobile.  The CPO headed south on Rt. 78 from Annawan IL on a snowmobile and checked multiple motorists past Johnson Sauk Trail Park.  Fortunately no emergencies existed and everybody was alright.  The CPO then started coordinating efforts to tow vehicles that were stuck in the roadway and provided traffic control for IDOT snowplows as the roadway opened up to one lane.  After five hours Rt. 78 was open back up to two lane traffic without incident.  The CPO received many thumbs ups from passing motorists as they had never observed traffic control handled by a Conservation Police Officer on a snowmobile.  

A District 6 CPO conducted several duck hunter and boat compliance checks at the Illini State Park boat ramp.  No hunting violations but several boating violations were found.  Enforcement action was taken.

A CPO assisted Illinois State Police District 7 during the snowstorm in Knox County.  Transport to a safe location in Knoxville was provided to drivers after each slid off the road on I-74 in whiteout conditions.  As the storm died down traffic control was also provided to tow companies as they pulled vehicles out of the median and ditches.

A CPO responded to a TIP complaint in Peoria County on the west side of the Peoria Regional Airport.  According to the caller, a subject was goose hunting on the restricted federal property.  Upon arrival a search of the area revealed no footprints in the snow in the suspected violation area.  A call to the complainant found he had made an assumption of the violation when he had observed a suspect vehicle
driving onto a leased adjoining property.  No hunting activity was found and the complaint was unfounded.

A CPO in Henderson County continued to work on a multi-state investigation regarding deer permit fraud.  Both state and federal charges are possible.


A CPO, while on foot, observed two subjects trying to get away from him on St. Mary of the Lake Seminary property in Lake County.  Both subjects were dressed in full camo, carrying climber tree stands, bows and backpacks.  The CPO caught the subjects who were out of breath and quickly admitted they were going out to hunt.  Both subjects were cited for hunting without permission.  There is a standing complaint on this property and over the years several deer stands have been seized. 

A CPO cited a subject for hunting deer with use/aid of bait in Lake County.  The stand was baited for the last two seasons. 

A CPO cited a pheasant hunter at the Chain O' Lake State Park for hunting with toxic (lead) shot where prohibited.

A District 3 CPO responded to a complaint from site staff at Des Plaines Conservation Area regarding a subject who had supposedly falsified a controlled pheasant hunting permit. On arrival, the CPO reviewed site documentation which indicated the subject paid for a one day site permit valued at $92.50.  Two separate permits with the same permit number were provided to site staff by the subject on two additional days.  After interviewing the subject, it was determined the subject had altered the date on the permit in order to hunt two consecutive days, despite only paying for a single hunt.  The subject was arrested on two counts of unlawfully falsifying/altering an IDNR permit.  Each violation is a class A misdemeanor with a mandatory one year suspension of hunting privileges. 

A District 3 CPO assisted a Will County Forest Preserve Officer with an illegal dumping investigation.  In addition to arrests being made for illegal dumping, interviews resulted in the discovery of multiple violations committed during the firearm deer season.  Enforcement action was taken by both agencies for illegal dumping, unlawful transfer of a firearm deer permit, failure to report firearm deer harvest and possession of illegally taken deer. 

No activity reported.

No activity reported.

A CPO conducted a commercial timber inspection.

A CPO responded to a request to assist stranded motorists during the blizzard conditions.  Approximately 20 people were assisted. 

A CPO received dispositions for two cases in Hamilton County.  In the first case, a man pleaded guilty to five hunting violations from early November 2012 and received $500.00 in fines.  In the second case two men pleaded guilty to violations in connection to the unlawful take of four deer during the 1st firearm deer season of 2012.  One man paid a fine of $938.00.  The other man was assessed a fine of $2,714.00 in addition to a civil penalty of $1,000.00 and 24 months of supervision. 

A CPO cited two subjects in Jasper County for hunting without permission after Jasper County sheriff jailed one for possession of a firearm by a felon.
 A CPO is investigating a large dumping area in Effingham County.

A District Sergeant and CPOs attended the Big Muddy Kids Project at Shawnee High School. In Wolf Lake, a CPO gave a presentation to the youth hunters and the Conservation Police Command Association made a donation of 250.00 to the project.

A CPO arrested a Perry County man for hunting without permission in Perry County.

A District Sergeant responded to two hunting without permission complaints in Alexander County.  One person was cited.

A CPO was working waterfowl enforcement in rural Williamson County when an ISPERN alert was out regarding a suicidal subject.  The ISPERN dispatch reported that the subject was on patrol and a member of the North Sider's gang. It was also reported that he was armed with a handgun.  The CPO observed the subject driving the opposite direction.  He turned the squad around and followed the subject as he pulled into a residence and then radioed the information to the state police dispatch.  The CPO observed another vehicle pull into the driveway and then the CPO pulled in behind that vehicle.  After a short time it was confirmed that a split up with his subject and his girlfriend had occurred.  The handgun turned out to be an air-soft gun and the subject stated he was not going to commit suicide.  The subject was left with his mother and other family members.  No further action was required. 
A CPO responded to a complaint of shooting waterfowl after legal shooting hours in Williamson County. The CPO arrived to find the subjects still shooting at 22 minutes after shooting time. The hunters told the CPO that they had hunted waterfowl for several years, but that they always hunted mornings. They got confused by the time and thought they could hunt 30 minutes after sunset. They were very embarrassed.  The four subjects were issued citations for the violations. 
A CPO concluded a boat registration and title investigation that had began in March of this year. The subject had purchased the watercraft over four and half years ago and never applied for the title.  The watercraft also did not have an HIN plate as the transom had been replaced.  The person that sold this boat to him had moved out of state and after tracking him down, the appropriate paperwork was obtained by the CPO. The Williamson County subject was issued a citation for failure to register and title the boat within 15 days of purchase and warned for possession of a watercraft with the HIN removed and transfer of a watercraft without the title. The CPO also interviewed this subject about a deer that he had killed during the second firearm season. The deer had been taken on Nov 29th and the subject admitted this.  He was then shown the harvest record that showed he did not report the harvest until December 2.  The subject stated that he was celebrating shooting the 16 point trophy with friends and forgot to call the harvest in.  Then the CPO informed him that his FOID privilege had been revoked at the time of the harvest.  The CPO informed him that his FOID card was now valid and he would not be charged with the felony FOID violation.  He was issued a citation for failure to report the harvest same day taken and written warning for no valid FOID at the time of taking the buck. 
A CPO responded to a report of a capsized boat on Crab Orchard Lake. The USFWS officers at Crab Orchard had already responded.  The 911 call was made from the operator of the boat and stated that he and three of his friends were in the water holding onto the upside down boat.  The wind was blowing at 57-60 MPH and sleet was blowing sideways.  The four hunters were on their way to the West End boat ramp when they took a wave over the bow of the 14 foot Jon boat.  The boat had been loaded with four shotguns, four hunting bags, six dozen decoys, a 9.9 motor and the four hunters.  The boat was grossly over weighted as the investigation later showed.  Two of the USFWS officers had launched their work boat and got to the subjects as they were moving across the main part of the lake very quickly in the very strong winds. The hunters had been in the water for over 20 minutes when the officers reached them, only one was wearing a lifejacket and all were wearing chest waders.  The hunters were transported to a closer boat ramp and treated by EMS personnel from Carterville.  The two USFWS officers most likely saved the lives of the hunters and it was the hunter’s luck that they had been on duty and very close to their patrol boat. The other three life jackets had been lost when the boat began to take on water and capsized as they were in a bag that floated away with the 3 foot waves.  All equipment was later found on the east shoreline except one shotgun, a 12 volt battery and the 9.9 motor (Floating gun cases and shell bags really work!). The CPO conducted the boat accident investigation and charged the operator with operating a overloaded watercraft, written warnings were issued for accessible PFD's and careless operation. 

A CPO opened a case where a hunter in Alexander County fell from a tree while bow hunting.  The information was obtained from the local news days after the accident.  The accident was not reported to the IDNR by the EMS personnel.