October 2011

Office of Law Enforcement
Weekly Activity Report
August 1, 2012

Region 1
A District 7 CPO, while conducting ATV patrols on Department Lands in Tazewell County, contacted six individuals riding ATVs and dirt bikes.  Five individuals were issued citations for operating an off-road vehicle on public land without permission.  The sixth individual (twelve years old) was given a verbal warning for the same violation. 

A District 7 CPO is investigating a case of bad checks being written for camping fees at Rice Lake Fish and Wildlife Area by following a process set up by the Fulton County State’s Attorney’s Office.

A District 1 CPO took enforcement action on a Dixon man who was observed operating a personal watercraft within 150 feet of a public boat ramp at a speed causing a wake.  This violation was occurring as other boaters were trying to trailer their boats.  The PWC operator was also cited for operating an unregistered watercraft.   

A District 1 CPO was checking fishermen along the Mississippi River in the Quad City area.  The CPO watched the fishermen at lock and dam #14 in Hampton before approaching.  Four fishermen were observed snagging fish along the dam wall.  The CPO then drove into the parking lot and walked out to the dam.  By the time the CPO reached the dam, all subjects had switched locations, switched poles and ceased all snagging activity.  The CPO ordered all four subjects to come to the top of the rip rapped area, where IDs and fishing licenses were obtained.  One subject was a fifteen year old boy.  The CPO asked the youth who he was there with.  The youth pointed to one of the men lined up along the wall and stated “that’s my dad”.  The CPO informed the boy (within ear shot of the violators) that these men were setting a very bad example for him by knowingly fishing illegally, by snagging.  The boy nodded his head and stated “I was doing it too”.  The CPO stated he appreciated the youth’s honesty and told him he probably wouldn’t have been doing it if he was with adults who were obeying the law and acting responsibly.  The boy went on to say “snagging for fish was inhumane” and he didn’t like to do it.  The three adults received a citation for the snagging violation.

A CPO arrested two fishermen for fishing without permission. The two men walked under and past a sign that said, “State Property/No Trespassing".  When asked about it they stated they saw the sign but went into the area anyway.

CPOs went on boat patrol at Lake Holiday in northern LaSalle County and wrote a boating citation and several written warnings for boating violations.

A CPO wrote numerous boating written warnings while patrolling the Illinois River from shore. One subject was cited for a PFD violation for having three small children on his boat without PFDs on.

Region 2
A CPO arrested a subject on Grass Lake for operation of a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol and operation of a watercraft with a BAC over 0.08.  The subject had a registered BAC of 0.169.

CPOs cited a subject on the Fox River in Kane County for illegal use of a commercial device to take sport fish.

Region 3
No Activity Reported.

Region 4
A CPO investigated a personal injury boat accident in Adams County.  A skier collided with a watercraft during a ski show in Quincy and broke his femur.

A CPO investigated a fatal boat accident in Greene County.  An older subject was found floating in a private pond next to a watercraft.  No personal flotation devices were located in the watercraft or around the pond.

A CPO investigated a personal injury boat accident in Calhoun County.  A subject lost control of his personal watercraft and jumped off.  The personal watercraft hit the stern of an anchored watercraft with two females aboard.  One female was treated for bruises.  The other female had a broken pelvis.

A District Sergeant was conducting a boat inspection at Piasa Harbor in Jersey County, when he noticed the operator had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, slurred speech, and bloodshot eyes.  The subject failed field sobriety test.  The subject was arrested for operating a watercraft under the influence.  The subject refused to take a breath test.

A District Sergeant was patrolling Piasa Harbor, when he observed two vehicles drive off the roadway and onto the grass.  He observed the driver of one vehicle get out of the car with a can of Bud Light.  The driver had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and bloodshot eyes.  The subject failed field sobriety test.  The subject was arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence.  The subject had a blood alcohol content of .192.

A CPO was checking fishing licenses on the Illinois River when she checked a group of four individuals.  Three of the four individuals did not have fishing license and two of the four were wanted on warrants for failure to appear.

A CPO started a title investigation after a boat accident.  It was determined the previous owner sold the watercraft without transferring the title. 

A CPO attended a boat safety class in Adams County.

A CPO attended the duck blind draw at Anderson Lake.

Region 5
A CPO investigated a boat accident on Rend Lake.  The boat was recovered by the Rend Lake dive team. 

A CPO conducted a timber audit in Hamilton County and an administrative investigation in Saline County.  A man was cited for failure to tag deer and given a written warning for unlawful use of another's deer tag. 

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Jasper County with 56 students.

A CPO is investigating a theft at Forbes State Park.

A CPO assisted the Union County Sheriff's Office and the Illinois State Police with a subject who fired a rifle in Anna and then fled "holing up" in his trailer with the firearm.  The subject came out on the porch of the trailer with the firearm and then would go back in the trailer.  At a later time the subject came out without the firearm and he was subsequently taken into custody.

A CPO took a call of a llama on the loose in Trail of Tears State Forest.  The llama was located but no owner could be found or came forward.  The llama was removed from the State Forest.

CPOs, while on boat patrol on Kinkaid Lake, assisted a CPO in locating individuals who unlawfully drove their vehicles across IDNR property down to the lake. The subjects found a gate where the lock was broken off and unlawfully drove through the Kinkaid Lake Wildlife management area to get closer to their favorite swimming hole.  CPOs located the subjects swimming and directed them to a CPO who was waiting for them at their vehicles.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken and the gate was fixed.

A CPO reports an OUI disposition from a 2011 case.  The subject who failed to appear twice on these charges (twice being arrested on warrant) pled guilty in Jackson county Court and was assessed fines and costs of $1475.00.  The judge also ordered the subject to get alcohol counseling.

A CPO gave a presentation on firearm and range safety at the Jackson County 4H summer air rifle camp.

Office of Law Enforcement
Weekly Activity Report
August 8, 2012

Region 1
CPOs responded to a sinking boat in Spring Valley.  Upon arriving, both officers saw an individual in the Illinois River standing in his boat that was barely above the river waterline.  The boat was full of water.  The operator of the boat stated that he took on water from the wake of a large boat.  The officers towed the boat to the boat ramp where it was slowly pulled out of the water.  As the water drained, the officers noticed the capacity plate on the boat showed a maximum capacity of four people and 600 pounds.  The boat was overloaded, as it had six people on board at the time of the swamping.  The operator was issued a citation and two warnings.

A District 7 CPO worked at the World Shooting Complex during the Scholastic Trap and Skeet Championships.  Seventeen written warnings were issued for traffic violations.  One citation was issued for speeding after the CPO observed a pick-up truck travelling well in excess of the speed limit from one end of the site all the way through heavy traffic to the opposite end of the park. 

A District 7 CPO worked Woodford and Marshall State and Wildlife Areas during the annual duck blind drawings.  Two warnings were issued for operation of golf carts on a roadway.  The CPO also assisted site staff with verification of proper licensing and FOID cards during the drawing.

A District 1 CPO performed a side scan sonar search of the Mississippi River at the request of the local sheriff’s department.

A CPO in Henderson County investigated a commercial fishing complaint on the Mississippi River.  A commercial fisherman reported that approximately $2000 dollars worth of trammel nets were stolen in one night.  This is the second time in two weeks the individual has had gear stolen.  The investigation is ongoing.

A District 1 CPO cited a Lyndon man for taking a Whitetail Buck Deer from the wild and retaining it alive in captivity.

A District 1 CPO arrested a Rock Falls man on two counts of operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol, while on boat patrol on the Rock River near Harry Oppold Marina.

District 1 CPOs conducted a boat patrol on Pool 13 of the Mississippi River resulting in various written warnings and a citation for violations of the Boat Registration and Safety Act and the Fish and Aquatic Life Code.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken on a Chicago youth for being in possession of an illegal/undersized Largemouth Bass, which was photographed and released back to the waters.    

A CPO was on patrol at Rock Cut State Park and stopped a car for speeding and no seat belt. During the course of the traffic stop, the CPO learned the driver was wanted on warrant and had an expired driver’s license.  The CPO arrested the driver and took appropriate enforcement action.

A CPO patrolled Mississippi River Pool 14.  Fifteen boat safety inspections were conducted.  Seven written warnings were issued for boating violations.  No OUI’s were detected.

A CPO handled two separate vehicle accidents on Illinois Route 71 in Starved Rock State Park. Both accidents occurred on curves. One involved a motorcycle in which the driver lost control and was ejected. The driver was transported to a local hospital. The other accident involved a Ford Mustang in which the driver lost control and hit a sign. The driver was not injured.

Region 2
No Activity Reported.

Region 3
No Activity Reported.

Region 4
No Activity Reported.

Region 5
A CPO worked with an Indiana Conservation Detective interviewing an Indiana man.  The man was cited for unlawful taking of a white-tailed deer, unlawful taking without a valid permit and failure to immediately tag the white-tailed deer.  The violations took place during the gun deer season in 2011.  A mounted seventeen point deer was seized. 

A CPO responded to a truck in the Ohio River near Shawneetown the evening of August 1.  The CPO used sonar to find the truck in sixty feet of water.  The truck was recovered in the early morning hours the next day with a child inside.  The Illinois State Police are handling the investigation. 

A District Sergeant and CPO responded to a gathering of approximately 70 people in the tent camping area of Cave-In-Rock State Park.  Enforcement action was taken for some violations and they were issued fourteen separate camping permits. 

A CPO arrested a subject for OUI at Forbes Lake in Marion County for violating a No Wake Zone.  The subject had a BAC of .11.

A CPO taught a Hunter Safety Class in Crawford County with 126 students in attendance.

A CPO assisted the Choate Mental Health Center in Anna with an emotionally disturbed person.  The 6'04" 325 pound mental subject was upset, irate and standing along Interstate 57 after getting out of a transport van.  The CPO assisted the subject's mental health attendants in talking the subject back into the van without the subject becoming violent. 

A CPO assisted the Anna City Police Department with a large fight at the city park.  It was reported that weapons were involved but was not substantiated.

A CPO is investigating a break-in to one of the storage buildings at Pyramid State Park.  The entry door to the building was forced open yet it appears nothing was taken. 

A CPO is working in conjunction with the Perry County Sheriff's Office as numerous burglaries to buildings around the county have occurred.

A CPO apprehended a subject running trotlines in one of the Pyramid State Park lakes in violation of the two pole and line only rule.  Additionally, the subject did not have a fishing license.

A CPO responded to a report of a person who was injured while diving off a cliff at Kinkaid Lake.  The subject dislocated his shoulder after diving from approximately 20-25 feet above the water.   During the CPO's interview with the subject, it was learned he had dislocated this shoulder on at least two other occasions.  He also wanted the CPO to know that alcohol was not a factor in this incident but stupidity was.

A CPO responded to three different locations in Williamson County this week with reports of blue tongue deer deaths. One of the deer was a sixteen point antlered deer in velvet found floating in a private pond.

A CPO responded to a Williamson County factory complex outside of Marion.  The company reported to the sheriff's office that an employee, fired earlier in the day, stated he was going to return with a gun to take care of business. Later in the day, a company security officer reported seeing this subject's vehicle in one of the parking lots. Two Sheriff's Deputies, a Secretary of State Officer and CPO responded to the location and conducted a search until it was determined the subject was not on the property.

CPOs were on boat patrol at Lake of Egypt when they stopped a boat for violating the no wake zone.  Inspection revealed the operator was missing a fire extinguisher and throwable device.  Later, it was noted that the operator's story was not matching up.  One CPO soon discovered cannabis on the boat which was packaged as if for sale.  The total amount of cannabis was 119 grams and the subject had over $1200.00 cash on him.  During a subsequent interview, the subject admitted to dealing cannabis out on, and around, the lake. The subject has been jailed to await bond hearing and the cannabis and money have been seized.

A CPO attended a boat safety class held at Kinkaid Lake Marina and another CPO attended a hunter safety class in Pinckneyville.

Office of Law Enforcement
Weekly Activity Report
August 15, 2012

A District 1 CPO testified at a sentencing hearing that on November 19, 2011 at approximately 5:33 am, a fatal firearm deer hunting incident occurred in JoDaviess County in which an East Dubuque man mistook another hunter for a deer. The incident resulted in the death of an Inverness, Illinois man and the injury of that man’s juvenile son.  All three were firearm deer hunters.  Sunrise on November 19th was 6:55 am and legal firearm deer hunting hours started at 6:25 am. On January 6, 2012 a Grand Jury issued a two count indictment for the offenses of Involuntary Manslaughter [Class 3 Felony] and Reckless Conduct [Class A Misdemeanor] against the East Dubuque man.  Additionally he was issued citations by the Illinois Conservation Police for deer hunting prior to legal hunting hours [Class A Misdemeanor] and unlawful possession of a loaded shotgun prior to legal deer hunting hours [Class B Misdemeanor].  On June 14, 2012 a plea of guilty was entered on the charge of Involuntary Manslaughter. All other charges were dropped. On August 02, 2012 the East Dubuque man was sentenced to two years probation, 180 days of work release and ordered to pay court costs.

While on patrol at White Pines State Park, a District 1 CPO ran a registrations check of a vehicle parked in one of the day use areas. The check showed the registered owner was suspended, had an active warrant and the registration was suspended for an insurance violation. The CPO later observed the same vehicle leaving the day use area. The vehicle was stopped but the registered owner was not in the vehicle. The driver was issued a citation for the suspended registration.

While on boat patrol on the Rock River in Whiteside County, District 1 CPOs stopped a boat for not having a stern light on after sunset. During the stop it was discovered one of the passengers was under 13 and was not wearing a PFD. The operator was issued one citation and two written warnings for other violations discovered during the stop.

While on boat patrol on the Rock River in Ogle County, a District 1 CPO was informed of a subject tubing down the river who was missing.  The CPO, along with the Region 1 Captain, Ogle County, Oregon Fire, and Byron Fire conducted a search on the river until the subject was located uninjured at her residence.

A District 1 CPO arrested a subject at the Lowden State Park Boat ramp in Ogle County for Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor. The subject has had several prior arrests for the same offense and had been arrested by the same CPO one year prior for the same offense.

A District 7 CPO in Henderson County investigated a complaint that occurred at Big River State Forest.  On Saturday, August 4, an individual approached park staff attempting to rent out a shelter house for a small birthday party.  She was advised on how to make the reservation.  The small birthday party turned into an organized party posted on Facebook.  An estimated 300-400 people attended the party.  It included a doorman and their own staff.  Local law enforcement was called to the party.  They were advised by party planners that they had the appropriate permit for the event and no action was taken.  The local CPO was not notified of the event until Sunday August 5.  An investigation is ongoing regarding the event.

A District 1 CPO conducted a boat patrol on the Rock River near Harry Oppold Marina in an area that complaints have been received at a nearby sandbar.  The complaints range from intoxicated boaters and illegal drug use, to excessive, loud partying.  Though no arrests were made, various watercraft were checked, and a high profile uniformed patrol was conducted in the area for all to see.  An OUI arrest was made here the previous week by District 1 CPOs, and boat patrols will continue in the area.  

A CPO encountered a subject fishing on the Fox River with an over limit of smallmouth bass. The subject also was in possession of a smallmouth bass under the minimum size limit. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

CPOs arrested a subject fishing along the Fox River at the Chain O' Lakes State Park for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams, possession of a controlled substance (14 1/2 Xanax pills), and unlawful use of weapon (metal knuckles).

While checking fisherman for compliance along the I &M Canal, a CPO opened a tackle box and located a loaded .22 caliber handgun.  The subject did not have a valid FOID card. He was interviewed on his intentions with the firearm, but could not present the officer with a valid, legal reason to possess the weapon.  The pistol was seized and the subject was arrested on two counts of unlawful possession of a firearm.

A CPO stopped a watercraft for a passenger location violation at the Des Plaines Conservation Area boat launch.  Indicators of alcohol impairment were observed on the boat operator, who was only 19 years old. Field sobriety tests were conducted and the subject was arrested for OUI, underage consumption of alcohol and unlawful passenger location.  He had a BAC of .094.

A CPO stopped a watercraft after observing it being operated on plane within 150 feet of a public boat launch.  Indicators of alcohol impairment were observed on the operator and field sobriety tests were conducted.  The subject failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for OUI and operating a watercraft within 150 feet of a boat launch above idle speed.  He refused to submit to chemical tests.

A CPO conducted an investigative stop on a vehicle leaving private property where complaints have been signed.  The driver was found to have a suspended drivers license and was arrested.

A CPO approached two fishermen along the Kankakee River.  Neither had a valid fishing license and was found to be in possession of 2.5 to 10 grams of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  Each were arrested on the possession charges and also cited for fishing without a valid license.

A CPO investigated a personal injury boat accident on the Kankakee River.  One subject dislocated his shoulder after being thrown from his personal watercraft.
While closing out field reports, a CPO determined one subject he arrested for driving 30 mph over the posted speed limit and littering failed to appear in court and had a warrant out for his arrest.  The CPO located the subject at his house and arrested him on the warrant.  Bond was $500.

After observing the passenger of a vehicle not wearing a seatbelt, a CPO stopped the vehicle.  The passenger did not have identification on his person. While providing his information, he hesitated on his date of birth.  After a short interview, he admitted to providing false information due to having a warrant out for his arrest.  After confirming the subject had a warrant, he was taken into custody for the warrant and obstructing a police officer.  The warrant was confirmed valid and bond was $250,000 for aggravated DUI.  He was transported to the Will County jail.

While patrolling a private quarry, a CPO observed several individuals jumping off a high cliff into the lake.  Contact was made at which time several of the individuals were found to be in possession of alcohol, despite only one subject being 21 years old. Four subjects were additionally found to be in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. While searching the subjects, one of them took a prescription pill bottle out of his pocket and threw it into the lake.  After recovering the bottle, it was found to contain five small baggies with cannabis totaling 6.3 grams.  Enforcement action was taken for criminal trespass to property, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cannabis, possession of alcohol by minors, contributing alcohol to minors and pollution of waterways. 

A CPO closed out several field reports.  Dispositions were as follows:
-A subject arrested for driving in excess of 30 mph of the posted speed limit, illegal transportation of alcohol and improper lane usage pled guilty to two counts and fined $500.
-A subject arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cannabis, illegal transportation of alcohol and improper license display pled guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia.  He was fined $750.
-A subject arrested for illegal dumping pled guilty and was fined $185.
-A subject arrested for careless operation of a watercraft pled guilty and was fined $300.
-A subject arrested for obstructing a police officer by presenting a friend’s fishing license as his own upon the officer’s request pled guilty and was fined $185.
-A subject arrested for driving without a license and improper lane usage pled guilty and was fined $410.

A CPO arrested a McLean County subject for OUI on Clinton Lake.  The subject was found to be operating a watercraft with a BAC of .127.
While working the Mascoutin boat ramp area, a CPO observed an overloaded boat coming into the dock.  During inspection of the boat, he observed that the operator appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.  The operator failed field sobriety tests given and was arrested for OUI.  The operator refused to give a breath sample. 

A CPO arrested a group of underage kids consuming alcohol at the Mascoutin State Recreation Area beach.  The subjects were proud of the large circle of empty beer cans they had built until the CPO inquired about it.  This area is also restricted to possess alcohol. 

A CPO is investigating a watercraft accident that involved minor personal injury.  The accident involved a personal watercraft and a cabin cruiser.  The injured party received minor injuries to their ankle. 

No Activity Reported.

A CPO inspected a timber buyer's records.  The records did not accurately reflect the timber activity and appropriate enforcement action was taken.  

A CPO had an OUI disposition in Franklin County.  The man was fined $1136.00 and given 24 months supervision.

A CPO conducted a timber buyer inspection in Jefferson County.  Violations of failure to report as required and failure to pay harvest fees were noted. 

CPOs checked corn fields that have been manipulated due to the drought. 

Office of Law Enforcement
Weekly Activity Report
August 22, 2012

Region 1
Twenty-two grams of cannabis was seized at White Pines State Park after a man who smelled of burnt cannabis illegally parked his car to take a nap.

A District 1 CPO worked department lands, sport fishing and boat enforcement in Whiteside/Carroll Counties.  Various written warnings were issued.

A CPO and District Sergeant patrolled Mississippi River Pool #14 on August 10.  The annual Port Byron “Tug Fest” (Tug of war across the Mississippi River with LeClaire, IA), started off with a fireworks display, launched from a barge on the Mississippi River.  Another patrol occurred on August 11 when the actual rope was put across the river and the competition took place.  Several agencies were on the river stationed above and below the rope to ensure no watercraft drove over the rope.  Illinois again retained the title beating Iowa. 

A CPO in Winnebago County resumed an on-going felony motor vehicle burglary investigation that occurred in Rock Cut State Park over the Memorial Day Weekend.  Victims of the vehicle burglary provided a copy of their cellular phone bill showing an unrecognized phone number used by the suspect of the stolen cell phone two days after the burglary.  A grand jury subpoena was applied for by the CPO  through the State’s Attorney’s office to seek the identity of the individual belonging to this cell number.  The hope is it will lead to those responsible for the offense.

A CPO in Boone County investigated a complaint in which a man running a storage facility business sold a boat belonging to a customer who failed to pay storage fees.  This business owner sold the customer’s boat illegally without title to an out-of-state third party.  This caused the customer to sue the storage owner in civil court.  The CPO’s investigative report is being reviewed by the state’s attorney’s office for consideration of charges under the Illinois Boat Registration Title & Safety Act. 

A CPO was conducting fishing compliance checks at LaSalle Lake when he located an individual in possession of alcohol. The individual had a very strong odor of alcohol on his person. It was later determined the individual was wanted on warrant out of Chicago for failure to appear on a DUI charge.  The individual was taken to the county jail and issued a citation for alcohol in a posted prohibited area.

A CPO was patrolling the campgrounds at Illini State Park to enforce a campfire ban. While going through the campground, the CPO noticed five vehicles illegally parked. When the officer went to the campsite where all the vehicles were parked he was met by 25 individuals drinking alcohol around a campfire. The group was going to an off-road park in the morning. They decided to camp and have a few beers before going to sleep. Several citations were issued.

A CPO in Henderson County investigated a theft of commercial fishing gear on the Mississippi River.  Five hoop nets were stolen in one evening.  This is the second such theft in two weeks in the same area. 

A District 7 CPO assisted central Illinois SWAT team with boat training on the Illinois River.  Training consisted of boarding an underway barge and engaging targets with simunitions and man overboard drills.  

A District 6 CPO assisted a local police department regarding a call of a suicidal subject at a Region 1 state park. The subject had threatened to harm himself while speaking to a mental health worker by cell phone, which prompted the call to the police. The subject was transported to a local hospital for medical evaluation.

Region 2
No Activity Reported.

Region 3
No Activity Reported.

Region 4
A Washington County CPO received information from the District Sergeant of a burglary that occurred at Frank Holten State Park.  The incident is still under investigation.

A St. Clair County CPO worked Conservation World at the Illinois State Fair from August 9 to August 14.

A Randolph County CPO worked the ATA Grand Detail at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta from August 9 to August 19.

St. Clair and Madison County CPOs responded to Frank Holten State Park in reference to a fatal kayak accident.  The initial coroner’s inquest stated the subject had drowned.

A St. Clair County CPO initiated a boat title investigation at a titling business in Belleville.

A Clinton County CPO volunteered to work at the World Recreational Shooting Complex in Sparta.  

St. Clair and Clinton County CPOs worked the Carlyle Lake Patrol Boat on August 18. They issued multiple citations for wake and lighting violations.

A St. Clair County CPO charged two subjects for operation of off-road vehicles near the Rattlesnake burial mound at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site.

A Montgomery County CPO worked Conservation World at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield.

The District 13 Sergeant and Monroe County CPO were in a jon boat working the Kaskaskia River for fishing and boating violations when they observed a truck (without a boat or trailer), drive front first down a boat ramp.  The truck was driven by an adult male and there were two young children in the cab with him.  When the truck was fully on the slope of the ramp and at the water’s edge, the driver repeatedly jerked the truck forward while the children screamed.  He then backed up and parked in the parking lot and exited the truck with an open beer. As the officers approached from the river, he attempted to hide the beer in the open cargo door of a nearby van. An identification check revealed he was a revoked driver due to a previous DUI.  He received citations for the open alcohol and operating a vehicle with a revoked drivers license.

The same District 13 Sergeant and Monroe County CPO were in a jon boat working the Kaskaskia River for fishing and boating violations when they observed a jon boat approaching toward them from upstream.  The CPO operated his boat from the center of the channel closer to the east bank to allow more passing room. The approaching jon boat mirrored their boat movements and headed directly toward them for several seconds before cutting back to the west bank. This caused the CPOs some concern and they stopped the boat for a safety inspection.  Open alcohol was present and the operator was impaired, failed sobriety tests and recorded a BAC of .196.

A Monroe County CPO was working late Sunday night for coon hunters when he located a truck stopped on a back road.  The driver was urinating in the roadway and the CPO could clearly see open alcohol on the console through the open door of the truck.  The subject’s wife and a friend were called to drive him home due to his borderline condition.  The CPO issued a citation to the truck driver for the illegal transportation of open alcohol while they waited for his wife and friend to show up. 

Region 5
A CPO arrested a man for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol (OUI) on the Ohio River.  The man had a BAC of .15.

A CPO obtained a disposition for Goldenseal root digger on Trail of Tears State Forest in Union County:  $615.00 fine and 100 hours of public service.

A CPO took a report of a female deer that had died of Blue-Tongue in a pond in Williamson County.

A CPO responded to, and is investigating, a female deer that was shot with a .22 caliber in rural Williamson County.  The reporting parties had been squirrel hunting on private property and reported two subjects fled the property on ATV's when they had arrived to hunt squirrels.

A CPO conducted an inspection of a licensed taxidermist in Williamson County.  No violations were found.

A CPO responded to a fishing without permission complaint on private property in Williamson County.  The two subjects had legal access from one owner of the strip cut.  The CPO caught the subjects fishing without permission, over the limit of largemouth bass, no wearable life jackets, no license in possession and no valid registration on the watercraft.  Citations were issued.

CPOs conducted boat patrols over the weekend at Lake of Egypt.

A District Sergeant and CPOs conducted boat patrols at Kinkaid Lake.

Office of Law Enforcement
Weekly Activity Report
August 29, 2012

Region 1
A CPO observed four males in their early 20s fishing and drinking beer in Bureau County.  After observing each individual fishing, the officer approached them through the woods instead of walking directly though the open area to their location.  The officer was able to walk within twenty feet of them undetected.  He observed a male pull a bag of cannabis out of his pocket and shove it into a pipe.  The officer walked out of the woods taking all four individuals by surprise.  The male tried to hide the cannabis and pipe, but knew he was caught and turned it over to the officer.  The group was walked back to their cars where another pipe and more cannabis were seized.  Two individuals were issued citations for fishing without a license.  One individual was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of greater than 2.5 grams of cannabis.

A CPO was walking the campground at Starved Rock State Park.  He witnessed a vehicle pull into a campsite and numerous individuals get out.  An individual immediately got into another vehicle and left the campground.  The vehicle came back a minute later.  Seeing the suspicious activity, the officer went to a nearby vacant campsite and listened to the group.  A male was bragging that he stole firewood (from the campground store).  The male continued bragging, stating that he stole two bundles and could get a third one if needed.  The male stated that he removed the plastic wrap, so that wood could not be tied back to the campground store.  The officer left the nearby site and returned with his patrol vehicle.  The officer recovered the plastic wrap from the wood in their trash and the firewood that had two handles identical to that sold in the campground store.  The male admitted to prying back the fence and stealing two bundles of firewood.  He was arrested for theft under $500.  The site was also over capacity and the entire group was evicted.

A CPO arrested two individuals for possession of cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia, and consumption of alcohol by a minor.  The individuals were spotted walking through the woods of Starved Rock State Park with a flashlight near midnight.  The officer walked through the woods undetected and got within fifteen feet of the individuals.  He observed them smoking cannabis from a pipe.  After seizing the pipe and a beer bottle, the individuals were escorted back to their campsite where more drug paraphernalia and alcohol were found.  The two individuals (19 years old) submitted to a preliminary breath test.  One male had a BAC of .09 and the other had a BAC of .15.

A CPO arrested three individuals at the Starved Rock Campground for possession of greater than 2.5 grams of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia.  A fourth individual was cited for possession of alcohol against posted regulations.

A District 7 CPO worked the Illinois State Fair Detail.  Many fairgoers asked legal questions, requested assistance with boat registration, or deer permit applications.  Numerous cougar observations and questions were taken.  The most frequent question was concerning the recent law change for crossbow use during the archery season.  Low temperatures and nice weather saw higher attendance at both the fair and Conservation World.

A District 1 CPO conducted a boat patrol on Pool 14 of the Mississippi River enforcing the provisions of the Boat Registration and Safety Act and the Fish and Aquatic Life Code.  While on patrol, several boats were checked and various written warnings were issued for boating and sport fishing violations.  One Cedar Rapid’s man was issued a citation and written warnings for filleting Largemouth Bass and disposing of the carcasses while on the water.

A District 7 CPO is investigating an early morning deer poaching incident that occurred in Tazewell County.  A suspect has been identified.

A CPO, in Winnebago County, responded to an outside agency assist regarding an individual who decided he wanted to drive his Jeep Wrangler into the Rock River to reach a sand/rock bar in the middle of the channel.  This act resulted in the man submerging his Jeep in the channel and rutting up the streambed.  A bystander decided to back his Jeep Cherokee into the river to pull the man out but this act resulted in a second Jeep getting stuck in the river and rutting up the streambed.  The local police jurisdiction arrested the two individuals under their village ordinance for driving off of their city parks road and pollution of waterways.  The CPO cited the individuals for a violation of the Streambed Protection Act.

A CPO, in Winnebago County, completed a lengthy boat accident investigation which occurred in late June on the Rock River in Winnebago County.  The Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office reviewed the case and authorized a felony charge for Vessel #1 for felony leaving the scene of a personal injury watercraft accident and misdemeanor charge for a navigation rule violation - improper passing of a boat head-on.  A misdemeanor charge was also authorized for Vessel #2 for failure to activate proper navigation lights after sunset.         

On August 18, police received a call of a car which had struck a tent full of kids at Rock Cut State Park. Loves Park Police and Illinois State Police Sergeant responded to the scene.  Once on-scene, police learned that there were three occupants (adult male, adult female and a two year old child) in a tent on Campsite 1 in Hickory Hills campground at the time of the crash. A car, driven by white male, who was also camping in Hickory Hills campground, drove into and over the occupied tent (Campsite #1).  An adult male occupant of the tent sustained a minor leg injury (no broken bones) and was treated at a local hospital.  The woman and child inside the tent were unharmed; however, the two year old was transported to Rockford Memorial Hospital for evaluation.  Once the CPO completed an arrest at the jail for an unrelated traffic offense, the CPO responded to Rock Cut State Park to assist ISP on-scene. The driver of the car was arrested by ISP for DUI and reckless driving.

CPOs took part in the annual Floatzilla event detail on August 18.   This event is an attempt to set a world record for the most canoes and kayaks held together for thirty seconds without touching the shore line.  Hundreds of people make their way down the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities area ending up in Potters Lake at Sunset Marina in Rock Island.  Multiple agencies are stationed at different places on the river in boats to assist canoes or kayaks that overturn or run into other problems.  Field sobriety tests were administered to one subject that fell out of his kayak and was found to have several empty beer cans in his kayak.  It was determined the subject was not legally intoxicated and he was released.

A fisherman reported seeing the roof of a submerged vehicle in the Mississippi River Pool #16 (Sylvan Slough) in the Rock Island City area.  It appeared the vehicle had been there for quite a while.  Rock Island City Police Department stated they weren’t going to remove the car.  A CPO, with the support of his command staff, accepted the case.  Arrangements and ways to remove the car are being explored at this time.  A meeting with Living Lands and Water’s Chad Pregracke has been scheduled.  

Region 2
A CPO found a subject fishing the Des Plaines River without a fishing license.  Illinois State Police advised the subject had an outstanding Lake County warrant from 2008.  The subject was transported to Lake County Jail and issued a citation for no fishing license. 

A subject cited for an undersized northern pike was fined $290 in Lake County Court. 

Region 3
A CPO arrested two Decatur men for removing scrap metal from the Shelbyville Fish and Wildlife Area in Moultrie County. He cited the driver for operating a vehicle with suspended license plates and later had to tow the vehicle when they failed to remove it as agreed.

A CPO, while working the State Fair, assisted a woman who was feeling ill.  The CPO summoned EMS who transported the woman to St. Johns Hospital in Springfield for treatment.

CPOs responded to a personal injury boat accident involving two personal watercraft (PWC) on Lake Shelbyville in Moultrie County.  An Urbana juvenile ran over the back of another PWC in his party. A juvenile female from Urbana was transported to Carle Hospital and admitted with injuries including broken bones. 
While returning home from Walnut Point State Park, a CPO observed a vehicle driving over the center line into oncoming traffic.  The vehicle was travelling at speeds over 65 mph.  The driver then would apply the brakes and slow down.  Prior to the vehicle stopping, the driver would speed back in excess of the speed limit.  The CPO stopped the vehicle and found the driver from Tennessee to be intoxicated.  Drug paraphernalia and 10 to 30 grams of cannabis recovered.  The driver was transported to jail.

CPOs, while working boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville, arrested a Chicago man for Operating a Watercraft Under the Influence of Alcohol with a .174 BAC in Shelby County.

District 11 CPOs are responding to numerous complaints of dead deer in, or around, water from EHD.

A CPO responded to a complaint of a pile of dead deer dumped with ear tags near Stewardson.  It is assumed the captive herd fell victim to EHD.  The CPO is investigating with enforcement action pending.

While relaying district equipment, a vehicle passed a CPO while another vehicle was approaching in the other lane.  Both the CPO and the approaching car had to take evasive measures to avoid a collision.  The CPO caught up with the passing vehicle and made a traffic stop.  The driver was a State of Virginia resident and was cited for driving while license suspended, speeding and illegal passing. 

Region 4
No Activity Reported.

Region 5
A CPO caught a person in possession of short bass on Rend Lake.

A CPO responded to a call on a subject with a gun at the I-57 rest area in Franklin County.  The male subject had an uncased air rifle in the floorboard of the car and a Walther CP99 air pistol in the glove box.  The person said he was shooting squirrels with the air pistol.  He was cited for hunting without permission, hunting without a license, transporting an uncased rifle and hunting squirrels without a habitat stamp.  He was arrested by a trooper for obstructing a police officer.

A CPO and District Sergeant handled campers in a restricted area of the Ten Mile Creek State Fish & Wildlife Area.  Several adults and minors were camping and having a party on the Goshen Trail Unit late Wednesday into early Thursday morning.  Citations were issued for camping in a restricted area, minor consumption of alcohol & driving vehicles off the roadway.  The CPO took one camper to jail on a warrant.  One truck was towed from the scene.  McLeansboro Police Department assisted, releasing the juveniles back to their parents.  A District 19 trooper stopped a couple vehicles trying to leave and issued illegal transportation of alcohol citations.

A CPO continued working on a timber investigation and a trash dumping in Saline County.    

A CPO completed a boat registration and title investigation in the Lake of Egypt area.

A CPO assisted with traffic control at two separate traffic accidents that resulted in I-57 traffic being shut down.

A CPO was in the village of Pittsburg looking for a subject that had written two bad checks to Rend Lake State Park. A 911 call for a medical emergency came across Williamson County Sheriff's frequency and the CPO responded to the home. The door had to be forced open and an ambulance arrived for a woman that is in need of a heart and kidney transplant.

A CPO responded to a report of several subjects shooting doves during the closed season.  The CPO worked his way through some rough terrain and finally reached the east side of a small field where the violations were reportedly occurring.  All the subjects shooting were on the west side of the field shooting east, the subjects were shooting clay targets.

Sergeant Rendleman and CPO Taylor worked on the Ottercraft boat, preparing it for the training in Chicago.

CPOs attended the World Shooting Complex at Sparta.

A CPO was the first officer at the scene of a motorcycle accident on Grassy road near the Little Grassy Lake Dam. The twenty year old man was part of a poker run being held to raise monies for a cancer subject. The Williamson County man suffered severe head injuries and was not wearing a helmet. The man’s father and mother were on a bike right behind their son at the time of the accident. The father was giving chest compressions on his son when the CPO arrived. The man was pronounced dead when the EMTs arrived and the CPO then assisted in closing the busy road for several hours.

District 16 CPOs completed fair duties at the DuQuoin State Fair.

A CPO arrested two fishermen on the Ohio River for fishing without a license.

A District Sergeant and CPOs assisted Region 4 with sonar in an attempt to locate two victims at Carlyle Lake. There was conflicting reports of where the accident occurred and no known location was able to be validated to begin the search leaving approximately a six mile search grid.