Office of Law Enforcement


June 8, 2011



A CPO assisted the Winnebago County Sherriff’s Department in the search for a drowning victim on the Rock River.  The CPO utilized side scan sonar technology to assist in the search.  The CPO used the sonar for several hours in the area the subject was witnessed disappearing under the water. His search efforts however did not produce any images believed to be that of the victim.


A CPO and District Sergeant patrolled the Rock River by Jon boat from Moline to Colona. While the Sergeant completed a boat inspection at the Colona Boat Ramp, the CPO checked fishermen in the area. One of the subjects fishing did not have his fishing license on his person and running a computer check showed an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The subject was arrested and transported by boat to Harold’s Landing in Moline where the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Deputy then transported him to jail.


A District Sergeant and CPO interviewed a suspect in a criminal sexual assault case at Rock Cut State Park after a 14 year old was assaulted in a bathroom at the Park. A second person of interest is being sought and a photo line-up is being presented to the victim.


A District 1 CPO patrolled Pool 13 of the Mississippi River. A boat safety inspection revealed an operator of a watercraft was short one wearable personal flotation device. A citation was issued.


While patrolling Pool 12 of the Mississippi River a District 1 CPO came upon a vessel in distress. The vessel’s engine was no longer working. The vessel and its four occupants were towed approximately four river miles to the nearest harbor.


A CPO cited an individual for possession of a live raccoon. A local police officer noticed children playing with the baby raccoon in their yard and notified the Conservation Police. The father reportedly told the local police officer that he wanted to get the raccoon spayed/neutered and make him his canoeing buddy. The raccoon was taken to a certified animal rehabilitator where it will be released back into the wild.


A CPO observed four individuals enter a restricted area of Starved Rock State Park. The individuals were observed smoking cannabis on top of a closed bluff next to a waterfall. Each individual was issued a citation for possession of <2.5g of cannabis and unlawfully entering a restricted area of Starved Rock State Park. Search incident to arrest resulted in the officer finding a baby duck that one of the individuals had put in his backpack. The duck was released unharmed.


A CPO cited an individual for driving while revoked, driving under the influence of alcohol and driving under the influence of drugs. The individual told a Conservation Police Officer that he could not drive a vehicle because he didn’t have a license. He was observed 45 minutes later driving out of the parking lot. The individual stated that he drove because the only licensed driver was too intoxicated to drive.


The passenger was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of <2.5g of cannabis.


An officer transported three baby hawks that were taken from US Silica in Ottawa to a wildlife rehabilitator at a local Community College.


Update on May 27th boat explosion at Sunset Marina in Rock Island IL investigated by a CPO and Region Captain. On May31st, 2011 an in depth investigation took place as to the cause of the fire/ explosions. The flooring of the boat was removed to reveal the fuel fill hose was disconnected from the fuel tank by about 1.5”. The $100.00 in fuel the boat owner put in the boat prior to launching it never made it into the fuel tank and was resting in the bottom of the boat. The engine compartment did have all required marine grade parts on it. The fuel fill hose did have two clamps fitted tightly around the hose. Foul play is not suspected. When the owner started the boat it was only a matter of time before the right fuel vapor and air found the slightest spark to ignite the mixture. A secondary explosion happened in the cuddy area in front of the boat. The fire started in the engine compartment of the boat then spread in the base of the boat to a reservoir of fuel in the front of the boat causing the secondary fire. The boat owner was blown into the cuddy from the first explosion. To escape he ran through fire and dove off the boat moments before the cuddy area burst into flames. This action probably saved his life.


A CPO received a call in reference to a partially submerged watercraft on Mississippi River Pool #14, river mile 507, by the Cordova Nuclear plant on June 4, 2011. The CPO located the craft partially beached on the shoreline with the stern submerged. No report was made to any authorities at that time. The boat owner was tracked down in Clinton IA. The owner stated “I didn’t know who to call about it”. The owner stated his wife and three children were traveling upstream when he noticed water around his feet. He checked the engine compartment that was filling with water. The owner headed for the nearest shore. The engine quit running as he reached shore. All people got out of the boat uninjured. The owner stated he does not know why the boat sank. Plans are being made to remove the boat from the water and determine the cause of the accident.


District Sergeants and CPOs responded to a request for assistance by the Winnebago Sheriff’s Department and local Fire Departments. They were searching the river for a victim who was believed to have drowned after an altercation on a Pontoon Boat. The incident occurred on the Rock River in Winnebago County. We responded with three boats. We conducted sonar operations, dragging operations, and surface searches—all of which were unsuccessful. The victim is still missing at this time. Local Fire Fighters and CPO’s continue to conduct surface searches on the river.


CPOs were on boat patrol on the Illinois River on the Lasalle/Grundy County line area. One CPO arrested a subject for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol with a BAC over .08. The same subject was also cited for careless operation of a watercraft (which is why he was originally stopped).


A CPO responded to a boating accident where two females, ages 17 and 6, were injured when the wakes of other boats threw the two girls off the tube they were on. They were transported to Morris Hospital in stable condition. Head injuries were sustained by both.



Nothing Reported



A CPO responded to a complaint of domestic Battery at Moraine View State Recreational Area, in the tent camp area of Catfish Bay. At the end of his investigation the CPO arrested both subjects involved in the altercation. The female subject was arrested for violation of bail bond and unlawful possession of cannabis. The violation of bail bond was tied to another domestic dispute with the same subject. The male subject was arrested and transported to the Mclean County Jail for domestic battery.


A CPO received a complaint from the Champaign County Humane Society regarding a Champaign man possessing an American alligator as a pet.  The CPO investigated and found the man to indeed have an American alligator illegally. The CPO arrested the subject for unlawful possession on an endangered species.


While working around the Clinton Lake area a CPO made a traffic stop on a subject from Dewitt County. During the stop he observed subjects in the vehicle appear to be hiding contraband. With the assistance of a canine unit from Dewitt County he recovered drugs and drug paraphernalia from the vehicle.


While working the Clinton Lake area in Dewitt County, a CPO stopped a vehicle occupied by a Champaign County juvenile. The subject did not have a valid driver’s license and did not have insurance for the vehicle he was driving. It was also discovered that the juvenile was a ward of the State. The proper authorities were contacted and the juvenile was picked up by a DCFS employee.


A CPO assisted with a medical emergency at Moraine View State Park. She was advised that a male subject had gone into seizures in the group camp area. She assisted the rescue squad and EMS with the subject.


A CPO responded to a car accident in Vermilion County that led to the DUI arrest of the driver. The driver was found to have a BAC of .168. The driver was cited for driving too fast for conditions, having a BAC greater than .08 and driving while under the influence of alcohol.


While working Kickapoo State Park, a CPO stopped to assist a vehicle on the side of the road. During this stop he found open alcohol in the vehicle and that the driver was suspended.


While checking fisherman at Clinton Lake from a Jon boat, a CPO arrested a McLean County subject for unlawful possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. The CPO found the drugs during his boat and fish inspection.


A CPO investigated a hunting accident that occurred in Vermilion County. The victim had been turkey hunting with his girlfriend when the accident occurred. The victim got up to move his turkey decoy when he was shot by a .243 cal rifle round. The victim was hit in the wrist with the round. The shooter had been coyote hunting in the area and had seen a coyote in the same area as the turkey hunters. When he saw the movement of the turkey hunter relocating his decoy, the coyote hunter thought it was the coyote he had seen earlier and shot, hitting the turkey hunter.


A CPO is investigating a boat accident that happened at Clinton Lake over the weekend. The boater was launching his boat and trying to start it, at the time of the accident. The boat initially started and then died. During the second attempt to start it, a loud pop was heard and then the engine compartment exploded into flames. A passenger sitting next to the engine compartment at the time of explosion received minor burns to his feet and legs. No other injuries occurred. During his investigation of the boat accident the CPO discovered that the passenger in the boat had a $5,000 warrant out for his arrest. After being treated by EMS, the subject was arrested and taken to the Dewitt County Jail.


While working Clinton Lake, a CPO checked a boat at the Mascoutin boat ramp. During this check one of the occupants of the boat was identified as being wanted out of Peoria County for failure to appear on a driving while suspended charge. Bond on this warrant was $3,000.00.



A CPO conducted a traffic stop for speeding. The driver was revoked, was in possession of open alcohol, possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. The subject was wearing an ankle bracelet, had an extensive criminal history with gang affiliation, and was violating terms of his parole (house arrest).


A CPO received a call of a boat in distress on the Mississippi River at 1 a.m..  The CPO located the boat and towed it to the nearest boat ramp.


CPOs conducted a boat safety inspection on Otter Lake in Macoupin County. During the inspection, the CPOs noticed a subject appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.  One CPO  performed field sobriety test which the subject failed. The subject refused to take a breath test.


A CPO received an anonymous call in Macoupin County of a subject shooting turtles with a rifle. The CPO interviewed the subject. The subject confessed to shooting the turtles along with muskrats swimming in the lake.


A CPO arrested a subject in possession of 20 bass.


A CPO conducted three motorist assists over the weekend.


CPOs attended a hunter safety class in Adams County. Sixty-nine students attended.


District 9 CPO's along with help from districts 10 and 13 attended the duck blinds draw at Batchtown, Hardin, and Pere Marquette State Park. Approximately 6,000 people attended these three draws.



CPOs attended the Cache River Days event at the Barkhausen wetland center. Despite the heat, it was well attended and all enjoyed the Region 5 wildlife education trailer. A thousand people were in attendance at the event.


A CPO conducted a commercial inspection on a local taxidermist. He was cited for allowing his taxidermy license to expire for a short period of time while still conducting taxidermy business.


A CPO assisted U. S. Forest Service Officer Harris with interviews in an attempt to locate a wanted subject for ginseng violations in Shawnee National Forest.


A CPO assisted with an investigation of a fugitive that had fled from police on Memorial Day weekend in Williamson County at Crab Orchard National Refuge. The subject was wanted in Missouri and California for numerous felony warrants. The subject was also wanted for parole violations. The search came to an end when the subject was apprehended in Jefferson County on Saturday, June 4th. This subject now faces numerous charges in Illinois including vehicle theft. The search included members of the U. S. & W Refuge Police, Williamson County Sheriff, Illinois State Police, U. S. Forest Service, United States Marshals, and the Illinois Conservation Police.


District 16 CPOs patrolled Lake of Egypt and Kinkaid Lake over the weekend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. No major incidents were reported.


A CPO began an investigation into a trespassing and unlawful riding of an ATV on private property without permission. Two subjects are being interviewed.


A CPO began an investigation of a wrongful tree cutting in Williamson County.


A District Sergeant assisted another Sergeant on Sunday reviewing sonar images in an attempt to recover a drowning victim in Region I.


A District Sergeant and Region Captain attended a Southern Illinois flood post briefing in Springfield that involved Fisheries and Law Enforcement management.


CPOs caught two subjects illegally camping at the Rend Lake WMA in a restricted area. The subjects also had an illegal fire and drove a vehicle off the roadway into a field.


A CPO helped the Mt. Vernon Fire Department recover a missing 3 ˝ ft. alligator that was hiding in a city culvert. The Fire Department sprayed water into the culvert and flushed the alligator out the other side.


A CPO arrested two West Frankfort men for killing two deer out of season. Both subjects confessed to killing the deer.


Office of Law Enforcement
June 15, 2011

A District 7 CPO responded to a trespassing complaint of two subjects fishing a private pond in a small Jon boat without permission. Subjects were contacted and found to have numerous boat safety violations. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A CPO arrested a fisherman on an outstanding warrant after he was found to be fishing without a valid fishing license.

A CPO and District Sergeant conducted boat patrols on Lake Thunderbird and Lake Wildwood. Three citations and several warnings were issued. One boat had twelve people on a six passenger boat and only had five personal flotation devices.

A District 6 CPO responded to a bike accident at Rock Cut State Park. The victim, an adult female, lost control of her bike and fell off while riding. As a result of the accident the victim sustained a possible broken elbow. She was transported to the hospital.

District 7 Sgt issued a citation for no proof of ownership to the driver of a timber truck.

District 7 Sgt and FonDuLac Park Police conducted joint boat safety patrols on the Illinois River. Citations and warnings were issued for various boat safety violations. We also responded to a jumper on the Route 150 bridge over the Illinois River.

While on boat patrol in Henderson County, CPOs located a subject driving a Jet Ski. Stopping the subject, he was unable to turn the Jet Ski off. Having to let go of the Jet Ski, the operator took off up stream. Following the subject up stream, he turned around the next island. When the CPOs went around the island, the Jet Ski was gone. Driving down the chute, the CPOs located the Jet Ski driven approximately 20 feet up onto the main bank. The operator was seen running through the flooded timber on the east side of the main bank. Beaching the boat, the CPOs pursued the subject across the bank and through the water on foot. The violator was apprehended and cited for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol and resisting arrest.

While working in Mercer County, a CPO arrested two subjects for taking twenty-two bluegills, three crappies and one largemouth bass with casting nets.

While checking bank fishermen at the Oregon Dam, a District 1 CPO asked one of the fishermen if they had caught any fish. The fisherman responded that he had caught some catfish. When the CPO inspected his catch in the fish basket, he discovered a smallmouth bass among the catfish. The smallmouth was released and the subject received a citation for failure to immediately release smallmouth bass during the closed season.

A CPO worked a security detail at the Sparta World Shooting Complex the weekend of June 10 – 12. Country music star Willy Nelson put on “Willie’s Country Throw Down” concert. The concert featured multiple artists to include Jamie Johnson. Saturday night multiple arrests were made for illegal transportation of alcohol, DUIs, battery’s etc. At least one serious traffic accident happened when a person fell out of the back of a pickup truck and was run over by another vehicle. The driver of the truck the person fell out of was arrested for DUI. The victim was transported to a hospital with life threatening injuries.

CPOs were conducting boat inspections on the Chain O' Lakes on a relatively slow Wednesday afternoon. They observed a boat with three subjects, two of whom were fishing. While checking licenses and safety equipment, the operator of the watercraft opened a compartment directly in front of them, and the CPOs observed a metal smoking pipe in plain view. The operator quickly tried to hide the pipe and then closed the compartment. The CPOs informed him to open the compartment and hand them the pipe. Then while one CPO was checking the subject through State Police, the operator tried to pass his brother, who was seated in the passenger seat beside him, an orange waterproof container with several keys. The container was taken and inside was 6 small plastic baggies of a white powder, later field tested as cocaine. The brother and other passenger were searched and taken to shore. The operator was subsequently arrested for operation of a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol (BAC 0.111) and possession of cocaine. The boat was searched prior to being towed and a glasses case in front of the operator yielded another small bag of cocaine and a small plastic bag of cannabis. A bag fanny pack containing two additional bags of cannabis was also found.

A CPO arrested a camper at the Chain O' Lakes State Park, Honeysuckle Hollow, for possession of cannabis more than 2.5 and less than 10 grams.

On 06/10/11, a CPO responded to a Lake County Sheriff's Complaint reference a dispute between fisherman on a boat and patrons outside a bar along the Fox River. An argument ensued over the bar patrons playing fetch with their dog in a manner causing the dog to swim up to and around the boat. One bar patron took offense to the boaters trying to scare the dog away and threw cigarette ash bucket at the boat and struck one boater in the thigh. There were no serious injuries but the subject who threw the bucket was charged with battery.

Nothing reported.

A CPO arrested a Brown County resident for shooting a deer out of season. The subject shot the deer from the roadway, while he was sitting in his truck. The subject confessed to his actions after a short interview. He stated he wanted to see what his rifle could do. He made no attempt to retrieve the young buck that was in velvet.

A CPO assisted a Brown County Deputy on a traffic stop. One subject was wanted on a warrant and another subject was arrested for possession of drugs.

CPOs were on boat patrol in the Quincy Area, when they received a call from the Illinois State Police of a boat being operated by an intoxicated operator. The complainant gave an accurate description of the boat along with the registration numbers. Approximately 20 minutes later, they located the boat. The operator failed field sobriety tests. The subject agreed to a breath test. The result was .233.

A CPO attended a boat safety class in Quincy. Ten students attended.

CPOs attended the Fishing Fair at Pere Marquette State Park.

A CPO investigated a boat accident on Rend Lake involving a boat that took on water after losing its plug. There were no injuries.

A CPO worked the Willie Nelson concert at the Sparta Complex. The CPO wrote citations to three different subjects for “illegal transportation of alcohol”.

A CPO handled the following incident. On Saturday June 11, during a brief severe thunderstorm, three swimmers on Kinkaid Lake were shocked by a nearby lightning strike. The individuals were getting ready to get out of the water when lightning struck. The individuals felt the shock and immediately were pulled from the water by family members and friends. The two juveniles and an adult were taken to St. Joseph’s Memorial Hospital for electrical shock. The two juveniles were later transported to Cardinal Glennon Hospital for treatment. The adult discharged himself from St. Joseph’s.

A CPO arrested a Jackson County man for possession of short bass at Cedar Lake.

District 16 CPOs attended firearms training at Ten Mile State Park.

A CPO conducted levee patrols on the Big Muddy and Mississippi Rivers in Jackson County.

A CPO was assessing where major damage to levees occurred during the spring flooding and areas which are still holding flood waters. Observations are being made for any potential flooding which may come in the future. This is a coordinated effort with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and Jackson County ESDA.

A CPO worked security at the World Shooting Complex for the Willie Nelson Concert.

A CPO completed an investigation of trespass complaint. Two subjects in Herrin were located and charged with operation of all terrain vehicles on private property without permission of the land owner.

A CPO attended and spoke at a hunter education class in Marion on Saturday.

A CPO assisted Williamson County and USFW officers with a narcotics complaint on Crab Orchard Refuge.

A CPO conducted fisherman and boat safety checks at Pyramid State Park and surrounding small lakes in Perry County. One written warning was issued for a boating violation.

A CPO conducted an inspection of a local commercial fisherman (Random inspection) from Coulterville, No violations were recorded.

D 16 CPOs conducted boat patrols on Kinkaid, Crab Orchard, and Lake of Egypt waterways.


Office of Law Enforcement
June 22, 2011

In a court disposition from Fulton County, a subject who had been charged with obstructing a Conservation Police Officer, fishing without consent, criminal trespass to real property, and fishing without a valid fishing license reached a plea agreement with the Fulton County State’s Attorney.  The subject was assessed fines and costs of $840 and ordered to serve forty (40) days confinement in the Fulton County Jail with the possibility of day for day “good time” credit.

While on an OUI detail on the Mississippi River in Rock Island County, two District 1 CPOs approached a boat for a boat safety inspection. During the inspection it was noticed the operator of the vessel had glassy bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. When questioned about the amount of alcohol he had consumed, the operator responded he had consumed some vodka earlier but had not had a drink for two hours. After failing sobriety tests, the subject was arrested for OUI. The subject submitted to a breath analysis which showed his BAC to be 0.087.  During questioning the subject informed officers he had also been taking Vicodin.

Two CPOs investigated a fatal boat accident at Rock Cut State Park.  As a result of our initial investigation, it was learned that four teenagers launched a canoe onto Pierce Lake. There were no wearable personal flotation devices on-board the vessel. Shortly after launching the canoe, the boat overturned causing one 17 year old boy to drown while trying to swim back to shore.  This case remains under investigation.

CPOs and a District Sergeant worked on OUI recreational boating detail on Pool 14 of the Mississippi River.    Several written warnings were issued for miscellaneous violations and two OUI arrests were made.

A CPO was called in reference to a possible boat accident/sinking at 55th St. boat launch in Moline IL.  The CPO arrived on scene and didn’t see any boat or persons in the area.  Moline Police Department confirmed they towed the boat in question.  The CPO met with the Moline Police Department officer at the tow yard and inspected the boat.  It was clear the boat was abandoned.  The motor and most components were stripped off the old Baja.  Numbers were recovered off the boat and the investigation was started to locate who dumped the boat.  The boat was found at 6:00 a.m. by a fisherman wanting to launch his boat at that boat launch.  The person that dumped the Baja, just drove it there, backed up in the water, pushed the boat off the trailer and hoped it would sink.  The boat was partially visible.  This remains under investigation.

A District Sergeant stopped a subject at Starved Rock and arrested the driver for DUI and drug paraphernalia.  The CPO assisted and wrote a passenger for possession of 5 grams of cannabis.

A District Sergeant conducted TV interviews in Rockford on Personal Flotation Device (PFD) use after a 17 year old drowned at Rock Cut State Park from a canoe accident.

A District Sergeant handled another serious injury motorcycle accident at Starved Rock State Park. The driver left the road and rolled the bike several times. He was flown to Peoria with critical injuries.

District 1 officers attended the funeral services for a retired officer.  He was born in, worked in, and retired to Ogle County.  He was a member of the Conservation Police force from 1966 to 1991.  The retired CPO was the public’s go-to guy in “his” Ogle County.  He will be greatly missed by his immediate family and the extended family of those he had contact with during his career.   

While on a boat patrol of the Illinois River, a CPO and Region Captain inspected a kayak.  During the inspection, the paddler was found to be intoxicated by alcohol and a suspected combination of drugs.  The paddler then resisted the officers by flipping the kayak and swimming away.  He then agreed to get into the patrol boat.  After he failed the boating field sobriety testing, the paddler was arrested for OUI and transported to the Chillicothe Police Department. 

 While patrolling on the Mississippi River, a CPO had a watercraft driving directly at his patrol boat.   Stopping the watercraft, the operator appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  After submitting to field sobriety tests, the operator was arrested for OUI and for being in possession of drug paraphernalia.  The operator admitted to smoking cannabis and was found to have a BAC in excess of .08. 

 While patrolling in Black Hawk State Historic Site, a CPO observed two subjects sitting in a vehicle after closing hours.  Approaching the vehicle, the occupants were found to be in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  Two subjects were arrested for drug charges. 

While on foot patrol at Black Hawk State Historic Site, a CPO located two subjects in the park after hours.  Both subjects were observed littering.  One of the subjects proceeded to roll a cannabis blunt cigar.  Both subjects were cited for littering.  One subject was arrested for possession of cannabis.     

Two District 6 CPOs completed a boat livery inspection in Winnebago County where they
documented over 100 violations. Four multiple count citations were issued.

A CPO investigated a dumping complaint at Delabar State Park.  A neighboring homeowner had been utilizing the park’s garbage removal service by depositing their household trash in a barrel within the park.  After site staff had found documents with suspect’s name on them, they contacted law enforcement.  A check of the favorite trash barrel found two bags had been deposited that morning.  An interview of the suspect, obtained a confession.  The subject was issued a citation for unlawfully depositing trash on the site.

Nothing reported.

While on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville, a District Sergeant and CPO arrested a Shelbyville man for possession of drug paraphernalia and less than 2.5g of cannabis.  The man was a passenger on a boat.

A CPO checked a group of individuals illegally swimming from shore in Wolf Creek State Park.  A Paris man in the group was a registered violent sexual predator.  The CPO arrested the man for being present in a public park and transported him to the Shelby County jail.

A CPO was called to assist Shelby County Sheriff’s Office at a large fight at a private campground along the Kaskaskia River below Lake Shelbyville.  The only Shelby County Deputy working was diverted to a DUI traffic accident with injuries.  The CPO responded to a large fight and underage drinking party by himself.  One of the fighters and underage drinkers jumped in the swift moving river in an attempt to get away.  The intoxicated subject (a Taylorville minor) quickly began to struggle in the river.  The CPO convinced the subject to come back to him on shore.  The CPO arrested the subject for unlawful consumption of alcohol by a minor.  The main offender (a Decatur man) left in a vehicle as the CPO was arriving.  One victim suffered forty stitches, minor burns and a broken jaw from being struck several times in the face with a large burning stick out of the campfire.  The CPO is continuing the investigation collecting witness statements.  Charges are pending completion of investigation. 

CPOs arrested two minor girls for the unlawful consumption of alcohol at Lake Paradise in Coles County.  They cited a man for pollution of waterway for throwing his beer cans into Lake Paradise.

A CPO cited an Eagle Creek State Park camper for possession of drug paraphernalia and less then 2.5g of cannabis after the man had built a fire in an unauthorized area.

CPOs arrested a Decatur woman in possession of less than 2.5G of cannabis while fishing below the Lake Decatur Dam on the Sangamon River.

A CPO cited a man for failing to release short bass at Hidden Springs State Forest pond.

While patrolling Mascoutin State Recreation Area, a CPO made a stop on a speeding vehicle in the park.  During this stop he found open alcohol and that one of the passengers was wanted on two warrants out of Macon County.  The wanted subject was arrested and the driver was cited for open alcohol and no proof of insurance. 

While checking fisherman at the spillway of Clinton Lake, a CPO encountered a subject fishing that was a convicted sexual predator.  The CPO arrested the subject for a sexual predator being present in a public park.  He was transported to the Dewitt County jail for booking. 

While handling a complaint on an illegal camper with an illegal fire, a CPO encountered a convicted child sex offender.  The convicted child sex offender was illegally camped at Middlefork State Fish & Wildlife area with his 14 year old son.  The CPO arrested the subject for possession of cannabis, illegal fire, illegal camping and for a convicted child sex offender being in a public conservation area. 

While working Mascoutin State Recreation Area, a CPO made a vehicle stop on a vehicle near the Clinton Lake Beach Area.  The CPO found the driver of the vehicle to have a suspended driver’s license. 

While checking fisherman at the Clinton Lake Spillway, a CPO arrested a Dewitt County subject for possession of cannabis.  This subject was also a convicted child sex offender.  On top of the drug charges he was arrested for unlawfully being in a public park. 

A CPO arrested a Dewitt County female for unlawful possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  This subject had driven off the roadway into a day use area. 

A CPO arrested a Champaign County subject that was wanted on two warrants out of White County, with a bond of $6,000.  The subject was fishing at the Clinton Lake Spillway when the CPO encountered him.  This subject and his group also had several fishing violations. 

CPOs arrested a convicted violent sexual predator that was fishing at Moraine View State Park.  The subject also had fishing violations. 

Several fishing, boating and traffic violations were issued by officers also over the weekend. 

A CPO conducted a vehicle registration check of a truck in Sullivan which revealed that the registered owner was wanted on a warrant for stalking out of Shelby County.  The CPO conducted a traffic stop and the driver was the wanted subject.  The subject was taken into custody to the Moultrie County jail and issued a citation for failure to wear seatbelt.

A CPO was monitoring a pursuit by the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department when they lost the subject.  The CPO located the subject and followed him to Grafton.  Grafton Police attempted to stop the subject, and the subject fled.  The CPO pursued the subject. The subject turned into a local business in Grafton and was apprehended by the CPO.

A CPO was checking fishermen at Otter Lake in Macoupin County when he checked two fishermen without fishing licenses. Both subjects were wanted on warrants.

A CPO spoke to forty kids about boat safety at the Mt. Sterling YMCA.

District 16 CPOs participated in Firearms Training to finish the annual spring shoot.

A CPO reported that two subjects who each shot an over limit of migratory game birds each paid $275.00 in fines to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Each subject killed five mallards while hunting at Horseshoe Lake public hunting area in Alexander County.  The subjects thought they could kill six mallards and the violation was detected when the subjects were showing their harvested ducks to site personnel.
A CPO arrested two subjects bow fishing in a closed area of the United States Fish and Wildlife Refuge at Crab Orchard Refuge.

A CPO investigated two boat registration inspections and found both boats approved for Illinois registration and titles.

District 16 CPOs participated in the IDOT Traffic Grant in Jackson and Williamson Counties.

A District Sergeant arrested a Jackson County man for driving while suspended at Lake Murphysboro State Park.

District 14 CPOs participated in the IDOT Traffic Grant in Franklin County.

District 14 CPOs attended the Spring Firearms Qualification Shoot at 10 Mile State Park.

A CPO assisted Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department employee on a domestic complaint.

A CPO assisted Saline County Sheriff’s on a disturbance call at a residence.

District 14 patrolled Rend Lake waterways specifically targeting OUI violations.

Office of Law Enforcement
June 29, 2011


While checking sport fishermen in the Starved Rock Nature Preserve one subject was found to be fishing without a current fishing license and another had alcohol in a restricted area. Both subjects were issued citations.

A CPO arrested a subject on an IDOT Alcohol Detail for possession of alcohol in a restricted area (Starved Rock Campgrounds).

CPOs and a District Sergeant worked an Operation Dry Water Detail with Iowa Conservation Police on the Mississippi River. During the detail, CPOs stopped 36 watercraft. They issued 9 citations and 10 warnings for various boating violations.

A District 6 CPO performed a courtesy boat safety inspection on a boat that was about to launch in Pierce Lake at Rock Cut State Park. There were two adults and one 10 year old boy about to launch. The ten year old boy was wearing an adult PFD that was too big for him. There was only one other adult PFD onboard the boat and no child size PFDs. The CPO advised the operator of the laws governing children in appropriate size PFDs. The operator decided to take his boat out of the water and launch another day when he had the appropriate PFDs onboard.

A District 1 CPO responded to a report of drowning at Apple River Canyon State Park and assisted recovery efforts by utilizing the side scan sonar.

A CPO completed a safety inspection with a boat just getting ready to launch at the Johnson Sauk Trail Lake. A computer check of the boat operator showed an outstanding warrant for his arrest for a seat belt ticket he failed to pay. The man was arrested and transported to the Annawan Police Department where bond was posted.

While working boaters on Mississippi River Pool 16, a CPO located a watercraft driving toward the launch very slowly. When the watercraft reached the launch, the CPO observed approximately 20 empty beer cans lying on the floor of the watercraft. Conducting an inspection of the watercraft, the operator appeared to be intoxicated. When told he appeared to be intoxicated, the operator agreed he was. The operator was arrested for OUI and for possession of cannabis. The operator submitted a breath sample indicating his BAC was .10.

A District 6 CPO worked a boat safety detail at the Kishwaukee River Forest Preserve in Winnebago County. Violations detected and addressed included several unregistered canoes, kayaks and rafts. Also included were insufficient, and in most cases, no PFDs as well as several minors consuming alcoholic beverages.

A District 1 CPO issued a citation to a Thomson man for operating an off road motorcycle through the Thomson/Fulton Sand Prairie Nature Preserve near Michelson’s Landing.
A District 1 CPO issued a citation to a subject in Morrison Rockwood State Park for illegal transportation of alcohol as a passenger after the vehicle was stopped for speeding.

A District 7 CPO cited two subjects for unlawful operation of an ATV in a state park. The officer has been trying to catch the offenders for at least a month.

A District 7 Officer was contacted to investigate a timber cut that was being done. Both sides of the fence where the cut was being completed involved civil issues. One side of the fence was owned by the Village of Vermont and the other side was a family trust. No criminal violations were occurring.

Nothing reported

Nothing reported

A CPO received a call from an informant regarding illegal snagging of paddlefish near Fults, IL. He was on his day off so he contacted another CPO. That CPO responded to the complaint and apprehended a subject for illegally snagging paddlefish from Prairie DuRocher Creek. He seized 6 paddlefish from the subject.

A CPO was patrolling Monroe County when he observed a vehicle driving slowly and stopping periodically on the roadway. He first thought the subject was catching bullfrogs along the roadway as they were very prevalent due to recent flooding. He observed the vehicle for a short distance before stopping it for failing to signal before turning onto Fults Road. He made contact with the driver and found the driver was intoxicated and had an open container of beer. The driver failed sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI.

CPOs were patrolling the Kaskaskia River from a boat. They were conducting boat safety checks when they encountered a boat occupied by several subjects. While conducting a safety equipment check they believed the operator was under the influence of alcohol. The operator submitted to and failed sobriety tests. His BAC was 0.163.

A CPO was working the Willie Nelson Concert detail at the World Shooting Complex in Sparta. He responded to one of the many fights that occurred during the concert. One of the subjects involved in the fight wished to press charges against the other subject involved in the fight. The CPO initiated the investigation and the subject was arrested later that evening.

Officers assigned to the Willie Nelson Concert detail issued 26 citations in the first hour of the show for illegal transportation of alcohol in a motor vehicle.
A CPO was patrolling Monroe County when he encountered five underage subjects consuming alcohol. While dealing with the underage drinkers another subject drove up in a car. The CPO spoke with the driver and detected a strong odor of alcohol. When asked if he had been drinking the driver stated he was drunk. The driver failed sobriety tests and had a BAC of 0.156

A CPO was patrolling Eldon Hazlet State Park when he observed a vehicle speeding. He stopped the vehicle and found the passenger in possession of an open container of alcohol.

While patrolling Coffeen Lake, a CPO found a subject taking bullfrogs out of season.

A CPO responded to a complaint at Frank Holten State Park regarding a fight between two subjects. After interviewing the two subjects involved, and documenting injuries suffered by the female subject, he arrested a male subject for battery.

A CPO was patrolling the Kaskaskia River working commercial gear when he encountered a subject setting illegal limb lines. After a bit of a debate with the subject, he issued the subject for the illegal limb lines.

A CPO was patrolling the Kaskaskia River and located some commercial gear that did not have gear tags. He checked the local stores where the gear tags are sold and found they had been issuing new gear tags for a couple months prior to locating the untagged nets. He located the owner of the nets and interviewed the subject. The subject admitted to setting the nets without first looking to purchase the gear tags. The appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A District Sergeant and CPOs attended boat training at Springfield Lake. The training included boat operation and maintenance.

Boat patrols were made this past weekend on Kinkaid Lake with priority on alcohol violations.

Dist 16 CPOs attended the ASA Archery tourney at Mermet Conservation Area.

A District Sergeant is in a jury trial at Jackson County on a former Carbondale police officer who robbed a bank in Carbondale. The Sergeant drove by the robbery as it was taking place and gave chase to the suspects.

CPOs arrested a man on Kinkaid Lake for unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. The subject was cited and released.

A CPO concluded a case where two men were fined $300.00 for hunting from a roadway. The fine money was sent to the Illinois Conservation Foundation.

All District 16 CPOs participated in Operation Dry Water in an effort to heighten awareness for boat operators.