Office of Law Enforcement

January 5, 2011


While on patrol, a District 7 Sergeant observed garbage dumped at a state site parking lot.  An investigation resulted in the issuance of a citation for littering on DNR property.

While on patrol at Starved Rock State park after the holidays a District 6 officer observed that several of the parks garbage dumpsters were full of what appeared to be trash brought in from outside the park.  The trash was searched for evidence of ownership and several forms of identification were discovered including children’s report cards from a local high school.  Two of the trash’s owners were located in two nearby towns and were ticketed for unlawfully depositing the trash within the park.

A male subject who was arrested this summer for DUI pleaded guilty in LaSalle County Court to DUI and Endangering the Life/Health of a child.  When arrested, there were two young children in the vehicle and his BAC was .159.  He was assessed a total fine/costs of $2350.00. 

A male subject who was arrested for Hunting by the Aid/Use of a Motor Vehicle and Unlawful Transportation of an Uncased Firearm pleaded guilty and was assessed a total fine of $1000.00

A District 7 CPO received a complaint during the late winter deer season of a subject hunting deer too close to a residence.  Upon investigation, the CPO found numerous violations including:  hunting deer over a baited area, hunting without permission, failure to wear orange, trapping while using exposed bait, failure to tag traps with name and address. The appropriate citations were issued.

A District 6 CPO conducted a joint investigation with the Illinois State Police into illegal taking of a White-tail deer, hunting without permission and deer hunting within 300 yards of a residence. The investigation resulted in the issuance of nine (9) citations to three hunters and a civil penalty of $250 for the taking of the White-tail deer.

A District 6 CPO was called to the Princeton hospital in reference to a snowmobile accident.  Upon arriving he found a female who appeared to be intoxicated, with a broken shoulder.  The female stated that she was going 10 miles per hour when she fell off of her snowmobile into the ditch causing her shoulder to break.  She also stated that she had no alcohol to drink.  The female refused a preliminary breath test and refused a blood and urine sample.  The female was issued a citation for operating a snowmobile under the Influence of alcohol (OUI) and a citation for failing to transfer the snowmobile’s registration.  She will lose her snowmobiling privilege for two years for refusing to submit to chemical testing.  An inspection of the snowmobile showed damage to the windshield and some damage to the body of the snowmobile inconsistent with the story of the female.

A District 1 CPO was called to a road hunting complaint.  An off duty deputy was archery deer hunting when he observed an SUV stop on the roadway and open fire from the passenger window.  The offender shot at two deer and wounded one.  Evidence was recovered from the scene and the deputy identified the occupants of the SUV.  The CPO went to the suspect’s house and the shooter claimed to be shooting at a rabbit.  The 17 year old shooter was cited for hunting from the roadway and no FOID card.  The 16 year old driver was cited as an accessory to the charge of hunting from the roadway.  Additional charges are pending. 

A District 7 Officer responded to a complaint of two subjects hunting without permission.  The Officer observed the individuals upland game hunting without blaze orange caps.  The subjects were approached and one of them was discovered to be a prior felon and did not possess a valid FOID card.  The subject was taken to the Woodford County Jail and charged with the class 3 felony.

While conducting business inspections, a District 1 CPO discovered information that led to the arrest of two subjects for taking three deer illegally.  The subjects received citations for tagging deer with another hunter’s tags.  The meat and antlers of the deer were seized as evidence.  The subjects also received several written warnings. 

A District 7 CPO received a request for a salvage deer tag in McDonough County near Macomb.  After talking to the landowner who found the deer, it was determined that the deer had been a crippled from the first gun deer season.  Follow-up investigation determined that a customer/client of a local outfitter had hunted in McDonough County on an adjacent property with a Hancock county deer permit.  The outfitter was issued a citation for allowing a client to deer hunt without a valid deer permit.  The 12 pt. buck deer head was seized as evidence.

A check of an archer deer hunter at Spoon River State Forest found that he was hunting without a habitat stamp.  He insisted that he had purchased one at a local Wal-Mart when he bought his license.  A check of the POS website found no such transaction.  He was issued a written warning and instructed to purchase one or correct the mistake that the Wal-Mart may have made.

A check of four late winter firearm deer hunters found they had transported two shotguns not properly cased.  A juvenile male had also failed to purchase a hunting license when getting his over the counter deer permit.  Written warnings were issued for the violations.

A District 7 CPO found several bags of trash along a rural Knox County township road.  Inspection of the bags found them to contain mostly empty beer cans.  Several pieces of mail and a sheet of self printed business cards belonged to a Knoxville resident.  Investigation continues and appropriate enforcement action will be taken.

The annual IDNR sponsored Youth Goose Hunt was held in Fulton County on 12/27/2010.  Over 40 youth hunters participated.  Unfortunately, due to the heavy snow and cold over Christmas weekend, many of the geese had left the area.  The local CPO, as well as other volunteers, donated their time and pits to make this year another success.

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported

A CPO assisted Calhoun County with the storm that came through on New Year’s Eve. Route 96 had one-lane traffic. He directed traffic until the tree was removed. He then checked several houses in West Panther Creek. One house had a window out and part of the roof was gone.

A CPO investigated a subject that applied for a lifetime hunting licenses. The subject was determined to be an Iowa Resident and was issued a citation for falsification of the lifetime license.

A District Sergeant closed a case in Calhoun County. He arrested a subject for fleeing and eluding, driving while revoked, operating an ATV on the roadway, and no insurance. Even though all charges were dismissed, the case had a favorable outcome. The subject was arrested prior to that date for aggravated DUI. He was due to plead guilty and go to prison for two and a half years.  As a result of Sergeant’s arrest, the subject received five years in prison.  

A CPO checked a deer hunter as he was driving out of a field. He had a loaded, uncased shotgun sitting in the passenger seat next to him.  He said he thought the gun had to be cased once he was on the road.  He also had failed to sign his deer permit and hunting license. He was issued a citation for the loaded, uncased shotgun and written warning for the unsigned permit/license.

A CPO checked two deer hunters coming out of the woods after hunting hours.  One (youth) still had his gun loaded and was not wearing a blaze orange hat.  The other (grandfather) didn't have a blaze orange hat either.  They were both issued written warnings for the violations and were explained the regulations for deer hunting.

A CPO received a call from the Region V Office stating a coon hunter’s dog was caught in a trap at Cache Wetlands State Recreational Area north of Karnak. He spoke with the complainant at the location where it occurred the night before. The coon hunter heard his dog making a scratching noise and went over to investigate. He found his dogs head caught in a bucket set body gripping trap. He managed to free the animal with the help of another hunter. The dog was resuscitated at the scene and brought back to life. The hunters thought it was illegal to use a bucket trap with bait inside the bucket. The hunter took the trap with him after the incident. The CPO looked at the trap and determined it was no more than 7", and tagged with the owner’s name and address. He took the trap back to the owner and verified he had his trapping license. There were no violations.

A CPO opened an investigation's into an outfitter in Williamson County and a investigation of a non-resident from New Jersey, falsifying information to obtain a resident deer permit.  USFW agents and New Jersey Conservation Officers are assisting. These investigations are on-going.

A CPO apprehended two Coulterville archery deer hunters that were cited for failing to report deer kill on day of the kill.  One hunter was additionally charged with taking a deer after hours with bow and arrow.  The incident was reported as an alleged hunting without permission case by a landowner who alleged the deer may have been killed on his property.  The landowner provided a picture phone message of the hunter and two deer.   It was later determined that the deer were legally killed on private property.  The hunter inadvertently admitted to the other violations in the interview.  He also implicated the second hunter in the interview for failing to report on time. Four written warnings were also issued to the hunters.

A CPO was dispatched to Chester (Randolph County) to assist with a traffic stop on an alleged hunter who was caught trespassing. The incident was reported as occurring on the County State’s
Attorney’s property.  Upon arrival, he was informed the State’s Attorney did not wish to charge the hunter.  Other violations were discovered after interviewing the hunter.  He was charged with no valid firearm deer permit and failure to tag upon kill.  

A CPO apprehended a Coulterville hunter for hunting from his motor vehicle with a rifle, hunting from a highway and shooting from a roadway.  The hunter claimed to have been shooting at a coyote.  A savage model 10 rifle was seized as a result of the arrest. The incident was observed by a CPO while monitoring a field of snow geese.  

A CPO inspected a Red Bud hunter while leaving the woods on his 4-wheeler, A compliance check was conducted on the firearm deer hunter.  The hunter had a cased but loaded12 gauge shotgun on the 4 wheeler.  The hunter was cited for transporting a loaded firearm on motor vehicle.

A CPO, at the request of the Perry County Assistant State’s Attorney, cited an Arnold, MO hunter for failing to purchase a non-resident archery buck tag.  The hunter purchased a non-resident antlerless tag and killed a four point buck.  The case originated from a TIPS complaint that was reported in October of 2010.

January 12, 2011

A District 7 CPO assisted Fulton County Deputies with the recovery of a stolen ATV after it was reported by deer Hunters.  The ATV was stolen in November, and rolled into a deep ravine approximately 7 miles away.  Fulton County is continuing the investigation.

A District 7 CPO investigated two possible cougar sightings in Henderson County.  An unusual track was found at one of the sites.

A District 6 CPO made an arrest during an investigation.   A male subject from Malta, IL was issued a citation for unlawful possession of a white-tailed deer (failure to report harvest).  The subject will have a mandatory court date in DeKalb County next month.

A District 6 CPO issued two citations to a subject for hunting without permission and hunting within 300 yards of a residence. The offenses occurred during the Late Winter Deer Season and were a joint investigation with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Illinois State Police.  

A District 1 CPO responded to a report of a highly intoxicated suicidal subject barricaded in a residence.  The subject was reportedly threatening to burn his house down.  Witness advised the subject was in possession of a 9mm handgun.  The CPO assisted the Mercer County Sheriff’s Dept. in securing the perimeter and conducting surveillance on the residence.  The Mercer County Tactical Team arrived, made entry into the residence, and secured the subject without incident.  The subject was transported to the hospital for an evaluation.

A District 7 CPO responded to a complaint of two subjects hunting without landowner permission in Henry County.  The CPO located the two suspects in a nearby residence.  The pair of hunters was from Maryland.  Both hunters produced non-resident archery deer permits and non-resident 5-Day hunting licenses.  Both licenses were issued and expired in October.  While talking with the deer hunters, the CPO determined one of them provided me with false identification.  The permits and license he was in possession of did not belong to him.  The CPO seized both subject’s compound bows, hunting licenses and the deer permit that the subject fraudulently portrayed as his.  The CPO issued one subject two citations for unlawfully hunting without landowner permission and unlawfully hunting without a valid non-resident license.  The CPO issued the other subject citations for obstructing/providing false information to avoid arrest, unlawfully hunting without landowner permission, unlawfully hunting without a valid non-resident hunting license, unlawfully hunting without a valid non-resident deer permit, and unlawful possession of a deer permit issued to another hunter while in the field hunting.  Other charges may be added pending the final outcome of the investigation.

Two District 7 CPOs responded to a call of two ATVs that were trespassing on DNR property and had broken through thin ice on backwater of the Illinois River at Pekin Lake.  The ATV operators had gone into water over their heads and clawed their way back onto the thin ice.  The ATVs were recovered and their engines were severely damaged. The operators were issued citations but thankful to be alive. 

A District 6 CPO attended court on his day off regarding an arrest of the individual for his fourth DUI.  The individual was contesting his suspension, but changed his mind after the officer arrived in court.  The officer also had court the same day for an individual that was hunting over a baited area.  The individual pleaded guilty without the officer testifying. 

Nothing reported

Nothing reported

REGION IV                  
A CPO checked three out-of-state archery hunters in Jersey County. Two subjects were hunting in a Nature Preserve.  All three were hunting over bait.

A CPO checked a parked truck and noticed an empty gun case inside. He found the person with a rifle who was whitetail archery hunting.

A CPO assisted the Pike County Sheriff's Department in locating a missing subject. The subject was involved in an ATV accident which resulted in his death.

District 16 CPOs conducted commercial waterfowl inspection on hunting clubs in Union and Alexander Counties.  Offenses ranged from failure to sign in hunters, unplugged guns, no hunting license, and other written warning offenses which range from lead shot to failure to maintain separate bag limits.  Frozen conditions hindered the harvest of waterfowl most of the week due to extremely cold conditions.

A CPO responded to a complaint at Pyramid State Park.  A Pinckneyville hunter was cited for entering onto a freelance area before hours, three warnings were also issued as a result of the complaint.

A CPO cited a Tennessee hunter for allowing his son (14) to hunt with an unplugged shotgun.  At the time of the compliance check the firearm was loaded with four shotgun shells.  

A CPO received a report of found skeletal remains in the Mississippi River in Mississippi County, MO.  He contacted the coroner and advised him that there was a drowning south of Cairo, Illinois back in August 15, 2010. The coroner advised the remains were to be sent to an anthropologist in St. Louis. They advised they would call when they developed a profile of the victim. He spoke with both parents of the victim and advised them of the current situation. The investigation is pending.

A CPO received a call from District 22 stating they received a 911 call from a landowner in Karnak, IL.  The landowner was distraught over several hunters hunting close to her residence and on her property.  Upon arrival he found a hunting party of five loading up in their vehicles. He spoke with all of them and checked their credentials.  He called the landowner and asked her to come down the road to the location and explain where they were hunting.  She said they were shooting from the road right next to her house.  I followed her to the location and found several spent shell casings lying on the road (city street) Karnak.  I collected the spent rounds and went back to the hunters and asked them to produce any rounds they had with them.  They matched a couple shell casings.  After some hesitation, two finally admitted to shooting/hunting on the road.  A citation was issued for hunting on the highway and a written warning was issued for hunting within 100 yards of a dwelling.

January 19, 2011

A District 7 CPO responded to a citizen complaint near Peoria of what appeared to be a deer being killed in the homeowner’s front yard while they were not home due to the large amounts of blood in the snow.  The suspect deer hunter had wounded the deer on property he had permission to hunt; however, the injured deer jumped the fence and died on property the hunter did not have permission to be on.  The homeowner showed the CPO where the deer hunter had driven through their front yard and loaded the deer into his vehicle approximately 30 yards from their front door to their residence.   Upon further inspection, the hunter shot the deer from a tree stand that was illegally baited.   Enforcement action was taken. 

A District 1 CPO investigated a case of a subject taking an antlered deer during the late winter antlerless only firearm season in Stephenson County. The investigation resulted in the seizure of a 9pt deer rack that had been taken to the taxidermist and one citation was issued.

A District 6 CPO, with the assistance of the local Sheriff's Office, arrested two individuals that were unlawfully hunting whitetail deer on private property during the late winter firearm season.  The CPO flushed both individuals out of the woods to a county deputy where they were taken into custody.  The individuals were unlawfully hunting deer but failed to purchase any license or permit required for hunting.  One was hunting with a bow and the other was hunting with a shotgun.  Both individuals failed to wear any blaze orange.

The first individual was issued eleven citations; attempting to unlawfully take a whitetail deer, hunting without a license, hunting without a habitat stamp, hunting without blaze orange, hunting without a deer permit, possession of a firearm without a valid FOID (revoked), possession of ammunition without a valid FOID card (revoked), unlawfully transporting an uncased firearm, hunting without permission, criminal trespass to real property, and failure to wear a seatbelt.

The second individual was issued ten citations; hunting without a license, hunting without a habitat stamp, hunting without a deer permit, hunting without blaze orange, hunting without permission, criminal trespass to real property, attempting to unlawfully take a deer, operating a vehicle without insurance, defective windshield, and failure to wear a seatbelt.

 Both individuals were taken to jail.  The firearm and all hunting gear were seized.  The first individual was previously arrested by the Illinois Conservation Police in 2009 for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol and in 2004 for failing to secure a child under 13 in a life jacket.

During the late winter antlerless only season a Region 1 CPO found a bow hunter hunting a state owned hunting area. This particular area was closed to all hunters except firearm deer hunters with a site specific permit. The hunter was not wearing the required blaze orange.  Enforcement action was taken.

A District 6 CPO, with the assistance of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, charged two men involved with the illegal taking of a deer.   After receiving a complaint of a vehicle parked in the roadway and hearing shots coming from the vehicle after shooting hours, the CPO and deputy found a male
subject parked on the roadway with his lights off.  He said his vehicle was broke down.  He was found to have an uncased and loaded shotgun in the trunk.  While interviewing the first subject, a second came walking out of a field.  He had a .22 caliber rifle in his possession.   He later admitted to shooting a deer from the vehicle after dark.  Both men were charged and both the shotgun and rifle were seized.

A District 6 CPO stopped and checked two men skinning two deer at a residence in Putnam County.  The deer had the heads removed.  After interviewing one of the subjects, he admitted to shooting an antlered buck deer during the antlerless only firearm season. 

A District 6 CPO issued a Bureau County man a citation after he attempted to kill geese after the season was closed.   No geese were killed

In the fall of 2009, while conducting watercraft inspections, a District 1 CPO found that some local boaters had been over charged while renewing/transferring their boat registration through a local business.  Further investigation into the business found that in excess of forty people had been over charged.  Numerous tax violations were also found by the CPO.  As the investigation continued, it became evident the Illinois Department of Revenue was conducting a parallel investigation on the business.  Continuing with a “joint investigation”, a request for charges was submitted to the Rock Island County State’s Attorney’s Office.  Though all possible charges were not filed, the business was charged with eleven class three felonies for fraud and filing false tax documents.  They were also charged with nine class A misdemeanor counts of theft by deceptive practice. 

A District 1 CPO was called to investigate a coyote “nailed” to a tree.  The investigation did not find a violation with the coyote.  However, the hunter was cited for using another hunter’s deer tag.  The hunter admitted he wanted to continue to hunt for “bucks”.  A deer was seized as part of the investigation.  The hunter also agreed to remove the coyote from the tree.
A District 6 CPO made an arrest of a male subject at Shabbona Lake State Park.  The subject was checked while ice fishing by the plain clothed officer and was found to have caught and kept over the limit of crappie for the lake.  The subject was given a citation for unlawful take over the limit of crappie and released on scene.

A District 7 CPO received a call of individuals hunting deer from a vehicle.  The CPO spoke with the complainant and got a description of the vehicle and a possible suspect.  After interviewing the suspects the officer got a full confession.  The subjects admitted to shooting at a doe, with a .22 riffle, from their vehicle.  The officer did not locate any dead deer.  The subjects will be charged after the investigation is complete.

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported.


A CPO investigated a complaint of a deer hunter hunting on private property without permission in Johnson County. The subject was later located at his residence in Williamson County.  After interviewing the subject, the CPO issued him citations for hunting without permission and using a shotgun while only having a muzzleloader permit. The subject was issued written warnings for blaze orange violation and not having a habitat stamp. This same subject was arrested in the 2009 season for hunting whitetail deer by use or aid of bait.

A CPO responded to a complaint of unlawful taking of whitetail deer in Williamson County. The deer in question was proved to be legally taken, however, another deer head was found to have not been reported to the IDNR for a salvage permit. The subject was given a written warning and a salvage tag.
A CPO responded to complaint at Pyramid State Park regarding an early entry complaint.  The hunters were located and cited for the violation.  The hunters entered a freelance area an hour and a half before hours. 

A CPO conducted numerous deer compliance checks during the late winter deer season.  One hunter was issued a written warning for a permit violation.

A CPO met with a subject in reference to a lifetime hunting license investigation. Information was forwarded to him from another CPO on or around December 1st, 2010.  The CPO completed the investigation by acquiring the subject's Missouri state tax records, MO DNR hunting records, and interview information, etc.  He was cited with falsification or misrepresentation to receive a lifetime hunting license.

A CPO is closing a drowning that occurred on the Mississippi River in August of 2010. Eli Culp drowned in Angelo Chute/Mississippi River. On 1/04/2011 skeletal remains were found around 10 miles south of there and on the bank of the Mississippi River. The remains were recovered by Mississippi County Missouri Sheriff’s Department. The remains were sent to an anthropologist in St Louis where they were identified as Eli Culp.  The CPO assisted the anthropologist by forwarding her the contact for dental record information and notification to the parents.

A CPO located a non-resident hunter and issued written warnings for failure to have hunting license and deer permits in the field.  He had left them in his vehicle.  He was also issued a written warning for failure to have his bow fully cased in his vehicle as well. 

A CPO assisted the Union County State’s Attorney regarding reopening a prior felony drug case methamphetamine/spotlighting arrest based on revocation of felony probation.  It is still undetermined whether it will be prosecuted in state or federal court.

A CPO attempted to locate two subjects hiding out or squatting on property located along railroad tracks near Dongola. The subjects were wearing military fatigues. The CPO found evidence (footprints) near a large tunnel going into a hillside where they may be living. The area will be checked for further activity.

A CPO assisted Union County Sheriff’s Office with locating a mentally handicapped patient who walked away from Choate Mental Institution on a 20 degree day in only a sweatshirt.  Subject was located in a rural area near the hospital approximately one hour later.

A CPO closed a poaching case where a subject cited for killing three deer and two wild turkey unlawfully.  He was fined $1260.00 and forfeited a 2009 Bowtech compound bow.

A District Sergeant and CPOs inspected commercial goose clubs in Williamson County. The district wide detail resulted in inspecting approximately seventy hunters, seven written warnings were issued, one lead shot citation was issued, and one unlawful gift of birds citation was issued.

A CPO removed an abandon blind from IDNR site Burning Star 5.

A CPO is investigating a commercial timber buyer cutting timber in Jefferson County without payment to land owner.

CPOs conducted the annual armorer inspections of the Glock pistols at the January District #14 meeting.

January 26, 2011

A District 7 CPO conducted a coyote detail in Warren and Fulton counties.  The detail was in response to an annual coyote competition in central Illinois.

While on patrol in Marshall County, the District Sergeant talked with a homeowner about some coyote hunters that she thought were too close to her house.  They were not but a short time later the hunters were observed in another field.  A surveillance position was obtained and a stop was made on the pickup truck with two males inside.  An uncased rifle and an uncased shotgun were observed.  Citations were issued to the driver and passenger.

A Peru man will be charged with possession of a controlled substance after a District 6 CPO was contacted by a Starved Rock Lodge employee and given an empty cigarette pack that contained a small bag containing a white powder that had been found in an employee outdoor smoking area.  After reviewing security video and interviewing employees a suspect developed.  During an interview with the suspect, he admitted that the white powder (heroin) was his.  The man claimed that he was a former addict and kept the drug as a reminder of his addiction. 

A District 1 CPO stopped an Iowa timber truck in Ogle County and discovered the driver had no proof of ownership. The driver was issued one citation and two written warnings.

A District 1 CPO continued to work a Henry County illegal deer hunting investigation.  An additional charge is pending.  Maryland DNR Police are assisting in the investigation.

A District 1 CPO arrested a Prophetstown man wanted on a Whiteside County warrant for possession of cannabis 30-500 grams.  The subject and his buddies were having a good day ice fishing the lower end of Spring Lake on pool 13 of the Mississippi River in Carroll County; with a nice mess of “Jumbo” Yellow perch.  The Prophetstown man did not possess a Sport Fishing License, but did possess drug paraphernalia and a small amount of cannabis, in addition to the $500.00 cannabis warrant.  Subject was taken off the ice and transported to the Carroll County Jail.

District 1 CPOs arrested a group of coyote hunters between Thomson and Savanna after observing them commit several wildlife violations.  Officers watched as the group used pick-up trucks to cut the running coyote off, and then shoot the coyote from the truck window while in the middle of the roadway.  Individuals charged were from Savanna, Thomson, and Fenton.  Several citations were issued including use and aid of motor vehicle to hunt/take coyote, hunting along the highway, discharging a firearm from the roadway, transporting loaded /uncased firearms, and allowing minor child to commit the same.  Notices to Appear for court dates were issued.  Coyote and firearms were seized.

CPOs attempted to stop a snowmobile on the Chain O’ Lakes.  The operator turned around and attempted to flee, but was apprehended.  The operator was wanted on a warrant for failure to appear on a DUI charge.  He was charged with failure to stop for an inspection and transported to the McHenry County jail for the warrant.

CPOs were working a snowmobile check point at night on the Chain O' Lakes.  One CPO arrested the operator of a snowmobile for OUI after the subject failed field sobriety testing.  The operator was intoxicated and thought he was heading home, but was actually heading in the wrong direction.  His BAC was .169%. 

A CPO cited a subject on the Fox River for falsification of a snowmobile application and no valid registration.  The subject presented the application to the CPO and stated two times that he sent the application to Springfield.  While interviewing the subject and the seller of the snowmobile, who happened to be on another snowmobile, the CPO learned the seller never signed the application.  The subject finally admitted to not properly filling out the application or submitting it to Springfield.

A CPO investigated a snowmobile accident on the Fox River.  The subject was traveling approximately 30 to 35 MPH when his snowmobile slid out from underneath him.  The subject fell off the sled breaking his right shoulder. 
A CPO arrested a fisherman on Wonder Lake for possession of drug paraphernalia.

A CPO arrested a second individual fishing on Wonder Lake for fishing without a license, possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

CPOs have been assisting the Round Lake Beach police department on an interagency, multi-state, snowmobile theft ring.  So far during the investigation, two subjects have been linked to eleven stolen snowmobiles, six trailers, and three boats, with an estimated value of over $100,000.   

A subject arrested for DUI on an ATV on Wonder Lake in 2010 pleaded guilty and paid $1,100 in fines/costs.  The State's Attorney amended the charge to an OUI watercraft.

Two subjects a CPO cited for taking migratory birds after hours in October pleaded guilty and paid $210 in fines each.

A subject cited for renting boats without a license to do so and un-numbered watercraft pleaded guilty and paid a total of $412 in fines.

Nothing reported

Nothing reported

A CPO was checking hunters at the Union County refuge controlled hunt area and a resident hunter was cited for possessing over the limit of allowed shells and a second hunter was issued a written warning for possessing over the limit of allowed shells.  A non-resident hunter was cited for possessing over the limit of allowed shells.  A second non-resident hunter was issued a written warning for possessing over the limit of allowed shells.

While checking hunters at the Horseshoe Lake FWA controlled hunt area, a resident hunter was cited for possessing over the limit of allowed shells.  A second resident hunter was issued a written warning for possessing over the limit of allowed shells

A CPO handled duck over-limit call at Horseshoe Lake.  Both hunters were in excess of one drake mallard.  The violation was discovered by site personnel.  Charges will be referred to USFWS.

A CPO is monitoring commercial fishing activity from out-of-town and non-resident commercial fishermen on the Mississippi River. River patrol detail will be scheduled to monitor their activity.

District 16 conducted waterfowl enforcement details on the public hunting areas at Horseshoe and Union County public waterfowl hunting areas for the last week of duck season produced wrong shot size (F shot), and possession of too many shells were discovered during the details.

A CPO assisted an individual in Thebes who was beginning to feel the effects of low blood sugar levels.  The CPO bought the diabetic individual a Coke and Mr. Pibb from the only soda machine in town to bring her sugar level up.  This was enough to counter the effects she was having and she was able to continue on to her home in Cape Girardeau.

A CPO Investigated a hunter for unlawful possession of deer by a Kentucky resident.  After four hours of questioning he finally admitted to hunting in Illinois and taking possession of a 13 pt and 8 pt rack.  He didn't have an Illinois permit or license.  He transported the racks
across state lines and used his wife's Kentucky tag on the 13 pt rack to take to a taxidermist. He was charged with several violations in Illinois and Kentucky.  

A CPO responded to complaint of hunting without permission.  The caller had coon hunters on his property.  After meeting with the hunters later that night, it was determined they had permission to hunt adjacent property, but not the two other parcels they were caught on. No enforcement action was taken.

A CPO was providing a deer salvage tag to a local resident and noticed a subject on an ATV driving on the road.  The ATV operator noticed him and quickly turned around and left at a high rate of speed.  The CPO was able to follow the tracks in the snow to his house and found out where he had gone.  About 15 minutes later he found him walking down the road.  Both returned to his house and he was issued a citation. 

A CPO responded to an area north of Renaud Hunting Club and on a private commercial club.  The owner leased an area to a group of gentlemen from out of town.  The CPO observed the area where he could clearly watch the hunter's every move.  He observed one hunter shoot a mallard drake at 5:34 p.m.; shooting hours ended at 5:11 p.m. The duck was seized and the case will be sent to the USFWS for referral.

A CPO cited an East Moline hunter for taking a doe during the late winter season in a county closed for deer hunting.  The hunter turned himself in after learning the county was closed for hunting.

A CPO opened an investigation of a timber buyer in a wrongful cutting case. This investigation is on-going.

A District Sergeant responded to a hunting without permission complaint.   Two hunters were hunting waterfowl without permission.  Upon his arrival, the landowner had made contact with the hunters and did know the hunters. No enforcement action was taken.  

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