October 2011

Office of Law Enforcement
November 2, 2011

A CPO received a call at home after his shift ended.  The caller (an elderly female) was upset because of goose hunters hunting in her corn field without permission.  The CPO went back on duty and made contact with the two Port Byron IL hunters.  There was no doubt they were in fact hunting geese.  The subjects were asked if they knew whose field they were hunting in and they did.  The hunters were asked if they had permission and they said yes.  The hunters were asked if they could demonstrate to the CPO in any way they had permission and they could not.  One hunter stated “I got permission five years ago when I started hunting geese”.  The CPO asked “how did you get it, by phone or did you go in person and talk to them?”  The hunter stated “neither one”.  The CPO informed them he had a complaint from the land owner and the land owner wanted citations issued.  The land owner stated “there have been many problems over the years and it’s time for tickets to be issued”.  The two hunters received citations for goose hunting without permission of land owner.

A CPO was invited to speak at the Rotary Club meeting in Rapids City IL.  The CPO spoke a few years before to the group on history and job duties of Conservation Police Officers.  This presentation focused on current law changes, duties of CPOs outside traditional roles of fish and game enforcement to include “Homeland Security, Disaster Response (flood, tornado etc.)” and challenges CPOs face as CPO staffing levels continue to decline rapidly.

A CPO received a complaint on an incident between a fisherman and duck hunters.  This incident took place on Mississippi River pool # 16 and remains under investigation.

A District 7 Officer received a complaint that an outfitter client had ventured off of their lease and was sitting in a tree stand on the neighboring property.  Investigation showed that the client had just gotten into town and was given a map of the property and expected to find the proper stand in the dark.  The outfitter was cited for the violation and the unknowing hunter was issued a written warning.

A CPO received a complaint of possible deer poaching from a local police department. According to a sergeant for the department who complained, he was made aware of a pick-up truck that drove off the roadway, down along a local river. Curious as to what they might be doing, the sergeant waited for them to exit the river bottom area.  Upon the suspect’s departure, the sergeant stopped them. The sergeant issued the suspect two citations for IVC violations. The following night, the sergeant heard two gunshots from the same location and while responding to an unrelated “shots fired” call and leaving the area of the suspected poaching complaint, he observed the same suspect vehicle pulling down to the river bottom area.

A CPO patrolled Snakeden Hollow State Fish and Wildlife Area.   The site has had numerous trespassing complaints due to the nice weather in October.   Dog walkers, joggers, fishermen, and photographers have all been found on site while the only authorized use is for goose hunting since the opening of the central zone waterfowl season.  A bow hunter was issued a written warning for being on site while closed for that activity.  Bow hunting is allowed on site with an annual permit, but not allowed during open goose season.  This hunter had failed to notice the closure dates provided him by the site superintendant and on his on-line dash card which he had printed and displayed while hunting. 

A complaint of hunting without permission was called in to a CPO in Winnebago County.  After several attempts by family members to catch the hunters in the five illegally placed stands, the family requested the CPO seize all five tree stands and check the fifty acres property during routine patrols for trespassing and/or illegal hunting.

A CPO assisted in the service of a search warrant in Henry County on an illegal hunting outfitter.

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported

A CPO stopped a vehicle during a night wildlife patrol. The vehicle was occupied by two coon hunters that had an uncased loaded .22 rifle. One citation was issued for the uncased gun.

A CPO responded to a complaint of a rifle shot in South Hamilton County.  The CPO stopped a white van with one male driver. The man said that he had been coyote hunting.  The CPO located an uncased 30-30- rifle in the front seat of the van. One citation was issued.

A CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint in rural Williamson County. The landowner showed the CPO where someone had put a deer stand up on his property.  The CPO returned the following morning and found the stand was not being hunted. The CPO decided to leave the property a different way and located two other deer stands that did not have permission to be on the property. It is under investigation.

A CPO issued a Creal Springs man a citation for feeding deer by use of corn in a feeder. The subject told the CPO he has not hunted it yet as he has not had time.

A CPO received a report of a Creal Springs subject using a motor vehicle to hunt deer from. The subject has been under investigation for the last few years and was arrested five years ago. 

A CPO responded to two hunting without permission complaints in Union County.

A CPO responded to a shooting from the roadway/shining complaint Union County.  No contact was made with the suspect.

A CPO located two subjects who were trespassing to harvest Ginseng and Golden Seal.  They came upon a bow hunter who had confronted them before about the same activity in the past.  When the hunter said something to them from the stand, they ran off into the timber.  The hunter called the CPO and he responded to the area after getting the description of them and the vehicle they drive.  As he arrived in the area the first vehicle he encountered was the suspect.  The CPO made a traffic stop on the vehicle.  The CPO noted that they were in possession of ginseng and golden seal which they had trespassed to harvest.  They did not have ginseng harvester’s licenses and the driver’s (who had a lengthy criminal history) driver’s license had been expired for 4 years. Citations were issued and they were processed and bonded at Union County Sheriff's Office.

A District Sergeant, CPO, and ISP Tech completed the Region V, District 16 command trailer electronic systems. It is now capable of Hi Band and Marine Band transmission on generator or battery backup system that can operate for a six hour period without power.  

Office of Law Enforcement
November 9, 2011

A District 7 Officer located a vehicle with out of state plates that appeared to be deer hunting.  Point of Sale showed the registered owner had just purchased a non-resident hunting license that morning, but had no valid deer permits.  After a short walk in the woods, the Officer located a subject deer hunting. When asked about a deer permit, the hunter stated that it was up in the truck.  At the truck, the out of state subject produced a “Property Only “permit that was issued to his mother-in-law who is an Illinois resident.  Appropriate citations were issued.

A District 1 officer issued a citation for hunting without permission in Whiteside County on opening night of the north zone fur bearer season. A Chadwick man was caught in timber by landowner/coon hunter for the second time.  The first time he was caught running his coonhounds on the property, and a verbal warning from the landowner and CPO was issued.

A District 1 CPO is investigating a fish kill on a feeder creek to the Yellow Creek in Jo Davies County.  An undetermined amount of fuel oil drained out of a tile coming from a residence, into the feeder creek, causing different species of fish to die.  Clean up on the creek was ordered and in process.  Investigation is underway by ILEPA and Illinois Conservation Police.
 District 1 CPO assisted a Whiteside County land owner with ATV’s and hunters on his property without permission in the area of Big Bend Fish and Wildlife Area.  The Prophetstown subjects responsible were located and the appropriate enforcement action was taken. 
A CPO investigated the complaint of possible illegal deer hunting activity when a resident of the Somonauk area called and advised him that a deer carcass had been disposed of along a rural road.  The CPO located the hide and remnants of a deer that had been butchered along with other garbage in a box.  The CPO searched the box and found a deer leg tag belonging to a local hunter.  The deer had been legally harvested and reported to the Department.  Charges for depositing garbage on public property under the Litter Control Act against the Somonauk hunter are pending.

A CPO in Boone County was notified at home by a landowner of a complaint of unknown individual(s) driving through their farm field and shooting a rifle at wildlife from a diesel pickup truck type vehicle.  Investigation is pending.

A CPO in Boone County was notified of a theft of archery deer stands.  The complainant also revealed that a tree stand on the same property where he hunts, not belonging to him, is baited with corn and pumpkin seeds.  

While on ATV patrol, a CPO located three traps set on the highway.  Locating tags on the traps, the CPO went to the local trapper’s residence.  Making contact with the trapper, he admitted to being frustrated by the raccoons at that location.  The CPO seized the traps and issued the trapper a citation. 

A CPO received information that a hunting accident had occurred at a local outfitters camp.  Responding to the call, a deer hunter had fallen from a tree stand.  The hunter confirmed he had seen a buck walking behind him.  While attempting to step up onto the seat of the stand, the hunter’s foot got stuck and he fell to the ground.   The hunter suffered cuts, bruises and a “to be determined” spinal injury. 

A District 1 CPO patrolled DNR hunting properties. The officer checked hunters for required licenses and permits.  Vehicle windshields were checked on properties which require site windshield permits.  Sign-in sheets were checked on properties that require hunters to sign in and out.

A District 1 CPO met with a concerned landowner who had called the Target Illinois Poachers hotline. The landowner had found a large bodied buck with its antlers cut off. The buck appears to have been shot with a small caliber rifle. 

A District 1 CPO received information about dogs chasing deer via the Target Illinois Poachers hotline. A call was made to the complainant. The owner of the dogs will be interviewed soon.

A District 1 CPO is working an unlawfully hunting deer over bait complaint which was received from the Target Illinois Poachers hotline.

An officer investigated two separate cases of permit fraud in District 7.  Two individuals illegally obtained free landowner deer permits. 

A CPO responded to a call of an injured eagle.  With assistance of a DNR employee, the CPO was able to capture it and place it into a crate.  The eagle appeared to be suffering from a broken wing and was taken to the local veterinarian (also a federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator).  The veterinarian called CPO wire the next day and confirmed that the wing was broken.  The veterinarian also informed the CPO that the eagle had been shot.  There were approximately ten pellets still lodged in the eagle.  Due to the bruising, it was estimated that the eagle had been shot four or five days prior.  An investigation is still pending.  The local crime stoppers and humane society have a combined reward, up to $3,500, for information leading to the arrest of the individual that shot the eagle.  The eagle is expected to make a full recovery.

Two Region 1 CPOs assisted Woodford County Sheriff’s Office with the search and body recovery of a drowning victim on the Illinois River.  The boat owner/drowning victim left the river bank and attempted to swim into the river channel and retrieve his watercraft floating adrift.  Two eyewitnesses observed the victim swam approximately 10 feet away from the boat and then went underwater and did not resurface in the 50 degree water temperature.  A search was initiated including; three watercraft, a dive team and a helicopter with FLIR capabilities but met with negative results.  On Day 2 the following morning, two CPOs using side scan sonar located and marked what appeared to be a body in 15.5 feet of water.  Peoria Dive team responded and retrieved the drowning victim with assistance from the Fond-Du-Lac Park Police boat equipped with a crane.  This was a quick end to a drowning tragedy due to the multi-agency coordinated effort.

A CPO cited a subject for hunting deer over bait.  The hunter had an area of crushed squash approximately 15 yards in front of his tree stand.
CPOs cited an archery deer hunter in Lake County near the Wisconsin border for hunting over bait.  The area had five piles of corn and wheat within 20 yards of the deer stand.  The hunter was also issued a written warning for a CWD violation. 
CPOs arrested a convicted child sex offender for being present at Illinois Beach State Park North Unit.  The subject was transported to the Lake County Jail.

Nothing reported.

CPOs responded to a capsized boat on Highland/Silver Lake on the opening day of Central Zone Waterfowl season.  The boat was located capsized on the lake by a Lake Patrol Officer and Highland Patrol Officer.  They secured the scene and anchored the boat in its location awaiting the arrival of CPOs with sonar equipment.  The two missing subjects were located with sonar equipment shortly thereafter.  The two young male subjects had been night fishing for catfish and had not been heard from since 1:00 am on the 22nd.   The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

CPOs were working waterfowl hunters on Coffeen Lake 10/28/2011.  They setup surveillance on a group of hunters that morning and they observed them shoot at and harvest birds on the water.  Due to the fog that morning, they were unable to identify the birds from their location.  While the hunters were retrieving the birds, the officers moved in closer to the hunters.  They observed the hunters the rest of the morning until they began to pack up for the day.  The officers made contact with the subjects and began a compliance check.  When asked what they had harvested they stated Coots.  The officers observed a pile of birds between the two hunters that consisted of, not Coots, but six Pied-Billed Grebes.  The Grebes were recently removed from the threatened species list and are not legal to harvest.  The appropriate enforcement action was taken. 

A CPO was working waterfowl hunters again at Coffeen Lake.  The CPO setup surveillance on a boat blind occupied by two hunters.  He observed two Pied-Billed Grebes swimming out in front of the hunters.  While watching the Grebes, one of the hunters shot two of them on the water, crippling them.  The hunter fired another shot killing one Grebe while the other dove underwater.  The hunters retrieved the one Grebe but could not find the other.  Once they returned to their hunting location, the CPO made contact with them and began a compliance check.  When asked what the hunter had killed, he stated it was some sort of diver.  The CPO informed the hunter the bird was a Pied-Billed Grebe and that it was illegal to harvest.  The appropriate enforcement action was taken. 

A CPO responded to a poaching complaint in Randolph County.  Witnesses stated that a vehicle driven by two men had shot a deer from the road with a gun.  The complaint came in as ongoing and units from Sparta Police Department and Randolph County Sheriff’s Office responded but the suspect vehicle could not be located.  The case is still under investigation.

A CPO performed Commercial License inspections in Clinton and Montgomery Counties on 10/22/2011.  No violations were documented. 

A CPO investigated a wrongful tree cutting complaint on 10/20/2011 in Madison County.   A timber cutter wrongfully cut nine trees from property adjacent to the land they were contracted to cut.  The timber buyer has accepted full responsibility for the incident and is in negotiations with the landowner to correct the situation. 
A CPO investigated the theft of an EZ-GO Golf ball picker from the Frank Holten State Park Golf Course on 10/24/2011.  The cart had disappeared from the course on 10/19/2011 but was never reported to law enforcement.  A worker at the golf course located the Golf ball picker in a small bean field near the back entrance to the park.  The Golf ball picker was out of gas and had minor damages to the ignition and rollers.  The worker returned the cart to the golf course and the manager requested law enforcement investigate the matter.  The CPO contacted Illinois State Police Crime Scene Investigators regarding the cart but they advised any fingerprints found could not be used as evidence because the scene had been disturbed. 

A CPO attended court in Madison County for a case from August in which a subject was arrested for damaging a picnic table and littering at Horseshoe Lake State Park.  The subject pleaded guilty to littering and was fined $120 and given 10 hours community service.  The damage charges were dismissed. 

A CPO responded to a complaint regarding the son of an outfitter in Randolph County.  The complainant stated the son had purposely run over a deer south of Chester along Route 3.  The CPO investigated the situation and inspected the subject’s truck at the Chester High School.  He found deer hair and blood on the front driver’s side and observed broken antlers in the seat.  He also observed an uncased bow in the floorboard of the passenger location and a mineral block in the bed of the truck.  The CPO interviewed the suspect with his father and the other subjects involved.  It was clear that the subject was not being truthful as his story was not consistent with the other three boys involved.  The CPO was contacted the next evening by the father, and outfitter, regarding the situation.  He told the CPO he had spoken with his son and that his son had something to tell him.  The CPO met with the father and son and the son admitted to purposely running over the deer.  He also admitted to hunting over the mineral block the evening before.  The appropriate enforcement action was taken. 

A CPO responded to a TIP complaint of a subject in possession of a fawn whitetail deer.  He made contact with the subject and found he had purchased the deer from a licensed game breeder.  The subject did not possess such license himself and therefore received a citation.

While patrolling Monroe County for deer hunters, a CPO located several stands baited with corn.  The CPO spoke with the hunters on the property and obtained confessions to the placement of the corn to attract deer.

A CPO was patrolling Peabody River King Fish and Wildlife Area on 10/31/2011.  He observed a subject fishing at Beaver Lake and initiated a compliance check.  The CPO found the subject in possession of four crappie under the posted length limit. 

A CPO stopped a vehicle in Hamilton County during night patrol with two male subjects.  The CPO issued a citation for a loaded, uncased firearm.

A CPO closed a 2010 Hamilton County case that involved unlawful possession of a stolen firearm by a convicted felon and several conservation offenses. The subject received total fines in excess of $4,500.00.  The CPO was also able to return the stolen firearm to the owner that was stolen in 2008.

A CPO caught a bow hunter in Jefferson County without a hunting license or a habitat stamp.  One citation and warning was issued.

A CPO caught three subjects in a pickup truck “shining” the deer decoy in Jefferson County.  After making the traffic stop the CPO found no firearms but discovered an open bottle of vodka. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A CPO responded to a TIP complaint in the Shawnee National Forest of Pope County in reference to several dumped dead deer. The CPO stopped a pickup truck with three bow hunters and discovered three uncased compound bows and open alcohol.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.
A CPO is investigating a Johnson County subject for possible title and registration violations involving the selling of a boat without having a title.

While investigating another subject for title and registration violations, a truck pulled up to the suspect subject’s lane.  Two passengers in the truck had open containers of beer that they tried very slowly to hide as they were approached by the CPO.  Citations were issued.

A CPO received a complaint of unlawfully cut timber between two landowners.  One of the landowners went across a fence line and cut down a large white oak for firewood.  After speaking with both landowners they agreed to settle it between themselves. 

A CPO received a report from the Jackson County Sheriffs Department of two teenage boys who had crashed their vehicle in a ditch.  The boys had driven off road trying to run from a land owner who had heard the boys shooting at a deer from the roadway.  This case is under investigation. 

A CPO cited an Alabama hunter for falsification and misrepresentation to obtain a hunting license and permit.

A CPO cited a Louisiana hunter for failure to tag deer immediately upon kill.

Office of Law Enforcement
November 16, 2011

A District 7 Officer responded to a boat accident in Lacon.  Two Chillicothe subjects attempted to boat up river in high winds and waves in a narrow/shallow 16 foot boat.  Waves came over the bow and stern swamping the boat which then capsized.  The two subjects remained on top of the boat paddling with their shotguns for nearly an hour until they were spotted by a Marshall County Deputy who was crossing the Route 17 Bridge.  After being treated for hypothermia both subjects were released from the hospital.  The water temperature was 40 degrees at the time of the accident.

A District 1 officer issued a citation for trapping without permission in Carroll County to a Mt. Carroll man after his traps were discovered by someone that did have permission to be on the property.
A District 1 CPO is investigating TIPS complaints in Ogle and Carroll Counties for unlawful deer hunting.
A CPO conducted a timber truck inspection in Carroll County which revealed no violations of the Forest Products Transportation Act.

A District 1 CPO issued citations and written warnings to a Morrison man for taking, and attempting to take, an over limit of Canada Geese in the Rock Creek bottoms of Whiteside County.  This was the result of an investigation for a hunting without permission complaint in which the appropriate enforcement action was also taken.         

While on foot patrol, a CPO located baited tree stands in Rock Island County.   The stands had C’mere Deer, a mineral block, a food block and supplemental salt products placed below them.  Checking the stands several times, the CPO finally located a subject (landowner) archery deer hunting in one of the stands.  The landowner was cited for hunting deer with the use or aid of bait.

While patrolling in Rock Island County, a CPO passed a truck with two dead bucks lying in the bed.  Going back to the vehicle the CPO made contact with the “lucky hunters”.  In discussing the deer with the hunters, only one hunter was answering most of the questions.  Separating the hunters, the CPO found that one of the hunters had killed both bucks.  The hunter called his friend at work and asked him to get deer tag and tag one of the deer.  The CPO seized both deer and the hunter’s bow as evidence.  Both hunters were cited for their violations.  

A district 1 CPO patrolled DNR hunting properties. The officer checked hunters for required licenses and permits.  Vehicle windshields were checked on properties which require site windshield permits.  Sign-in sheets were checked on properties that require hunters to sign in and out.

A district 1 CPO met with a concerned landowner who had called the Target Illinois Poachers hotline. The landowner had found multiple dead deer on his property. The deer appear to have been shot with a rifle.  The investigation is ongoing.

A district 1 CPO is working an unlawfully hunting deer over bait complaint which was received from the Target Illinois Poachers hotline.
A District 7 CPO cited a McDonough County subject for multiple counts of deer and turkey permit fraud with regards to obtaining free landowner deer permits.
A District 7 CPO investigated an alleged cougar attack in Henderson County.  After viewing the wounds and questioning the subject, the officer determined the attack was highly suspect at best. 

A District 7 CPO responded to a deer complaint of two buck deer freshly killed by an archery device, field dressed, and not tagged within the city limits of Peoria.  The CPO waited on the hunter to return and claim the deer.  The hunter said he left to go home and get his buck permits.  However, the CPO found out the hunter had one antler-less only archery permit at the time he killed both bucks and then went to Walmart to purchase his either-sex archery permits.  Items were seized and numerous citations were issued.  The hunter was also wanted on a $10,000 outstanding warrant and booked into jail.  

A CPO in Boone County was notified at home by a landowner of a complaint of unknown individual(s) driving through their farm field and shooting a rifle at wildlife from a diesel pickup truck.  The investigation revealed two juvenile suspects had unlawfully ran down and shot a coyote with a high powered rifle out of a pickup on property without permission.  When the landowner learned the suspects were sons of neighboring farmers, she withdrew her hunting without permission complaint.  Charges are being reviewed by the Boone County State’s Attorney’s Office for unlawful transportation of a loaded/uncased firearm in a vehicle and unlawful taking/pursuit of wildlife by aid or use of a vehicle or conveyance.  Charges are pending.

A CPO in Boone County was notified of a theft of archery deer stands.  The complainant also told the CPO that he found a tree stand on the same property where he hunts, not belonging to him, placed on the property without permission which is also baited with corn and pumpkin seeds.  Investigation is pending.

Upon investigating the above complaint, the CPO discovered the illegally placed tree stand had been removed from the property as well as much of the bait that had been placed near the stand.  The CPO also discovered evidence the subject is hunting out of an adjacent tree by carrying in and using a climbing type tree stand in order to sneak onto the property to hunt without permission near where the bait was broadcast.  Investigation remains ongoing. 

A CPO in Winnebago County was in marked uniform patrol checking shore fishermen along the Rock River at Fordam Dam.  He observed a man and a woman fishing for walleyes while jumping up and down in an effort to stay warm in the 35 degree snow flurried day.  It was discovered neither subject had a fishing license, and the woman was wanted on warrant (beyond geographic limits) for prostitution out of six Chicago land area counties.    

CPOs were checking waterfowl hunters on the Illinois River.  During their patrol they observed two boats traveling upstream, one was a boat blind used for waterfowl hunting.   As they approached, one of the individuals threw an object into the river.  When the officers got to the boats’ location they observed a dead goose floating next to one of the boats. The Central Zone was closed to goose hunting.   In the two boats there were four waterfowl hunters. During a hunter compliance check several violations were found. The violations included two uncased guns, possession of toxic (lead) shot, possession of cannabis <2.5 grams, possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawful taking of waterfowl during a closed season, and possession of freshly killed species (goose) during a closed season. Two more violations were found during a boat safety inspection. During the compliance check the officers also found evidence of an illegally taken deer. An interview was conducted, it was determined one of the individuals had shot the deer 13 days prior and failed to report the harvest.  The hunters were issued 11 citations and 2 written warnings.

A CPO closed a case that started on October 29th 2011.  A fisherman on Mississippi River Pool # 16 at the mouth of the Andalusia Slough complained he had a heated verbal altercation with waterfowl hunters.  The fisherman stated the hunters caused about $100.00 in damage to his fishing equipment and broke a fishing pole.  The fisherman stated he was about 125 yards away from the hunters.  The hunters started yelling at him to get away.  A shot was fired by a hunter.  The fisherman stated he got down behind his windshield in case the shot was fired at him and he didn’t see any ducks or geese in the area.  The fisherman left the area for about an hour.  The fisherman then returned to the area because the fishing was good and it was about 10:00 a.m. and he figured the hunters were gone.  The hunters (still hunting) yelled at him again.  The hunters picked up their hunting equipment and drove their boat blind over to the area the fisherman was trolling for walleye.  The hunters circled the boat a few times within 12 feet while they were yelling at the fisherman.  This action caused all the fisherman’s lines and a pole to break because they got tangled up with the hunter’s boat.  The fisherman became enraged and engaged into a verbal argument with the hunters before they left the area.  The hunters were identified and an investigation took place.  The fisherman did not realize he was in violation of a 250 yard rule he must maintain away from an occupied blind in a DNR management area.  The fisherman was also trolling with 3 poles (State wide rule) as opposed to 2 poles (site specific rule).  Taking into consideration the totality of the circumstances, the fisherman was issued two written warnings for his violations.  The hunter stated he was shooting at a wood duck.  He did admit he operated his boat over to the fisherman and caused damage to his lines and pole.  The hunter stated he didn’t intend to do damage.  The hunter was informed he was the operator of the boat and was responsible for what happened.  The hunter was charged with careless operation of a watercraft and has a mandatory court date in Rock Island County Court.  The hunter was informed he should have called Illinois State Police and asked for a Conservation Police Officer to handle the situation and not handled it himself.

In 2010, a CPO received information on a subject bragging about road hunting with a crossbow.  It was the same subject the CPO arrested five years prior for the same thing.  Surveillance was set up, but he was not caught last season.  Last week the subject was at it again.  CPOS utilized the newly acquired decoy, purchased with money collected from the Illinois Conservation Foundation, which resulted from a nuisance trapping case a CPO worked last year.  The decoy was set up where the subject was last reported hunting.  He pulled up as the CPO operated the decoy with a remote control.  The subject then shot the decoy with his crossbow and hit it.  The CPO emerged out of the woods and the subject sped away in his truck.  Another CPO was waiting down the road and stopped him.  He was issued several citations including hunting with the aid of a motor vehicle, hunting from the roadway, uncased crossbow, no hunting license, and no habitat stamp.  The subject was in possession of a crossbow permit, which the CPO will seek to revoke.  The subject was laughing and said he saw this type of thing on TV, and told the CPOs "you guys are pretty sneaky".

CPOs served warrants to two subjects sitting in DuPage County jail.  They were responsible for at least two car burglaries at Moraine Hills State Park in August.  The subjects were wanted by at least 15 different agencies in the area for various vehicle and residential burglaries.  They were caught in the act of a residential burglary in Lombard a few weeks ago and were in possession of cocaine. 

A CPO responded to a capsized watercraft on the Fox River.  Three subjects were in a 12' Jon boat with their lab, shotguns, and decoys when the bow of the boat began taking on water, eventually causing it to sink and capsize.  All subjects made it to shore but lost a shotgun in the process.

A CPO completed an investigation into deer hunting without permission and other deer hunting violations.  An Algonquin man was arrested for shooting a buck deer and not tagging the deer with his deer permit.  Instead, he removed the deer from the field and purchased a permit for his father, then attached his father's permit to the deer.  The deer was reported as a harvested deer under his father permit.  The hunter was charged with several deer hunting violations and was given several other warnings.

A CPO stopped to assist a motorist in Mattoon and discovered the driver had an active warrant out of Edgar County for failing to appear at a mandatory court date.

A CPO responded to hunting without permission complaint near Monticello.  A subject was located and issued a citation for bow hunting deer without permission. 

A CPO cited a Burbank man for failure to tag a deer immediately upon kill in Shelby County.

CPOs and District Sergeant cited a Macon County subject for illegal possession of hawk parts after the subject was discovered to have made an advertisement wanting to purchase raptor wings and talons to make jewelry. 

A CPO, while working upland hunters in Iroquois County, issued two citations for no blaze orange while upland hunting, one citation for hunting with an unplugged shotgun and a written warning for failure to maintain separate bag limits to the same subject.

A CPO responded to Champaign County to assist a Champaign County Sheriff’s Deputy with a deer carcass dumped outside a trailer park.  Investigation revealed an Urbana man unlawfully took a 6 point whitetail buck in Piatt County while only in possession of an antlerless only archery permit.  The subject was further cited for failure to tag and failure to report harvest.  The 6 point buck was seized.

CPOs cited an Oakley man for failing to tag and failing to report a harvest in Shelby County.  The subject was also cited for the same violations he committed in Macon County.

A CPO cited a Mattoon man archery deer hunting near Lovington in Moultrie County for hunting while his privileges were suspended, no hunting license, no habitat stamp and no archery deer permits.

A CPO arrested a Decatur man archery deer hunting on the Shelbyville Wildlife Management Area for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of 2.5 - 10 grams cannabis, no hunting license, no habitat stamp, no archery deer permits and a written warning for no site permit.

A CPO cited a Moweaqua man for unlawful harvest of a whitetail buck without first harvesting a doe first as required in Wolf Creek State Park.  The subject was also issued a written warning for falsification of deer harvest records.  The man falsely reported a doe harvest from his deer stand after shooting a buck.  A 9 point buck was seized.

A CPO was conducting a boat and fish compliance check on a private lake in Clark County when he discovered the boat had been reported stolen.  The subjects were identified, issued boat equipment citations and released pending investigation on how they became in possession of the boat.  The boat was seized and pending return to the owner.

CPOs arrested a Macon County subject who failed to check in two archery killed deer that he had shot in Macon County.  After receiving information on one of the archery kills, the officers were able to determine the deer had not been checked in.  The additional untagged deer was discovered during the investigation. 

CPOs investigated a turkey hunting complaint.  The Macon County subject was issued citations for unlawfully applying for turkey permits. 

A CPO arrested a DuPage County subject for the unlawful possession of a hen pheasant.  The CPO also cited a LaGrange resident for hunting without permission in Livingston County. 

A CPO arrested two subjects for hunting without permission in Dewitt County. 

A CPO arrested a subject for unlawfully archery deer hunting without a permit in Dewitt County.  The CPO encountered the subject as he had exited the field from hunting.

A CPO arrested a Vermillion County man for unlawful possession of a firearm without a valid FOID card.  The CPO checked the subject as he was pheasant hunting. 

A CPO arrested an outfitter operating in Iroquois County.  The subject was not properly maintaining records as required and several of his customers failed to have the required paperwork to legally hunt in Illinois. 

A CPO is continuing his investigation into an unlicensed Outfitter providing hunts in District 19.

A District Sergeant recovered a stolen car in Moraine View State Park.  The subjects who were in the vehicle were arrested for possession of a stolen car and underage consumption of alcohol.
A Belvidere man was arrested for possession of a deer without reporting it as a road kill.  The man was observed standing on the road in Barrington Hills, dressed in camo with a bow in his hand.  He was just getting ready to shoot a deer on private property.  When the man saw the CPO, he put the bow in his truck.  When asked what he was doing, he said nothing.  In the bed of the pick-up truck was an 8 point deer head.  The man said it was a road kill from a week before.  The subject was charged with failure to report a road kill and hunting from a roadway.

Nothing reported.

District #14 officers worked opening weekend waterfowl details on Rend Lake and private property. Several waterfowl citations and warnings were written.

CPOs continue to work the “outfitter” investigation that is being referred to the USFWS. The USFWS and the Outfitter’s lawyer are currently meeting.

District #14 officers participated in the Region 5 waterfowl refresher training that was held at the Rend Lake Resort.

A CPO conducted waterfowl patrols in Perry County opening morning.  Three citations and one warning was issued to hunters on private and public areas for various waterfowl violations.

A CPO investigated a large buck poached that was shot with a slug in Union County.
A CPO worked a private waterfowl hunting area on the south/central opening day in Perry County.  Upon inspection, after surveillance on a private hunting area, multiple violations were documented.  Citations were issued for licensing violations and transport of uncased firearm.

A CPO located two bow hunters from Alabama.  One subject had an uncased bow in a vehicle, the other subject was hunting without tags or license in possession. Neither had a habitat stamp to hunt deer.  Citations were issued for the violations.

A CPO, while on patrol in Pyramid State Park, was observing a subject digging frantically with a shovel near Goldeneye Lake from a distance.  There was also a subject wearing blaze orange who was with the digger for a time but had walked away toward a road.  The CPO guided another CPO into  the area  to locate the blaze orange man to find out what was going on.  The CPO located the 80 year old subject who advised him that his favorite bird dog "Suzy" had gone into a small diameter drain pipe yesterday while he was quail hunting and was stuck in the pipe about 20 ft from the opening and had been in there all night.  The CPOs hiked to the scene with the gentleman.  He had dug down about 4 ft. to locate the pipe.  The CPO finished up digging the hole for him and he sawed a hole in the pipe.  After the cut out was removed the dogs head appeared and she was pulled from the pipe.  The dog got a drink, then started hunting again.  The owner was very appreciative.  The Site superintendent was notified of the incident and the necessity of repair to the pipe.

A CPO is investigating bulldozing work of wetland area without proper permits, the construction of levee and disruption of tributary stream to Mermet Lake in Massac County.

A CPO, acting on a TIPS complaint, caught a deer hunter from Louisiana hunting in a Nature Preserve.  After questioning the subject, it was discovered that three others from the hunting party also hunted in the Preserve on earlier dates.  All hunters were eventually found and issued citations.

A CPO was contacted by the Massac County Sheriff's office about a possible timber theft case.  The case has turned into a wrongful cutting incident.  The suspect had cut 25 trees without the landowner's permission.  The case is under investigation.

A CPO located deer hunters from Alabama that were not aware of the laws pertaining to transporting bow and arrow devices on ATV's.  They also were not aware that ATV's could not be driven on public roadways and that they were required to have habitat stamps when hunting deer.  A citation and written warnings were issued.

A CPO is investigating a hunting without permission/trespass case in Johnson County.  The landowner has documented the case very well with pictures and video of the hunters crossing over a boundary cable and "no trespassing" signs.  The hunter in the photo was recognized by the CPO who had arrested the same subject a couple of days earlier for hunting without permission/trespass on a different landowners property in Pope County.
A CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint in rural Williamson County.  The offender was a 31 year old federal prison guard, and his father arrived who is a retired federal prison guard.  The father became angry at the idea his son was going to be charged for the violation.  The CPO told the subject he needed to stay level headed and stay out of the situation. The father stated "they have him charged, they will have an enemy out here they don't want".  The CPO charged the prison guard with hunting without permission of the land owner.  Two days later the CPO was called by the sheriff's department as they had arrested the father (retired federal prison guard) for unlawful use of a weapon as he purported to drive by two hunters on the property in question and fire two rounds into the ground in their direction.

A CPO responded to three spotlight complaints in Williamson County with no contact made to this point.   The area is under heavy patrol.

A CPO is working three deer stands on private property where no one has permission to hunt.

A CPO and two USFW officers worked a complaint for a spotlighter in eastern Williamson County. The violator did not show up as expected, no contact was made but the area is under patrol.

A CPO arrested a Herrin man for hunting on private property without permission and damaging private property.  The CPO arrested this same subject a decade ago for the same and more (including felony theft of deer stands and hunting over bait). 

A CPO took a call from a Williamson County hunter.  The caller reported that he was up in his tree stand and had a full body deer decoy out below his stand.  The caller stated that a man dressed in camo exited the woods and shot five times at this decoy with a high powered rifle.  The decoy was hit three times.  The Sheriff’s Deputies who responded did not come up with a suspect, but the CPO has a suspect that will be a target of investigation.

A CPO is working an abandoned boat case that has so far passed four persons hands with none applying for registration or title. The case is under investigation.

A District Sergeant trained two CPOs on the operation of the sonar boat at Kinkaid Lake.

District 16 CPOs attended waterfowl training at Rend Lake. The course was an all day training event.

A District Sergeant is investigating a hunting without permission that occurred in Alexander Co.

Office of Law Enforcement
November 21, 2011

On November 19, 2011 at approximately 5:33 a.m. the JoDaviess County Sheriff’s Department received a 911 call of a hunting accident at 17630 U.S Highway 20 (near the intersection of U.S. Highway 20 and Dunn Road).  The caller advised that a hunter had been shot with a firearm.   Menomine/Dunleith Fire and Ambulance, JoDaviess County Sheriff’s Department, East Dubuque Police, Illinois State Police and the Illinois Conservation Police were dispatched to the scene.  Upon arrival it was discovered that a 44 year-old Inverness, Illinois man had been killed and his 15 year-old son had been injured from apparent gunshot wounds.  The juvenile male was transported to Finely Hospital in Dubuque, IA, where he was treated and released.  A 53 year-old East Dubuque man has been issued a citation by the Illinois Conservation Police for misdemeanor reckless conduct.  The incident remains under investigation by the JoDaviess County Sheriff’s Department and the Illinois Conservation Police.  All three subjects were afield at the time for the purpose of firearm deer hunting.

While conducting a hunter compliance check during firearm deer season a District 6 CPO found two deer in the back of the hunter’s truck and only one of the deer was tagged. The hunter stated the deer were standing next to each other when he shot at one of them and to his surprise both deer dropped. The hunter’s problem was he only had one tag. The hunter was issued a citation for unlawful possession of a deer without a valid permit and the untagged deer was seized

A CPO responded to a “hunting within 300 yards of a residence” complaint in a subdivision near Knoxville.  The deer hunter who was sitting in a hunting blind at the rear of his parent’s residence had several violations.  He had no habitat stamp, no deer permit, no FOID card, and improper blaze orange clothing.  He also had a failure to appear (FTA) warrant in Warren County.   His elderly father stated that he was hunting for him while he was in the house eating breakfast.  The father was issued a citation for accessory to deer hunting without a valid deer permit.  The wanted subject was arrested and transported to the Knox County Jail.  He was issued citations for deer hunting without a deer permit and for no habitat stamp.  He was issued written warnings for hunting within 300 yards of an inhabited dwelling and improper blaze orange.

A CPO responded to a Knox County call of a deer hunter being shot at by a neighboring landowner.  Interviews were conducted with both parties and other hunters hunting on nearby properties.  Conflicting information from all interviewed, lack of physical evidence, and prior history between the neighbors failed to establish probable cause for an arrest.  Further interviews may be conducted by the Knox County Sheriff’s Department Investigation Division. 

A CPO in Winnebago County was notified of an individual who harvested an antlered deer while only possessing an antlerless only firearm deer permit.  The officer met with the hunter, validated the complaint, seized the illegally taken antlered deer and took appropriate enforcement action against the hunter. 
A District 7 CPO responded to a hunting complaint where the hunters were hunting without permission.  Upon investigation, the hunters were given bad information by the tenant farmer on where to park and

hunt.  After checking the hunters and speaking with all involved parties, appropriate enforcement action was taken. 

A CPO issued a hunter a citation for having an uncased gun on an ATV.

A CPO got a report of a firearm deer hunter who was hunting without blaze orange.  When the CPO approached the man and asked him to unload his gun, the man said, “I didn’t know I was supposed to wear orange”.  The CPO had not said anything about the orange at this point, which made it obvious the hunter knew he was in violation.  The CPO issued the hunter a citation for hunting without blaze orange during the firearm deer season. 

CPOs and a District Sergeant, along with two federal agents, conducted a waterfowl detail at Duck Clubs along the Illinois River in Putnam and Bureau Counties.  Two citations were issued. 

A CPO checked two subjects that had pulled their deer back to their vehicle.  Two of the deer had not been tagged.  The subject that had shot the deer was issued a citation.

A District 1 officer issued multiple citations and written warnings to a Prophetstown man for failing to tag and check in a deer during the first firearm deer season.
A District 7 Officer responded to multiple complaints over the deer season weekend.  Most of these complaints resulted in no citations or the landowner had a change of heart and only wanted a written warning issued.  Overall hunting success seemed down as well.

Conservation Police received a call from Putnam County Sheriff about two bald eagles that were both hit by a truck.  The eagles were picked up and will be turned over to the USFWS (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service).

A District Sergeant issued a citation to a subject for transportation of a loaded gun on an ATV at a duck club in Putnam County.

A CPO worked DeKalb and Lee Counties checking firearm deer hunters over the first firearm season.  The CPO wrote hunters in those counties nine written warnings and two citations for deer hunting related violations.  The CPO also has an ongoing investigation originating from the firearm deer season.

While patrolling for squirrel hunters, a CPO located baited deer stands on an area property.  Returning to the property during firearm deer season, the CPO located a hunter in one of the baited stands.  After making contact with the illegal hunter, the CPO went to a vehicle parked across the field.  Approaching the vehicle, the occupant tried to shove a loaded shotgun across his lap onto the passenger side of the vehicle.  Both hunters were cited for their violations. 

A CPO received a tip people were possibly hunting deer over bait.  Locating the baited area in October, the CPO returned to the area during firearm deer season and arrested one subject for  hunting deer with the use or aid of bait.

A CPO received information a subject had mistagged a deer he had taken to the meat locker.  Interviewing the subject, he admitted to using his wife’s tag and other violations.  The deer was seized and he was cited for his violation. 

A District 1 CPO was notified by a landowner of two people who crossed his property to hunt property owned by the state of Illinois.  The CPO located a father with his 12 year old son hunting on the state ground.  The family lives in the house adjacent to the state property and they walked from their house, crossed the fence, and set up near the creek.  The father said the son loves to hunt and he just didn’t have enough time in the day to take him somewhere else.  The father was issued a citation for the trespassing violation and advised not to return to the property owned by the state of Illinois since he does not have permission. 

A District 1 CPO was informed by an ISP trooper of a truck illegally parked along the interstate with a gun case in the cab of the truck.  The CPO checked the rugged timber and was unable to locate the hunter that day.  The truck was tagged by ISP as illegally parked and when the CPO returned to the vehicle at 9:30 a.m. the truck was gone.  The following morning the CPO found the truck was parked again in the same location with the ISP sticker removed from the day before and hunting equipment in the cab.  The CPO tagged the vehicle as illegally parked and the ISP was prepared to tow the unattended vehicle after the two hour time limit had passed.  The CPO again attempted to locate the hunter and as the ISP trooper arrived to tow the truck, the hunter appeared from the timber and said he had parked there to avoid a long walk from the other end of the property.  The CPO pushed through the thick timber and met with the ISP trooper and hunter at the truck.  The hunter had shot a deer and was returning to the truck to get his deer permit and the sled to drag the deer back to the truck.  The CPO escorted the hunter to the untagged deer.  The hunter claimed he had permission to hunt on the property; however he did not give the correct name of the landowner.  Further investigation revealed he was nearly three miles away from the property he had permission to hunt.  In addition, the hunter did not have a Henry County deer permit and the gun used to take the deer was also unplugged.  The gun was seized and the Moline man was issued numerous citations.  The illegally taken deer was seized and taken to a local deer processing meat locker where it was donated to local food pantries. 

A District 1 CPO has been working a baited tree stand with a trail camera facing the pile of apples.  On Sunday of the first firearm deer season, the CPO observed two hunters walking away from the tree stand.  The CPO met with the hunters and completed an inspection with the father and son from Annawan.  The son was using an unplugged shotgun and did not have a hunting license or habitat stamp.  The son admitted to putting buckets of apples in front of the trail cameras which were directly under the tree stands.  He also admitted to dumping four buckets of corn on a food plot near another trail camera and tree stand.  The gun was seized and the Annawan man was issued numerous citations.   

A District 7 Officer cited a subject for illegally killing a whitetail deer with a rifle in Henderson County.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

An anonymous individual contacted the Illinois State Police to report a large (31 point atypical buck) whitetail deer that was illegally taken with a rifle.  The caller also stated that the deer was tagged by a 15 year old, but he heard that the deer was killed by the individual’s father.  CPOs arrived at the residence of the 15 year old hunter and made contact with the boy’s father by phone.  The hunter’s father informed the officers where the deer was and gave them permission to enter the building and check the deer.  The deer was examined and the officers were unable to determine anything out of the ordinary.  A CPO saw the individuals when they checked the deer in at the Chronic Wasting Disease check station.  The CPO suggested that they follow him to a local veterinary clinic and have it X-rayed to dispel any rumors.  The father agreed to take it to the veterinary clinic.  The deer (barely able to fit through the doors) was X-rayed at the clinic.  The veterinarian was able to remove the slug and multiple lead fragments from the deer.  The CPO interviewed the hunter and the hunter’s father and found no inconsistencies in their story.  The x-ray also showed that the deer had an expandable broad head in his shoulder.

A CPO and District Sergeant worked a shining detail in JoDaviess County the night before the Firearm Deer Season.  They encountered two groups of hunters driving across fields.  The first group consisted of two subjects who were raccoon hunting.  The driver advised he didn’t have his hunting license or habitat stamp with him.  Though the passenger claimed ownership of a firearm in the vehicle, he advised he was not hunting and did not have a hunting license or habitat stamp.  An interview confirmed he was indeed hunting.  He was cited for unlawfully hunting without a valid hunting license.  All other violations were addressed with written warnings.  The second group encountered consisted of three subjects.  The driver advised he was raccoon hunting.  The passengers advised they were along for the ride.  The driver was in possession of a FOID card- which came back “Denied” through the Illinois State Police.  He was also in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  He was cited for his drug violations.  The FOID violation will be turned over to the State’s Attorney’s Office for review.  In total three citations and five written warnings were issued during the detail.

While working Mercer County, a District Sergeant observed a pickup truck driving slowly across a field.  The truck was driving toward a patch of timber that contained grass vehicle trails throughout it.  Upon reaching the location of the vehicle in the timber, a stop was initiated.  The startled driver looked out his rear window, began moving his left arm in a frantic manner, and continued driving on the one lane trail.  Once the trail opened a bit, the Sergeant drove next to the subject and observed he was attempting to zip his gun case up.  After loud verbal commands were issued out of the squad window, the driver stopped.  The driver stated he was trying to figure out where he was going to hunt.  The shotgun was unloaded at the time of the stop.  Three loose deer slugs were located behind the driver’s seat and on the passenger seat.  The driver was cited for unlawful transportation of an uncased shotgun.  

A CPO was approached by a hunter while on patrol in northern Rock Island County on opening day of firearm deer season.  The subject was upset and stated “I just had a go around with two guys illegally hunting on ground I have hunted for 20 years”.  The CPO followed the hunter to the area in question.  The hunter stated they shot a nice 8 point buck and they may have even shot it at a place they didn’t have permission to hunt.  The tree stand and gut pile were located.  The complainant stated the hunters for sure were on property they didn’t have permission to be on.  The CPO was able to track down the hunters.  The hunters were from Arlington Heights IL.  The Chicago area hunters stated they thought they were on property they had permission to be on.  Both landowners were called and one showed up on scene.  The landowner that showed up on scene was not happy the Chicago area hunters harvested a buck on his property as well as having a tree stand set up on his property.  The Chicago area hunters were able to produce a map they were given by their land owner that had an incorrect red outline of his property lines on it.  The end result was the land owner stated he just wanted the Arlington Heights men to have a clear understanding of where the property lines were.  The men were allowed to keep the buck and were issued a written warning for hunting without permission.

A CPO received a call from a District Sergeant on a baited deer stand complaint.  The CPO was near Cordova IL at the time and responded to the Taylor Ridge IL area.  The CPO was guided into the area by the landowner via cell phone.  As the CPO entered the field in a marked squad he observed two people wearing blaze orange in a tree stand get down and start to leave the area.  By the time the CPO got to the fence line the hunters were nearing their truck trying to leave the scene.  The CPO ran after the hunters and had to use loud verbal orders to get the hunters to stop.  The hunter (the second person was an observer) was brought back to the stand.  A large quantity of mineral block was within 20 feet of the deer stand in plain view and multiple branches were cut on the complainants trees.  The Moline IL hunter was charged with hunting over a baited area and issued a written warning for criminal damage to property for cutting trees/branches.  The hunter was ordered to clean up the bait, dig the soil out under and around the baited area and replace the soil with untampered soil by noon that day.

A CPO was called to the Cordova Nuclear plant because two large whitetail deer (bucks) were locked together by their antlers.  The two large bucks had been fighting each other and became locked together.  The bucks were exhausted and were laying down when the CPO arrived.  It was clear the bucks were not going to be able to get loose from each other due to the curve in one antler hooked around and under the snout of the other deer.  An attempt was made to get close enough to the deer with a saws-all to cut the antler.  The bucks became aggressive and it was not safe to be in close proximity to the deer.  Due to the surroundings of the Nuclear Plant a shot to the antler was not attempted.  The CPO was forced to do the humane thing and euthanize both deer.  An employee at the plant was granted permission to have the deer.  A salvage report was done and a tag for each deer was issued.  

Nothing reported.

A CPO arrested a landowner for battery on a legal hunter in Vermilion County.  The landowner punched the legal hunter after confronting him about hunting adjacent to his property. 

A CPO is investigating a fatal hunting accident that occurred in DeWitt County.  A hunter collapsed while returning to his vehicle from firearm deer hunting. 

A CPO arrested a Bethany man hunting in Shelby County on a Moultrie County Warrant for failing to appear (FTA) on a DUI charge. 

A CPO arrested a Decatur man hunting in Shelby County on a Macon County warrant for failure to appear (FTA) on a court date in relation to city ordinance violations.

Nothing reported.

A CPO responded to a call at Giant City State Park campground involving an 8 point buck tagged hanging in a tree and an 8 point rack untagged and lying on the ground. The hunters were not at the campsite.  The CPO ran the two subjects on Point of Sale and found that the father had reported killing an 8 point buck the day before.  A truck parked at the campsite came back registered to the son of this hunter.  The son had reported killing an 8 point buck on 10-30-11 using an archery tag.  The CPO called the number attached to the father’s customer information and spoke to the father’s wife. She told the CPO that her husband had not killed a deer as of yesterday.  The CPO obtained the cell phone number of the man and called him.  He admitted that his son had actually killed the buck and put his tag on it.  The father stated that the son was in a deer stand and they would meet me at the campsite.  Both the father and son were given citations for unlawful transfer of permits and the son was also issued a citation for failure to immediately tag the buck.  He was also issued a written warning for falsification in reporting the deer as his father’s kill.

A CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint in Williamson County at daylight on Friday morning.  The Carterville man was in his tree stand on private property without permission.  The stand was only 106 yards from the property owner’s house.  He was cited for hunting without permission and given written warnings for unsigned deer permit and hunting within 300 yards of a residence.  The man had been told the year before not to hunt on this landowner’s property.

CPOs entered a property that one CPO had received a tip of it being baited. The first hunter the CPO came across was hunting over two feeders filled with shelled corn and one with cracked corn.  The CPO told this hunter to walk him to the closest other hunter on the property and he did. This hunter was also hunting over a baited feeder with cracked corn.  The CPO was told that only one other hunter was on the property and he was in a ground blind to the east.  The CPO and the hunters walked up to the cabin and the CPO found the other hunter sitting on a porch swing. He first told the CPO he was not hunting, but quickly changed his story that he had seen a CPO and left his gun in the ground blind.  The CPO returned to the ground blind and found it to be baited with corn feeders and mineral blocks.  Over 16 feeders were located on the property and several mineral blocks and apples. The CPO was told about two others that had hunted the property in the morning and they had each killed a deer out of the stilt stand baited with two feeders.  One had killed an 8 point buck and the other a 10 point buck.  In all five persons were cited for hunting over bait and three for hunting without deer permits in their possession. Several written warnings were issued.

A CPO arrested a Lindenhurst subject for shooting an antlered deer with a “doe only” tag.

A CPO issued a Williamson County man for operating an ATV on IL State route 13.

A CPO stopped two hunters leaving their deer camp with two deer on a trailer.  No tags were visible.  Upon looking at the deer closer they did have tags in the name of a female.  The driver of the truck was a convicted felon and the passenger stated the deer were shot by his wife, who had to leave the night before for a family illness.  The CPO ran a check of the female on Point of Sale and called the attached number.  He spoke to the female and she stated she had indeed hunted in Williamson County and when asked what she killed replied "two does".  One of the deer with her tag on it was an 8 point buck. The husband told the CPO he had used his wife's tags.  He was issued two citations for possession of another's permits and a written warning for falsification.  The female in Mclean County will be visited by a CPO at a later time.

CPOs apprehended four subjects hunting on Delta Mine property without permission.  The mine has, as of Monday, stated they want them cited. They will be issued citations this week.  A CPO wrote one of the subjects upon checking him for hunting in the wrong county.

A CPO was sitting watching a road where he had arrested people in the past for spotlighting.   At 5:45 p.m. on Sunday night, the CPO heard a rifle shot very close to his location just around the corner.  The CPO drove with no lights and cut outs on and observed a truck shining its headlights across a corn field and bean field.  The truck backed out and was directly in front of the CPO's squad when he activated his emergency lights.  The vehicle sped up and finally came to a stop about 3/4 mile down the road.  The CPO could see a young boy in the back window of the extended cab truck.  The CPO found a loaded Savage 30-06 rifle with one spent round in the chamber and a loaded Winchester 270 caliber rifle in the front seat on the passenger’s side.  The butts of the rifles were in the floor board on the passenger side and the barrels were pointing directly at the 8 year old boy.  The driver stated that he was the one that shot the deer.  The passenger was the driver’s son and is a convicted felon with a revoked FOID card.  Open alcohol was found in the truck and both adults had signs of intoxication.  The 8 year old’s mother was called and she came and picked the boy up.  The two adults were cited for spotlighting, hunting between 1/2 hour after sunrise and 1/2 hour before sunrise, loaded uncased firearms in a motor vehicle, hunting from a public roadway, unlawful attempting to take white-tail deer by use of a rifle.  The passenger was also charged with open alcohol and possession of a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle with a revoked FOID, a Class 3 felony.   A District Sergeant arrived and used a thermal FLIR unit to try to recover the deer.  It was injured but ran into the woods.  At this time the deer has not been recovered.  Both subjects were incarcerated at the Williamson County jail. The interesting thing about this case is that these two subjects had been arrested 10 years ago for nearly the same thing and the Winchester 270 rifle was seized back then.  The firearm was returned to the passenger in this truck in a court plea agreement because it had belonged to his other son who is deceased from a knife fight in a bar.  The Williamson County States Attorney is looking at child endangerment and other charges against the two subjects.  The passenger was also in possession of his wife's firearm deer permit which was found at the jail.  Twelve citations were issued to the two subjects at the time of this arrest. The first time the CPO arrested these two men they lost their hunting privileges for three years.

A CPO located an abandoned truck parked on a gravel road.  The truck's window was down and there was a shotgun on the seat that appeared to be loaded.  After a few minutes, a subject wearing
blaze orange approached.  It was the hunter’s truck and the shotgun was loaded.  After checking for deer permits and licenses, he was found to not have a habitat stamp and had not signed his deer permits.  It was then discovered that his 30 year old son had been hunting without a valid deer permit, no license, and no habitat stamp.  Citations and written warnings were issued to the hunters.

A CPO issued two citations to Johnson County hunters for hunting without permission of landowner.

A CPO cited a hunter from northern Illinois for failing to report deer harvest from the previous day.  He said he had bad phone reception.

A CPO issued a local hunter a citation for failing to tag his deer immediately after kill.  The hunter turned away from the officer to block the view as he quickly tried to tag the deer.

A CPO issued four citations to hunters for unlawfully transporting loaded, uncased firearms in their vehicles and ATV's.

A CPO, prior to firearm deer season, located a Louisiana hunter with an archery killed buck deer which had not been checked in as required, and an uncased compound bow.  He was issued citations.

A District Sergeant and CPO are investigating a hunting accident in which a male from South Carolina fell from a tree stand and fractured four vertebrae.  He was to undergo surgery the next day and was paralyzed from the waist down.  He was wearing a safety harness, however he unhooked it and did not have a safety line attached to his harness when he fell.

A CPO contacted a Union County hunter who was not wearing blaze orange and had mineral supplement, corn, and C'mere deer bait within 30 yards of his stand.  Another hunter was located on the same property with "C'mere deer" piled near his stand.  Both were cited for the violation.

A CPO cited a non-resident hunter, who is the host of an outdoor TV show, hunting without non- resident license, habitat stamp, deer permits in possession, and was in possession of a loaded firearm on an ATV.

A CPO observed two Missouri hunters, who were not wearing blaze orange, approaching their  vehicles from the timber.  He identified himself to the hunters.  They had to cross a small fence.  Prior to crossing the fence he saw one subject lay a firearm down.  They crossed the fence and only one came with him to the gun.  The hunter was thinking the CPO didn't see him with a gun. The hunter stated that he had not been hunting and did not have a gun.  The CPO then brought him over to the fence and located his loaded 300 Win Mag rifle.  Subject had no firearm permit, no hunting license, no habitat stamp, no blaze orange, and the center fire rifle.  He was cited and the firearm was seized.

A CPO issued a Florida hunter two citations for falsification/misrepresentation of information to obtain a resident hunting permit and resident hunting license.  He was also issued two citations for unlawful take of whitetail deer with invalid permit (NR with R permit). The hunter was also issued two written warnings for applying for a permit for his father and son.

A CPO cited a Pinckneyville hunter for transporting a loaded/uncased firearm on ATV during deer season.  His son was issued a written warning for the same violation.

A CPO is investigating a complaint where a deer hunter shot a dog with the owner only 30 feet away.
A CPO cited a resident hunter for unlawfully deer hunting in Williamson County with a Saline County permit.

Senior resident hunters were warned for transporting uncased, unloaded firearms on ATV's and failure to sign deer permits

A CPO cited a resident hunter for failure to tag his deer immediately upon kill.

A District Sergeant responded to two hunting without permission complaints in Pulaski County.  Upon locating the hunters the landowner decided that he had given them permission a few years ago.

District #14 officers, as well as Region 2 officers, issued 118 citations and 80 warnings during the three day firearm deer season.

A CPO caught four subjects (2 local, 1 MN, 1 WI) deer hunting over a baited area and hunting without permission.

A CPO caught a deer hunter from Louisiana deer hunting without a permit, license, or habitat stamp.

A CPO caught four older subjects with uncased guns, no licenses, or stamps.

A CPO caught a subject transporting a loaded uncased firearm on an ATV, no blaze orange, twenty minutes after shooting hours.

A CPO investigated a hunting accident on the west side of Jefferson County involving a deer hunter who accidently shot himself in the foot.  Subject was transported to a St. Louis hospital.  The CPO will complete the investigation once the subject is released.

A CPO caught two subjects in Hamilton County shining a spotlight from a truck and shooting a rifle from the truck.  The CPO initiated a traffic stop and discovered a loaded uncased rifle and a loaded uncased handgun.  The CPO issued several citations and seized the rifle, handgun, and spotlight.

A CPO caught a Florida subject who had falsified information to obtain permits as an Illinois resident. The subject was hunting deer without a valid hunting license and or permits.  The CPO issued the subject six citations and seized four firearms.

CPOs caught a subject in Hamilton County walking in a field with a flashlight.  The subject returned to his truck after about ten minutes and drove towards the CPO’s location.  They conducted a traffic stop and discovered a loaded uncased AR 15 rifle and a loaded uncased Browning .223 rifle.  They also discovered a 7 point buck and an 8 point buck in the bed of his truck that had been recently shot with a rifle.  The subject was issued several citations and the two rifles were seized.

A CPO caught a subject in Pope County deer hunting with a 7mm rifle.  The CPO also caught another subject in Pope County transporting an uncased firearm on an ATV with an untagged deer in his possession.

A CPO caught two subjects in Jefferson County deer hunting over a baited area.  The CPO also caught another Jefferson County subject deer hunting without a valid deer permit.

A CPO caught a subject in Gallatin County spotlighting deer from a vehicle.  After conducting a traffic stop, the CPO discovered the subject had a loaded uncased .22 automatic pistol and a loaded uncased WSM .223 rifle.  The CPO issued several citations.

A CPO caught another Gallatin County subject who had killed four bucks during the first firearm deer season.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A CPO from Region 2 caught a deer hunter in Hardin County hunting without a permit, hunting license, or habitat stamp.

A CPO caught several deer hunters in Hardin County hunting over baited area.

A CPO conducted a traffic stop of a subject who had been deer hunting in Hardin County. The subject had an untagged ten point buck rack, open alcohol, and cannabis.  It was determined the subject was also DUI.  The subject was transported to the Sheriff’s Department where he blew a 0.114.  Several citations were issued.

A CPO arrested a Franklin County subject for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.

A CPO also caught a Franklin County duck hunter in possession of a freshly killed Grebe.

Office of Law Enforcement
November 30, 2011

A CPO checked an archery deer hunter at Spoon River State Forest.  He had harvested two deer on the same day earlier during the season.  Check station sheets, computer checks, and an interview found that he had failed to register his harvests by 10 p.m. the same calendar day.   Due to a family emergency he had registered them later.  He was issued a written warning for the violation.

A District 1 CPO and the USFWS are looking into the killing of what may be a grey wolf in JoDaviess County.  The animal was taken during the first firearm deer season.

A District 1 CPO charged a Sterling man for depositing trash along a rural Whiteside County roadway.  The trash was discovered during the first firearm deer season as the CPO was patrolling the area for deer hunters.  After an investigation and interviews were conducted, charges were filed.     
A District Sergeant and CPOs investigated a suicide after a 48 year old male subject was found on the Hennepin Canal in Bureau County.  The subject died from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. They were assisted at the scene by ISP Crime Scene Services and Bureau County Coroner.

A Marseilles man was charged by a District 6 CPO for failing to obtain authorization from a Conservation Police Officer to possess and/or transport a deer that had been killed by means other than that of a motor vehicle collision.  The incident occurred during the firearm deer season when the man found a dead 8 point buck on property he and a friend were hunting.  The man removed the head with a machete and posted his picture doing so on the internet.

A CPO in Henderson County is assisting the local sheriff’s department with an investigation involving the unlawful use of a weapon. The incident occurred when a deputy made a traffic stop involving a loaded uncased firearm.  The subject in possession on the weapon has a denied FOID card.  The CPO was contacted due to his knowledge of gun laws in Illinois.  Possible conservation charges are also pending.

Monday morning after the first firearm deer season, an individual reported a road killed deer to the Region 1 office.  A District 6 officer was sent to ensure the deer had been killed by a motor vehicle accident. The officer met with the individual at his work place. The individual told the officer he had seen the deer in a field and went to investigate. He touched the deer and it woke up and tried to run away. The deer’s back had been broken so it could not run. The officer asked him how the deer had been dispatched. Per state law only a law enforcement officer can dispatch a deer injured by a motor vehicle accident. The man, a construction worker, stated he had gotten a sledge hammer out of his work truck and hit the deer over the head. The officer inspected the deer and found the only hole in the deer was at the top of its head. The man was issued a written warning for using an illegal method to dispatch a deer injured by a motor vehicle accident.

While checking firearm deer hunters in Ogle County, a District 1 CPO observed a truck enter the road with a deer in the back. Stopping to conduct a check of the hunter, the CPO discovered the hunter still had a loaded and uncased shotgun in the passenger seat of the truck. When questioned as to why the gun was in the state it was in, the hunter stated he was only going to his daughter’s house real quick to go to the bathroom. The hunter was issued a citation for unlawful transportation of a loaded and uncased firearm.

While checking firearm hunters, a district 1 CPO observed two hunters in the field not wearing the required blaze orange.  After several minutes of watching the hunters, the CPO learned the hunters were setting up a ground blind and preparing to hunt.  Several minutes later, the hunters put on their blaze orange as they settled into their positions.  The CPO approached the hunters and conducted a check and discovered neither hunter had signed their deer permits. Appropriate enforcement was taken. 

A District 1 CPO is investigating a possible hunter harassment and criminal damage to property case where a hunter returned to his elevated hunting blind and discovered all windows had been spray painted and several items were stolen from the inside of the blind.

A District 1 CPO is investigating an unlawful take of deer case in Ogle County which occurred during the first firearm season.

A CPO investigated two reports of illegal hunting that are pending investigation. A hunting blind was seized on property that the owner insisted the unknown individual, who placed it there, was not given permission to do so.  A field report was completed regarding the situation.

CPO Schreiber arrested a subject during the firearm deer season for illegally hunting over bait.  The subject was using corn and oats and was not wearing blaze orange except for his faded orange stocking hat.

CPO Davis cited a waterfowl hunter for hunting with an unplugged shotgun in McHenry County.

CPO Winters issued one citation and four written warnings for failure to maintain separate bag limits to a group of waterfowl hunters in McHenry County.

Nothing reported.

A CPO received a complaint of rifle shots in an area in Schuyler County.  She was patrolling the area when she observed a truck driving slowly across a field after sunset.  She stopped the truck and observed an uncased crossbow in the passenger seat. The driver told her he was coyote hunting.  A few minutes later another hunter came walking out of the woods with a crossbow and stated he was coyote hunting.  Both subjects were arrested for unlawfully hunting with a crossbow.

A CPO was patrolling Adams County when he stopped a vehicle for shining a spotlight.  After stopping the vehicle, he found the driver was in possession of a loaded rifle.

A CPO arrested a subject in Pike County for failure to pay 4 % fees on timber harvested.

CPOs encountered a subject in the field hunting deer with a crossbow in Pike County.  The subject did not have any exemption which allowed him to hunt with one.

Since the start of archery season thru firearm deer season, a CPO has made twenty baiting/feeding cases in Brown and Schuyler Counties.

A CPO stopped a vehicle in Brown County after he observed the vehicle stop and shine its headlights in a field.  He stopped the vehicle and as he was talking to the driver, he smelled cannabis.  A search of the vehicle resulted in cannabis, a pipe, and open alcohol.

In Pike County during firearm deer season, CPOs found a convicted felon in possession of a rifle in the field with no deer permits, hunting license, or habitat stamp.

In Pike County during firearm deer season, CPOs found a subject deer hunting with a revoked firearm owner identification card.

During firearm deer season in Adams County, a CPO observed a subject shining a light from the truck. Upon stopping the truck, he found two subjects in possession of a loaded muzzleloader in a case and an uncased muzzleloader. 

In Calhoun County during archery season, a CPO located a subject in possession of an untagged 10 point buck. The subject also failed to purchase a hunting license, habitat stamp, and failed to check in the deer the same day as kill.

In Calhoun County during archery season, a CPO located a subject in possession of three untagged deer.  The subject claimed that he shot one a couple days ago, one the day before, and one today. He found all of the deer today and took them back to camp without tagging them.

During firearm deer season in Jersey County, a CPO located two hunters hunting together with no permits.

During firearm deer season a District Sergeant patrolled Pere Marquette State Park all weekend. Because of a fire Pere Marquette was closed to hunting.

A District Sergeant received a complaint of someone dumping a deer in a lake in Macoupin County. The complainant had obtained a license plate number.  After going to the residence, the Sergeant drove to the location of the deer.  As he approached the area, he located the vehicle. Upon stopping the vehicle, a second vehicle also stopped. They admitted to trapping muskrats, and all showed a valid trapping license and stamps. They admitted to dumping the deer. A check revealed one of the drivers had a revoked driver’s license. Upon arresting the subject, a search of the subject revealed cannabis and a pipe.   
CPOs were patrolling the Mississippi River below Lock and Dam #27 in Madison Co.  They checked three subjects archery hunting on Mosenthein Island.  One subject did not have a hunting license, Habitat stamp, or a valid deer permit.  None of the three had acquired the proper permits from Horseshoe Lake St Park prior to hunting the Island.  The owner of the boat was also cited for a fire extinguisher violation.

A CPO responded to a call from a landowner regarding subjects hunting from a vehicle on his property in St Clair County.  Three subjects were driving in the landowner’s fields along the Mississippi River with loaded firearms.  They had constructed a makeshift blind in the back of their pickup truck and were driving around the fields looking for deer by the use of the vehicles’ headlights.  Three subjects were arrested and their firearms were seized as evidence.  A total of 9 citations and 9 written warnings were issued.

CPOs, during an airplane detail, arrested three subjects for numerous violations in Montgomery County.  Working in conjunction with ISP pilots and a District Sergeant, in ISP’s airplane, the officers were able to locate and arrest the subjects in possession of a loaded 30-06 rifle, loaded 22 cal hand gun, no blaze orange, loaded firearms on ATVs, and Christian County tags in Montgomery Co.  One subject had also harvested a deer in Montgomery County and had tagged it with his Christian County tag.  The subjects did not have hunting licenses or habitat stamps as well. 

A CPO was patrolling Montgomery Co when he located a vehicle parked along a wooded area.  He ran a computer check on the registered owner to see if he had a valid permit.  The owner of the vehicle was not listed as a valid permit holder.  The CPO exited the vehicle and walked down a tree line and located a gun case and a gut pile.  Approximately 20 minutes later he heard four shots directly in front of him in the woods.  Later, two subjects approached the location of the gun case.  The father and son were not wearing blaze orange.  When asked, the son stated they had two deer back at the house, one that was already tagged.  The CPO followed the subjects to their house and contacted another CPO
for assistance.  While at the house, the father admitted he had killed a 9 pt buck on Thursday with his bow and did not tag it or report the harvest.  The deer was now tagged with his son’s firearm tag.  The father continued stating he had hunted Saturday morning without his son, as he could not get out of bed, and harvested a small 12 pt buck and a button buck.  The father then took his son hunting that evening and met the CPO.  The father was issued several citations for his violations and for allowing his son to violate the law. 

A CPO was working waterfowl hunters on Carlyle Lake when he observed two subjects checking trot lines.  He located their vehicle and waited for them to return.  When they had returned, he made contact with them and checked their fishing licenses and boat safety equipment.  They did not have enough lifejackets in the boat and no valid registration on the boat.  One subject could not produce a fishing license.  The CPO requested identification from both subjects.  One subject stated he did not have any and verbally gave a name and date of birth.  The CPO ran the subjects information thru ISP and found the subject had given an alias.  The subject was wanted on drug charges in Missouri and domestic battery in Montgomery County.  The CPO told the subject he was lying about his identification and that he was going to have to take him to jail to confirm.  The subject agreed to go with him and asked if he could remove his jacket.  The CPO agreed and as the subject was removing his coat he attempted to flee on foot.  He was quickly apprehended and taken into custody.  The CPO located a photo i.d. on the subject verifying his identity and confirming he was wanted.  He was transported to Bond County Sheriff’s office for processing on his violations in Bond County.  He was then transported to Montgomery County and incarcerated on his outstanding warrants.

A CPO responded to an incident at the World Shooting Complex in Randolph County.  During a field trial on the grounds, a participant shot at a bird his dogs had pointed.  The only problem was the bird flew towards the road and the shooter continued to pursue the bird and shot.  The shot struck a vehicle that was travelling on Cardinal Road causing minor damaged to the paint. 

During an airplane detail along the Montgomery, Bond, Fayette County lines, CPOs responded to a vehicle spotted from the air.  The vehicle had driven thru a field and into a wooded area and was shining a small light in the woods.  The CPOs located the suspect vehicle and observed it as the vehicle used its headlights to shine the fields and wood lines.  As the vehicle approached the CPOs location, they observed several subjects in the bed of the truck and observed gun barrels sticking up out of the bed.  The CPOs turned on their flashlights and identified themselves.  The truck was occupied by five subjects who were all in possession of uncased firearms.  Only one firearm was not loaded.  The subjects stated they were attempting to coyote hunt and that they were using the truck headlights to shine the fields.  A total of 14 citations were issued and 6 guns were seized.

A CPO responded to a complaint in St Clair County, near New Baden, involving potential possession of illegal deer.  A CPO arrived at the location and observed a subject processing a large 11 pt buck that did not have tags.  The CPO made contact with the subject and the subject admitted to harvesting 3 bucks in Union County with his shotgun.  The subject stated he legally harvested a spike buck on opening day of the gun season.  He then continued to hunt on Saturday and harvested a 6 pt buck.  On Sunday he once again went hunting and harvested the 11 pt buck.  In an attempt to cover up the violations, the subject reported one of the deer as a doe on Sunday and tagged another with an unfilled tag from 2010.  The subject was issued several citations and the deer were seized.

CPOs are working a waterfowl area in Pope County that is baited with corn. No arrests at this time.

A CPO is currently working a complaint in Gallatin County involving the poaching of a 12 point buck.  The CPO has a written statement from a witness and has interviewed two others.  No arrests at this time.