October 2011

Office of Law Enforcement
March 2 & March 7, 2011 (Two weeks)

A subject arrested for OUI in Peoria County, during an OUI Grant Detail/Saturation Patrol at Chillicothe on Memorial Day weekend, pleaded guilty in Peoria County Court. He was assessed fines and costs over $1800.

A District 6 CPO made an arrest of a male subject for the unlawful taking of a deer without a valid permit. The subject harvested a deer during the 2010 archery season and purchased his tags after he checked the deer in. The subject has a mandatory court date at the Kane County Court house.

A District 7 CPO conducted an investigation into a possible deer hunting violation. The DNR Springfield Office staff had forwarded Point of Sale information about a hunter who had purchased a deer permit after legal hunting hours and then had used that permit to confirm a deer kill 14 minutes later. An interview of the hunter found that he had harvested a pair of fawns that day and only possessed one valid permit. He then went to the local WalMart and purchased an additional permit to tag the second deer. He then obtained a confirmation numbers for both deer killed that day. During the interview he also admitted to tagging violations on two other dates. He was issued a citation for not tagging his deer upon kill from the Point of Sale complaint and written warnings for the other dates.

While in marked uniform, checking sport ice fisherman in Winnebago County for compliance to the act, a District 6 CPO walked upon five ice fisherman in three ice fishing shelters and observed ten tip-ups set around the structures. The CPO also observed that none of the three shelters were labeled with the owner’s name and address as required. During the compliance check, the CPO observed that each fisherman was also fishing in each shanty with regular fishing poles in addition to the tip-ups. The lake has always been posted (2) Pole & Line Fishing Only due to the extensive fishing pressure and use. The CPO issued three citations for unlawful fishing – using too many devices and issued three written warnings for the untagged ice shanties.

A District 6 CPO concluded an investigation involving an out of state deer hunter who illegally shot a buck in 2010 and returned to his home state. Due to insurmountable challenges in the case which resulted in a lack of enough evidence to file charges in state court and with the approval of the Captain, the case was transferred to the United States Fish & Wildlife Agency.

A CPO arrested an individual for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of <2.5g of cannabis. The CPO noticed a car in the parking lot of the I & M Canal. Two sets of footprints from the car went north of the canal across railroad tracks and into the woods.  The CPO located the individuals, who did not know whose property they were on. One of the individuals attempted to throw a marijuana pipe into the leaves, but instead tossed it off of a rock. The individual was arrested and the pipe was recovered. The individual was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of <2.5g of cannabis. Both were issued written warnings for trespassing to railroad property.
District 7 CPOs and Sgt. conducted an enforcement detail on the Mississippi River during the opening weekend of Spoonbill snagging season. Due to high, fast water conditions, few fishermen and even fewer fish were present.

District 7 CPOs and Sgt. participated with ISP during the annual USCG required drill for the local gambling boat.

Two men who were arrested during the late winter antlerless only season, for shooting a deer from their vehicle after dark and in the wrong county, pleaded guilty in Putnam County Court. The first subject’s total fine was $2,602 and the other’s was $1,232. Both the 12 gauge shotgun and .22 caliber rifles were also forfeited to IDNR.

A male subject, who was arrested for illegally taking an antlered deer in the late winter antlerless only season, pleaded guilty in Putnam County Court and was assessed a total fine of $750.

A female subject arrested for DUI pleaded guilty in Putnam County Court to DUI and Improper Lane Usage. She was assessed a total fine of $2,360, must complete 100 hours of public service, attend the Victim Impact Panel, and is on 24 months supervision.

A District 1 CPO investigated a subject who checked in a deer in Lee County during the late winter antlerless firearm season which was closed to that season. When questioned, the subject admitted to killing the deer and stated he did not realize Lee County was closed. The subject was issued a citation and the deer meat was seized.

A District 1 CPO investigated a subject who took an antlered deer in Ogle County during the antlerless only firearm season. The subject admitted to killing the deer and stated he thought he could legally kill antlered deer in Ogle County during the season. The deer antlers were seized and the subject was issued a citation.

A District 1 CPO reported the disposition of a Whiteside County subject who was arrested last summer at Prophetstown State Park for OUI Watercraft. The subject received fines of $1,125.00 and 18 months supervision.

A District 1 CPO reported the disposition of an Ogle County subject who was arrested last summer for fleeing from a CPO in a boat on the Rock River near Byron. The subject was fined $655.00 and 12 months supervision.

A District 1 CPO reported the disposition of a case in Ogle County where a subject from Colorado shot deer with a shotgun from the roadway, out of season, with no license or permit on property he did not have permission to hunt on. The subject received fines totaling $2,200.00

A District 6 CPO responded to Starved Rock State park campground for an intoxicated camper who was involved in a Domestic Battery. He was arrested by LaSalle County Deputies.

While patrolling the area, a District 1 CPO observed a vehicle crossing the center line then weave in/out of traffic without signaling. The CPO was concerned the driver was possibly intoxicated and completed a traffic stop. The driver was not intoxicated but said she was late for work. The driver was issued a citation for no proof of insurance and expired registration.

A District 1 CPO completed an investigation for the falsification of deer permits in which an Iowa resident applied for resident deer tags using the parent’s Illinois address. The Iowa man was issued citations for the falsification of the application and the use of a resident deer permit, along with unlawfully taking of a deer without a valid permit.

A CPO arrested a 57 year old male at Moraine Hills State Park for public indecency after the subject exposed himself in a lewd manner.

Nothing reported.

A CPO arrested a subject in Quincy for outfitting without a license in Adams County. The CPO located the outfitter while checking on outfitters on the internet.

A CPO arrested a subject in Jersey County for several violations. It started with a complaint of a subject trapping without permission. It led to trapping during the closed season, failure to tag traps, unlawful possession of a whitetail deer, and having a mineral block out to feed deer.

A CPO investigated a timber buyer who did not have a license. The subject had his paperwork filled out, including his surety bond, however he failed to submit it. The subject had not even completed his first job yet. The CPO also informed him of the paperwork required when he is hauling timber.

A CPO attended two hunter safety classes in Macoupin County. There were 47 students in one class and 54 students in another class.

In an update to the investigation in Sangamon County, which involved four family members committing deer hunting violations with a total of 44 violations, two of them are class 4 felonies. The CPO met with all the family members and issued a total of 28 citations out of the 44 violations. The subjects were fingerprinted and released. The felony charges are not being filed at this time. The violations discovered were family members using someone else's permits, falsifying DNR records, failure to immediately tag deer, failure to check deer in on same day taken, unlawful take/possession of deer.

A District 10 CPO conducted an investigation into a subject who had three bucks at a taxidermist, all reported within the same calendar year. The investigation revealed the subject had falsified records in reporting to the agency and was in possession of too many antlered deer in a year.

District 10 CPOs investigated a report of a subject in possession of owl parts and possible untagged or unreported deer harvest. The owl parts were seized and the subject was cited for the violations. The subject’s son was also found to be in violation of having a loaded rifle in his vehicle.

A District Sergeant and CPO prepared for possible IEMA flood duty at Brookport, the CPO staged one work boat at Ft. Massac in anticipation of flood duty. The CPO met with the Sheriff and discussed the possibility of having to evacuate Brookport residents.

District 16 attended commercial fish training and quarterly DT training at Mines and Minerals in Benton.

CPOs assisted District 14 officers and Gallatin County authorities with a sonar search on 03/03/2011. The search was conducted on the Wabash River for a suspected body which was apparently seen by oil rig workers on the river. Body or suspect targets were not located with the Humminbird side scan sonars utilized by the officers.

CPOs are investigating vandalism at Lake Murphysboro SP where signs are being painted and damaged.

D 16 CPOs are investigating deer complaints and conducting random commercial inspections.

A CPO and District Sergeant attended the Whitetail's Unlimited dinner in Union County. The chapter purchased and donated portable flashing red lights, valued at $375.00, for use at roadside safety checkpoints in District 16. The donation will help provide a better safety factor for CPOs and the public during the inspections.


Office of Law Enforcement
March 16, 2011

A Region 1 CPO received a complaint in reference to a region boat dealer who had not filed for registration. The CPO showed that another individual had also complained about the dealership. A report was written and forwarded to the appropriate district.
A District 6 CPO conducted a follow-up investigation regarding a deer which was checked in 13 minutes following the purchase of a deer permit.  Springfield Headquarters has been conducting the initial investigations into these potential violations and have been sending the cases to CPO’s for follow-up interviews. In this case, the CPO found that the hunter harvested a deer believing he possessed an either sex permit for the harvest of an antler deer. This investigation revealed that he had used the either sex permit on an antler-less deer earlier, which caused him not to have the either sex permit for the antlered deer. The hunter was issued a citation for unlawfully taking a deer without first obtaining an either sex permit. The CPO issued a written warning for unlawful possession of an illegally taken deer and a written warning for failure to check in deer prior to 10 p.m. on the day of harvest.
Walleyes and Northern Pike are being caught on the lower Rock River between Sterling and Rock Falls. While enjoying this action, a Sterling man was arrested on two Whiteside County warrants, and one Lee County warrant, when it was discovered that he did not have his fishing license in possession.
A District 7 CPO located several deer stands and a blind on Spoon River State Forest property. The equipment was not tagged with the owner’s information as required. They also were not removed after season. The items were seized and placed into storage until ownership can be determined.

A District 6 CPO was in marked uniform patrol on the upper Rock and Pecatonica Rivers when he observed and inspected twenty-three shore and in boat fisherman and inspected over eleven boats. During these checks violations documented were unlawful fishing without a fishing license, unlawful operation of a motorboat without a fire extinguisher in serviceable condition, batteries not strapped to the hull or terminals covered, and insufficient PFDs.

A District 7 officer completed an ongoing deer permit violation case in Tazewell County. The six subjects involved were charged with 40 counts of possession and landowner permit violations.
While patrolling Lowden State Park a District 1 CPO observed a vehicle fail to stop at a 3-way stop in the park. The CPO stopped the car and discovered the driver did not have a driver’s license in possession or proof of insurance. The driver was issued two written warnings and a citation.
A CPO was on patrol at Morrison Rockwood State Park when a vehicle entered the park after the posted closed time of sunset at 7:45 p.m. The vehicle was stopped. An odor of an alcoholic beverage (beer) was smelled as the CPO was talking with the driver. Bud Light packaging was observed near the passenger’s leg. The CPO advised the occupants of the vehicle of this and asked if they had open alcohol in the vehicle. The driver opened up the center console and handed the CPO an open Bud Light beer. The CPO ordered the passenger to hand over his open beer also. Both subjects were issued a citation for illegal transportation of alcohol and a citation for being in the park after sunset.

A District 7 CPO investigated a pollution event/fish kill in Stark County. A theft of fertilizer which is being investigated by Stark County Sheriff’s Office caused the fertilizer to leak into a small unnamed water tributary killing the aquatic life. The DNR and Illinois EPA are investigating the pollution event/fish kill.

A deer poaching investigation involving a TIPS complaint was completed. The investigation involved a subject who was reportedly shooting deer with a rifle from his vehicle. He had reportedly shot and was in possession of illegally taken deer. Through the investigation, evidence was gathered and a search warrant was obtained. While CPOs were serving the search warrant, the suspect and his friend pulled into the driveway with loaded uncased rifles in their truck. The CPOs located several illegally taken deer as well as numerous other evidence items. The two subjects were jailed. Evidence and information obtained while serving the warrant was followed up on. During the investigation, it was determined the main violator shot numerous deer without permits, with an illegal method (rifle), during a closed season, from his vehicle, and from a roadway. It was determined the main violator also illegally used landowner deer permits he was not eligible for and took a turkey, rabbit, and great blue heron illegally. It was determined one of his friends assisted him in the illegal taking of deer. This same subject attempted to take deer illegally as well. At the time of the warrant he was also in possession of oxycodone without a prescription. It was also determined the main violator’s Dad provided him with his Landowner Deer Permits, assisted him in transporting illegally taken deer, and possessed illegally taken deer. Another subject was in possession of red tail hawk parts. See below:
Subject 1:
Citation- Unlawfully Hunting with Use/Aid of a Motor Vehicle
Citation- Unlawfully Hunting from a Roadway
Citation- Unlawful Transportation of an Uncased/ Loaded Firearm in a Vehicle
Citation- Unlawfully Attempting To Take Deer with an Illegal Method- Rifle
Citation- Unlawful Transportation of Open Alcoholic Beverage in a Vehicle (Driver)
Citation- Littering From a Vehicle (Beer Cans)
Long Form- 21 Counts
-Class 3 Felony Unlawful Possession of Illegally Taken Deer In Excess Of $300.00
-Class 4 Felony Unlawful Possession of Illegally Taken Deer In Excess Of $600.00
-Class 4 Felony Unlawful Possession of Illegally Taken Deer In Excess Of $600.00
-Class 4 Felony Unlawful Possession of Illegally Taken Deer In Excess Of $600.00
-Class 4 Felony Unlawful Possession of Illegally Taken Deer In Excess Of $600.00
-Unlawfully Taking/Possession of A Protected Species- Great Blue Heron
-Unlawful Possession of a Freshly Killed Rabbit during a Closed Season
-Unlawful Taking of a Whitetail Deer without a Valid Firearm Deer Permit
-Unlawful Use of Fraudulent Deer Permit (Landowner Permit- Not Eligible)
-Unlawful Taking of a Wild Turkey without a Valid Archery Turkey Permit
-Unlawful Use of another Individual’s Deer Permit (His Father’s)
-Falsification of Documents- Harvest Record
-Unlawful Taking Of Over the Limit of Antlered Bucks
-Unlawful Taking of a Whitetail Deer without a Valid Deer Permit

-Unlawful Deer Hunting/ Harassing Wildlife with Use/Aid of a Motor Vehicle (Ran over deer with an ATV)
-Unlawful Taking of a Whitetail Deer without a Valid Deer Permit
-Unlawful Deer Hunting/Harassing Wildlife with Use/Aid of a Motor Vehicle
-Unlawful Taking of Whitetail Deer with an Illegal Method (Rifle)
-Unlawful Deer Hunting/Use/Aid of Motor Vehicle
-Unlawful Taking of a Whitetail Deer without a Valid Deer Permit
-Unlawful Taking of a Whitetail Deer with an Illegal Method
Subject 2:
Citation- Unlawfully Hunting with Use/Aid of a Motor Vehicle
Citation- Unlawfully Hunting from a Roadway
Citation- Unlawful Transportation of an Uncased/Loaded Firearm in a Vehicle
Citation- Unlawfully Attempting To Take a Deer with an Illegal Method- Rifle
Citation- Unlawful Transportation of Open Alcoholic Beverage in a Vehicle (Passenger)
Citation- Littering From a Vehicle (Beer Cans)
Long Form: 3 Counts
-Class 4 Felony- Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance (Oxycodone)
-Contributing To Unlawful Activity- Unlawful Possession/Transportation of Illegally Taken Deer
-Attempting To Take a Deer without a Valid Deer Permit
Subject 3:
Long Form: 4 Counts
-Unlawful Gift/Transfer of Deer Permit
-Unlawful Transportation/Possession of an Illegally Taken Whitetail Deer
- Unlawful Gift/ Transfer of Deer Permit
-Unlawful Transportation/Possession of an Illegally Taken Whitetail Deer
Subject 4:
Long Form: 1 Count
-Unlawful Possession of Inedible Parts of a Protected Species - Bird of Prey (Red Tail Hawk Feather)

The owner of a nuisance animal removal company in McHenry County entered a negotiated guilty plea for wildlife violations related to his business. He was ordered to pay $500.00 in restitution to the Illinois Conservation Foundation plus a fine and court costs. CPOs began an investigation of the company after speaking with an individual in December who claimed to work for the business. That individual was in violation of nuisance animal trapping without a license and issued two citations. The employee paid the $240.00 fine and pleaded guilty in court. The investigation of the business revealed the owner, who possessed a valid nuisance removal permit, knowingly sent the employee without a permit to trap for customers in several counties. An audit of business records from 2009 and 2010 were inconsistent with the required annual reports the company sent to IDNR-Wildlife. During an interview, the owner admitted he did not accurately fill out the required reports and he had not provided all the invoices to the CPOs when requested. One of those invoices was a job the unlicensed employee had done in 2009. The business owner provided the CPOs with information of a competitor who he believed was illegally operating without a nuisance animal permit.
A CPO received a call from the Fox Lake Police Department regarding a subject killing ducks with a rifle in his back yard.  The CPO arrived at the Police Department where the subject was still in custody. The subject was found in possession of a .22 rifle, a .270 rifle, an AK 47 (with 4 thirty count fully loaded magazines), and a Kel Tek 9mm sub 2000 (with a fully loaded 16 round mag and a fully loaded 10 round mag). The subject's neighbor gave the responding officer three Coots which were shot by the subject. The subject was cooperative and admitted that he was “sighting in his rifle on the ducks".  The CPO issued the subject citations for unlawful taking of waterfowl during the closed season, unlawful shooting a rifle over/into water, and wanton waste. He was also issued five written warnings for several other wildlife code violations. The three Coots were seized along with the .22 rifle, which he used to kill the birds.

A CPO assisted Vermilion County Sheriff Department with the search and arrest of a parolee who fled a routine traffic stop. The subject drove his SUV into an agricultural field until he was stuck. He fled on foot into a creek bed. The Deputy could not follow in his Crown Victoria. The CPO held a position on the north side of the perimeter near Bismarck, Illinois. Using 4wd the CPO was able to cut the distance quickly by driving down the railroad track. The subject was located hiding behind a tree. He was placed in handcuffs without incident. He was suspected of discarding an unknown quantity of Meth as he ran. He was ultimately held without bond on a parole violation and driving while revoked.

While checking fisherman at River Bend County Park, Champaign County, a CPO observed a boat with two fisherman occupying it.  The CPO was able to wave the boat to shore and conduct a safety equipment check on the boat and check the fishing licenses of the occupants. One of the occupants was found to be fishing without a license and the boat had no life jackets as required. One of the occupants was also found to be wanted on a warrant out of Ford County.

While checking fisherman at the Clinton Lake Spillway, a CPO encountered a subject fishing without a license. A check of this fisherman found him to be wanted on two warrants out of Mclean County for failure to appear.  Bond for one warrant was $750.00 and the other was $1680. The subject was cited for fishing without a license and taken into custody for the two warrants and transported to Dewitt County.

A CPO performed a traffic stop on a vehicle that had no registration in Clark County. During the stop the CPO observed the subject hide suspected drugs. A search of the vehicle found the driver to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and synthetic cannabis. The driver was arrested and his vehicle was seized.

CPOs made a traffic stop on two vehicles in Clark County that netted felony charges and the seizure of a vehicle. During this traffic stop, 5 grams of Meth were found, several glass pipes, several loaded hypodermic needles, and other drug paraphernalia. One of the occupants was found to have a loaded needle hidden in her sock. Both subjects were arrested for possession of Meth, and meth paraphernalia. The driver was also arrested for numerous traffic violations.
District 11 and 19 officers have been working on Point of Sale investigations throughout the week. We currently have about 50% of them completed and have issued nine citations and fourteen written warnings.
CPOs just completed a deer investigation that resulted from a call from a CPO in Region 4.  The CPO observed a photo of an archery killed 20 point buck on the Heartland Outdoors website. When he referenced the deer to Point of Sale, he found some discrepancies. The hunter who killed the buck was from Mclean County so he contacted a CPO with this information. A subsequent interview was conducted by CPOs which found the hunter to have taken the trophy deer illegally. The hunter and an accessory were arrested for the illegal taking of the deer. The hunter was arrested for the unlawful taking of a whitetail deer and for unlawfully archery hunting without a valid permit. The accessory was arrested for being an accessory to the unlawful taking of a whitetail deer. Both subjects were additionally issued numerous written warnings and the trophy deer was seized.

A CPO assisted the Pike County Sheriff's Department in an investigation where an infant was bitten by a raccoon. The grandparents had a pet raccoon in their house. The grandparents had a legal permit for the raccoon and had purchased it by legal means.

A District Sergeant received a complaint from a CPO.  The CPO was teaching a hunter safety class when a person in the class approached him with a complaint. The person’s wife called him at the class and told him she witnessed three subjects shoot geese from a truck.  The Sergeant and a Greene County Deputy responded to the area and located the truck at a restaurant in small town. Seven snow geese and several empty shotgun hulls were in the bed of the truck. All three admitted to Hunting by Aid of a Vehicle, Possession of Uncased Firearms, and Shooting from the Roadway.

A CPO attended a Hunter Safety Class in Schuyler County.

A CPO attended a Hunter Safety Class in Macoupin County.

A CPO attended a Hunter Safety Class in Jersey County.

A CPO stated warm weather brought many visitors to Ferne Clyffe, Tunnel Hill and Ft. Massac State Parks. Unfortunately, a Metropolis subject decided to drive his motorcycle on the Hiking/Biking trail at Ft. Massac. He was issued a citation and he was reminded of the rules.

A CPO assisted a male subject from Kentucky who was having a diabetic emergency in the Casey's parking lot in Jonesboro. He assisted him into the store and sat him down. He helped him drink orange juice and a sandwich from the store. The CPO remained with him for approximately 30 minutes. He refused medical attention stating he had done this before and wasn't willing to pay for an ambulance. His wife proceeded to drive after he had his blood sugar up and was stable.
A CPO located two deer dumped in a creek next to roadway. One had a bullet hole in the head. Both also had vehicular collision wounds. He located a white pick-up truck at a nearby residence with blood all over the tailgate. He interviewed the owner who stated he hit the deer the night before. One was dead, one was not. He put both in truck and drove home (retained alive). He stated the live deer was trying to get out of the bed of the truck during the 20 mile drive. Once home he shot the live deer and removed the back straps and dumped the deer in the creek. The man was issued one wildlife code citation and three warnings.

A CPO responded to a complaint in Alexander County of snagging. The complaint was unfounded.

A CPO conducted a random resident commercial fish inspection on a DuQuoin fisherman, no violations were discovered. Several attempts were made on other commercial establishments but were unsuccessful in contacting the owners.

A CPO inspected a Jon boat for a Pinckneyville subject attempting to title the boat for future use.

While working a Jon boat patrol on Rend Lake, CPOs checked a boat with two Missouri passengers just outside the Rend Lake Sailboat Harbor. The boat had numerous equipment violations and one subject did not have a non-resident fishing license. After running the two subject’s criminal histories it was discovered that one subject was wanted on a felony warrant out of Missouri. There was no bond and Missouri will extradite. The Missouri subject was arrested and then transported to the Franklin County jail.

CPOs assisted the State Police in the apprehension of a Meth Lab on private property next to the Rend Lake Refuge. State Police took possession of all the Meth making materials.


Office of Law Enforcement
March 23, 2011


A District 7 CPO arrested two subjects for violating the Illinois dangerous animal act. An investigation revealed that a resident of Warren County had illegally purchased an adult male bobcat in Missouri. Once the individual realized the animal was illegal to possess in Illinois, he sold it to a subject with an Illinois fur bearer breeder permit. This subject then attempted to resell the animal in Missouri. The subjects were given the appropriate citations and arrangements were made to return the animal to Missouri.
Region I Officers assisted Louisiana Officers with interviews and checked limits of crappie for them as the Louisiana agents were working complaints of “Gross” over limits of fish being taken on Toledo Bend Lake. No violations were found in Illinois, but the Louisiana agents had several cases in their state.

A District 6 CPO was checking walleye fishermen at Starved Rock when he observed two men taking photos of eleven sauger they had caught. The CPO observed a third fishermen returning from a vehicle in the parking lot. It was determined that the man had taken additional sauger to the vehicle. One of the men also claimed that he had not been fishing and did not have a license. The two fishermen had taken 16 sauger all together and were charged for taking over their limit. The sauger were seized as evidence.

A District 7 CPO checked a group of fishermen at Snakeden Hollow State Fish and Wildlife Area. Only one of the three were able to present a fishing license. That subject possessed an Illinois resident license but a Florida driver’s license. He claimed that he lives in both states throughout the year. He was advised that he must purchase a non-resident license. ISP Communications advised that he had a non-extraditable warrant out of Florida. He was issued a written warning for no valid fishing license. The second fisherman did not possess his license but Point of Sale confirmed that he had purchased one. The third subject had difficulty giving her current address. Further interview and investigation found that she had provided her sister’s information. Given the prospect of an Obstructing Identification charge, she provided her driver’s license from a vehicle in the parking lot. She was issued a citation for fishing without a valid fishing license.

An early season boat patrol of the Mississippi River, Pool 19, and the Henderson Creek found very few boats and fishermen in the area. One fisherman checked did not possess a valid fishing license. He had moved out of state, had an expired driver’s license, and was a registered sexual predator. He was issued a citation for fishing without a valid Illinois fishing license.

A District 7 CPO issued a subject a citation for failure to report a deer harvest in October.
While checking fishermen at Potters Lake on the Mississippi River, a District 1 CPO located two subjects in possession of undersized largemouth bass. One of the subjects admitted knowing his largemouth bass was undersized. He was cited for his violation. The second subject was given instruction on “measuring fish” and received a written warning. Both fish were released.

A District 1 CPO was given information of a possible permit violation. The CPO interviewed the suspect and he confessed to illegally taking a wild turkey. He shot the turkey with his bow and he did not have a valid archery turkey permit at the time. He then went to the vendor and purchased a permit. All turkey meat was seized as evidence. The suspect was arrested and released with a Notice to Appear in court.

A District Sergeant and CPO worked the opening day at LaSalle Lake and issued several citations for over limits and boating and alcohol violations.

A District 6 CPO was checking fishermen along the Rock River. The CPO encountered two men fishing. While checking their licenses, the CPO noticed that one of the fishing licenses was illegible. The man gave the CPO his driver’s license so a check of his fishing license could be conducted. The CPO took the opportunity to also check the man’s driver’s license through the squad’s MDC computer. That check resulted in a notification that the man was wanted on a $3,000 (10 % applied) bond warrant. The man was arrested and booked into the local jail. After checking his fishing license privileges, the CPO discovered that his fishing license was, in fact, valid.


A CPO arrested two subjects at Illinois Beach State Park for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. The driver had six small bags of cannabis.

A CPO arrested an individual at the North Unit of Illinois Beach State Park for possession of cannabis.

CPOs arrested an individual on a Lake County failure to appear-larceny warrant. The CPOs were investigating a poaching complaint in Old Mill Creek. Bond was $20,000.00/ 10%. The subject was transported to jail.


Nothing reported.


Nothing reported.


A CPO attended two hunter safety courses.

A CPO reported on a case disposition for four Virginia residents. Total fines of $3,700.00 and a $1,000.00 donation to the Illinois Conservation Foundation were collected from the four men. The case involved the illegal taking of three deer and a coyote.

A District Sergeant and CPO attended the waterfowl committee meeting in Springfield.

A CPO assisted the local wildlife biologist with the annual fur bearer spotlight survey in Union county.

Spring like weather brought out the fishermen in Jackson County - some where they were not supposed to be. One CPO in a weekend detail apprehended seven individuals fishing on Consolidated Energies Burning Star Mine #5. This reclaimed surface mine north of Carbondale does not allow fishing. All seven individuals were cited for fishing without permission and all fish in their possession were returned to the waters they came from.

A CPO completed three boat title and registration inspections for various Jackson County residents.

A CPO assisted Johnson County Deputies with reckless discharge of firearm call near the Tunnel Hill State Trail and Shawnee Forest. The complainant stated a subject fired a pistol at him and his friends because they were riding their ATV's on his property. Supposedly, the riders knocked the subject to the ground after he emptied the pistol and they beat him about the shoulders and back and then fled.



Office of Law Enforcement
March 30, 2011

A District 7 CPO attended a flood meeting in Henderson County. The meeting was hosted by IEMA. The topic of the meeting was how state agencies would respond to a catastrophic event in Henderson County. IDNR law enforcement will play a prominent role if flooding occurs.

A District 7 Sergeant and CPOs manned the “Wall of Shame “trailer at the Deer and Turkey Classic in Peoria. Numerous comments and complaints were received from the public.

A CPO made an arrest of a male subject for falsifying state documents to obtain a deer permit. The subject lives in DeKalb County which is where he falsified the documents. The subject then committed further violations by using the permit that was falsely obtained to harvest a deer in Pope County where he owns property. The subject was issued one citation in each county and will have to appear in both courthouses to plead to the charges.
While en route to an injured deer complaint in Winnebago County, a CPO came upon a two car rear end collision. The CPO called in the crash, investigated and reported the collision. The cause for the rear end collision was due to the offending unit’s driver falling asleep at the wheel momentarily. There was no sign of impairment with that driver. There were no injuries and both vehicles were able to drive from the scene.
A District 1 CPO patrolled the Hennepin Canal after receiving a complaint of ATVs on the trail. No ATVs were observed on the trail; however they were heard on private property near the state trail. No enforcement activity.

A District 1 CPO investigated a found dead deer complaint which was located by a shed hunter. It was determined the deer had not been unlawfully taken. The antlers were tagged and the shed hunter was able to keep the 10 pointer.

The Region Captain and CPO attended the MWC (Masters Walleye Circuit) Walleye tourney in Spring Valley Illinois. 122 teams participated in the tourney with over 1200 fish turned in at the scales. The event was heavily attended by spectators and fishermen.

A District 6 CPO met with a United States Fish and Wildlife Agent to conduct interviews relating to the unlawful taking of a Bald Eagle.

A District 6 CPO investigated an archery deer permit case that resulted in the arrest of two subjects for unlawful taking of white tail deer.

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported

A CPO was checking fishermen, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather in Montgomery County. He observed two subjects fishing for catfish near the discharge area of Coffeen Lake. He approached the subjects and asked to see their licenses. Neither subject had a sport-fishing license and one subject was in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  The CPO issued citations to both subjects for the license violation and took the one subject into custody for the drug violations. This subject was issued the appropriate charges and was transported to Montgomery County jail.

A CPO was also working Coffeen Lake during the unseasonably warm days in Montgomery County. Numerous boats were on the lake and many of them were violating the posted 25 horsepower limit. One subject was operating a 250 horsepower motor on a 20+ foot Ranger Bass Boat. When questioned about the illegal operation, the operator responded saying he didn’t operate all that fast. The CPO explained that this still did not justify violating the law.

A CPO closed a driving with a suspended license case recently. The subject was found guilty and fined $775, put on court supervision for one year, and was sentenced to 30 days in jail. He was also found guilty of fishing without a sport-fishing license and fined an additional $115.

A CPO closed a careless operation of a motorboat case recently. The subject pleaded guilty and was fined $315. He also pleaded guilty to an illegal passenger location violation and was fined an additional $75.

A CPO closed a case involving an over the daily limit of bass and over the posted possession limit of largemouth bass at Coffeen Lake. The subject pleaded guilty and was fined a total of $460.

A CPO responded to a call in St Clair County from a citizen who witnessed a subject shoot from a vehicle at deer in a field. The caller advised the vehicle returned to the area and loaded a deer into the back of the truck.  The CPO contacted Freeburg Police Department and gave them a description of the vehicle. Freeburg Officers observed the vehicle and made a traffic stop. The CPO arrived on scene and interviewed the driver. He found a loaded 22 rifle and a 243 caliber high powered rifle with a freshly spent casing still in the action, uncased in the vehicle. A 308 rifle was cased and in the bed of the truck. Further investigation revealed a loaded 9mm handgun in the console of the vehicle. All of the firearms were seized pending forfeiture requests. The driver and his friend were issued several violations.

CPOs responded to a trespass call in Randolph County. After a short search of the area with Randolph County deputies and Sparta police officers, a subject was located hiding in the woods after he had wrecked his ATV in a flooded creek bottom. The complainant stated the subject had a long gun but the firearm could not be located. The subject stated he had an air gun but had lost it in the flooded creek. The subject was taken to Sparta Police Department where he was arrested for trespassing by Sparta Police Department. CPOs returned to the scene and began a thorough search of the area. After approximately 1 hour of tracking the subject, one CPO located a 22 cal rifle concealed in a black plastic bag under a log. The bag had been tightly sealed at both ends of the gun with rubber bands. They returned to the subject’s house and re-interviewed him and the subject confessed to the rifle. The subject was a convicted felon from Alaska. He was living in Sparta working at the new power plant construction.

A CPO responded to a disturbance at Frank Holten St Park. A male and female subject had a verbal argument over a cell phone which led to the male subject pushing the female subject by the throat and scratching her arm. The male subject was arrested for battery.

A CPO was patrolling Chouteau Island when he observed a vehicle without a front plate. He ran a 10-28 on the license plate on the back of the vehicle and found the registered owner had a suspended driver’s license. He made a stop on the vehicle and the registered owner was also the driver and he did indeed have a suspended license.

A CPO was checking fishermen at Horseshoe Lake State Park when he discovered a subject in possession of a resident fishing license but had a non-resident driver’s license. The subject was also in possession of a largemouth bass under the posted limit.

A CPO closed out a case involving two subjects without FOID cards this past deer season. The charges were dismissed on both subjects.

A CPO closed out a case involving a subject who was in possession of two federally threatened Desert Tortoises. The subject was fined $120.

A CPO closed out a case involving a subject hunting by the aid of a vehicle and shooting from a roadway. The subject was fined $300.

A CPO closed out a case involving a subject without a FOID card this past deer season. The subject was fined $250.

A CPO closed out a case involving two subjects who trespassed onto railroad property stealing railroad spikes. Both subjects were fined $420 each.

A CPO closed out several cases involving the illegal possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. Seven subjects paid a total of $9107 in fines.

A CPO closed a case involving a father and son who were deer hunting with a 243 rifle, no blaze orange, and in possession of another person’s permit. The subjects paid fines of $510 and $1020.

CPOs responded with a Department work boat to the scene of a Dodge pickup that had been caught up in the flood waters of Saline County. The water was up to the pickup’s steering wheel; lights were still on; but there were no occupants. It was later discovered that two females with two children were able to escape the pickup unharmed. Saline County State’s Attorney may have charges pending against the driver.

CPOs responded to another stranded jeep that had been caught up in the flood waters of the Saline River. This time the four occupants (two females and two males) were still at the scene sitting on top of the jeep. CPOs were able to load all four occupants into the Department work boat and take them to safety. The driver said that he drove around the “Road Closed” barricade to see how high the water was and got caught up in the current. Saline County is handling the enforcement of the driver and the removal of the Jeep.

A CPO was called to Cave-In-Rock State Park in reference to a 2007 Nissan Xterra that had rolled down a hill, over a cliff and into the Ohio River. The owner of the vehicle told the Hardin County Sheriff’s Department that he applied the emergency brake but that it obviously didn’t hold. With the Ohio River above flood stage, recovery of the vehicle will have to wait until the river conditions improve. Hardin County Sheriff’s Department completed the crash report.

A CPO caught a subject illegally operating an ATV at Ten Mile Creek Conservation Area in Jefferson County. After running a criminal history on the subject, the CPO discovered the subject was wanted on a warrant out of Hamilton County. The CPO arrested the subject and transported him to Jefferson County. The CPO then ran the serial number of the ATV and discovered the ATV was stolen out of St. Clair County. The CPO seized the ATV and had it towed. The CPO then contacted the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department in reference to the stolen ATV.

District #14 CPOs participated in the Region 5 In-Service training at the Rend Lake Resort.

A CPO responded to a call of a dead eagle lying in a field near Campbell Hill. Upon closer inspection the CPO discovered the dead eagle was actually a dead turkey vulture. The cause of the turkey vultures death is unknown.

A CPO was notified of a break-in at Horseshoe Lake State Park. Someone had broken into the maintenance building and stolen two boat motors and several other items over the weekend. We have no suspects at this time. ISP crime scene processed the building.

A CPO was notified of a trapping compliant. A complainant called stating that his dog had been killed in a trap that had been set on his neighbor’s property. After walking the neighbor’s property, he was able to find the trap and another bucket set without a trap. He also discovered that the area was baited for wildlife with shelled corn and a mineral block. He then met with the neighbor. The neighbor stated that he had accidentally caught the dog but didn't know whose dog it was. He stated that he had been trying to trap raccoons due to the fact he thought they were damaging his turkey population. The neighbor was cited for setting traps during the closed season and unlawfully feeding wildlife.

A CPO assisted Dist 14 officers on an illegal set nets complaint at the Smithland Dam on the Ohio River. They inspected a couple of fishermen who were roe fishing. Due to the large number of set nets and all of them being Kentucky residents it was determined that we would return a few days later with Kentucky DNR officers to assist in the matter.

A CPO attended a Hunter Safety Class at Arrowhead Lodge in Union County. Approximately thirty people were in attendance.

District 16 CPOs attended In-Service training at Rend Lake Visitor Center.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Johnson County.