October 2011

Office of Law Enforcement
December 7, 2011

A  District 6 CPO addressed a complaint filed during first firearm deer season. A hunter reported to the CPO that he had heard shots being fired from hunters who were hunting on a local airport property.  This CPO has had prior conversations with airport authorities and knew that firearm deer hunting on airport property was prohibited.

A CPO launched the District Jon boat and located a boat tied to the island shoreline belonging to the airport.  Upon searching the area, the CPO encountered a 19 year old man who was hunting with his step-father.  The men were hunting on airport property and when questioned, the step-father stated he had been hunting there (off and on) for 30 years.  He explained that he thought the state owned the island.  Upon interviewing the hunters, the CPO learned that the 19 year old was hunting deer for the first time this season.  The step-father was issued a citation for hunting without permission. The CPO decided that since the 19 year old really didn’t know that his step-father failed to obtain permission for them to hunt there, and was following the direction of his step-father, the CPO issued the 19 year old a warning for hunting without permission.

A District 7 Officer located a female driver stopped in traffic on a busy Peoria County Road.  The Officer determined that she was having medical issues related to low blood sugar levels and summoned an ambulance to the scene.  After treatment by paramedics, she and her vehicle were taken from the scene by family members.

A CPO checked a firearm deer hunter a few minutes after legal hunting hours.  The elderly man had unloaded his shotgun in the cab of his truck using the dome light.  He explained that he liked to do this so he would not lose his shells on the ground in the dark.  He was out of breath during the check since he had just walked uphill about a hundred yards to his vehicle.  He was issued a written warning for hunting after legal hunting hours.  He was advised that he should leave his deer stand a bit earlier to avoid returning to his truck late.

A CPO investigated a hunting harassment complaint.  He had received the complaint through Knox County Sheriff’s Department about an incident that occurred the night before.  Upon driving his truck from the field, a hunter heard a loud noise from under his vehicle.  He discovered part of one of his deer stands had been leaned against his bumper while he was hunting another stand.  The same deer stand had been partially taken down earlier in the deer season but left against the tree.  This time the offender had removed it and placed it against his vehicle.  Landowners of the adjacent properties will be interviewed.  Investigation is ongoing.

A District Sergeant and CPOs investigated a death after a 25 year old Indiana man fell 60 feet into the Illinois River at Starved Rock State Park. The man’s body was recovered and pronounced dead by the LaSalle County Coroner.   The Sergeant attended the autopsy on Monday to find the cause of death.

A Sergeant and CPO were conducting a follow-up investigation at Eagle Cliff in Starved Rock State Park into the death of an Indiana man who had fallen from the cliff and drowned in the Illinois River the previous day.   As they completed their investigation, they were approached on the trail by three men that smelled strongly of burnt cannabis. The officers questioned the men about the odor and they admitted to smoking cannabis just minutes before.  One of the men from Ottawa provided the officers with a small vial of cannabis and a smoking pipe.  The man was charged with possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.

A CPO worked second firearm deer season in DeKalb and Lee Counties.  The CPO checked multiple hunters and wrote warnings and a citation for various deer hunting violations. 

A CPO checked in two hunters in Stephenson County who had just completed field dressing and loading two antlerless deer in their open vehicle in the field.  A license/permit check of the hunters revealed the 26 year old
hunter did not purchase a habitat stamp and the second hunter had moved and field dressed his deer prior to immediately tagging it upon kill.

A CPO responded to a complaint of a hunter using another hunter’s deer tag.  The investigation led to the interview of five subjects in two days.  At the conclusion of the investigation, a firearm, four deer tags and parts of four deer were seized.  Five citations were issued to four subjects for various hunting and tagging violations.   

A District 1 officer investigated a report of firearm deer hunting in a baited area. Bait was discovered and the hunter was issued a ticket for unlawful attempt to take deer by use of bait.

A District 1 officer conducted a firearm deer hunter compliance check and found an uncased 20 gauge shotgun being illegally transported on the front of an ATV.  A ticket was issued for unlawful transportation of a firearm.

A District 1 officer conducted a firearm deer hunter compliance check on Thursday afternoon of second season. The check revealed that a hunter had shot, tagged and checked in a small buck.  The hunter appeared to have all the required licenses and permits.  A follow up investigation the next day showed that the hunter’s wife had the same name only an additional middle initial.  Upon further review the buck that was shot on Thursday had been tagged with the wife’s property only deer permit.  The wife was in the Chicago area and not hunting this weekend. Friday morning the same individual was hunting on his neighbor’s property.  The hunter had property only deer permits.  He was also charged with attempting to take a deer without a valid permit for his hunting on Friday as well as the tagging violation on Thursday.  The deer was seized and donated to “Sportsmen Against Hunger.”

A District 1 officer initiated a traffic stop on a deer hunter driving an ATV on a public roadway and conducted a firearm deer hunter compliance check.  The check revealed that the hunter was in possession of a loaded 12 gauge shotgun.  The hunter was ticketed for unlawful transportation of a firearm.

A District 1 officer found a group of firearm deer hunters up an extremely long private lane.  Upon observing the officers arrival, one of the hunters knelt down and placed a tag on the buck the group was standing around.  An interview revealed that the hunter had shot the deer earlier in the day and transported it to that location via ATV. The hunter was issued a ticket for failure to tag deer immediately upon kill.

A CPO cited a subject for unlawful possession of a firearm without a valid FOID card in Henderson County.  The subject stated he had recently applied for a FOID card based on a recommendation from his probation officer.  A criminal history check indicated there is some question as to whether the subject is eligible to possess a firearm.
A CPO patrolled Stephenson County during the firearm deer season. He responded to complaints of hunter harassment and trespassing.  He also completed two car vs. deer traffic crash reports.

While checking an area a District 1 CPO knew to be a baited area, the CPO located a subject hunting over a pile of corn and a salt block.  The CPO approached the hunter and discovered he was hunting with an unplugged shotgun as well.  When asked who he was hunting with, the subject stated his son was hunting further down the tree line. The CPO located his son who was also hunting over a pile of corn and a salt block.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

While checking firearm deer hunters in Ogle County, a District 1 CPO discovered a hunter in a tree stand hunting over a crushed up mineral block and other feeding substances.  When questioned, the hunter admitted to placing the mineral block the year prior.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

While checking an area known to be baited with corn, a salt block and molasses, a District 1 CPO located a subject hunting in a stand approximately 30 yards from the bait.  When questioned about the bait, the hunter stated he had placed it after not seeing any deer after first season.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

While patrolling the Byron Nuclear Plant property in Ogle County, a District 1 CPO located a subject operating his ATV through the property.  As the CPO approached the subject, it was discovered the hunter was transporting a loaded and uncased shotgun on the ATV.  The subject was charged with unlawful transportation of the firearm.

After responding to a hunting without permission complaint, a District 1 CPO charged a subject for failure to wear blaze orange and his hunting partner for unlawfully hunting without a valid permit. The subject without orange was blood trailing a wounded deer through property they did not have permission to be on, while his hunting partner sat on the other side of the timber with a loaded gun waiting to shoot the deer if it ran out.  The shooter had already filled his tag but chose to continue to hunt.  The landowner chose not to press charges and written warnings were issued for the hunting without permission.

A District 1 CPO issued a citation to a Milledgeville man for transporting an uncased shotgun in a mini- van during the 2nd firearm deer season in Carroll County.  

A District 1 CPO charged multiple Whiteside County deer hunters for the unlawful tagging of deer with another’s permit, and possessing another’s permits while in the field.    

A CPO was checking a group of deer hunters who just returned to their vehicles.  They advised of a trespasser in the area driving a purple Jeep Cherokee across fields they did not have permission to be in.  As the CPO was completing a hunter compliance check, the same Jeep was spotted at the end of the road.  The Jeep drove very slowly down the road tapping their brakes several times.  The CPO left the hunters and stopped the purple Jeep.  There was a loaded uncased 12 gauge shotgun wedge between the passenger seat and the console.  The passenger said he was looking for coyotes or deer and since he was in poor health and unable to walk, his plan was to shoot from the truck.  The Andover man was cited for the violations and his shotgun was seized as evidence. 

A CPO arrested an East Moline man for hunting over bait in Geneseo, IL.  In October he placed a bag of C’mere Deer Shake and Take from a tree approximately 15 yards directly in front of his deer blind.  The hunter said he put the bait out directly in front of a trail camera in order to see what kind of deer were moving through his property.  CWD concerns were explained to the hunter and he was cited for the violations.   

A CPO was checking deer hunters during second firearm season.  A group of hunters were located near Morrison Rockwood State Park.  A possible habitat stamp and blaze orange violation was identified.  The CPO made contact with the first hunter.  A check of the hunter’s shotgun revealed it did not have a plug in it and it was loaded with five slugs.  The second hunter contacted didn’t have a required habitat stamp.  The hunter asked “why didn’t they tell me I needed one when I bought my hunting license?”.  The CPO informed the subject it’s the hunter’s responsibility to know the laws and purchase the required licenses and permits and not the sales clerks job.  Both subjects received a citation for the violations.

A CPO responded to a complaint in Whiteside County of a person on a tractor hunting with a shotgun while they were doing field work.  The original complaint was found to be a case of mistaken identity.  The complainant thought he observed a shotgun being taken to a tractor.  It actually ended up being a long black metal piece that was broken on a chisel plow and was being removed.   However, in the course of the investigation an uncased gun was found in another tractor across the road doing field work.  The subject was educated on the proper way to transport a firearm and issued a citation for uncased firearm.

A CPO was on patrol near Prophetstown IL.  The CPO observed two deer hunter standing together in the woods.  The CPO approached the hunters and discovered a deer that had already been field dressed.  The doe did not have the required permit/tag attached to the rear leg.  The CPO obtained the tag from the hunter and read the back of the permit to the hunter.  It clearly states “Immediately upon kill and before the deer is moved, transported or field dressed the hunter must cut out the designated notch on the leg tag to invalidate it, and the leg tag shall be attached and properly sealed”.  The hunter then stated “I didn’t want to get it bloody”.  The CPO then continued to read further down on the permit to the hunter “If the condition of the tag precludes writing on the tag…the confirmation number shall be written on a piece of paper and attached to the deer along with the leg tag”.  The hunter was issued a citation for the violation but allowed to keep the deer.

A CPO was checking archery hunters at Big Bend SFWA.  A hunter was checked as he was leaving a remote area at 1:00 p.m.  The hunter stated he shot a doe at 8 a.m. in the shoulder.  The hunter had been searching for his deer for 5 hours.  The hunter then left the area.  The CPO found the deer about 5 minutes after he checked the hunter.  The CPO remembered the hunters name and checked IDNR’s database for his phone number.  The phone number was incorrect.  The CPO then drove to Morrison IL and made contact with the hunter at his residence.  The hunter was surprised a CPO would go the extra mile to help him locate the deer.  The hunter was ecstatic because it was his first kill and he needed the meat to help feed his family as they had fallen on hard times. 

A CPO issued a subject a citation for not immediately tagging his deer upon harvest.  The subject was loading his deer in to his truck when found.  He was also in possession of his 11 year old son’s permit.

While conducting an airplane detail looking for deer hunting violations, several CPOs responded to a shots fired call at a residence between rural neighbors.  CPOs assisted the local Sheriff’s Office with detaining the suspect at his residence.  It was determined the suspect was not shooting at his neighbor, only target practicing in his back yard. 

CPOs responded to a complaint of hunting without permission.  The CPOs arrived at the 150 acre piece of property.  The CPO noticed a pickup truck along the wood line.  The CPO drove across the harvested soybean field to the individuals.  They were surprised to see the officer.   The CPO observed an untagged spiked buck partially down a ravine.  The hunter stated that he had a deer tag, but it was in his car.  The CPO observed them pull the deer out with the truck and followed them back to their property (the same property that the CPOs cited individuals a few years prior for hunting without permission).  The hunter stated that he wounded the deer and it crossed onto neighboring property.  He tracked the deer and located it, but it was not dead.   The hunter shot the deer again.  The hunter went back to his car (where his deer tags were) and placed the shotgun inside.  He called his friend to help retrieve the deer.  He was cited for hunting without permission and failure to immediately tag a deer.

At approximately 10:30 a.m. a District Sergeant was parked in front of the Blackhawk State Park Office.  While completing paperwork, she observed a passenger in a passing vehicle throw a beer can out of his window.  A traffic stop was initiated.  The driver had not been drinking.  The passenger was highly intoxicated.  As the passenger exited the vehicle, he dropped a second open can of beer on the ground.  The passenger was cited for littering and unlawful transportation of an open alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle. 

District 7 and Region IV District. 9 CPOs conducted an airplane detail in Fulton County.  While on the detail, the CPOs checked several deer hunters who were in compliance.  They issued three written warnings and two citations.  The citations were for unlawful feeding of deer and transportation of a loaded, uncased firearm in a vehicle.  CPOs also responded by air and land to a non-hunting shots fired complaint in McDonough County.  The reported offender surrendered without incident.  The investigation was handled by McDonough County Sheriff’s Department.

A CPO cited 5 pheasant hunters for possession of toxic shot on department lands where prohibited and one hunter for transporting an uncased shotgun in a vehicle at the Chain O' Lakes State park.
Nothing reported.

Nothing reported.

A CPO took a burglary report from Lake Murphysboro State Park for seven Stihl stolen power tools.  This is the second burglary of the month involving power tools taken at the park.  Both burglaries are still being investigated.

A CPO responded to a dog caught in a leg hold trap reportedly in a city park.  Before arriving at the park the dog owners had removed their Dachshund from the trap and removed the trap from the area.  Upon further inspection it was revealed the subjects were not on park property when their dog stepped into the trap.  They were actually trespassing on adjoining private property.  The owner of the tagged trap was notified of what had happened and he voluntarily removed the "coyote sets" from the adjoining property to avoid anymore incidental catches.  The Dachshund appeared shaken up but no broken bones or other injuries were observed on him.  It was noted the dog would growl just at the sight of the leg hold trap.

A CPO cited a hunter for putting bait out on state property.  He had three other hunters with him who were warned for hunting over bait.  The first hunter claimed responsibility for putting out the bait.

A CPO approached two hunters in the field, one turned away and hid a shotgun in some weeds.  When the hunters were asked for permits, license and stamps, one said he wasn't hunting.  The other produced the required permits.  When asked for his gun, he handed over a 12 gauge shotgun.  The other hunter again denied hunting.  He was given a second chance and told to retrieve his gun from the weeds.  He then admitted to hunting and picked up his shotgun from the weeds.  He did not have a permit, license or stamp and his FOID card was revoked.  He was cited, bonded and released. 

A CPO watched a subject riding his ATV on the roadway and he was stopped.  He stated he only lived about a mile down the road and was going out to hang a deer stand.  He was issued a citation and warning for the offense.

A CPO observed an ATV heading out into the woods after shooting hours were over.  When they returned, they had a buck in the back of the ATV that had not yet been tagged.  The hunters explained the buck had been retrieved from a creek and they were waiting to get the deer back to the barn before tagging because it was so wet. He was issued a citation for failure to tag deer.  

CPOs responded to a hunting without permission complaint near Lake of Egypt.  No hunters were found.  A local police officer lived in the area and told the CPOs that some people had been target shooting.  No other action was taken. 

A CPO issued a Mississippi hunter two citations over the firearm deer season.  The hunter was cited for hunting with an unplugged shotgun and permit violation.  He was issued a written warning for no blaze orange.

A CPO issued an Arkansas hunter a citation for transporting an uncased firearm on an ATV.

A CPO arrested an Alabama subject in Johnson County.  He was hunting with a loaded slug gun on an ATV and hunting without a firearm permit.

A CPO arrested two St. Louis men in Union County for spotlighting.  The men had open alcohol, K 2 , synthetic cannabis, uncased loaded firearms, & a Q beam spotlight.  The men were cited and jailed at Union County on multiple game, drug, and criminal charges.

A District Sergeant arrested Pulaski County men for hunting without permission on private property.

A District Sergeant assisted a CPO on a hunter shooting too close to a private home.

Heavy rains and windy conditions on Saturday and Sunday hampered good hunting conditions.

A CPO caught two non-resident deer hunters who had illegally killed two bucks without permits.  The CPO seized the two bucks and donated the meat to “Sportsmen for Hunger”.  The two buck heads were entered into evidence.  The CPO seized one shotgun.  Both subjects were assessed $250.00 in civil penalties.

A CPO arrested a subject in Saline County for “Outfitting” without a permit.

CPOs rescued an older man in White county who had driven his truck off into deep water.  The man was then arrested by State Police for DUI.

A CPO caught a subject in Jefferson County “shining” the decoy. The CPO initiated a traffic stop and found a loaded, uncased shotgun in the vehicle.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

CPOs caught a subject in Hamilton County deer hunting without a deer permit and transporting an uncased shotgun on an ATV.

A CPO caught a subject in Hamilton County deer hunting after hours and transporting an uncased muzzleloader on an ATV.

A CPO caught four subjects deer hunting in Hardin County without valid deer permits.

District #14 CPOs participated in an airplane detail that covered Franklin, Hamilton, Saline, and White Counties.


Office of Law Enforcement
December 14 & 21, 2011

A District 6 CPO noticed a vehicle stop in the middle of the road, turn its headlight towards a field and shine it.  The vehicle then drove down the road a few feet and turned its headlights towards the field again.  The vehicle then drove down the road and made an abrupt U-turn and headed back towards the area it first shined its lights into.  The CPO made a stop on the vehicle and spoke with two young male subjects.  The driver apologized for the U-turn, and was unaware of the wildlife violation he had committed.  He told the CPO he was shining a “big buck” out in the field.  No guns were found in the vehicle and the driver was released with a written warning and informed of the “shining” law.  

A CPO was conducting sport fishing enforcement in Rockford, IL. The CPO encountered a man fishing and smoking cannabis.  Upon noticing the officer’s arrival, the fisherman threw the cannabis joint in the river.  The problem for the fishermen was that the current caused the evidence to float back into shore. The officer collected the evidence and issued the fisherman a citation for possession of less than 2.5 grams cannabis. The fisherman was also issued a written warning for pollution of waterways.

A District 7 Officer received a complaint of late shooting at a local duck club.  He worked the complaint several times without success.  Eventually, hunters did show up and were heard shooting 14 minutes after sunset.  During the check, a stamp violation was also noted.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

After receiving several complaints of illegal hunting activity around Yates City, a CPO interviewed several suspects on a rainy day.  Conversations with complaining landowners and eyewitnesses had yielded only names and little physical evidence.  The three suspects confessed to several offenses on several dates during this hunting season.  The first offender admitted to driving his pick-up while two of his passengers were “road hunting” on rural Knox County roads.  He was issued a citation for transporting an uncased firearm.  One of his passengers admitted to the road hunting incident and to two other deer tagging violations during the archery season.  He was issued two citations for failure to tag deer upon kill on two separate occasions.  The final suspect admitted to the road hunting incident.  He was issued citations for hunting by use or aid of a vehicle, hunting along a highway, and for hunting without permission of the landowner.  He also admitted to unlawfully taking whitetail deer bucks near his home on two separate occasions.  He was issued citations for unlawful taking of whitetail and hunting without a valid archery deer permit for the 9 pt buck he harvested.  He was issued a citation for unlawful taking of whitetail deer for the 6 pt buck taken early in the archery season.  He also admitted to hunting without permission of the landowner with another friend during the waterfowl season.  That landowner did not wish to pursue prosecution.   During the road hunting incident suspect number three left his father’s .22cal rifle at a gate entrance which was turned over to CPO Pitchford by the landowner.  On the waterfowl hunting trespass, he also left behind a dozen of his friends duck and goose decoys.  These were turned over to CPO Pitchford and returned to their owners.  In total, 9 citations and 5 written warnings were issued.  Two deer heads, one .22cal rifle, and one compound bow were seized as evidence/contraband.

While checking waterfowl hunters at Snakeden Hollow State Fish and Wildlife Area, one hunter was found to be in possession of more shot shells than is allowed while hunting on that site.  Both hunters
had entered the goose pit with an excess of allowable shot shells.  One had offered his extra shells to the other hunter which left him in compliance but his friend with a violation.  Upon being checked, since only one was in violation, he was issued the citation.

 A District 1 CPO concluded an investigation of a case where a subject used another person’s permit to tag a deer he harvested during the first firearm deer season in Ogle County.  At the conclusion of the investigation, two citations and three written warnings were issued and an 8 pt deer rack and one deer permit were seized.

Two District 1 CPOs responded to a complaint of an abandoned boat on the Mississippi River near Lock and Dam 13 in Whiteside County.  Registration was obtained from the boat and contact with the registered owner was attempted with no success. As the CPOs were preparing to launch on the Mississippi River to search for the boat and operator, the registered owner called and stated everything was fine.  The fisherman’s trolling motor battery had died so he parked the boat on the bank while he continued to fish with a friend.

A CPO has started a project checking all Rock Island County firearm deer hunters that checked in a deer after season.  The first subject interviewed was an 83 year old man.  The interview revealed the man’s son was going to check his deer in for him and the son failed to do so on the same calendar day the deer was harvested.  The interview also revealed the father harvested a second deer that was never checked in and the son harvested two deer that were checked in late as well.  Two citations and a written warning were issued.

A CPO observed two subjects removing a deer stand from Spoon River State Forest.  A check of the two subjects and a subsequent interview found that the stand did not belong to either.  One subject also admitted to hunting the site during the firearm deer season.  He did not have a habitat stamp or a site specific deer permit as required.  He was issued a citation for the habitat stamp violation and a written warning for the deer permit violation.  The untagged deer stand belonged to a friend of his and was seized as evidence.  The owner was later contacted.  He will be issued a citation for failure to tag an unattended deer stand on a state site.

A District 1 CPO took the appropriate enforcement action with a JoDaviess County woman who failed to take her daughter’s deer, that was harvested on the last day of the 2nd firearm deer season, to the check station on that evening.  She decided to wait until the next day to call because they were too busy the night before when it was legally required.    

A District 1 CPO arrested a Rock Falls man for tracking a buck onto private property without permission.  The subject then cut the head off and left the carcass without properly tagging it after shooting it on Big Bend Fish and Wildlife area.

District 6 CPOs worked a self initiated late night patrol, which was directed at attempting to detect and arrest poachers who might be attempting to illegally spot-light and shoot wildlife. While this patrol failed to result in any arrests, these shifts are necessary to protect Illinois’ wildlife from those unscrupulous individuals engaging in this type of activity.

A District 7 Officer had received multiple calls from an outfitter during the season about dogs chasing deer and running loose on his leased properties.  The Outfitter eventually was able to provide enough evidence to the officer to issue a local dog trainer a citation for wantonly allowing his dogs to hunt on the leased property.

A CPO in Winnebago County received a complaint from the DNR firearm deer check station regarding a whitetail buck deer checked in by a husband and wife.  The deer permit attached to the carcass belonged to the wife; however the wife was dressed in street clothes while the husband was dressed in blaze orange/camouflage clothing.  Each question asked to the wife by the Department employee regarding the deer harvest was referred to the husband to answer.  It was apparent by DNR staff that the wife knew nothing about deer hunting nor about the deer she had just apparently harvested.  Investigation is pending.

A CPO in Boone County received a citizen complaint regarding a McHenry County man who had posted on Facebook a photograph of himself with a trophy whitetail buck deer harvested the second firearm deer season in McHenry County but checked in Boone County.  The complainants believed the man’s hunting privileges were currently suspended due to previous wildlife convictions from last deer season.  The investigation revealed the man currently possesses twelve points toward the suspension of his hunting privileges.  Thirteen or more points are needed to suspend his hunting privilege.  The investigation also revealed the suspect’s friend harvested the deer which was checked with the suspect who had assisted in the harvest by driving the woods in blaze orange clothing to the shooter.  Further interviews are pending to confirm initial harvest/check station record/account.

A CPO in Boone County was checking firearm deer hunters during the muzzleloader only deer season.  He came upon two men hunting on the Boone/McHenry County Line, entered the woods, and completed license permit checks to the hunters.  The hunters were extremely angry that the CPO walked into the woods to check them instead of waiting until the end of the day to check them at their vehicle.  The inspection revealed one of the men was hunting with a regular firearm deer permit and did not possess a “muzzleloader only” deer permit required for that weekend.  Ironically, the attitude of the two men toward the officer changed from angry and jaded to polite and apologetic.  Despite the attitude change, enforcement action was still taken and the hunter was asked to leave the field and go purchase an over-the-counter muzzleloader only permit.

A CPO cited a Warren County resident for unlawful possession of a whitetail deer.  The subject claimed to have accidently killed two bucks with one shot.  However, he forgot to report the transgression for five days.  When questioned about the matter, the subject stated he forgot he went hunting on Friday.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A Henderson County subject was cited for failure to obey a stop sign.  The subject ran through a stop sign going approximately 70 miles an hour.  A CPO was sitting on the other side of the intersection.  It was the subject’s third moving violation in 24 hrs.
A CPO conducted an inspection of a Fur Bearing Mammal Breeder.  The CPO attempted to make contact with the subject several times before December 11th. On December 8th, the CPO finally spoke to the subject on the phone to set up the inspection time. At that time the subject stated he was not breeding the foxes anymore but still had 6 animals.  On the Point of Sale system the CPO observed that he did not have the permit.  When the CPO met with the subject he did admit to going to buy the permit on December 10th.  His records were in order and he was issued a Written Warning for failure to have the permit (initially).  He was advised that if he still has the animals he needs the permit (unless he meets the exceptions-which he did not).  He was given a copy of the regulations for Fur Bearer Breeding.
While conducting compliance checks of fishermen in Lake County, a CPO discovered one subject purchased an Illinois resident fishing license and a Wisconsin resident fishing license only a month apart.  Through further investigation the CPO learned the subject had been a resident in Illinois for four years.  The information was forwarded to the Wisconsin DNR.
A CPO was conducting an investigation of the licensed pheasant hunters at Chain O’ Lakes State Park.  The CPO was looking for license fraud and revoked FOID cards.  One subject was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm with a revoked FOID card.  Another subject was a felon, had a revoked FOID card, and had a suspended driver's license.  She had purchased a hunting license along with  pheasant permits.  The CPO interviewed the subject and determined she had not been hunting.  She purchased the permits so her husband could shoot more pheasants.  Appropriate citations were issued.  Three subjects were given written warnings for expired FOID cards.             
A CPO cited a pheasant hunter at the Chain O' Lakes State park for hunting with toxic shot on Department lands where prohibited. 
A CPO cited an archery deer hunter in Lake County for hunting over bait.

A CPO observed a vehicle repeatedly shining its headlights in a remote area near Johnsburg on the last day of firearm deer season.  He stopped the vehicle and the driver was cited for unlawful use of lights from a motor vehicle and no proof of insurance.  

Nothing reported.

Nothing reported.

A CPO worked upland game hunters in Franklin County.   The CPO caught a rabbit hunter without a license and a quail hunter without blaze orange.

A CPO is currently working waterfowl complaints in the Rend Lake sub-impoundments.

A CPO issued a citation to a Marion man for hunting white tail deer without permission.

A CPO is investigating a TIPS complaint that involved three deer with the heads removed only. No suspect information was available.

A CPO issued a citation to a Creal Springs subject for muzzleloader hunting without a muzzleloader permit.

A CPO investigated a deer that was shot before shooting hours. A description of the suspect’s vehicle was given, but no registration.

A CPO completed a boat registration and title investigation in Williamson County.

A CPO is investigating a failure to report harvest of a deer on same day killed by a Makanda resident.

A CPO is investigating a Makanda subject for shooting a deer without a valid permit and later purchasing a permit to tag the deer.

A CPO is investigating a Williamson County subject for operating a commercial waterfowl area without a commercial waterfowl area permit.

A CPO stopped a subject for driving through a field in a truck.  As he was pulling up behind him, the driver started reaching in the back seat moving something.  Upon closer inspection, the CPO found an uncased bow that the driver was attempting to put in a case.

A CPO stopped a vehicle on the levee in Union County at night.  The driver was stopping and going slow and had a license plate light out.  The CPO smelled a strong odor of burnt cannabis when they rolled the window down. The CPO inquired about the cannabis and the driver stated he had some in his pocket and handed him a baggie and a glass pipe.  Both subjects also had open alcohol.  Citations were issued for the offenses.

A CPO concluded an investigation of manipulation of waterfowl blind drawing at the firing line unit at Union County Refuge. The subjects were splitting into smaller groups to increase chances of getting drawn.  Once the blinds were allocated the subjects would hunt in blinds which they were not included on.  When contact was made, neither subject that was hunting were listed on the blind for that day’s hunt.  Their friends had drawn the blind, they added their names to the card as if they were blind holders, and the subjects who were supposed to be there never even hunted. Citations were issued for the offense.

A CPO is investigating a possible felony timber cutting case. Multiple landowners have made complaints in reference to cutting timber without a license, failure to pay 4% harvest fees, and cutting without permission. Formal complaints are pending based on the opinion of the State’s Attorney.

A District Sergeant assisted with traffic control in Alexander County on a traffic crash.

A District Sergeant responded to a hunting without permission complaint. Upon arrival the complainant decided he did not want charges filed.


Office of Law Enforcement
December 28, 2011 & January 4, 2012

A District 1 officer issued a citation and a written warning to a Wisconsin commercial motor vehicle driver.  The driver was hauling a load of mixed hardwoods through Whiteside County, en-route to Wisconsin when he was stopped to have his load of timber inspected.  The driver could not provide any proof of ownership or a daily hauling log for the load.  Enforcement action was taken and the Timber Truck Inspection Form was completed. 

 A District 1 CPO investigated a trapping without permission complaint in Ogle County.  After making contact with the landowner he chose not to press charges. The traps were returned to the owner and a written warning was issued.

A CPO in Henderson County is investigating the possible theft of a snowmobile in McDonough County.  The sled in question was purchased out of state without any paperwork.  The case is interesting because the snowmobile is a 2010 model.  The investigation continues.

A District 1 CPO checked pheasant hunters at Johnson Sauk Trail State Recreation Area.  A hunter had reported a trap on the fence line of the park and was concerned someone’s hunting dog would be an accidental target.  The CPO found the body gripping trap which was not properly tagged with the name and address of the owner.  The trap was seized and the investigation continues into the ownership. 

A District 1 officer completed an investigation involving the shooting of a gray wolf near Hanover and issued the following tickets:

A CPO checked several goose hunters on private, reclaimed strip mine property.   One hunter was observed retrieving a crippled goose on a large final cut lake in high winds.  Compliance checks of the hunters found all to be legal.  A check of the small Jon boat found the registration to be expired since 2001.  Several safety equipment violations were also found.  A citation was issued for the expired registration.  Written warnings were given for no wearable personal flotation device, no sounding device, and battery terminal not shielded. 

A CPO investigated a trapping complaint in Galesburg.  The homeowner was having a friend help him trap squirrels that had been causing damage to his cedar siding.  Both subjects were issued written warnings for unlawful taking of a protected species.  The homeowner was then issued a Nuisance
Wildlife Removal Permit which would enable him to eliminate his problem properly.  They were also provided information and suggestions on future nuisance animal problems. 

A District 7 Officer and Fulton County Deputies responded to a shots fired complaint at about 10:15 pm in late December.  If not for blood and other physical evidence at the scene, they never would have believed the story that they were told.  A Fulton County subject went hunting during late winter season knowing that he didn’t have a valid permit.  He shot a doe and quickly loaded the deer without field dressing it.   Many hours later, a second subject was going to help him hang and field dress the deer.  Instead, the deer jumped out of the bed of the truck and ran into the yard.  The second subject pulled a rifle from his truck and shot the deer a second time.  The subjects then located the deer with a four wheeler and took the deer to a second location where it was field dressed and hung in a building. Charges are pending.

 On 12/03/2011, a Marseilles 11 year old shot a six point antlered deer during the second firearm season on property belonging to his parents.  The young hunter was being accompanied and supervised by his mother at the time the animal was taken.  Both the mother and her son were aware that her son only possessed an antlerless tag.  After taking the deer, the mother contacted two local hunters to assist them in tracking the wounded animal and field dressing it.  The men did so and additionally carried the animal back to the residence and placed it in her truck with full knowledge that it was illegally taken.  Another Marseilles woman was called to the residence to place one of her either sex deer permits on the deer.  The deer was then taken by this woman, mother and son to check the deer in at the LaSalle county deer check station.  Under the Wildlife code, offenses committed by minors under the direct control or with the consent of a parent/guardian may result in the parent being charged for those offenses; therefore the mother was charged for unlawful taking of deer, failure to tag deer with temporary harvest tag immediately upon kill, unlawful use in the field of a permit belonging to another and falsifying of records (contributing to unlawful activity).

The two Marseilles men were charged for unlawful possession of a deer, and failure to tag deer with temporary harvest tag immediately upon kill, (contributing to unlawful activity).

The Marseilles woman was charged for unlawful possession of a deer, failure to tag deer with temporary harvest tag immediately upon kill, (contributing to unlawful activity), unlawful loan or transfer to another person a permit / tag and falsifying of records.          

A District Sergeant assisted an 86 year old female at the Starved Rock Lodge who was having a stroke. She was transported to a local Hospital by Utica Fire Department.

A CPO in Henderson County responded to a call for help north of Delebar State Park in Oquawka.  A complaint came in to the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office that a woman was fighting with a man outside a cabin north of the park.  The CPO located four subjects arguing outside the cabin.  After interviewing the subjects, it was determined that the altercation was verbal in nature.  The subjects were released with one juvenile female was returned to her parents.

Nothing reported.

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A CPO cleared a falsification of records case against an Alabama hunter who was claiming residency in Illinois to obtain Illinois licenses and permits.  The hunter pleaded guilty to hunting with an invalid deer permit.  He was fined $250.00 fine and costs and donated $200.00 to the Illinois Conservation Foundation.

A CPO cleared a second falsification of records case against a Florida hunter.  The hunter also claimed residency in Illinois to obtain residency permits for his self and three other family members.  The hunter had been receiving permits for two years as a resident.  A total of seven deer had been harvested on the invalid permits.  The hunter was fined $1600.00 and charged a $250.00 civil penalty, and made a $750.00 contribution to the Illinois Conservation Foundation. 

A District Sergeant and CPOs attended the Big Muddy Project Youth Waterfowl hunt in Union County.  One CPO gave a short presentation on safety.

A District Sergeant responded to two hunting without permission complaints in Jackson and Union Counties.

A CPO inspected a falconer on the Big Muddy River levee, the falcon would not return to the owner and it eventually struck the CPO in the head two times before the falcon was recovered.

District 16 CPOs inspected several hunting clubs but the slow and above average temperatures have caused a big reduction in waterfowl in the area.