Office of Law Enforcement
November 3, 2010

District 7 CPOs and USFW officers worked the opening weekend of the central waterfowl zone.  While observing hunters from a private blind, they observed a subject pursuing a crippled duck.  The subject stopped his boat and exited without loading his shotgun.  The subject then walked up to the blind that the officers were in and began walking around.  An officer exited the blind and approached the subject.  The officer explained that the subject was hunting without permission.  The officer checked the shotgun and observed it was loaded.  The officer explained that the gun needed to remain unloaded until the motor has been shut off.   The officer also observed a watercraft number display error.  The subject was cited and released.

A Region 1 CPO conducted two commercial inspections of Migratory Waterfowl Permit Holders.  Both located in southeastern Knox County were found to have valid 2010 permits, up to date log books, and no apparent violations.

A District 6 CPO responded to hunting without permission complaint in Boone County.  A landowner reported to the Boone County Sheriff’s Department seeing two archery deer hunters out of his kitchen window dragging a whitetail doe out of his five acre woods.  The investigation revealed one of the archery deer hunters had arrowed the doe from a neighboring 80 acre field but the deer ran into the five acre wooded property before expiring.  Not only did the two hunters not obtain permission to retrieve the deer from the complainant, they were caught dragging the deer out of the area untagged.  The complainant who was a former hunter himself, requested warnings be issued instead of citations to the two men for unlawful hunting without permission.  The hunter who harvested the deer was also issued a citation for failure to tag his deer immediately upon kill as required.   

A District 6 CPO was traveling through a town when the Illinois State Police Emergency Radio Network broadcast a report of a drunk driver.  The CPO saw a vehicle that matched the description and followed it.  The officer used his video camera to document lane violations and pulled the vehicle over.  Upon approaching the vehicle the officer saw an open Budweiser can on the passenger seat and an open Budweiser box underneath.  The Officer asked the driver repeatedly to roll the window down or open the door, but the driver failed to do so.  The officer opened the door to talk to the driver.  Upon opening the door the officer smelled the strong odor of alcohol and noticed that the driver had blood shot eyes and slurred speech.  The driver was unable to locate his driver’s license that was in his wallet right in front of him on the center console.  The driver failed field sobriety tests.  His vehicle was towed and he was taken to the Starved Rock Law Office.  The driver was issued a citation for DUI – Alcohol, open alcoholic container, and improper lane usage.   He posted his driver’s license and $100 bond.  He refused to submit to a breath sample.  A check of the driver’s record revealed three prior DUI’s.  The driver faces losing his license permanently.

A CPO arrested an archery deer hunter hunting over a baited area and took enforcement action. 

A CPO arrested a person for hunting without a hunting license and deer permits.

A CPO assisted the Wisconsin DNR on an illegal deer hunting case along the state line. The case remains under investigation.

A CPO wrapped up a month long investigation.  Two Whiteside County men were arrested on multiple hunting and other violations.  One subject left a disturbing telephone message on a property owner’s phone.  This subject then set up a tree stand and was hunting on the landowner’s property.  The second hunter was hunting a baited area.  The area was baited with a product known as “Deer Cocaine", Salt and a liquid molasses mix known as “Stump Licker".  The second man harvested two deer off this area. The first man was charged with: hunting without permission of owner, hunting without a habitat stamp and telephone harassment.  The second man was charged with two counts of unlawful taking of deer over a baited area, hunting over a baited area and driving revoked.  A Mathews bow and arrows and two tree stands were seized during the arrest in the field.

A District 7 Officer worked a trespassing complaint where a subject’s photographs were taken by a trail camera. No charges of trespassing were filed, but one of the subjects was cited for not having a valid deer hunting permit, hunting license or habitat stamp.  An 8 pt. buck was confiscated as evidence.

A District 6 CPO observed two men snagging from a boat on the Illinois River.   The men were apprehended and charged with snagging in waters closed to snagging.  Additionally, the operator of the boat was charged with insufficient number of PFD’s (personal flotation devices) on board the watercraft and for operating the vessel without registration.

A CPO arrested a subject at the Volo Bog Natural Area for hunting white-tailed deer without a non-resident hunting license or habitat stamp.

A CPO cited an archery deer hunter in Lake County for unlawfully using a crossbow without a permit.

A CPO cited a waterfowl hunter in McHenry County for hunting with an unplugged shotgun.

A CPO cited two waterfowl hunters for hunting after legal shooting hours and wanton waste after receiving a TIPS (Target Illinois Poachers) complaint.

A CPO cited an archery deer hunter for hunting over bait.

Nothing reported.

CPOs responded to a report of a missing archery hunter on the Coffeen Lake Management area in Montgomery County.  The hunter had called relatives at 5:40p the evening before and stated he had shot a deer and was going to track it.  This was the last contact the family had with the hunter and when he did not return the next morning, they called Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.  The officers assisted with a search of the area and the hunter was located.  Unfortunately, the hunter was found deceased.  All indications suggest he had a heart attack.

A CPO and an intern responded to a TIP complaint in Southeast Bond County.  The complainant stated that a subject had killed a deer and another subject was tagging it with their tag.  The complainant also stated he was on scene and the incident was ongoing.   The CPO arrived on scene and found the complaint was between family members and was over a deer that one family member had shot several years earlier.  The CPO quickly became a referee and had to gain control of the family feud.  He was able to settle down both parties without incident.  No enforcement was taken.

A CPO handled an interesting situation.  He had located the carcasses of two large bucks dumped in a creek in Monroe County.  The head and cape of both bucks was the only parts of the deer that had been removed.  The CPO pulled the carcasses out of the creek the best he could so he could determine the cause of death.  As luck would have it, the District Sergeant called the CPO and the officer told his Sergeant what he was doing.  The District Sergeant then told him about two bucks found dead with their antlers locked together on the Kaskaskia River.  He went on to tell the officer that another CPO had made contact with the hunter that found them and issued him a citation for moving the racks without first notifying an officer.  The CPO, feeling the deer had not been poached, tagged the deer for the hunter so he could get them mounted.  This same hunter just so happened to live just a half mile away from the dump site. The CPO, armed with this information, made contact with the subject and he admitted to dumping the carcasses in the creek.

A CPO was patrolling the Lenzburg area in St Clair County one evening working archery hunters.  He located two hunters trespassing on private property, no hunting licenses, no habitat stamp, and no deer permits.  One subject also had an active warrant.  This subject was taken to jail and their hunting equipment was seized, and they were given several citations apiece.

A CPO made a return visit to a subject in Monroe County he had inspected with a game breeder’s permit a couple years ago.  The CPO had issued the subject written warnings for not keeping the appropriate records.  In this case, the subject did not have any records.  This visit found the subject had made a feeble attempt at keeping records and that he had not renewed his game breeder’s license since the last inspection.  No warnings were issued on this visit.

A CPO was working the Carlyle Lake area in Clinton County checking archery hunters and fishermen.  During his patrols he issued citations for illegal snagging and placing corn to attract deer. 

A CPO was working a baited deer stand near Coulterville in Randolph County.  He made contact with the landowner’s grandson and questioned him about the mineral block near a tree stand.  The grandson admitted to putting it out to attract the deer for gun season. 

A CPO arrested two subjects at the Sparta City Lake in Randolph County.  Neither subject had a valid fishing license.

A CPO, after working a full day on the Mississippi River, responded back to the River near Grafton in Jersey County to assist with a report of a Jon boat floating down the river with no one on board.  CPOs responded and the owner was located unharmed.  The boat had broken free from the dock in which it was tied. 

A CPO responded to a complaint call near Lebanon in St Clair County.  The caller stated there were coon hunters in his woods behind his house.  The CPO located the subjects but they were not coon hunting.  Instead, they were looking for a deer.  They had spoken to the landowner’s son, who didn’t live on the property, and had gained permission from him to look for the deer.

A CPO arrested a subject in Schuyler County for having an untagged deer.

A CPO arrested one subject in Pike County and one subject in Calhoun County that were in possession of breasted out ducks.

A CPO arrested five subjects for too many hunters in the blind at one of the state areas in Calhoun County.

A CPO caught two subjects “shining” deer in a field with their headlights in Hamilton County. The CPO then heard six rifle shots from that same field.  The CPO apprehended the subjects and was able to seize the recently fired Ruger 10-22 rifle. The subject that admitted to firing the rifle said that he had shot at three does, but missed. The two subjects were then issued several appropriate citations at the McLeansboro Police Department.

A CPO caught a Rend Lake fisherman with an over-limit of crappie.

November 10, 2010


District 7 Officers conducted an airplane detail this week, with the assistance of the Illinois State Police.  Citations were issued for unlawful use of a light from a vehicle, and transporting an uncased and loaded firearm.

A District 1 CPO responded to a complaint of waterfowl hunters hunting in a restricted area of Potter’s Marsh on pool 13 of the Mississippi River in Whiteside County.  Subjects were located, observed hunting and contact was made.  Subjects were advised of the violation, appropriate enforcement action was taken, and subjects were directed to correct hunting area.

Opening night of the furbearer season in District 1 was greeted with perfect weather and success with the different methods of raccoon hunting that were being employed on that evening.  The hound hunters that were encountered and checked on the Whiteside/Carroll County line were having a productive night with their Treeing Walker Hounds.  The other hunters in the district that were checked and not as fortunate to have well trained hounds to hunt behind, were holding their own with the method of walking and spotting.  Both types of hunters enjoyed success.

A District 7 Officer received a TIPS complaint in 2008 of an individual baiting deer.  The officer was unable to apprehend the subject but continued to search for the subject’s stands.  While working in 2010 the officer located the area and discovered an area containing 20 separate piles of corn and 2 salt blocks.  The officer arrived at the location periodically until one morning he located the subject hunting.  The officer observed the subject take buckets of corn and sweeten all the piles.  The officer waited and made contact with the subject when he was walking back to his car with the buckets in his hand.  The subject was issued citations for baiting and hunting over bait.   

A CPO arrested an archery deer hunter hunting over a baited area and took enforcement action.

A CPO investigated a reported cougar sighting near Morrison Rockwood State Park. The report stated there was a trail camera picture taken.   It was determined the person who reported the sighting was trying to discourage other hunters from hunting the area so he would have better success.  The picture turned out to be a fake downloaded from the Internet.

A CPO received information of a non-resident deer hunter who had possibly shot a ten point buck with an antlerless only tag. The officer located the subjects and upon interviewing them determined that a Mississippi subject had shot an antlered deer with an antlerless permit.  The group had other violations as well and the appropriate citations were issued.

A CPO concluded an investigation into a subject illegally harvesting ginseng.  The CPO submitted the case to the Rock Island County State’s Attorney’s Office and recommended charges for trespassing to harvest ginseng (2 Counts- 2 Properties) and illegal harvest of ginseng plants with Less than 4 leaves (11 counts).  The case is under review.

A District 1 CPO responded to a hunting over bait complaint.  The suspect left the area with a deer in his truck.  The CPO ran the license plate provided by the complainant and drove to the registered owner’s house.  The untagged 10 point buck was hanging in the garage.  The CPO interviewed the hunter and he admitted to taking the deer from a baited area.  The buck was seized as evidence and the hunter was issued several citations.  The deer meat was donated to Sportsman Against Hunger. 

A District 1 CPO responded to a complaint of deer dumped along the road in Rock Island County.  A couple of the deer carcasses still had harvest tags attached to them.  Following up on the leads, the CPO arrested a subject for taking deer without a valid tag and for littering.   


A CPO cited two subjects in Lake County for hunting deer by the aid of bait.  One subject was also trapping squirrels. 

A CPO cited a Michigan resident for falsification of application for three resident archery deer permits, no hunting license, no habitat stamp, and hunting deer without permits in possession.

A CPO responded to a landowner complaint of an archery deer hunter hunting without permission.  The landowner posted a letter on the deer stand days earlier informing the hunter he was illegally hunting on his property.  The hunter returned to the area to remove the deer stand, but brought his bow and decided to hunt one more time.  The landowner was hunting 50 yards away and called DNR after seeing the hunter in the deer stand.  A citation was issued to the hunter.

A CPO cited a pheasant hunter at the Chain O' Lakes State Park for hunting with toxic shot where non-toxic shot only is allowed.


District 19 CPOs wrote 14 tickets and 18 written warnings this past weekend for opening upland season.
A CPO arrested a subject for unlawfully possessing a firearm while his FOID privileges were denied.
A CPO arrested another hunter that was wanted on a $2500 warrant out of Champaign County. 

A CPO arrested a Macon County hunter for the unlawful taking of deer, hunting over bait, and archery hunting whitetail deer without a valid permit. 

A CPO arrested two Macon County subjects for unlawful possession of crack cocaine.   The CPO arrested the subjects while working near Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park in Macon County. 

A CPO arrested three Macon county females for unlawful possession of cannabis and paraphernalia.  The CPO observed the group smoking cannabis while working in Spitler Woods State Park in Mt. Zion. 

CPOs arrested a Maroa resident for numerous deer hunting violations.  The subject was arrested for unlawfully taking more than two bucks and unlawfully tagging of deer with archery permits during the firearm deer season. 


Nothing reported.


A CPO arrested two guys hunting without permission in SE Union County.  One had no valid permit and he had just moved back three weeks ago and had a resident permit. 

A CPO cited a Florida hunter in Pope County without a license in possession and no habitat stamp.   

A CPO responded to a fishing complaint, fishing without permission at Burning Star #5 Mine, two citations written, all fish released back to the water.

A CPO responded to a timber complaint - A Jackson County landowner assumed that a neighboring timber cut had come onto his property and cut small trees and tore up his gravel road with a skidder.  After an investigation, it was found out that it was the USFWS fire crew that had cut small trees on his property for a burn protection line.

Dsitrict 16 CPO s attended a district meeting at Lake Murphy State Park.

A CPO investigated a complaint of hunting without permission in Pope County involving two male subjects. It was found that the two subjects were cousins and had been told several times in the past to stay off of this private property that the landowner lived in another county. The two went onto the property with the intent of shooting a whitetail deer with a .223 rifle and they succeeded. They apparently loaded the deer into the younger cousin’s truck and did not put the tailgate up.  After getting back onto public road they developed truck problems and noticed the deer had fallen out of the bed of the truck.  They walked home and decided to retrieve the deer the next day if the landowner was not around.  Late morning they returned to the private property with the other cousin’s small car.  They drove around the locked gate to the back of the property where the deer had fallen out of the truck the night before.  They stated they saw some deer so the other cousin shot a small buck with his cousin’s .223 rifle.  Both subjects were charged with unlawful taking of whitetail deer by use of a rifle, accessory of taking whitetail deer by use of a rifle and hunting without permission.  They were also  issued several written warnings  and the rifle was seized.

A CPO arrested an Alexander County man for unlawful transportation of a bow.

A District Sergeant responded to a hunting without permission call in Union County.  Upon being apprehended, the two men stated the land owner had given them permission.


November 17, 2010


District Sgt. received a complaint of waterfowl hunters in a federal refuge.  The hunters were located and issued citations for hunting without permission.

District 7 personnel and the USFWS conducted a roadside game check in Fulton County.  The four hour detail resulted in 100 vehicles being inspected for compliance with our fish and game laws.  Written warnings were issued for a variety of fish, game, boating and vehicle code violations. Citations were issued for possession of cannabis and paraphernalia, wanted on warrant, no valid driver’s license, loaded and uncased firearm, falsification of deer permits.  Waterfowl violations for transport/tagging were handled by the USFWS.

A CPO arrested an archery deer hunter for hunting over a baited area.

A District 6 CPO stopped a vehicle that was traveling slowly down a rural roadway in an area known for illegal hunting.  The CPO pulled alongside the vehicle and talked to the driver.  The driver admitted to looking for deer.  The CPO asked to look for weapons.  As the CPO was walking to the vehicle, the front passenger partially opened the door and made movements on his right side.  The CPO opened the door and noticed the passenger holding two beer bottles.  The front passenger and the rear passenger admitted the bottles were theirs.  The CPO checked the vehicle for more alcohol and weapons.  No other open containers or weapons were found.  The passengers were cited for open alcohol.  Additionally, the front passenger was taken to jail as he was wanted on a $50,000 warrant. 

While patrolling department owned public hunting areas a CPO issued a citation to a hunter for archery deer hunting without a valid archer deer permit.

A District 7 Officer received a complaint of subjects hunting railroad property without permission.  The officer located the subjects and cited them for hunting without permission. 

A District 7 CPO conducted an investigation into an out of state hunter outfitting in McDonough County.  Several hunters were checked and interviewed along with other witnesses.  The hunter had subleased the farm from an Illinois outfitting company.  He was exchanging favors in his home state for opportunities to hunt on the farm and had also accepted payments of $1000 each from three hunters for week long hunts.  He was issued a citation for outfitting without an Illinois outfitter permit and advised that he would have to secure a permit prior to any additional paying hunters being able to use the farm.

 An archery deer hunter was found to be hunting without hunting license, habitat stamp, or a deer permit by a District 7 CPO.  He was issued a citation for the hunting license and written warnings for the other violations.

A District 6 CPO responded to a complaint of an individual who was archery deer hunting out of a ground blind in a vacant lot, which borders an IDNR dedicated nature preserve, within the city limits of Rockford in Winnebago County.  The CPO caught the man in the ground blind archery deer hunting while consuming a six pack of beer.  It was discovered the hunter was hunting without a hunting license or habitat stamp and had broadcast C’Mere deer bait attractant between his ground blind and the border of the nature preserve.  Charges included unlawful hunting without permission, unlawful hunting by aid or use of bait, unlawful hunting without a hunting license or habitat stamp.


On September 17th, a jury convicted a Wonder Lake resident arrested on the charges of aggravated operation of a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol, and aggravated operation of a watercraft with a BAC above .08%, (BAC .179%) resulting in the death of a 21 year old female.  On November 12th, a McHenry County Judge sentenced him to 10 years in the Department of Corrections, and 2 years of reportable supervision.

CPOs cited the operator of a rental boat on the Fox River for insufficient PFD's (personal flotation devices).  The operator stated he rented the boat (with expired registration) from a business/bar.  The CPOs interviewed the business owner who had no boat rental license, and expired registration on all six boats.  He was cited for un-numbered watercraft, no boat rental license, and no Fox Waterway user sticker, along with three written warnings. 

CPOs arrested a goose hunter for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

CPOs arrested an individual at the Chain O' Lakes state park for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia.  The subject walked into the gate house where one CPO was with a strong odor of burnt cannabis on his breath and clothing.  When questioned, the subject stated "Do you think I would be stupid enough to smoke marijuana and then walk in here?"  Guess so!!!

A CPO cited a pheasant hunter at the Chain O' Lakes State Park for hunting with toxic shot.

CPOs cited an archery deer hunter in Zion for unlawfully taking a white tail deer by the use of bait.

CPOs observed as two individuals on an ATV with a loaded uncased firearm drove around a property trying to find and shoot doves and waterfowl.  Both subjects were arrested for multiple violations including hunting from an ATV and uncased and loaded firearm on a motor vehicle.

CPOs received information about a subject who was reportedly going to sneak into a restricted area of the Midewin Tallgrass Prairie to archery deer hunt.  While scouting the location the day before the subject was supposed to sneak in, they arrested three subjects for the same violation.  The next day while working the property they arrested a fourth unrelated individual, and never found the original violator.

A CPO arrested a subject for unlawfully taking a large buck with a high powered rifle.  The subject had gone archery deer hunting with a friend and taken along the high powered rifle, advising his friend that he was going to shoot a coyote with the rifle if he seen one.  On their way out, they observed a large buck and the subject shot the deer with the rifle.  The friend reported the subject a day after the fact after an unrelated conflict between the families.

A CPO arrested a subject for hunting without permission and for hunting after hours.  The subject was hunting well after closing hours and stated that he intended to continue hunting until the deer quit moving.  The CPO had to use his flashlight to observe that the subject was still in the stand with an arrow notched on the string of his bow.

A CPO investigated a complaint of a subject hunting with a rifle near the I & M canal in western Grundy County.  After a long search, the CPO found the subject in a nearby timber.  He had ridden a bike down the tow path with a rifle, stashed the bike in the woods, and was set up overlooking a wooded area and field, claiming to be coyote hunting.  A subsequent investigation revealed that the subject was additionally hunting without permission.   Appropriate charges were filed.

CPOs arrested three subjects for hunting without permission.  The subjects used to have permission from the previous landowner to hunt, knew the property had been sold, but decided that there were too many deer on the property and decided to take the chance and hunt anyway.


Nothing reported.


A CPO was patrolling Montgomery County working archery deer hunters.  During his patrol he arrested two subjects hunting baited areas.  One subject was hunting over cracked corn and a salt block and the other was hunting over C’mere deer and corn.

A CPO responded to a call of coon hunters running dogs during the closed season in Montgomery County.  The CPO located the subjects and found them in possession of a rifle and one freshly killed raccoon.  The subjects received several citations and the rifle and raccoon were seized as evidence. 

CPOs were patrolling Montgomery County looking for coon hunters and potential deer poachers.  They observed 4 subjects hunting coons and setup surveillance with night vision equipment.  The subjects harvested a raccoon and headed back to their truck.  The officers were ready to make contact with the subjects when they drove onto the road but instead they drove out into a cornfield and began shining the field.  Another vehicle was then observed and they too began shining the fields with lights.  The officers made contact with the hunters and the appropriate paperwork was issued.

A CPO responded to a call involving a farmer shooting from a combine.  The CPO made contact with the farmer and found him in possession of a 30-06 rifle loaded and uncased in the combine.  The farmer illegally shot a coyote, doe deer, and a 10 pt buck with the rifle from the combine while shelling corn.

A CPO and District Sergeant were working archery deer hunters in the evening in Randolph County.  They checked several hunters over the course of the evening and found one hunter in possession of an uncased bow in a vehicle. 

A CPO and District Sergeant interviewed a subject, identified by a bow hunter, for shooting at deer from a vehicle with a rifle in Randolph County.  The subject not only confessed to the incident in question, but also admitted to being involved with a poaching spree during the summer months.  This information was part of an investigation being conducted involving a “Thrill Killing” spree near the Turkey Bluff area.  The subject admitted to being part of the killing of at least nine deer in one evening.  CPOs are continuing the investigation and interviewing multiple subjects. 

A CPO arrested a subject for archery deer hunting in the restricted area of Eldon Hazlet St Park. 

A CPO was working archery deer hunters on Chouteau Island in Madison County.  He located and arrested a subject who was illegally hunting in Gabaret Island Refuge. 

A CPO was patrolling the Lewis and Clark Historic Site in Madison County.  He made a traffic stop on a subject for speeding and found the subject was under the influence of alcohol.  

A CPO was patrolling Jersey County at night, when he encountered a vehicle using its headlights to shine the fields. After stopping the vehicle, he found two subjects in possession of a loaded .22 rifle.

CPOs interviewed two subjects from Georgia after receiving a tip of two illegal deer taken in Pike County.  Two hunters had purchased antlerless only permits.  One buck was taken with no either sex permit and not checked in.  The other buck was taken with no either sex permit. The hunter then purchased an either sex tag and checked it in the following day.  

A CPO and District Sergeant worked a case in Pike County for outfitting without a license.  A subject from Mississippi leased property and told the Sergeant he did not advertise hunts, everyone was friends. A Mississippi Conservation Officer located a brochure in a sporting goods store.  The Sergeant checked a deer that was hanging in the camp. The deer was tagged and checked in. The subject was from Mississippi and not in camp.  The Sergeant interviewed the subject by phone.  The subject said he shot the deer early in the day before driving back to Mississippi.  The Sergeant had a Mississippi Conservation Officer interview the subject two days later. The subject admitted to the Mississippi Conservation Officer that he gave his tag to another hunter and did not shoot the deer. The Mississippi Conservation had been working on a friend’s house next door to this subject and had talked to him several times on the day in question. 

A CPO investigated a hunting without permission complaint involving an outfitter in Calhoun County.  Although the outfitter had no knowledge of the hunting without permission, he was not checking hunters for license and habitat stamps. The CPO located six hunters without license and stamps. The outfitter was also not maintaining the required documentation.

 A CPO and District Sergeant checked several waterfowl hunters at a boat ramp in Jersey County. The CPO issued several citations and warnings. The Sergeant arrested one hunter who was wanted on a warrant for failure to appear.

A CPO conducted a question and answer session with elementary children in Hardin. The children had so many questions that they missed the dismissal bell and almost missed the bus.

A CPO and District Sergeant stopped a vehicle in Pike County for a broken taillight. The subjects had been driving slowly on the back roads. The driver and passenger were in possession of open alcohol. They also had a .22 cal. rifle in a case and unloaded, however they did have an uncased bow. The driver is a subject who has had his hunting license revoked in the past.


A CPO had quite a week! On Monday he caught a subject “shining” a field with his headlights and also found open alcohol. Later he went to a deer camp and found two untagged deer.  On Tuesday, he caught a subject hunting without permission.  On Friday, the CPO caught two separate subjects “shining” fields from their vehicles.  On Sunday, the CPO observed two subjects “shining” a field in Hamilton County.  The subjects then shot at deer 6-7 times with handguns. The CPO seized the two handguns and a set of brass knuckles from the driver who was a convicted felon.  The felon was arrested and transported to Hamilton County jail.

A CPO arrested two subjects in White County for “possession of cannabis, less than 2.5 grams.

A CPO caught a Missouri resident who had killed a buck in Perry County without a valid non-resident archery permit

A CPO cited a Carterville man for possession of an un-tagged deer on an ATV.  The ATV was being driven on a roadway after dark with no lights on when it drove past the CPO's parked squad. The violator got off road and attempted to hide, but he was found. The subject was issued several written warnings for other violations.

A CPO stopped an ATV on a roadway after dark that turned out to be a 13 year old bow hunter. The father of the subject was later issued three written warnings for un-cased bow, no hunting license or deer permit in possession of the 13 year old.  The ATV on a roadway discussion was completed and assurances were made that it would not happen again.

A CPO opened an investigation of a spot lighted deer in rural Creal Springs area.

A CPO spoke to a group of sportsmen at the first annual "Blessing of the Hunt". The event was held at the First Christian Church of Herrin. Approximately 60 persons attended.

A CPO inspected youth waterfowl hunters at Mermet Conservation Area.

A CPO is investigating two baited deer hunting areas in Johnson Co.

A CPO arrested a Union County man for unlawfully taking of three deer with a bow and not tagging them.   The same person had also shot a turkey and had not reported it or tagged it. The archery equipment was seized and the man was processed and released pending a court date.

A CPO arrested an Alexander County man for unlawfully transporting a 22-250 rifle on an ATV.

A CPO arrested a Florida man for hunting without a deer permit.

A CPO is investigating dumped deer carcasses in Jackson County.

A District Sergeant arrested a Union County man for unlawful transportation of an uncased shotgun.

District 16 CPOs responded to thirteen landowner complaints for trespassing violations or unlawfully taking of deer complaints.

November 24, 2010


A District 7 Officer, working shotgun deer hunters in Fulton County, located a subject hunting without permission shortly after the subject had shot a deer.  The suspect had field dressed the deer and failed to tag it immediately at the kill site.  The suspect was cited for both violations and the deer was seized and donated to the Sportsman Against Hunger Program.

A District 7 Officer arrested a Henderson County subject for illegally taking a 12 point whitetail deer.  The deer was seized as evidence.

A District Sergeant was patrolling Stark County (CPO vacant) during the first firearm deer season.  An inspection of one group of six hunters resulted in three citations for failure to tag immediately upon kill and unlawful transportation of two uncased shotguns.

A District 7 Sergeant and CPOs, along with Region 4 CPOs and ISP air operations, conducted an airplane night detail along the McDonough (CPO vacant) and Schuyler County line during the first firearm deer season.  Citations were issued for failure to tag deer, hunting after legal hours and unlawful transportation of open alcohol.

A District 7 Sergeant cited three subjects for unlawful transportation of uncased firearms on an ATV.

A District 6 CPO noticed a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed through a chisel-plowed corn field just after dark during the first firearm deer season.   When the CPO stopped to speak with the driver, the driver said he was chasing a deer to shoot.  He was found to have an uncased and loaded shotgun in the front seat and was attempting to fill a tag from another county.   Citations for hunting by the aid/use of a motor vehicle and unlawful transportation of an uncased and loaded firearm were issued.   Two written warnings were issued also.

A District 6 CPO was following a vehicle that was driving down a county road.   When the vehicle neared the intersection, the driver exited and began throwing cigarette packs and empty water and soda bottles on the ground.  When approached by the CPO, he said he was going to pick the items up.  The driver smelled of cannabis and had bloodshot eyes.  He was found to be in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  He was arrested and charged with possession of those items.

A District 6 CPO stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation.  The juvenile driver and passenger were in possession of alcohol.  One of the juveniles was also in possession of cannabis.  Both were arrested and released to parents.

A CPO was called out to respond to a possible hunting without permission and semi automatic gunfire complaint. The CPO contacted the suspects and they were found to be in possession of untagged deer. The CPO also interviewed one suspect who confessed to shooting an antlered deer with an antlerless only permit. The appropriate citations were issued

A Channahon man was arrested by District 6 Officers for unlawful taking of deer and possession of another’s deer permit in the field after he shot a deer and tagged it with his wife’s deer permit.  The wife told officers that she was home with their children and that her husband had been doing this for ten years.

A Utica man was charged by District 6 Officers for hunting over a baited area, unlawful feeding of wildlife and hunting without permission.  The man told the officer that he was feeding the deer to keep them healthy and to grow big antlers.

A District 7 CPO observed several ATVs leaving a farm field ridden by hunters in blaze orange.  Three of the hunters failed to unload their firearms prior to putting them in their gun cases.  All three were issued citations for transporting loaded firearms on an ATV.

A District 7 CPO observed a 16 yr old hunter with a loaded muzzleloader more than one half hour after sunset deer hunting in McDonough County.  He was accompanied by his father.  The youth only had Schuyler County deer tags, a camo blaze orange hat, and no valid FOID card.  His father’s FOID status was revoked.  The son was issued a citation for hunting after hours, the father for accessory to deer hunting without a valid permit.  Warnings were issued for the other violations.  The firearm was seized as evidence.

A District 7 Officer received a complaint of a subject illegally baiting deer.  The officer found the subject hunting over the baited area and in possession of an untagged deer.   The officer interviewed the subject and got a confession that the subject had been using another person’s deer tags in previous years.  The subject confessed to harvesting three antlered deer in 2009, two 8 pointers and a 10 pointer.   The subject had two of the deer mounted.  

A District 1 CPO arrested a subject for taking an antlered deer without a valid tag.  The subject received a second citation for using his daughter’s tag on the deer.   The six point buck was seized and a $250.00 civil penalty was issued.

District 1 CPOs responded to a complaint of hunting without permission.  The CPOs located the hunter on the property and he had shot one deer and was tracking another.  This same hunter had previously been warned by one of the CPOs not to be on the property.  The hunter was cited for hunting without permission, no permit in possession while hunting, failure to immediately tag deer, and attempting to take deer without valid deer permit.  The deer was seized and donated to the Sportsmen Against Hunger program.  Also seized was a 12 gauge shotgun, one tree stand, one grunt call, and one either sex permit.  The hunter was arrested for criminal trespass and was transported to the County jail.   

Two District 6 CPOs cited a hunter and his 22 year old son.  Both hunters had untagged deer that had been moved and both hunters had unplugged shotguns.

A District 6 CPO cited two 15 year old juveniles for operating an ATV on the roadway.  One of the ATV's had popped a wheelie.  The juveniles stated that they knew it was illegal.  The juveniles stated that their parents knew what they were doing it.  The parents were previously warned that it was illegal. 

A hunter was cited for hunting deer over a baited area and hunting deer without a plugged shotgun. 

A District 6 CPO cited a hunter for hunting without proof of taking a hunter’s safety class. 

It was reported that during the firearm deer season two individuals (wearing camouflage) were dropped off near the Vermilion River and entered the woods.  Upon checking for illegal hunting a District 6 CPO and Sergeant observed that the individuals were camping on the property instead of hunting.  A male was found in possession of a tin container with “Cannabis” stamped on the lid.  The container contained a small amount of cannabis.  He was also in possession of a glass pipe with burnt residue that he attempted to hide.  A bottle of alcohol was nearby.  The other male wearing camouflage admitted that a bottle of alcohol was his, but stated that it was just used for cooking.  The bottle of Arbor Mist was seized.  The two individuals were taken to a local Police Department where they were charged accordingly. 
A male was cited for failing to wear a blaze orange cap while shotgun hunting for deer. 

A hunter was arrested for possessing a firearm without a valid FOID, possessing ammunition without a valid FOID, hunting without a license, and hunting without a habitat stamp.

A District 6 CPO cited a hunter for allowing his 11 year old daughter to hunt without a license (parental responsibility).

A male juvenile was cited for unlawful take of deer, taking over the limit of deer (three with two permits) and failing to tag three deer.  The Juvenile's shotgun, scope, knives, deer tags and three deer were seized.

A District 7 Officer contacted a deer hunter from Michigan during the firearm deer season.  The Michigan hunter did not have a hunting license, habitat stamp, or any deer permits in his name.  He did possess another Illinois resident’s deer permits.  The Michigan hunter received numerous citations and had his muzzleloader seized. 

A District 1 Officer checked deer hunters in Stephenson County resulting in two drug arrests and a case of hunting without permission.

During patrol in Jo Daviess County during shotgun deer season, a Region I CPO observed a hunting party performing a deer drive along Rt. 20 near Galena.  A check of the hunters revealed one of the subjects was participating in the hunt with a loaded shotgun but no permits or hunting license in possession. Appropriate warnings and citations were issued.

A Region I CPO performed a check on a deer camp in which he had found two deer field dressed and hanging in a shed without the tags properly attached.  While setting up to locate the hunters, a vehicle pulled in and the passenger exited the vehicle with a loaded and uncased shotgun.  During the interview with the subjects it was determined that the non-resident hunter had shot on of the deer already hanging and tagged it with his nephew’s tag so he could continue to hunt.  The father also admitted to
using his son’s tag for the other deer hanging.  Three deer and tags were seized and the subjects were issued appropriate citations and warnings.

A Region I CPO was patrolling Carroll County when he observed two subjects walking the railroad tracks with shotguns and blaze orange.  A check revealed both subjects were shotgun deer hunting with unplugged shotguns and unsigned deer permits that they had left in the vehicle.  Both subjects were issued appropriate citations and warnings.
A Region I CPO was patrolling in Whiteside County when he observed several trucks parked along the road and in a field entrance with several subjects finishing a deer drive.  A check of one of the trucks revealed the driver had a loaded and uncased shotgun in the cab with him in the field entrance.  Appropriate citation was issued.

During the firearm deer season, a District 6 CPO encountered two men field dressing an untagged deer which had been killed over an hour earlier. The hunter who harvested the deer was issued a citation for failure to immediately tag deer.

A Region I CPO received a complaint of a subject firearm deer hunting without landowner permission.   The property is an area where CPOs made arrests for similar violations two years ago.   One CPO forwarded the information to another CPO who was closer.  She responded and with the assistance of Coal Valley City Police Officers, located the suspect and his untagged deer. The other CPO responded and assisted in the investigation.  The suspect was a member of the same group the CPOs apprehended previously.  He had one deer tag and advised he shot two deer.  He stated he was in the process of tracking the second deer when he was apprehended.  He stated he could not locate the deer.  He was not in possession of his deer permit while hunting.  He advised he was parked by a local deer processor and was going to drag the deer to his facility.  The CPO seized his shotgun, deer, and permit.  He was issued four citations for hunting without permission, failure to tag a deer immediately upon kill, attempting to take a deer without a valid permit, and no permit in possession while deer hunting.  He was also transported by Moline Police Department and cited for criminal trespass to land.  The investigation and apprehension of this violator was due to a good team effort between all law enforcement agencies involved.

A CPO completed a ginseng Investigation.  The Rock Island County State’s Attorney’s Office issued a warrant for a subject trespassing to harvest ginseng.

A CPO checked a deer hunter in Ogle County.  The hunter was sitting in a ditch next to the only corn field in the area that had not been harvested.  A combine was harvesting corn out of this field working from north to south.  The deer hunter was in a ditch at the south end of the field waiting for the combine to push a deer out of the field.  Contact was made with the hunter.  This hunter was questioned about several issues.  The first issue was the ethics involved in the way he was hunting at that time, the second issue was salt that was earlier found next to a deer stand of his in the area, the third issue was how many deer he had harvested and how many deer he called in.  On the third issue of checking in harvested deer, the subject stated he forgot to check in the two deer he had already harvested by bow and arrow.  The subject was asked how he was able to get the deer processed without a confirmation number written on the deer tag.  The subject stated he processes all the deer himself.  The hunter was issued two citations for the deer he did not properly report to IDNR by 10 p.m. on the day they were harvested and a written warning for placement of salt in an area where deer are present.  The subject was given a stern warning for the manner in which he was hunting next to the combine and informed he would be arrested if observed doing it again.  The subject advised he was issued two citations by a CPO in the Chicago area and this would suspend his privilege to hunt. 

While checking firearm deer hunters, a District 1 CPO observed a subject sitting in a tree without the required blaze orange. The CPO approached the subject and observed a pile of food pellets near the hunter’s stand. The hunter was issued citations for no blaze orange and for hunting by use/aid of bait.

While checking firearm deer hunters, a District 1 CPO observed a vehicle with three occupants wearing blaze orange pass him.  One of the occupants was sitting in the back of the truck.  As the vehicle passed, they accelerated heavily. The CPO turned around to observe the vehicle pulling into a nearby residence. The CPO arrived in time to observe the subjects with two uncased guns in the vehicle. The subjects were all issued citations for uncased firearms.

During firearm deer season a Region 1 CPO checked a subject who ten years before the CPO had arrested for FOID violations and his father for no hunting license and habitat stamps.  During the check Saturday of the firearm deer season weekend it was found he had an eight point deer rack that he had tagged.  The CPO asked him about the rack and he admitted that his father had shot the deer and he had tagged it.  We found the father and he was issued a citation for attempting to take over the limit of white-tailed deer and the son was arrested for loaning his tag to another and possession of an unlawfully taken deer.

A District 1 CPO issued multiple citations to a Grayslake couple who were hunting in Carroll County on opening day of the first firearm deer season.  Both subjects were hunting over a baited area with slug guns loaded with four slugs each, and neither possessed hunting licenses or habitat stamps.  Other violations were also addressed with written warnings.  Subject advised that he hunts so much that he takes the laws for granted.

A District 1 CPO issued a citation to a Carroll County man after he was observed hunting on opening day of the firearm deer season wearing full camouflage.  He was pushing/hunting towards his wife who was in a ground blind.  He was also issued a written warning for improperly transporting his firearm before he got out hunting.

 A District 1 CPO cited a Genoa man for transporting a loaded uncased slug gun on an ATV in Carroll County.

 A District 1 CPO cited a Sterling man for firearm deer hunting with no hunting license and allowing a minor child to firearm deer hunt with no deer permit or hunting license in Whiteside County.

While working the firearm deer season in Boone County, a District 6 CPO found the following violations:

(3) Hunters unlawful hunting w/o a hunting license,
(3) Hunters hunting w/o a habitat stamp,
(3) Hunters hunting w/unplugged shotguns,
(1) Hunter hunting on lands w/o permission,
(1) Individual harassing another’s hunting,
(1) Hunter hunting w/o a deer permit in possession,
(1) Hunter wanted on warrant,
(1) Hunter hunting w/o a blaze orange hat or cap,
(1) Hunter hunting w/o a blaze orange vest or upper garment, and
(1) Hunter hunting with a FOID card that had expired in 2007.


Nothing reported


24 game arrest
2  fish arrests
2 misc.
59 written warnings
4 field reports
1 hunting accident

Significant incidents:

While checking firearm deer hunters this weekend a CPO arrested a deer hunter that did not have a valid FOID due to it being revoked. 

A CPO arrested two Livingston County subjects for shining in the south Streator area.  The subjects were shining from the roadway and had a crossbow ready to fire in the front seat. 

A CPO investigated a hunting accident that occurred in Vermilion County.  The subject fell while climbing into their tree stand.  The subject suffered a broken back and ankle. 

A CPO investigated a complaint that a deer slug had struck a residence in Dewitt County by accident. 

A CPO investigated the theft of a tree stand from Mascoutin State Recreation area.  One of the park employees encountered a group of individuals leaving the area with a deer stand that they had taken. 


Sangamon County Officers issued three individuals citations for hunting over bait.

Responding to a land owner complaint, Sangamon County Officers found a large fresh killed buck.  A thorough search of the area resulted in the finding of a single empty shotgun hull.  Interviews led the CPOs to a home in a local town.  The hunter offered a story of shooting at a doe.  His story fell apart when the uniqueness of the hull was brought into question.  The hunter confessed to shooting the buck and leaving it.  He stated he wasn’t really going to let it go to waste; rather he was going to return and get it later.  The hunter had antlerless only tags for the county.  Citations were issued and the buck was donated to the Sportsmen Against Hunger Program.

District 10 Officer assisted the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department with the arrest of a subject for aggravated assault with a firearm.  A deer hunter approached a subject who was walking on property where no deer hunters had permission to hunt.  The victim stated he asked the suspect “Can I help you?”   The suspect turned around and pointed a large caliber revolver inches from the victims face and stated “You are out of your territory”.  The victim feared for his life and ran from the area.  While running he fell down and discharged his shotgun into the air three times out of panic.  The suspect was located at his residence and cooperated with officers.  He ended up being the son-in-law of the landowner.

A District 10 Officer assisted ISP with a minor traffic accident.  A teenage girl ran off Illinois Rt. 104, went through a ditch, and ended up in a field.  There were no injuries.

A District 10 Officer responded to an armed robbery call in Springfield.  The officer was able to apprehend one subject without incident.  The County located a second subject.  Both individuals were identified as subjects who held up an individual at gun point.  The firearm was later located and it turned out to be a black BB pistol.  Both subjects will be charged.

CPOs received a complaint about a subject that killed a deer last year with a rifle in Montgomery County. They went to the same location and observed a subject walking across a field wearing no blaze orange and carrying a rifle.  Another male subject was observed outside of a ground blind with no blaze orange on. The subject carrying the rifle had no permit or licenses.

CPOs received a complaint of a subject driving in fields, chasing coyotes and shooting at coyotes from a vehicle with a rifle in Montgomery County. They proceeded to the location and apprehended two subjects for use of vehicle, uncased guns, and hunting within 300 yards of dwelling.

CPOs received a complaint of one male subject shooting at least three deer in Montgomery County.  One CPO went to the location of the tree stand where the deer were shot and located four gut piles. The other CPO went to the residence and found two untagged deer hanging in an outbuilding and two deer strapped to a four wheeler. These deer were also untagged.  Two male subjects were issued citations for untagged deer.

A CPO ran into two subjects leaving the woods in Montgomery County.  Neither subjects had deer tags and one subject was in possession of an unplugged shotgun.

A CPO apprehended a male subject riding a four-wheeler with an uncased gun.

A CPO, while checking hunters in Montgomery County ran into three male subjects who were using their wives’ and friends’ deer tags. 

A CPO came across two subjects hunting deer in Montgomery County.  One subject was using a Wayne county tag and the other subject was using a Fayette County tag.

A CPO was on foot patrol in Monroe County when he encountered a hunter with no blaze orange on or in possession while in the field.  The CPO also noticed the hunter’s tag was for an antlerless deer only.  When asked, the hunter repeatedly stated he was hunting alone.  The CPO was returning to his squad approximately 2 hours later when he heard a single shot from the direction of the hunter he arrested earlier.  He approached the area and observed the subject walking towards his truck.  He located a small buck lying near the subjects tree stand with a shotgun lying across it.  The deer was not tagged.  The CPO watched the subject load the deer in the truck and proceed back to the road.  The deer was still not tagged.  He then heard shots in close proximity and went to investigate.  He observed a 15 yr old walking with a shotgun and wearing blaze orange.  He made contact with the young hunter and found he had an either sex tag and had harvested a doe.  The deer was not tagged.  When asked, the young hunter stated his uncle was coming to pick him up and he was going to tag the doe and he was going to tag his uncle’s buck.  He also told the CPO that he was hunting earlier without his orange and his uncle called him and told him to put it on because he had just gotten arrested for not wearing it.  The CPO made contact with the uncle and the appropriate enforcement action was taken.

A CPO was checking archery hunters the week before gun season in Randolph County when he found a vehicle with both an empty bow case and an empty gun case.  A search of the area found a subject in a ground blind with a bow and a 7mm rifle.  The bow was lying on the ground with the arrows in the quiver.  The hunter was holding the loaded rifle.  The hunter stated the rifle was for coyotes but there was a big 10 pointer that was running in the area. 

A District Sergeant and CPO located a vehicle on the Clinton/St Clair County Line with two empty gun cases and a small empty trailer.  They waited on the subjects until approximately 6:15pm before they finally made it out of the woods.  The subjects had gotten off of their ATV trail and had become lost.  When they finally emerged from the timber, they were dragging a small buck deer and were carrying two uncased guns.

A CPO and District Sergeant took an ATV ride on an eleven hundred acre parcel of property in which the landowner had filed a formal complaint against trespassers.  The Sergeant located one subject hunting on the property line without wearing blaze orange.  Another subject was located wearing an upland game style vest with orange pockets.  This subject was issued a written warning.

District 13 Officers participated in an airplane detail the evening before opening day of firearm season.  The detail was for the apprehension of persons illegally shining wildlife from a vehicle.  During the detail, two subjects were arrested for shining, possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle, and hunting from a roadway.  Other arrests were for open alcohol in a vehicle.

CPOs arrested two subjects they observed shining several fields with headlights of a truck.  The passenger had an uncased bow and two arrows at his feet.  The driver stated the plan was to find some deer and the passenger would shoot them with his bow.  The subjects were also arrested for illegal transportation of alcohol.

A CPO conducted an interview with the Jasper County Sheriff on an arson suspect.  The subject admitted to setting multiple fires at Sam Parr State Park and surrounding areas.  Arson and criminal damage charges have been filed.

CPOs arrested a subject for shining and hunting after hours.  The subject decided to hunt a little late since he had no luck earlier in the day.

CPOs visited a deer camp in Clay County and wrote five subjects in the party.  One subject failed to report his deer, two subjects were hunting after hours, one subject was hunting without permits and one subject had a loaded uncased firearm.    

A CPO wrote two other subjects for no valid FOID.  Both subject’s FOID were previously revoked.  

A CPO arrested a convicted felon who shot a deer but only had the head and antlers.  The subject left the deer in the field because he had all he wanted off the deer.

A District Sergeant handled a hunting accident in Fayette County.  Nine subjects were conducting a deer drive.  A deer jumped up, ran between and behind the hunting party members in thick brush.  One subject shot at the deer after he thought it passed the other person to his left.  The slug entered the victim’s head just below the right ear, travelled behind the skull and spine and lodged in the muscles on the left side of his neck.  The victim is expected to recover.

CPOs responded to a fatal hunting accident at the Hamilton County Conservation Area.  A bow hunter fell from a tree stand approximately 25 feet. Accident is still under investigation.

A CPO caught two subjects deer hunting over bait; caught two subjects deer hunting without valid deer permits; and caught a subject that had shot a buck from his truck in White County. The CPO seized the gun and the buck.

A CPO caught a subject deer hunting over bait (corn) in Franklin County.

A CPO caught a subject deer hunting over bait (corn) in Franklin County.  The CPO caught a subject killing a deer in Jefferson County without a valid deer permit or hunting license. The CPO caught another subject deer hunting from the roadway in Jefferson County.

A CPO caught five subjects with loaded, uncased guns on ATVs in Hamilton County.

A  CPO caught a subject deer hunting over bait in Hamilton County.  The CPO also caught a subject with an untagged deer in Hamilton County.  The CPO is currently investigating the fatal hunting accident at Hamilton County Conservation Area.

CPOs participated in the roadblock on Route #3 in Alexander County.

District #14 CPOs issued 65 citations and 66 warnings during the first firearm deer season.

A CPO cited a Jackson County man for hunting over bait.  The hunter was hunting over a pile of apples that was located approximately 15 yards in front of his deer stand.  Hunter swore he didn't even see it, let alone put it out. 

A CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint.  Hunter was warned for hunting on private land near the Burning Star #5 mine special hunt area.  The original offender was not caught as he ran from the landowner and was never found. 

A CPO cited a non-resident hunter for possessing a resident hunting license while firearm deer hunting.

A CPO acting from a TIP complaint, arrested a man for open alcohol and uncased gun.  Then with more information at a later time he cited the subject for unlawfully taking deer from vehicle, and shooting from roadway.  He seized the shotgun and located the deer. The suspect said he saw four deer and picked the one he wanted to eat.

A CPO responded to a complaint of guns fired east of Tamms, IL. Upon arrival he spoke to the complainant, canvassed the area, and found nothing.

A CPO responded to a trespassing complaint in Union County. He met with both parties and resolved the problem on site without an arrest.

A CPO responded to a trespassing complaint in Union County. He met with the complainant and he showed him a pile of entrails from a field dressed deer that occurred on his property. He said the neighbor was hunting close and thought he did it.  The CPO went to the neighbor’s house and found two deer in the barn. One deer had its antlers broke off.  Upon some questioning, the guy advised he shot a buck and thought he missed it, forty minutes later he shot another buck and trailed it onto the neighbor’s property where he did not have permission to be. He found the first deer and the second deer. He only had one either sex tag. The CPO issued him a citation for improper tagging, and a written warning for hunting without permission.

A CPO responded to a 911 call advising that shots were fired in McClure. He spoke to the victim and they advised someone shot their window out of their trailer. ISP 22 arrived and we spoke to suspects. It turned out the suspects were shooting at birds with a pellet gun; not paying attention to where the pellets were flying to. The parties agreed to pay for the damages.

A CPO checked a hunter coming out of the field in Alexander County and upon questioning found out he shot a deer and did not tag it. He issued citation to the hunter.

A CPO responded to a report of a hunting accident on opening day of firearm deer season. The accident was reported via 911 by the victim’s 41 year old son that was hunting some 400 yards away from his father's deer stand. The CPO was the first on the scene and began a search by an ATV of the USFW Crab Orchard Refuge wilderness area. The location was reported as being in Union County portion of the refuge.  Soon the search was joined by Union county EMT's and a Crab Orchard Refuge Officer, and a helicopter from Air Evac. The CPO had the victim’s son fire a round into the ground to assist in the location of his father. The two hunters had traveled 2 1/2 miles from their truck that was parked in Williamson County. The hunter was located by the CPO and the refuge officer at 8:30 AM.  Another CPO arrived and assisted with the accident scene.  EMT personnel were brought to the scene and after the victim was stabilized, he was taken out of the forest by a small trailer with a stokes basket pulled by ATV. He was then flown to St Francis Hospital in Missouri. The victim told the CPO that he had not put his safety strap on as he was standing on his strap on the stand. The stand was approximately 23 feet high when the ratchet strap broke at one of the seams of one of the buckles at approximately 6:00 AM. The hunter was 65 years old, had hunted this same tree for over 20 years. He suffered from six broken ribs, a punctured lung, multiple compound fractures to his right leg and severe spine injuries. He is currently suffering from either temporary or permanent paralysis from the waist down. He and his son both held Williamson County deer permits, but were located a half mile into Union County.

CPOs arrested three Florida men and one Illinois man hunting whitetail deer in Williamson County. A CPO and District Sergeant had prior information about the hunters on this private property. The violations included hunting by use of bait, charges of hunting whitetail deer without non-resident deer permits, no hunting licenses, hunting by use of rifle, failure to wear any blaze orange and possession of an untagged deer. Several more violations were committed and several more are under investigation.

A CPO while working night hunters, made a stop on a suspicious vehicle traveling slowly, stopping and going.  After the stop and interview he determined the driver was revoked and both occupants had open alcohol. Both subjects were cited and released.

A CPO located a 13 year old boy hunting by himself for deer with a slug gun.  He was not wearing a blaze orange vest, or hat, he did not have a deer permit, nor hunting license, and no FOID card.  There were two piles of corn within 20 yards of his blind that his father had placed there.  The CPO took the youth to where his father was hunting about a half mile away.  The father also was not wearing a blaze orange coat, and did not have his permits and license in possession.  The father was charged with allowing his son to hunt over bait, hunting without permit in possession and allowing his son to hunt without a permit.
 A CPO responded to a hunting accident in Union County. A subject fell from his deer stand and sustained major injuries including multiple broken bones in the lower body and lacerations to the head.  The hunter was airlifted to Cape Girardeau trauma center then moved to a St. Louis hospital. The hunter is now stable and the cause and details of the accident are under investigation.

A CPO, while on patrol, located a subject parked at Giant City State Park.  As the CPO approached the vehicle he noted the man was moving around a lot. He contacted him via the driver’s side window and discovered that his pants were down, with his groin then covered.  He then shined his flashlight in the back window and saw a mason jar full of cannabis in plain view.  He took the subject into custody and searched the vehicle.  During the search he located many pairs of girl’s panties, lubricant, lotions, peeled potatoes, and a multitude of rags and towels with lotion on them. He also discovered what totaled approximately 289 grams of cannabis (over a half a lb.) in many different containers including mason jars and plastic bags, 3 "molly" ecstasy pills with ecstasy and cocaine combo, Vicodin pills, two digital scales, $235.00 cash, boxes of plastic baggies, and many miscellaneous cannabis paraphernalia, and a cocaine straw.  The vehicle was impounded awaiting seizure. The subject was jailed without bond in Union County. Charges: 30-500 gr. of cannabis with intent to deliver (class 3 felony), possession of 289.1 g cannabis (class 4 felony), controlled substance X2 (ecstasy, Vicodin) (class 3 felonies X2), drug paraphernalia (class A misdemeanor).

A CPO was patrolling rural Union County when he observed a white pick-up truck exiting a field with two subjects wearing orange. He conducted a hunter compliance check and observed two uncased guns in the cab of the truck.  Both men were cited.

A CPO observed two four-wheelers exiting the woods in rural Pope County. He conducted a hunter compliance check. The subject was deer hunting with a rifle, transporting a loaded firearm on ATV, possessing loaded firearm after legal shooting hours. The hunter was cited and released and the rifle was seized for forfeiture.

A CPO assisted Pope County on a hunting complaint. The subject stated his truck had been shot by his neighbor. He did locate a bullet hole, but it appeared to be old. The incident is under investigation by Pope County Sheriff.

A CPO was patrolling in Pope County in the evening and observed flares being fired off in a section of the Shawnee National Forest.  Thinking someone may be in need of assistance, he went to the area with several other hunters and local residents to investigate.  Upon closer inspection it was discovered a deer camp was having fun with a flare gun. He advised the subjects in the deer camp that shooting off these flares was not a good idea and they agreed. No enforcement action was taken. 

A CPO arrested a subject from Florida for unlawful possession of untagged deer, no valid deer permit, or hunting license. The man was cited and released.

A CPO responded to a hunting accident in Union County to assist another CPO. The CPO is assisting the reconstruction of the hunting accident to determine what actually happened. The stand and all relevant evidence was seized pending investigation.

A CPO arrested a Jackson County man for hunting over a baited area. The man was cited and released.

A District Sergeant and D 16 CPOs conducted a wildlife game checkpoint in Alexander County on Sunday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Rt 3 near the Missouri state line.  As a result, 14 citations were issued and 11 written warnings were issued.  Charges range from unlawful possession of alcohol, to uncased firearms, untagged deer, no permit, no hunting license.  Most violators were out of state hunters, approximately 350 vehicles went through the checkpoint. D 14 assisted in the detail as well as US Forest Service Agent Harris.

A District Sergeant assisted a CPO on a fatal hunting accident that occurred in District 14. The accident is under investigation pending reconstruction.

Seizures for the week include five rifles, twenty-two baited deer stands were discovered, two hunting accidents personal injury. One pound of marijuana, schedule II drugs, seven illegally harvested deer.   





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