Office of Law Enforcement
February 3, 2010

Region 1 Officers worked an ice fishing tournament in Peoria County with several hundred participants.  The officers observed numerous conservation violations and took enforcement action.  Other violations observed included drug arrests and the arrest of minors in possession/consumption of alcohol. 

Region 1 Officers interviewed a suspect and his hunting partner, which Conservation Officers in Ontario Canada suspected had shot a moose illegally. The interviews resulted in a confession by a witness, which corroborated the violations suspected by Canadian officials. Charges by the Ministry of Natural Resources will, most likely, be forthcoming.

A Region 1 Officer worked a detail at the Lake Camelot Ice fishing tournament.  The officer conducted compliance checks on several ice fishermen and cited 4 individuals for fishing without a valid license and 2 underage females for unlawful possession of alcohol. 

Region 1 Officers secured a second vehicle in a deer poaching violation. 

Region 1 Officers conducted several commercial inspections for taxidermy and are investigating fall deer cases.

A Region 1 Officer conducted a timber truck inspection.  The truck was relaying logs from a company owned yard in southern IL to one in northwestern IL.  Paperwork the driver possessed met the legal requirements

 A Region 1 Officer checked snowmobiles at the Knox County Prairie Drifters Snowmobile Club's Annual Radar Run.  The event held at Lake Storey in Galesburg had 54 participants.  The speeds of the participating sleds varied from 48 mph for a 1980 John Deere to 128 mph for a high performance race sled.  Only two minor registration violations were observed with only one written warning issued.

A Region 1 Officer made an arrest of a subject for unlawful possession of a white-tailed deer (Failure to report harvest) in DeKalb County.

A Region 1 Officer worked Mercer County coyote hunters during a local hunting contest. 

A Region 1 Officer completed two commercial inspections on a local taxidermist and a wildlife rehabber.

Region 1 Officers assisted DeKalb County Sheriff's Department search for evidence linked to a shooting which occurred near Waterman.

A Region 1 Officer was patrolling for coyote hunters when he observed a vehicle parked in a field next to a ditch.  A check of the vehicle revealed two empty gun cases and several shed deer antlers as well as one deer skull with antlers and spine and no tag.  After observing for a period of time, the officer located the two hunters and performed an inspection.  One of the hunters did not have his hunting license in possession and the other admitted to picking up the deer skull without contacting IDNR.  Written warnings were issued accordingly for the violations.

A Region I Officer completed a snowmobile complaint investigation.  The officer located and interviewed the individual involved.  The individual was cited and complainant was advised.

A Region 1 Officer investigated a complaint regarding the illegal taking of paddlefish on the Mississippi river near Gladstone IL.  The complainant alleged that several subjects were illegally snagging spoonbill during the closed season.  Iowa Conservation Officers were notified of the possible violations.  The investigation continues.

A Region 1 Officer issued a subject a citation for failure to report deer harvest by 10 pm same day as kill.  The hunter killed a deer in November on IDNR property and did not report the harvest.

A Region 1 Officer investigated an accident that occurred at Starved Rock State Park's Wildcat Canyon.  A seventeen year old boy who was participating on a class trip from Niles West Township High School became intoxicated while at the park.  The juvenile walked out onto soft ice at the base of the canyon and fell through into water up to his waist.  The juvenile was escorted out of the canyon to the Visitor Center where an ambulance was waiting.   The juvenile was transported to Ottawa Regional hospital where he was treated for hypothermia, alcohol intoxication and admitted to the I.C.U. for an over-night stay.  The juvenile’s BAC was a .307.  The charge of consumption of alcohol by a minor is being referred to the LaSalle County States Attorney's Office.

A Region 1 Officer responded to a complaint of ice climbing at Starved Rock. Due to the warmer weather in the area, ice climbing in the park had been closed. The officer located 3 individuals; they were putting their equipment away because they had discovered the ice was unstable to climb. The officer asked if they had signed in per park rules. They did not know they needed to sign in, so they did not see the sign stating ice climbing was closed. They were issued a citation for ice climbing and were shown where to sign in for ice climbing.

A CPO cited a fisherman on Butler Lake for possession of a 22 inch Northern Pike where a minimum 24 inch length limit applies.

A CPO arrested an ice fisherman on Spring Lake for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.

A CPO arrested a subject in the Illinois Beach State Park for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams, possession of drug paraphernalia, and no seatbelt.

A CPO arrested an ice fisherman on Forest Lake for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A CPO arrested two ice fishermen on Forest Lake for possession of drug paraphernalia and no valid fishing license.

A CPO arrested an ice fisherman on Crooked Lake for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A CPO cited a subject in the Illinois Beach State Park - North Unit for expired driver's license and illegal transportation of alcohol.
A CPO responded to two separate incidents of individuals breaking through the ice. On the first incident a father and son were heading to their ice shanty on Catherine when both four-wheelers went through the ice about 400 yds offshore. Both subjects made it to shore. Antioch rescue was called. Father was treated for hypothermia, but refused to be transported. The 13 year old son was treated and released on scene also. The father was issued a citation for careless operation of a four-wheeler. 

The second incident occurred at 1a.m. Subject was traveling across Pistakee Lake when he ran out of ice. Fox Lake PD and rescue were called to the scene, but did not notify DNR.  The next day, a CPO observed the subjects trying to pull the snowmobile out of the lake utilizing a canoe.  The operator admitted to consuming alcohol the night of the accident.  The canoe was not registered and no lifejackets were present. Appropriate enforcement action was taken concerning the canoe. The operator of the snowmobile was issued a citation for pollution of waterway.

CPOs were checking fisherman at the Crystal Lake ice fishing derby.  They observed an ATV with two passengers traveling at a high rate of speed.  The ATV spun out on the ice and flipped over twice.  Both subjects were thrown off the ATV.  The CPO spoke with the operator, who was highly intoxicated, and charged him with DUI (BAC .188%)

A CPO arrested two Macon County subjects in a follow up deer investigation from the second firearm deer season.  The CPO found that one of the subjects had fraudulently obtained an either sex deer tag through point of sale and then gave the tag to another hunter.  The hunters were cited for failing to tag deer prior to moving it, possession of another's permit while in the field, and providing fraudulent information to the IDNR. 

CPOs are currently cross referencing hunting kill data retrieved from the public hunting areas in District 19.  They are comparing information hunters provide the site at the end of the year with point of sale information.  So far their investigation has shown that there are numerous inconsistencies and several tickets have been issued.  It appears many more citations will be issued by the time they complete the investigation. 

A CPO issued citations on a follow up hunting over bait complaint in Vermilion County. 

A CPO captured an injured Bald Eagle and relayed it to the University of Illinois for treatment. 

District 19 officers started working on commercial inspections that were randomly selected by computer.

A Bloomington man arrested for operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol on Clinton Lake pleaded guilty to an amended charge of reckless operation of a watercraft.  The man paid a fine and court costs of $2,299.99.

A Clinton woman arrested at Mascoutin SRA for possession of drug paraphernalia pleaded guilty to the offense.  She was ordered to pay a fine and court costs of $1,751.00 and placed on court supervision for 12 months.  The charge of possession of cannabis was dismissed in the plea agreement.   

A Champaign man arrested at Clinton Lake pleaded guilty to operating a watercraft while under the influence of drugs.  The man was ordered to pay a fine and court costs of $1,855.00 and placed on court supervision for 12 months.  In addition, the man pleaded guilty to operation of a watercraft without a serviceable fire extinguisher and was ordered to pay fine and court costs of $183.00.  The charges of possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia were dismissed in a plea agreement. 

A Champaign man arrested in DeWitt County pleaded guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia.  The man was placed on court supervision for 24 months and ordered to pay a fine and court costs of $1,801.00.  The charges of operation of an uninsured motor vehicle, possession of cannabis, and illegal possession of alcohol by a minor were dismissed in a plea agreement.

A Maroa man arrested at the Clinton Lake West Side Access pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance (prescription medication-class 4 felony).  The man was ordered to undergo drug and alcohol treatment and perform 50 hours of community service.  In addition, the man paid a fine and court costs of $2,505.00 and was placed on court supervision for 18 months.

A Normal man found in possession of drug paraphernalia at Evergreen Lake pleaded guilty to the offense.  The man was placed on court supervision for 18 months and ordered to pay fines and court costs totaling $1,263.00

A Normal man found in possession of undersized crappie at Lake Evergreen pleaded guilty to the violation.  The man was placed on court supervision for 12 months and ordered to pay fines and court costs totaling $314.00.  In addition, a civil penalty of $76.00 was assessed for the value of the crappie.

A CPO seized three tree stands from Clinton Lake property after the owners failed to remove them.

A Rantoul man arrested for pollution and possession of cannabis at Mascoutin SRA pleaded guilty to the violations.  The man was ordered to pay $803.00 in fines and court costs.

Two underage subjects arrested at Weldon Springs State Park pleaded guilty to illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor.  The subjects were ordered to pay a fine and court costs of $1013.55 each and jailed for 6 days.  Charges of possession of cannabis were dismissed in a plea agreement.

A CPO cited two Farmer City men for hunting without permission and littering. 

A Cissna Park man arrested for unlawful possession of a loaded muzzleloader and rifle in a vehicle pleaded guilty to the violations.  The man was ordered to pay $346.00 in fines and court costs.    

A CPO investigated a case in which a rural Cumberland County man was in possession of a large buck deer head in which he had requested an incidental kill tag for the head. The man had removed the head from the carcass and could not provide the officer with the location he obtained the deer. The man was cited for unlawful possession of whitetail deer. Further investigation revealed the man had bartered previously obtained incidental kill deer heads, for which he had obtained tags from the same officer, for archery equipment from an area archery shop knowing such barter of incidental killed deer was unlawful. The heads/racks and bartered archery equipment was seized as evidence and the man was cited for two counts of unlawful barter of game mammal parts. The man was additionally charged earlier in the week by the sheriff's department for residential burglary involving the theft of deer heads from rural residences in the area. 

A CPO arrested two Mattoon men after apprehending them stealing tree stands at the Lake Shelbyville Complex and adjacent lands to the site. Subsequent investigation revealed one of the men also failed to report the harvest of two archery killed deer during the deer season and he was additionally cited for those violations as well. 

A CPO arrested a Bethany man in rural Moultrie County for DUI with a blood alcohol content greater than .08, Improper Parking In The Roadway and Illegal Transportation Of Open Liquor In A Vehicle. The man was passed out behind the wheel when located by the officer. The man recorded a BAC of .354%. 

A CPO responded to an IEMA report of an oil spill southeast of Westfield in Clark County. An oil well operator reported the spill after finding a pipe leading from an oil tank had broken and approximately three barrels of crude oil flowed into Lamb Branch of the North Fork of the Embarras River. Cleanup was immediately commenced by the operator and has continued throughout the weekend. IDNR personnel from the Fisheries Division and Oil & Gas Division are monitoring the situation and cleanup at the site.

A Lerna man arrested for unlawfully loaning his deer permit to another person in Coles County pleaded guilty to the violation.  The man paid fines and court costs of $326.00.

A Bourbonnais man arrested at Lake Shelbyville pleaded guilty to operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol.  The man paid fines and court costs of $1,435.00.  Charges of careless operation of a watercraft and no watercraft registration were dismissed in a plea agreement.

Two Tuscola men arrested for criminal damage to state supported property at Walnut Point State Park pleaded guilty to the violation.  They were each fined $200.00 and ordered to pay restitution to the Walnut Point Hope Fund in the amount of $167.50.  In addition, they were both jailed for one weekend. 

A CPO received information from a county deputy that a subject, who was involved in stealing the CPO's motor off his work boat, was being evicted from where he lived.  The subject is also a convicted felon, who the CPO attempted to catch firearm deer hunting, but the subject hid the shotgun and left the area.  A consent search was later obtained.  Once inside the residence the CPO opened up a kitchen cabinet and noticed 3 boxes of ammunition along with several red road flares.  While he was removing the ammunition he noticed a blue wire and a yellow wire protruding out of a long unmarked box about an inch by inch square.  There were numerous white labels attached to the wires marked "explosive".  The CPO removed the box from the cabinet and set it on the counter.  He tipped the box and observed a red cylindrical object inside.  Not knowing if it was dynamite, all the subjects on the scene were evacuated and the SOS bomb squad was called in.  The roadway was shut down while the bomb squad entered the building.  The wires the CPO found were part of a "live" blasting cap which was taped to a flare.  After securing the explosive a further search of the kitchen area yielded numerous boxes of ammunition, which a felon cannot be in possession of.  ATF has agreed to review the case and possibly prosecute the subject in Federal court. 

Two Jerseyville residents face charges after one of the two attempted to sell venomous cobras to officers in violation of the Illinois Dangerous Animal Act.  The individuals were trying to sell them to undercover officers at Pere Marquette State Park.  After apprehending the owner of the cobras and his girlfriend, both were found to be wanted on warrants from Williamson County.  The male subject was also driving while his license was suspended, no insurance and possession of a suspended driver’s license.  The subject later was found to have a 16 foot python in his house. 

While checking goose hunters in Mason Co. the district supervisor was traveling on a dirt road.  He observed a passenger car following him.  When the officer turned onto a blacktop, the car quickly passed the officer in a no-passing zone.  The officer stopped the vehicle and found the driver to appear to be intoxicated and transporting open liquor.  After administering sobriety tests, the subject was arrested for DUI.   The subject was transported to jail where he refused to take a breath test.  He was also cited for not having insurance.

While on his way home, the District Supervisor stopped a vehicle in Mason Co. for not having a headlight.  The vehicle swerved all over the road before coming to a stop.  The officer approached and the driver stepped out.  Alcohol could be detected.  The officer observed a gun case next to the driver.  Upon checking it, the gun was found to be a loaded high-powered rifle.   A further check revealed an open bottle of beer.  While the subject was not charged for DUI, he was charged for having a loaded rifle in the vehicle, open alcohol in a vehicle, and improper lane usage.

District officers began working the cooling lakes for crappie fishermen.  Several citations and warnings have been written for undersized fish and boating violations.

A subject hunting geese in Menard County was cited for having lead shot in his possession.

A CPO was off duty at a gun shop when a subject came up and told him about killing a turkey with a rifle.  After the subject finished his tale, the CPO identified himself and met the subject later to issue appropriate citations.  

A CPO cited a subject for driving suspended and no insurance after witnessing him drive off the road and through a farmer's field.  The CPO received a complaint from the farmer earlier in the year about subjects driving through his fields and causing damage.

A CPO reported the disposition on a subject arrested for Unlawful take of deer.  The subject was fined $350.00, assessed costs of $231.00, and given 12 months conditional discharge. 

A CPO reported the disposition on a subject arrested for pole trapping hawks.  The subject paid $355.00 in fines and costs and the traps were forfeited.

A CPO finally met up with a subject who tried to title a boat using a HIN belonging to a boat that has already been titled and registered.  The boat was seized and an investigation is pending as to the legal owner of the boat. 

Office of Law Enforcement
February 10, 2010

A Region 1 Officer assisted the Illinois State Police with numerous motorist assists and traffic crashes during hazardous driving conditions. 

A Region 1 Officer responded to a call of an injured eagle.  The eagle was transported to a local rehabilitator.   

A Region 1 Officer investigated a snowmobile accident. In this case, two snowmobilers, who were on two separate sleds, were following each other down a designated trail. Speeds were estimated initially at 70 mph, then later at 50-60 mph. The rider in the front failed to stop before crossing a roadway and upon striking the elevated road shoulder embankment, he was thrown 8-10 feet into the air.  Upon being thrown from the snowmobile, the rider was struck by the trailing snowmobiler. The snowmobiler sustained serious injuries.

A Region 1 Officer assisted Roscoe Police Department with snowmobile O.U.I. and property damage accident.  The officer reviewed departmental paperwork for proper completion of crash report and O.U.I. forms as well as proper completion of O.U.I. citations.  

A Region 1 Officer investigated an overtaking of pan fish complaint on the Mississippi River. Two subjects were cited for unlawful number of ice fishing devices.

A Region 1 Officer issued citations to two men in Henry County for operating unnumbered/unregistered snowmobiles.  One of the snowmobiles was a "retired" Illinois Conservation Police sled; complete with inventory numbers.

A Region 1 Officer completed a boat registration inspection on a boat purchased at a local police auction.

A Region 1 Officer checked snowmobiles on the Hennepin Canal throughout the week.  The officer also checked ice fishermen on the Hennepin Canal and Johnson Sauk Trail State Park.   

A Region 1 Officer completed an investigation on a November TIP complaint.  Three subjects were reported to have been waterfowl hunting in a posted restricted area.  A full confession was obtained and the three subjects were issued a citation as a result of the complaint.

A Region 1 Officer investigated a complaint of road hunting near Spoon River State Forest.  The deputies who responded to the complaint had contacted the CPO at home and obtained the necessary information for follow-up.  Two subjects were leaving the state site after raccoon hunting.  After observing the reflection of a raccoon’s eyes in a tree adjacent to the road, one hunter parked his vehicle, walked down the road, and shot the raccoon.  A nearby homeowner/landowner heard the shots, called 911, and then blocked the offending vehicle's path from leaving the area until deputies arrived.  The shooter was issued citations and warnings for hunting from a public right-of-way, unlawful use of lights from a vehicle, and hunting without permission of the landowner, and shooting on a public right of way.
OLE Weekly Activity Report
February 10, 2010
Page Two

A Region 1 Officer assisted county deputies with a propane delivery truck accident.  The 5000 gallon tanker truck lost control on an ice and snow covered county highway and ended up on its side off the road near a lake.  Traffic was blocked both directions until the truck was righted, assured it was not leaking, and removed from the area. 

A Region 1 Officer investigated multiple reports of illegal coyote hunting in southern Warren County.  The complainants advised that two vehicles were trespassing and shooting at coyotes from the roadway.  The case remains open.

A Region 1 Officer cited a subject for failing to report a deer harvest by 10 pm the date taken after a brief investigation. The officer had read three accounts of the buck harvest in outdoor publications, and found that the taxidermist had caught the fact that there was no confirmation number for the kill. Only then was the deer checked in.

A Region I officer was dispatched to a personal injury snowmobile crash involving a single snowmobile colliding with a utility pole in Whiteside County.  The operator, wearing a helmet, was going too fast for her skill level, did not see the pole and collided nearly head-on with it.  She lost consciousness and was in respiratory arrest for a brief period of time.  She was transported to a nearby hospital where she was treated and released for a concussion and sprained right ankle.  There was no evidence of alcohol or drug impairment.  The very helmet that saved her life may have also been obstructing her field of view.  She was cited for an expired registration. 

CPO's Van Wiltenburg & Schreiber arrested a subject on Wonder Lake for DUI on an ATV.  Three vacant ice shanties with several tip ups on the lake were observed unattended.  There were several empty bottles of vodka and wine, along with numerous empty beer cans that drew their attention to the fishing site.  Approximately 1 hour later, a subject was observed driving an ATV that stopped at that location.  After speaking with him, it was obvious the subject was impaired.  He failed sobriety tests and had a BAC of .155%.  The subject was issued two DUI citations, along with one for unattended ice fishing devices.  CPO Schreiber cited a second subject for unattended devices that returned prior to the DUI subject. 

CPO Fehrenbacher investigated a snowmobile accident of two snowmobile operators attempting to cross over 250 yards of open water at 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning at the Grass Lake Road Bridge.  Both snowmobiles sank in Nippersink Lake, but the operators were able to get out of the water and return home to notify the Sheriff's Department of the accident several hours later.  The subjects claimed they were leaving a bar on Grass Lake and only consumed two alcoholic beverages between the two of them before the accident.  However, after returning home to report the accident the subjects said they each consumed large quantities of alcohol to calm themselves down.  Both subjects were cited for Careless Operation of a snowmobile and Pollution of the Waterways.

CPO Tepovich arrested two ice fishermen on Bangs Lake for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia

CPO McReynolds arrested two Monee men in Eagle Creek State Park campground for Unlawful Consumption of Alcohol by Minors. The 19 and 20 year old men were camping at the park without paying the required camping fee.  

Nothing reported.

CPO Vasicek concluded an investigation on a Union County man who had taken 2 deer out of season with a rifle. The man admitted in a confession that he had shot the deer with a rifle. The rifle was seized and the man was charged in Union County

CPO Mohrman concluded a timber investigation that resulted in a Missouri man being charged for no timber buyer’s license and failure to pay 4 %.  The man was charged after an audit was conducted.

CPO Smith responded to two trespassing complaints in Alexander County.  One arrest was made for hunting without permission.

CPO Jourdan caught a subject selling dead deer antlers that he had found in Jefferson County.  CPO Jourdan charged the subject and seized 42 sets of antlers.

CPO Cariens inspected a taxidermist in Jefferson County. CPO Cariens issued the taxidermist a citation for failure to properly tag waterfowl.

Office of Law Enforcement
February 24, 2010

A Region I Officer patrolled Boone and Winnebago County area lakes checking ice fishermen for compliance to the Illinois Fish Code.  Area lakes included: Pierce Lake, Olsen Lake, Lake Summerset, West Lake and Four Lakes Forest Preserve in Winnebago County, and Candlewick Lake, Spencer Park Lake, Belstone Quarry Pond and County Line Road Quarry Pond in Boone County.

A Region I Officer completed two commercial inspections. The first was a licensed timber buyer located in Boone County and the other a taxidermist located in Winnebago County.

A Region I Officer conducted a boat registration inspection, timber transportation enforcement and patrolled state lands.

A Region 1 Officer participated in a police combative training program which involved ground fighting techniques.  
A Region I Officer provided Bureau County Sheriff’s Department assistance on a traffic stop.  The subject had numerous dead coyotes in the back of his truck.  When the officer arrived, an inspection showed no violations.  The subject did forget his wallet at home, with his hunting license.  Point of sale confirmed he had a valid hunting license and habitat stamp.  He was issued a written warning for license not in possession.

A Region I Officer worked the LaSalle County lakes and farm ponds checking fishermen for compliance with the Fish Code. 

A Region I Officer updated the evidence inventory, sending several items including two guns to Springfield for final disposition.

A Region 1 Officer arrested a subject for DUI after stopping him for improper lane usage and failure to signal.  The subject refused to give a breath sample.

A Region I Officer worked a Boat Registration investigation.
A Region 1 Officer is working with the Illinois Dept of Revenue on a business investigation. 

A Region 1 Officer was patrolling White Pines State Park when he observed a subject in the campgrounds with his kids, wife and the family dog running loose.  After observing for a while the male subject was observed drinking a beer in the posted no alcohol area.  Upon approach the subject hid the beers in the snow and hung his head.  He was asked how his day was and he said fine until you showed up.  The subject knew of the regulations for the dog and the alcohol and stated he was sorry and knew it would probably cost him.  A citation and warning were issued for the violation and the subject stated he was sorry and not looking forward to the drive home with his angry wife.
Region 1 Officers worked at the QCCA Outdoor Show.  The education trailer was a success and the public enjoyed the display.  Officers answered questions, distributed pamphlets and educated the public.  The QCCA expected the attendance to be close to record turn-out. 

A Region I Officer received a call at home of a "poached" deer in his assigned county.  The call was given to an on duty officer and found to be a road kill.
A Region I Officer investigated a complaint of illegal walleye fishing at lock and dam 18 in Gladstone.  The complainant stated that the subjects were in violation of the slot limits.  A detail was conducted in response to the complaint.  Approximately 25 boats were inspected during a three hour period.

A Region 1 Officer stopped a timber truck and conducted an inspection. During the inspection it was discovered the driver did not have proper proof of ownership for the timber being hauled. One citation was issued.

A CPO arrested two ice fishermen on Loch Lomond for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis.

A CPO cited a fisherman on Diamond Lake for possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of cannabis.  The fisherman was issued a written warning for fishing license not in possession.  The CPO arrested a second fisherman for possession of cannabis and fishing without a license on Diamond Lake.

A CPO arrested the operator of a snowmobile on Channel Lake for OUI.  The subject submitted a breath sample revealing a .144% BAC.  CPOs had responded to the lake after receiving complaints from ice fisherman at the ice fishing derby that snowmobilers were operating at high rates of speed within 100 feet of them.

A CPO observed two snowmobiles riding along the road and against traffic.  He attempted to stop the snowmobiles, but one operator decided to turn around and head the other direction.  After speaking with the rider of the first snowmobile that stopped, the CPO convinced him to call his buddy and have him return.  The CPO issued the operator that stopped a citation for operation of a snowmobile on the roadway with a revoked driver’s license and written warnings for operating a snowmobile against traffic and no certificate of number.  The second operator was cited for operation of unnumbered snowmobile and operation of a snowmobile against traffic.  He was also issued a written warning for failure to stop for inspection and no certificate of number in possession.
A CPO received a TIPS complaint about two individuals fishing in an area of Moraine Hills State Park which is closed to the public.  He issued both subjects citations for entering a restricted area.  One subject was wanted on a warrant out of Lake County.  The subject was transported to the McHenry County Jail.
A CPO arrested an ice fisherman on Deep Lake for fishing without a license and possession of drug paraphernalia.  He was also issued a written warning for ice fishing with too many ice fishing devices.

Nothing reported

A CPO was conducting a taxidermy inspection, when he observed a deer cape with a firearm wound. Upon checking the tag on the deer, he learned that it was tagged with an archery tag.  CPOs conducted interviews, and a subject confessed to shooting the ten point buck with a firearm and tagging it with an archery tag.
A CPO was closing cases and learned that two subjects he had arrested for untagged deer and other conservation violations paid $1000 each. Another subject pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis and paid a $700 fine. 

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Macoupin County. 36 students attended.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Macoupin County. 44 students attended.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Macoupin County. 35 students attended.

A CPO caught a subject in Sesser unlawfully possessing deer antlers he cut off a freshly killed deer. Subject never requested permission to possess antlers from DNR Law.  The CPO issued subject a citation and seized the antlers.

CPOs attended the DT recertification at Springfield Headquarters.

CPOs made several contacts during a detail at Wayne Fitzgerell State Park

District 15 activity includes 4 citations, 10 written warnings and the attached dispositions.


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