Office of Law Enforcement
April 7, 2010

As part of Operation Warm Weather Cold Water 2010, an officer was patrolling the Illinois River in the area of the Starved Rock Boat launch.  The officer observed three subjects preparing to launch a small aluminum V-Hull boat which appeared to be rated for only two persons.  Upon inspection the officer confirmed that the boat was rated for only two persons.  Additionally, the officer discovered that there were no wearable personal flotation devices or fire extinguisher in the boat.  The boat was loaded with tackle boxes, fishing poles, lunches and a cooler with water and pop.  The officer explained the danger and violations.  Due to the fact that they had just backed the boat into the water, in preparation for their trip, the officer issued written warnings for the violations.
A Region 1 Officer responded to a call from the Site Superintendent at Big River State Forest.  Three subjects had illegally entered a restricted area at Gladstone Lake.  The subjects were located and removed from the site.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken

A CPO located and removed three deer stands abandoned after hunting season at Spoon River State Forest.  One owner has been identified and issued a citation for failure to remove his deer stand from a state site.  

District 7 Officers worked a Secret Service Detail for the Vice President's visit to Peoria. 

A CPO responded to a Knox County 911 Dispatch of a suicidal subject at a residence in the Oak Run development near Dahinda.  Upon arriving with an ISP Trooper and a Knox County Deputy, the subject was found unconscious and unresponsive on the living room floor.  The Knox County Deputy utilized a patio umbrella to break a window to gain entry to the locked home.  The subject was laying face down, and was rolled into the recovery position until the Medical Responders arrived from nearby.   Evidence of cocaine and cannabis use were observed in the home.  He had reportedly also been on methadone and oxycontin, according to a family member.

A CPO and District Sergeant conducted a detail on the Illinois River Easter Sunday targeting short fish. They issued several citations for short fish (walleye, small mouth bass)

A Region 1 Officer received a complaint of individuals shooting excessively near the town of Eureka.  The officer spoke with neighbors and conducted an investigation.  The Officer located the residence and spoke with the individuals involved.  The individuals stated they were target shooting, but an interview led to the confession of an illegally taken Canada goose.  The subjects were cited for illegally taking a Canada goose during the closed season.

CPOs responded to a fall at Starved Rock State Park.   A 15 year old female had fallen from a bluff in the park and was at an unknown location.  Utica fire and rescue had received information that the girl was near the Starved Rock Lodge.  The CPOs started hiking the trails east of the visitor center and found the injured girl on the trail before Lovers Leap.   The girl was taken from the scene and transported to Ottawa Community Hospital.  The girl was transported to the Peoria Hospital on March 31st.  The girl is currently being treated for spinal injuries, cracked ribs, a torn liver, and bruised lungs.
While patrolling during youth turkey season at Green River State Wildlife Area in Lee County, A District 1 CPO observed a hunter who had signed in with his two sons.  Upon inspection in the field the father did not have a second guardian along for the second son who was hunting the area also.  The subject was issued a written warning for allowing the second son to hunt without supervision.

A District 1 CPO responded to a call of a wildfire at Green River State Wildlife Area and assisted lands personnel and two local fire departments extinguish a grass fire that burned approximately 55 acres of the site.  It appears the fire was started in one of the hunter parking lots and spread quickly due to high winds.

While patrolling Johnson Sauk Trail State Recreation Area, a CPO observed a man walking a large cat on a leash.  The 50 lb. cat is a 3 year old, neutered and declawed African Serval male who was currently up to date on all vaccinations.  The owner had copies of his permits to possess the animal in Illinois and there were no violations found. 

A CPO attended a one day class on Two Wheel Trauma accident responses.  The class was very informative and appreciated the attendance of the Illinois Conservation Police.  The instructors and staff asked for more information on ATV, snowmobiles, and other off-highway vehicles. 

A Region 1 Officer attended and spoke with youth turkey hunters participating in a Dream Hunt in Ogle County.

A CPO arrested a subject at Silver Springs State Park for taking over the limit of trout.

A CPO arrested six subjects at Silver Springs State Park for fishing in the trout lakes during the closed period.

A CPO arrested a Yorkville subject for hunting coyotes with the use/aid of a vehicle.

A CPO arrested a subject at Kankakee River State Park for taking over the limit of trout.

A CPO arrested an apartment complex manager for unlawfully depositing litter so as to create water pollution.  The manager had been warned on multiple occasions regarding garbage overflowing from a dumpster into the DuPage River.

A CPO arrested two subjects for fishing without permission on Mobil property.

A CPO handled a case where a subject unlawfully operated his ATV onto the I & M canal tow path and crashed into the Canal.  Appropriate charges were filed.

A CPO handled a vehicle crash at DPCA where a subject had crashed into a fence belonging to the site and had the vehicle towed away without reporting the incident.  The CPO discovered the damaged property and found the violator by contacting local tow companies to find out if they had recently had any calls for service relating to this area.

A CPO arrested several subjects for fishing in restricted areas at Braidwood Lake.

A CPO arrested a subject for taking an undersized largemouth bass and using it as cut bait for catfish.

A CPO arrested a subject for unlawfully operating an ATV without permission of landowner.

A CPO arrested a subject for an undersized bass at Braidwood Lake.

A CPO is working on an unlawful dumping and burning case in Eastern Will County.  He witnessed a large debris pile on fire and responded.  The fire ended up extending into a neighboring woods and took several fire departments to put it out.

A CPO responded to a call at Silver Springs State Park of a small child who had injured herself on site.  The child had fallen on a step and quit breathing for a short while.  She was treated and released without injury.

A CPO arrested a Wisconsin resident at Sand Pond for fraudulent application of a 2008, 2009, 2010 resident fishing license, no valid non-resident fishing license, and no inland trout stamp. 

CPOs arrested an individual in Lake County a second time for transferring a watercraft without providing the certificate of title.  In 2009 the subject was arrested for attempting to sell the pontoon boat on Craigslist stating he did not have the title but could give the buyer a different title from another boat.  The CPO was assisting the subject in obtaining the proper title for the pontoon boat, but discovered he had recently traded the boat without the title for a motorcycle.

CPOs initiated a traffic stop in McHenry County which resulted in the driver being arrested for driving on a suspended driver's license and possession of cannabis.

CPOs cited a fisherman on the Chain O' Lakes for failure to immediately release a walleye within the protected slot limit.

District 19 Officers continue to work on the deer investigation in which multiple vehicles were used to run down and kill or critically injured 8 whitetail deer in Dewitt County.  This past week two Dewitt county subjects were cited for twelve conservation charges that were discovered during the Dewitt county deer investigation but unrelated to the deer incident.  These charges were:  hunting by use and aid of a motor vehicle, shining, unlawfully hunting after sunset, uncased firearm in a vehicle, failure to maintain separate bags, unlawful possession of a whitetail deer and failure to check in a deer as required. 

CPOs arrested a Mclean County man for unlawfully dumping four skinned coyote carcasses into a waterway. 

A CPO arrested a Vermilion County subject for fraudulently submitting required data to the IDNR.  This arrest was a result of a CPO reviewing harvest data information for Kickapoo State Park and its satellites. 

A CPO arrested three Champaign County subjects for attempting to take over the daily limit of trout.  The CPO had set up a surveillance of the lake and watched these three subjects take their daily limit of trout and then return and attempt to take another limit of trout. 

A CPO arrested a Champaign County subject who was wanted on two warrants out of Champaign County.  While checking fisherman at Heritage Lake in Rantoul, the CPO encountered this subject fishing without a license.  A check of the subject in the computer found him wanted on two warrants. 

A CPO handled a single car property damage only accident in Dewitt County.

A CPO completed a watercraft accident investigation of a watercraft that caught fire and burned at the Clinton Lake Marina. 

A CPO closed out an unlawful taking of a deer case from November.  The subject received $285.00 in fines and costs and forfeited the deer rack that was seized. 

CPOs arrested two Mattoon men at Lake Paradise in Coles County for Unlawful Possession of 10-30 grams of Cannabis and Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia. A third juvenile subject was taken into custody on the same violations and the charges are being referred to the Coles County State’s Attorney's Office for charging. The Mattoon men were jailed on their charges.

CPOs arrested a 19 year old West Terre Haute, IN man in Marshall on charges of DUI-Drugs, Illegal Possession Of Open Liquor In A Vehicle, Possession of <2.5gms of Cannabis and Drug Paraphernalia, Minor Possession of Liquor. The man was also wanted out of Lawrence County on charges of Minor Consumption of Liquor and Illegal Transportation of Open Liquor. The vehicle was towed and the violator was jailed on the offenses. 

A CPO arrested a Decatur man at Eagle Creek State Park on Lake Shelbyville who was wanted on a conservation arrest warrant out of Christian County. The man was additionally cited for no valid registration on his boat trailer and that he failed to transfer the title and registration for his boat as required. The man was jailed on the warrant. 

A CPO gave a talk at a Hunter Education Class at Martinsville. 

A CPO gave a talk at a Hunter Education Class at the Cumberland County Sportsman's Club.  

Nothing reported.

A CPO arrested a Johnson County man for DUI at Ferne Clyff State Park.  The CPO stopped the suspect for a traffic violation, upon speaking to him he noted that the man appeared to be under the influence. Sobriety tests were conducted and the man failed.  He was arrested and taken to jail where he was processed and bonded.

A District Sergeant assisted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department on two missing men at Little Grand Canyon.  The missing men were able to use their cell phone and called the 911 dispatch where they were able to ping and triangulate the cell phone.  Both were able to walk out upon our arrival.

The joint state river enforcement detail was canceled by the USFWS due to high waters on the Mississippi River.

Multiple areas of suspected turkey bait were reported and discovered by District 16 CPO's, the areas are under surveillance pending the turkey season

District officers attended nine hunter safety classes.

District officers completed three boat inspection/registration requests.

A CPO attended a career day at Kaskaskia College.

A CPO arrested a subject for DUI who requested to be shot instead of taken to jail and attempted to pull away while being handcuffed. The subject had to be held until a deputy arrived to help cuff the other hand which was in a cast.  The subject refused to give a breath sample.

A CPO completed a falsification of residency investigation and cited a subject from New Jersey claiming residency in both Illinois and New Jersey. 

A CPO arrested a subject on an arrest warrant while checking fishermen.

A CPO handled a break-in at Forbes State Park Concession building.

A CPO has been investigating a company for operating without an outfitter’s license.  Multiple officers in other districts have been requested to assist in obtaining information in their local areas where property has been leased.

District 15 officers have dealt with multiple chemical, salt water and oil spills throughout the oil fields in the district.

A CPO responded to a burglary at Sam Dale State Park involving the theft of multiple chainsaws.

District officers have conducted eleven commercial inspections on outfitters.  Several records violations have been noted and multiple non-resident hunters have been found to not have appropriate licenses or permits.

A CPO reported the disposition of a subject charged for illegally dumping house material.  The subject was placed on six months court supervision, fined $160.00 and ordered to clean up the debris and properly dispose of it at his expense.

A CPO reported the disposition of a subject charged with illegal take of deer, take of deer over bait, failure to tag and no deer permit.  The subject was fined $797.00.  A second subject charged with hunting deer over bait and unlawful feeding of deer was fined $463.00.  


Office of Law Enforcement
April 14, 2010

As part of Operation Warm Weather - Cold Water 2010 an officer checked a vessel at a department lands boat launch. The operator had an insufficient Type IV Throwable Personal Flotation Device (PFD) (severely torn) and unshielded batteries onboard the boat. The officer issued two written warnings and educated him on the danger of fires and explosion hazards associated with unshielded battery terminals and the importance of having a serviceable Type IV Throwable PFD.

A Region I Officer performed a boat safety check on the Yellow Creek.  The boater was operating above a low head dam.  The boater did not have any violations but was warned of the danger associated with the dam.  There was high water and heavy current.   This check was in accordance with Operation Warm Weather, Cold Water.

Four Winnebago County teens were verbally warned and escorted off of Lone Rock within Rock Cut State Park as they were in violation of the Restricted Area Provision of the Illinois State Parks Administrative Rule. 

A District 6 CPO was patrolling a state owned fishing area that is closed at dark.  The CPO found a female trying to hide behind a tree that was approximately 6 inches around.  She was found to be in possession of alcohol and had been drinking while under 21 years of age. She was issued a citation and released.

A District 6 CPO found a fisherman in possession of 28 trout at the Hennepin Canal Visitor's Center, the limit is 5.  The fish were confiscated and citations were issued

A District 1 Officer, while conducting boat ramp inspections, issued a subject a citation for dumping a pickup truck load of used rubber tires on private property without authorization.  The subject was requested to pick up the tires and dispose of them in the correct manner.  He has a mandatory court date in Whiteside County.

While enroute to a meeting, a District 1 Officer observed an open front door of a residence.  There was no one around.   The officer conducted a welfare check of the residence.  Everything was secure at the residence.  The officer contacted the owners who were unaware they had left the residence open.  There have been a rash of burglaries in the county and all law enforcement agencies are on heightened alert for suspicious activities.  The Illinois Conservation Police have been added to participating agencies for the county-wide Neighborhood Watch Program.

A District 7 Officer conducted boating compliance checks on Lake Evergreen and discovered two individuals in possession of six crappie over the legal possession limit.   Another individual was arrested on four outstanding warrants and taken to jail.  The officer has also been responding to complaints of individuals depositing large amounts of home garbage into the dumpster at the Marshall Fish and Wildlife Area.  Two officers cited another individual this week for the offense.

A CPO focused on Operation Cold Water - Warm Weather this week.   She spoke briefly with 17 students from a local 3rd grade class visiting Johnson Sauk Trail State Recreation Area and they discussed the use of properly fitting PFDs.  On Saturday she instructed a hunter safety class and a boat safety class and during both courses the CPO discussed the proper way to wear a PFD, calling 911 from a cell phone, and the effects of hypothermia on the human body.  
A Region I Officer conducted fishing compliance checks at the Coleta Trout Ponds. One subject was found to be in possession of 14 rainbow trout. The daily limit for rainbow trout is five. The subject was issued multiple citations and his fishing equipment was seized.

As part of "Operation Warm Weather - Cold Water" a Region I Officer conducted boat safety checks on the Mississippi River. Several vessels were checked. One internal combustion engine driven vessel was found to be in operation without a functional U.S. Coast Guard approved fire extinguisher.

A District 7 Officer arrested a subject at Snakeden Hollow in Victoria.  The person was wanted on a $7500 warrant.  The subject was transported to the Knox County Jail in Galesburg.  The contact originated during a boat inspection.  The boat owner was also cited for no pfds.

A CPO cited three individuals for hiking off of the trails at Starved Rock State Park.

A Region I officer completed an illegal dumping investigation in which two Polo men were cited for dumping deer parts and various garbage on a railroad and private property.

A CPO was working a commercial fishing complaint at the Albany boat launch.  A subject was observed fishing at the launch.  Contact was made with this subject.  This person was fishing without a valid IL fishing license and was wanted on warrant in Whiteside County for failure to appear.  This charge stemmed from a no fishing license citation issued in 2001.  The subject was arrested, then was able to post $100.00 cash bond and released with an additional citation for fishing without a license.  Two additional boat written warnings were issued at the launch ramp. 

A CPO arrested three men during the week for possession of drug paraphernalia and cannabis along with numerous fish and park violations.

 Initiating Operation Warm Weather - Cold Water, a CPO patrolled three area bodies of water in an effort to prevent potential boat accidents.  Three citations, one warrant arrest, one observed boat accident, and fifteen written warnings were the result.  The boat accident observed at Lake McMaster, Snakeden Hollow SFWA was caused by a hull fracture/leak resulting in a swamping and capsizing.  The CPO observed the small two man plastic boat as it approached the launch ramp while sinking.  Fortunately the operator fell overboard in only 3 feet of water and was able to stand up as his trolling motor carried the boat to shore.  An accident report was completed and the subject was assisted.  There were no violations found on the subject’s boat.  His 56th birthday fishing trip could have ended much worse.  When he launched his boat he was wearing his PFD, but chose to remove it once he began fishing.

Three other boats encountered during a CPOs weekend boat patrols were potential boat accidents.  On Lake Storey, the CPO found a father fishing in a jon boat with his 9 and 5 year old children not wearing life jackets.  A check of the boat also found there were only 2 adult life jackets on board and no sounding device.  He was issued a citation and a warning respectively.  Also on Lake Storey, two adults and one 10 year old child were found crappie fishing without the youth wearing his life jacket.  All three life jackets on board were adult sized.  The capacity plate was faded on the older Coleman canoe.  The person capacity was unreadable, although only two seats were in the canoe with the youth sitting on a cooler.  The boat was also over slightly on the weight capacity.  Their fishing trip was terminated and written warnings were issued.  The third boat encountered was at Lake McMaster.  A CPO had joined another CPO on his patrol.  A 12 foot shallow v-hull motorboat was found not to have any wearable life jackets.   The operator was issued a citation for the PFD violation.  His passenger was found to be wanted on a $7000 Failure to Appear Warrant in Knox Co.  The CPO arrested and transported the subject to jail for the warrant.

A Region I Officer arrested a subject who had alcohol on the trails in Illinois Canyon.  The subject was issued a citation.  About 2 hours later the officer received a complaint from two females that they had returned to their car and found the same subject urinating on their car. When the females describe the subjects clothing it was the same clothing as that of the subject who the officer had arrested earlier.  They were able to ID the subject from a photo.  Additional charges will be sought through the States Attorney’s office.

A CPO was checking trout fisherman at Sand Pond, when he checked a subject who did not have a driver's license number on his fishing license.  The CPO checked his driver's license status to confirm he was an Illinois resident, then learned the subject was wanted on a active warrant.  The warrant was for a probation violation in Wisconsin.  There was no bond on the warrant and the subject was transported to the county jail pending extradition

A CPO arrested five subjects unlawfully fishing in the hot water discharge into the Kankakee River owned by Exelon.  Additional violations addressed include fishing without valid licenses, unlawful possession of alcohol by a minor and criminal trespass.

A CPO arrested a subject for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia while patrolling DesPlaines CA.

District 19 officers had a busy weekend with the nice weather.  Quite a few citations and warnings were issued for boating and fishing violations.  These citations were issued on various lakes throughout District 19. 

A CPO arrested two subjects for fishing in a restricted area at the Clinton Lake spillway.  He also cited two subjects for snagging at the Clinton Lake spillway. 

District 19 officers continue to work on a deer investigation in DeWitt County.  A District Sergeant obtained three search warrants regarding this investigation. 

A CPO responded by boat during the late night hours to a report of a boat that was completely run aground on an exposed mudflat on Lake Shelbyville. The boat could not be removed from the mudflat and the occupants were taken to shore and had to make arrangements to remove the boat the next day.

A CPO investigated a boating accident that occurred on the Charleston Side Channel Lake. A Mattoon man was fishing in his small 14' fishing boat while out on a very windy day. The man experienced motor trouble and went to the bow of the boat and fell overboard. The man was wearing a life jacket which ultimately saved his life. The man was unable to get back in the boat and remained with the boat in the cold water for a reported 30 minutes until Charleston Fire Dept. rescue personnel arrived and pulled him from the lake. The man was taken to a local hospital to be treated for hypothermia. 

CPOs arrested a Colorado man at Pana Lake on an active Macoupin County arrest warrant.   

CPOs arrested a Lockport man fishing from a boat at Pana Lake on charges of No Fishing License, Operation of Watercraft Without PFD's, Unlawful Possession of Cannabis and Drug Paraphernalia. The man's girlfriend was also cited for No Fishing License.

CPOs arrested a Shelbyville man fishing at Lake Mattoon on two active arrest warrants for Possession of Meth Precursors out of Coles County and a Shelby County warrant for Driving While License Suspended.

CPOs arrested a Mattoon man at Lake Paradise in Coles County. The man was intoxicated and erratically riding a bicycle on the wrong side of the road. The man was found to be in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia and was arrested.

A CPO cited two people for Pollution of A Waterway at the Lake Mattoon spillway after it was found the persons left beer cans along the riverbank after the officer inspected them.

Acting on a tip from a concerned citizen, a District Sergeant arrested two Greenup men on charges of Unlawful Taking Over The Daily Limit Of Rainbow Trout at the EIU Campus Pond.  Campus Pond is a DNR Inland Trout Lake. The men were found to have taken 30 trout and were hiding their over-limit trout in a vehicle parked near the pond. Court action is pending in this case due to the assessment of civil penalties against the violators for reimbursement to the People of Illinois for the value of the illegally taken trout.   

CPOs investigated several dead cattle being dumped in ponds at two different locations in Schuyler County.

A CPO arrested a subject for turkey hunting without a permit and transporting an uncased firearm on an ATV.

A CPO investigated an oil well in Brown County. There was excessive oil in the berm area. This was referred to IDNR Oil and Gas Division.

While checking fisherman, a CPO arrested a subject for no fishing license, wanted on two warrants, and in possession of cannabis.  

In Macoupin County, a subject pleaded guilty to the unlawful taking of whitetail deer. He paid $1500 plus court cost, lost his hunting privileges for five years, and forfeited his shotgun and 2009 Can AM ATV to the department. 

A CPO spoke to 25 cub scouts in Adams County.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Greene County. 41 students attended.

A CPO attended a career day in Pike County. 41 students attended.

A District Sergeant attended a hunter safety class in Macoupin County. 33 students attended.

A District Sergeant attended a hunter safety class in Macoupin County. 67 students attended.

A CPO was conducting routine fish checks along the shore at Lake Springfield when he encountered two subjects without the required licenses.   One subject was only able to produce an Ohio ID.  The subject came back wanted out of Cook County.  When notified of the warrant the subject was quite adamant that he had never been to Chicago. "It must be someone using my name." There was enough discrepancy in the Ohio ID and the description given on the warrant to raise an eye brow.  A trooper who had just transferred from a District in Chicago arrived. The trooper was able to tap into the Chicago Police booking photos. Mystery solved. The subject was arrested and taken into custody pending transfer to Cook County. The bond was $50,000.

A CPO apprehended an individual who was snagging at Lake Jacksonville. 

CPOs continue to track down non-resident deer and turkey hunters who supplied false information to get a resident permit or did not buy the required licenses

CPOs responded to Giant City State Park. A man was rappelling and fell 60 feet. The Jackson County Rescue Squad was able to retrieve the man and lower him safely to paramedics. The man was taken to a St. Joe’s Hospital where he was later air lifted to a Cape Girardeau Mo. hospital. It was later reported that the man sustained a possible broken back.

A CPO arrested a man for DUI at Fern Clyffe SP. He was processed and released at Johnson County after posting bail.

A District Sergeant assisted Jackson County Sheriff on a lost person at Little Grand Canyon. The lost man was found upon arrival.

A CPO arrested an Alexander County man for hunting turkey without a permit.

A CPO made an "overlimit of bluegill" case at Pyramid State Park.  The CPO was able to release the bluegill back into the water.

A CPO assisted Saline and Gallatin County ESDAs in the search of a missing Gallatin County person. Person is still missing.

Office of Law Enforcement
April 21, 2010

A Region I Officer increased watercraft inspections and trail patrols on Departmental lands. The officer found four watercraft operators in violation of boating safety regulations and educated them on safe boating practices, as well as providing watercraft safety regulation pamphlets to the operators.

A Region I Officer performed a boat safety inspection on an individual new to boating.  As per Operation Warm Weather Cold Water, it was an inspection on one of the larger lakes in the county.  The individual had several violations, which were addressed by written warning.  Several minutes were spent explaining the regulations and different types of PFDs.

While checking turkey hunters at Green River State Wildlife Area, a Region I Officer checked a hunter as he was exiting the field from his turkey hunt and performed a compliance check.  The subject failed to sign his permit and had no hunting license or habitat stamp.  The subject was cited for the license violation and given warnings for the other violations.

A District 7 Officer ran a vehicle registration of a car entering the Duck Island Unit of Rice Lake Fish and Wildlife Area.  No driver information returned with the registration, so the Officer checked the subject through Point of Sale.  The registered owner/driver was wanted for failure to appear in McDonough County.  Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

 A Region I Officer conducted fishing compliance checks at the Coleta Trout Ponds. One subject was found to have taken seven rainbow trout. The daily limit for rainbow trout is five. The subject was issued multiple citations.

A Region I Officer responded to complaints of individuals depositing large amounts of home garbage into the dumpster at the Marshall Fish and Wildlife Area.  The officer cited another individual this week for the offense and also cited the individual for driving while suspended.

A Region I Officer participated in the annual Warren County YMCA Healthy Kid’s Day.  The officer spoke with approximately 150 to 200 children about safety in the outdoors.  A special emphasis was placed on the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning in outdoor places, especially onboard watercraft.

Two CPO's responded to individuals illegally in a nature preserve that is closed to the public.  After one hour CPO's located 6 individuals that were in possession of night vision goggles.  The individuals were in caves that are home to the Federally Endangered Indiana bat.   The individuals were arrested for entering a nature preserve that is closed to the public.  They were fingerprinted and released on I-bonds.  All six individuals have a mandatory court appearance.  The individuals could face charges for violation of the Endangered Species act.

A detail at Starved Rock State Park resulted in an arrest and numerous citations.  A group of 4 individuals climbed into a restricted area.  As the group was passing a sign that warned them of arrest, one individual shouted to a plain clothed officer with a camera "PUT THIS IN THE TIMES".  The officer took a picture and proceeded to follow them to a shallow swimming hole that they were going to jump over
 ten feet into.  Before the individuals jumped, the plain clothed officer identified himself and two uniform officers escorted the group out of the area.  One individual was additionally cited for possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia.  He didn't want it to get wet, so he took it out of his pants and laid it in plain sight.

An individual was cited for obstructing an officer under the fish code.  The individual thought that he had short fish and saw an officer approaching.  The individual attempted to release the fish from the stringer before the officer had arrived, but did not realized that a plain clothes officer was standing behind him.  The individual has a mandatory court appearance.

A Region I officer completed a snowmobile accident investigation in which a Whiteside County man was charged with operating a snowmobile with a BAC of .08 or higher (.103).  Operator was also in violation of operating an unnumbered snowmobile.
A District 1 CPO concluded a six month TIPS complaint investigation into the unlawful feeding and hunting deer over bait in Ogle Co. One automatic elevated feeder was seized and one citation was issued.

A CPO gave 12 presentations during the McDonough County Safety Days in Macomb.  Fourth grade students from the county area schools received information about the importance of wearing life jackets and boating safety.  Utilizing several different types of PFDs, the CPO had the children participate in a simulated boat accident/sinking where they needed to don a life preserver to keep from drowning.  Proper sizing, wearing, accessibility, and maintenance of life jackets were demonstrated.  Dam Safety was also discussed, and each teacher was given a brochure.  Each was asked to review and discuss it with their classes prior to the end of the school year as a refresher. 

While continuing Operation Warm Weather Cold Water, Argyle Lake, Lake Victoria and Lake McMaster were patrolled by a CPO utilizing his Department jon boat.  Three citations, four written warnings, and one warrant arrest were made.  One citation and one written warning were issued to the operator of a two man fishing boat that had no life jackets on board and no registration. 

While conducting boat inspections at the Starved Rock Boat Ramp, a Region I Officer observed two subjects pull a boat off the Illinois River.  An inspection of the Wisconsin resident’s boat found he was in possession of seven undersized saugers.  The saugers were between the lengths of 11 and 13 inches.  The subject from Wisconsin admitted he was the one that had taken all of the short saugers.  He was issued citations for taking over the limit of saugers and unlawful possession of seven saugers under the 14” length limit.  Cash bond was collected from the subject and he was issued a May court date in LaSalle County court. 

While administering a courtesy boat safety inspection during Operation Warm Weather Cold Water, the boat owner showed a Region I Officer the battery for his boat which was located in an enclosed area of the boat next to the portable fuel tank. The officer saw the area around the cap of the fuel tank was moist from fuel leakage and the battery terminals were not covered as required.  The officer explained to the owner the risk for a potential fire or explosion from a short or spark from the battery and the gas
fumes in the enclosed area. The owner did not have the required type IV throwable PFD onboard either. The owner said he would get the appropriate equipment before he launched the boat and told me he may find a better placement for the fuel tank in his boat.

A CPO spoke with the Cambridge Junior High - Social Studies class. They had recently studied the history of Illinois Parks and Conservation.  Their teacher asked the CPO to speak with the class about the Conservation Police and the IDNR. There were approximately 40 students in the classroom.  The CPO discussed careers in the law enforcement field and explained the duties of a CPO.  They also discussed the equipment CPOs carry on their duty belts/squads/boats.   Questions were answered about laws, specifically covering the ages to operate boats and snowmobiles.  And as part of OPERATION WARM WEATHER COLD WATER, the CPO addressed issues about PFDs.  She showed them pictures of the 2008 body recovery incident at the Steele Dam in Milan. They discussed the learning experience from that incident and the dynamics of a low head dam. The young teens were very excited and the teachers present greatly appreciated the presentation.

Nothing reported.

A CPO investigated a boating accident that occurred on the Embarras River in Coles County. Two passengers were injured, one severely, when the operator was distracted by a small child in the boat and veered the vessel under overhanging tree limbs that struck the passengers. One passenger had severe head and arm injuries and required hospitalization. The other passenger was struck in the back and refused medical treatment.  

CPOs encountered two Moultrie County brothers fishing at Lake Mattoon without required fishing licenses. Subsequent checks of the men revealed that both were wanted on active arrest warrants. Both men were arrested and transported to Cumberland County Jail on the warrants and was issued fishing without a valid fishing license citations. One of the men recently was released from prison and the other man is a habitual natural resource violator.

A CPO cited a Cumberland County man as a result of an investigation started by the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department. A deputy responded to a report of an underage liquor party and found a truck at the scene with a loaded rifle, spotlight and fresh blood in the bed of the truck. The investigation revealed that the young man shot and killed a red fox earlier that night and had showed it around to other people. Court action is pending in this case. 

A District Sergeant cited a Mattoon man for taking over the daily limit of rainbow trout at EIU Campus Pond. The man was observed taking over the daily limit and putting the over-limit trout on his fishing partner’s stringer. Upon contact with the men, they initially lied about who caught the trout but when they realized their activities had been observed, the man confessed to taking over the daily limit of trout. 

While checking fisherman at White Oaks Park in Bloomington CPOs arrested a McLean County subject that was wanted on two warrants, one out of Dewitt County and the other out of Fulton County. 

 CPOs utilized the education trailer and gave a presentation at McLean County Soil Conservation Days. 

CPOs arrested a McLean County taxidermist for no valid taxidermy license, untagged animals and an untagged deer head that was not called in.  Officers also are continuing to work several spin off deer cases from this inspection. 

A CPO arrested a Macon County taxidermist for several violations found during an inspection on his business. 

CPOs are investigating a dumping case where a tagged deer was dumped into a waterway with no confirmation number on the tag.  A spin-off investigation of this case found one of the subjects to have killed eight deer and only checked in three of those deer. 

District 19 officers are continuing to work on the deer case in Dewitt County where seven deer were killed by being run over by a vehicle. 

District 19 officers issued numerous fishing citations over the course of the week.  The nice weather has got the fisherman out in full force. 

A CPO arrested a Vermilion County taxidermist for numerous violations after conducting an inspection on his business. 

While checking fisherman at the Lake Decatur Spillway, a CPO encountered a male and female subject that were fishing without licenses.  While running the subjects through the computer the CPO was advised that the male subject was wanted on a warrant.  The male subject then ran from the CPO and a multi-agency search of the area began trying to find the subject.  While searching for the wanted subject in a nearby cemetery, the CPO encountered a subject that was defacing headstones in the cemetery.  The CPO arrested this subject for defacing the headstones and the escapee was not captured.  Another warrant was issued for the man’s arrest. 

A CPO arrested an out-of-state subject for taking a turkey without a permit and outfitting without a license.

A CPO arrested a subject wanted on a warrant. It was later determined that the subject was an illegal alien and bought the identity of the person wanted on the warrant. The subject was given to immigration and deported.

A CPO arrested a subject for no hunting license, habitat stamp, and firearm owner’s card. The subject said he was coyote hunting during turkey season.

A CPO and Jersey County Deputies arrested a subject at his residence on a Class 4 felony warrant for stealing a truck load of rocks from Pere Marquette State Park. They obtained a signed consent search for his residence and located 4 cannabis plants with grow lights.

A CPO attended a hunter safety class in Pike County. Fifty students attended.

Twenty-five subjects have been cited so far and another eleven have received written warnings for unlawful entry into a restricted area prior to 1 p.m. at Jim Edgar Panther Creek SFWA.  This is a major safety issue as turkey season is underway and people are venturing into the woods in search of mushrooms.

A Lincoln man pleaded guilty to felony DUI as a result of an arrest last summer in Mason County.  He was sentenced to one year in the Department of Corrections and ordered to pay $975 in fees and costs.

A subject charged in January in Mason County pleaded guilty to transporting a loaded rifle in a vehicle, Illegal transportation of alcohol and driving in the wrong lane. He paid a total of $729 in fines and costs.

District officers continue to chip away at individuals who falsely applied for deer and turkey permits.  More subjects are facing charges

CPOs responded to Giant City State Park to a rock climber that had fallen. The climber had fallen from the top of the cliff approximately 60 feet.  He sustained injuries to his head and neck. The CPOs provided first aid to the victim while waiting for the Rock Rescue Team. The victim was lowered to safety and flown to a Missouri hospital where he was in intensive care for a period of time. One CPO investigated the accident and determined one party to the climber was drinking under age. Alcohol was involved in the accident. One person was cited for possession of alcohol by a minor.

CPOs responded to Mermet Conservation area where a car with 5 people in it was driving recklessly and overturned and went into the water, drowning two people in the car. A nearby fisherman observed the incident and removed everyone from the car. Alcohol is believed to be involved in the accident and the driver did not survive. Three of the five people were taken to a Missouri hospital and placed in intensive care. One of the passengers was a five year old child that was flown to St. Louis to Children's Hospital in intensive care. The accident is under investigation.

A District Sergeant assisted Jackson County Sheriff on a lost hunter in Oakwood Bottoms area. Upon arrival, the hunter was able to locate a road where a passerby picked him up and returned him to his vehicle.

A CPO arrested two Union County men for hunting turkey over a baited area. Both men stated they observed the corn but since they didn't put it out it wasn't relevant to them hunting over it. Both were cited and released.

A CPO responded to a complaint at Dolan Lake State Conservation Area. The CPO issued three citations for park violations; three citations for “illegal transportation of alcohol”; one citation for a seat belt violation; and evicted six individuals for the previously mentioned violations.

A CPO caught a fisherman at Pyramid State Park with an over-limit of largemouth bass (nine).
The same CPO also caught another fisherman at Pyramid State Park in possession of a short largemouth bass (less than 18”).


Office of Law Enforcement
April 28, 2010

As part of Operation Warm Weather -Cold Water-2010:  An officer took a call from the public on a boating question.  While answering the question, the caller asked if the Conservation Police took capacity plate enforcement seriously.  A very nice conversation ensued which may have saved a citizen a cold swim.

Region I Officers worked the five IHSA Sectional Fishing Tournaments held within the Region.  Officers inspected the participant's boats for the necessary safety equipment; then launched their boats to patrol the lakes to assist in emergencies and check other boaters as part of Operation Warm Weather-Cold Water-2010.
A CPO inspected 25 boats at the IHSA Sectional Bass Fishing Tournament. This was a great opportunity to reinforce the importance of safe boating and resource protection to the high school youth of Illinois.

A District 7 CPO conducted numerous boat safety checks on DNR property/lakes.   Several equipment violations were encountered and appropriate enforcement action was taken. 

A CPO assisted with Knox County Sheriff's Dept. with traffic direction at a fatal car crash on Knox Hwy 8, one-half mile from his residence.  The motorist lost control of his pick-up truck, hit a corner fence post, and rolled over onto the roof. 

While continuing Operation Warm Weather Cold Water, Argyle Lake, Snakeden Hollow, including Lake McMaster were patrolled by a CPO utilizing his Department jon boat.  Two citations and five written warnings were issued. 

A  CPO conducted 18 courtesy boat inspections of safety equipment and other items at the IHSA Regional Bass Tournament held at Argyle Lake State Park.  Although it rained most of the day, the teams caught fish.   The CPO's patrols of the lake during the tournament were uneventful. 

A Region 1 Officer was contacted by the Illinois Department of Agriculture regarding a possible violation in Henderson County.  The officer located a cow carcass which had been illegally dumped behind a subdivision.  Charges in the case are pending.

A Region 1 District 1 CPO was returning home from a district meeting.  The CPO was heading west bound on I-88 and observed a car on the side of the interstate on the eastbound side.  The CPO checked with ISP who didn't have a squad close to handle the call.  The CPO turned around at the next crossover and did a motorist assist.  The occupants of the car were a female driver, younger male passenger and two small children.  The CPO was informed the motorist put the last $10.00 they had into the gas tank, and it was empty.  They were enroute to Rockford to pick up a pay check.  The CPO helped push the car further off the road so it wouldn't be struck while he went back to Rock Falls to buy a gas can and get them some fuel.  The CPO was only able to purchase a small can and knew it wouldn't be enough to get them to Rockford.  The CPO wanted to solve the problem instead of passing it on to someone else.  The
CPO instructed the motorist to follow him back to Rock Falls.  Once at the Casey's station in Rock Falls, the CPO purchased fuel for the vehicle and pizza, chips and water for the children who hadn't eaten since morning.  The motorist then was able to continue on their way with a full tank of gas and full stomachs.

As a CPO was preparing to launch the boat to patrol the Rock River, she observed two juveniles wading into the water at the boat ramp.   The 10 year old boy and his 11 year old female friend entered the water completely, even dipping down and taking their heads completely under the water.   The CPO made contact with the juveniles and asked them to get out of the water.  The boy's mother had dropped them off to go fishing and would return in a few hours.  The CPO spoke to the mother by phone, who was on a job site and would not return for 90 minutes.  The mom stated her adult roommate was home and the juveniles should return home immediately since they were told by the mother to stay out of the water.  The now shivering juveniles had no dry clothes, soaking wet shoes, and were several miles from home.  The Colona Police Officer arrived on scene, he knew the juveniles since they have dealt with them in the past, and he gave them a ride home.  The current of the river was very swift at the time and the water temperature was approximately 50 degrees.  The air temperature was just less than 70 degrees.  In the past, there have been accidental drownings in this exact location.  The CPO may have prevented two juveniles from becoming statistics. 

A CPO patrolled the Rock River by boat and conducted boat safety inspections.  During one inspection, there were several small children wearing PFDs on the boat.  The boys were rough-housing on the boat and one of the kids asked why they had to wear PFDs.  The parent's response was so this officer does not arrest you and take you to jail.  I told the boys it was the law and if they made me a promise to wear their PFD and not to fight on the boat any more, I would give them a sticker.  They complied and I gave them each a Smokey Bear sticker.

Colona Fire Department responded to a SAR at the Rock River approximately two miles downstream of the Colona Boat Ramp.   The boat motor had stopped running and they were tied off to a tree.  The boat was occupied by a grandfather and his 12 year old grandson.  I was in the area checking fishermen and responded to the ramp.  I completed a boat inspection with the grandfather and no violations were found.  The grandfather believed the motor malfunctioned due to gas from winter storage.   The temperature was in the low 60's and rain was forecast for the entire day.  The grandfather said it was not likely to see another boat on the water since he was the only vehicle with a trailer in the parking lot when they left.   

While on boat patrol, a District 1 CPO observed a subject fishing along the bank of the Rock River. A compliance check resulted in the discovery of the fisherman possessing a smallmouth bass placed in a cup with some water in it.  The fish was released and one citation was issued for possession of smallmouth bass during closed season.

A District 1 CPO received a complaint of a live deer in a cage in Lee County.  The CPO located the deer and learned the subject who possessed the deer did not have the required permits to possess the deer. The deer was released to a licensed rehabilitator and the subject was issued one citation. 

A CPO continued to follow up on a TIPS Complaint and investigation pertaining to the illegal taking of deer in Illinois.  With the assistance of the Iowa Conservation Police, a search warrant was obtained.  The search warrant was executed in Iowa and an investigation was conducted with joint efforts involving the Muscatine County Sheriff’s Department & Tactical Unit, the Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources Police, Region Captain, and two CPOs.   The primary suspect in the investigation was apprehended and jailed on charges of felon in possession of a firearm and  multiple Conservation Law charges regarding a jake turkey and a hen turkey that were illegally taken in Iowa with a 30-06 Rifle.  The investigation regarding both Illinois and Iowa hunting violations is pending.

While at the IHSA fishing tournament at LaSalle Lake, CPOs checked a boat that was not associated with the IHSA tournament, with two adults in the boat.  The boat only had two children PFD's they were escorted to shore then issued a citation for insufficient number of PFDs.

A Region 1 Officer assisted the Auto Theft Task Force with the recovery of a stolen motorcycle that was found at Rock Cut State Park.

Region 1 Officers arrested five individuals for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois Canyon.

A CPO worked the Illinois and Fox Rivers checking fishermen for compliance with the Fish Code and patrolling the area parks.     The CPO received a call from a local farmer who had located a snowmobile in a wetland area on property that he had farmed.  A check of the VIN through ISP revealed that the snowmobile was stolen from Ottawa.  The owner, a Cortland resident, was contacted and the snowmobile was returned.  The owner was cited for operation of an unnumbered snowmobile at the time of the theft.

A CPO responded to a call of a vehicle in the Illinois River at the Starved Rock State Park boat ramp.  A 2000 Ford Explorer, the boat, and the trailer were in the river approximately 30-40 feet from shore. The boat was the only item that could be seen.   The driver and the owner were not hurt and stated that no one was in the vehicle.   The local fire and rescue along with a volunteer river rescue arrived to assist.  A nearby fire department supplied divers to hook the tow cable to the submerged vehicle.  The towing company towed the vehicle, trailer, and boat from the Illinois River.  The CPO closed the Illinois River to all boat traffic as the divers were in the water.   It was reopened within 30 minutes.  A close inspection of the vehicle, as it was pulled from the river, revealed that the vehicle was in park.

A Region 1 Officer cited three individuals at different locations for illegally taking short walleye and sauger.  All three fish were under 10" long.

A Region 1 Officer observed a truck driving erratically on a highway that goes through a state park.  The individual was stopped and failed field sobriety testing.  The individual was arrested and cited for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol.  At the jail the individual was unable to walk on his own into the booking center.  The individual's blood alcohol content was under the legal limit, so he was taken to the hospital for further chemical testing.  Other DUI charges may be filed after the chemical testing is analyzed.

A CPO arrested two fishermen on Hook Lake for possession of drug paraphernalia and one of the fishermen for possession of cannabis.

A subject CPOs charged with multiple deer hunting violations (McHenry County) in November agreed to plead guilty to hunting deer with a rifle, and hunting over bait.  The subject paid $500 to the Illinois Conservation Foundation, and paid $836 in court costs, with six months supervision.

A Chain O' Lakes fishing guide arrested in March of 2009 for obstructing a police officer and multiple counts of guiding without the required Passenger for Hire license, agreed to a plea.  He paid $1,000 to the Illinois Conservation Foundation and $199 in court costs.  As a result of the joint investigation with the U.S. Coast Guard, he was also assessed a $10,000 Federal fine.

As part of District 2's Operation Big Fish/Little Fish, a CPO cited a subject with an 11 inch walleye on Grass Lake.  The minimum legal size is 14 inches.

As part of Operation "Big Fish Little Fish", a CPO arrested a subject on Lake Catherine for failure to immediately release an 8 1/2" largemouth bass.  Must be 14" on the Chain O' Lakes.

In continuation of Operation "Big Fish Little Fish", a CPO arrested a second subject on Nippersink Lake for failure to immediately release an 8" largemouth bass.  Must be 14" on Chain O' Lakes.

A CPO encountered an “in progress” domestic dispute in rural Neoga. The man was struck by the female in the head and was bleeding and the man waved down the CPO for help. The man refused to press charges against the woman. The man was provided domestic violence information and was transported to an area residence to allow things to settle.  

A CPO responded to a fishing without permission complaint in an Edgar County coal company strip mine lake near the Indiana State Line. Upon arrival he discovered that the trespassing anglers had entered the property with ATV's pulling small boat trailers and hid their ATV's and trailers where they could not be seen from any roadway.  The anglers were just removing their boats from the lake when the CPO met with the anglers at their launch location. The four Clinton, IN anglers had taken grossly over their daily limit of six largemouth bass and were in possession of 124 fresh caught largemouth bass in fish baskets and coolers in their boats. The bass averaged 2 lbs. each. Additionally, one of the men did not have an Illinois fishing license as well and neither boat had any of the required PFD's onboard. The men were cited for taking over the daily limit of largemouth bass, fishing without consent of landowner, one count of fishing without an Illinois fishing license and two counts of operation of watercraft without required PFD's  onboard. The bass were returned back to the lake by the officer with several fish showing signs of stress. The civil penalty value alone for the illegally taken bass in this case is approx. $800.00. Court actions are pending in this case.

The CPO, later the same day, returned back to the same strip mine lake and observed two more men also fishing without consent of the landowner. Subsequent contact with the men found they were also from Clinton, IN and neither man had an Illinois fishing license. Both were cited for fishing without permission of the landowner and fishing without an Illinois fishing license.

A District Sergeant and Coles County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a domestic dispute in the Fox Ridge State Park campground in Coles County. The female was removed from the park by a deputy with instructions not to return or she would be arrested for trespass. The dispute was over an alleged theft of prescription drugs and mental stability issues. Reports have been forwarded to Coles County State’s Attorney's Office for charging review.

A CPO is investigating a complaint from Walnut Point State Park of campers damaging fire pits at the park. This investigation is continuing.

CPOs conducted inspections of boats prior to the take off time of the IHSA Sectional Bass Fishing Tournament at Eagle Creek State Park on Lake Shelbyville.      

A CPO arrested two separate groups for over-bagging on hybrid strippers at the Clinton Lake Spillway.

CPOs took the education trailer to Washington Grade school in Clinton and gave a presentation to their students.

CPOs conducted boat safety inspections on all the participants in the IHSA bass fishing sectionals that were held at Clinton Lake.

CPOs conducted boat safety inspections on all the participants in the IHSA bass fishing sectionals that were held at Clinton Lake. 

CPOs continued their deer dumping case McLean County.  The original complaint was a deer carcass dumped in a stream.  After following up on this carcass dumping the officers have discovered numerous other deer violations from three total subjects involved.

CPOs continued a taxidermy investigation that appears will end up with six citations written to five subjects. 

District 19 Officers are continuing to stay busy with fish and boating enforcement throughout the district. 

CPOs rescued two turkey hunters that were camping in the Bear Creek Area in Adams County. With the heavy rains, they were unable to drive out of the area. CPO's boated in and rescued the stranded hunters.

A CPO apprehended two Cass County men for illegal transportation of open alcohol and possession of cannabis at Jim Edgar Panther Creek SFWA.  The vehicle was found parked along the road.  The CPO suspected the individuals had possibly entered into the area illegally (before 1 p.m.).  When he exited his vehicle, the two subjects emerged from the ditch and claimed they were hunting for firewood.  Not buying their story, the CPO further investigated and found the open alcohol in the vehicle and the cannabis on the individuals.

In a second incident, the CPO found an unoccupied vehicle parked at the JEPCSFWA.  A computer check revealed that the registered owner was wanted on a warrant.  Upon the subject's return, he was identified and arrested.  A subsequent check found he had cannabis and paraphernalia in his pockets.  He was released after posting cash bond for the warrant.

While on his day off, the District Sergeant looked forward to the opening of the third season for wild turkey (north zone).  As he pulled into the hunting area, he observed a strange car parked out of view.  He recognized the registration plate and called the Mason County Sheriff's Office to record the information.  A quick check of the vehicle showed that someone was probably turkey hunting without permission.  Not knowing where the hunters were, the Sergeant went to his blind and proceeded to hunt.  As luck would have it, the Sergeant shot a nice gobbler 25 minutes after the opening shooting hours.   After the shot, the car parked ahead of his vehicle took off.  The Sergeant gathered his things and began looking for the suspects.  A neighbor had seen the vehicle and assisted the Sergeant in locating the vehicle about an hour later.  Two Havana men were cited for hunting without permission.  When asked if they had seen the "no trespassing signs", they replied "yeh, but we didn't think it applied to us".

District officers continue to patrol JEPCSFWA for illegal entry before 1 p.m. by non-turkey hunters.  Seven more individuals have been cited for early entry.  Officers report that activity has slowed down considerably with more people now in compliance.

A CPO apprehended a subject who decided to test out his four-wheel drive at Sangchris Lake SFWA.  The subject had spun out and did damage near a boat launching and picnic area.  The subject was cited and agreed to repair the damage in lieu of facing potential felony charges.

A CPO issued several citations at Lake Jacksonville for various fishing violations.  CPOs issued several citations at Lake Springfield for various fishing violations as well.

A CPO responded to several complaints of partiers at Dolan Lake Conservation Area. The CPO issued several Ad Rule citations.

A CPO issued a fisherman at Mt. Vernon City Lake a citation for illegally taking sport fish with a cast net.

A CPO also caught a fisherman on the Big Muddy River with a short walleye. (12”)

District #14 officers received “Report Beam” training at the Region 5 Headquarters



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